Enough Is Enough!


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Enough Is Enough!

By Christ Michael and Candace Frieze

Messages channeled through Candace Frieze. Published in this website on July 11, 2005.
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Thursday July 7, 2005


Hi everyone, below is a joint message by Christ Michael, Sananda and several others, concerning the terror attack on London today. Yesterday I kept feeling an intense pressure, as if something were not right. I awoke around 1:30 am, to take some pain medicine, and laid down on the couch, and turned on the TV while I waited for it to work. Sometime thereafter, CNN began covering the bombing of the mass transit system in London, and I knew why I had felt the tension "in the air."

Lord Buddha had contacted me yesterday and he was going to give a message, but plans changed today, maybe next time. There were other plans around G8, and these have now changed. If some of you watched Larry King Wednesday night, you saw him make rather light of the UFO issue. I was most disappointed.

I did see on interesting bit of actual truth during the coverage today, but since I was channel surfing, I don’t remember which one. But it was mentioned that Britain is not a free country and lives under constant rules and fear of tyranny, police everywhere, everything checked on and spied on. As we in the United States are doing more every day. I saw a clip of a speech Tony Blair made after his return to London, and the look on his face was something to behold. He looked really upset, for once.

There are many ideas already about the reasons behind this attack. Some suggest it originated from the Middle East, others say London was punished for getting the Olympics, others suggesting that Tony Blair was making a change of position, and this attack served as a warning to him and others considering same. This one made the most sense to me, in addition to the idea of interrupting further work towards the NESARA announcement. So now, the joint message:


My dear friends, We know the email must be full of questions about what happened in London today. This was apparently a small attempt to make one last statement to us. At first, we thought, or at least hoped that this was an attempt maybe by Iraq to make a statement to Britain and the USA about the ongoing occupation of their country.

It seems not. Yet another game is being played to try and stop NESARA, and the rest of the plans. This was a small event in the nature of things, being the use of rather simple bombs, and easily done without our knowledge.

But the message was loud and clear. Their time is most truly up.  This is the final event and rebellion by them. We have star people that can watch TV easily on the ground for us, and apparently Mr. Bush was nearly flamboyant in his early morning speech.

We told you all recently that the time had come and we had taken over the announcement and that is true. Some of you of course still want to have us drop out of the sky and just do it. This we have been doing, it is just not that obvious in the United States. Recently you did hear on your TVs that there were many small planes than transgressed the air space of Camp David prior to July 4th.  Many small saucers would be a better description.

Larry King was ordered to do a reasonable show about our presence in the skies, and he failed quite miserably, often making the "Looney" gesture during his show. Mr. King, you failed your orders and you are now accountable for your behavior.

The many members of your government have been given their walking papers, to be arrested or to resign. Last Friday, with Sandra Day O’Connors resignation, we made a serious attempt to announce. CNN, in the higher levels made a huge mess for us, we again had traitors to the cause, otherwise known as playing both sides of the coin.

One of these, we had come to completely trust, and we were greatly dismayed and angered. It seems the fence sitters ever come popping out at unexpected moments. So we are now, with the London mess, and the sad loss of life there today, going to "go for it" as you like to say. The trust that we have worked on has been finally ended, and we trust no more in general.

The plans are being made at this moment to do what we had hoped not to do, and we shall indeed now do it. It is better for the planetary peoples to do most of the work, and it has not happened. In most cases, God will walk away for a time, but that is not an option for Earth, and for you, its inhabitants.

We spent the day in consultation about pursuing the plan we had hoped not to have to do, and it is done. WE SHALL NOW commandeer the TV channels personally, and get the job done. Anybody not in cooperation with us will find themselves under arrest, and we are not very particular at this time who they might be.

For the BBB&G’s reading this message today, and we know some of you are, I would prepare thyselves for a better outcome very quickly, and consider quite seriously where you wish to find yourselves. Enough is now enough, and we are going to do this, and if you get in the way, SO BE IT.

If you value your life and liberty, and the Grace of God, on this Planet, we suggest you reconsider, and very rapidly. There will be no further Grace from Christ Michael. Your time has come, either you jump the Illuminati Ship, or you go down with it. And down with it means, there is no more grace.

Neither do you receive the opportunity of being transported in body to the new pristine planet we have covered in these messages. Some of you playing both sides told us this was an acceptable option to you. You have betrayed us, you have betrayed the planet, you have betrayed its peoples, and you will betray no more.

If you dare to stand in our way, either yourselves personally or through your minions, you are going to find yourselves in the void, by which we mean that planet, a prison planet, of which we have informed you about, and where you will be truly without God, for a very long time. You may go in body, or in spirit, the method of your journey matters not.

This would be hell, as you will have only yourselves to live with. There are others in this place, who have caused their placement there. You will have company, and like yourselves, these are not nice guys. Think of that one please. This planet has no luxuries of which you have come to enjoy at the expense of others. You will not be able to get off the place. We will not be in the skies, they will be most empty. You will have only yourselves. God will not be around.

This is not a planet of reincarnation that you will be going to. You will not be able to reproduce. You will have endless years of each other. You will not taste of death in this place. We return every many, many years to check to see what is going on, and to see if there are any who have learned of their lessons, and remove them when learned. The rest, will they just get to stay, and stay and stay. Consider if this is what you truly wish to experience. For what you desire, so shall you have.

This warning is to all of the BBB&G’s of Earth. It matters not your status, your rank, your money, or your power, whether or not you have family.  It matters not whether you are human, reptilian or any other star race. It matters not whether you are in 3D or 4D. Your time is up, and the Day of Judgment, so long spoken of, is at hand.

Now is the time to clean up thy acts, the final curtain call. We tried, and we tried and we tried, so great has been the Grace of God. And you have failed the test. Over and over. It is done! To use the famous _expression of Mr. Bush, your non President, you are either with us, or against us. You are the terrorists. You are Al Qaeda. You are the ones that took down the Towers on 911. You are the ones that struck Spain over a year ago. You are the ones that killed hundreds of thousands in all the more recent years of your lives. And you shall pay the bill due for it.

Consider very carefully please. Some of you after today have no more choices. You made them already with the attack on London. Others, you have one final choice to be made as we do our works and as the Earth peoples, who are good and have waited so long, do theirs.

Do not step even once in our way or the way of our commanders on the Earth plane. Do not step in the way of the good folks on the announcement crews. Do not step in the way of the many who have been preparing our way over these years. Do not step in the way of the military doing their tasks in the removal of yourselves. This is the final Grace of God.

We are who are making this order today:
Christ Michael, Master Creator Son of Nebadon, and I make the rules!
Sananda Immanuel, who comes with me to fulfill his duties, and take his place as Planetary Prince.
Sanat Kumara, Solar Logos
Lord Buddha, Planetary Logos
Violinio Germain, Mohammed, Maitreya and the many other Masters returning,
And the multitudes of Star people come in the skies for this event, and those Star people incarnate on the Earth plane for this event,
And those long suffering Earth souls, awaiting their return to Universal status, and the grandeur there of.


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