The Key and Ethics of Psychic Healing

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The Key and Ethics of Psychic Healing
by Luis Prada
Director of the Brother Veritus’ Community
June 5th, 2014


Published in this website on June 8, 2014. Original in Spanish, translation to English by the author.

The Key

In this article I refer to etheric energetic healing by the power of mind visualization and the Third Eye and which is applied at a distance or in front of the patient by lying on of hands.

The mind must be put neutral and void acting only as a vessel and tool.  Without doubts, without questionings, without mental arguments, nothing of that, only as a perfect tool to be used by the Higher Forces of the Light to whom can be invoked to act through us.  The mind is only guided by the love to heal other living being and without attachment to results.  If these ones are  produced, fine, if not, also is fine since must be produced what the Cosmic decides, no what we wish, since sometimes illness is necessary.

Once we are tuned up to that state or neutral point, we visualize the place where the illness is as if our mind were a video camera put at the end of a stethoscopic auscultation arm that extends unlimited at a distance to the place of the sick and penetrates his body. A zoom is made to the zone of the problem. And, once there, the problem is "seen" internally and we start visualizing the tissue corrected, restored to its normal condition. Again: Without attachments nor questionings to the results, without any doubts, only leaving the results to manifest in the physical plane in accordance with the desire of the Creator.  Once the healing job is done, we remove our mind from it and move to other things.

In theory any healing is possible, however, if it does not show up, do not get frustrated and question your abilities, do not put yourself down, be realistic.  Sometimes the healing does not manifest since the person is sick or incapacitated beyond all repairing of his deteriorated tissues or simply is like this should be, the healing does not manifest —especially if it deals with removing a disability or correcting a permanent lesion.  Accept it and move on offering your talents when appropriate.  Accept it as an unrevealed mystery for you may not have all the keys that caused the illness or disability. Notwithstanding have this present: Love combined with conviction and determination forms a force that can break down walls.

We all humans have the power of healing, there are no privileges on this, it is another of our natural rights with which we are all born for being children of God, as are the Right to Life, to Liberty and to the Pursuit of Happiness, expressed in the American Declaration of Independence.  It is a natural right of our human potential because we are co-Creators with God.  Obviously that, as in any art talent, gift and ability, we must study it, practice it and improve it to develop it to perfection and there are always those better equipped than we are to it as in any art.  But if we doubt or deny ourselves to use it since we do not accept it, then we block it or diminish the efficacy of this natural right to develop and manifest.  We create then the opposite law, that we cannot heal anybody since we do not have that talent, and, therefore, we do not manifest it, we atrophy it or lose it leaving it only as potential.

Whether we use it or not, whether we accept it or not, from the palms of our hands always comes out etheric energy that can be used to alleviate maladies and calm down stress if it is mentally focused and appropriately applied. Another inalienable gift of the human being is telepathy.

We hold these truths to be sacred & undeniable; that all men are created equal & independent, that from that equal creation they derive rights inherent & inalienable, among which are the preservation of life, & liberty, & the pursuit of happiness; …” —From the original draft before editing by the Committee of Five, of the Declaration of Independence written by Thomas Jefferson.

The root cause of illness or ailment may well be generated in a previous reincarnation and resides deeply buried in the subconscious mind but surfaces manifesting as an inexplicable ailment or sickness.  It could be a sentimental family pain or of romantic love, or deep traumatic experiences because of accidents, murder, or attempt of this, rape, war, abandonment, etc., of this or another life, that the patient never wanted to remember —for the deep emotional pain that remembering caused— and that he buried in his subconscious mind.

The sick —ignorant of the cause of his illness— may think that his illness is unjustified divine chastisement since he has always behaved correctly, and that being a right person who has done nothing wrong to anybody however has this problem.  If he has strong religious or spiritual convictions may feel ashamed of this sickness since he believes it is a punishment for something —for not being up to the task— or may think that others may interpret it likewise, and that he has missed out the following of the teachings, failing their application. These and other thoughts may sink him into depression worsening the illness.  How come be possible that so-and-so who is materialistic, wasteful consumer, and given to pleasures and vices, is in good physical health, while he finds himself this bad? And from here follows a chain of depressive thoughts of self-judgment and undervaluing.  If we find somebody in that condition is here where we can offer advice and support.

The Ethics

When we are conscious that we can manifest the power of healing, in some cases we do not wish be known we possess this gift because pressure is generated on us to exercise it, but some people must be sick since illness in them is a tool that serves as teacher and they are not prepared to manage without it.  Removing illness, or, better, the symptoms of illness, do not cure the root cause that can generate the illness once more.

It is responsibility of the individual to correct his mental or emotional problem that produced his illness or to seek help to achieve it.  Because of that we do not want to intrude or interfere in the corrective process of that life stream that has manifested as sickness when all other avenues of the inner being have failed in their attempt to re-direct the negative emotional attitude originator towards a positive emotional attitude, logical and rational.  There are professional advice and help available with methods to heal the root cause if they are looked for. One of these methods is the hypnotic regression. Help of spirit guides we also have if we tune up to "hear" our inner voice.

We should not attempt to go around healing anybody who is sick, mainly if they do not solicit it.  Because of that the Divine Master Jesus in his time in Galilee during his public life first assured himself that the person desired the healing and asked for it, and He advised him of healthy physical, mental and emotional forms of life to avoid illness to return.

If one goes around healing anybody one sees with an illness, one puts oneself karma on since impedes the free natural course of the teaching of the soul-personality as far as right thinking and feeling, one is interfering in the experience of teaching of that person, which is through an illness in the body. But if the person asks, and affirms to follow the advice that is given, it is different.  Besides, he who asks for healing must do it with faith and sincerity for this to be effective and lasting, not asking only externally just in case, and inside thinking that that does not work, as such an attitude like this, dubitative, insecure, does not support the healing process that is responsibility of the sick.

For that lack of faith in the power of psychic healing as alternate medicine, and additional attack from fundamentalist traditional religions, the Pharmaceutical World Cartel, the "pharmaceuticals", profits so much since as the people lose faith and connection with the Spirit, trust more external means, in this case in the chemical traditional medicine that has been created in laboratories of chemical science and pseudoscience where it is thought only in maximizing economical profit, without soul and without heart there, where the pharmaceutical drugs are produced that always bring collateral injurious effects, and do not heal anything, only are palliative to pain.

In laboratories of this same pharmaceutical industry there are researched biological weapons for the Military Industrial Complex and for the decimation of the world population with the creation and reproduction of plagues such as viruses and bacteria that are damaging to life. They are laboratories where the motivating factor is money and dark agenda, but not health. Then, I ask: What Spirit can there be? What ethics do they follow?  Plain greed.

All these malefic excesses and lack of professional ethics do not pass unnoticed by Christ Michael who is the Father of humanity.  In due time the karma of the transgressors of Truth and Life will precipitate and they will be judged before the galactic universal courts.  So Mote It Be.

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