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Energy Portals

The Arcturians

The Arcturians through David K. Miller,,P.O. Box 4074 Prescott, AZ 86302 USA.All rights reserved.

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This is Tomar, we are the Arcturians. Today our lesson will be focused on studying the relationship between spirit and the material world and the Earth bodies and the different landscapes, rock formations, canyons and other areas on a planet. It is a powerful experiment and experience that you have created with the Lago Puelo crystal. This is helping to create a fifth-dimensional experience for many people who are now visiting the area. There have been some amazing transformations there in the past 30 days since we have spoken. This is a wonderful transformational process that you have helped us accomplish.

I know that being in the third dimension seems dense at times and I know that it appears as if this is the only reality, especially given the current state of the Earth. I am referring to the many different conflicts on all levels. These conflicts certainly have an effect on the energy vibration of the whole planet. Thus, it is hard to escape the effects of the conflicted thought patterns and the energy distorted patterns that have permeated the universal consciousness of man. Your are all tuned in to the universal consciousness, either through the dream world or through your consciousness, or through your normal waking life.

The energy patterns are all around you–just like the energy patterns are all around you from television and radio–so it is in terms of the war-like and conflicted thought processes and energies that have been dominating the planet. The relationship between the spirit and a place or the spirit and a location are very profound. The interaction of spirit with a manifested Earth location can create an acceleration, a portal and a vortex. These portals have been described in our previous work and many of you have gone to different parts of the planet to maintain and to open portals. In fact, there are numerous portals from ancient history that remain active on this planet. The more well known ones are the pyramids in Egypt and also the Temple Mount area in Israel. These areas demonstrate that a physical location can interactively be changed to manifest a portal that will help people access a higher level of energy and a higher experience.

You may say: what would one need a portal for since if you are doing the proper meditation, proper prayers and the proper downloading of information, then no matter where you are, you would be able to accelerate and raise your energy. This is true, but you still are a being that is affected by the negative energies of your planet. You are affected by the energy around you. I say it is natural to want to be in a higher place.

It is natural to want assistance and it is very natural to find yourself attracted to different locations that will help you to raise your vibration. This lake with the Lago Puelo crystal has elevated the consciousness of many people now because the interactive forces, the spirits that were already around the lake, became more active. The spiritual energy that was present became accelerated and with the focus amid the thoughts that you and others in South America projected to that place, a beautiful raising of the energy occurred. In the channel’s house his room has become a very intense portal as you have been meeting here for many years. The ability for you to raise your vibration in this room is accelerating this moment as I am speaking and am reminding you of this interactive energy with the place and your vibration. This is the key–creating an interaction force between your vibration and thoughts, your intentions and the place. These are the two factors: factor one is the place and factor two is your interaction and intention in that place that will open up the energy. If you look at some of the ancient portals from the Anasazi (ancient Indians from Arizona), you will find that they have not been activated for centuries. You may find that you do not know where they are. There are many beautiful places that have been activated by the ancient peoples. They have not been used, nor been practiced with. It is necessary to seek out these old power places and to reactivate them.

David Miller


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