Biosophy in the Age of Aquarius

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Biosophy in the Age of Aquarius

Mónica Barbagallo

Original in Spanish, translation to English by Luis Prada.

Biosophy means Wisdom of Life.  In this New age, the Golden Age that we are starting to glance, there will be notable differences with what was previously lived:
It will be less talking about God and more about living Him/Her.
It will be less talking about Jesus and more about imitating him, which is in reality the primordial objective of his teachings.
Biosophy embraces the esoteric and exoteric knowledge.
Sciences will be joined to spirituality.
The arts —fundamental in a planet of the 4º Ray— will have a prominent place.
Education will tend more to the awakening the gifts of the child and his/her creativity.
Economy will put Being above everything.
Food will be based on life and not on death of another realm of Nature.
Family will be revalued, restoring the ones that today are passing through uncomfortable moments.
And the Respect and Ethics will be the base of all activity and of all attitude towards the rest of the world.
Religions will find the basic fundaments and diversity will be a treasure.
Medicine will find the importance of the etheric body where healings will be preventive.
It is not the case of making disappear what today’s called illness, but that it will continue being the mistakes to be corrected by people, but will not exist that which today does not teach anything, but destroy instead.
Ethic and Respect will be the base of all our great and small attitudes.
Let’s bring to Earth the Kingdom of God by working every day with all our Faith and Love since the changes of the New Age are already glimpsed.


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