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St. Germain’s Gift of His Heart

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Saint Germain’s Gift of the Valentine of His Heart


 … an amethyst heart when you give his decrees thirty-three times.



 by St. Germain


Photograph of Saint Germain manifested in Geoffrey Ray King’s hands.


Pearls of Wisdom, Vol. 31, No. 20, May 15, 1988, Copyright Church Universal and Triumphant. Published for the first time in this website on Valentine’s Day of Saturday February 14, 2004.




As the day of Saint Valentine is upon us, I give to you, then, a gift from my purple fiery heart, and that purple-fiery-heart matrix, beloved, is an amethyst heart surrounded by tiny diamonds.  These diamonds are prayer beads for the counting of the thirty-three steps on the spiral of your initiation and the thirty-three times you give my decrees.  This is a living amethyst heart which is as real and tangible on the etheric plane as is anything you have in this physical octave.



These hearts come to you now as with wings.  They are superimposed as a focus of my heart over your heart.  By this gift of the valentine of my heart, beloved, may you know that our hearts are one and that my heart with your heart, multiplying the action, then, can give you, while there is time, a tremendous impetus to world transmutation as you give the calls to the violet flame —an impetus of the Holy Spirit for the conversion, the turning around, of many hearts to embody the living Spirit of Cosmic Freedom.



This amethyst heart is a lodestone.  It gives direction to your footsteps and a roseate glow of the warmth of the love of Mary.  Let Love lead the way and deliver your hearts to the highest mountain of consciousness.  And from the heart of the earth and inner levels may you so bless a planet that when the dark night of her karma is spent and the skies are clear and the light is shining, you may see a New Day and live unto that New Day and be in a position to be my assistants, guiding and teaching souls in the alchemy of building the new world.






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