Teachings of Master Machiventa Melchizedek, 2006


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Teachings of Master Machiventa Melchizedek
 Machiventa Melchizedek
Teachings Given by Melchizedek to Teaching Missions of Urantian Groups During the Year 2006

Published in this website on May 1st, 2007.  From www.TMarchives.com .

Your Concerns about Magisterial Mission
Machiventa Knows Your Struggles

www.TMarchives.com, Machiventa Melchizedek-Your Concerns About Magisterial Mission, 122405-OregonTeam, Adair Village, Oregon TeaM LinEL Group Special Daytime Session
Teacher: Machiventa Melchizedek
T/R: Thea
December 24, 2005
(Note: Daranadek
Melchizedek was in attendance, along with the regular group teachers, but did not speak on this occasion – Group teacher messages were not transcribed (as yet). Machiventa requested that his message be transcribed and shared despite T/R reluctance.)

Synopsis by paragraph:

1) Machiventa Well Knows of Our Concerns about the Mm
2) A Few Words on the Fact That All Our Personal Experience Is in the Context of Urantian History
3) The Fact of
Urantia as an Experimental Planet Resulted in Unforeseen Problems
Caligastia Deliberately and Knowingly Fostered the Default to Take Advantage of Our Uniqueness
5) The Context of
Lucifer Legacy Deficits Do Affect Our Abilities to Understand One Another
6) Our Genetic and Cultural Heritage Affects Our Ability to Receive the Adjutants
7) Our Degree of Variation Here Is Greater and Partly Problematic in Relation to Interpretations
8) Machiventa Knows Our Sincerity and Loves Us Deeply While Seeing Our Lack of Balance
9) Our Strong Feelings about Our Differences Are Understandable
10) Machiventa Knows Our Struggles, Yet Sees Us Wrestle with Issues of Balance
11) Human Hunger for the Healing of
Is Primal, Built into Us for Reasons of Forward Motion
12) The Diversity of the Apostles Was Intentional, Chosen Through Michael’s Wisdom
13) We Are Also Diverse —a Strength When Our Unity Is Based Solely on the Father’s Sovereignty
14) Michael Is Not the Father —His Gospel Is the Source of Our Unity and Points Always Father-ward
15) None of Us Are to Point Fingers of Blame. Things in All Directions May Not Be as They Seem.

16) The Mission Is Rooted in the Growth of the Individual. Even So, Does the Supreme Evolve?
17) We must Look into Our Hearts and Be Wise in Our Seeing – Focus More on Sharing Truths.
18) Learning
Love Is Foremost; Love Takes Precedence;Love Is Ever the Most Profound Reality.

Machiventa Melchizedek (T/R, Thea):  Dear Ones, it is I, Machiventa, yourPlanetary Prince and privileged servant in Michael’s mission of reclamation forUrantia.  [N. of E.: Christ Michael appointed Machiventa Melchizedek as an interim Planetary Prince for planet Earth until Esu Immanuel Sananda would be officially appointed to this position after the Second Coming.  Sananda is now the Planetary Prince although not appointed officially yet at the time this article is published.] I know your hearts have long pondered the issues of the day, the situation regarding the coming of a Magisterial Son to your world. Also, you know that this is an event that will happen in the scheme of things, and that it is naturally a time to be longed for.

But before I address this situation more directly, permit me to speak to you a few words concerning your human hearts and to offer to expand your understanding of one another as you struggle so to comprehend each other’s perspectives on this topic. Everything that you do and think and feel is in the context ofUrantia, the world of your origin, despite the fact that the lasting realities of your experience are rooted in the larger universe. Naturally, therefore, the entire cultural milieu in which you have evolved and have developed down through the ages colors your physical —your genetic— capacities. What has happened to this world has happened to you, both through the environment of your current living and the genetics of your inheritance.

This world is an experimental one, and many of the things planned for your special development did occur. But likewise did many of them lose the finishing touches that would have made a major difference in your ability to use these specially developed genetic tools of living. Among these was the way specifically in which your brains were organized to interact with the adjutant mind spirits, the bestowal of mind via our belovedMother Spirit. Even in the degradation of your situation, the brilliance of the experimental work of the Life-Carriers can be seen. For many of the mechanisms work extremely well, but due to the lack of genetic uplift, they work in many cases against what you need. rather than on your behalf. This was one of the devious results of Lucifer’s rebellion.

Caligastia well knew the exact genetic situation, knew that you would need such an up step if the plans of the Life-Carriers were to be fully successful. He knew that will had been brought about early onUrantia, and he knew what some of the specific results of the lack of genetic up step were likely to be. Hence his machinations with the clear intent of destroying the Adamic mission were not mere mischief, but in large part, carefully planned and orchestrated to obtain specific results. And this is indeed what you have receivedphysical brains that literally result in developmental difficulties because the violet blood was not sufficient to alter pathways necessary to connect correctly to the input regions for the adjutant mind spirits.

Why do I speak to these things that seem so far a field, you may ask of me. I address you on this topic because such circumstances, along with many, many others, have inter-related effects on your very patterns of life and thought. Thus they are totally relevant to the discussion at hand, and to some of why you have such difficulties in understanding one another when differences arise.

OurMother Spiritgives you your minds —her mind ministry provides you with the medium by which you construct thought, by which you think. Your evolutionary physical brains give you the animal mechanism that receives that mind ministry consisting of the adjutant mind spirits. How a physical brain is formed affects your capability to receive that ministry. Genetic differences affect this capability. In the more extreme differences, an insect brain is incapable of receiving the same amount and quality of ministry as a horse. Likewise, with you as will creatures, different ones of you think differently in part because your physical mechanism varies. Add to this the extreme influences of your cultural heritage —global, racial, national, societal, institutional, familial and yet other environment of culture, and you will see that even independent of personal free will choice, your thinking and your conceptualizing will vary greatly.

So now you come together, most of you having a central conceptual core called theUrantiaBook. And yet you find that even with this basis, interpretation has varied. People don’t understand the same words and concepts in the same manner, to the same degree, with the same enthusiasm or depth or breadth. While most of this is normal and can be found on a normal world, the range and degree of variation here is impacted both by your being an experimental planet and by the loss of the stabilization of both a planetary cultural uplift and a genetic physical uplift. Thus your differences are more profound and convolutionally perverse than would be typical on a normal world. And this is the context in which you think and feel and meet with one another in your discussions on the true nature of any concepts you attempt to share.

We all know, and deeply appreciate, just how much this mission means to you. It brings great satisfaction to our hearts that you have listened, have heard and responded to the call, that we have been able to be of service to you. We love you with a profound and deep affection, one greatly deepened by our long association with you, and for me this time has been a crowning glory of all my years of service onUrantia and in your behalf. Yet in your intensity of the deep meaning to you of this Correcting Time, you do not readily realize that you often lack the capability for balance. You have not been well taught in this deprived world culture, nor are the aspects bred into you as well as was once planned. You will be wrestling for some time to come to attain even a beginner’s understanding of true balance. And do not chastise yourselves that this is so, for it is not easy of attainment on the most normal of worlds in the earlier stages of development and it is particularly difficult for you on a world stricken as badly as yours. There are only a few worlds that have fared as bad or worse than your own in this travestyLucifer fostered inNebadon.

But you come at any differences of opinion about things that matter with multiple restraining factors right from the start. And so it is utterly understandable that you will have strong feelings and reactions to the differences among you about something that means as much to you as this mission does. And that you will struggle with agreement, with assessment, with beliefs, with the details of this long-hoped for uplift you so desire.

Dear ones, we know your struggles with this and have nothing but compassion and love for your sincere hearts, for your longing to better know and understand just what is true and what is not. Your need for certainty is all the greater for the great disruption of your world wrought by the rebellion and default. And it often manifests as a desire for certainty in ways that cannot yet be. Our answers to you on these things cannot always be as simple as you would like or even we would like. Again, that requirement of balance means we are continually making decisions, both personally and in our conferences and discussions, as to what to speak to and when. If we give you too little, you founder. If we give you too much, you cease in using your own decision-making capacity to its fullest. As any parents must deal with their children’s needs, so it is with us, for the pattern of parent/child, teacher/student is a universal one and the lessons thereof do not end any time soon. You are our beloved students, children of the realms, and your ultimate welfare is always of greater import than your immediate concerns. Every parent knows that this can be very difficult and even painful, and so it often is for us. But be assured your welfare is always our greatest consideration as we work with you to build a future that will bring Light and Life to your world.

I know that you all hunger for this time onUrantia, the time when all will finally fall into place, fall into step with the more normal scheme of things. We also long to see this happen, to see the wrongs righted and the woes redressed. But the struggle of the races ofUrantia has ever been for patience. Part of this is simply natural to the children of the evolutionary universe, but in your case, it is also part of the lack of healthy cultural training and genetic perfecting. When our beloved sovereign Michael left your world, many who had seen him believed that he would return in their lifetimes. This utterly understandable yearning has remained with you and will not fade away until such time as he does return, and the other ministries of the sons of theEternal Son are fulfilled. This yearning is in you for a reason – it helps you to move forward even in the face of darkness and despair – it is the outward yearning towards your destiny that is fulfilled within. But it has always been possible to misinterpret this yearning and to make your hopes into realities that are not yet at hand. There is no shame in this. Far better that you yearn for the fulfillment of such spiritual hopes than that you languish hopeless and without direction. But when you become insistent that others interpret that hope in the same light that you do interpret it, you are in danger of falling into error.

The apostles were chosen in part to represent a wide variety of personalities and their reactions to Michael’s bestowal mission, to show for the ages and throughoutNebadon how different personalities can function together despite great differences. And as you know from your own studies, they did not always function together smoothly. There was much dissension among them for the same kinds of reasons that you now struggle with one another. Nothing mattered more to them than to see the will of their beloved Michael done on this earth. In each and every heart of them, save the betrayer, that yearning was pure and intense. And yet each of them had a different vision of what was, and what was to be. This is one of the many reasons why the early church did not form in harmony from such diversity of beginnings. But if Michael’s teachings were to move forward with at least some chance to avoid as much as possible rigidity and dogma, and to reach the greatest number of his children, generations yet unborn, then the risks of diversity were a necessity. Had he chosen apostles of all one type, forming a religion might have been a far easier task. But the universality of its appeal and the broad outreach of its values would never have been possible. Therefore, with the wisdom that he manifested, both human and divine, Michael, knowing well what the difficulties would be, chose wisely from a diverse group of men (as well as his diverse and faithful women’s corps) because this was the most effective way to proceed.

And here and now today, it is no different. This mission has appealed to a wide variety of people, and over time that variety will only grow greater. This is as it should be. But as you have discovered, it is not easy to create and maintain unity in the midst of such diversity. And unity is essential. The key concept here is that, as always, you must build unity around the sovereignty of the Father himself and no being less than the Father. This is why, although you are told that who has seen Michael has seen the Father, he never stated that he was the Father – he would not let himself be worshiped, nor called good, saying this was for the Father alone.

Michael will not stand in for the Father, despite the fact that much of his function does exactly so through theEternal Son here inNebadon. Your rallying call must always be to the Father as the Center, and the fullKingdom of Heaven – the simple truths of Michael’s gospel are the ground of your unity. There will ever be the desire to create differing sects and variants that appeal to specific groups of people and this is well and good AS LONG AS you recognize that the sovereignty remains solely with the Father of All, the Center of Creation. When you promote your variants of the cause, it is essential that you keep this in mind. For any variant that fails to understand this simple yet crowning truth, this over-arching reality, will ultimately not succeed in its goals, however lofty.

But it is not for you, any of you, to point fingers of blame. It is always well and good to stand and affirm your faith and to speak to troubling issues in a spirit of resolution and the deepening of mutual understanding. Any means of sincerely seeking to understand one another better leads to deeper love and results in more profound wisdom of experience. But aside from such things, it is far better to keep your focus on the truths that you have to proclaim, and permit others to follow their own path, whether upward as all in any dedicated group believe, or downward, as their failure to perceive reality adequately may take them. Some of the groups in this mission, however brilliant, will fail. It may be that some have mis-perceived the proper timing to take action and have come to the fore prematurely. It may be that others have lagged behind in their pursuit of unfolding truths that enliven and enbiggen [enlarge] towards forward steps. It may be that some are afraid to march forward while yet others are too bold to be wise.

In this, you are like any other group of humans upon your world. But this mission is not rooted in the failures or successes of your specific groups or variants, but on the individual spiritual growth step by step that adds to the forward motion of the All. Therefore every one of you has value to the success of this mission, whether in a group or alone. Your choices for the Father’s will, your sincere desires to move forward, will always be the basic building blocks of the reclamation ofUrantia, even as they are the building blocks of the Supreme. The Supreme evolves, personality by personality with personality. The aggregations formed of multiple personalities come and go on a basis of functionality and a variety of purposes. But the individual’s choice of the will of God through identification with the indwelling spirit, remains the watchword of the evolutionary races of time and space, and step by step, however much faltering occurs, you move into eternity.

"Love is the most profound reality in all of creation and eternity. It is yours, now and always."
Machiventa Melchizedek

So ask in your own hearts what it is that you believe and where your loyalties lie. Be wise and discerning. Assess what is before you and what you hear and see, in both word and deed. Make your own choices, and seek always your adjuster’s voice and the endless friendship of theSpirit of Truth. Debating your choices with others who have made their choices is useless. Debasing others for their choices is wasted effort and worse. Dead trees eventually fall of their own weight. Fruiting trees eventually bear fruit. Patience is always the harvester of any sincere desires, and even the dead trees that fall may provide shelter to the new hopes and dreams that seemed too frail at first to persist. You will have more success if you seek more to share the truths of the gospel of Michael than to debate the details of administrations that you cannot yet even begin to understand.

Even as you love your Father-God, knowing you are respected as an eternal child in his kingdom, love one another. Learning love takes precedence over every thing that can ever be. Have love and you have it all. Have not love and you are bereft of all. When you lose your way and wonder what your task is, return always to the one eternal basic thing:Love one another.

And in this most important of actions —living love— know always that it is as we have ever said —the Father of all is everywhere present— his vital love lives within your own being. His love surrounds you and fills every smallest space with the potency of unfolding eternity and infinity. His love is the grandest galaxy in space and the tiny twinkle in the eyes of a beloved child. If you open your hearts and minds you will find him everywhere. There is nowhere where he is not. And as you seek him with a sincere heart, you will become like him, and recognize his primacy. And in this recognition, your kinship with one another. And in that time, all that you desire will come to be. And in this moment, all your desires are alive in the unfoldment process towards that goal.

Love is the most profound reality in all of creation and eternity. It is yours, now and always.
Machiventa Melchizedek

We Are Engaged in a Process of Ministry

T.OldBill@Verizon.Net, TMtranscripts@Circuit1.TeaMcircuits.com, www.TMarchives.com
Subject: Lightline Teleconference
Teacher: MachiventaMelchizedek
T/R: Mark Rogers
Prayer: Divine parents, you know all things and therefore do you know of the desire of our hearts to approach you in this hour, in this manner, in this fashion we have before us. Please join us in this process that we may feel your presence. Please let us hear your inspirational words and please help us to be open and receptive to your loving energies. We are your little children who seek nothing more than to approach you and be close to you and we will seek and search and find any way possible including what we attempt in this hour. We know of a certainty you will find us there as well.

Machiventa: I welcome the opportunity in this hour and this manner to greet you. I am Machiventa Melchizedek and I am carrying out my mandate of training to your world, our world, and I have many students who have been with me a great deal of time but I welcome any students who would willingly sign on as these devoted and faithful ones have.

We are engaged in a process of ministry wherein we are providing the concepts and principles necessary to navigate through your individual spiritual journeys as well as our group processes of evolution. Your primary mission is always to your own personal growth that you may come closer to the Father and grow in your awareness to the relationship to the First Source and Center, but along this way there are many twists and turns in the road and many opportunities present themselves and having some familiarities with basic universe principles you are afforded an opportunity to be more creative with your own individual journey.

You are beginning to experience what we have discussed, the increased pressure to our planet. The increased spiritual pressure is bringing about the opening up of receptivity of individuals to discover about their spirit component and pursue matters of spiritual importance. There will be this surge of interest as there awakens within the individual the desire to express that aspect of themselves and here we are preparing to undergo this journey together. It is my privilege and role to assist you in this process and I have remained steadfast at my post for a very long time and I plan to see this project through in service to [Christ] Michael.

As well I perceive many of you would be in service. I perceive the desire of your hearts to make a difference, to do something that matters and, as you so desire, so shall it be. The vast resources of the universe can become accessible to you with the proper orientation of spirit. You will learn to wield great powers in your time as a direct result of your desire to develop spiritually and your subsequent actions to foster such a desire. Each step that you make spiritually brings you new senses of awareness as more and more of you become awakened to your potentials.

We have a grand and glorious opportunity arising before us. We are privileged to be at this juncture, at this intersection of time when we have been given a mandate to implement great spiritual changes upon this world. We have awaited so long for such instructions from on High and now we have received them. We may move forward. It is in this time that the changes will be made and it is through such as yourselves that these changes will be brought about. Do not expect that you will be assisted by material elements but rather you will be assisted by spiritual circuits.

It will not be up to another to be inspired and make a move, rather, it will be up to each of you to be inspired and to put yourselves into movement wherein you may be directed. When you are stationary it takes a great momentum to put you in motion, but when you are in motion it takes but a small nudge to redirect you into service. Therefore, be in motion and be receptive to your inspirations and desires. It is there you will find your direction, your confirmation. It is in fact your mouths, your hands and your feet that will bring about these changes.

We absolutely require your active participation as our mandate does not allow us to create what you do not desire. What you desire and begin to create, then all the forces of the universe might come into play. Therefore be this link in the chain for us.  Be this final connection between spirit, divine and material. It is you that represent that flash point of connection. It by your will and your choices that you activate that circuit. It is necessary for you to choose to be a part of this circuit and then allow that your choice provides you with the ability to do just so.

Be willing to act as if you believed because when you do act as if, then so shall be it. These are times as our world has not seen before and we are privileged to be here in motion together. I pledge you my commitment and my support in this process, in fact you have far more resources than mine but I as well look to you for your commitment and support in this process. Each one of you is qualified to function in this capacity. If you hear these words, they are meant for you. You are able sons and daughters of God and as such you have as your birthright, a connection to the First Source and Center. You may access this connection. Indeed you will and until then there are all of us around to aid in your learning process.

It is my privilege to share with you in this forum. Would there be any interaction that could happen at this time, questions or comments or suggestions?

Q:Thank you, Machiventa, for that inspiration and as you define be in motion and act and it shall be, I recall a phrase I once heard from a Master teacher…"see the work, do the work, stay out of misery." My question is, in that endeavor, how would you define soul-to-soul communication and what prescription could you give of how we can do that and improve upon that style of communication?

Machiventa: Every aspect of the paradigm is different facets of energy, different vibrational levels that are able to join each other and co-mingle energies. In fact, we right now are engaged in just such a process. We are availing ourselves of telephone circuits as well but we are co-mingling our individual energy signatures even now as we speak. We are forming a circuit between us, our energies are co-mingling. Likewise spiritual communication has no particular restraints of time or space. True spiritual communication is the co-mingling of energies which happens via a number of established circuits.

This form of co-mingling or communication is far more complete and accurate than establishing a verbal form of word and sound symbols. In fact when you, each one, develop the ability to traverse these spiritual circuits you will realize the vast limitation you have endured in your evolutionary process having to funnel your communication through verbal audio exchange. This is not so very far from you even now. Even now in this hour you are engaged in exporting your energy signature out. I and the rest of us are joining in co-mingling with that energy signature and forming this circuit of union. This is an example of how any circuit may be formed.

It is through the sheer force of will that we have all come together around this table, so to speak, and having done so we [are] creatively constructing this circuit among us and between us. This type of circuit building is exactly the technique used when on a higher vibrational level you would meet and form and have a union of spirit level vibration where words would certainly not be necessary and one day you will reflect on the great progress you have made in overcoming your limitations of communication inherent upon such a material world. Does this speak to your question?

Q:Yes, it does, but if I may ask for just a little clarification. Is this, which I referred to as soul-to-soul communication, occurring regardless of our awareness or is there something that we can do to improve this style of connection and communication?

Machiventa: Yes and yes. It is occurring quite naturally as a result of the being that you are and the fact that your soul is one component of yourself, and it is possible for you to have awareness of this soul communication and it is possible for you to develop greater awareness of this soul communication. It is the development of one of your senses which is undeveloped at this stage. At some later stage it may be highly developed and you would gain more simply walking into the room with someone and sharing spiritually than you would through having some lengthy dialogue with another. It is inherent in your composition that you have this aspect of self.

It is not that it is developed, that is your task to be about, but it is a latent potential and can be developed by all. I would offer you direct technique. I encourage any and all who will listen to assume the practice of stillness. Stillness of the mind for brief periods of time can present you with the proper attitude with which to be receptive to the energies of the Divine. If you form a practice of stillness and receptivity you will find that you are knocking and the door will be opened. You are asking and you will receive. You are praying and your prayers will be answered. This is the technique, the key that you asked for.  Will there be any other dialog or questions?

Q:Good evening Machiventa. [Good evening.] I would like also some clarification. I am gaining experience in looking at hierarchies, or orders of operation at work, I am in communication, and I have read in transcripts that our seraphim guardians can approach us but our thought adjusters are not approachable or contactable by the seraphim. This would seem to me to be another reason why you say that we are such an important component in this chain of work and publish?, for the Correction Time. I would like to have you speak to that. Inter or exclusive sets of circuitry that we can….as if we were participating in through our stillness. Thank you.

Machiventa: You are absolutely correct in your assertion that there are no others who can take your place in this chain of command that was spoken of. You alone hold your position and the entire system in built in this fashion. That is what is so special about you being here now. This is a chance when this chain can be fulfilled, a chance when this chain can be completed, a chance where the Divine can make it all the way down to the material through you. Will you be lightning rods for us? Will you be a strong link in our chain, each one? Will you accept this privilege, this opportunity to bridge this gap? Will you stretch your arms out and embrace all that can become of your role, your purpose?

I think so. I think each and every one of you has as the desire in your heart, to play such a role. Do not be bashful. Do not be concerned that it appears too divine or too big or too much because nothing is too big or too much when [Christ] Michael has issued His mandate. We are going to co-create what happens next, you and us. So, can we work together, will we be effective, will our mission come to great fruition? I have no doubts of the success of this opportunity we have before us. It is simply to play it out and each one of you is on the team, in the classroom about to go out on missionary and uplift the world. Each one of you is the leaven in the bread. A little yeast raises a lot of bread. This is as it should be and as it will be.

Q:May I ask another question? [Please.]I hesitate to mention some of my current authors I am reading but I wonder, I hope that you will bear with me, I am rereading because I am so interested in my part in this mission and this team effort. I’ve been rereading my Teilhard de Chardin «Phenomenon of Man», «The Future of Man», «Building the Earth», «Letters to a Traveler» and I feel very happy to be aware of [Christ] Michael’s mission. I also feel very happy to be a mortal, a human, a Urantian who is coming up through the evolutionary rank and at the same time I’m uncomfortable thinking of myself as a missionary but rather as more of leaven, that there is a co-creative partnership with our Adjuster and ourselves dedicated to this uplift. I’m wondering if in every single person that we pass by we are there to be the lightning rod or the spark or the encouragement for this human or mortal innate effort, longing to progress, and that the more we express this longing out loud through the only way that we can which is verbal or written, not withstanding the soul communication, but is it a reasonable belief to act as if there is this desire on every person’s part, whether they are a believer or not, to somehow contribute to the uplifing or advancement of the whole world population. Is that inherent in us?

Machiventa: There is inherent within you the avenue of choice and while most individuals will end up choosing avenues which are beneficial and positive and uplifting there are always those who will exercise other choices in order to establish the contrast of choice. It is not given that human nature would dictate that you do not have complete freewill choice, therefore must all aspects of choice be available to be chosen and therefore will some investigate all aspects of choice. The real key is not about what another will choose but rather only what will you choose.

We have only these choices to make, only in the next moment, only in this time do we have what are all important choices to make, each day, each hour, each opportunity, each circumstance is a choice. You are entirely and only responsible for your choices. How another chooses to proceed will have to be up to their choices. You may present yourself as a reflection of the Divine to all those who you come in contact with and there will be a great number who will be highly attracted to that reflection but there will always be an element who has not yet arrived at such appreciation and it is not your responsibility to do more than be yourself and make your own choices.

You as a mortal of the realm are first obliged to yourself to fulfill your own spiritual growth and to complete these growth spurts and growth cycles and quite naturally as a result of experiencing spiritual fruits and spiritual growth comes the desire to be of service. This is normal and natural but should never be seen as your dominant purpose. You have only one purpose and that is to find God and to the extent that you would like to help others along the way so be it. Fear not for what any other would choose, only make the very most out of each of your choices. (Thank you.)

Q:Good evening, this is ******.  (Good evening.) I have a thought about audio communication and how little a part it plays in our human dialogue. Quite often the visual element is much more receptive to gestures and body language and such that it is sometimes thought to comprise 80 or 90% of the communication that we are sending and receiving. With that as a context would you say that it might be an additional circuit that would benefit engaging in to augment any sort of spirit and morontia circuits accordingly? We have the option of video linking and I’m just thinking of proposing that to the group.

Machiventa: I would have to say that I do not perceive that to be a wise choice and the reason is these various forms of stimuli that you mentioned have varying degrees of impact on the brain function and the overall physiological response of the human body. Images which are viewed are dominant over the receptors in the brain and require the brain to spend unnecessary amounts of energy to classify and sort and store images that are being played on to the screen of the mind.

Likewise your audio communication requires certain capacity of the mind to interpret, to process and to store what you are engaging in right now. Before it was mentioned about spiritual communication. There are other senses like these first two we just mentioned, this other sense of spiritual communication, actually spiritual communion, is another of your senses. I think that if your desire is to develop this most subtle of your senses it would not make much sense to overburden your sensory inputs of other types while you are trying to develop this most sublime of senses.

That is why the most effective posture is stillness, no other stimulants into the system allowing the brain to slow down and rest and allowing the spirit to rise. It is not a brain function that you are attempting to achieve, it is important to realize that. It is not thoughts that you are going to think, it is the feeling of the soul that you are going to experience. It is not a condition from outside that will bring you to that place, it is fostering the conditions on the inside.

Therefore it is probably most helpful to engage in elimination of unnecessary stimulation so that you can focus on the more subtle aspects of self and perhaps hear the soft elements of self. It is going to become important and necessary for you to distinguish that which is spirit and that which is mind. The two are in fact quite separate. Your mind, your brain, is your tool, your switchboard through which all activities pass and are processed and are stored.

This is only one of your components, one of your organs, one of your tools to use. This is not your enduring aspect of soul. Your soul is that part of you that is in a growth process and which is not bound by the restrictions of time and space. Your soul can communicate through these spiritual communications, through this other sense yet to be fully developed. That is not your mind. Your mind is resident in your skull and is a tool, your soul is temporarily housed in your body.

I would sincerely like to thank everybody who has formed this circuit. It is a pleasure and a privilege to form this energy loop with you at this time. I am infused with the joy of a miracle unfolding, the miracle of the spread of spirit of which I call you to witness this hour. It is truly a miracle and I witness it with great joy. I welcome you all into my classroom. I give you commitment that I will work with you in this process and that together we can function to co-create the miracles before us. (Thank you.)

I withdraw, thank you all.

Choice is the Grandest of All Possible Gifts You Have

T.OldBill@Verizon.net, TMtranscripts@Circuit1.TeaMcircuits.com, www.TMtranscripts.com

Subject: Lightline 5-18-06
Teacher: Machiventa Melchizedek
T/R: Mark Rogers
Prayer: Divine Parents, once again we come before you, the Children of Yours, that we are, and since you know all things, therefore do you know of the desire of our hearts to approach you in this hour, in this manner, in this very fashion of our choosing. We know you will reach out to us in whatever manner that we choose so we know you will be present with us in this hour as well. We would approach you as children with open hearts to be teachable that we may receive from you that which you would give us through your grace. May our intentions be embraced. May our spirits be reached by our force of will that we desire to do this. Help us, and help us to accept your help, thank you.

Machiventa: I greet you this evening and I accept your invitation to attend this forum, to be a part of this circuit that you and we form in this hour. I am Machiventa Melchizedek and it is my privilege to oversee the many and varied forms of classrooms such as this in which the Divine is made material through your act of will. You who join this forum of your own choosing are bringing to this table the most significant contribution a human being can make. You are bringing your will, your desire, and your action to this format and with these things, miracles happen.

With these things you may be granted that which you seek. This experience we are engaged in is but another classroom wherein you may be exposed to universe principles that you will embrace and then become. These classrooms are attended by the willing, by the ones who act such as yourselves. When you seek, you shall find and so you are here. This is the answer to your prayers as well as the answer to the desires of your Creator, that you approach Him.

He has provided all avenues of approach and delights when you select and choose to access these avenues. When you choose, you create a circuit from the Divine all the way down to the material plane. It is you who are the lightning rods. The transfer of energy can now flow. It was as simple as your choosing to make it so and yet as profound as the miracle that it represents. We are as distant an outpost as there is from the First Source and Center and yet even so far away you are drawn to seek and to find the very Source and Center of all.

It is my privilege to be a part of this process and to oversee your education of these principles. These classrooms take many varied and numerous forms and you are beginning to recognize them as they pop up in your lives. They appear as opportunities, as chances, as greatness on the horizon and you are drawn to them, you may not even know why but as you pursue these opportunities before you all the resources of the universe are in play with you and the more you seek, the more your awareness grows, the more these energies are available to you, even wielded by you in this process.

You must each one begin as soon as possible to reconsider yourselves as divine. You are here to be divine. If you come in contact with these words, they are meant for you. It is your time to embrace your divinity, to access that part of yourselves, to become closer to God by being closer to that part of God within you. This is the result of the training, this is the outcome of the process, this is the result of the plan and this is your destiny. It is not that you should ever consider yourselves too small to fall short, to be unable or somehow feel unqualified to be that which you are, rather I invite you to envision yourself as the Father envisions you, in Glory and in Light.

You who are here are taking the steps necessary, receiving the training, experiencing the guidance, following the leading.  You are here. I tell you this plainly. Nothing more is required of you that you have not freely given. Now it is for you to accept the responsibility of becoming that which you know to be true, to be real and to be good. In this process it is my extreme pleasure to witness the students gain mastery over the subject matter and then become proficient in wielding their knowledge, at turning their learning into wisdom and their wisdom into choices.

In the end, choice is the grandest of all possible gifts you have to give. What else could the Father want from you? He has all, is all, except what you choose. What you choose represents your values, your purpose, your understanding. When you choose to approach the Divine you are taking what you have learned and acting in wisdom to choose that which you would pursue as Divine. This is how you return the gift of your very existence to the First Source and Center through your journey of choices and I acknowledge the choices that you have made to bring you to this point, even now and as mortals of the realm you are to be respected for having arrived at this place through your choices.

Therefore do the eager students get what they come to learn, it is not withheld, it is not withdrawn at any point, rather all that is required is your eagerness and your choice, for you to be a conduit for this energy to pass through you, to transform you and the entire world around you. Make no mistake that is what we are all about. We have individual journeys that are of top priority but as well in that process we then desire to function in service. I congratulate you for the efforts you have made to this date and having these patterns established I have no doubts of your unending progress in your pursuits. No instructor could ask for more than such eager students such as yourselves so I look forward to the grand nature of what is before us.

In an attempt to be inclusive and function more in a team fashion I would open the floor for comments, suggestions, questions, observations, sharings that we might become closer in this process. Would there be any among you who would share?

Q:Hi Machiventa this is **** in Salt Lake City and I’m grateful for your words tonight and that we can get together and work together. What words do you have for us in this part of the woods over here to affect that?

Machiventa: I would offer the suggestion to hone your awareness of opportunities that are beginning to make themselves available to you and this goes to all of you. We are experiencing an increased spiritual pressure which has the effect of creating numerous opportunities for spiritual advancement and growth both personal and individual, some group opportunities and many opportunities to be of service to many other seeking individuals one on one.

As you grow in your abilities of perception you will more and more realize these opportunities that stretch out before you and once again I encourage you to adopt the attitude to wait for no one. You are who you’ve been waiting for. You are the leaders, you are the pioneers, you are the ones willing to come to the table. It is your brothers and sisters who need your guidance and leadership, your stability, your reference, your certainty. These are the qualities they seek at their stage of development. These are the qualities you have honed to this point therefore you are their most appropriate instructors.

I encourage you all to be bold in this process. What is the worst that can happen in extending yourselves in boldness and in spirit that another may not react as you would have them react? If that is all that you have to lose in this process then it is nothing. I encourage you to take the roles as they are presented to you of leadership, of direction, of purpose, of intent. These are the qualities that you may inspire in others. Have your lives be living examples of these traits and use words when you deem necessary. Are these suggestions resonant within you?

Q:I’m just vibrating with joy at your words, thank you so much Machiventa. It gives me confidence to move out and to remind people what sons and daughters of God they are and how loved they are.

Machiventa: You thank me and I embrace your gratitude but, my friend, I am thanking each and every one of you. Without you there is not final link in this chain, there is no connection between Spirit and material, save you each one. Will you be this connecting link? Will you rise to this challenge, nay, this opportunity? Will you bridge this gap between the material and the spiritual? Of course you will, it is your destiny. It is only time that separates you from your greatness so I thank each one of you for the part that you play without which this process could not exist, so thank you.

Q:Good evening Machiventa, my dear friend and brother, this is **** (Good evening.) I have a question I’d like to run by you. Since February I have been working, as you know, rather extensively, inventively, even with a most exceptional teacher who initially my son began T/R’ing and now we meet with almost daily. He’s rather new to the planet but with a most exceptional background. He has been teaching us the most amazing exercises in recognizing and utilizing new aspects of our enhanced existing senses that are designed to allow us «to hone our awareness», as you mentioned earlier, opening whole new levels of consciousness that few mortals are aware of on this planet at this time.

These exercises are beyond words for my experience but they, of course, are leading up to our awakening to the new morontia senses which will be coming to us and we will learn to employ in time as this blending process proceeds. This teacher initially asked us to be sure to pass these lessons on because everything that we are brought we are asked to pass on and I am considering, and I do not want to go to others about this right now, but I’m considering putting such an invitation up on a couple of these websites, MSM [mainstream media] and also TM Talk, say, and allowing these folks to know that this teacher and myself as a T/R are available to interested parties who intend to diligently practice these exercises, not just ones who I’ve received but the ones these individuals may need, and I’m called to do this. Any comments you could offer would be much appreciated.

Machiventa: My friend, you have no question because you have answers. You know in your heart what you should do; now it is left for you to do it. If you desire my words of encouragement then by all means you have them. You are led in a direction to be of supreme service to your brothers and sisters and so be it. You need not permission, you need not confirmation of your purpose. You know what it is; therefore I do encourage you to pursue your ideas and to turn them into ideals. By all means, use whatever resources are available to you and work as hard as your heart desires to manifest all this into reality. That is what we are all here to do. Manifest that which we know into material reality, expressions of God Himself, and so it shall be with you, my friend. I applaud in advance your efforts knowing that they will be a great success and beneficial to many more individuals that you can even imagine.

Q:Maybe even going beyond the bounds of the Teaching Mission, I just thought that. Yes, I didn’t need the confirmation but it did give me the opportunity to put this out too so it’s multifaceted.
Machiventa: And so it is, make your arrangements and raise your flag and you will find many who salute and join your parade and access all that you have been given and all that you are aware of. The fragrance of that will be so sweet as to draw many from far away to join in the celebration. Thank you for your efforts, my friend.

Q:Thank you for your comments and it’s a done deal, my friend; it’s just a matter of the time factor.
Machiventa: Absolutely. Will there be any other sharing or interaction?

Q: Machiventa, this is *****. (Welcome.) I just want to send you all my love. It’s good meeting you this way, I am quite moved. Again all my love, say hello to Welmeck and Anaperna for me.
Machiventa: Yes, and I am well moved as well, my dear friend in service. I am affectionately moved by all of you who are so drawn to service. When I was privileged enough to have the dust of our earth between my toes, I was privileged to work with some very inspired individuals but I tell you this, this time, this hour, even now, I am inspired by the depth and the breadth of those such as yourselves who would stand up and volunteer for such service without any physical proximity to myself, to the Master, to any of the others who have manifested in material form, you have come to this same place of love and devotion through your faith. That is a miracle and I stand humbled by the miracles that I witness even around this table. I am honored to work with you and I pledge my assistance to each and every one of you who desires my support. I am enthusiastic beyond description at what can be accomplished when miracles come into play in material form such as yourselves.
Q: Thank you, Machiventa, and, yes, all my love.
Machiventa: And mine to you as well.

Q:Machiventa: This is *****, good evening.(Good evening.) I’m very pleased to be part of this classroom with you. What you said this evening reminded me that several years ago when I was listening to Ambrosia and Welmeck and Andronason the words of Jesus from the gospel said the generation who were searching for signs and wonders were bound to be disappointed in the kingdom and it occurred to me that each one of us are a sign and a wonder and we don’t have to look any further than that to be uplifted.
Just this week I felt more of a spirit gravity sensation of being more prepared and willing than ever to choose every day and moment that which will give myself to the Father in my choices and experiences. Thank you for inspiring us.

Machiventa: My sister, inspiration works in so many ways and as you have stated, each one of you is an inspiration to all those around you. Each one of you is a source of Light to which all the moths are drawn. It is your spiritual fragrance, it is your Light, it is your purpose, it is your intent and you say aright when you say each of you are these portholes, these avenues of expression to and from the Divine. Each of you is a conduit. Each of you can be used to flood your environment with the Light and love from on high and as well, each of you can be used as a periscope to the Divine.

It is this two-way capacity which allows you to be more than mere cogs in this system but active creators in this scenario. The Father does not desire to have His will be uniform and expressed in a similar fashion throughout, rather does.  He desires that His will and yours will intermingle and become flavored with your experience, your desires, your manifestation of His creation. In this way each one of you are radiant flowers in His garden, each one different and special and unique unto itself, not an entire garden of similar species, no, a garden diverse in its attractiveness, in its fragrance, in its diverse beauty.

You, each one, represent the diverseness. Your expression commingled with the Father’s Will is completely unique and it is your gift to the Father’s Garden. Anyone else offer to share? There has been much offered here tonight for your personal edification that you may believe in yourselves as the Father believes in you, even as I believe in you. It is my desire as well that you see yourself as the being you are to become in magnificence and brilliance, to grant yourselves this opportunity to flower in the Father’s Garden.

You have for sometime been engaged in the development of the supporting structure, your leaves, your roots, your foundation, your principles, your understanding. You have taken in the nourishment of truth and now you are fully budded in wisdom. It is left for you to flower, to be that which you have been developing this whole time. It is simply a matter of time and you cannot resist your destiny of flowering. It does now fall to you as a matter of your choosing the exact timing that you would flower, and once again, this is the grace provided from on high, the grace of your choosing. So be it. It is a marvelous sight to see.

There is no particular rush in this process, just an eagerness to be about that which you are growing towards. When your time arrives, you will each blossom and flower and fruit and become all that you were meant to be even when you were as just a seed. If there is no other dialog, I would release this T/R and, once again, offer my gratitude for the choice of the gift of your time and your energy to make this process happen. Thank you and farewell.
Group: Thanks, Machiventa.

Discomforts in Our Bodies

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October 19, 2006
Session #41
Teacher (T/R):   Serena, Machiventa (Leoma); Alana, Solana (Randy)
Topics:  Discomforts in our bodies as a result of planetary energy changes. We are the link to bring healing Light into the planet; Lightworkers. Reactions by those living in fear. Making personal decisions, and the role of our teachers. Attempting to TR.
We began with stillness, then toning and linking to the Light anchor.  In our circle around the Light anchor, we stood close together and held hands.  We grounded ourselves as a group by sending our consciousness down the Light anchor, and then paused to be in Mother’s presence.  Energy was passed clockwise around the circle.  We then raised our frequencies as a group by sending our consciousness up the Light anchor, then paused to be in Michael’s presence.  Energy was passed counter-clockwise around the circle.  Finally, we came back to center balance and paused for effective prayer.
= = = = = = =
Prayer: Father, we are here again to enjoy being in your presence, to enjoy feeling the wash of your love through us.  We’re here again for another lesson in learning how to hear you more accurately and to follow you more closely.  Grant that we may be open to your guidance and the lessons from our teachers.

Serena:  Good evening, this is Serena.  I will speak with you first this evening.  As per your discussion earlier, you are all wondering what is happening in your bodies.  You are all noticing differences in your emotions and in the physical sensations and discomforts in your bodies.  I am not here to explain; I am here to help you to meet these changes in vibration energy.  I am here to help your bodies adjust to the changes taking place around the entire planet.  So, to add to the energy exercise you have already engaged in, which has prepared you very well, we will now spend a few moments in silence as Helena, Leslie, Margo and I work with each one of you as an individual and collectively as a group.  [Pause, deep breathing.]

Allow your bodies to simply relax.  Allow yourself to sink deeply into the place where you are seated.  Allow all of your tensions, all of your bodily sensations to sink down into your feet, downward into Mother Earth, where they will be transformed.  [Pause.]

If you so desire at any time when you are feeling discomfort, emotionally, mentally, physically, you may return to a similar exercise of deeply relaxing, breathing deeply and allowing these sensations to flow out of your body through your feet into Mother Earth.  She is your support; she can absorb these energies to be transformed and returned to you and to others as vital living-Light energy to support your bodies with greater Light and increased love capacity.  This will aid you greatly in this process of love being infused into the planet and into your bodies.  It is all a natural part of this Time of upliftment and Correction.

If you so desire, this process will continue as you remain here this evening.  I will step aside now for another.

Machiventa:  This is Machiventa Melchizedek.  Good evening.  We were interested in your lively discussion and enjoyed your exchange, especially the healthy exchange of laughter.  It is so healing for the body, mind and soul. You did not realize, I’m certain, at the time that you were healing yourselves.

Your questions about what is happening within your bodies – you are all noticing the recent changes that are taking place.  You should know that you are feeling them in the way that you are because you are open to the Light.  You have been seeking and working to open yourselves to receive more of God’s love, to be carriers of Light.  So now you have made yourselves receptive.  What is occurring now is connected with the greater infusion of Light and love that is being poured into the etheric matter, into the etheric bodies of all individuals on the planet.  Some, who are receptive such as yourselves, will feel mild discomforts and changes.  Through seeking the answers to your questions about it and looking inward, you may receive the help you need to get through these changes more smoothly.

For those who are not thus prepared, their bodies will fight the changes with more severe aches and pains, with emotional swings they do not understand, which will add to their discomfort.  For you all like to know the cause of the effect, and if you cannot find the cause, your distress increases.  For those who have little understanding or little acceptance of what is happening, they may push themselves even to panic, or fear that something is terribly wrong with them individually.

You may reach out to those around you and start with questions as you did this evening.  «Are you feeling different lately?»  The people you come in contact with can be engaged with this question.  If they are feeling anxiety and discomfort they do not understand, perhaps you can help them.  Often just knowing you are not going through something alone is reassurance enough to help allow these energies to flow more readily.

Know also that you are literally the physical body connections providing the conduit for these energies to enter from Spirit through you to the Planetary Supreme, back to your physical bodies, back to the Father, in a continuous loop.  Feel this process taking place within your bodies now.  [Pause. Your bodies are the link that provides the conduit for this energy to be connected in a continuous loop.  Without you, this would not occur.  You and many others around the planet who are working to bring Light in this continuous loop you may call it biofeedback if you wish —provide the cleansing power that is now being provided at a higher level that previously.  This is part of the difference you are feeling.

For some on this planet who are so conditioned by fear, greed and hatred, all of this infusion of love merely bounces off of them; they are unable to receive or to even conceive of such an occurrence.  That energy is not lost, however.  It is picked up by others who can receive it.  For those who are so negatively conditioned, this Light, this love bouncing off of them is almost like an electric shock, and they are angered by it.  They have their negative emotions magnified.  The chaos within them is magnified.  This is why you will now see more outbursts of violence and hatred.  But hold on fast, for it cannot last for long until it burns itself out and dies down to a whimper, leaving space for Light to replace the darkness.

So it is a time to be encouraged, to realize you are entering a new phase of the Correcting Time, an up stepping of the energies which could not be occurring without an adequate number of individuals providing that link for the Light to be infused.  There are many —some call themselves Lightworkers, some call themselves Teaching Mission; some call themselves Hindu and Buddhist, Jewish and Christian—they are all one and the same who bring in the Light.  You are all united by this Light.  You may perceive yourselves as separate —separate entities in separate groups separated by distance, but you are all connected by this Light.  You are all connected and united by your intent to do this work which is so vital, so necessary to the Correcting Time.

We thank you.  We thank you most heartily for offering yourselves up, for providing the conduit, for participating so willingly, for being courageous.  It does take courage to step forward into the unknown, to leave your places of comfort and familiarity and to be willing to go with that proverbial flow, to expose yourselves to things new and different.  We congratulate you on offering yourselves in this way, to open yourselves to the Father’s love.  We applaud your efforts at every step you take.  Every step has meaning and brings you a little closer to Paradise.  Enjoy the journey; it is well worth it.  Shalom, my friends.

Leoma: I know Alana is here.
Richard:  Maybe Alana would like to speak to me.  I’m not able to hear her yet.
Leoma:  I think she wants Randy to try. (Pause.)
Alana:  It is I, Alana.  Of course I am here.  As you know, you can always contact your personal teacher.  We are but a mere thought away.  You do this.  You understand, yet you crave more concrete confirmation that we’re listening.  You, silly people.  (Chuckles.)  We laugh with you, too.
Leoma:  Some day we’ll get over it, Alana.
Alana:  We can all hope!  (Much laughter.)
Alana:  Richard, would you wish a dialog?  Do you have questions or comments?
Richard:  Do I wish a dialog for this present moment, or for always?  Obviously both, for me.
Alana:  Do you wish to speak with me right now?
Richard:  I guess my question right now is in relationship to my growth and life work.  I’m currently going to be taking a massage course.  I’m wondering if this is a good choice and if it will be useful in earning a living, or if it is something I should look at more as a gift.

Alana:  It is good that you ask us these questions.  It is equally good that you ask yourself this question because, as you know, these are your personal decisions.  Certainly we can’t even suggest to you what would be more correct or less correct.  However, ask yourself the question, just because it has come into your mind and you fixate on it in some way, if you trust your thoughts and feelings, answers will come to you.  Trust what they are.  These answers could come from many sources.  These answers could come from your own mind.  These answers could come from your indwelling spirits, [Christ] Michael and Mother, and most certainly your own beloved Thought Adjuster.  These answers may come from other celestial sources that you have invited to come into your own mind.

When it comes down to the end, it’s best if you don’t muddy the situation and worry too much about who is giving you these thought-ideas.  The supreme walk of life that you experience which the Father has so graciously given each and every one of you is to decide for yourself.  So I think I’ve answered your question in merely stating that you are getting input, yet my message is it’s still your decision.  I hope this wasn’t too dissatisfactory an answer.

Richard: No, it was not dissatisfactory.  I’m quite aware that it is my choice.
Alana:  You do very well to keep open about these things.  This is something you should feel good about and congratulate yourself on as much as you feel comfortable.  Other comments or questions?
Richard:  I’m not quite sure what I’m asking.  I want to know if I’m ignoring things that should be clear to me.  If I am, am I failing to look or listen in the right place or the right method?  You probably already answered that too.
Alana:  I’m smiling on the inside as you’re smiling on the outside.(Chuckles.)  The TR is smiling on the outside.

You have answered your question.  Just the fact that you can answer your question and answer it so assuredly so quickly should tell you something in how you are progressing in this and how everyone when they think of themselves in the same situation realize how they are progressing as compared to previous times.  Your assuredness in the reality of who you are and the connectedness to creation, intelligence, spirit, is the crux here, the key here.  On the one hand, you are an individual who can so easily, at least for humans on this planet, so easily crawl into yourself, see and feel the walls and not go any further.  Yet once you get to that supreme point where your confidence, faith and trust in the «otherness», the outwardness of reality, what creation is, once you get to that point, your world opens up.  Many of your inner questions become less questions in the same way that you thought of them before.

Does this make sense?  (Yes.)  You, my friend, are becoming more of that person; embrace it. (Thank you.)
Leoma:  Alana, may I ask,is it a fair question to ask if you could help Richard to see the gifts or the benefits in pursuing this idea of the massage class?  Is that something that teachers do,help them see what the benefits are?
Alana:  Teachers help their students find out who they are in relationship to the Father and all of his creation… in all of its myriad ways.  Could there be a hundred thousand things that Richard wants to do, likely in each of the one hundred thousand things, there is some goodness.  I would be remiss in saying that I could not point out the goodness in many of those things.  The real lessons, the life lessons here, would be for you, Richard, to find that out for yourself.

So, if you want me to give you an answer, sure —go ahead! (Lots of laughter!)  Now —did I tell you anything you didn’t know?  (More laughter.)
It’s all your attitude and what you expect to get out of it, because, my dear friend Richard, do not take for granted or take lightly that everything you do (everything that everyone does) is a co-creative act with creation itself.  You could go into this class, with expectations that it would be the worst thing to do, or the most enjoyable and beneficial thing for you to do.  One might expect that just those attitudes you take in your creativeness might influence what you really get out of it.  (Yes, thank you.)  It’s always a pleasure to speak with you.
Richard:  I have no further questions at this time.  Thank you.  (You are very welcome.)
Leoma:  I’m just trying to find out what’s going to happen next.  (Pause.)

Randy/Solana (JoAnn’s teacher)?:   I would like to suggest to JoAnn that you remember how we were holding hands before we started our TR session, and you remember those sensations inside of you of connectedness to each other in our circle here.  JoAnn, in your mind’s eye put yourself back in that situation.  Take yourself out of the equation.  See if you get any messages. If you do, understand that this is your teacher.  Understand you are in the safety of your friends.  If you just begin to speak what you sense your teacher is saying to you, that is TRing.  If you are willing to try it, your teacher is ready.  We are giving you energy right now if you want to try it, but it’s up to you.  (Pause.)
JoAnn:  I will try.  Bear with me.  (Pause.)
Randy:  Your teacher is telling me you should not try to second-guess.
Leoma: She’s saying, «Relax.  Relax.  Sink into the chair.»
Randy:  She’s also saying, «Just repeat my name out loud as many times as you feel is necessary», because that is what she is putting into your mind, her name.»
JoAnn:  All right.  (Pause.)  It lessens my resistance, right?  …Solana.
Leoma:  She’s reminding me of that feeling we had in our circle when we were standing, of the counter-clockwise energy connecting us and uplifting us, raising our vibrations.
JoAnn:  Suspension.  (Pause.)  I’m not receiving any messages other than feeling very peaceful, very suspended as well as together.
Randy:  Very good.  She’s telling me now that the last thing tonight if you want, is to suspend all disbelief, open your mouth and talk to yourself as if you are Solana talking to yourself.  Just don’t think about it. Easier said than done!
Leoma:  The energy continues to go around the circle.  (Yeah.)  She’s saying, «Well done, my friend, you have made the connection.
JoAnn:  Wow.  So this is sharing.
Leoma:  This is so awesome.  (Feeling Solana’s high energy.)
Randy:  I just got the thought from her that these are forward steps.
JoAnn:  This is definitely not a baby step!  Well, it could be.
Randy:  No judgments.
Leoma:  I get this image of her in the middle of our circle, just gently swirling around, enjoying the dance.

The Upward Climb

Illawarra District,Australia, November 10, 2006.
Teacher: Machiventa Melchizedek
Subjects: «An Introduction. «The Upward Climb.»
Received by George Barnard.
George:I thought you might be perturbed by my tardiness.  I enjoy the stillness.  I enjoy the slow drift into a deeply relaxed state of mind.  I still count on my reception being more accurate when I give myself the time to drift down deep.

Machiventa: We are not perturbed, indeed we are not.  It is with your Teachers Aaron and Samuel that I have taken the opportunity to have a meaningful and friendly, and most enlightening conversation, discussion, we might say.  This is Machiventa.

11:11For those many who are 11:11 prompted all over the globe, for those who are contacted by my valued workers of the Midway Realm, this is Machiventa Melchizedek, perhaps better known as the King of Salem of Abraham’s time.  I am the third, only recently appointed, Planetary Prince of your world we call Urantia.  It is your troubled world, your difficult world, and your much-still-in-the-dark world that has had two previous Planetary Princes before my appointment.

I refer to the one called, Caligastia, who long and honorably served, and then betrayed your world, your people, and the Creator Son, [Christ] Michael.  I refer to your Second Planetary Prince, Michael/Jesus your Local Universe Creator Son, Who earned the Prince-ship of his Bestowal World in His own right, and Who held that title for some two thousand years.

I was the Deputy Planetary Prince, you might say, and it was in the year 2001 that my dear Friend/Brother/Father, Christ Michael bestowed upon me the honor of declaring me the third Urantia Planetary Prince.  Compared to His great efforts, I could hardly say that I have deserved such an honorable position for a Melchizedek, but in ever-living gratitude I have accepted the appointment.

My given orders are to define the curriculum, and to direct and oversee much of the efforts of the Correcting Time, which is in full swing on your planet, yet I assure you that I have many helpers, both above and below me in status, and not in the least do I respect and recommend the Midway Creatures among them all.

More and more, as the Correcting Time projects play themselves out, will you find an increasing number of humans, just like these two here, who will enjoy the contact with, and the lessons prepared by, their personal Teachers.

Be kind, be understanding, and be considerate of each other in full consciousness of the fact that each of you must climb that spiritual mountain to the pinnacle of perfection in your own way, on your varied paths, yet arriving at the same point.  Some of you will with great ease discover a smooth path to the top and gain life eternal, Paradise, and the Presence of the Creator of All.  Some of you —and we know and love you all— will stubbornly choose to climb the steepest side of the mountain, at times holding on by your fingernails, at times sliding back.

And yet you will make it.  You will get to the top, and your toughness, your hardiness, your experiences, and your strengthened and time-tested personalities will insure that in future times to be, you will be greatly appreciated in the tasks provided you of doing your balanced share of learning and teaching in the universes that are to be yours during your upward climb.

I thank you for your attention.  I thank you for bringing this lesson to many.  This is Machiventa Melchizedek, and I send my love to all.
George: Thank you, Machiventa.
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The Sapling and the Tree

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North Idaho Teaching Mission Group
: Comprehensive Overview, Love: A Global Warming, The Sapling and The Tree, Be You Signing.  Angels, The Door to Outside Yourself into Spiritual Community.
Teachers: Machiventa, Lester, Elyon, Michael,Jessona.
December 17, 2006

Machiventa (Jonathan TR):  This is Machiventa, greetings to you.  I feel the welcoming of you all by way of your sincerity and curiosity, and I accept you into my fellowship as you accept me into yours, that we blend ourselves in unity.  I encourage you in your investigations of the many contact points through which the vast hosts of teachers are expressing their understanding and their marching orders of where Urantia stands today and is going in the future.  Realize that it is a composite picture, that each expression is a part; it is not the whole.  The thread is not the fabric; the button is not the belt, but they all make the garment.  By reflective contemplation you are better able to perceive the entirety.  It creates a comprehensive overview, that you be not isolated in one form.

Urantia is changing on every level.  When you first heard our contacts we were limited to simply training you in the experience of contact and having to adjust to your doubts and curiosity.  Then we spoke to your soul to strengthen your spiritual foundation and to motivate you from the ponderance of a philosophical nature and the investigations of your spiritual psychology into a true and concrete action.  You are now hearing more about the overall plan for this planet in the context of your contemporary conditions.  At first we were like yeast in the bread, hard to discern our presence.  But soon with our contact with you we began that vital, living transformation, and you began to discern that activity.  Now you are fully part of that release of energy which you have come to call «anchoring the Light».

Many like you around this world are changing from the medium in which the teachers, the spirit entities, may come, to being the actual spirit entity expressers yourselves.  It was a great leap of faith.  There will come more adjustments that will be necessary by each one of you, for this is living, a process that is very dynamic.  As you firmly plant on one stepping stone you will be required to shift your weight and move on.  But be stable on this step upon which you are standing, for a poor placement creates a stumble.  Though you know there is a long continuum of unfoldment your present position is the most important one for your ability to proceed.  You may hold your head up and look down the road, but you must be aware of the ground underneath you.  Each position in the path is your pushing point of power, and so it is important for you to commit to your present so that you may more rightly proceed to the next.  It is the shifting of the theoretical into the active, an assessment of all possibilities —all beneficial in viewpoint— is only useful in action when you pull one possibility into yourself and become it.  Then you move forward; one grasp opens the avenue for the second and third grasping.

We have been adjusting our procedures since the arrival of the Magisterial Son [Monjoronson.]  My corps of Melchizedeks are under the management of [Christ] Michael, but Michael has given management of Urantia to Monjoronson, and he has the power to do so.  We in allegiance gather under his direction.  In Nebadon, where there has been no rebellion, unity, even conformity, are natural responses, and the distinctions which stand one corps of beings from another are blended into harmony.  But on those worlds wracked by rebellion much of the operating approach is to stand against, to confront, or to hold ground; to seek rightness through dominance [rather] than correctness through coordination.  We will continue to work to change that confronting nature and encourage you to look up, to stand back from one flower and view the entire field.  The beauty is in the congregation.

Lester:  I am Lester, greetings.  I dance with joy in the realization of your remarkable ability to progress.  You know that I, once a party animal, did not value much progression but rather the continual stagnation of one big whoopee.  I will encourage you to, in a Light sense, become yourselves global warmers, that is, radiate that love from your heart and be that Light that illuminates all.  That global warming is what this planet needs most.  In and through that expression will come realization everywhere, and those problems of a planetary nature that you are beginning to recognize and grapple with today will be much easier to remedy. Thank you.

Elyon:  This is Elyon and I want to simply remind you that you have the opportunity at any time to address any teacher, for our staff is capable of communicating afar and to bring to you that connection for your benefit.

Christ Michael Dear children, I am Michael.  You have on record my parable of the vine and the branches, and you know the import of that message of bearing fruit, of living connection.  I perceive that you all understand it more deeply than in the realm of the mind but had lodged it into the motives that drive you forward from that level of your heart.  I will add another image that follows the same principle.  You know of many bushes and trees that send up their young saplings around the mother tree and that these saplings grow from the roots of the source tree.  The connection is the same as the vine and the branches, but one element is different, and that is the intervening area of ground. All who seek truth, who pursue the realities of spirit, are rising saplings.  Some falter with uncertainty and doubt because, as they rise up from the soil, they perceive the intervening ground between me, and the divinity I manifest, and themselves, and fail to understand the underlying connection at the root. It is much easier to perceive your connection as a branch on the vine.  Teach your fellows, those budding spiritual aspirants, that as they rise from the earth into the spiritual sky they are connected, that the appearance of distance is of no real meaning.  In terms of the worth of that individual, its meaning lies in the fact that a sapling can stretch, can reach and grow far beyond the mother tree.  A vine with its branches remain in a close location, growing within that circumscribed area.  A sapling can spread and spread far.  So each of you is doing this for me today on this planet for our Father.  So, again I say to you, go forth and proclaim the gospel.

Good TidingsJessona:  This is Jessona, I greet you too.  We are giving Jonathan the opportunity to experience channel surfing. You have in your traditions a song that says,«angels we have heard on high» and it is my purpose as I contact you today to become angels that all hear beside you, that everyone will discern an angelic resonance in your expression of joy the season you are approaching promotes year after year.  This holiday you have that marks the day of the bestowal of Michael is always reminding you of the ability of God to enter into and partake in the world.  It underlines the value of where you are as human beings.  It demonstrates once again your worth to God, that your conditions here are not wayward, errant, or separated.  His coming was to teach you of that connection, a connection never severed.  And if you be those angels singing beside your fellows you will further Michael’s mission of promoting the proximity of the divine rather than the aloofness of God.  Let the chorus begin.  Let the praise spread far.

Elyon:  This is Elyon returning and I want to add another image through which you may apply yourselves. When you are within a building you can see many doors by which you may pass through and exit to the outside.  In the realm of spiritual progress many will sit in that building and fret over which door to open to go outside.  Which one is right and which one is wrong?  Which one is direct and which one is convoluted?  My friends, each one takes you outside of yourself into the community of spirit.  Pick any door, walk through it, and trust the guidance of God to take you into that fellowship, to take you into new adventures, and to lift you up into a vision of the entire surroundings. I will now draw closed our interface.  I thank Michael for your dedication, for your sincerity, for your honesty, for your sensitivity and your curiosity.  You may each have attained varying degrees of awareness, of enlightenment, of spiritual stature.  But these traits I have expressed will always be valuable to you in your Ascent no matter how young and insignificant you feel or how old and accomplished you perceive yourself to be.  These are like the wheels under your feet that keep you moving.  Do as Michael and be of good cheer and love one another. We close, thank you.

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