Journey into the City of Light of BVC

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Journey into the City of Light of the Brother Veritus’ Community

Creative Visualization

By Luis Prada
Director of the Brother Veritus’ Community and Editor and Publisher of Brother Veritus’ Website

 Any desired manifestation that is in harmony with the higher/finer intent receives reinforcing energy and therefore is able to receive advantageous assistance in manifesting without needing to be aware of what it is or how it came.  In other words, that which resonates with the greater plan of wholeness draws to it through the Law of Attraction added supportive energy. —From the book Becoming, Chapter III-5, ISBN 1-893157-07-5,

Published in this website on Wednesday January 26, 2011.  See alsoBrother Veritus’ Community Plan.  This visualization was given to the Spanish members of BVC from the 1st of November to December 20th, 2010, skipping November 22th, in the Spanish Meditation Hour.  The original text has been augmented and edited to make this book.  Original in Spanish, translation to English by the author.

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Front cover, Back cover

Esu Immanuel Sananda, Jesus the Christ, Planetary Prince of Urantia


I dedicate this work to Esu Immanuel Sananda, Lord Jesus the Christ, Planetary Prince of Urantia and future King of the City of Light.


This book will take you into the future when all the Earth changes have happened and the planet has a new topography, new lands have emerged from the oceans and others —who have carried a civilization for a very long time— are now resting under the sea.  In the North American central land a shiny city emerges solitary in the futuristic landscape of a vast, desolate, isolated and unpopulated savannah of the United States, it is the City of Light of the Brother Veritus’ Community.

When the City of Light be fully functional and established, as it is described here, all the North America’s Atlantic and Pacific coastal lines are under the water and most of Europe too.  By this future time, Earth has already undergone cataclysmic events of great proportions: Earthquakes, volcanic activity, flooding, tsunamis, sinking of coastal lines, collapse of the magnetosphere and a magnetic pole reversal, Earth will spin in the opposite way.

This is a visualization exercise for those who believe in this dream of the City of Light and want to make it a reality and a manifesto for those curious and skeptic who would like to know what might be a possible futuristic scenario.  Both alike will enjoy the reading of this book.  The unbeliever might ponder on the possibility that this might not be science fiction but possibly true.


This is a guided meditation on creative visualization.  It contains seven chapters and it was given originally in the Hispanic Meditation Hour of the Chatroom, a chapter per session during seven weeks.

It is recommended to do as a visualization exercise, a chapter per session of visualization during seven contiguous days.

You are not given all details. Use your imagination and create the city giving the missing pieces and whichever compliment the narrative.  Feel you are a participant of these field trips to the City of Light or maybe the narrator of the story who is paying close attention to details to write this report later on.

If you are not listening to an audio version of this book but reading the text, read a paragraph at a time closing your eyes after each paragraph to visualize it, give yourself enough time to add as many details as you like.

If you are listening to the audio version, lower the lights of the room, close your eyes and let your imagination recreate the mental images.

Put emotion to the visualization to precipitate its manifestation.  Let’s start.

Map by Michael Gordon Scallion

First Chapter
Brief Visit to the Central Plaza

We will set forth to our City of Light, to visit the greatest achievement of Terra in the last 13 millennia, a grandiose pioneer community and a model to follow for other communities, a utopian dream finally made manifest in the future.  All her ideals carry a universal resonance with the most sacred and best inside of us.  Unique, the crowning masterpiece of the best of ingenuity in art, science, education and applied technology, nothing in its architectonic design was compromised, all done to splendidly express sacred geometry, beauty and practicality, a city worthy of the new man, the earthling sovereign integral of the galactic family.  Gaia shines in space as an emerald jewel and a sparkle glimmers on her North America territory, it is the City of Light of the Brother Veritus’ Community as seen from afar in the outer space.

In our visualization we are going to travel as a group in a MerKaBah vehicle traversing the space-time continuum to a future time of planet Earth.  Our Lightship goes to the north to the old Kansas State in the USA.  There we fly over devastated and unpopulated areas by the calamitous Earth changes.

As we fly, we see at the distance the imposing and shining City of Light, it looks as if it had been transported from another world and another dimension.  It sparkles brilliantly in the sunlight like a field of diamonds on a vast prairie.  We also notice its harmonious and symmetrical geometry.

Our ship lands on an avenue.  We come out of the ship and get together exchanging impressions of what we see.  There is a sign that shows the name of the avenue, it reads: “Ashtar Boulevard”.  The buildings are several-storey high, aligned on both sides of the avenue.  They have vivid colors that differentiate one building from the next, their architecture is impressive and rich in details.

While we admire these architectonic marvels, we see a group of persons traveling in levitating platforms, they look happy and smiling and greet us with a bow.  We have not experienced a ride on these platforms, only have read about them in thecommunity plan.

People wear clothing of bright colors, as of gauze, floating, some of pastel color, ladies wear dresses.  We see a group of children playing races with their flying skating boards.  The ambiance is of peace, tranquility and happiness.  We notice that on the sidewalk there is a levitating platform station.  Curious we get closer to the station to detail the platforms.  They have a front with a control panel at the top.  The machine has chairs aligned on both sides and supporting handrails at the back of the chairs.  We notice that some people approach the machines and give them a verbal command, then they climb on them and the machines start floating slowly, then raise more and go to the commanded place.

In front of the avenue, we see a fence of dividing rails to where we go.  When we get there (there are no automobiles, it is only a very wide pedestrian avenue) we notice that there is a river down below where people are taking a bath, they are happy, swimming while listening to music.  The water seems of pleasant temperature because people do not shiver but enjoy normally.  There are palm trees and plants of many different places of the Earth on both sides of the river making the landscape look idyllic.  We see pedestrian bridges that allow the passage to the other side of the river.

To our left we see far way something like an immense plaza where people are heading to, so we decide to go there.

We copy others and we go to the station of floating platforms and take some.  When our group accommodates on them, we give them a command as we have seen others doing before and we go there.

Our platforms rise about two meters from the floor and go to the plaza crossing wide avenues.  Far way we see that the architecture is not the same, the homes are quite separate from each other.  There are green zones and little parks among them, the architecture is varied, creative and theme-like.

As we approach the plaza we see many more floating platforms and peoples of all colors wearing strange garments, some definitely out of this planet.

In the plaza we see a platform station, so we decide to stop there.  The plaza is impressive in size.  The floor is of a golden color and shines, it is translucent and of single piece, clean and impeccable.

At the far side and to the left we see an obelisk and near it an immense statue of a human being, from its forehead falls down what looks like a transparent crystal strip that has the shape of the university campus and above it there is a sign that reads: “HU-man”.  This statue is represented on strong canvas-like banners that hang from posts with university information.  On them it is outlined the representation of the statue as if it were a logotype of the university.

Our admiration is so grand to see at the far end, in front of us, an imposing palace, marvelous, with banners that hang on its fortified towers.  Minarets of different sizes sprinkle the architecture that contrasts with the light blue sky dotted with few clouds.

We agree to go there, but someone warns us that today the castle is closed to the public because the King, the Divine Master Esu Immanuel Sananda, is IN A MEETING AGAIN!  “Again?”, we remark, but he is always in meetings, we say among ourselves smiling.  So we decide to return to our past and to come back again some other day.

We return on our floating platforms to our MerKaBah ship on the Ashtar Boulevard, and there we leave the platforms in their station.  We enter our Lightship and share our exciting experience describing what each one of us detailed as the ship travels by the space-time fabric to take us back to the Temple.  The ship descends on our Etheric Temple’s garden and we come out marveled with what we saw and feeling joy and gratitude in our hearts!  (End of the 1st Chapter.)

Second Chapter
The Underground City

We gather on the Etheric Temple’s garden and decide to visit again the City of Light of the Brother Veritus’ Community in the future.  We sit to meditate and to invoke the group MerKaBah Lightship.  The ship materializes before our eyes and we proceed to get onboard.  The ship ascends and flies through outer space towards the future passing through a hyper dimensional stellar gateway.

We are now in the year 2,200 of our current era.  We fly over an empty territory of the old State of Kansas in the United States.  We notice that there has been geological catastrophic destruction and the terrain is uneven, cracked, but there is new forest, new areas with lakes and where wide rivers run.

We see at our far left the Rocky Mountains and at our right uninhabited savannas, and far in the distance to the East a diamond-like shine is seen even though we are in plain daylight.  "It is the City of Light of the Brother Veritus’ Community", we cry out in excitement as we see it getting closer.  Our ship flies over the city and then descends.  We are impressed by the shininess of its streets, the impeccable buildings and the cleanliness in general.  When it lands we come out of the MerKaBah and look around dazzled before so much beauty put together.

We are at the intersection of the streets "Christ Michael Boulevard" and "St. Germain Circle".  Both are impacting avenues with grand urban development.  We decided to walk on the Saint Germain’s avenue.  The theme of this street and its colors are related to the Violet Flame and the life of this Ascended Master and his works on Earth as the Avatar of the Aquarian Age.  There are vignettes with information of his works, we see far back an imposing statue of St. Germain in full body, banners that hang from public lamps with the celebrated phrases of this master, niches with busts of the master and unnumbered details that jump out to the observer any instant from floor and walls.  Even the houses that align on the circular avenue have been painted with violet colors, pale on walls and accented on verandas, capitals and cornices.

It is marvelous to see a city so impeccably designed, constructed and maintained.  We see workers cleaning, trimming hedges of doorways, sweeping leaves, but what calls our attention is that they work patiently and quietly.  We discover then that they are not people but human-like robots.

Nearby us a flying platform passes by with three couples who greet us happily, perhaps feeling proud of living there.  We notice between their laughter and comments that they speak English and sometimes they stare at each other and without uttering a word they seem to talk, of course, they are telepaths.  Above us UFO-type ships of different shapes fly over in all directions.

Their platform descends near a platform station, so we decide to approach them to ask if they know the palace is open to the public today.  They say that today unfortunately a delegation of the Sirius star system has arrived for a meeting with the King Sananda, that it seems they want to propose to him, among other things, the construction of an advanced in-vitro cloning genetics laboratory in the university and therefore the castle is closed to the public today, that they themselves were going there when were informed of that, so they decided instead to enjoy the underground city and towards there they are heading.

The three couples then open a door between two buildings that is identified as an entrance to the underground city and we tell them that we want to see what is in there, so we follow them.  We go down an ample staircase and up there comes up already the humming of trains, the smell of spices, the sound of music and of human bustle that sharply contrasts with the placidness of the surface city.

As we get to the sidewalk we find a spectacular stage-like illumination with color spotlights that point to all interesting architectural and artistic details, to the gardens, to the water fountains and statuary.  All along the sidewalk these lights hang from the ceiling that it is about 20 feet (some 6 meters) from the floor.  It is like an amusement park with excellent lighting.  We are now on a wide busy sidewalk.  To our right there are Parisian restaurants with tables in front of the sidewalk, with activity inside and outside, all people happily sharing food and drink, friendship and the moment.

We continue strolling along accompanied by our guides, making comments and describing what we see in amazement.  In this underground level all is wholesome fun, relaxation and rest.  The karaoke bar music is mixed with voices and the humming of the passing bullet trains at the embarking stations in a sublevel down below.  We do not see trains but below we partially see, at the lateral end of the sidewalk to our left, large tubes of perhaps some 20 feet of diameter (6 meters), interconnected in intersections, with signs and color codification, and, our guides tell us, are the sonic protections of the levitating bullet trains and where these trains travel on magnetic free-energy railroad tracks.  In fact, all the energy used in the city, they tell us, is free zero-point energy that was introduced to the planet by Nikola Tesla.

There are staircases that go down to the train stations, we do not go there but walk along the place observing it and smelling the aroma of the good cuisine of the restaurants.  The site is huge as a great nocturnal city.  We ask our guides if people work there because everything seems only fun.  They tell us that yes, some work in the restaurants, in the bars, in maintenance, but mainly they program robots for the continuous and tedious tasks.  And that the “customers” we see work in many other functions of the city, on the surface or in the machinery and amino-acid computer level, and in the design and construction of the city since it is not finished yet, but everybody only work three days a week, the rest of free time is used as one wishes.  These persons, who are having fun, do it in their spare time.  Not everything is fun, all attend the university and the functions of the Temple that include rituals and meditation, and some are involved in different university research projects.

They tell us that this society has learned to be efficient in the use of time and in the development of technology to reduce the repetitive and tedious task for human, that, for instance, the waiters that we see in the restaurants are not humans but robots, same for cooks and maintenance employees, the workers in blue overall that are repairing that public lamp with a crane in front of us, are robots, except for the supervisor in khaki uniform with the circular emblem of the city on his sleeve.  They also say that sometimes it is difficult to distinguish robots from humans because every time there is more resemblance with the newer versions that are coming out of Brother Veritus’ University, Faculty of Biogenetics.

As we stroll the pedestrian avenue, our guides —who are already aware that we are people from the Earth past and time visitors in group MerKaBah technology and that we do not know this city— tell us that the man/machine interface is so perfected here that in some cases it is almost impossible to distinguish by a telepathic or spoken conversation if we are dealing with a robot or a human being, that it is only by the connection with the Higher Self that we are able to notice the difference.  That is why, they tell us, by the wise use of technology for good living and for creating harmony, that there is so much free time in this city.

We tell our new friends that our time to go back to our past is now and that we must say good bye.  We thank them for their kindliness of having been our guides.  They hug us and ask us to work on the unconditional love, on eliminating the war karma in our DNA and to elevate our vibrations so that we qualify to live in this city in our future.  (The three couples aretwin flames and twin souls.)

They enter then a bar that has a Cuban picturesque design, there are palm trees and a colonial garden with a water fountain at the entrance.  The music that comes out of there is tropical Cuban, up above hangs a sign with the name of the bar that says: "Buena Vista Social Club."  Incredible, the building is an improved replica of that Cuban club of the years ’40s and ’50s!

Our friends direct us to a staircase that takes us to the levitating platforms on the surface city to which we go.  As we go upstairs we come out to the street, take several floating platforms and give them the command: "Christ Michael Boulevard and St. Germain Circle, please."

The platforms start floating as we accommodate ourselves in the chairs at both sides and then take us by streets we had not seen before.  They are streets with curious and strange architectures that contrast greatly with the formal avenues and streets we had seen before.  We see, for instance, spreading on the area and separated by exotic gardens, circular houses with adobe-like domes, with grass and flowers on the roof, and some of various levels built with trees inside and outside the houses as a symbiotic mixture of tree/habitation.  On the backdrop of a circular street we appreciate another strange and very different urban development with light-gray and indigo-blue houses of traditional Chinese-type roofs but much more exaggerated in their curvature and with spires on their top angles pointing upwards to the sky.  Finally we arrive to our place where our MerKaBah Lightship awaits us.

We leave the platforms, enter our ship and exchange impressions, each one of us noticed a different detail and with our comments we complement each other’s version of the journey.  Our ship swiftly crosses the space-time fabric through the same stellar gateway to finally take us back to the temple garden to where we descend.  Once on land we go in the Etheric Temple and there gathered we form a circle and give thanks to the Creator Son Christ Michael of Nebadon for having given us the opportunity to enjoy such marvelous experience.  Then we send energy to Gaia to prepare her for her changes and so that she adapt herself to be the seat of such beautiful future city.  May the City of Light be a reality!  So Mote It Be!, and So Be It!  Glory to the Celestial and Eternal Father Mother of Havona!  (End of the 2nd Chapter.)

Third Chapter
Flight over the Surface City

We gather in our Etheric Temple to begin a trip again to the City of Light of the Brother Veritus’ Community.  We are eager for the new adventure and thus we express it so among ourselves.  We enter our group MerKaBah ship that was stationed waiting for us in the garden of our Temple.  This time we have decided to enter the space-time continuum of the year 2,300 in which we hope to see finished the city, at least the one on the surface, to be able to admire its crop fields and fly over its surface.  We enter the hyper dimensional gateway and time tunnel.  At the end of the interdimensional travel we start flying over the old Kansas State.  The vegetation is green and abundant covering the damage left by the great Earth changes and the cleansing action of Mother Gaia over the surface of the United States.  The face of Mother Earth has changed.

The sky is of a light blue with few clouds.  At the distance towards the East we observe the City of Light, bright as a jewel, it is gorgeous.  There are many extraterrestrial ships of various sizes flying over the city and heading towards the IFOport.  As our ship approaches the city, we fly over some immense crop plantations on the peripheries; they are large land extensions that are being cultivated with all kind of vegetables and fruit trees.  We see labor workers gathering fruits and using agricultural machinery, but we already know that robots are the ones who make this labor.

The city is fortified by a large wall that surrounds it.  It has square observation towers at its entry points, we know there are twelve total but from our vantage point we only see some, being that the others are too far.  We see tepees and indigenous people celebrating in the fields.  They are dancing around the fire with plumage dresses and plumed hairdos of bright colors.  They dance to the sound of the drum while passing their feet and legs over the flames without being burn.  This is an indication of respect to the sacred fire of the fire elementals in nature, the salamanders.  While dancing some introduce their hands in the base of the flames, take embers and lift them up in adoration to the caloric forces of life, their hands look like fire torches but fire does not seem to burn them.

Now we fly over the IFOport, there are ships of different sizes landing and on the floor intense activity of beings of all sizes and colors, from Zetas to Nordics, and very tall beings, they are in charge of guiding ships to parking hangars.  We see a group of dignitaries stepping down from one of them, so we judge them by their exotic apparel of a golden shine with cape and fine fabrics.

We continue our flyover admiring the city’s varied architecture that goes from awesomely futuristic houses to adobe urbanizations, some partially constructed inside boulders and natural roughness of terrain.  There is all kind of construction.

We see a copy of Stonehenge, a copy of the pyramids of Yucatán (the pyramids of the sun and the moon), we see the architectonic complex of Giza of the ancient Egypt (the three pyramids and the sphinx), and Greek and Roman Temples like the Athena Parthenos of the Acropolis as was in ancient Athens and the Temple of Olympia with the Colossus Zeus (Phidias’ statue).  We appreciate the Roman Coliseum and the Hagia Sophia of Constantinople.  All these edifications finely painted and with their roof intact as if recently built, nothing is seeing in ruins.

And far in the distance to the South East of the city we can see a replica of the Colossus of Rhodes (Helios, the Sun God) and of the Pharos of Alexandria that serve as a lighthouse or beacon tower for the navigation over the Mississippi River/Lake to help spot and arrive to the city.  It comes in handy in foggy days.  Both monuments are near city gates and are a must-see touristic attraction for visitors and citizens, and a good spot for family picnics since from near the top of the Pharos we can see a spectacular view of the Mississippi harbor.  The Colossus of Rhodes observes the Mississippi.  The pilot of the ship tells us that the Colossus is near the tip of District #5, the Pharos of Alexandria, near the tip of District #6, and the Eiffel Tower, near the tip of District #7.

The Statue of Liberty is also located near a city gate at the tip of District #4 and overlooks the Mississippi Lake.  Our pilot tells us that this statue is the original that was in Ellis Island, it was rescued from the sea, repaired and brought here.  New York is under the waters as are all the coastal lines of the continental United States.

There are many more classical edifices —such as the Taj Mahal— and monuments of historical reproduction that are found spotting the city, they are too many to enumerate them all.  The ones mentioned here are enough as a small sample of what we see in our flyover and are important touristic spots to explore in this city.  Some of the original monuments and buildings copied here do not exist on the planet Earth of the 5th Dimension, have disappeared through history, were destroyed or are under the waters.

All these historical landmarks are not placed at random in the city but are located at specific points that mark the Metatronic fractal geometry of the city layout.

The fidelity of the reproductions of the architectural masterpieces and monuments —when they were in their best state of conservation, in their best historical moment of preservation— was possible with the time travel to the 3rd Dimensional past of the planet to reliably copy them by means of replicators.

It is awesome the degree of historical and archeological detail that has been put here to reproduce with such degree of precision glorious architectural complexes of a remote past but the reason to build them was to inspire with appropriate ambiences the dream of conquering the inner self’s wisdom as these surroundings give us inspiration, such as was the intention of our ancestors who planned and designed them.  Besides this city is a historical and syncretic compendium of the more select and exalted of the planet in the last 13 millennia, it compiles culture in art, architecture, science, spirituality and esoterism.  In other words, the entire city is a monument to human creative potential and to the greatness of the human being in all epochs.

The City of Light of the Brother Veritus’ Community marries the Ageless Wisdom with the teachings from the future bestowed upon her citizens by the Hosts of Heaven and the Galactic Brotherhood of Light.  This philosophy is symbolically represented by these historical replicas.

We fly over the city by its main avenues and see the River of Living Waters that runs inside the city from East to West and then in a circle, as we have read it in the Brother Veritus’ Community Plan.  There are beautiful areas by this river, some of which look like jungle places with abundant vegetation, birds, known and exotic animals and a balanced ecosystem.  We see families and friends enjoying a bath.

Far away we see the King’s Palace, the magnum opus of the City of Light, an impacting architectonic work of grand proportions with large fortified towers and observation towers of different sizes and heights and located over a pyramidal man-made earthen mound.  We see huge banners that hang from the fortified towers.  We approach it flying over the Ashtar Boulevard and zoom in to observe details.  Within the central plaza we see another plaza in the shape of a seven pointed star that is located on higher ground.  Within this star plaza is the mound over which the castle or palace is situated.  The palace grounds are located in the center of a large circular central plaza with governmental edifices.

The mound has several trails on the hillsides and patches of trees and vegetation, and is walled all around at the plaza level, except on the main entrance.  The groves give privacy maybe for an escapade from the palace to enjoy a moment of solitude.  The palace is surrounded by a lake with beautiful birds swimming.  We see dolphins and swans, flamingoes, pelicans, herons, ducks and other fowl.  At the other side of the castle it is seen an island within the lake as bird habitat, there are workers tending them.  On that side we see a diagonal road on the mound with bridge over the moat and it connects to the three private doors of the castle at the plaza level.

We also notice that above the mound and in front of the castle there is a draw bridge that crosses over the moat or lake of the castle and arrives at the main entrance doors.  But before we arrive at the bridge we see accessing stairs to this one that are located on both sides of a brook in cascade that comes out of the palace, reach the lake and then continues again in cascade between the stairs that take you from the plaza to the draw bridge.

The path of the main entrance, from the plaza floor to the front doors of the building, is flanked by walls so the public cannot get stranded on the mound gardens and for the privacy of the palace.

The castle shines since its external walls have a golden shiny casing over the traditional royal-blue color of those walls.  Royal Blue represents the night sky in which a starship of the Galactic Federation appeared as the star of Bethlehem to the Three Wise Men when the King of Peace, Master Sananda, was born on the planet as Jesus of Nazareth.

[Note: Traditional Royal Blue is a deep dark blue with hexadecimal triplet code:#002366; or, R = 0; G = 35; B = 102].

We hope in another trip we visit the palace.  Our crew tells us that perhaps we should return and that in another occasion they would take us to the Brother Veritus’ University, so our MerKaBah ship swiftly heads on to the outer space and enters through the stellar gateway.  We travel in the hyper dimensional space that will take us back again to our Temple.

Now we fly over the Etheric Temple, descend and land on its garden.  We come out of our ship and joyously exchange our experiences.  We give thanks to the Creator Father Christ Michael for having authorized and made possible this project with our help as co-creators of His Realm.  So Mote It Be! and So Be It!  Amen.

Question: Mr. Prada, ¿why does the City of Light have walls?

Luis Prada: All that follows Divine Plan has control, nothing is left without control.  The walls are part of the protection of the city and they keep it defined and isolated in the vast extensions and savannas of the Kansas State where it is located.  It is a mistake to think that there is no control in the universe and that free will rules, which is only for 3rdD as a form of experimentation.  (End of the 3rd Chapter.)

Fourth Chapter
Journey to the Brother Veritus’ University

We get together in the garden of the Etheric Temple in a beautiful sunny morning.  Our vehicle MerKaBah is parked waiting for us.  We enter our vehicle and this one flies again entering through a stellar hyper dimensional gateway that will take us to the year 2,300 of our current era.

Our MerKaBah flies over the City of Light.  Ships of different sizes, forms and colors fly slowly in a silent and continuous movement in all directions.  We see from typical flying saucers to big cigar-type ships.

We ask our pilot to take us to the Brother Veritus’ University and he routs the ship in that direction.  The ship descends and lands over a central and wide avenue.  We come out of it and notice that we are on a main street named Father Avenue.  The crossing street is called Saint Germain Circle, avenue we had already visited in a previous trip.

Where we are standing we see a public fountain located in the center of a pool whose low granite walls form a seven-pointed star.  We see kids playing and swimming in the pool, enjoying the sprinkling of the water fall of the seven high-pressure spouts shooting water to the air.  We read the name of the fountain in a nearby plaque, it is called "Prime Source Fountain".

In all directions we see people passing by but it surprises us that we see no people older than 50, even the elders with gray hair are splendid and strong, of stable and youthful walk.  We notice a student atmosphere with many young people passing by where we are.  We are in theBrother Veritus’ University property.  On the backdrop far away we see the King’s Palace.

A couple of students, so they look like, approaches our group with curiosity.  The girl is beautiful; she wears a long dress of pastel lilac color, of light fabric that waves with the wind.  She has a flower behind her ear and a light blue silk scarf tied up around her head, her curly brown hair falls framing her face and reaches down beyond her shoulders.  The young man who goes with her is tall and elegant, of long golden hair over his shoulders, he wears tight blue-colored clothes, with a shirt of a lighter tone and around his neck a pink scarf with white flowers.  Both wear sandals.

They ask us in good English who are we and which planet do we come from, they offer us help and send us telepathic signals.  (They do not speak Spanish).  One of us tells them that we come from the past of the planet and we are visiting the city but we know very little of it, therefore we would like to have a guide.  They then offer themselves to be one.

Our voluntary guides tell us that we are in the university.  They show us around and at the back of the plaza several university residences for academics and students and faculty buildings, and tell us that in this university there is always activity, 24 hours a day, since from the time we have a third sun, Saturn, we do not have now penumbra as before when there was only a main sun and Jupiter as a second sun, that now there is always natural daylight on the whole planet, no more night.  This university never sleeps, “does not stop”, they tell us.  We tell them that in the past from where we come there is only one sun.  They say that now there are three suns, the major one and the other minor ones, Jupiter and Saturn.  That explains the intense light there is at all time.  They know that in the past of the Earth there was night, and, remark again, night does not exist in the entire planet now.

But the intensity of the photonic bombardment on all life on the planet with the three suns makes it difficult for people of 3D to live on the new Ascended Earth; only mutated silicon-based bodies adapted to this high frequency energy can live on the planet.  That is why to save that portion of humanity from perishing —who did not want to make the Ascensional transition to the Fifth Dimension— the Creator Son Christ Michael separated it from the people that inherited the Earth and evacuated it to Venus to continue its 3D life experience.

The guides offer themselves to take us to the auditorium to start our journey.  We take several levitating transportation platforms and go there.  We are surprised by this magnificent edifice located in an artificial water deposit with small fountains and paths with flowers on their sides.  We enter the main road that takes us to the doors of the building.  To one side we see a platform station where we go down and leave our platforms.  We walk through the entrance, inside the floor is carpeted, there is an awesome ceiling decorated with esoteric symbolism and beautiful allegoric paintings related to all the arts.  We cross a hall to enter to the theater through sliding doors that open as we walk in.  In front of us we see an immense theater that may house fifteen thousand persons between ground floor, upper floor or balcony and royal boxes.

The central stage has on each side an annex circular stage.  The guides explain us that these circular stages are open to the public during musical shows so attendants who wish to dance may go there when the orchestra conductor invite the public to participate in this activity.  They say that there are two different spectacles a week on weekends.  Today the theater is open to visitors for guided tours done by Fine Arts Faculty students to show the public all the theater operation including the rehearsal rooms located behind the scenes.  In this theater there is an intense activity and the rehearsal rooms are always occupied with practices of theatrical works and comedy, solo and choral singing, and dancing, in short, all that comprises the entertainment world.  It has behind stage also small rooms for individual teaching and practice and of course the setting workshop for set construction, the sewing room and the dressing rooms.

The circular dancing floors rotate during the show and the main stage is really three stages in a triangular array mounted on a rotating floor operated by magnetic motors and a levitational system.  The guides tell us that we have in front of us only one stage, the other two are behind on each side.  This way in advance the orchestra, artists and stage setting are ready to go from one number to the next or from one scene to the next without wasting time.

One of us asks if the theater pays royalties and production licenses to music publishers and composers, and film commission to the city.  One guide tells us that the City of Light does not use money, and royalties, production licenses and city commissions do not exist.  Everybody can use and share any musical composition.  Filming and audio recording are allowed and are free in any public event and public place.  All musical work is voluntary as is any other job in the city.  People labor for the pleasure of it insofar as it gives them the opportunity to learn and create, keep busy and motivated, for the sense of self-worthiness that work brings and to contribute to the community, not for remuneration.  The community also does not remunerate other communities for the use of their intellectual property, nor demands remuneration to other communities for their use of its own, but instead encourages them to share.  There are no city taxes of any kind.

We come out of the theater and our guides take us to the library.  This building is somehow strange in construction and impressive, in fact, all the architecture of the city is of a visual impact.  All the architectonic set of the building follows the golden proportion.  This building is located in the same central plaza of public buildings where the auditorium is, but its design is completely different and unusual.  It is a cubic edifice, it looks like an immense black cube with shiny walls of dark glass that allow to see the outside from within.  The glass is painted with veins of black granite to simulate this stone.  On the cube’s frontal wall there are painted in light gray three large concentric circles.

Our guides explain that inside the cube there are several floors.  There a copy of the Milky Way library, of the Nebadon Universe, is found.  That information can be accessed in several levels, and its authorization for access depends on the degree of individual development and his need-to-know for his personal development and mission.  Nobody is allowed to access everything because its immense information is too much for the human being’s psyche and neural circuitry, which would affect his normal work, development and mission.

Above the cube there is a white crystal pyramid with a golden apex.  Near its bottom it has a three-dimensional sign with the words Pax Cultura.  Our guides tell us that within the pyramid there are common areas and areas for individual study, and that the illumination is mainly through the glassed walls but the level of solar intensity is controlled for comfort.  Behind the pyramid there is what looks like a gigantic wall that extends to the sky much above of the pyramid, is really a tall slender yellow building with windows in all directions.

What calls our attention immediately is that this tall and slender wall-like building of the backdrop has on its front a large and brilliant solar golden disk whose center is at the height of the apex of the pyramid.  The solar disk is located at the point of intersection of two stretched triangles, one with the tip upwards and the other with the tip downwards that is hidden behind the cube.  Both are of glazed natural stone and of different colors, the one that points downwards is almost white, and the one that points upwards is of black granite.  One of our guides tells us that in the other side of the wall-like building we are able to see the same two triangles in detail without obstruction.  They represent Spirit and Matter, Source and Manifestation perfectly balanced, and at the point of balance the inner sun of the human being is manifested, which is represented by the solar disk or the pyramid apex since both are aligned to the same height.  This disk is a representation of the Unified Chakra of the thymus gland.

They explain that, as opposed to the Earth in the past, over there they do not study books in written-text format, even though they are archived as in a museum, but all is encoded and in a computerized form, and the access is by means of Akashic crystal plates where history, or any knowledge, is recorded in holographic form.  There are small individual rooms to access and project on a 3D holographic screen the Akashic records of humanity, all properly classified by epochs and dates.  This information, if it is required, can be downloaded to the mind of those who need it, there is no need of memorization as in the past and what is retained is like it were a lived personal experience, it is clear and precise, and, better, it is real and true history, not a human interpretation.

There are areas of teaching and of workshops, places for conferences, lectures and expositions by authors, for dramatic representations with explanations of the literary works; there is a whole intellectual and spiritual ambience for the integral development.  But this library does not replace the university, it is only another means of information and teaching.

Given the urgency of time we cannot get into the building because we wish to see more before we go to our space/time past, so we ask our guiding couple if they can take us by the university in a caravan of floating platforms.  They agree although suggest to us that if we come back in another time they can take us in a tour to the Main Temple of the Community and, possibly, to the Etheric Temple, that is not any longer etheric, but a domed building.  But that it would be in another trip.  So for now we walk to platform station for a general trip.

Once up in the air in a group formation we follow the couple which is sharing a platform with some of us.  We go to the university properly.  We pass by faculty buildings located among beautiful botanic gardens where there are all sort of animals and plants.  Our guides are naming the faculties as we are passing them by.

The buildings are square, of similar architecture, with ample window panes and with not more than three floors.  They tell us that the gardens between buildings are taken care by the Faculty of Agronomy and the animals by the Faculty of Veterinary. In these cultivated gardens with flowers there are outdoor areas for study and public benches in secluded places in the gardens, we see there a couple of lovers.  There are students passing by in all direction, and academicians and teachers coming in and out of the buildings.  We see people on platform as ours pass by everywhere and a large student mob going to classes in levitating hovering skating boards.  They do not carry books but a communication apparatus at the waist; in fact, they all carry this, or similar, communication gadget.

Our guides point and describe a little the faculties of Divine Studies, Music, Cinematography, Medicine, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Mathematics and a series of technical faculties of engineering and exact sciences.  It captures our attention in particular the Space and Transportation Faculty, it has parking hangars for starships with landing zones, there is activity of ships arriving and leaving.  It is there where ships are being built for the community use and for learning and space research.

We pass by the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters and the Faculty of Fine Arts.  Then by the Faculty of Interplanetary Studies where we see peoples of different galactic races.  We continue by the Faculty of Sports with fields for training and practice and also with a coliseum for indoor games.  There are at the back other faculty buildings and specialized buildings for research and development that are not described by our guides.  All this architectonic development is in perfect balance with nature since buildings are surrounded by trees and gardens and do not exist cemented or asphalted roads, except for the pedestrian precincts that are covered by a crystalline, almost transparent, material.

At the end of our flight we see far away great crop extensions and much farther we distinguish the city’s border wall.  Our guides tell us that these crop fields belong to the university, that they are for genetic research and crop upgradement and habitat areas for exotic animals, some of which are extinct in our past such as the sable-tooth tiger or the mastodon, and, yes, there are also dinosaurs.  All fauna is maintained and lovingly taken care, and animals have no aggressive behavior.

We tell our guides that we cannot stay any longer since we need to go back to our Etheric Temple of the past, so we go to our MerKaBah ship running on our platforms at high speed.

After arriving to the seven-pointed star fountain we say good bye to our guides that have made us remember the flower children, the hippies of the ’60 on Earth of the 3rd Dimension, by their clothes, by their calm, paused speaking and carefree attitude.  We thank them their kindliness and enter our ship which swiftly take us back to the garden of our Etheric Temple.  There gathered we enter the Temple to thank the Creator Christ Michael for having allowed us to visit such beautiful community, our community in the future.  Taken by the hands, we remain quiet for some minutes sending Light to Gaia for her to precipitate the changes and facilitate that this beautiful dream come true.  So Mote It Be! and So Be It!  (End of the 4th Chapter.)

Fifth Chapter
The Main Temple of the City of Light of BVC

We gather again for a trip to the City of Light in the 5thDimension using our MerKaBah vehicle.  It is a beautiful morning with a pleasant temperature in the garden of our Etheric Temple, temple made sacred by our thoughts, actions and daily visualizations in it.  Our vehicle is already parked in a clear spot of the Temple’s garden, so get onboard.

We tell the pilot we want to go to the Main Temple of the community located in the university campus in the year 2,300 of our current era.  At great speed our group MerKaBah crosses the space-time continuum and enters by a hyper dimensional gateway to the space-time coordinates of that future year of planet Earth in the 5thDimension.

We ask the pilot if he can telepathically contact the young couple that so well served us as a guide in the last visit, since they promised to take us to the Main Temple.  The pilot through the ship starts to make a telepathic contact with thetwin-flame couple.  They answer that they have detected us and that we can meet them at the Primary Fountain as before.  Therefore we go there.

When we arrive at the city we fly over it, we cannot help but getting amazed again by its brilliance, it is like an immense crystal jewel that shines at plain daylight, as a jewel laid down over an immense unpopulated plane of the old Kansas State of the USA that has suffered cataclysmic events and transformations caused by flooding and earthquakes; part of its neighboring states —Colorado to the West and Missouri to the East— is under water.

The ship descends and lies down near the Primary Fountain with the seven-pointed star pool, and we get off.  What would not be our surprise to meet again the same couple that so lovingly served us as a guide in the previous trip.  There is an exchange of hugs and signs of appreciation for fulfilling their promise to take us to visit the Main Temple.

We take levitating platforms of the nearest station and go to the Temple following our guides.  Once we arrive at the Temple’s precinct we land, leave our transportation vehicles at their parking place and go to the Temple building.

What we have before us is an immense edifice of Greek architecture of the most grandiose we can imagine.  Not even Greece in her grandest splendor had a building like this one, it is a combination of Egyptian and Greek Temple.  The Temple has 12 Doric columns at the entrance and a beautiful cornice with a stele that displays bas relief sculptures with allegorical deeds of the fight between the Galactic Federation and the dark forces to free the planet of theIlluminati’s New World Order.

We enter the precinct of the Temple by a path with low walls that also serve as planters with flowers of several colors and a backdrop of papyrus and palm trees alongside the aisle.  We climb stairs to arrive to the atrium.

Heavy gilt doors located between two trapezoidal pylons joined at their cornices are ajar as inviting us to enter.  We cross the atrium and get in the vestibule and hall of fame.  Inside there is a roofed colonnade floor where we observe people conversing in several spots, we see groups engaged in interesting philosophical and mystical conversations.  There are benches against the columns which are numerous in all directions.  On the walls near the ceiling there are skylights to enter natural light.  To the right near the wall there is a more illuminated area with plants.

The impressiveness of the construction and the colors of the natural stones and crystal slabs strike and inspire us.  We observe the quality of finishing materials of walls and floors, there marble with crystal slabs of great proportions are combined.  The crystal slabs are natural diamond and quartz crystals with veins of different colors: Lapis lazuli, pink, verdigris, light blue, amethyst.  Each crystal slab hue harmonizes with the colors of the other crystals and with the granite and marble stones giving the Temple a pleasant royal elegance by the combination of tones and by its overall design.

Our guides tell us that these crystals are produced in the laboratories and workshops of the faculties of Mineralogy and Chemical engineering.  That the interior design and even the crystal hues were designed by the Department of Fine Arts in conjunction with the Academy of Planetary History which contributed to maintain the accuracy and historical fidelity of the building.  The detailed design was made by the faculties of Architecture and Civil and Structural Engineering.  Our guides emphasize that the construction was not as slow as in the past but it was manifested in a rapid way using replicators and levitation tools, however, same as with the castle, it took much longer than other government edifices.

It amazes us the precision and fluidity of how our guides express themselves, their self-confidence and extensive knowledge in contrast to their age.  One of us expresses this observation and they tell us that really they are old souls within the community, that they are more than two-hundred years old but wear immortal cloned bodies that have overcome aging and death.

Against the wall and near the entrance there are two colossal statues of a man and a woman greeting the visitor, the couple is holding hands and, as opposed to the statues of ancient Egypt, these two have the same size showing the equality of the sexes and the harmony of the twin flames’ relationship in the community.  There are other statues of human beings and other humanoids of the galaxy who have worked to expand the planetary consciousness.  All statues are aligned against the left and right walls.  Our guides explain us that these beings of Light are representatives of the highest of the Super Universe and who helped us arrive to this dimension given of them everything they are capable of.  At the foot of each statue there is a descriptive plaque with the deeds of these galactic heroes of the Super Universe of Orvonton.  The statues are of about 20 feet high (some 6m).

Our guides ask us to move on to the next room.  We enter now a transition hall, it is a space with niches on both sides with little sculptures of strange symbols attached to walls.  The walls have symbols and engraved writing in a language we do not know.  Our female guide explains us that it is a universal galactic language that does not use alphabet but pictography, that each symbol is a key and a concept.  This language is taught at the university.

We cross this transition precinct and move on to the next place by opening heavy doors that are kept closed.  It amazes us how smoothly they turn because of their perfectly balanced weight.  We enter a colonnade hall with columns against the walls and at the center of the room.  It is the Hypostyle Vestibule, a big hall with many people meditating.  From there on, remark our guides placing their index over their lips, we should keep the most absolute silence.  One of them points to us a sign on the wall that reads “Silence”.  Any conversation should be carried out at the entrance hall and at the atrium.

There we see people meditating all over the place, they are sat in legless low seats to make more comfortable the meditation by giving support to the person’s back.  The ambiance has meditation music and aroma of incense, and it is somehow misty and semi dark.  There are neither images of saints nor representations of human beings but walls with writings in various planetary languages.  We only observe and stealthily walk to not disturb the meditating persons.

Now we are in front of other heavy doors that we open to step into the Temple’s Sanctuary or Adytum, the Holiest of Holy.  It is a gigantic room that perhaps may easily accommodate some one thousand people sitting.  There are benches on several rows at different levels as in a theater on both sides and immediately in front of us.  All the benches surround in U a central empty floor except by a triangular altar Shekinah located in its center at a higher stage that has three steps.  There is background music as in the previous room.

The central floor has sufficient room to lodge some 200 persons but is empty of chairs, except for some rows of chairs near the access door from where we came in.  In the middle of it is the Eternal Flame on the Shekinah that we will describe next.  We notice that there are some persons meditating with closed eyes.  The lighting is mostly natural, faint, subdued, somehow dark, and comes from skylights at the upper part of its walls, from the central flame and from torch-like lamps located along the walls which emit a soft yellow orange light that projects up its walls.

The Shekinah has the Eternal Flame burning, an immense Violet Flame of vril energy that raises up as a column of perhaps some 24 feet in height (7.3m).  The flame comes out of an impressively and exquisitely adorned golden chalice.  One of our guides murmurs to us that this Eternal Flame, of eternal sacred fire, never consumes and it does not require to be fed, always is there as long as in this Temple there is harmony with the Divine Plan and the thoughts of the members are always fine-tuned with the Higher Divine Mind when they are in the Adytum, that Christ Michael, the Creator Son of the Universe of Nebadon, gives to its elemental spirit the vital force so that it always give us its Light.  The flame oscillates pacifically and it does not sputter but sways suavely as if it had sentient life.  The vestals of the Temple tend this altar and other lights in the Sanctuary.

At the far side, at the East of the central floor and over a higher place, we see twelve golden thrones with soft cushions aligned parallel to the East wall, and at the center of the group but at a lower level —three steps lower— two central thrones of higher back and more impressive design, each one with different upholstery colors.  One guide whispers us that the twelve thrones are for the twelve governors of the city and that the two central thrones are for the King and the Queen of the City of Light.  The King’s dais is three steps above ground.  At the right hand of the thrones and at a higher level there is a podium in a pulpit for the Officiating Master of the Temple.

The guides tell us that this Temple is operated by the Faculty of Divine Studies which is in charge of its maintenance and of the rituals, of their creation, choreography and paraphernalia, also the rehearsals and of performing these rituals each week on the seventh day.  This faculty also is in charge of the weekly Sacred Hour when all activities cease during an hour to honor and worship the All Powerful God Aton of Havona who has allowed this marvelous city, and to thank his Creator Son Christ Michael Aton for his love and dedication to this planet, the blue jewel of this realm Nebadon.

One guide whispers that the rituals of the Temple in the Sanctuary are impressive wearing eye-catching garments of vivid colors, with display of dance and symbolism, with exalted adoration, and acting magnificent allegories that always carry an underlying teaching.

At this point we ask our guides to lead us back to our MerKaBah since our time has finished.  So we go back passing through the Hypostyle Vestibule, the transition precinct and the entrance hall.  We come out to the atrium and from there we head to the platform station to then go back to the Primary Fountain where our MerKaBah ship is parked.

We say good bye to our guides thanking them for their kindliness to have guided us so lovingly to one of the best temples that the human being has ever been able to conceive and construct.  We get on the ship and it swiftly crosses the space-time continuum by the hyper dimensional gateway and enters by the space-time coordinates from where we departed.

The ship goes slowly down until it rests again on the clear spot of the garden.  We come out of the ship and go to our Etheric Temple to thank Christ Michael and Beloved Master Esu Immanuel Sananda for having helped us now and in the future to make possible such a great joy of the City of Light.  Also we give thanks to Gaia for having been the home where we were able to develop as galactic HU-mans.  We proceed now to send Light to Gaia so that she precipitates the changes and that this dream become a reality.  So Mote It Be and So It Is!

[Note: HU-man = Higher Universal Man, or, Sovereign Integral.]  (End of the 5th Chapter.)

Sixth Chapter
The Third Subterranean Level, the Machinery and the Organic Computers

We gather again in our Etheric Temple to make another trip to the fabulous City of Light, this time with the purpose of seeing the machinery and computer rooms of the community.  It is a beautiful and fresh morning outside our Temple where we gather to start our field trip.  We board our MerKaBah ship that was waiting for us parked on the Etheric Temple garden.

The ship flies swiftly through the hyper dimensional stellar gateway and heads towards the City of Light located in what was in the old days the State of Kansas in the USA.  We fly over that place and see that to the East the Mississippi River has grown immensely being as big as a lake or as an inland entrance to the sea.  This has been the result of intense seismic activity on the New Madrid Fault Line which was part of Mother Gaia’s purification process.  There has been devastation and a great part of the urban areas has been submerged under water. It is the year 2,221 of the current era.  We ask the pilot to take us to the central plaza where we hope to find someone who may orientate us and take us to the subterranean city of the third level.

The ship descends then over the main plaza within the university campus.  After touching ground we come out and seek in all directions a person who can guide us.

La universidad está representada por el plano de su campus, su producto por HU-ManWe are near the huge statue of the naked man we had seen before from afar in our first trip to the city.  Now next to it we can detail it more.  From his forehead falls a transparent crystal strip that has the shape of the university campus and up above on a statue’s background wall it says “HU-Man” in big three-dimensional letters.  His head is crowned with a violet seven-pointed star and at the height of his heart it has a blue seven-pointed star.  As we admire the statue and read an explanation of its symbology, a tall, almost 7 feet (about 2 meters) high being approaches our group and stares at us smiling.  His hair is long and gray, his skin is fair and clean, without imperfections, of beautiful features, without beard, and dons a gray tunic.

When we discover him we greet him and ask if he could tell us how we go to Subterranean Level 3.  He, with a smile, tells us in perfect English, but with some accent, that he was waiting for us, that he was notified by a King’s courtier that a group of time travelers would like to go to the inner city to see the technology, so he was sent to serve us as a guide.

We thank him his kindliness of offering us his help. (We are intrigued to know how did the King’s courtier know we were going precisely that day and year to visit his city, our future city?).  The strange personage tells us that we should go to the transportation platforms and should follow him.  We head to the nearest station and take some levitating platforms in groups.

The guide goes then on the platform to a hut where there is a platform station and an access door, we follow him.  Once we are there, we get off the platforms and follow him.  He opens the door and invites us to come in.  There we find a place with elevators and take some for the group and are instructed to go to the Level 3B, Technology, Aqueduct.

When we all arrive to this level our guide tells us that we are under the university campus in the computer and machinery area that corresponds to the third underground level, Sublevel 3B, the lowest level.  He tells us that here the pumping operations of the River of Living Waters are done and that he will show us this system.

We continue by an aisle that has doors on both sides to research and development laboratories for emerging technologies and for current technology improvement.  The guide tells us that in these laboratories they work with beings from other star systems.  There is a technological exchange with Arcturians, Andromedans, Pleiadians, Tau-Cetians and Reptilians from Alpha Draconis.  When the latter are mentioned some of us startle but the guide, who saw our reaction, tells us to not worry, that these reptilians work for the Galactic Federation and are Christic beings.

At the end of the aisle we pass through a huge door as fitted out for the entrance and exit of heavy machinery.  Inside the place we hear a humming but it is not the noise that affects the ear, the guide tells us that there is no need to use auditory protection.  We approach the first machine, to what appears to be a huge disk, of some 12 feet (3.7m) in diameter from whose center comes up a vertical shaft, the machine is working at full load and is making a humming as of an electrogravitic spaceship.  The guide says that is one of the magnetic motors that move the water pumping system.  The shaft of this motor is coupled to a water pump located above the motor and supported by a metallic structure.  These machines, he tells us, were brought here from Mars.

Above the motor-pumps run big water pipes.  Someone asks why are not these machines laying down horizontally on the ground as it is current in the past, the guide then says that in this way it is optimized the floor since it only takes the space of a machine as if it were the set equivalent to a building of several floors where it is optimized the real estate, that there are no problems since the weight of the pump is not supported over the magnetic motor but over the steel mounting structure of the set.  We see this same system repeated several times in a linear array of perhaps some twelve machines, and above us water pipes that hang from the ceiling in all directions.

The guide says that these machines pump the River of Living Waters whose water is filtered in a filtering station prior to arriving to this pumping station.  The motor-pumps thrust the water making it circulate through the city.  The original water supply is pumped from the rivers Platte and Arkansas and those main pipes come to this main water pumping station.  The volume of flow of these rivers has grown considerably in comparison to the past.

To our left we notice a control room that runs parallel to the pumping station.  The guide explains that there it is located the magnetic motor control systems that start and stop them and change their speed in accordance with the computerized or manual adjustment operated from the control room.  Through the window panes we see display screens and operators working on the controls.

Someone asks how exactly this aqueduct system works.  The guide explains that the main river water does not circulate within the university campus because it is there precisely where this water descends to the third underground level to be filtered, and pumped back to the surface and underground cities.  He tells us that the piping system goes first to supply the needs of the castle and that a thin pipe in particular goes to even below the King’s throne, this one carries water there to symbolize that it is the King the symbolic representation of the Eternal Father’s Source, a fountain that supplies life to all beings of His creation, from this one, from this symbol, is that the community river is called River of Living Waters.  This brook goes then channeled in a trough or canal covered on top, the water is seeing through since the cover is of a transparent crystal.  This cover crystal was brought to Earth from the Moon.

The channeled brook goes down the throne stairs and continues by the royal room where the King concedes audiences to subjects and guests. Then it continues running channeled until it leaves the palace and uncovered now goes down the stairs in an impressive artistic cascade up to the entrance bridge where it is joined to the moat water, obviously the water now is copious because to it internally were joined other many water pipes to considerably augment its volume on the staircase cascade.

To the moat arrives a main pipe that comes from this pumping station, and from the moat, which has a draw bridge above, comes out the River of Living Waters but not in complete volume but in lesser proportion forming a beautiful cascade of bigger size than the previous one which runs down on the mound of the castle.  In the governmental plaza the water has a top crystal cover again so water cannot be contaminated with the transit of people and vehicles and for practical purposes.  Once its leaves the governmental central plaza there are other inner pipes that go also from this machinery room to carry more water volume until achieving the total final volume of the River of the Living Waters.

The guide explains that this form of redundant multiple piping not only allows the artistic and practical water display but it also allows to take out of service a particular pumping system in case this needs be turned off for preventive maintenance or if it would require corrective maintenance in case of fault.  This redundant system also has facilitated the design since the pipes do not need to be so big in diameter.  This is the reason for the tandem, multiple chain of pumps we see here.  The magnetic motors always work and do not consume external energy since they use free magnetic energy of zero-point quantum vacuum.

In addition to the artificial river of the community, there are multiple pipes that run through the city in a radial network similar to the sacred geometry of city floor master plan; it is like a grid similar in design to this plan.  The great avenues have underground major radial pipes and the small avenues and residential streets have minor pipes that distribute the water up to the urban cells.  "Cells?", we ask, then the guide explains that the city is formed by twelve districts and that each district has the same layout of dwelling areas called cells, they are of several sizes, however within the cells there are diverse architectonic designs.

The water piping system comes to the cells and then is distributed to the homes.  The waste water is not recycled with filtering but is utilized for the sprinkling of plants in gardens and vegetation in public places.  "And the sewer… the grey waters… where do they go?”, somebody asks.  The guide explains that in the City of Light there is no sewer, the toilets vaporize the fecal matter and the water showers are really little used since they have showers as those of the starships that do not require water and give better cleaning to the body, besides the shampoos and soaps are not used as in the past since those products are contaminants of Mother Earth.  Homes also have vaporizers that volatilize undesirable materials.

All in this community has been designed with ecological responsibility for the protection of the environment.  All kitchen waste is recycled in the houses in decomposition tanks as organic compounds for garden manure.

There are water pumps and radial piping systems dedicated to carry water to the green belt of the periphery of the city where the crop fields of the community are.  These systems supply the irrigation water and the drinkable water for the indigenous communities in charge of the city crops.  The grey waters for the crop irrigation are coming mainly from kitchens of public buildings through a grey water pumping system supplemented with regular water to maintain the required volume; each district has its own crop field assigned.

The River of Living Waters carries potable water that has no chemicals.  The chemical additives such as chlorine and sodium fluoride that were used in the past in the water to purify it and kill bacteria are not used in this city because they are contaminants and bad for health.  Likewise it is not used fluoride that was erroneously applied to dental paste thinking that it “improved” the dental health but in reality was in confabulation with —and to favor the profit of— the fertilizer and aluminum industries, since it is their waste by-product, and to slowly poison and chemically dumb down the population, conspiratorial practice that was discontinued after the removal of the Illuminati from the planet.  Fluoride is a rat poison and has nothing to do with cavity prevention, it makes instead people docile and subservient.  The guide seriously remarks: “Take this message to the people of your time!”

As we listen to our guide we walk on the demarcated pedestrian zone of the room and see on left and right walls all kinds of controls and on the floor motor-pump sets of different sizes and shapes.  The guide says that he does not go into more details being the system as it is so complex and that for our general knowledge with what he has told us is enough.

"Now —he says— I want you to meet the organic computers.  As we walk I will explain to you the clean room protocol."  He escorts us out of the machinery room by crossing other big doors at the end of the aisle.  Outside we get on a different group of elevators and are instructed to go to the 3rd Level, Sublevel A, Technology, Computers.

In this level we walk through a long aisle with computer research rooms and laboratories on both sides.  Near the end we turn left and find elevators on the right side and a door on the left.

We go through the door and enter a gowning room where the guide tells us we should put a clean room gear over our clothes in order to prevent that the microorganisms and particles from body and cloths contaminate the organic computers.  He goes on talking about physical contaminants in the air such as the particles the human body emits through the skin adding to skin flakes and dandruff, the air that comes out of the body as we speak and breathe, clothing fibers, etc., and that all these contaminants and pollutants may get the computers sick and as a result of that they may make wrong calculations, take wrong decisions or stop thinking altogether.  And laughing he remarks:  “And no one wants to be around when a computer has a headache.”  We laugh with him but we are not too sure if that is actually not a joke.

The guide asks us to look for the proper coveralls or smock size on the shelves and teaches us by example how to put on the entire clean room garb, or bunny suit, as he is putting his (his tunic makes awkwardly difficult to put the smock on.  Some giggle at his expense).  Shoes are covered with booties and the dress is put over the clothing.  A face mask that covers nose, mouth and chin is put on.  Over the hair he places a bouffant cap to trap in his long hair and above it, a head cover or hood that connects to the smock and also covers the face and neck leaving only the eyes uncovered.  The smock is one-piece with zipper in front, similar to the one used in clean rooms of hospitals and was used in the factories of electronic microchips of integrated circuits, silicon-based technology of the 3rd Dimension long ago obsolete in this city of the 5th Dimension.  Finally we put on elastic gloves.

In the gowning room there are four doors: The entrance door is in the anterior wall and in the posterior wall there are three doors, the door at the left that opens to the control room, the central door that opens to the computer room through a cleaning shower and the computer-room exit door to the right that only opens from inside that room.  The guide takes us first through the control room door.

We enter a well-lit room with operators on control consoles.  Here behind the wall, the guide says, are the organic computer system of the university and the city even though there are remote stations in many points of the city in the third underground level that operate interconnected to this central internet system.  The community’s internet system forms the OLIN and SIN webs.  These webs are interconnected with the computer web of Agharta and with galactic and starship telecommunication systems.

He continues explaining that OLIN technology stands for One LanguageIntelligent Network, global operating-system architecture for all computers of the planet that understands in an oral, written or telepathic form, all planetary and some main galactic languages to facilitate communications.  This is a ubiquitous meta-language that translates applications for real-time written and oral communication.  It keeps track of individual educational and entertainment preferences, so the network is driven by individuals, not by information producers.  Regional language is not a communication barrier in the City of Light.

SIN technology, on the other hand, is a more advanced interdimensional operating system and as interface came after the implementation of the OLIN operating system.  It has always existed on the planet and the universe but was not interfaced with the planetary computer technology.  SIN stands for SovereignIntegral Network, the sub-atomic organic network of light-encoded filaments —or super strings— existing in all dimensions of the Superuniverses —also known as Keylontic partici— that connects to All That Is.  It is the way Prime Source, Creator God of Havona and beyond, connects to all life forms to transmit them knowledge and life and to receive knowledge back.

SIN is interfaced with OLIN technology in the City of Light via our organic-computer network, so our neural network system is a node of SIN as was approved by the Prime Creator or Prime Source because of the purity of our hearts reflected in our actions in accordance with Divine Plan.  Only Prime Creator can approve this nodal connection.  As living beings we are all nodes of SIN but at a technological level we are not allowed to interface with this network until we are ready in accordance with the galactic codex of conduct.  Your MerKaBah ship that took you here, says the guide, is a form of SIN technology interface since it broke the space-time continuum fabric via a portal using the super strings as the medium.  If you can control this SIN technology further, you can travel to any place in the cosmos.

Coming back here, says the guide, in this area all the cybernetic intelligence of the city is practically operated, and the internet servers are maintained, likewise the nets of security, information, operation of the bullet trains, operation and status of aqueduct pumping systems, etc.  Here is also located the control system of the plasma-protective shield deployed above the city and the plasma-protective shield of the city’s external wall.  Given the strategic importance and complexity of these systems it is required levels of training to qualify as operator of this control room.  Those who work here have a doctoral degree in computer science from the Brother Veritus’ University and have been trained in Agharta and on starships operating similar complex systems that use telepathic and physical interfaces.

We notice that the operators do not speak among themselves much and for the most part are quiet reading information and operating with their hands like in the air.  The guide reads our thought and tells us that the computers that work here have soul, are very intelligent thinking beings within their machine status and overpass by far the human being as far as memory, ability to make great calculations and analyze possibilities and variables in fractions of a second is concerned, besides they can dialog with the operator in a telepathic or spoken way in all the languages of the planet and in many galactic languages, so they can be operated by beings from other worlds.

All machines of the city do not use electrical and electronic technology of the past since that one is not possible to be used here because the planet is now monopolar and the electric systems do not operate by magnetic fields of charges of positive and negative polarity of both direct current and alternating current but by monopolar unified field, therefore a new electric physics was created for the monopolar system.

Intrigued we ask if we can see the computers.  The guide tells us that yes, that this can be done since he is authorized to enter in these rooms, that was for this reason that he asked us to put on the clean room garb to avoid contaminating the system with particles as he explained to us before.  He greets the operators who bow to him with respect and continue their job; it seems they know him very well even through his clean room attire.

Our guide takes us back to the gowning room and this time he goes to the cleaning shower door, places his right hand over a wall plate and tells us that the system reads his DNA to detect if he is authorized to enter.  When it does, the door slides open.  He tells us that to get into the computer room we first pass through this shower that is a vaporizer which vaporizes and dematerializes all particles.  We get in line to enter the shower.

After the cleaning shower we enter a completely quiet room, of a yellow orange lighting.  Here we see some transparent circular boxes like cylinders of about 5 feet (1.5m) high by nearly 4 feet (1.22m) in diameter, the guide asks us that we get closer but do not touch anything.  When we get next to one of them we notice that inside the box there is a mass like plasma, something looking alive that moves slowly, as if it were a brain that is beating.  The guide says that in reality is a big brain formed by living cells, hence its name of amino-acid computer or organic computer.  He says that it is a neuronal system similar to the cerebral-nervous system of a human.

One of us asks: “Do the cells die?”  “No, says the guide, normally it does not occur, but if there are problems their functions are replaced by multiple parallel paths, redundant paths.  In normal conditions, the cells are eternal."  "Is it necessary to feed the brain as feeding an animal?", someone else asks.  The guide says: "No, it feeds from pranic energy but it is required to maintain the environmental conditions of clean room, temperature and humidity.  The organic computer is of extraterrestrial technology from technological exchanges that occurred when the city construction was commencing.  At that time the first computing machines were brought in and were trained the first operators.  We have been improving them ever since."

We notice there are many computer boxes along the wall, more than twenty.  Besides, there are others of lesser size stacked in multiple-level racks.

We tell our guide that we need to go back because our time is almost over.  The guide escorts us out of the place and back to the gowning room through the assigned exit door, not through the shower door which is block in that direction.  There we take off our clean room apparel, head cover, hair cap, face mask, gloves and shoe booties which we place all in a box.  We get out of this room and go to the elevators we saw when we went into the gowning room, which are the same elevators we took to come down to this 3rd subterranean level.

We get to the surface level exiting through the same door we entered at the beginning and there we get together with the guide.  We ask him to give us his name since we intuit he is an important person within the community.  He smiles enigmatically and tells us: "My name is Ra-Tah-Khan, I am the President ofBrother Veritus’ University.  Welcome to your future that you can precipitate if daily in your past recreate in your visualizations this and other experiences of your visits to this marvelous city.  May All That Is protect you always.  I leave you in the Love of Esu Immanuel Sananda, our beloved Planetary Prince and King of this City of Light.  Good bye, many other commitments await for me.  It was a pleasure to accompany you.  Some of your names are written in a big city plaque as founders of this city, therefore you are already known here even though you do not know it now."  Showing an ample smile he embraces each one of us and leaves.

We get onboard our ship and swiftly enter by the hyper dimensional gateway to a time corridor to finally arrive at the present space-time continuum.  Our ship descends and lands on the garden of our Etheric Temple where we get off.  We enter the Temple to thank Christ Michael, Creator Son of Nebadon, for having facilitated and supported the construction of such beautiful City of Light and for allowing us to visit it in the future.  Also we give Light to Gaia and ask her to precipitate the changes so that this dream of us of seeing materialized our city, our Home, become a reality.  So Mote It Be! and So Be It!  (End of the 6th Chapter.)

Seventh Chapter
The King’s Palace

We prepare ourselves once again for our next and last trip for now to the wonderful City of Light of the Brother Veritus’ Community.  We get together in the Etheric Temple grounds and from there we go as a group to the MerKaBah ship that waits for our trip.  We get on the ship which ascends and swiftly goes into the hyper dimensional gateway towards the City of Light.  The ship has entered in the space-time coordinates of the year 2,100 of the current era.

Our ship flies over the sky of the City of Light, we can appreciate the two suns shining, the main sun and the little sun Jupiter, Saturn is not a sun yet.  Below us we see the magnificent City of Light as a beautiful jewel shining with the rays of the suns.  Our ship descends until it lands on the interception of the streets Lady Mary Boulevard and Saint Germain Circle.  At one block of distance over Lady Mary Boulevard we discern an immense statue in color of the Divine Mother Mary, it is impressive in beauty.  We can see the fair countenance of this dear Mother looking at the pedestrians.  As we are admiring the details of the statue, a personage of the city approaches us.

His skin color is slightly blue, his features are impeccable and beautiful.  He wears a tight suit, of a clear, slightly light-blue and metallic color of a space crewmember and on his chest to the right has the insignia of the Ashtar Command.  It is not Ashtar Sheran but someone else who works in this command.  He gets near us and greets us.  We tell him that we came from the past of planet Earth to visit the palace of the community but we do not know how to get there nor have someone to guide us or give us directions, that if he could tell us how to get to the castle.

The commander says he was called to do this service.  He continues saying that he will conduct us to the castle and guide us inside, that it is a great pleasure for him to be able to guide us.  Nearby as usual there is a levitating platform station to which we go and get on some of them.  The commander gets on one with some members and the platforms, once given the destination, go to the palace.  Our guide talks to us in good English with a bit of an accent and little inflexion.  We notice his words are very precise and his diction is impeccable as of someone who learned the language as an adult and makes every effort to keep it pure and with good diction, and not someone who speaks it as first language since childhood.

The platforms levitate to only one foot from the ground on the Lady Mary Boulevard and approach the seven-pointed star plaza which we have seen before in previous trips.  At the background we see the elegant castle on a walled- surrounded, pyramidal earthen mound with beautiful trimmed vegetation, arches with flowers and trails on its slopes.  This is the main garden of the castle.  The mound wall has a square shape and has three closed private doors facing three directions and is open at the main entrance.  As we approach the castle, we can discern its minarets and watch towers, its domes ended in spiky tops with spires and flags.  We see arches on its facade, some with big lateral doors, we appreciate the walls of royal blue with a smooth and shiny, crystalline coating.

As we get closer, we observe more details.  There are big golden banners in the shape of shields, with heraldic symbols, and tarps of golden colors with emblems of the city that hang from towers and walls.  There are decorative horizontal fabrics over cornices and windows fastened and studded at certain points by wide golden rings, sagging between fasteners, and with fringed-finished ends that hang down.  This material looks so strong and weather-resistant to be “fabric”, perhaps it only simulates fabric but in reality is a permanent, decorative construction material.

We see a beautiful blond girl with ringlet hair up to her waist and wearing a red Renaissance gown dress riding a white horse on one of the mound trails.

The platforms make a turn and veer to the left looking for the main entrance that is facing the Ashtar Boulevard.  When we are in front of the palace, we admire the water cascade that descends the central staircase flanked by stairs where people go up and down on foot and on platforms.  The staircases are of white marble, same as the ones that are part of the water fall, rails divide ones from the other.  Our platforms rise levitating over one of the stairways up to the top.  There we see a moat that surrounds the castle and the draw bridge crossing it.  The moat is an artificial lake where we see swans, ducks, flamingoes, herons, and other exotic birds.  There are also dolphins and colorful fish.

The draw bridge has two towers at both ends.  We enter by the gates of the first tower and we notice that the bridge is not raised but there is pedestrian traffic on it, mainly in levitating platforms, no vehicles.  Not all people are native of the planet judging by their skin color and apparel.  We greet them as we pass by.

At the end of the bridge we cross the gate of the second tower and approach another staircase that also has a water cascade flanked by a set of staircases.  This cascade is a down-sized scaled replica of first.  In front of us we see the entrance of the castle with an outside entrance patio and heavy doors ending above in gothic arches.  The doors are open and have guards on both sides that observe us as we pass in, they say nothing, only smile.

After we pass the doors, we enter an ample entrance inner hallway with a platform station at one side where we go to get off the platforms.  In this hallway there are access doors on both sides but they are closed.  We continue our journey afoot and when we come out of the hallway we find in front of us a beautiful patio adorned with water fountains of different designs and with a central round-point where there is a circular flowerbed with a fountain and flower carefully chosen to form a harmonious combination of colors.  The flowerbed has a central area of white flowers where we see the initials BVC made with red flowers.

The patio is framed by columns.  Between the columns and the side walls there are covered corridors, and above them a second floor with windows and balconies.  There are wide flights of stairs that go from these aisles to the second floor.

Across the central entrance patio at the back there are doors indicating that from there on we enter the inner precinct of the castle, those doors are open.  The patio has people walking in all directions, some go to the second floor by the lateral stairs.  There are visitors in group like us who are guided by tour guides.  We go to the doors at the back with our guide who so far has fascinated us with his comments on what we see along the way and pointing out neat details so we become aware of them.

As we enter this second set of doors we head for the interior of the palace properly.  The doors are beautiful as are all interior doors of the castle, tall, wide and with artistic engravings.

One curious thing that we have noticed is that all along since we entered the main doors there is a channeled brook or spring that runs on the floor covered by a transparent glass or crystal.  This was mentioned to us by the University’s President who served us as a guide in the previous visit to the city.  Our guide tells us that this covering crystal was brought to Earth from the Moon and cut in long, finely polished, thin sheets of different widths and applied along the brook to protect it, be able to walk on it and prevent contaminating the water.

He says that this spring is a symbolic element to keep in mind that the Eternal Source constantly gives us life, that without it our being would perish and that the disconnection from the Source converts us into predator beings and parasites of the energy of other beings connected to the Source.  In the case of the city, the Source is represented by the King, who dwells in this castle with hisTwin Flame, and the courtiers, the members of the court assigned to the palace.  These courtiers have as a duty to take care of its administration, protocol, operation and maintenance, and also watch over the palatial daily agenda.

It is a great privilege to belong to the private court of the King and this labor is a gift given to those noble individuals who have demonstrated unconditional service to the Light, knowledge, responsibility, dedication, obedience, help to the community and affection to their brethren.  Once this privilege is bestowed, the person goes to live in the premises of the palace in one of the multiple housing areas.  Other of the privileges enjoyed in this position is to be able to contact in person the King or the Queen or members of the Committee of Twelve who co-govern with the King.  The courtiers are the nobility of the palace, a noble title conferred upon them by their service to Divine Plan, not by their bloodline.

Given the planetary and galactic importance of the city, the palace is a place active 24 hours a day and where constantly are carried out high level meetings, some of which are so intensive and confidential that they require to stop the visitor daily traffic, in which case the draw bridge is raised and the main doors are shut down to show the castle is not open to the public.

The guide tells us that His Majesty the King is Esu Immanuel Sananda, the Planetary Prince of Urantia, and the Queen is Lady Nada, Mary Magdalene.  Due to their great leadership this city has grown to be the capital of the planet.  Immediately after he said so some of our traveling companions step forward and ask if we could see the King or the Queen today.  The guide tells us that it is possible, that we wait and see.

We are now at the doorstep of a spacious, splendorous, Renaissance-styled domed room with a chandelier hanging in the center of the dome.  It is a remarkable room with classical crowning moldings and molding frames on walls, let’s take a gallery or a pavilion of the Palace of Versailles as an example to help visualize it.  The floor is of a shiny crystal of a golden pastel hue and its wondrous walls are all of crystal with gleaming white marble inlays and beautiful tapestry.  There are white marble Roman columns that frame the main floor and create corridors or aisles for lateral traffic on both sides of the room between the columns and the walls.  The main floor is domed but not the ceiling of the aisles.  The aisles have doors along the room that are closed and beautiful paintings with elaborate frames on their walls.  There are French Louis XV gilt armchairs near the columns and benches of same design for visitors, some occupied by people chatting.  Nothing looks jarring in this room to the best classical interior designer.

Our guide invites us to come in and tells us that this is the palace anteroom where general meetings are held and that behind the walls there are government and palatial administration offices.  All offices are richly adorned and maintained.  The building’s outstanding architecture is consistently decked and lovely embellished, the beauty of the design has not been limited in any way, each place of the palace is equally beautiful with great amount of charming construction details that elegantly enhance and accent each space.

At the center of the far wall of the anteroom there are golden doors to which we go with the commander.  The doors are open and flanked by security guards wearing helmets and dressed up in beautiful military uniforms.  The guards exchange some words with the commander and then swing ninety degrees in front of us and bow slightly.  It is then that the commander tells us that we can continue to the King’s audience court.

We keep walking following the channeled and covered living-waters brook and enter now a great splendid vestibule similar to the previous one but here the crystal of the walls is pink and the end of the salon has a wall with amethyst crystal finish of an intense purple.  From the ceiling of this wall hangs a light-violet banner, a tapestry with fringes at the sides and bottom and on it is written in great Roman gilt letters: Rex Deus Regula Urantian Mundi in Sempiternam Pacem.

Below the banner there is a dais that has seven steps to arrive to it.  On this dais there are two thrones at its far end, for the King and Queen, both are armchairs of tall padded back and with soft and springy velvet upholstery of purple and pink tones.  The throne of the King is perfectly centered and the Queen’s is located at its left (our right).  The dais is spacious to receive subjects and visitors in group who came to an audience with the King.

On both sides of the walls to the left and right and near the King’s and Queen’s thrones there are other minor thrones of equal beauty for the Committee of Twelve, six thrones on each side looking at each other.  These thrones fully flank the King’s dais, are on a U-shaped floor at a higher elevation than the dais and to which is arrived by climbing up three steps.

The room is wide and similar to the anteroom, framed by white marble columns at the base of which there are comfortable chairs with soft violet velvet upholstery.  Behind the columns there are corridors on both sides for lateral traffic that lead to doors at the back and with side doors that remain closed, these are doors of meeting and conference rooms.  The corridors, as in the previous room, have paintings on their walls.  The ceiling of the audience room is not domed.

At the base of the King’s throne starts the brook of living waters, and then it runs down the staircase protected by the transparent sheet of crystalline rock mentioned before.

We are observing the place when an emissary, dressed in the style of the European courtiers of the XVIII century, of Mozart’s time, comes out of the door of the left aisle and announces that the King Sananda is going to receive us, that we should wait until he finishes some business.  Then he goes back to where he came.

While we wait our guide says that this palace has many bedrooms, some reserved for high-ranking planetary guests and galactic dignitaries; these chambers are private and not open to the public.  He also says that given our haste he cannot show us other places but will mention them.

He tells us that this palace was built by members of the Brother Veritus’ Community a little after the city construction had commenced but its construction took quite a lot of time because of the degree of artistic care given to each detail.  The King moved to the castle once it was finished.  He dwells in two places, in the palace and in the Capricorn Starship where he also operates and receives guests.

The castle is protected by a plasma shield in its aerial space and has an IFOport where disembarking ships land, scout ships, not large ships; it is an open space with a parking hangar.

There are observation places in its watch towers that have a beautiful city vista in all directions and terraces where cultural activities are performed such as dances, theatrical representations, outdoor concerts, etc., to which the court attends and sometimes the King and Queen.  These terraces are also training areas for martial arts and other sports.  There are also swimming pools, spas and waterless showers.

On the back of the castle but within the premises there exist the following neighboring buildings: The inn, the warehouse for storing food, new cloths, tools and other materials, the feasting hall for dancing and singing for celebration, the embassy, the academy for teaching philosophy and spirituality, the forge, the stable to keep the horses and the relief station to fodder them, and the workshop where all the repairs and replications of parts are made by using replicators for the most part but the workshop also has traditional carpentry and sheet metal tools.  There is also a barrack where the castle’s security guards and solders train.  This makes the castle almost self sufficient.

As our commander describes to us these additional places of the castle we cannot but contain our emotion of knowing that the Divine Master is going to visit us, that we will be able to see him physically.  Being in this mood we hear sounds of steps that come out of the room at the back and the doors of the left aisle are opened by two guards dressed up in fully military regalia.

We hear now many more steps as of a whole group of people and crossing the threshold appears our beloved Master Esu Immanuel Sananda followed by his entourage.  He wears a tunic of boned-white color, with a purple and gold brim at the neck, and over His left shoulder hangs a red velvet seamless mantle that crosses his chest, goes under his right arm and up his back towards his left shoulder were it fastens.  His hair falls on his shoulders, it is wavy and of brown color and his beard and moustache finely shaved, the beard wavy and of soft hair.  His face is serene and kind and his gaze penetrating but delicate at the same time.  His hands are soft with slender fingers.  His walk is elegant and erect.

At both side of the Master there are aide-de-camps that follow him and a little behind him follows his beautiful Twin Flame, the dear Lady Nada.  She has a beautiful wavy long hair, abundant and silky, that falls below her shoulders.  Her face is flawless and angelical, of an immaculate skin, and always exhibits a smile.  She wears a pretty lilac dress, loose and fluid as gauze fabric, with bare shoulders, and a light-blue fringed shawl that hangs on the back and side of her shoulders and covers part of her dress.  She cannot hide her happiness to see us and steps forward placing herself to the side of Esu and in front of us.  Esu looks perhaps near 40 years old and Lady Nada about 30 years old.

The commander explains to them that we are time travelers, members of the Brother Veritus’ Community of the past and we have come by a dimensional portal in a MerKaBah ship to meet the palace.  That one of the palace administrators chose him to be our guide.  Esu observes us thoroughly with a happy and serene expression while the commander speaks and then he comes closer to us and asks us to embrace him.  It is such the emotion that some of us cannot avoid tears of emotion welling up our eyes, we remain speechless and like petrified and nervous at the same time not knowing who should start first or how to proceed.  We feel his magnetic and powerful energy that surrounds us.

Esu sweetly tells us in clear English that he is not higher than us but an Elder Brother that his Father Christ Michael assigned for this position and therefore we should not feel him afar and detached from us but as part of our heart.  When Esu speaks we notice that we have been surrounded by Esu’s entourage, we see beautiful Beings of Light that give us a warm welcome and hug us.  Esu then gets closer and starts embracing one by one.  In this meeting all is laughter and happiness.  Lady Nada also joins in embracing us and we could feel near her body and her sweetness, she wears a pleasant perfume that emanates from her pretty dress and shawl.

We start a conversation with members of the entourage and with the Master in groups, there are so many questions to ask!  There is camaraderie and all formalities have dropped by now being able to ask questions and receive precise answers to many concerns from the lips of the Divine Master, from Lady Nada or from members of their entourage.

“I often work ‘with my mother-in-law’ “, says Lady Nada with a wide smile, “we’re both great friends and frequently see each other in the palace.”

Some of the members of the retinue are non-incarnated angels, so they tell us, say, they use their original bodies, only that their vibrations have been adapted to the 5th Dimension.  These beings are highly evolved and telepathic, as soon as we think of asking something they immediately answer our unformulated questions.

Finally Esu excuses himself and tells us he has to return to his daily activities but that he will leave us in the company of Nada.  He says good bye and we jump again to hug him now with more confidence.  He returns with some of his servers to his work precinct and Lady Nada stays with us sharing stories of the court, of the fight against the Illuminati and their removal from power, much of this information we did not know.

She tells us that unfortunately they could not inform us what was going on in detail in those times so as to not give away the plan but that there was intense fighting not only in the physical plane but at the astral and galactic level.  That should it not be for our intensive protection they gave us at all times, we had all perished at the hands of the dark forces.  That the love and compassion of many Beings of Light raised up our morale and literally dried out our tears in the night when they understood our pain by the so difficult economical and emotional situations we went through, but that never, never, they left us alone.

Staring intensely at us and with conviction she says that all evil intent has ceased on the planet.  Do not exist anymore warring, violence, suffering, hate, sectarianism, divisions among people, hunger and poverty, corruption, slavery, greed, selfishness, New World Order, and pollution of the mind and of the environment.  All this cleansing was the result of the leadership of the Heavenly Father Christ Michael and his beloved consort andTwin Flame Nebadonia and the unconditional service and unflinching resolution of the Hosts of Heaven of the Galactic Federation.

All truths were opened and revealed to the public, no more secrets, no more lies.  No more negative programming and belief systems but the use of the mind to Think, explore, validate, create on its own and listen to the inner self, the inner guidance.  In the past all manipulative programs, be them religious, political, cultural, educational and of the family, were put in place and supported by the dark forces to control society, were not real, were an illusion, a lie you bought and believed in, they were the underlying controlling support of the 3D reality.

Changing her expression now to one of joy she affirms: But now all earthlings follow the Golden Rule and the Law of Love that is the underlying support of the true reality.  All souls left on the planet after the great evacuations of the Ashtar Command have pledged commitment to Eternal Life, have cleansed themselves of any negative programming, have conquered death and have Ascended to the Fifth Dimension.

Unfortunately at this point we must tell our beautiful interlocutor and hostess it is time to go back to the Etheric Temple, we should return.  We thank her for all this marvelous reception and affectionately hug her.  The commander, who has observed everything, has not stopped smiling at this happy meeting.  He says that we follow him and say good bye to Lady Nada who retires with her entourage of ladies of the court and attendants.

We leave the audience room, cross the anteroom, pass through the entrance garden and arrive to the entrance inner hallway where we take the floating platforms which take us to the draw bridge and then down the pyramidal earthen mound by the staircase that flanks the main artificial cascade.  We continue until we arrive at the crossing of the avenues Lady Mary Boulevard and Saint Germain Circle where is stationed our MerKaBah ship.  There we get off the platforms, say good bye to the commander, we wish him the best and thank him for his kindness and patience with us.  The commander says: “Wait, I forgot to give you another piece of information, all the government buildings in the central plaza are lower than the castle.”  He smiles, waves his hand and leaves.

We board the ship which ascends the aerial space of the main plaza and swiftly takes us by the space-time continuum through the hyper dimensional gateway we came until we fly over the areal space of the Etheric Temple where it descends to land on the clear spot of the garden.

We get off the ship and go to the Temple to thank Christ Michael, Esu Immanuel Sananda, the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood, the Angelic Hosts and the Beings of Light, and members of the Galactic Federation who daily give us company in our sacred Temple, and to send Light to the planet so this beautiful dream become a reality.  So Mote It Be!  And So Be It!  (End of the 7th Chapter.)

End of the Creative Visualization of the City of Light of the Brother Veritus’ Community

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