The Message from I AM

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The Message from I AM

  Excerpts from the Book: ¨The Impersonal Life of Joseph Benner", By Joseph Benner
(Original text in Spanish, Translation)

I Am the life behind everything that gives life.I Am the life that gives you the air you breathe.  I Am the life of the water you drink.  I Am the happiness of your heart.  I Am the life of life.  There is nothing that I Am not.  You are always looking at me but not seeing me.  To see me you have to feel me.  You have to see me with the inner eye.  I Am always looking at you.  The heart of life is your Inner Self.  There is nothing that can exist without him.

All light comes from my Light.  All that you cannot see, from my eye.  I Am Everything That Is.  Know me.  Because I Am you and without me you are lost.  Know me,  there is nothing else that can resolve and justify your existence, more than the knowledge of God within you:  I AM. Look for the paths of high vibration, the paths of Light because they lead you to me:  The mystery of all mysteries.  The answer to all questions.  The solution to all searches.  I Am him and what you are looking for.  Here inside of you.

I Am not in religion, neither in church, I Am not in temples nor in sacred books.  I Am here in our heart. Each moment that you give me of your time, farther I will take you -more you will know Peace, Strength and Love of this world and the Universe.   The less you pay attention to me, the more our connection will weaken, and I will always be a stranger to you.

I Am Love in you, I Am the Light that illuminates inside of you.  I Am the Strength that illuminates inside of you.  I Am the Strength, Love and Wisdom of your heart.  Joint me and that you will know.  I Am all your answers.  I AM the Liberation and Peace and Love of your heart. Turning to me is turning to you, to know Truth, what you are, your identity, you, I Am.

Speak to me, I am always talking to you.  Listen to me, I am always listening to you. To be with me quiet your mind and your breathing, let go of all agitation and go in the quietness and there we can communicate to each other.  When quieting your breathing you will feel an energy, a Peace, it is my presence.  Follow it to the end and we fuse in One.  You will hear a sound, it is my voice.  Follow it and you will know everything.  You will see a Light, look at it, and it will enlighten you.

Give me the space in you and you will get all what you are looking for in other place, in other directions, because your identity is lost.  I Am your identity. I Am the one you look at through your eyes, don’t you recognize me?  Look within and you’ll find me.  I Am your best friend.  I Am with you:  Walking with you, sleeping beside you, giving life to your life. Wouldn’t you do everything for a friend like this? And to me, what do you give me?  Only your attention is necessary because it will take you to me and I Am your liberation and your Peace and your Joy.  Let me reveal myself now, give me the opportunity.  The Kingdom of Heavens is waiting for you, I Am the way, the guide and the destiny.  I Am the Christ of him who spoke like this.


To you, that read, I speak.  Yes, to you, that during so many years, and in continuous goings and comings, have been anxiously looking for in books and teachings, in philosophies and religions, something that you have not known clearly what it is; not being none other nevertheless but: Truth, Happiness, Freedom, God.  To you, that feel tired, discouraged and have lost almost any hope.  To you, that so many times have been able to perceive a gleam of that "Truth", but, that on following it and trying to reach it, saw it vanished in the distance, as happens with a mirage in the desert.  To you, that believed to have found it in a great instructor, renown as the boss of some Society, Fraternity or Religion, and that he seemed to you to be a "Master", for the wonderful words of wisdom and the works he did; but that later on, you realized that that "Master" was but a human personality, with its flaws, weaknesses, secrets and sins, just as yours; even though the personality could have been, nevertheless, a conduit through which many beautiful teachings were given that seemed to you the highest "Truth".

Lo, needy and hungry soul, who does not know where or who to go to.  I AM who comes to you.  And also, to all who have started to feel the presence of that "Truth" in the intimate of their soul, and look to corroborate that which at the end has been vaguely striving, from within your inner being, to have a living expression in you all.  Yes, I AM who comes now to everyone that feels the need of the true "Bread of Life". Are you ready to share of it?  If it is so, wake up.  Sit down.  Calm your human mind and obey faithfully My word, as here I express it, because if you do not do so, you will walk disillusioned, one more time, and carrying in your heart the pain of your unsatisfied need.

I!  Who Am I? Yes. I that speak with so much knowledge and authority?  Listen!  I AM You, that one in You that IS and KNOWS.  WHO KNOWS ALL.  That always knew and always has been.  Yes, I AM You, Your own Self; the one that tells you: I AM, and what is I AM?  That very intimate and transcending in you , that one, as you go reading, who awakes and responds to this My Word as the Truth is perceived in it and discards the error wherever it finds it.  But, it is not that one who has fed you in error for so long.  Because I AM your Real Instructor, the only real one that you will ever have to know, the only MASTER.  Yes, I, your Divine SELF.


I, your I AM, bring to you this My Message, My living word, as I have brought everything for you in life, be it a book or a "Master", poverty or riches, bitter experience or love; all to teach you that I and only I, your only and true Self, AM your instructor, the only Master and the only God, Who is and always has been providing you, not just of Bread and Wine, but also of all necessary for your physical support and mental and spiritual growth.  So, then, all that calls your attention or excites your interest, as you go reading, knows that is My spoken Message from the internal to your external human consciousness, and comes to be a corroboration of what the I AM in you always knew in the internal, even though it was not put in well defined and comprehensible terms to your external consciousness.

Likewise, know that all that always have excited Your  interest, coming from any visible and material manifestation, has not been but the confirmation of My Word, already spoken in your inner side, which tangible manifestation was a conduit or means more appropriate that I used in a moment to come to your human consciousness and impress it. But I AM not your human mind, nor its child, the intellect.  These come to be the impression of Your Self, as you are the expression of My Being; being both, likewise, facets of the human personality, same way You are a facet of my Divine Impersonality.  Weigh and study carefully these words.  Stand up and free yourself of the control of your personality, whose mind and intellect, vain ones, try to glorify themselves; yes, decide it now, and forever! But you must know that for My Word to  penetrate up to Your soul’s consciousness, your mind, from today on, must be Your servant, and the intellect, Your slave.

I AM he who comes now to your soul’s consciousness, to the one I have already expressively awaken, to the end that it be prepared to receive My Word.  Then, so, if you feel strong enough to admit it, if you are capable of letting aside your particular fantasies, your beliefs and personal opinions, which are no other thing but the garbage from others that you have been gathering from their garbage dump, if you are strong enough to discard all of that, then, My Word will have to be for you an inexhaustible message of Joy and Wellness.  But you must be prepared for your personality to doubt My Word, as you go reading these pages.  Because it knows very well that if you open your heart to My Word, and there give it shelter forever, from that moment its life is threatened, because it won’ be able, for more time, to live or thrive in your warmth, not even to control your thoughts, your feelings, neither any of your activities, such as it has been happening for such a long time.

Yes, I AM who comes to you now.  To make you aware of My Presence.  Because it knows that I have also prepared your human mind in a way so it can, to a certain degree, comprehend the meaning of Me.  I have been with you always, but you did not know it.  I have led you intentionally through all desert of books and teachings, of religions and philosophies, keeping always, before your soul’s sight, the vision of the Promised Land. Yes, feeding you with the manna of the Desert, so that you could remember, appreciate and long for with vehemence, and value the Bread of the Spirit.  Now, I have brought you to the Jordan River, that separates you from your Divine heritage.  Because the moment has already arrived in which you, consciously, know Me; and you cross the river that comes to Canaan, the Land of Milk and Honey.  Are you ready?  Do you want to go? If so, follow My Word, that is the Arc of My covenant, and you will pass with wiped away feet.

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