The Meaning of 2012 Prophecy

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The Meaning of 2012 Prophecy:
A Galactic Meditation Program for Whole Planet Synthesis — the Noosphere
Paper presented byJosé Argüelles, Valum Votan
at the World Brotherhood Union Mevlana Supreme Foundation,12th Annual Conference, "Call to World Peace from the Universal Brotherhood"
Istanbul,Turkey, Self Existing Moon 15 (Nov. 1, 2006)

Taken from:  Published in this website on November 22, 2006.

The problems that pervade the planet have a common root: The spiritual failure of humanity – the inability of the human being to attain spiritual mastery. Moral and emotional immaturity are the result. Now we must pay heed to the message of all the great spiritual masters. They were all «only human,» yet they attained spiritual mastery. If we do not implement wide scale programs to emulate them, at least among a critical mass of humans dispersed equably around the planet, we may miss the evolutionary opportunity that awaits us in 2012 — and beyond.

«The people ask you about the Hour (end of the world). Say, ‘The knowledge thereof is only with God. For all that you know, the Hour may be very close.’ «— Quran, 33:63

You may mention the year «2012» in many parts of the world and people will often respond by asking, «Isn’t that the end of the Mayan calendar?» Twenty years ago hardly anyone knew of that date. Today, if you search the Internet you will find numerous 2012 web sites. If there was ever a date that seemed to correspond to «the Hour,» or the «Last Day,» it is 2012.

The airwaves are rife with speculation about what will occur on this date, most specifically the winter solstice (northern hemisphere), December 21, 2012. Often people speak of cataclysm, either natural disaster or world war. Others warn of supernatural events — extraterrestrial visitations or some hitherto unforeseen and unpredictable cosmic event that will irrevocably alter the nature of our perceptions of reality. Still others see in this date the fulfillment of ancient biblical prophecies, or of what is spoken in the Quran as well — the second creation, a new heaven and a new earth. Or more scientifically, some speculate that this date might mark the beginning of a whole new evolutionary cycle or geological era of the earth’s history.

Of course, many of you here may know very little of this date or of the Mayan calendar, and why this particular date seems to have so much significance for increasing numbers of people. It is important to shed some light on this date so we can determine for ourselves what this date might mean and why spiritual mastery is of such critical value at this time.

The Mayan Calendar and The End of History

The 2012 date is derived from the Mayan calendar long count, which defines a very precise cycle of 1,872,000 days beginning on August 13, 3113 BC (August 14, 3114 BC Julian count), and ending on the fateful day, December 21, 2012. This interval of days is often referred to as «the Great Cycle.» This is not just a haphazard count of days, for it encompasses the entire cycle of history as we know it — that is, from the beginning of the first Dynasty in Egypt and the first city of Uruk in Iraq, both dated to approximately 3100 BC, to the accelerating state of globalization, climate change and war in which we now find ourselves. Yes, the end of history — that is the meaning of the date 2012. And who can doubt that the state of affairs in the world today is not at some exponentially climactic breaking point?

But who were the Maya that they could have arrived at such a precise timing, and what was the nature of their calendar that it could be used to foretell and define events such as the beginning and end of history?

If we turn to the world map and find that place where North America narrows into Central America, there, in the jungle highlands of present-day Guatemala and Mexico, spreading into the lowlands of the Yucatan peninsula, we will find the home of the Indigenous Mayan peoples. The people who live here today were subjugated almost five hundred years by the Spanish conquistadores. These Christian imperialists did everything they could to vanquish the remnants of the Indigenous Mayan civilization. Even at the time of the conquest in the sixteenth century, many of the greatest achievements of the original civilization had already been reclaimed by the jungle. Long forgotten were the most unique aspects of that civilization — the hieroglyphic writing and the mathematical arts. We know today that the brilliant era of the Mayan civilization flourished at its peak some 1300 years ago.

Foremost among the great artistic and scientific achievements of the Maya was their unique calendar system. Utilizing a vigesimal system (count by 20s, as distinct from decimal, count by 10s) with a positional zero, the mathematics underlying the Mayan calendar was a totally unique world phenomenon. With this mathematical program the Maya devised an elaborate calendrical system unequaled by any other civilization on this planet. With this system, employing more than seventeen calendars simultaneously, the Maya calculated innumerable cycles of time, all recorded in a unique notational system on their fantastic stone monuments. For the Maya, time is a fractal means of synchronizing events occurring in different eras and even world-systems.

The mental imagination of the Maya was truly galactic in nature as was their knowledge.

For the Maya, the 5125-year —1,872,000-day— cycle ending in 2012 is a perfect fractal calibrator of cosmic time, whose two key indicators are 13 and 20 — hence 13:20, the natural timing frequency. These two factors 13 and 20also create the Tzolkin or 260-unit permutation index, the basis of all their calendars. Thus, the measure of 1,872,000 days divides perfectly into 13 subcycles of 144,000 days each, or 13 baktuns. Each of the baktuns divides perfectly into 20 sub-cycles called katuns of 7200 days each, or 20 katuns per baktun. This means that there are 260 (13 x 20) katuns per 13 baktuns, and that we are currently in the last six years of the 260th katun of the entire cycle of history!

The thirteenth and last baktun began in the year 1618. This is the year that effectively marks the commencement of what is called in the West the «scientific revolution.» This date, 1618, is also commemorated by the perfection of the mechanical clock. Though we take it for granted, this clock, the basis of the mechanization of time, is the foundation of modern civilization, without which the industrial revolution would never have occurred. But the Mayan calendar also says that the scientific revolution, begun in 1618, would end, along with all of history, 144,000 days later, in the year 2012.

The Prophecy of 2012

You will note that the number of days in a baktun — 144,000 — is the same number as that which appears so prominently in the 27th and last book of the New Testament, the Book of Revelation.
«Then I heard the number of those that were sealed: 144,000 from all the tribes of Israel …» 7:4
«Then I looked and there before me was the Lamb standing on Mt.Zion, and with him 144,000 who had his name and His Father’s name written on their foreheads.» 14:1
«And they sang a new song … and no one could hear the song except the 144,000 who had been redeemed from the earth.» 14:3-4

Is it mere coincidence that the number of the measure of time for counting the days to the «Hour» of the last day at the «end of time», and the number of the elect redeemed from the earth are the same — 144,000? How could this be? The answer to this lies in the 2012 prophecy sealed into the tomb of a wise man of the Maya, Pacal Votan.

To learn more, Let us go back in time …

It is the year AD 631. In Arabia, Muhammad the Prophet is marching victoriously into Mecca, reclaiming the Ka’aba for the establishment of the original faith, Islam. On the Islamic calendar it is 9 AH. With this triumphant act, the historical cycle of Islam began on Earth. Muhammad had now completed his life mission. In another year he would breathe his final breath, returning at last to his Lord.

In the same year, AD 631, half way around the world, as Muhammad was making his way into Mecca, in Palenque, a great Mayan king, Pacal Votan, noted the number of days elapsed since the beginning of the Great Cycle, the cycle of man’s trial on Earth: 1,366,560 days… He pondered the multiple factors of this number. This was the number long foretold, the number which would mark his destiny, the reason for his mission on earth.

From his knowledge of mathematical astronomy, Pacal knew this was the date of maximum synchronization occurring between the first day of the first baktun and the last day of the thirteenth baktun. He also knew this day commenced the 73rd 52-year cycle since the beginning of the count of days. 3744 years had now gone by. This was the supreme harmonic sub-cycle of the Great Cycle. It was during this 52-year cycle that Pacal was to determine how best to leave the prophecy of the end of history — not the end of time, nor the end of the Mayan calendar, but merely of the end of history.

Pacal’s Sarcophagus

By the wisdom granted him, Pacal knew that his term would end with the conclusion of this 73rd 52-year cycle (AD 683), and so he conceived of a great funerary monument to be built according to his instructions by his son, Chan Balum. Everything about this monument would be coded with the prophecy of the end of history, including its dates of commemoration and discovery.

So it was that having spent four katuns or 80 years on earth, that Pacal died in 683 AD. The great monolithic sarcophagus awaited him. Covered with jade his body was laid to rest. Over the sarcophagus a magnificently sculpted stone was placed. Then, for the next nine years, a great nine storied pyramid temple was erected over the sarcophagus. The tomb was now firmly sealed behind a stone door at the bottom of this pyramid. From the wall of the tomb, following a winding staircase to the top level, was a tile psychoduct or speaking tube. Dirt and debris was then used to fill the stairwell and hide the tomb. At the top of the pyramid a temple had been erected. The floor of the middle chamber of this temple was carefully laid with large slabs of stone, effectively sealing off the stairway and speaking tube that ran down to the tomb. The walls of the three temple chambers were covered with carefully incised inscriptions — 620 in all: 140 in the central chamber and 240 in each of the side chambers.

The temple was finally dedicated in the Mayan year (AD 692). A prophetically coded date. this Mayan year signaled that nine baktuns plus thirteen katuns had passed since the beginning of the count of days, Another seven katuns and Palenque was abandoned. This was the year AD 830, or — ten baktuns or 1,440,000 days since the count of history began. Before too long, the jungle reclaimed Palenque. When the Spaniards arrived seven centuries later, no one had a clue that Palenque even existed. But there were myths, legends and certain prophetic traditions telling of a great king named Votan who built a dark house and left behind 22 (9 + 13) tablets telling of the future and the coming of the cosmic religion of Hunab Ku — One Giver of Movement and Measure.

By the early nineteenth century Palenque had come to light and certain intrepid seekers and archeologists found their way to its mystic ruins. But until the middle of the 20th century, no one had a clue that deep within the marvelous Temple of the Inscriptions, as Pacal’s pyramid had come to be known, lay a tomb and a prophecy. No tomb had ever been better hidden — but why? So it was that one day in 1949, archeologist Alberto Ruz Lhuillier was sifting through debris and dirt on the floor of the middle chamber of the Temple of the Inscriptions. One of the stone slabs covering the floor attracted his attention by its curious cup shaped markings. Could the stone be lifted up by these shapes? Carefully raising the stone all that greeted Ruz was a lot more dirt and debris. But a piece of tile caught his eye. He dusted it off and dug around it. It was the top of a tile tube. Where did it lead? He had to find out.

June 15, 1952, three years later, after very careful digging, Ruz found himself in a chamber at the bottom of the stair well. Six skeletons — sacrificial victims? — lay in front of a large trapezoidal stone slab. Prying open that slab — an ingeniously devised door — a great blast of cool air rushed out, air charged with the thoughts left there over a thousand years before. Inside was the stupendous carved sarcophagus lid of the great king of Palenque. Everything was in perfect timing, precisely as foreseen by Pacal Votan.

You see, from the time of the dedication of the Temple and tomb in AD 692 to the time of its discovery in 1952, is an interval of exactly 1260 years. Nothing about the tomb of Pacal was left to chance, not even its discovery. The number 1260 is yet another number to be found twice in the Book of Revelation — it is the number of the two witnesses of prophecy and of the pregnant woman clothed with the 12 stars and her feet on the moon.

«And I will give power to my two witnesses and they will prophesy for 1260 days, clothed in sackcloth.» 11:4 These two witnesses could well be Pacal Votan and Muhammad, whose prophecies are for the end of historical time.

And of the pregnant woman driven into exile by the red dragon with seven heads, it is written, «And the woman fled into the desert to a place prepared for her by God, where she might be taken care of for 1260 days.» 12:6 This woman represents the cosmic spirit of humanity driven into exile by the forces of materialism. She gives birth to a son who becomes the king to wage the final battle of the heavens on earth.

It is obvious that Pacal intended his tomb to be so carefully concealed that only a miracle at the right moment in time could bring it to light. That this precise interval of time was exactly 1260 years, correlating it with the Book of Revelation is a matter for profound consideration. The message of the tomb is simple: 1260 is the number of exile of humanity. This is the message of the two witnesses of prophecy. The 12 stars are the first twelve baktuns, and the moon is the thirteenth. The 1260 means that when the tomb is discovered the world will be in the exile of materialism. This world of materialism is governed by the 12-month Gregorian calendar and the 60 minute hour of the mechanical clock, hence 12:60, the frequency of mechanized time and the number of exile.

But the dedication and discovery of the tomb were also precisely timed to the end of the cycle. From 1952 to 2012 is just 60 years — 60 +1260 = 1320. This means that from the dedication of the tomb in 692 to the closing of the great cycle in 2012 is 1320 years. This is the number encoded in the mathematics of the Mayan calendar 13:20 — 13 baktuns, 20 katuns each, the number of the cycle completed in 2012. In essence Pacal Votan is saying,

«When my tomb is discovered, 1260 years will have elapsed, at which time humanity will find itself exiled in the tomb of materialism. There will be 60 years remaining before the end of the cycle in 2012 — 1320 years since the dedication of my tomb. To survive the end times portended by the closing of the cycle —the war of the heavens on earth— humanity must leave the exile of the 12:60 frequency of materialism and mechanized time, and return to living in synchronization with the universal cycles of nature, 13:20. This is the meaning of the numbers 13 and 20, for together they create the universal frequency of synchronization. If mankind can make the shift from 12:60 to 13:20, then it will be the start of the second creation. This is the meaning of the 2012 prophecy.»

It Is the Mind that Makes It So

From the point of view of the 2012 prophecy, humanity has but six years to attain spiritual mastery, to raise itself from the 12:60 frequency of materialism to the 13:20 frequency of synchronization with the divine laws of nature. How can this be done? What will happen?

Prophecy is given so that we may take heed. Whatever it is that occurs, it is the mind that makes it so. The 2012 prophecy is meant to alert us to a momentous history-shattering change that is about to occur. Like all true prophecy, it is also meant to raise our spiritual awareness. Since the 2012 prophecy is about the «hour», a moment through which all humanity must pass, it is also a prophecy of universal spirituality.

«The immortal destiny of each and all of us is to attain the consciousness of the higher self, and subsequently, of the Divine Spirit. — Alice A. Bailey, Initiation Human and Solar, p. 64.
«The creation and the resurrection of all of you is the same as that of one person. God is Hearer, Seer.» — Quran, 31:28

Today, humanity represents a single global organism but in a virtual state. It is hooked up on the Internet and can access itself in Internet cafes in even the most remote parts of the world. But it has not yet truly realized its oneness, its unitary nature as a single planetary organism. 2012 signals that moment when the human organism experiences a radical change of its condition Through some profound mind and soul altering event it will experience an evolutionary shift from atomized individual human consciousness to that of a unified planetary organism.

Though we speak of a cosmic shift in consciousness and evolutionary status, this is not a matter of passively waiting for it to happen. The quality of what is about to occur depends on our response to the 2012 prophecy. This is why we also speak of spiritual mastery. Surely there are as many spiritual masters on the planet today as there are armed terrorists, and certainly there are as many people on this earth who have attained sufficient spiritual mastery as to exceed the number of humans actively enlisted in the world’s armies.

Surely between now and 2012, all of these spiritually minded beings, undoubtedly representing every living faith on Earth and then some, could create a type of spiritual battery tocharge thehuman mental environment with such an overwhelmingly powerful vibration that the effect would be noticed by all of those guardian entities ever watchful over the doings of our until-now most errant humanity. And out of their compassion for our planet, these angelic orders with an exertion of spiritual mastery of their own, might at last respond in kind. What an event that would be!

But to attain such an effect, there must be an unprecedented unity of purpose cutting across language, culture and belief. This is precisely what is called for by the 2012 prophecy —a harmonic convergence of the spiritually adept of all faiths and traditions.

Spiritual Mastery and the Coming of the Noosphere

The creation of a spiritual battery consisting of a unified network of the most spiritually advanced brotherhood ever gathered on earth, engaged in a galactic meditation program on behalf of a whole planetary synthesis would in itself constitute a noospheric act — the true fulfillment of the 2012 prophecy. The noosphere, according to V.I. Vernadsky, is «a new evolutionary condition of the biosphere in which the geological role of humanity is dominant.» This new evolutionary condition is the result of an unprecedented crisis of the earthly biosphere. Such a crisis we are currently experiencing. This is an evolutionary crisis and a noospheric emergency. As the mental sheathe of the planet, the noosphere is the human being’s responsibility. Presently the humans are creating a noospheric pollution, a mental fog of egotism, terrorism and war. To dissolve this fog a higher consciousness cleansing agent is required —the action of the spiritual battery of which we have already spoken.

If, say, 144 million humans by 2012 were engaged in a common meditation on a daily basis, humanity would begin to experience a spiritual mastery greater in its cumulative effect than all the atomic bombs in the world. There have been great epochs of human creativity in which a spiritually-inspired mass lifted the level of civilization to new heights — Sung dynasty China, Islamic civilization at its peak in the thirteenth century, or the great era of the cathedral building in Medieval Europe, to name but a few. But consider the inspired effect of a unified global spiritual force responding to the noospheric emergency, creating a network of unified mental energy —a luminous noospheric sheathe thrown around the planet for its own protection?

To be effective, everyone participating in this meditation must agree on practicing the same method, with the same intention, and the same understanding. The method is to enter into a thought-free state where the ego is transcended altogether. The point is to remain in that state, and whenever a thought arises to just dissolve it, giving it no power. In this way experience the condition of dhikr’ullah — the Remembrance of God, or the nirvakalapa samadhi or the state of rigpa, the unconditioned, self-existing non-dual empty state of primordial awareness which is the nature of the true self.

In this primordially pure state one should have the underlying intention of creating a mental network with all the others practicing this meditation — for how can there be other than the single state of mind that knows without knowing? One must imagine this network covering the planet as a sheathe of non-conceptual light suffused with a profound and wordless compassion for all beings without exception, knowing that the suffering of humanity is due to its having fallen out of this sublime state.

Further, there should be the knowledge that this state of ego-free mind has always existed, that it is the deathless state of the immortal great ones. As such it extends throughout the galaxy, dispersing itself through the entire cosmos. In its galactic interconnectedness this state of mind is participating with other intelligences on this plane of reality as well as in other dimensions of existence. It is the universal cosmic consciousness, experienced by numerous beings, simultaneously synchronized by the perception of the coming of the Hour, December 21, 2012.

We shall not say what creative acts will stem from the cumulative effects of such an endeavor, acts unpredictable from our present vantage point. But if one devotes an hour each day to this practice, anonymously and without seeking any personal benefit on behalf of the betterment of the whole and the salvation of the Earth, there is no question that the arrival of the Hour in 2012 will be but one of total illumination and a rebirth of imaginal wonder. Let us begin now, and proceed, one day at a time, until the arrival of the exalted moment — that the world may begin anew.

Punakaiki, South Island, New Zealand, Magnetic Moon 18, Kin 226, Red Magnetic Moon year (Gregorian: August 12, 2006)

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