El Mor’s Remarks


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El Morya’s Remarks

by Ascended Master El Morya*

* Also known as Moria, El Moria, Moria El, Morya, El Moriah or Morya Khan.

Collection from  Centro Lusitano de Unificación Cultural, Argentinean Delegation, http://www.centrolusitano.org . Original texts in Spanish, Translation.

This collection is constantly growing, visit it often.

Let’s Celebrate Freedom
From the book:  "The Seven Circle , The Crown of Liberty" ("El Séptimo CírculoLa Corona de Libertad")

Let’s salute, let’s celebrate FREEDOM!You will walk toward Liberty!From now on, O disciples, you will walk toward Liberty!

In this New Age, just started, you are building the Atrium, the External Precinct. At the same time you are already getting closer to the Inner Temple.  Surround the Silent intimacy of the Lord of the New Age. One day you will have to move forward resolutely towards the Society of the Cosmos.  That is the greatest loneliness that a Man can feel.  It is the most gelid ice that you may conceive.  It is the weight most unfathomable that you may experience – the weight of the Void of the World.

 Communication in the Aquarian Age
(Same book)

Devotion (or, in its higher sense, the abstract idealism) is related closely with imagination.  In the Age that ended, the Age of Pisces – confluent and interlaced with the action of the 6th ray -, devotion was the primary quality to develop.  It generated the base for the next step to conquer in the present cycle:telepathy, the sympathetic communion, the most faithful communication and the one that brings nearest the beings. When man can communicate beyond the form, when he would be polarized at the levels of the abstract mind, then, the energies of the 3rd aspect will flow and operate freely.  Humanity will communicate in consonance, intimately, assuming so, in practice, its collective identity. ¡Yes, Humanity will assume its One Identity!

 The Best Advice
(Same book)

Remember that, as a fact, O disciples, the best advice is not the one that you like to hear but the one that you need to understand, the most useful words are not the ones that praise what you have done but the ones that suggest what needs to be done; the reliable friendly hands are not those who feed you illusions, no matter how pleasant they be to you, but the ones that touch you with the fire of truth, be it what it be.  Accepting this means to open the door that takes to the greatness of the soul’s values and towards the infinity of the spirit’s reality.

 Disciple, Listen
(Same book)

Disciple, listen … the angels announce.

The Order and Rhythm of the Sidereal Ocean find their point of adjustment and the celestial music arrives to the Plains resounding in cascades by the hillsides of the snowy Mountains.  A time breaks, outlines and stands out in Space.  It is the beginning of a long, long cycle, in which are contained vigorous, formidable promises.  Meanwhile, these are yet labor hours, of the crossing of an abysm. In the land of men a time of Light and Truth is projected, conquered at expenses of many pains just the pains of labor.  Love them with tenderness and retain them in your memory that one day it will be gentle.

 Waters, Conductors of Divine Energies
(Same book)

Waters are the anonymous and fertile spring, conductor of divine energies.  They nourish the bodies —the instruments of Spirit— and stimulate them to maintain the evolution.

 Today, however, literally men consume sterile waters, waters “electrically” dead.  In nature the water of the rivers transport the “virile” energy, destined to fecundate the land.  The sea —the great sea— is the great attractive force yin, the great uterus of nature, the great stimulator of the production and of the effusion of the sources.  The intrepid force of the positive principle vanquish all the obstacles to be able to reach its grand complement…

 It is necessary to dialogue with nature.  It is necessary to know to respect her.  It is necessary to restitute to life the weak forces of the dying rivers, the weak forces of the corrupted crops by deadly drugs.  Verily, the earthly nature, in its whole, suffers a "hormonal dysfunction": the Earth is suffering of an illness equivalent to diabetes.

 Inspirational Source
From the book:  "Pearls of Light", Volume II

In true silence is the strength to be used.  In true Peace, the impetus.  In darkness, the Light.  Do not look in illusory realms that which Is!  The essence of your work is in some place…where can only be arrived by silence,by peace, and by the magnetic force of Love,a Love tranquil and serene,but intensive, positive, irresistible.

In the mist of hard work is possible to repair the strength.  As much energy you give, so much will you receive, to serve more.  As much you abandon yourself, more you will find yourself.  Here is an ultimate tonic, everything else should come from the internal silent Master…

Those Who Constantly Speak
Same book)

Those who constantly speak are similar to the homeowners of an abandoned house.  In its interior there could only be degradation or dust.  Or not even that:  Only nothing… 
The Etherization of Earth
Same book)


The etherization of Earth is so scientifically demonstrable (and it will be evidently demonstrated) as any known laws.  All advances in relationship with the refinement of the bodies of the whole of humanity.  Hydrogen contains a key.  Hydrogen contains many keys.  Take a good look at hydrogen.

In Silence
From the book:  "Seeds and Pearls of the Morya’s Garden" ("Semillas y Perlas del Jardín de Morya")

"In Silence — only in Silence –In the void that is filled – only in the void that is filled –In the nothing that is everything – only in the nothing that is everything – there is Freedom."

 Necessary Questions
From the book:  "Words of Gold" ("Palabras de Oro")

My Friends, up to what point is deeply rooted in you the concept and imperative to serve? What importance does it have really in your existence?With what dimension and with what constancy give them consideration? With what frequency do you forget them? Whom did you give your support and your energy to? To whom did you serve with them or whom was served by them?  Yes, ¿Whom was served by them, the reality or the illusion, God or man, the labor of the Hierarchy of Light or the vanity of those who self proclaim gurus, the group work or your own satisfaction?

These, my friends, are necessary questions; indeed, questions terribly necessary in the spiritual circles…

Memory of Past Lives

Some of you consider that remembering circumstances and eventualities of past incarnations would be a useful instrument in the evolutionary path, or, at the minimum, question what is the reason why it is not conceded.

There are today known facts, by the honest researchers on the subject, the psycho-physiological factors that impede that the majority of people have access to the memory of those past situations.  On them, however, I will not pronounce myself.

I concentrate, however, on the point of view more theological, on the point of view of the pragmatism of the Universal Laws.  On that perspective, I tell you that if were conceded to common man the systematic memory of the thread of their incarnations, that would immensely delay his evolution, chaining him to the influences and the vital emanations of that past, to which he would be constantly pulled.  Fatally "kidnapped" in that psycho-energetic envelop, the majority of you would tend to the repetition and the stagnation of the habits, for which would be even more the resistance to change and to progress (to the inner renovation) .


El Morya, 1932Master El Morya

There are numerous advantages in the heart activity but to encompass it it is necessary primarily to realize the significance of the heart. The power of the heart conquers absolutely everything. The heart may know the significance of far-off happenings. The heart can soar, fortifying the needed links. The heart can unite itself with the far-off worlds. Test it by the transmission of the will alone and you will realize the difference in the will of the heart. Maitreya’s is the Age of the Heart! Only with the heart can one evaluate the treasures of Maitreya! Only with the heart can one understand how greatly all acquisitions, all straight-knowledge are needed for the future.

[ … ]  Love, achievement, labor, creation —these summits of ascent preserve the aspiring strivings in all permutations. What a bounty of additional concepts they encompass!  What is love without self-sacrifice or achievement without valor, labor without patience, and creativeness without self-perfectment! And over this entire legion of benignant values the heart rules. Without it the most patient people, the most valiant, the most striving, will remain cold coffins!  Burdened by knowledge, but unwinged, will be those who are heartless! It is sad not to come at the time of the Call!  It is grievous not to follow the Hierarchy completely!  Often people try to hide from themselves the rejection of the Hierarchy. Canst thou, traveler, open-heartedly be ready to follow the Hierarchy?  Perhaps thy readiness is only up to the first turn, up to the first step, only where the Hierarchy can help?  Wilt thou not forget at a difficult hour, or wilt thou remember Hierarchy only in abundance?

At the very beginning of the Teaching you were amazed more than once at the turnings and deviations of even those near to you. You can understand the full sorrow of seeing how, upon the threshold, the pupil often runs swiftly away into the forest.  My Hand is constantly with him who walks in compete readiness.

[ … ] Many times I have already advised necessary caution, in spirit as well as in matter. I beg you to guard the heart from outer and also inner disturbances. Extreme measures should be taken to withstand all attacks. It must be understood that yesterday is completely different from tomorrow, so unheard of is the rotation. Unprecedented are the clouds and one must encounter them joyously.

[ … ] Yet an understanding of the beneficence of tension propels the heart to the highest worlds. Only on this path does the blue flame grow. Parts may be consumed, but the essence will radiate. Do not be frightened when the great days come. When you examine the armor, you know that victory is accorded only by trust and by the heart. Where the forces are assembled one can find true victories for oneself.

[ … ] Nothing gives birth to such pure abnegation of self as that induced by the exultation of the brimming heart. Which of the human energies can compare with the energy of the heart, and which of the energies can act at long distances?

[ … ] Thus, I say, learn to harken to the fiery heart. Do not doubt that which is purified by Fire. Wise is the revelation of the foundations of the heart in life; and how greatly one ought to rejoice at this rock of Good.

[ … ] One must firmly remember that the only path of salvation is through the heart.

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