Teachings of Master JarEl, 2006


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The Arcadian Teachings:
Teachings of Master JarEl, 2006
Spiritual Preparation for the Mission of Enlightenment

with two comments from Christ Michael and Machiventa Melchizedek

Transcriptions of the teachings of JarEl given to the Arcadia Teaching Mission Group during 2006.  Published in this website on December 31, 2006.

Fatherhood of God and Brotherhood of Man

LWhelan@SBCglobal.net ,TMtranscripts@Circuit1.TeaMcircuits.com.www.TMarchives.com.  Arcadia Teaching Mission Group PR, Arcadia,California,U.S.A.
Tuesday, March 20, 2006,8:00 pm
Teachers: JarEl and [Christ] Michael
Transmitter/Receiver: George Benavides and JOYce Brenton
Topics:  If the receiver is deaf.  Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man.  We repeat ourselves, we sound redundant at times.  Main purpose of the Teaching Mission. God is your Father and I’m your brother.  [Christ] Michael speaks of love.

Prayer: Larry: Dear Father, thank you for this gathering and thank you for all of the blessings that you have bestowed upon each one of us.  We love you so very much, Father.  We pray for peace in the world, we pray for the coming of Monjoronson and we pray for the coming of Light and Life.  Show us what you would have us do and guide us in the doing of your will, in Michael’s name, amen.

JarEl: TR, George.  Good evening, it is I, your teacher, JarEl.  It is good to be among my friends once again.  Welcome to those who have not been here for awhile and welcome to those who are here for the first time.  For many years you have listened to the teachers speak to you.  For many years you have received many messages that can improve your lives to some degree.  However, all these messages are useless if the receiver is deaf.  When I speak of the receiver as being deaf, I mean that they are incapable of understanding the message within.  Many people just gloss over the truth; they seek for things that satisfy their own needs, yet miss the truth therein.  Many of the messages that we bring to you have been glossed over by many in your community.  There are many things which we repeat over and over again for the mere reason that you do not grasp these simple concepts when first given to you.  It is for this reason that many of the messages and lessons remain the same.  We use different variations to describe the same ideas.  At the cost of us sounding redundant we err on the side of repeating in order for you to receive the message intended.

Many of our core messages deal with the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man.  This brotherhood should be apparent throughout your whole life.  This brotherhood should be in everything you do and in everyone you touch spiritually.  The world has not yet grasped this concept.  It has missed many important aspects of the brotherhood of man, whereas, many of you in the Urantia Community have embraced this idea and have attempted to apply it in your lives.  Many others who have heard of this concept have chosen to define who their brother is and have excluded those they deem not worthy of being their brothers.  I say to you that everyone is your brother, everyone is your sister.  There shall be no distinctions of who your brother is and who your brother is not.  You will discover and you will realize that this world is full of your brethren but this brotherhood shall reach beyond this world and shall envelope the entire Universe, a concept which many of you are not yet prepared to deal with.  It is hard enough to deal with your current earthly brotherhood.

So, we repeat ourselves, we sound redundant at times, but for us it is important that you understand.  Just as it is important that you understand the concept of a Fatherly God, a God that looks out for you, a God that protects you for all of eternity, a God who finds ways and things to give you, a God who shall forever be there as your Father, as a protector and as a friend.  Many of you have embraced this concept wholeheartedly.  You have expanded your idea of what God is, but there is still great confusion in the world as to the nature of God.  This revelation about God the Father is not new, and yet we repeat ourselves over and over again for the mere reason that much of the world has not yet grasped this concept.

There are many revelations which we have given to you throughout the Teaching Mission.  Many of these revelations have a high concept value and are beyond the understanding of many and yet we have revealed much of this to you.  Our main purpose in the Teaching Mission is to bring the brotherhood of man to Urantia.  Our main purpose is to bring about the Age of Light and Life on Urantia; an Age that is foreseeable in our eyes.  An Age whose coming is measured by time into the future, but from your vantage point it is very difficult for many of you to see the coming of the Age of Light and Life based on your current situation.  It is true that there is much chaos in your world as we speak, but much of this chaos is the result of spiritual pressure that is enveloping your planet and this is good.  The concentrations of evil are the effects of this pressure, therefore it seems greater to you for it is more concentrated, but fear not, for much of this will be diluted and shall be no more.  The power of good shall always vanquish the power of evil.  It is time for all of you not to fear and to embrace one another as brothers and sisters.  It is time for you to declare that God is the Father of all of you, not just the chosen few.  It is time for you to work towards the development of the Age of Light and Life.  You shall receive our help and we shall always be here to guide you.  I shall take questions now.

Donna:  This is not a question, JarEl, this is a comment.  I appreciate your explaining why so many of the lessons seem repetitive or redundant because I have noticed that myself, but you explained why and now I understand, so thank you for that explanation.
JarEl: TR, George.  You are welcome, Donna.  I would like to point out that many of you have advanced beyond the lessons which we have taught.  Many of you are ready for new lessons and new concepts, this is all good, but also remember where you live, what planet you are on.  In the situation of your current resident status, the situation that your world exists in, remember that many of your brothers and sisters have not yet advanced to the level of understanding that you have.  It will take your help to bring your brothers and sisters up to this level of understanding.  By these lessons you shall help them, by living the truths of these lessons you shall help all of your brothers and sisters.
Donna:  Thank you, JarEl.

JOYce:  May I just voice my incredible appreciation to be reminded that we have help, that you are helping us, that there are helpers to go with us.  Sometimes we feel alone, I know when I say this I realize why the lessons have to be so repetitive, we forget so easily.  I am so in awe of all of this.  I am just in awe to be a part of it.  It makes me happy and yet impatient, but right now I am so grateful and thankful.  Thankful to be in this meeting and hear these words, they are encouraging and they are happy wonderful words, thank you, thank you, JarEl.

JarEl: TR, George.  You are most welcome.  I understand your position in forgetting that you are all connected.  It happens, but yes, I’m here to remind you that you are connected.  That God is your Father and I’m your brother and through this relationship we shall forever be connected throughout eternity.  Me helping you to achieve this knowledge enriches my life, makes me a better person.  My only hope it that you have the same experience, that you experience this enriching in the teaching of others.  This is the way we shall bring Light and Life into this world.  First it is you and then it will be others, and others.  The whole Universe watches you in anticipation, they see the work that you do on this world, this very special world.  They too are impatient for this New Age to arrive, but they understand that in your world all things take time.  On this world, this world called Urantia, a place governed by time and space, they fully understand how long it takes.  I understand your impatience, the need to see the world improve before your eyes, make not the mistake in attempting to rush things.  For the work of God is subtle and quiet and delicate.  It must be allowed to grow within each person until fruition and then you shall see the fruits of your labor. It must be slow and quiet.  This is not to say that you are not to tell anyone about what you know, that is not what I am saying.  Tell as many people as you want, just don’t force it on them.  When you know that they cannot receive such words, allow things to grow in each of you.  Allow things to mature and once you see the spark of truth within that person you will know that you have done your work.  There is much that I am grateful for and seeing all of you here tonight brings great joy to my heart.  Are there anymore questions?  Very well then we shall meet in two weeks, good night.
All: Good night JarEl.

[Christ] Michael: TR, JOYce.  I am Michael, I shall speak to you of Love.  The love that I feel for all of you is like no other love, no other love you have ever experienced in all your lifetime on this earth plane.  I want you to center in your thinking for just a moment, center on the teachings you have received.  Many, many times you have been told of your Father’s love for you all. Mother has said many times how much she loves you.  And I, too, my brethren, have spoken to you many, many times of this great love.  You have difficulty with this.

You have difficulty because you can’t understand a love so great; why you feel so often unlovable.  You are so very hard on yourselves, not all the time, but enough times to find yourself a little unsure, counting your failures perhaps too heavily.  I would say, it’s a new day, a new day, and I would simply say, yes, He loves me.  He loves me just the way I am, He always has, He always will.  Breathe it in, let it go.  Breathe it in again, He loves me, He always has, He always will.  And now I want to ask you something very simple, think on these words that I love you and remember I love you all, not one less, not one more, all.  All of you everywhere with all the love there is.  Loving you is so easy.  You are so very beautiful, so very sweet and yes so very, very lovable.  I am happy to speak to you tonight.

I want to say something that may surprise you.  You bring me great joy.  I speak of a joy, a joy that you cannot understand.  I know that you struggle, I know that it isn’t easy for you.  I know that you wish to do more, to serve more, to be more like me.  I say to you now, please hear my words, you are all so very like me, you all so very much want to serve, want to serve our Father.  You all so very, very much want to be like me and I want to tell you of the joy you bring me because you are so very, very much like me.  You have a heart for humanity, you have a heart for the brotherhood, you have my heart.  You have heard me say many times, you are my hands, you are my heart, you are my feet, you are my voice.  You are who I am, you are the Light of the world.  You are the lovers of this world.  You will read these words and be reminded, don’t resist them, know that I love you and please do not forget that I find you all very, very lovable.  I am Michael, your brother and your friend.
All:  Thank you.  Beautiful.  That was wonderful.

Your Lives Are Like the Seeds that God Plants

Monday, April 17, 2006,8:00 pm
Teacher: JarEl
Transmitter/Receiver: George Benavides
Topics:  Prayer from The Urantia Book, Page 1623.  Never doubt that God is with you.  Turn back to assist your brothers and sisters in their search for the Father.  Your lives are like the seeds that God plants.  Everyone is searching for the truth.  I ask you to become teachers.  You must see this world as a new world and you must find a way to make it so.

Prayer: Stella: From The Urantia Book, Page 1623:
Glorious Father and Mother in one parent combined.
     Loyal would we be to your divine nature,
Your own self to live again in and through us
     By the gift of the bestowal of your divine spirit,
Thus reproducing you imperfectly in this sphere
     As you are perfectly and majestically shown on high.
Give us day by day your sweet ministry of brotherhood
     And lead us moment by moment in the pathway of loving service.
Be you ever and unfailingly patient with us
     Even as we show forth your patience with our children.
Give the divine wisdom that does all things well
     And the infinite love that is gracious to every creature.
Bestow upon us your patience and loving-kindness
     That our charity may enfold the weak of the realm.
And when our career is finished, make it an honor to your name,
     A pleasure to your good spirit, and a satisfaction to our soul helpers.
Not as we wish, our loving Father, but as you desire the eternal good of your
     mortal children,
Even so may it be.

JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I, your teacher, JarEl.  It is good to be back again among my friends.  Welcome to those who have not been here for awhile and welcome to those who are here for the first time.  First of all, I would like to thank Stella for that prayer.  It is a beautiful reminder when we thank our Father for all of the blessings that He gives us, for all of the wonderful opportunities that He provides to us and for all the avenues in which we find His grace and glory.

There are more than a billion ways to find Him and all ways are accessible to Him.  Never doubt that God is with you and never doubt that He is by your side guiding you.  For wherever you look for God, there you will find Him.  Wherever you are, there He is as well.  He shall never leave you alone for as long as you are here on this planet and after you leave this planet you will feel His presence even more, you will understand why you could not at first.  You will understand many more things with the passing of time and in your spiritual maturity.

Tonight I would like to address you about certain aspects of your search for God.  Many of you have searched for God your entire life.  Many of you have found God.  No matter how good finding God is for you, it only becomes helpful to the rest of the world when you realize that you must turn back to assist your brothers and sisters in their search for the Father.  For however passionate your search for God was and however fast it seems that you may have found Him, for some people it takes longer; for some people it takes more work.  That is where you come in, to help those who for some reason or another are slow at understanding the realities of a Universe.  When you reach the heights and glory of God and you find that spark that is within you, understand the inspiration this gives you and understand how this can be an inspiration for others.  When you find something great and powerful, do not hide it for yourself, but rather share it with others.  Share it with others who you believe will benefit.  Share it with those who you believe are ready to grow.  Not all grow at the same rate and not all understand things the way you understand things.  Everybody is traveling at their own pace in life and some people are just content.

I believe that all of you in this room, at one point or another, have not been content.  All of you here have searched and struggled to find the truths that are in your lives.  You sought out the mysteries which have baffled many and you have found many answers for yourself and for your life.  Now these answers are meant to be filtered through you and disseminated into society.  It is time that this world begins to grow.  It is time that this world begins to correct itself.  With the new truth that you find in your lives, you shall disseminate them into the world and organized them in such a way that all society can benefit from them.

Your lives are like the seeds that God plants and these seeds shall grow into beautiful flowers of Light that shall envelope the earth.  You are a part of the Correcting Time.  When the flowers bloom, that shall be the beginning of Light and Life.

The level of understanding that most of you have come to has raised your consciousness to a higher level which most have not yet reached.  Despite this, I urge all of you to remember all of your brothers and sisters; to recognize that they have yet to reach your level of understanding.  Do not forget them, so reach down and grab their hands, so that they may arrive at a new higher level of understanding.  This is the way in which the world shall correct itself by challenging those who are below us, by bringing them up and helping them to understand the spiritual truths which you have lived in your life.

Too often this world settles on categorizing each other, but the world is more than just categories, the world is a growing organism of ideas and thoughts and men and women.  It is in constant turmoil for most of the ideas do not harmonize, yet everyone is searching for the truth in one way or another.  It would be helpful for those who are led to understand the higher truths and meanings from people such as you.  In turn, they shall be able to make sound choices for the future of humanity.

For the benefit of this planet I urge you to learn how to build bridges with the rest of humanity.  I fully understand your human desire to reach higher levels of thought and spirituality.  I understand your desire to find the pure essence of God and all of this shall be yours in good time.

Even I reach back toward you, my brothers and sisters.  I find great need in your souls and I do desire to assist you in reaching the next level in your spiritual growth.  In the same fashion, I ask you to become teachers and reach back to assist your less spiritually mature brothers and sisters in their spiritual growth.  Help bring humanity out of the darkness and into the Light.  Help build the bridges that will connect these spiritual islands.

Personal questions and answers session not transcribed.

JarEl: TR, George.  I would like all of you to know that you shall forever be connected to the Father in Heaven.  You shall be connected to his son [Christ] Michael and whatever knowledge comes to you and whatever revelation you receive, learn to share it with others.  Learn to disseminate this information to the world.  Learn to be a Prophet for there is a lack of Prophets for this Age.  It seems like this Age has arrived to a settled notion as to who God is.  You shall be the catalyst that shall challenge the status quo of the realities of God and the Universe.  But before you do this you must meditate, ponder, think, wonder, analyze and imagine.  You must see this world as a new world and you must find a way to make it so.  Until next time, goodnight.
All:  Goodnight JarEl.

This Is Your Age and Your Time

LWhelan@SBCglobal.net,TMtranscripts@Circuit1.TeaMcircuits.com,www.TMarchives.comArcadia Teaching Mission Group, Arcadia, California, U. S. A.
Monday, May 1, 2006, 8:00 pm
Teacher: JarEl
Transmitter/Receiver: George Benavides
The journey which you have begun on this earth is just the beginning.  Revelations are meant to be lived.  This is your Age and your time.  All of you here have the power within you to shape this world.  JarEl, do you have any suggestions which will help me learn to transmit?  You are all children of God.

Prayer: Donna: Dear Father thank you for this gathering here.  Thank you for all of the sincere and warm open hearts and minds who are ready to hear what the teachers you send to us have to say.  We appreciate your teachings, help us to understand them and grow spiritually from their truths.  In Michael’s name, amen.
JarEl: TR, George.  Good evening, it is I, your teacher, JarEl.  It is good to be back here among my intimate friends, my human counterparts, who are always eager and willing to learn and to grow.  There is so much of life ahead of you, there is so much for you to learn.  This journey which you have begun on this earth is just the beginning.  The journey which you have embarked on will stand for millennia. The information and knowledge that you gather throughout those years shall be insurmountable and profound.  Here on the earth you have barely scratched the surface of knowledge and truth.  Most of you here understand the truth of the Universal information which is available to all.  The important thing is that you understand this information and can comprehend how this information is disseminated among you and how you are currently and always learning.  It is important that you hold the attitude of a constant student of life.  For the knowledge never ends and the truth is always forthcoming.

Revelations to this world are not meant to be stagnant.  Revelations are meant to be lived and current in your life.  You are the forbearers of knowledge, of truth, beauty and goodness.  It is the spirit of curiosity that has brought many of you to search for new and higher truths of life.  It is this very spirit that has urged you on and prevented you from being settled on established truths.

You are as much a part of this world as those who have gone before you.  This is your Age and your time and it is your responsibility to shape this world, to create it and to make it better.  Those who have gone before you have tried their best, although many mistakes have been made, much of what they attempted was noble and worthy.  Ask yourself this, what are you attempting in this world, what is your task and what is your goal?  What are you trying to accomplish in the time you have here on this earth?  What is your ultimate purpose here?

It has been said before that there is only so much you can do, but oh, you can do so much.  All of you here have the power within you to shape this world.  All of you here have the power to create measurable goodness for all to benefit from.  It is you that needs to recognize this power that is within you.  A part of that recognition is to recognize the Source.  For this Source allows you to be so creative and so generous.  This Source is the same Source that connects you with everyone.  Therefore, if you are doing the Father’s will, this Source will make it so much easier for you to continue His work.  It is like you say, go with the flow.  The flow is the Source that comes from God and the work you do flows perfectly in sync with the will of God.  Therefore, anything that you embark upon, that has the Father’s blessing, will work out perfectly for you.  It is ultimately up to you to take up the task of doing the Father’s Will and it is up to you to discern what that task is for you.  Are there any questions?

Dennis:  JarEl, do you have any suggestions which will help me in learning to transmit?

JarEl: TR, George.  It is simply asking the question, Dennis.  Your intention to do this grants you the privilege.  Bring yourself into the stillness in your mind by your thoughts.  Let the noise on the outside be removed as though it does not exist.  Let the Light of Life flow around you for it exists, it is the conduit through which we communicate.  Allow yourself to believe in this communication, say to yourself, «yes, it is possible to communicate».  Once you accept this reality you will then tap into information that will be there for you.  Then you must ask a question in order to receive an answer.  If you simply want to receive information in which you do not have any questions for, make this intention known.  This Universe works by intentions, if your intention is good, then it will be possible to transmit/receive.  We are willing and ready to work with each of you.  Remember that regardless of where you are spiritually in your life, this form of communication will flow if it is your desire.  It is there so that it may help you grow so you may learn from us to teach your brothers and sisters.

In your times of peace quiet your mind, take the time to be alone, feel the presence of God, yourself and any spiritual being who may come into your circle.  Have faith in this type of communication for if you doubt, it will not happen.  Do not allow your mind to correct the information you are receiving. Your mind is a tool that contains information, but that information is limited, therefore it can be wrong.  Nevertheless, you must use your mind.  Discerning the truth from information received is important.  Do you feel ready to transmit?

Dennis:  I think I need to put more time into stillness, but aside from that, yes.
JarEl: TR, George.  We will see.
Dennis: Thank you.
JarEl: TR, George.  You are welcome.  Any other questions?

Very well, I will leave you with this.  You are all children of God.  You are all very fortunate to find The Urantia Book, a revelation of truth.  It is very powerful for this world, a world who many do not believe is ready to receive such truths.  But, truths are not meant to be hidden.  Truths are not meant to be kept secret and locked away.  Truths are meant to be shown and to shine from the tops of mountains, but it must be carried there.  Until next time, goodnight.
All: Goodnight.

The Revelation of the Father’s Love

LWhelan@SBCglobal.net,TMtranscripts@Circuit1.TeaMcircuits.com,www.TMarchives.com.  Arcadia Teaching Mission Group PR, Arcadia,California,U.S.A.
Monday, May 29, 2006,8:00pm
Teachers: JarEl
TR: George Benavides
Topics: Ask questions and receive answers.  Every truth you find, you become closer to God.  You have difficulties in seeing God’s love for you.  There is nothing that you cannot do on this world.  The revelation of the Father’s love.
Questions: When will the Urantia Book become more popular among the people of the
United States or the world?

Prayer: Donna: Dear Father thank you for this time, and this place and this space. Thank you for this group gathered, please allow our minds and hearts to be prepared to hear the message from your teacher, JarEl. Thank you for all of your blessings, may your will be done. In [Christ]Michael’s name, Amen.

JarEl: TR, George. Good evening, it is I, your teacher JarEl. It is good to be back again and it is exciting to see these inquisitive souls pondering questions, the mysteries of life. Throughout your entire spiritual careers you will indeed continue to question and, in the same sense, you will continue to receive answers. For the universe is just and there is no question that goes unanswered. But on a personal level, you must learn to be patient and allow this answer to arrive. In the same sense, you also must prepare yourself to receive such an answer; for many times the answer comes and you do not recognize it. Many times it is there in your face and you do not see it. But the important thing is that you choose to ask. You choose to seek and you choose to find.

It is a brave soul who reaches out into the darkness to find the Light of life. It is the adventurous individual who goes into the unknown to search for higher truths. For every truth you find, you become closer to God and closer to His being and Source; for all of the answers lie within the presence of God. The questions that you ask are simply your inquiry in trying to define who God is for you and where you fit in the universe. We have answered this question many times for you and even in its simplistic form you are unable to accept it for you still ask many questions. But this is something that we completely understand. It is a predictable reaction from you.

For it is very difficult for many to accept the simplest of answers. Therefore, they complicate their lives with many other notions and questions. Even though I say to you that you are a child of God and your destiny lies within the presence of God, it is difficult for you to see this relation. Therefore, you create other questions, other inquiries, and to your relationship with everyone else depend. You constantly doubt the love that exists between you, God and everyone else. It is very difficult for you to accept. It is very difficult for you to learn just to love and to be loved. Many times this doubt that you create turns into defense mechanisms that you project out towards others, creating a wall of insecurity and making your journey towards the world of Light and Life much more difficult. These insecurities harbor only inadequacy and doubt. But like I said before, it is very difficult for many of you to accept the simplest of answers, which is that God loves you, so we try to explain a little more of why things are the way they are, or why the world is the way it is and why you have to go through certain challenges and safely arrive at its desired end. We have been truthful if nothing else, we do not lie to you. We do tell you that the road ahead is full of challenges and setbacks. Life will not be easy for you and it is this way in order for you to grow and mature and become a productive citizen. The difficulties of life will be like the hard anvil in which we shape and mold you into the perfect instrument of life.

The love of God is immense and profound. If you search for it, it shall forever infuse your life with love and compassion and will give you the strength you need to continue on this journey. There is nothing that you cannot do on this world, you have all the possibilities at hand. You are only limited by your imagination and your creativity and you are never given more than you can handle. As you continue onward, as you pass this world into the next and as you continue your career towards the center of the Grand Universe, you will begin to understand how simple things can be. In spite of the complexity of the entire universe, the simplest thing will always be wise. There is no great mystery in this universe. There is nothing hidden for everything and everyone will one day be connected and all things will be revealed. But the one revelation that forever shall be relevant to all worlds and all universes is the revelation of the Father’s love. The one true truth that exists throughout all the universe and it is this revelation that we continually expound to you for it is important that you and your planet and all of mankind learn this and accept this. God is not angry with any of you. God does not judge you, nor does He hate you. God loves every single one of you as His child and that is your relationship with Him. It is up to you to learn this, it is up to you to become aware of this sort of relationship. Until you fully have experienced this you will forever doubt your existence and your relationship with God and everyone else. But once you have come to realize this immense love that God has for you, there will be no doubt and you will love God as well as all mankind. That is just starting with you. There will be a point where everyone comes to realize this. But it is an individual effort, it is the individual person who must come to realize this and they must put fear and doubt out of them and allow this love of God to enter their minds and hearts for that is the path towards Light and Life.  Are there any questions here?

Lucille: Well, JarEl, we know that God does love us and everything, but when we hear from you it really reinforces the message and thank you for your words.
JarEl: Thank you, Lucille. I just hope that these words are sustained within your heart to continually reinforce this idea for it shall forever be true that God does love you. Never forget that.  Are there any other questions?

Donna: JarEl, when will The Urantia Book become more popular among the people of the United States or of the world? I know that from your spiritual perspective you can see more than we can and maybe you cannot even answer that question, I don’t know, but I am just asking it because I would love to be here when it becomes more popular, I guess, or well known or accepted?

JarEl: TR, George. The moment it becomes more popular, that is the moment that Light and Life will have a sure ground. I will not guarantee that any of you will be around to see this. But I do say that when the individual discovers the source of truth, immediately in him or her, do they recognize the powerful significance of this particular book and in their own hearts it becomes the most popular book they have.

Do not worry what the rest of the world thinks. In your hearts you have correctly decided the importance of this book and for you it is a world, for you it is a life-giving truth that will forever sustain you.

Allow humanity to come to grips with understanding truth and wanting to find truth. Many are just content with living their lives from day to day and working out a menial existence. But those individuals who search for truth shall find it and many will eventually find The Urantia Book.  But the moment the world decides to want to find actual truth and search for it, that is the moment you will see a huge upsurge in creativity, science, religion. All aspects of humanity will be affected. When that soil has properly been fertilized, The Urantia Book will take root within the psyche of the entire nation and the world.

Within your lifetimes you will be responsible for bringing many truth-seeking souls towards The Urantia Book and you will give them in their lives much to think about. There will come a time when eventually many people will come to this book. But like I said, I do not guarantee this time for you and I will not set a date for we see things as they come.

From our perspective, we have been able to gauge a huge response in acceptance towards this book. So be patient and allow things to take their course. At the same time, be progressive in your views and attitudes and be proactive in promoting this book of truth that is very important for many of you.
Donna: Thank you, JarEl.

JarEl: I will remind you again that as you search and search and constantly search for truth, there is one underlying factor in all your searching. If you allow God to sustain you in your darkest hours you will come to know what the truth is. You will find all your answers to all your questions. Until next time, goodnight.
All: Goodnight, JarEl.


JarEl (excerpt): "There are many revelations which we have given to you throughout the Teaching Mission.  Many of these revelations have a high concept value and are beyond the understanding of many and yet we have revealed much of this to you.  Our main purpose in the Teaching Mission is to bring the brotherhood of man to Urantia.  Our main purpose is to bring about the Age of Light and Life on Urantia; an Age that is foreseeable in our eyes.  An Age whose coming is measured by time into the future, but from your vantage point it is very difficult for many of you to see the coming of the Age of Light and Life based on your current situation.  It is true that there is much chaos in your would as we speak, but much of this chaos is the result of spiritual pressure that is enveloping your planet and this is good.  The concentrations of evil are the effects of this pressure, therefore it seems greater to you for it is more concentrated, but fear not, for much of this will be diluted and shall be no more.  The power of good shall always vanquish the power of evil.  It is time for all of you not to fear and to embrace one another as brothers and sisters.  It is time for you to declare that God is the Father of all of you, not just the chosen few.  It is time for you to work towards the development of the Age of Light and Life.  You shall receive our help and we shall always be here to guide you."

Summary of Our World’s Progress

LWhelan@SBCglobal.net , TMtranscripts@Lectra.VirtualBiz.com,www.TMarchives.com.  Arcadia Teaching Mission Group PR, Arcadia, California, U.S.A.
Monday, July 10, 2006, 7:30pm
Teacher:  JarEl
TR: George Benavides
Topics: Summary of our world’s progress
Questions: Are people in power being reached?  How do the Teachers collaborate with the Midwayers or angels?  Can the Teachers visualize the angels and Midwayers?  How does the truth differ from the facts?  Can the Chinese translation of the Urantia Book be made in time for the 2008 Olympics in
Beijing?  Does the Thought Adjuster have a predestined plan for us?  Are there parallel universes?

Prayer: Larry: Dear Father, thank you for this meeting, thank you for all of us coming together.  We pray for peace in this world, we pray for the coming of Light and Life, we pray for the coming of Monjoronson.  Thank you for all of the blessings you have bestowed on each one of us, help us to be good stewards of those blessings.  In Michael’s name, Amen.

JarEl: TR, George.  Good evening, it is I, your teacher JarEl.  It is good to be back here once again among my friends, and, of course, welcome to those who have not been here for a while.  May the peace of the world be with you.  You are sent as ambassadors to bring Light into this world.  You also carry with you the wisdom and knowledge of the ages.  Thus far you have been good stewards of this information.  We are most pleased for the progress which many of you are making.

Just as you are excited for the progress, so are we in many respects.  We see this world beginning to accept new ideas day by day.  We see this world opening up to new truths and we see many beginning to search earnestly in their hearts just like all of you have searched.  It is only a matter of time before more people begin to ask more questions and it comforts us much that you are there to answer many of these questions; that many of you have made the effort to place yourselves in the right place and time to provide answers for the many questions that will arise.

We know fully well that you have many questions yourself.  That even though you have read the Urantia Book and many other scriptural writings, you remain in your hearts with many questions of the future, of the past and of the present.  We of the Teaching Mission will do everything possible to answer the questions that are relevant to your spiritual growth.  We do intend for this age of Light and Life to commence and we will continue to fuel this progress.

As I speak there are additional reinforcements being sent to this planet for an expansion of the Teaching Mission and in preparation for things to come.  Your brothers, the Midwayers, have been busy nonstop bringing order to this world and many individuals on this planet have become self-actualized in order to bring change into this world.  They are points of Light that will draw many souls to the Kingdom.  So, thus far, as we see your planet and its progress, we are well pleased for we do see signs of improvement.  We do see signs of willingness to cooperate and we are encouraged by the attitudes that many of you have.  Are there any questions here tonight?

Stella:  Are you reaching any people who are in power?  Such as the President, our Senators, Congress people, people who are in a position to make real change?  I mean, if you just reach people like us, we don’t really have that much power.  But we need change from the top.
JarEl:  TR, George:  Stella, I can assure you that everyone is being reached in one way or another.  The leaders of the world have Thought Adjusters after all and we are constantly working to bring some clarity into the minds of humans.  All of you are connected with one another through spirit.  And your leaders, most of all, need that reinforcement of connection in order for them to make adequate decisions.  The only reason that you feel that we are only reaching you, is, perhaps, because you listen.  It is very hard to try to get someone to listen.  Especially when they are extremely busy with world affairs.  But I assure you that in their quiet time, in their moments of rest, the inner workings of their minds are being influenced by their spirits; their connection with God.  And, after all, many of these men are men of faith and they do pray.  And in their time of prayer, answers seep through.  It is simply up to them to listen to it or not, just as it is up to you to listen to any of my suggestions.  Everyone has free will and everyone can make their own decisions.  Pray that those who are involved make the right decisions.

Jerry:  Good evening JarEl.  It is a blessing to hear you and be with you again.  You made reference to our brothers, the Midwayers, and I would appreciate it if you could address the way in which the Teachers collaborate with the Midwayers and the angels in carrying out your mission and the tasks that you have to perform?  And one other question in that regard, I assume you, who constitute the Teaching Mission, are in a Morontia state, as ascending mortals?  Are you and the Midwayers able to visualize one another at the level of your existence?  That’s a two-part question.

JarEl:  TR, George:  Very well, my brother Jerry, I will answer your first question.  Your terrestrial brothers here on this planet, the Midwayers, are always in contact with us and the angels and your guardian angels and all the different orders of angels that exist.  They have the sort of communication that is way above your own.  Therefore, their mission is quite different from those here on this planet such as yourself.  They are charged to facilitate much of what has been going on, many of the things which have been going on behind the scenes, which you are not aware of.  In due time much of this will be revealed to you.  But for the sake of secrecy, we choose not to say too much about it at this moment.  But rest assured that your brothers have all good intentions towards you and they are more than happy to help in any way.  However, at this moment they are quite busy.

As for your second question, we can visualize from our points of view and we also see all of you here and we see more than what you see.  For instance, we look at you and not only do we see your physical attributes, but we see your soul as well.  We see the inner workings of your mind and we see your history as well, we see your lineage that goes far into the past.  All this is revealed to us for our vision is a lot higher than can be imagined.  Your brothers, the Midwayers, also have an extended ability to see things.  For instance they can visualize the angels that are all around you, therefore, their communication with them is quite simple.  In due time, once you have reached the realm of Morontia, you will begin to visualize all of this.  But for the moment, things are the way they are for a reason and it should not be any other way.  For your world is not prepared to receive your brothers, the Midwayers, at this time.  For if they were to be revealed, much fear would be attached to that and that is not our intention.  It is good that you are aware of them.  It is doubly good that you are so accepting of them.

Jerry:  We have our friend, George Barnard, to thank for that.  He has shared with us his experiences with the Midwayers.  He has been here, present, and, if I am not mistaken, was present when you spoke to us on one occasion.  He explained to us his initial fright or disquieting reaction when he first visualized any of the Midwayers.  So it is easy for us to appreciate the point you are making, that the Midwayers, and for that matter, the angels, when they are made visible, in collaboration with the Midwayers,  can have the effect of being a frightening experience for us mortals.  What one visualizes in one’s mind’s eye isn’t necessarily the reality.
Dennis:  JarEl for myself I have always thought of the truth being equivalent to the facts; what is true is a fact and the universe is true as well; what is a fact is by consequence the truth.  But, having done some reading recently, I came across a section where they made a clear distinction between what is truth and what is fact and that we should seek out to know the truth rather than just fact and I am unable, at this point, to discern the difference between the two.  Could you explain that, please?

JarEl:  TR, George:  There are things in this world that you consider facts; they exist, therefore they are.  But truth has always been somewhat elusive to many of you.  You seek it but it takes you forever to find it… (unintelligible)… the quest for either truths or facts, you will find them, but they will only be relevant to your own point of view and those points of view that surround you.  For you all exist on the same plane.  As you progress through your spiritual evolution, inward towards Paradise, you will begin to discern how the facts change and how the truth becomes more real.  It is advisable to search for truth so be wary of those who say the truth is here or the truth is there.  You will know the truth in your hearts when you find God.  God is the truth.  Facts will change in your lifetime.  Facts are too absolute to exist in this Grand Universe.  You are at the very edges of existence and your facts will one day prove to be wrong.  Once you travel inward you will find what is truth, for you will find God.  That is not to say that you must throw away all that you have learned about this world.  Cherish your knowledge and seek more knowledge for the more you know, the more you will be prepared to receive the truth.  Does that help you?

Dennis:  Yes, I think so.
JarEl: TR, George:  Not too convinced, right?
Dennis:  I guess if I were to sum up your response, truth is the constant, truth is that which relates to God and facts are our perception, which is constantly changing?
JarEl:  TR, George:  Yes, you have it.
Dennis:  There might also be other facts that exist in different realities that are different, perhaps?
JarEl:  TR, George:  Exactly, there are many perceptions which you have not yet perceived.  Therefore, you have no knowledge of this.  But once you have acquired that knowledge, be prepared to change your mind.
Dennis:  Thank you.
JarEl:  TR, George:  You are welcome.  Any more questions?

NormanJarEl I have had a burning desire of recent to see that…in hopes of seeing the Urantia Book translated into Chinese by the year 2008.  In fact Aug. 8, 2008 is the beginning of the Olympics in Beijing and I am hoping that perhaps the book could be ready to go at that time.  I’ve had the vision of maybe fifty teams or fifty couples could come into Beijing and pick up the book wherever it’s being printed and go to one other city, so that there could be fifty cities where contact could be made.  And it seems that the Foundation says that it is going to be about six months to a year longer than that particular kick off date, and window of opportunity that we would have open, before the book would be ready.  I was wondering if anything could be done about it or if it is just my eagerness over and above what is supposed to be?  Could you give me any insights on that?  We have a billion point three people who speak that language, 20% of the world’s population, that is my concern at this moment.

JarEl:  TR, George:  Well, my friend Norman, it is entirely up to you whether or not you accept the predictions from the Foundation.  You have the energy and the drive to push and to influence.  You can also make anything happen and you can set that date of August 8, 2008 and have it delivered if you want it, on that day.  There is nothing in this world that cannot be done.  Anything as simple as a translation can definitely be done long before its predicted date.  It is simply a matter of resource and energy and who is willing to do it.  So my insight into all of this is…you make your own destiny, Norman. You can create the destiny of this Urantia Foundation.  It is people like you who push forward and bring this world closer to another era, the era of Light and Life.  Do not be deterred my friend.  That is all.
Norman:  Thank you.

Jerry:  JarEl, you just made reference to destiny and things being predetermined and I recently have been reading in the Urantia Book that the Thought Adjusters, when they indwell us, they have a predestined plan; their plan has a predestination.  But it is not foreordained and we have the freewill choice to decide what to do and we may or may not achieve or live out that predestination that the Thought Adjuster has planned for us.  This has been a perplexing question to me for a long time, the subject of predestination, foreordination, and the idea that our Thought Adjusters come to indwell us with a specific plan for us.  Maybe you can elaborate or shed some light on this, is it like a master plan that they lead us toward the implementation of and which sort of sets the outer limits toward our potential destiny?

JarEl:  TR, George:  The indwelling Adjuster does have a plan and it is entirely up to you whether or not you want to follow that plan.  When you make decisions to do otherwise, you are out of sync with you inner Adjuster.  If you remain out of sync for a great deal of time, you eventually begin to lose that connection.  When you become in sync with your Adjuster, you begin to do the will of the Father.  Much of what you do then is facilitated or made easier for you to accomplish.  This grand destiny of which we speak of is a long term destiny which leads you to Paradise.  The Adjuster is like a guide to you, he is there to nudge you in the right direction and it is entirely up to you to follow those nudges.  When you do follow them you feel an uplifting experience, an exhilaration of energy.  This is a reminder that the Adjuster is in sync with you, every step of the way, but you still have that freewill and you still can make your own choices and your own mistakes and you can definitely hit rock bottom if that is what you want.  But when you meditate and you search inward you will find those nudges and those urges that are deep inside you and if you follow them you will be following in the steps of a destiny that is far greater and far more exciting than anything you can imagine.  Does this help?
Jerry:  Yes, it does, thank you.
JarEl:  TR, George:  Very well, if there are no more questions here tonight?

Anna:  JarEl, I wanted to ask, do parallel universes exist?  And, if so, where is our consciousness at the time, does our consciousness exist in all the different universes?
JarEl:  TR, George:  There are no parallel universes.  This is the only universe in which you exist.  You perhaps may be thinking of different possibilities or different options which you may take?  Depending on which decision you make, any of these options can exist.  But in reality, only one decision can be made and one option can be taken, and, therefore, only one universe exists.  For your reality is here.  It is true that in
Paradise all things are existent and all possibilities exist but you are speaking ofParadise.  That is an entirely different plane of existence, somewhere where time does not exist.  In this, our universe of yours, you are limited by time and space and, therefore, these limitations limit you to one universe plane.  Your consciousness is always with you and it forever will be with you throughout your whole spiritual career.
JarEl:  Goodnight all.

Gauging Our Spiritual Advancement

LWhelan@SBCglobal.net,TMtranscripts@Lectra.VirtualBiz.com,www.TMtranscripts.com.  Arcadia Teaching Mission Group PR, Arcadia, California, U.S.A.
Monday, July 24, 2006, 7:30pm
Teachers:  JarEl and Machiventa Melchizedek
TR: George Benavides
Topics:  Gauging our spiritual advancement .  The gift of our knowledge of connections to everyone.  A calming of our nerves and hearts.  Keep the faith, do not fear.
Questions: None

Prayer: Larry: Dear Father, thank you for this meeting.  We pray for your guidance.  Open our minds and our eyes and our hearts to the truth that your Teachers bring.  We welcome all your spiritual Teachers, we welcome you, [Christ] Michael, Nebadonia, Monjoronson, JarEl, whoever would like to speak to us.  We pray for Light and Life to come, we pray for the coming of Monjoronson.  Thank you for all of the blessings that you have given each one of us.  Help us to be good stewards of those blessings, help us to do your will, Father.  In Michael’s name, Amen.

JarEl: TR, George:  Good evening.  It is I, your Teacher JarEl, it is good to be back here among my friends.  It is a true joy to see you surrounded here.  Your dedication to learning about the Father’s will is truly admirable.  There are many people on this world who can go throughout their entire lives and not once ponder the idea of doing something for God.

It is a selfless act that you portray for not only do you attempt to do the Father’s will, but in turn you help others before helping yourself.  All of this kindness has been recorded and in time one day you will be able to review your record from life and examine every inch of your spiritual career.

As you grow older with time, as you pass this world into the Morontia realm, you will begin to understand the difficulties engaged in your spiritual advancement.  In the beginning there is no clear cut answer as to where you stand in the long spiritual struggle of eternity.  You will simply know that you have a ways to go.  As you continue inward, you will advance and there will be much possibility for you to discern your advancement.  It is through the experience of gauging one’s own spiritual advancement that qualifies him or her to continue onward.

So many here on this planet rarely gauge their own spiritual advancement, seldom do they look inward and ponder whether or not they are a good person.  Yet there are others who possess the allegiance to God, yet they assume they are good people, when in fact there has been little work done in their own spiritual advancement.  Many times those who have no idea of God have advanced a great deal by their moral choices and their ethical conduct and their brotherly affection.  Before you look at another and try to gauge their spiritual advancements, first look at yourself and ponder whether or not you have done all you can do to help others and to do the Father’s will.

There is always work to be done and there is always opportunity for growth.  The more growth you desire, the harder life may become for with growth comes great adversity and vice versa.  All these challenges are there to help you mature and advance into higher levels of consciousness.  Those who do not desire life’s challenges and altogether avoid them hardly advance in their spiritual growth.  Many times they become complacent in their attitude and ethical conduct.  Then since they are no better, or so they think, they allow iniquity to continue in this world.  But for those of you who do seek the betterment of spiritual advancement and do not want this iniquity to continue, there is such a thing as righteous indignation; for there are indeed atrocities towards humanity that do occur throughout this world.  Those who love their human brethren must act in a progressive manner to stop the hand that beats the individual and at the same time, shelters those who are beneath.

You have been given a great gift in this world, you have been given the knowledge of your connections with everyone; all your brothers and sisters in this world.  There is not one person that is not connected to you.  This world breathes as one.  But at times people imagine themselves separate; as individuals, as nations.  This sort of thinking cannot continue if this world is to survive.  You well know how everyone is important.  You well know that everyone has a part of God inside.  Your ability to acknowledge this qualifies you as a messenger of God; a messenger that will bring truth into this world and Light.  You shall help bring perfection to this world.  For one day this world will be perfect and will shine as bright as Nebadon.  Are there any questions here tonight?

JarEl:  TR, George:  There is a Teacher here who would like to give you some words.

Machiventa:  TR, George:  Greetings, my fellow Urantians, I am Melchizedek.  There has been some talk of possible tragic future events.  I would like to calm the nerves and the hearts for nothing is truly imminent.  Do not fear, my friends, for it will not help any of you.

You are all great students of this Teaching Mission and I do ask you to continue in your studies, in your preparation.  There is much dignity in what you do and one day, I promise you, all this preparation will come in handy.  Every single one of you has a certain amount of time on this world; some of you live a long time, some of you not so long.  It does not really matter how long you live.  What truly matters is how you live.

There is much that you can do in this world.  There is much that you can leave behind.  All this preparation that you are doing will one day be left behind for others to carry on.  Continue planting these seeds of knowledge and be gathering knowledge yourself, and insure that future generations will have this treasure that you have gathered.  Above all trust the Almighty God who is a Father to all of us and a friend to everyone.  My friends, my brothers and sisters, continue to live a wonderful life, continue to give love and happiness to those who surround you.  Continue to gather the knowledge of the ancients and continue to shine as bright as the heavens.  May God by with you.  Goodnight.

JarEl:  TR, George:  This is JarEl.  Before I say goodnight, I would like to reiterate what Melchizedek just said.  I believe it is important that all of you here carry this knowledge that you have learned over the years and share it to insure that it continues on.  Regardless of what some may say, no one really knows for sure what the future holds.  But one thing is for sure, eventually every one of you will one day die.  However, what you make of this world, what you make of this life, is what’s important.  So focus on that and focus on cherishing those that you love and finding new friends to love as well.  I wish you all goodnight.

Share Your Light and Knowledge

LWhelan@SBCglobal.net,TMtranscripts@Lectra.VirtualBiz.com,www.TMtranscripts.com.  Arcadia Teaching Mission Group PR, Arcadia, California, U.S.A.
Monday, August 7, 2006, 7:30pm
Teacher:  JarEl
TR: George Benavides
Topics: Share your Light and knowledge.  Helpful techniques for sharing.  The importance of our message and this age.
Questions: What is the basic truth that the UB papers reveal to the world?  Is the Teaching Mission expanding in countries other than the

Prayer (Jerry): Dearest Father in Heaven, we bow before you this evening to give thanks for your love and inspiration in our lives and for helping us to better know and understand you.  We thank you for the association we have with one another and the opportunity we have to serve each other and learn from each other.  We pray that you will continue to guide and direct us in the things that we say and do so that we can be of greater service to the greater number and that you will open our eyes and our hearts to the opportunities that present themselves everyday.  We ask you to be with us now as we lend our hearts, minds and souls to the messages that are available to us through your Teachers and through the services of our dedicated brothers and sisters who receive and convey the information to us.  These things we say and pray for in the name of Jesus Christ.

JarEl:  TR, George:  Good evening.  It is I, your Teacher JarEl.  It is good to be back again and see all of you once again.  It is a privilege that I have to be able to convey my messages of love and understanding, of patience and insight.  There is much knowledge for you to obtain throughout the universe.  There is so much more that awaits you beyond the veil of death.  Most of you have this understanding and are waiting for that moment, not being too impatient, but gathering knowledge of things unknown to you.

There is a time and place for everything and there is a moment when things will be revealed to you.  The one thing that we ask of you is that you trust as we trust in you.  We believe in all of you as ambassadors.  We never feel that we are wasting our time.  In you we have invested much of our energy so that the world may prosper, so that the world may one day come closer to the age of Light and Life.  Every single one of you is a seed that one day will bloom to full Light.  When you do begin to shine and grow, others will notice and will begin to ask questions themselves.

Many of you have gathered knowledge that is unknown to the rest of this world.  But this knowledge is not meant to be hidden or sheltered.  It is knowledge that has been freely given to you and, therefore, you must freely give it away.  I understand that many of you find this difficult to do for there are many in this world who are close-minded and stubborn.  But that, my friends, is no major obstacle to overcome.  That is the least of your worries.  Just as easily as a person can be close-minded, easily they can be open-minded as well.  This is a matter of opening and closing the door and when spoken to in the correct manner, that door will most agreeably open to you.  You must learn to use tact and a precise manner of speaking in order to convey this message of truth that you hold within your person.

The responsibility that all of you carry is great for this knowledge shall bring peace to this world.  This knowledge shall unite nations and people.  The knowledge that you carry is of utmost importance and it must not be casually thrown aside like just another interesting book.  You must let people know how important this book is.  You must allow them to see the significance of this book not only in your life but in theirs as well.  Notice how I never have you make anyone do anything.  You simply present it to them and let them make their own decisions; for you can never force anyone into believing what you believe.  Neither must you coerce someone into believing what you believe nor must you put fear into them.  Always present the truth for what it is and let them make up their own mind.

Imagine yourselves as farmers who are planting seeds as they walk by.  Each seed must be pure and whole; it must contain the truth of life.  The moment you alter that seed, the moment you bring to it your own version of what the truth is, that seed will not produce good fruit.  But if you plant each seed unaltered, pure and good, into good soil, that seed will one day bear fruit and the fruit that it brings will be just as pure as the seed you planted.  In the same way you must plant the seeds in people’s hearts.

Give them the truth, let them make up their own mind.  Do not try to skew or compromise your ideas in order that they may more acceptably receive them.  This has been done in the past and you have seen the consequences of compromises.  In this day and age we feel that men and women are ready to receive the truth for what it is for in the Urantia Book we plainly state how things are and how the universe is and how you came to be.  Many of you who study this book have plainly in your mind decided that what you have read is true.  If there ever was any question in your heart, you have settled that question.  So as we give you the truth, so you must also give the truth to others and allow others to make up their mind.

Every one of you here lives in an age of importance.  You are going through a phase in this world in which everything matters.  Precisely at this moment there are great decisions that are being made in this world, great discoveries and great consequences.  Your world is rapidly changing and growing and expanding and at the same time your world is connecting and getting smaller and more intimate.  It is an exciting time for all of you for the world has never been like this before.  Never has there been greater opportunity for you to communicate with so many people all at once.  And now that this communication is open, it greatly matters what you say and how you think.  It greatly matters how you perceive others and how you treat others.  It greatly matters for you to set an example for your neighbors who are so adamant to see the rest of the world with skewed eyes.  You are all here to be the soldiers of this world; to show others the love of humanity and the brotherhood of mankind.  Are there any questions here tonight?

Jerry:  JarEl, I would appreciate it if you would share with us how you would summarize in a short statement or a short phrase what the basic truth is that is conveyed in the Urantia Book papers.  We know that the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man is a central theme, but if someone were to ask us, "What is the basic truth that these papers reveal to the world?"  How would you answer that question?
JarEl:  TR, George:  I would answer it in this way:

There is never anything basic about a truth.  A truth is more than anything you have come across, anything you have imagined or anything you have perceived.  There is more to this world and the next than you can ever imagine.  This book contains many truths, much wisdom.  Aside from the central theme of the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man there are many more ideals that you can derive from the book.

There are many guides for living a perfect life and there is much information that will not only better your life, but those that you love and your friends and strangers that you pass on the street.

This book also gives you insight to future teachings that you might receive, such as Morontia mota and the future progress of your life in eternity.  So not only is it a guide book for good living, it is also a revelation for your future throughout eternity.

It is a book that reveals much more than what it says and, overall, this book allows you to find your place in this universe.  This book grounds you into the realities of God.  It anchors you in the existence of the universe.  It brings identity to an otherwise chaotic universe.

So to answer your question, Jerry, putting aside the central theme of this book, the Urantia Book tells you who you are, which is, perhaps, one of the most important things that you can come across.  Are there any more questions?

Jerry:  I would just like to thank you for that.  I am glad we can have your comments recorded because the transcript of that statement you made of the many truths that are addressed in the papers contains some wonderful thoughts and ideas to convey to people who ask us "What is the truth and what are the truths that are revealed in these papers?"  You have really given us a lot of food for thought as well as information and suggestions as to what we can share with others.  Thank you.
Jerry:  This is a point of information question mostly.  Is the Teaching
Mission continuing to spread in other parts of the world, beyond the United States?  Are there Teacher contacts and individuals being identified who are able to convey what the Teachers have to say in other languages and in other countries?

JarEl:  TR, George:  Without revealing any specifics, Jerry, I can assure you that the Teaching Mission is expanding beyond the borders of this country.  There are more people in this world who are open-minded, who are open to receiving messages.  There are more people who are preparing themselves and readying themselves as citizens of the universe.  There is a wider consensus of knowledge that incorporates the brotherhood of man and the Fatherhood of God.  This general acceptance of this knowledge enables humanity to connect, not only with each other, but with those who bring them revelation through spiritual contact.

We see this as a great sign of the world changing.  The world is changing and the world is connecting more and there are different points of Light throughout your world.  These Lights are growing, at first slow, but as they continue to shine they eventually grow more rapidly and in more places as well.

Not everyone in the world believes that we are separate.  Not everyone believes that there is only their country and that’s it.  People are beginning to see beyond their borders.  They are beginning to see the whole world as one.  As your climate changes, you are beginning to see the effects of what humanity has done and how that can affect the entire world as well.  So the world is becoming as one.  But you yet have a long ways to go for that oneness to be complete.  The more you connect with others, my friends, the more you help this world heal itself from its loneliness and isolation.  That is all for tonight, goodnight.

Your Purpose, Curiosity and Spirit of Progress

LWhelan@SBCglobal.net , TMtranscripts@Lectra.VirtualBiz.com,www.TMtranscripts.com.  Arcadia Teaching Mission Group PR , Arcadia,California,U.S.A.
Monday, September 18, 2006,7:30pm
Teacher:  JarEl
TR: George Benavides
Your Purpose, Curiosity, Spirit of Progress, Points of Light.
What is the greater identity: the Thought Adjuster or after fusion? Will we ever be cognizant of other sub-selves?  This would also occur simultaneously wouldn’t it?  Are all people who have Thought Adjusters from people who have refused to go on into eternal life?  Has Caligastia has been adjudicated?  Can you offer any techniques, or can you teach us how we can keep our thoughts high?  And, as a group, having to do that, other than prayer, or, is that just the best way.

Prayer: Larry: Dear Father thank you for bringing this group together.  Thank you for all of the blessings that you have given each one of us, help us to be good stewards of those blessings.  We pray for peace in the world, we pray for the coming of Monjoronson, we pray for the coming of Light and Life.  Help us to do your will Father.  We love you.  In Michael’s name Amen.

JarEl: TR, George:  Good evening, it is I, your Teacher, JarEl.  It is good to be back here among such a large group of people.  I welcome those who have not been here for a while and those who come here on a regular basis.

You may ask yourself many times on perhaps many occasions what is your purpose here on this planet?  What is it that you need to do; what needs to be done?  There is one primary thing that is at the core of all things and that is the revelation of the Father and the brotherhood of man.  But aside from this core message, there are many other messages that need to be disseminated into this world and that is where you come in.  That is where you are most effective in bringing these messages to this planet, messages that have been revealed to you and to your brethren, messages that are in the Urantia Book.  The importance of furthering these messages is paramount.

There is a great need in this world for such messages even though this world is unaware of this need.  Many lives are superficial to the point where they hardly search for deeper questions.  But when you reveal messages such as contained in the Urantia Book, you prompt them to search deeper into their own lives.  You prompt humanity to search deeper into its soul.  When humanity begins to search for deeper questions within their soul, deeper answers come forth and peace prevails.  But because there is such superficiality within the general consciousness, these questions are hardly asked.  So insightful questions are hardly answered.

You who have searched deeply your entire life have received revelations, have received answers, and have been relatively satisfied with most of your questioning.  Even now you still probe deeper into the reality of the universe.  This is good for you remain curious about many things.  Curiosity leads to creativity and creativity leads to happiness.  When you stop being curious, you settle and crystallize your ideas; you remain rigid and stripped.  You conserve your own welfare and ignore that of others.  You become selfish and arrogant.  When you are open and alive you allow for new ideas to seep into your mind, you allow for the growth of your spirit to take form and you allow for new friendships and new people to love.  You allow your mind to be changed, as it will so often be when you join your brethren in the Morontia realm.  Rest assured that you would never have a settled thought, for your mind will constantly change and your ideas will constantly grow and your vision of the world will constantly be illuminated.

So it is in the spirit of progress that you must go forth.  It is in this very spirit that you must adjoin yourselves with your brethren here on this planet.  With this very spirit you must inspire others to seek deeper into their own lives: to understand their history, their present and their future.

There is so much to reveal to this world; there is so much that this world lacks, and many of you know this.  Many of you are well aware of its deficiencies.  And how exactly will you rectify this, how exactly will you attempt to correct its deficiencies?  What kind of action have you taken for yourself to bring the Light of Life into this world?  You are all capable people.  You are all of sound mind and have the capacity to organize thoughts.  You are well-equipped, therefore, to organize your thoughts in such a way where you can come up with a solution for this apparent problem that exists in this world.  It simply takes a matter of thoughts to solve any given problem and when you put your minds together, you have doubled your results.

There is so much to reveal to this world and yet there are many things that this world is not ready for.  It has taken a long time for this world to get to where it is and yet many see this as slow progress.  I, on the other hand, can look at this world, and understand all of its troubles and its obstacles.  I can look at this world and be of glad heart for I see many points of Light throughout this planet.  And all these Lights are Lights of change that will give direction to this world; Lights that will show the way for those who are lost.  Lights that will focalize the energy of thought, mind and spirit.  These Lights that exist in this world are true heroes for this planet for they have grown up within the obstacles of time and space, they have dealt with the rebellion of this world, and yet they remain progressive.

You are such Lights that shine beauty into this world.  You are such Lights that illuminate the hearts of others.  You are such Lights that bring order into chaos.  And with people such as you, this world will improve and change for the better.  So ask yourselves this question "What have I done to bring positive change into this planet?" and "What can I do to make it better?"  It is simply a matter of thought.  Are there any questions here tonight?

Dennis:  I think that the upcoming fight for survival will break much of the apathy and complacency which you have spoken about.  I think that is going to be, on the one hand, a very positive thing.  But, at the same time, I think that will also present a real challenge for us to be able to effectively step in the right direction.  This is just more of a comment on that.
Now my question here, which is completely unrelated, has to do with my having done some reading recently in a particular book called "The Nature of Personal Reality" where they speak of a greater identity and how it splits itself off into sub-identities and how we are each a sub-identity.  I was curious how that ties in with the Thought Adjuster and how that ties in with when we move past death and into the Morontia worlds?  What is that greater identity, is that the Thought Adjuster or when the Thought Adjuster fuses with us?  How do those two coincide, if at all?

JarEl:  TR, George:  Within the context of your question I will answer this.  The greater identity of you is the echo that exists in eternity.  It is an image in which God sees you; this greater identity is your future self.  It is the self that will actualize.  This self is the part that will fuse with your Thought Adjuster at some future date and connect with God.  You may consider this life on Urantia as a sub-life, a precursor to your eternal life.  This life will one day, and in fact seems like a dream to you, [it will] simply become a shadow of your past.  No longer will it relate directly with your true self.  All of the elements and idiosyncrasies that exist for you here will be washed away and your new self will be whole and true and sincere and will forever be connected with the true Source and Center.  That self is the true self.

Dennis:  Will we ever be cognizant of other sub-selves?
JarEl:  TR, George:  Yes, there is a point of fusion in which you will become one with your Thought Adjuster and any or all previous hosts of the Thought Adjuster will become aware to you and you will know of these past hosts that have previously been endowed with your Thought Adjuster.
Dennis:  This would also occur simultaneously, wouldn’t it?  The Thought Adjuster would be indwelling me but others in the past and the future, am I correct in this (viewing it from a non-linear timeline)?
JarEl:  TR, George:  The Thought Adjuster will only fuse with you.  Beings of previous host are no longer.  You will simply inherit their memory.  (Dennis: Thank you).

Stella:  Are all people who have Thought Adjusters in this world today, are these Thought Adjusters from people who have refused to go on into eternal life?  If that is so, that’s an awful lot of people who have refused to go on.
JarEl:  TR, George:  Not all are indwelt with experienced Thought Adjusters.  There is a large section of your society that has virgin Adjusters.  But, yes, there are many who refused to continue on despite the glory of the universe.  It is very difficult to get into the mind of one who refuses eternal life.  It is most sad to witness this poor soul refuse the grandeur of eternity attainment.  We grieve for those who refuse such a gift for they truly miss out on a grand experience of life.  But not all is lost in this universe and those Thought Adjusters that once indwelt the mortals are recycled into a new life and all those good experiences of value are brought into this Thought Adjuster for your benefits.

Donna:  JarEl, this question I am asking is for someone else in the group here.  I am asking it not for myself, but for someone else.  Another person in the group wanted to know if Caligastia has been adjudicated?
John:  Yeah, what happens to Lucifer and Caligastia and all the other planetary rulers that were involved in the rebellion on Urantia?

JarEl:  TR, George:  In connection with the Lucifer rebellion, and the proceedings of Gabriel versus Lucifer, the Ancients of Days have passed down the verdict of annihilation of the leaders of this rebellion.

The circuits to your planet have been reconnected due to the adjudication of the Lucifer rebellion.  All that is left on your planet due to the Lucifer rebellion is the residue of their malfeasance.  Therefore, you can no longer blame the devil for the horrors of man; you are on your own on that.  Does that answer your question?
Donna: Thank you, JarEl, I think that will be very sufficient.

JarEl:  TR, George:  Are there any other questions?
Anna:  We talked of keeping our thoughts high.  Can you offer any techniques, or can you teach us how we can keep our thoughts high?  Because that’s very difficult.  I know we need to think positive at all times but to put that into practice isn’t easy.  And, as a group, having to do that, other than prayer, or, is that just the best way?
JarEl:  TR, George:  My dear sister, one only has to realize their relationship to God to have high thoughts.  You are a daughter of God, you are my sister and you are the sister of all who are here in this room.  You are well loved and well received.  Likewise are you well loved and well received in the universe.  When your time finally comes when you depart from this world and you enter into the new realm of Morontia, you will witness the most glorious sights for you will be welcomed by all those who love you and who have gone before you.  Your place in this world and this universe will be rooted deep within them and your flowers of thoughts will bloom.  You will no longer want for love or companionship, for you will have it all.  One only has to think of this to have high thoughts.  You are not alone in this universe and you never shall be.  You are all one large family of brothers and sisters.  We will continue to be this family for all eternity.  I will leave you now, goodnight.
All:  Thank you JarEl.

Reality and Non-Reality and the Importance of Relationships

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Oct. 16, 2006,8:00 pm
Teachers:  JarEl
TR: George Benavides
Topics: Reality and non-reality.  The importance of relationships/friendships.

Questions: Are the various Teachers constructs in a play?  Is JarEl a real personality?
Prayer: Larry:  Dear Father thank you for this gathering.  Thank you for all of the blessings that you have bestowed on each one of us.  Help us to be good stewards of these blessings.  We love you, we love Michael, Nebadonia, Monjoronson.  We would be of service to you Father in doing your will, we would be of service to Michael in the Correcting Times and of service to Monjoronson.  Thank you for all the gifts you bestow on us and thank you for our lives and our reality.  We love you, in Michael’s name, Amen.

JarEl:  TR, George.  Good evening.  It is I, your teacher JarEl.  It is good to be back here once more and it is good to feel the presence of my friends here on this beautiful planet.  You are so fortunate that you have been born and raised here on this unique world.  Despite its setbacks, despite its grave confusion, the benefits that you receive from having traversed this reality will be great and powerful for the rest of your eternal life.

It is no wonder why [Christ] Michael chose this world.  We have observed it for many, many years and the unique source of faith in which many of you believe will constitute this world a treasure among space.

You were formerly discussing reality and non-reality and I would like to add my comments on this.  Much of what you imagine is real in your life is but an illusion of material manipulation.  Everything you touch and feel, physically feel, on this planet is but a dull reality of what is true.  To be more specific, the true reality exists within yourself, within your soul.  Everyone that you love, everyone that you care for, every friend you ever made, every heart you ever touched, is a reality that is far more real than the tallest building that you have on this planet.  These bonds that you create with your friends and family help make you more real as well.  They act as conduits in which you fulfill your spiritual destiny.  So it is necessary to have people around you at all times.  It is not recommended to become a hermit and live off in the mountains and have no contact with any sort of people for you will never grow that way, you will never experience pain, suffering or joy.  You will never experience loss and trial and you will never experience the reality of having a mirror placed up against you.  That is what society is, it is a great mirror in which you see yourself.  Many times this mirror shows you things that you do not want to see or things that you weren’t expecting.  Many times it frightens you.  But this mirror is meant for you to grow, for you to see yourself and perhaps change and become better.  That is why there are friends and family in your life so that they can be that mirror, so that they can help you change and grow and become better.

There is no benefit from isolation, it does not produce growth. The growth that I speak of is a spiritual growth; a spiritual growth that makes you more real day by day.  It is true what Larry said, that you are daily becoming more real as you continue to climb this world.  It is a long struggle and a long path that you must take for you to become completely real.  But that path does begin here and the sooner you realize that you are a spiritual being trapped in this body, the sooner you will enact the process in which you shall become more real and the sooner you will begin to focus on the things that really matter in your life.

On this planet there are many people who focus too much of their intention on things that do not matter; things that ultimately will perish, things that do not carry forth into the morontial realm.  Then when they arrive on this new shore of reality they are saddened for they have left behind many things which they treasured.  Never did they treasure the things that are within, never did they treasure the relationships that they had.  So their reality is very limited and they must learn and grow and fulfill this reality.

You people who are here and who can listen have realized that you must fulfill this reality as you traverse this planet.  So when you become aware of your spiritual self you will begin to give more importance to things of the spirit.  Ultimately this revelation of you being spirit within a material shell is a revelation to get you to love not only yourself, but those that are all around you and especially those who you consider your enemy.  When you realize that you are of spirit, then you can see the spirit within everyone.  When you see this perhaps you might want to connect with them in some way to create something; to build a bridge of some sort.  Every relationship that you have on this planet benefits you tremendously; the more people you can help benefits you exponentially.

It is ultimately up to you whether or not you want to create this reality that is around you.  You can easily have dozens of friends in an instant if you were only to go out there and allow yourself to create these relationships.  But so often have people closed off to this new possibility of friendship, so often are they caught up in their own little world, their own reality.  So often do people only limit themselves to those who they already know, never allowing themselves to make new friends.

These preconceived notions of what reality is will one day come crashing down around you and you will be forced to face this new and more powerful reality and your ideas will begin to change and your points of view will obviously change.  Eventually all of this will lead to you connecting more deeply with those who are around you; those that you love and those who love you.  This will ultimately lead you to a better understanding of the hearts of every person you will ever know.  But first you must know your own heart and your own soul.  First you must discover who you truly are and who you truly want to be.  It is what you strive to be that makes you a Son of God.  Are there any questions here tonight?

Dennis:  I had a couple of questions.  You had heard our previous conversation which was referring to a Teaching Mission group that had transmitted something along the lines of (you can correct me) there was an analogy given of the Teaching Mission and the personalities that we interact with are much like a theatrical play or like «Mash», the television show.  And my question would be, the various personalities such as JarEl, Thomas, Merium, Monjoronson, are these constructs; characters which are being played?  My question is, why the theatrical play?  Why interact with a character and not the actual entity or entities, personalities?
JarEl:  TR, George.  There are no theatrics in our interactions with you.  We do not see this as a game or play or a stage on which we must act.  We do not take lightly our mission in connecting with you.  We take all this very seriously.

Dennis:  I wasn’t questioning the intention or the motive.  I was just wondering why the intermediate step?
JarEl:  TR, George.  Whatever led you to believe that this is a stage on which we must act, is entirely false.  For we are real here, just as real as that soul which you are beginning to construct.  We are connecting with you through various spiritual circuits.  We are bringing this message now to you in the hopes that you listen to the message and not revere or worship the messenger.  Ultimately my role in all of this is simply to bring you the message.  I do not require any sort of worship or reverence.  I am ultimately not as important to you as God would be important to you.  If I can bring this message to you I will have fulfilled my mission.  If I can see the fruits of my labor on this planet, I will be satisfied.  There is much for you to see, much for you to learn and when you begin to understand how we make this connection to this planet, perhaps you will begin to understand the message which I bring to you.  Does it really matter whether or not this was a stage play if the message received from that play touched your heart?  Does it really matter?

Dennis:  My first response would be «No».  However, we have a long history of deception on this planet and so the first gut level reaction would be that red flags come up that put everything into question.  As I said, having reflected upon it, I don’t think that the content of the message and what’s which also means that the overall intention of those giving the message, I don’t question their motives, I don’t question your motives, your intentions, I don’t question the message.  But there are red flags raised when something might be introduced as a reality and then again, later on it is presented as ‘no its not exactly as what we presented it as, it is now something slightly different’, and these progressive levels at least for me— raise a red flag only because of the history of deception.  It sounds like you are taking it a little more personally than I had intended.  I wasn’t necessarily questioning your motive, or your intention, just questioning why the decision was made to present the Teaching Mission in the way that it was presented.  Now there is a question as to whether or not JarEl is a real personality or is JarEl a construct?
JarEl:  TR, George.  I am very real.  I am not a figment of anyone’s imagination.  But whether or not you chose to believe that is entirely up to you.  All of you here who are listening ultimately have to search within your own hearts and ask yourselves whether or not this is real, whether or not this is all just imagined or if it is actual messages arriving from some distant star system.
Dennis:  I don’t think anyone here questions if the messages are real.

JarEl:  TR, George.  That is up to them to decide.  All you have to worry about is what you think and what you feel and what you doubt.  Everyone on this planet has some sort of faith from time to time and they believe in some greater entity that helps them and guides them.  Without this belief their reality is nothing more than a material existence.

It is entirely acceptable to question your faith, to question that which you believe.  I caution you, however, to seriously look within your hearts and ask yourself what you feel about this.  Whether or not you feel you are deceived is for you to decide.  I assure you that we have not deceived you, nor have we been acting or pretending to be someone else.  For us this is real, for us this is a serious commission in which we do our very best to bring you the messages of the universe and to bring you the assurance that you are not alone.

You are all our brothers and sisters and we truly care for you, we truly love you.  The way in which we must bring this message down to you is at the moment the best thing we can do.  We have tried various ways and some of them have worked, but most of the time it is not entirely successful.  This age, this period of time, is the only time on this planet in which there are widespread Teaching Missions and we are seeing much success, much progress.  There is so much more that you will learn in this Teaching Mission throughout the world.  All we ask is that you be patient with the messages that come through.  Perhaps we also ask that you have faith in what we say.

That is all for tonight.  Until next time.
Group:  Thank you, JarEl.

Our Progress As Agondonters Is Praised

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Monday,  Nov. 13, 2006, 8:00 pm
Teachers:  JarEl
TR: George Benavides
Topics:  Praise is given for our progress as Agondonters.  How our lives are having powerful and positive effects on our world.  We should continue in our quest for knowledge and remain open to new ideas.  We are ambassadors and representatives of the New Age of Light and Life.
Questions:  Can we tune in to the universe broadcasts?  Are there Teaching Missions on other planets?  How are they received?  Has the Teaching Mission had any effect on our world leaders?  When you pray for someone, does it have any effect?

Prayer (Larry): Dear Father, thank you for this gathering.  Thank you for all of the blessings that you have bestowed on each one of us.  Help us to be good stewards of these blessings.  We pray for peace in the world.  We pray for the coming of Light and Life.  We pray for the materialization of Monjoronson and we would do your will, Father, in these Correcting Times.  In [Christ] Michael’s name, Amen.

JarEl:  TR, George.  Good evening.  It is I, your teacher JarEl.  It is good to be back again and it is good to see friends.  For I consider you as friends, more than that it is truly a pleasure seeing you survive this life. (Laughter)  It is amazing to look at you and see you grow and it is amazing to see you cling to your faith despite the lack of established religious authority; the spiritual kind.  We, of our Order, are very much pleased to see the progress of individuals such as you who have taken this opportunity to listen to these messages that we bring forth and you take these messages to heart.

We are pleased with your progress as individual Agondonters; individuals who, despite the fact that there is no living spiritual representative of the Father on this planet, you still believe and you still manage to keep this faith in your hearts.  It is very encouraging to see this progress and this sort of dedication that you have taken.  I can only speak for myself when I say that I am delighted to be in the company of individuals such as you.

Perhaps at this moment in your own individual lives you may not fully realize what this sort of excitement means to me.  It might not be entirely apparent to you the importance that your life has taken.  Each one of you here is a soul of destiny in this world.  Each one of you has touched, in one way or another, an individual who will be significant in the leadership of this world.  Each one of you, in one way or another, has affected the course of this planet.  You are powerful beings, powerful individuals who sway much influence over this world.  This influence comes from the knowledge that you carry forth; the knowledge that you, yourselves, have taken upon yourselves to acquire.  This knowledge that you have sought out your entire lives and that you have finally found in the pages of The Urantia Book.  It is knowledge such as this that exists in this world yet many do not bother to look for it.  But you, hungry souls, have sought out this knowledge.  You, curious individuals, have searched high and low for the meaning of your life and those that you love.

In the measure of eternal time, it did not take you too long to find this knowledge.  Compared to eternity, the moment you asked, the answer came forth.  The moment you searched, you immediately found.  True, on your world it may have seemed like an eternity until you received an answer.  But time is much slower near the center.  Even though you feel that it takes forever for an answer to come forth, believe us when we say that it is in an instant that we respond.  Always will your petitions be heard and always will we answer them accordingly.

My friends, I would like to remind you to continue in your quest for knowledge.  It is not a process in which you come to a set of conclusions.  For nothing is truly settled until you reach Paradise.  Nothing is truly consistent until you reach the Source.  And nothing is true until you reach the truth of all.  There is so much for you to continue learning.  There is so much for you to continue searching for.  I ask that you remain open to these new ideas and new messages that may arrive.  For there are always messages that are arriving.  It is not a silent universe that you live in.  There are many messages that come.  It is simply a matter of you listening and opening your mind to these new ideas.  Some of these ideas you already hold in your hearts.  You are very familiar with these truths of the universe.  But there are new ideas and new messages and only you can unlock those secrets.  Only you can pull forth the energy that exists and decipher what is there.

As you prepare for this New Age that is about to arrive.  Remember that you are the ambassadors.  Remember that you have been sent to prepare the way for the children of Light and Life.  Perhaps it may not be you that brings forth this time, but it will definitely be your children.  You shall help bring forth this age by preparing the soil for this New Age.  There is still so much for you to do.  There is much enrichment that needs to be done and it is you who helps to do it.  It is you who has the knowledge and it is you who has the will.  You are the representatives of Light and Life.  You are the first and after you there will be more.  But it shall forever remain that you were the first.  You were the ones who helped bring this New Age.  The responsibility lies on your shoulders.  It is a great responsibility for the Age that is about to come, is just as great.  This is a challenge for you to welcome for not every generation receives such a great challenge such as this.  Not every generation is privileged with such knowledge as this.  Never has this world ever prepared for such an Age.  It is a privilege on your behalf to be alive at this time in this day and age in which this world will change forever.  You are important.  Are there any questions here tonight?

Dennis:  Is it possible for us to actually tune into some of the broadcasts?
JarEl:  TR, George.  It is a faint message for you; one that you will have a hard time deciphering, my friend.  It takes great patience and practice to even tune in to our messages.  Consider these broadcasts as your current airways.  You have devices such as radios that can pick up such airways and can tune in.  There are times when the tuner needs to be adjusted; such as you need to be adjusted at times.  Consider the messages that I bring to you as a direct line, such as a telephone.  These sort of messages are more direct and are a lot clearer, for I am speaking directly to you and not to a mass audience over hundreds of miles.  Tuning in to these universal broadcasts is possible, but you will need much help to do so.  Any other questions?

Stella:  Do you have a Teaching Mission on other planets?  How do the people receive them there?
JarEl:  TR, George.  First let me describe to you the conditions under which the Urantia Teaching Mission is in effect.  It is a commission created by Michael and it is considered an emergency commission and it is directed by Melchizedek Machiventa.  These Teaching Missions are in effect because it is one of the only ways that we can communicate with you at this moment.  On other planets where they fared much better than you, there is hardly any need for such a Teaching Mission for the communication is direct.  In many cases their Planetary Prince and even their Adam and Eve still reside on the planets.  Therefore, there is no need for a widespread Teaching Mission such as this.  But those planets that are isolated and those planets that have lost their Adam and Eve and even sometimes their Planetary Prince, do need Teaching Missions such as this.  So it is not unique to your planet by any stretch of the imagination.  This is a process that has been implemented before on various other worlds and has proven most effective.  Therefore, what is happening now over your world is not an experiment of any kind for we know what we are doing and we know that this works for your benefit and for the entire world.  So, yes, to answer your question, there are other worlds that do have Teaching Missions such as this and we will continue using such tactics in the foreseeable future on any given world.

Stella:  Has the Teaching Mission had any effect on our leaders who have been so prone to war?  Is there any attempt to reach them?
JarEl:  TR, George.  Every person has a Thought Adjuster and as you know everyone has some potentiality of connecting directly with God.  And every person in this world has that connection as well.  The people of this world have awakened to certain possibilities and your leaders do listen to the people and they listen to their hearts sometimes.  It is not a lost cause to pray for your leaders.  You should not give up hope for your leaders are human and they do have souls such as you and they can be swayed to do the right thing.  So in a way everything that you do, every prayer that you say, does have an effect on those who lead you and those who are in power.  Even this Teaching Mission has affected the world in a positive way.  Those effects have rippled out and even up the stairs of power.  Any final questions?

Stella:  When you pray for someone and envelope them with love, does it have any effect on them, even though it appears it doesn’t?
JarEl:  TR, George.  The act of praying for someone is a positive thing and many times those prayers are answered.  However, it truly depends on the person you are praying for to have the capacity to receive those gifts which you are praying for.  What I mean about that is… if a person is closed to any sort of positive gift that comes from heaven, if they are unable to open up their hearts and minds to this new possibility, those gifts will remain unopened and it will seem that your prayers were unanswered when, in fact, they were answered and they were effective.  But the person that you prayed for could not receive that gift.  It is not always so, for most of the time people can recognize the good things.  But you cannot change someone who does not want to change.  That in no way diminishes the power of prayer.  Any other questions?

Lucille:  JarEl I want to thank you for all your inspiration and knowledge and information.  We truly appreciate it.
JarEl:  TR, George.  You are most welcome.  It is my pleasure to bring forth these words.  It is not often that one has such an opportunity to teach such gifted individuals on this planet.  I look forward to seeing you next time; until then, goodnight.
All:  Goodnight, JarEl.

The Spiritual Brotherhood On the Planet Has Grown

LWhelan@SBCglobal.net,TMtranscripts@Lectra.VirtualBiz.com,www.TMtranscripts.comArcadia,California,U.S.A. PR
Nov. 27, 2006,8:00 pm
Teacher:  JarEl
TR: George Benavides
Topics: The spiritual brotherhood on this planet has grown.  Don’t be discouraged by the news of the day.  We can bring this world into a different axis of spirituality.  God can see the Age of Light and Life in Urantia’s future.  We should use our time wisely to contribute to this end and have no regrets over wasted time or wasted lives.
Questions:  JarEl, what are some of your other duties and responsibilities? Is there anything additional we should do besides spread the gospel of the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man? How can we help bridge the gap between Christians and Muslims?

Prayer (Donna):  Dear Father, we thank you for this gathering here of our dear friends.  We thank you for this time and this opportunity to hear from one of the spiritual teachers that you have sent to us.  Please open our minds and hearts to discern the truth of the words.  Please let your will be done in all of our lives.  We love you.  In Michael’s name, Amen.

JarEl:  TR, George.  Good evening, it is good to be back.  It brings me great joy to arrive at this session.  After all these years it has almost become routine.  There are many things that I do but this is one of the things that I find much joy in.

The spiritual brotherhood on this planet has grown.  The connections that are being made within each individual’s heart are becoming stronger.  There are certain signs that you must look for that will make you aware of this growing trend.  Most of you are aware already of what to look for.

You must not concern yourselves too much with these wars and these rumors of wars.  They are of no consequence as to where you would be.  Every single one of you here has the knowledge available that will help bring this world into the next Age.  It is simply a matter of you taking the initiative to make this possible.  When you really think about it there are no obstacles in your way. It is only you that stops yourself from completing any task.  It is simply your will that needs to take the initiative.  It is your will that must be encouraged to continue.  It is understandable how the will can falter sometimes.  I completely understand how you can be discouraged by the news of the day and you wonder to yourself if this is all worth it?

But do not fret, my friends, for these times will pass.  The seeds which you’ve planted will sprout and begin to show root within the soil of humanity.  You will begin to see the fruits… [Missed section]… the avenues in which you must travel.

This world turns on its own axis in a material form but it only turns on the spiritual axis when you become involved.  The spirit of God is within each and every one of you.  You can bring this world onto a different axis of spirituality.  You can have it rotate on the glory of God if you only found a way to work for it.  All things are possible in this universe and nothing is impossible.  This task of bringing this world into the next Age of Light and Life may seem daunting at this point of Urantia history.  But I assure you that it is a real probability and possibility.

If anything, you should feel relieved that this is something that God can see in the future. This foresight of His has been resonating down through the different levels of spirituality so that we, of a slightly higher order than yourself, can feel this inkling of assurance that this world will one day come into the Age of Light and Life.  This inkling that we feel is proof enough that this will one day be a fact.

So rest assured, my friends, that all the work that you do here will come to fruition in a different Age.  Perhaps you will not be here.  Perhaps it will be ages by which time you will have died.  But, despite this, your work nonetheless is important to all of humanity.  It is you that they will remember.  It is this Age which they will look back to and mark as an important part of history.

This is the task in which you are currently involved.  This is your work at this moment in your spiritual career.  After you die you will be given different tasks and different assignments.  But the current one that you hold is of utmost importance to the whole world and not just you alone.  You will have plenty of time to work on yourself.  However, you are only on this planet for a little time and so much can be done.  It is a shame to see your time wasted.  It is a pity to realize that you could have done more and instead squandered your hours away.  But this is not any sort of judgment, my friends, it is simply an observation.  It is you who will be your own judge in the Ages to come.  It is you who will regret these things and look back at your life and be harsh on yourself.  I only advise you at this moment so you might save yourself that heartache of regret for I, too, have experienced that.  Nonetheless it is your own experience that you must deal with and it is your own decisions that you must make.

I cannot decide for you on what you should do here on this planet.  I can simply advise and perhaps give you the best course over which you can travel.  Currently the best course you can travel is to follow the Will of God.  This is different for every one of you.  You will find it in your hearts, you follow this Will and you complete your task, and it will affect people and you will bring relative peace into this planet.  Then, my friend, you can die happy.  You can die knowing that you have changed this world for the better.  But this is entirely up to you.  Are there any questions here tonight?

Jerry:  JarEl, at the beginning you made a statement that I would appreciate your expanding on for our benefit, if you would.  You commented on the fact that there are many things that you do when you aren’t with us.  It would be insightful if you would share with us some of your other duties and responsibilities?
JarEl:  TR, George.  I will share some.  I work closely with the ascending mortals of the various spheres.  I help them achieve finaliter status.  I come down through the ranks of Morontia beings and illustrate to them the glories of the
kingdom of God.  I am currently acting in a Teacher mode.  All my responsibilities deal with instruction of pupils such as yourself and those of the Morontia world.  I do not have any administrative duties at this time, neither do I work in the administrative headquarters.  All my duties deal with the instruction of ascending mortals and bringing them to the knowledge of God.  It is a very fulfilling task and I am kept quite busy as you can imagine for there are millions and billions of ascending mortals to instruct.  That is all I will say for now. (Thank you).  Are there any more questions?

Pato:  I have a question, please.  The Master has commissioned us to go forth and spread the good news of the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man and this is to all the world.  It seems as though on this planet at the moment that most men or most parts of the world have heard this good news.  Is there anything additional that we are required to do once this becomes generally accepted knowledge?  That is my question.
JarEl:  TR, George.  Yes, there is an additional task and that is to take these words and live them; embody them, to take these very words of the brotherhood of man and be a complete example.  The whole world can hear this message of the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man.  But what does it mean to them?  They just glaze over it sometimes and not really ponder it.  It is only when individuals such as yourself take it upon themselves to embody these messages that people begin to take notice and wonder where your inspiration comes from.  And all along it was right under their noses this clear message of brotherhood and sisterhood, of Fatherhood.  It is very difficult for people on this planet to live in a family, especially a family of the world.  This simple concept of relationships such as brotherhood and sisterhood and Fatherhood are beyond many individuals for they themselves have grown up in dysfunctional families.  When you begin to show forth your true nature as being a true brother, their concept of family begins to change and begins to grow.  When you show the people of this world what it is to be a brother, they begin to admire you and begin wanting to be like you.  So it is not enough to just tell people that there is a brotherhood of man and a Fatherhood of God.  It is also important to show them how that is possible.  That is the task which I give you.  (Thank you very, very much.)  You are welcome.

Jerry:  JarEl, there is, as you well know, a big gap between the Christian world and the Islamic world and, with respect to this message you just shared with us, maybe you could suggest ways to us in which we could help to bridge that and bring about and illustrate and live more exemplary as members of the family of God to reach out and to basically bridge the gap between these two areas of our society, our civilization?
JarEl:  TR, George.  There are many possibilities in which you can build a bridge between these two great religions.  However most people cannot see this, most people cannot acknowledge there being a bridge and that is the reason why there remains such a huge rift.  But people such as yourself, my friend, can perhaps see beyond that and can convince them that we are brothers and sisters.  It is a great task to convince people of this.  It is difficult to completely eradicate someone’s beliefs and supplant them with another and that is entirely unadvisable as well.  What is advisable is that you connect with them spiritually, that you reach out with your hearts, not your minds.  Do not over-think this, just feel it with your hearts as true human beings and this will bring in the other side.  This will build that bridge that you so desperately look for and which was lying there all along in your hearts.  So see beyond their belief, see beyond the race, see beyond their culture and see to their hearts and when you find that gem, my friend, you will know what richness is.  As you are aware, there is still much work for you to do.  I will not give you all the answers.  But these answers you must find on your own. Are there any last questions?  Very well, I wish you all a good night.
All:  Goodnight, JarEl.

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