Monjoronson On the Axis Change

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Monjoronson On the Axis Change
By Monjoronson and Candace Frieze
#69,April 5, 2007

Monjoronson channeled by Candace Frieze.  Posted in this website on April 12, 2007. Read also the article "The Inversion of the Magnetic Poles" at:

Hello everyone, Monjoronson contacted me for a piece.  He has asked me to start by posting these links and info: . Welcome to the official source for the Phoenix Journals andCONTACT newspaper (and predecessors) on the Internet, documenting the birth of the Phoenix.  This record did NOT suddenly come to an end in 1999 as the MISLEADERS and PRETENDERS would have you believe–but rather, is vital and ongoing as demonstrated in the pages of CONTACT newspaper up until the present date.  STAY «TUNED» FOR FURTHER DEVELOPMENTS AS THE PHOENIX RISES. 

From  Global Alliance Investment Association is in no way associated with the following entities or concepts, each and every one of which has impeded our progress in developing the Global Alliance. (And, yes, «V. K. Durham» deserves special coverage.)

The Hall of Shame includes
(but is not limited to):

*V. K. Durham, NESARA, Omega Program, Farm Land Claims
Candace Frieze, NESARA, Abundant Hope, «Monjoronson»
* Patrick Bellringer (Emil Mulhausen family), Fourwinds, NESARA
Rayelan Russbacher, Rumor Mill News, Barbara Hartwell, Patriotlad
Dove of Oneness, Shaini Goodwin, NESARA, prosperity programs
Spectrum news, Phoenix Archives, Wisdom Books & Press, Ed Young
*Karl W.B. Schwarz, CEO, Patmos Nanotechnologies, Yellow Journalist
Hafizullah/Haffizullah/Hafiz Syed, who is NOT aGAIA agent or representative
Tiburcio Marcos, who pretends to be a son of Ferdinand Marcos
* Professor Afrikadzata Deku, Afrikalion

Joseph Eugene Kennedy
Rollover, HIYIP and trading programs
Everyone who has put a scam or con idea in front of us
Everyone who has knowingly lied about us
Everyone who has tried to impede our progress
Everyone who has opposed the Divine Plan

Whomever «V. K. Durham» (probably not her real name) serves–and it could only be herself but it certainly is NOT «The People»–she has served to distract and divert many people from the truth regarding the underlying asset: Bonus 3392-181.

Candace: OK, why the above. Some of you didn’t understand comments made in my recent work with Christ Michael. The first link is to the website of those who hijacked the Phoenix Journal project. The comments below the link are from their front page.  They have created GAIA, the Global Alliance Investment Association which is not of the Light and is run by the Bush’s and Clintons. For those that didn’t recognize the names Dharma and E. J., these are the ones who worked diligently with Hatonn, and the rest in the Phoenix Journal project. Dharma was Hatonn’s (Christ Michael’s) scribe, and E. J., her husband and who did much of the rest of the work associated with the writing of the Journals.

The Second Link is related to the GAIA website, which branches from the Phoenix Source distributors site. Indeed the real project stopped, and material posted that came into being after 1999, is not the real stuff, nor is the current Contact Magazine the real deal. At some point after that, a new paper was created called the Spectrum, and nothing new has been printed at the Spectrum website since summer of 2004. Apparently they suffered much abuse also.

Notice I am on their Hall of Shame, which I expected to be and am delighted to be there. Says a lot for me. I don’t know the issues with some on the list. The blue members of the list, those are website links, and so I thank them for including a link to my website. What surprised and delighted me even more, was the inclusion of Monjoronson with me!!!!! I about rolled over laughing. Obviously they aren’t in love with anyone associated with NESARA (now GESARA), and the prosperity program idea. And I see Karl Schwarz got their goat too. What fun! Feel free to explore all of these folks. Don’t write me a personal letter asking who they are. Do you own research. So now, I go to Monjoronson.

Monjoronson: Hello beloveds, the only real reason for the above material I had Candace post, is the reference to me. And it is funny. These folks that took over the Phoenix Journal project are none to nice. That they label me as associated with Candace is very telling. For they have conceded that I must exist and am a threat to them; and indeed I am!  And with joy, I might add. This organization insists as above that all those in that long list have prevented them from attaining their goals, which is world dominion, and these are the greatest of pretenders. Usurping the Michael’s project and trying to pass it off as still being the Michael’s project. For shame, and these shall have their day in MY court and it shan’t be pretty.

I am now fully manifest, having brought the level of my vibrations of my form down to 5d. Some of you will be perfectly capable of visualizing me. Since the Earth is getting more towards 5d and this project may hasten that, I find that this is sufficient of my vibrations. I could go lower, but that then «entraps» me to a greater degree to your plane.

My courts upon the planet are in the process of opening. I am talking a physical court system. It is not prudent at this time to announce the actual location, but it is in an underground area. Many of my team are in various stages of materialization, many having completed the job. Mine own materialization has taken nearly two years of your time. The down stepping must be gradual and I carry the highest of vibrations other than the Creator Sons. Remember that I am from the Central Universe of Havona and am an Avonal Son having my parentage in the Eternal Son and Infinite Spirit.

The Magisterial Mission has begun to be in full swing. Some of it is done already, in that the judging of the descending Sons of this realm is mostly complete. And most passed very well. Some did not. These ones are in general demoted and often given over to experiencing error by the method of reincarnation during which they come to understand their errors in judgment.

And thus so will many face similarly in the group of Ascending Sons upon the planet that have usurped the hierarchy of the Light. We have discussed before the basic options. I shall repeat them here in terms of sentencing for sin. Sin is not simple error; it is the willful committing of «error» once one knows the difference. God holds you not responsible from error created because of your lack of knowledge but once you know and do something atrocious, then God does hold you responsible.

Many will go to the new planet prepared we have discussed before. Hopefully they will be somewhat better administrators there. These ones may still go in body as we have discussed. They are ones who have not quite graduated the Earth but there is hope and they have great knowledge. In their losing of the ability to ascend with this planet may they learn from their mistakes. This is rehabilitation.

Others, as we have mentioned, are pretty dreadful and as a severe punishment will face the void, a place of almost nothing. Including no death to escape it. No children either or other loved ones. These ones don’t love anyway; it matters not. There they stay to ponder and ponder, and will ponder some more. They must «get along» in this place. There is nothing else to do. When they tire of this desolate place and want to try again, they get exactly one chance. Failure in this one proffered rehabilitation results in uncreation.

And actually that is the good news, because after a long time in this sort of desolation, because there is nothing that grows of beauty there, only what they can create with mind, they rarely «blow it» again. This is not a place of reproduction. Any beauty on this place must be created with mind, and if anything created with mind is «negative», it «bites them in the butt» immediately. This place can actually produce some real creation of value once they get tired of being «bit.» They learn control of the mind powers by instant reward or punishment. Here they learn the value of mind and its capabilities.

Uncreation is relatively rare and it is always a choice of the one who makes the decision except in the case of the one who has come back from the void. Most uncreation comes of the folks who chose to not fuse with their Thought Adjusters. Some do not wish the eternal journey and, sadly, Earth produces many «new souls» who chose not to continue on because of this place. That should change greatly in the future.

On the Michael’s command, those removed from office will be approaching mine. This is at this time his decision of when these ones shall face me. And they will face me in a very real way. In body, in a real court, in front of me and my staff.  To these low ones I will not be fully visible in all likelihood but they will hear my voice and be aware of my auric field, which will be blinding to them. I am quite «bright».

In this they have no choice. This is the judgment of the realm and so be it. This is the final battle of good and evil as portrayed in your bible, and various other teachings. Earth Mother has been granted, in fact has earned and then some, her own Ascension. It is always about Ascension, beloveds.  Growing. Simply that.  It is the opportunity of everyone that is in existence. The Descending Sons grow also.

So many of Earth that believe they will go to Heaven and sit at the right hand of the Father or, more often, at his feet, have so much to learn. For indeed, sitting at the right hand of the Father is the big goal, but then again, there are goals beyond that. The sitting is rather brief; it represents your graduation of all the schools up through the Havona schools. You are a 6th stage spirit at that time, and are short of being a fully complete 7th stage spirit, but that is coming shortly to many. But in obtaining the level of graduation of sitting at the right hand of the Father comes much work and learning, and is a very long journey.

For soon, there is coming a class who will become the First Ascending Creator Sons. And your beloved Shekhmet will be one of these. Her assistance in this state of being will help greatly in the reconstructing of the evolutionary purpose of this planet. She is, as you have been told, a magnificent geneticist, and she will lend those skills to the Michael, in the structuring of this seed planet. It is difficult for you ones to understand this, and it can’t really be explained in the limited language of this realm, so I will pass on trying to do so.

Now, I will assist through Candace giving you some more updating on coming changes. You are now most seriously into the actual «heavy duty» physical changes coming to the orb. You, if you follow the news on the Internet, should be observing a substantial increase in large quakes. You will begin to have quakes of your label 6.0 and above at least once a week and often more.

The tornados and other windstorms shall increase.  Some of this is the releasing of anger by the planet. Other is resultant of the heating that is occurring from being in the refreshing solar changes of the photon belt through your sun. As you move higher into preparing for Ascension, you will become more and more a warm planet, not hot, warm, for the budding of the new life to be implanted upon this seed planet.

As you move closer to monopolarity in which the planet shall no longer tilt away from the sun, you will no longer face glacial ice ages. All the polar caps will fully melt in the coming years. The tilt of a planet always means that there is still negativity upon it. And negativity is coldness. The polar ice caps announce always, in an inhabited planet, that all is not well. Your Earth, due to the high negativity upon it, had quite a tilt. This is lessened now, and thus your winters and summers are less intense in general. One day, you shall not have seasons as you know them now.

Your «ice ages» in the past have always come from the negativity and are part of the cleansing of a planet. But in this coming cleansing, because of the granting of Gaia’s Ascension, there will be no more glacial periods but rather a constant restoral.

In 6 to 12 months you are going to experience a change in your axis. We prefer at this time to not announce what will cause this. It is NOT the passing of a comet nor is it an asteroid that would hit you. It is a natural event associated with your Ascension. This change is NOT a pole reversal. It is not a change in your tilt per se but may affect it to some degree.

Your axis runs through your current physical north and south poles. You are going to have new north and south poles. The change should be about 5 degrees. This, as you can imagine, will not be a quiet event. It will greatly enhance the physical Earth changes. The Ring of Fire will be very upset over this. That whole area is a place where the crust is thinner in general. It is going to be affected. There will be other changes also, other quakes, but the huge amount of change will be in that area.

Now I want exactly none of you reading this going about and stating this is God’s wrath, or that we are the folks of the «one world order.» We are not. There will be significant lose of population from this, and how many survive it is up to those who wish to survive it. As a wild guess, about 10% of Earth’s peoples will leave this plane during this. Since you are close to 7 Billion, I will let you do the math. How many will chose to get out of the way? That has much to do with how many will survive.

You do not have long upon this place for planning but I suggest you get at it now. This will be made public just as soon as the Michael finds situations comfortable and in place for the announcement activities that have been thoroughly covered.

Please understand this is why the planning must be done carefully. Because of the chaos, you must have some reasonably responsible people in office. You must have a stable money system since you have not learned to function without money. You must begin to put aside some extra food and other supplies for your survival. This is going to knock out some utilities and a lot of your ports and airline runways.

We are going to lift some people. Many can’t be lifted; their bodies do not survive in the beams of the shuttlecraft. You have been told through various sources that the vibrations are being raised on most on the planet right now because some of you do need to survive, you are our right hands. You are you own right hands. If you believe you are to stay on the planet and you live in areas that will be hazardous for God’s sake, move. You don’t know if you are one of the ones that can be lifted. You should not depend on that. But one of the reason many of you are experiencing Ascension changes to a heavy degree right now is to enable you to be beamed to safety if it should become necessary.

Ones that are successfully lifted will most likely be placed in the underground areas that your governments have built. This is not the same as being raptured into inner Earth. In some countries these areas have been built for survival of the people, in others, like the USA, they were built for the government, the people be damned.

You will have the interesting situation of people’s reaction once this becomes public news. Many will flee to inner lands. The folks on the interiors will need to open homes and arms to them. Many will not move. It is their choice. We truly have no idea the reaction people will have and how all of you will come to cope with it. These are the coming days in which you will stand with God and use your God sense or not. I suggest getting all harvest into storage from the lands that will be affected.

California will most likely rock and roll a great deal long before this event. Los Angeles will go down during this event. So will other places. The tsunamis from around the Pacific Rim will be huge. This may well be the start also of the Lemurian lands beginning to come up. They won’t appear over night, but this will definitely have some effect in the Pacific.

Since we will be in «control» of certain happenings, we are allowed to help cleanse the atmosphere of any radioactivity released and also, should any volcanoes erupt, cleanse the pollution generated from them. You will be given more public information on all of this to assist your planning over the coming months.

Your prophesied pole reversal shall not happen. The planet has come a long way, not as much as desired, but a long way nevertheless. You remain responsible for solving the many problems to come. We assist as we are allowed. You must ask for assistance and bargain with us for it otherwise. You will be given technology you are able to manage and be responsible for, but you must enable its production.

This coming Catastrophe is what I was speaking of in the work with the Urantia Teaching Mission students. [N. of Editor: SeeMonjoronson:Population and Earth Changes, The Decimation of the Earth and Monjoronson: Planetary Changes]. Candace «bugged» me a lot for this information, sensing full well there was something more than a few quakes coming. We do not release full information before its time. And I will not yet release the event that will trigger this axis change yet. The dark side has too much fun with these and other’s messages, and drive away ones who might assist before they can. Candace has painfully witnessed that.

This event will increase the photon energy coming into the planet. More light, in other words will be coming unto you. These photons add to the cleansing effect of the «photon belt.»  This event, in addition to the physical traumas, will set into place additional cleansing. Many will perish over the next few years. This again, is not an act of a punishing God, but rather it is «nature.»  It is what it is, part of the cycles of solar systems and their planets.

Your whole solar system is changing before your eyes. You have to be blind to not notice the brighter moon and the brightness of the other planets when they are visible. Venus is very bright, and I have been informed that some of you thought it was a star ship. Apparently your media is beginning to suggest that Mars is becoming warmer also. Your entire solar system is Ascending, for it has been earned, and not just the planet Earth moving upwards.

We are not evacuating the planet. I guess that story is still going around. You are going to stay and rebuild it now, not 3000 years from now. It is your training ground for your future jobs. You will learn much in the doing. How better to learn what this process is than on the planet!!

It was never the intention to allow this planet to be lost. But there was some risk. And the stories of destruction that could happen, if a pole reversal were to occur, was necessary to tell, for it was possible to happen, if the planetary peoples made no growth in their capabilities.

This has been most difficult project because of the dark side not standing down. Long ago, early in this century and at other times they changed the DNA insidiously producing a people who are mostly physical automatons. This is being reversed as we have told. But you remain a horrendously overpopulated planet because the dark that did this were poor managers of their decisions.

There were some on the Internet that claimed we were getting rid of the «useless eaters.» Again, this is not what we do. Nature does that. It matters not if one is called a «useless» eater, ones exist. And have over produced themselves and balance will be restored by nature.

The population will reduce naturally from the effects of the increased photons, both from the coming removal of the ozone layer and this other event. These ones simply can’t survive physically in this intense light. They will leave this plane and it matters not about the enlightenment of the soul. If the physical body cannot sustain itself in this increase of photons, it will perish. Any physical systems upon the planet that can’t sustain themselves will perish. This includes damaged plants and animals for whatever the reason. Because this planet lacks a firmament of moisture around it, it is subject to increased DNA damage from the solar rays. And the photon belt itself is «increased solar rays.» That DNA of any living thing that has been damaged, or otherwise, can’t survive in the increased light, will be leaving the planet. For that is the ultimate purpose of the «photon» belts about creation. All are subject to them.

New DNA will be built. The firmament will be restored.  Life will renew both on its own and with the assistance of the special team headed by Shekhmet.  And by you.  You will be planting like crazy amongst your duties. You will often be given new seeds that will grow in the renewed Earth and provide the food and shelter of the New Age. Planting will also increase your level of oxygen because plants consume carbon dioxide and put oxygen back into the air.

You are NOT returning to cave manhood, beloveds. This axis change will not do that to you. It is estimated at only 5 degrees.  But it will challenge you. For chaos always does. You will create the non-polluting vehicles you need, and the non-polluting energies you require. You will create everything new, and make it sustainable. You will create new ways to be that survive and serve you so much better.

As you rebuild throughout the coming years, you will create strong family bonds. You will rid yourselves of the need to use drugs; you will be too busy and engaged to need them. Drug use comes to the lazy and the depressed. When you are engaged in the work of God, you do not need drugs.

Candace informs me she is watching something on TV as we work, about global warming and the threat to coastal cities. Yes, it is so. I suggest you check about the Internet for honest pictures of your planet from above. You will discover that there are no longer any year round large ice flows around your North Pole. There is only temporary ice in the winter. It is very easy to travel by ship to the North Pole in the summer with only minor ice issues.

Greenland and other arctic lands shall be revealed in a matter of years and the huge ice flows not on land around Antarctica are breaking away, forming huge icebergs and changing the flows and temperatures of the southern oceans. It may be only 10 to 20 years until the ice on Antarctica is gone. This raises the oceans substantially and affects also the climate substantially.  Some of that water will be returned to your firmament.  But not all.

Beloveds, it is time to awaken, you who read these messages and get thy rears into gear. You simply cannot remain in inaction awaiting your proof. You shall have the proof, but why not begin now the process of the creating necessary to whatever your circumstances are? Otherwise your proof may come as a tidal wave inundates you. It is but your choice.

I think this is enough for this time, and should provide «food» for thought. Namaste, I AM THAT I AM, Monjoronson, the Son from Paradise.

Candace: For those that do not bother, I suggest forming the habit of checking the UGSG website. . California/Nevada is currently having nearly 400 quakes a week. This is high. I have seen it that high a couple times briefly, but that was when Soltec was creating some of them to relieve pressure during the waiting.

Alaska averages up to 100 a week. It has doubled this last week, at over 200 today. During this past week, there have been many 6.0 and bigger quakes. The Solomon Islands had the largest number of big aftershocks, many over 6.0 that I have noticed since I began to follow this site. The Solomon quakes caused every single reporting station on the globe to register activity. There was a quake today near the AzoresIslands, which is near Africa’s northwestern coast, and that one made many of the reporting sites, on this link, show activity:

We are coming into another period of solar activity this month. I think the next stream from sun activity reaches Earth about the 8th of April. On TV, I finally heard a report that the big quakes often occur during a full moon, and it was certainly so this month. The initial Solomon quake was about 8.1, followed in minutes by three 3 more over 6.0.

The NorthwestCoast of the USA and Canada will at some point experience another massive quake, or more than one with the Cascadian subduction fault system. This one last went off big time with huge tsunami activity about 1700. I have been told that Discovery Channel recently did a piece on this.

We have covered that when Los Angeles goes into the sea that will generate huge tsunamis. Apparently the San Andreas doesn’t cause tsunamis because it is a slip joint type situation and is well inland. Subduction faults do displace enough water to cause a tsunami. If some of this is not totally correct, please don’t harass me, I am not a geophysicist, at least not in this incarnation anyway.

I will finish the Soltec piece. I have been reticent on it for reasons I am not fully sure about, but at least one of them relates to how the material that Jess and I have put out, plus Monjoronson through the Teaching Mission since last summer, has been treated.

Apparently some and perhaps many of the readers want NESARA and lots of money to spend, but they could not care less about the changes we must face. Many of the dark ones began to super attack this material as we all began to talk about what must come last summer. Suit yourselves, those in that group, but consider that in trashing these works you drive away those who might benefit and are not yet in knowledge. The bashing of these works has been more successful in driving people away that I anticipated. And in this, I sometimes think it better to not put them out, so that some of you can’t turn others from the possibility of seeing some Light.

Those that have fallen away out of the long wait for that money, so be it, that you choose this choice. It is but your own. Misspent monies will be a problem for a time when they are released.

I see argument today on Discerning Angels, against Jess’ and my recent work with Christ Michael. Some of you thought the «prosperity funds» come with no rules. The prosperity funds go to the ones who will be responsible for their distribution. The funds coming without rules will be the rebate programs the return of monies paid into false taxation and interest rates. In the negotiations on this with the banking community and those who foresee the problems that could result, these may be modified to some degree from what we had foreseen before. They may be released in general later than the suggested year and some maybe will get larger amounts earlier that can put them to proper use.

Yell and scream all you want because if all you want is your wealth, you are about to discover with these changes that wealth can’t go with you when you leave this plane and it does little for the satisfaction of life. We are a material planet. I assume many of you have seen the yellow pages commercial on TV about the master who states you can find everything of your dreams in the yellow pages. Well, if that is true for anyone then that anyone has a lot of learning ahead of them. For what makes the dreams that bring the greatest joy are the dreams that come from service to God and Creation.  If it is truly pizza and flashy cars that will make you happy, I feel sorry for you.

I would take any monies coming thy way and invest them in your personal survival and the survival of others. I would invest them in the growth of a successful New World. I would invest them in the new technologies that will serve to sustain mankind in peace and without war and pestilence. You may blow off the monies, that is your choice, and you shall witness the effects of your actions.

Life is going to get really real. The dark side out there that does trash these often does by saying that the masters would not give such bad news in such a tone of voice.  Go read the Phoenix Journals. The masters tell it like it is. If you don’t like the kitchen, get out of the heat, I believe is a common expression. Get out of our way, period, if you do not wish to serve. In fact, those gooey New Age pieces out there should be an insult to your senses. I will not do lollipop material.

I much appreciate those that have expressed a desire to serve. Some really wonderful forward thinkers have come forward. But so few of the readers choose to post a mission statement, about 200 all together, out of many thousands of readers.

I found some disappointment in that. For I seek in all of this to provide coordination to the many missions that all get served as best as possible. Our websites will focus on the missions created and the ideas needing missions. In part we will be a «clearing house» to enable those coming into service to select that which needs doing.

Life is your mission, beloveds. To be lived in true satisfaction you must live like the living means something. You must see your work, whatever it is, as a contribution to the society in which we live and function, that it has lasting value. Sadly, the dark have created the most obnoxious of jobs and then created a money system that forces people to take these jobs such as in animal slaughterhouses so they have money to eat.

One day people will not spend their time at the cash registers 40 hours a week either because a society that does not run on money will not require them. Imagine going to the store and getting what you need, that was grown in love and created carefully. Imagine being able to have clothing that was not constructed in a sweat shop. Time will come when folks return to the art of tailoring and construction of custom clothing, for example. In that will be pride of the one that created the garment and in the one who wears it and shows the world the artistry of the tailor or seamstress. Garments will often be made in small shops, owned and created by those who actually construct the clothing or other items for that matter. Communities will support themselves again. Just a small peak into a better way to live.

We will create a world that does not use money. We will create a world in which all work is valuable. We will create a world in which every human feels their life has value, for it will have value. Living without value and creative ability is what causes the emptiness that leads to the destruction of society by drugs, crime, stupid entertainment and all the other ills.

The fallen angels and other fallen ones who were sentenced for learning and rehabilitation to this planet have failed to build a worthwhile society. Look around you, study what you have learned of Earth’s history in the last 2000 years where there is a reasonable record of some of that history. Many will Ascend out of this place, but many will otherwise be going on to other 3d schools. How sad.

This is Easter weekend. Do as Christ Michael suggested in Jess’ piece[see the bottom of that article, N. of E.], remember the Christ visit of 2000 years ago that sought, and did to some degree, raise the God consciousness upon this planet. That is the purpose of the visits of the Sons of Heaven in the various bestowals, including Monjoronson’s time here now upon this planet. Let us make the Ascension of Mother Earth a reality with the least issues and problems that we can. Maybe spend the weekend in dreaming how you will add unto the Christness of the planet.

Hopefully we will not see the attack on Iran. If we do, however, the USA is going to loose it big time, as is only befitting. Everything runs on cause and effect. Our leaders have caused this mess and for the most part the citizens have supported it. So the effect will be defeat.Maybe we will finally come limping home, and put our soldiers to work doing what they should be doing, assisting life rather than causing death. Take care, Candace
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