The System Imbalances Will Be Rectified


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The System Imbalances Will Be Rectified
Part 1

byBeloved Ascended Master St. Germain


Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain channeled through Mike Quinsey.
Published initially in this website on October 29, 2004.  New updates are incorporated from time to time.  Revisit it.
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June 14, 2004.

On Earth you have a habit of determining the value or worth of nearly everything. In a materialistic society it is not surprising that you should think this way. Where your material possessions are concerned, this leads to competition, and you have to have something not just ‘better’ than someone else’, but more valuable or, should I say, expensive. This is all deemed to be a sign of success and in a way that is usually a fair assumption, although not all wealth is acquired honestly or through hard work.

Society has elevated the rich and the famous to film star status, and they become the ones that young people in particular wish to emulate. Sometimes such people are revered so much so, that even their behaviour is copied, and it is not always desirable. People love someone to look up to; everyone seems to have their hero. The media promote the idea of star status, and as you know any type of publicity is considered good for business.

The people in the public eye have a great responsibility to act in ways that set a good example, but unfortunately that is not always the case. Generally speaking there is a lack of understanding of the needs to set standards that help stabilise a society. The ability to keep within the truth seems to be lacking, and there are often outright blatant lies presented to you as the ‘truth’. Often this is to hide the unpalatable truth, and this is evident in public matters, and particularly in politics.

You know this of course, and it has become normal to accept such behaviour. But why should the people you appoint as your representatives then set out to deceive you over some issues. If there is something to hide, it is obviously not in your interests, but theirs. Politics should mirror what society requires of them to enjoy a happy and peaceful life. One without worries about the essential and basic requirements to do so. So what has gone wrong, because you see such vast differences in the quality of life, especially when you look at the comparisons with other countries? The desire for power and wealth has replaced the one for fairness and equality; the desire for control has replaced the one for freedom. The Love for each other is a low priority where materialism has become your God. Caring is no longer an important issue, and to be considered spiritual is to be looked upon as ‘soft’, or way out of touch with the rest of society.

All of this has to change, and it will do so, because there will be no place for the uncaring. Many wonderful people are already promoting the changes that will help restore your rights, and re-claim your freedom and sovereignty. They may not necessarily be aware of NESARA but they see the need to lift you out of the tentacles of those who would prefer to keep you in your place. It is always difficult to bring in major changes, particularly when those currently in power do not want to relinquish it. If ever there was a need for the benefits of NESARA it is now, as without it your task would have been insurmountable. It is the recognition of the call of the people for a return to the old standards. Ones that reflect the workings of a fair and just society, that needs help to break out of the mould of Laws that restrict you unfairly, and curtail your freedom.

Everyone that aspires to a better world, can help by becoming active and contributing in whatever way possible to bring theses matters to the attention of others. It is your powerful voice and call for change that will trigger all of the events that are waiting to manifest, that will change Earth forever. Your energy and thoughts are as essential as ever before, and this will help keep the impetus there. You must not allow the support to fall away. I am fully aware that many, many dear souls are dedicated in their work to ensure that NESARA becomes part of your reality very soon. We give them our strength and resolve, our will and determination. You may not see us, but we are there with you all of the time.

There is only a short distance left now, before the winning tape is crossed. We have told you many times that NESARA IS WON and so it is. Some impatience and frustration at the delays experienced since NESARA became law are inevitable, but I say again there is absolutely no way that it can be stopped from manifesting soon. I am as always, along with my Brothers spearheading the activities that keep matters in our control, we do a lot more than you know, have no fear about the outcome.

Dear Ones it has been a long hard road that you have travelled, and like the end of any journey you need rest and refreshment. This time is very near, and people sense that something wonderful is happening. and I can assure you it is. For me it is to see the great Love and Light that is growing in its intensity, and how quickly it does so. There is a lifting up of your consciousness as the positive energies touch you, and you draw them to yourselves. In the midst of the dark you are as enormous beacons of Light, radiating out in all directions helping bring harmony and balance to your Earth.

This is the most wonderful time for you to be part of such a memorable period in your evolution. As they say, the best is yet to come, and every one of you that are helping to bring this about deserves full recognition for your service to others. I salute all Lightworkers, and I embrace with my Love, and empower with my strength. The victory is won.

Thank you, St. Germain
Mike Quinsey

October 27, 2004.

I will leave you to speculate on the result of your Presidential election [N. of E.: referring to the November 2nd 2004 Presidential Election in the USA], as the excitement reaches fever pitch. But let us look ahead, and consider how the outcome will affect your lives and the rest of the world. Your expectation after such events is that the problems you have been encountering will be addressed. It is as though suddenly all of the answers can be found, and the means and funds to implement them are available to you.

Politics are a high powered game that is played out to keep you satisfied and if possible content, so that the other business of the day can go ahead. Unfortunately the greater scheme is one to enhance the aims of those who have a long term agenda.

Regardless of your personal needs, the necessary funds will always find their way to those that have the influence. These are the ones who also wield the power within the global corporations, and the military style operations which are often carried out in total secrecy. Under the banner of «Top Secret», or other such designations, you are denied knowledge of what is carried out in your name. In fact, this is a very convenient and often un-necessary way to keep you in the dark.

You are funding massive ventures that do little for you as the ones who foot the bill. Your Government is not even accountable to you as to how they spend your money, and therefore you have little or no control over how it is distributed. Corruption will always follow and go hand in hand with such arrangements, and it is a sad fact that most people can be «bought off». It has become the normal way for those in power to operate and get what they want.

If you get too close to the truth, you will often find that you are targeted by the secret services that will go as far as arranging your permanent removal. Most of what I have referred to is already known to you, and you feel unable to exercise any means of bringing such matters under control. The system seems immovable, and it does not seem to matter what changes take place as a result of your elections, the waste and lack of accountability still goes on.

You have massive wealth in your country that has accumulated over the last few hundred years. But for the greed and avarice of a few privileged families you would have had a much fairer distribution of wealth. Your standard of living and care would have been at acceptable levels, and poverty could have been eradicated. You would imagine that everyone would have this vision of a society that was allowed to share in the wealth it created, but you know that greed knows no bounds.

I said, let us look ahead because the imbalances that cause your problems will be rectified. There is a plan that will take back the wealth that exists, and ensure that it is fairly distributed. It will also be added to through the addition of precious metals that are already held secure by me, that are in funds created from long ago.

There are projects ready to start that will remedy the problems created by pollution. And in the area of medicine no one shall want for attention and treatment and great advancements will be made available to you.

The time has arrived for poverty and illness to be eradicated and it will be so in short time. Some of the treatments available for mental problems will astound you, they will appear so simple and effective without the use of drugs. Eventually even disabilities will be attended to and the results will be nothing short of miraculous.

What I have mentioned are all areas of great concern to you, and you have every right to expect these problems to be sorted out. Some of the technology that will be introduced does not at present exist upon the Earth and will be brought to you by your Space Friends. Is it not difficult to understand that when the hand of friendship has been previously offered by these friends it was turned down. Again it comes back to greed, as those with power and control have not wished to give up their hold over you. But more than ever there is an understanding growing throughout the world that acknowledges the benefits to everyone by welcoming your Space Friends to Earth.

Did you ever think that the Spiritual Hierarchy had deserted you, or that the Creator had forsaken you? A million times No! and whatever periods of experience you go through, there is always a "coming out" and a time of great advancement, and you are in this time now. It is not exactly a reward, and yet it could be seen as good Karma as you are being lifted up, and with it comes a release from the old. This applies to each and every one of you, and even those who are deeply entrenched in their power games. The Light cannot fail, and gradually all semblances of the old regime will disappear, and a new feeling will be in the air. Freedom from all of the ties that have held you back, and a wonderful coming together in true friendship and Love. Words cannot do justice to the times you are about to enter, not even your wildest dreams.

I AM St. Germain and I wish you to envisage your future now, and leave the old behind to those who are still comfortable within it. There is so much Love coming to Earth right now, take your fill of it and share it with everyone you meet. You are all the Light of the World.

Thank you, St. Germain
Mike Quinsey

February 7, 2005.

Going through this period of time, calls for a lot of faith from those who are not directly involved in Light working. The vast majority of people are only on the fringe of groups that are carrying out their ordained work, and have little idea as to what is taking place. It is not that there is any secrecy in it, but sometimes the details are best left in the hands of those who are directly involved. There are hundreds of small groups and indeed often single persons traveling at times some distance, even to another part of the world. Some are not even necessarily aware of the importance of their trips. But all have a consignment as part of work they agreed to carry out before they came to Earth. Some Lightworkers simply connect up with existing energies, where their own is required to enhance what already exists. Others are more aware, and have been directed in their work to carry out particular functions that will cleanse areas. They also ground their own energies in that location, and these become part of the Earth’s grid pattern. Others on a slightly different mission invoke the elementals, and help them to bring life back into areas where the energy has become dissipated. What is being learnt from these activities is that everything has a consciousness. If you have that understanding, and more importantly absolute confidence in your own ability to contact with it, you can literally help to work miracles. In some areas of severe water pollution, it has been cleared by such a method. Man is becoming more aware of his relationship with the life forms in what are largely the unseen world, and also his ability to work with it.

In the immediate future more of you will be drawn to such work, and once the cleansing of the Earth has really got underway, much help will be needed. After First Contact is made and your visitor’s technology used to hasten the cleansing, you will nevertheless be required as a follow up to charge the new energies. It is one thing to carry out cleansing, but in so doing there is much turmoil caused and it will need to be brought back into harmony. Working in conjunction with Mother Gaia, will mean a lessening of the severity of the effect of her own efforts to restore herself to a pristine condition. Even so, there is some work that is beyond humankind’s ability to handle it, but it will be carried out with the minimum of surface destruction. In one way and another, your concrete edifices and paving will have to be removed so as to allow the Earth to freely breathe again. In their place there will be beautiful structures of natural materials that will enhance the areas they are in. Nature will be encouraged to claim back its lands, and your original landscapes restored. You will be encouraged to play a large part in this work, and you will find that you have creative abilities hitherto unused.

There are many aspects of your present way of life that will disappear, and be replaced by more natural means. There will be an interim period although it will not last very long, when you will go through very rapid changes upon Earth. It will be progressive as the new technologies are introduced to you, and you will use them and quickly advance in your knowledge.

There will be so many things all happening at once, but you will have time to catch your breath. There will be sheer enjoyment in taking part in the changes and, because it is perfectly planned, you will not feel any stress or tension. Can you believe that you will be happy in your work? Well, I tell you that you will for certain. After being released from all of the trauma and problems of the past, it will be so satisfying to do something you have chosen. Wonderful to find satisfaction from your efforts, and not to have to worry about regulating your time, or where your next check is coming from. With the changes there will be steps taken to remove your present necessity to work for a living. Of course there is work still to be done, and many will operate equipment or machinery, but it will be quite different from that which you have been used to before. Automation will be taken to new levels, and very little manual work will be necessary. You will be provided with what you need to live comfortably, and no one will be homeless or without the essential needs for their daily life.

Dear Ones, what I tell you is not make-believe, it is the gifts of First Contact andNESARA that are to transform your world. They will restore that which has been taken from you, and add that which should have lifted you into the New Age long before now. The greatest gift will be the restoration of your Freedom, and from this all else will spring. Think positive and live the future now, as you will be its creators. Leave behind those who would prefer a different reality, then all will be happy at a level that is satisfying, but no more shall those of the lower vibration force their will upon others.

Before very long we shall no longer talk of these things, we shall BE these things and a new wonderfully uplifting energy shall carry us all forward. Already many feel the higher energies, and they know that they are bringing immense Light to Earth. Enjoy this time, it is quite unique and shall unfold very soon.

I am St. Germain and I bring you encouragement through a glimpse of the future. Meantime, your Love and Compassion will be tested to the limit, but I ask that you become the Masters that you are, and be generous and merciful in your admonition of others who have served the dark. They are also your Brothers and Sisters, and need your Love more than ever before.  I will be with you and support you at every step.  My Love for you is Eternal.

Thank you, St. Germain
Mike Quinsey

February 21, 2005.

Think big about your future reality, but start to live it now. Through your efforts you bring it nearer to yourselves and into manifestation. Your future already exists on another level and it is your creation. Your thoughts are incredibly more powerful than you imagine. As you follow the lead into the path of Ascension, so you will have more evidence of such power, particularly in the area of healing. But other powers are also becoming more evident, and you will for example find your psychic abilities growing. This is all part of your evolution, but hastened by the incoming energies that are lifting your vibration. Be confident in your approach to the opportunities that are being presented to you once again. Certainly there is no reason to have fear, it is quite natural for psychic powers to accompany your shift into the higher dimensions. Your creative ability will not however be fully achieved until you are well into the last stages of Ascension. By then you will have left the 3rd Dimension behind which will still exist for those who so desire.

When you have ascended, you will move in the 4th, 5th or 6th Dimension but at no time beyond that which vibrates in harmony with you. With protection and in the charge of a Higher Being, you can enter even more Dimensions and normally this is for the purpose of a greater spiritual understanding.

The temporary lifting up of souls from their normal dimension, particularly in the case of the lower dark regions, is not unusual. It is by way of encouragement to show what they can aspire to and achieve if they so wish. No one is confined to those areas for all time, and it is a matter of their desire and the will to progress upwards. For some who fight against the Light, and perhaps feel anger, hatred and revenge, and continually carry these around with them, it will seem they are trapped. But until those negative emotions are overcome they cannot move on, and usually blame every one else except themselves for their predicament. Often at the root of the difficulties encountered is the strong feeling of needing to have revenge on someone who they feel has seriously wronged them. Until they can accept that all experience exactly what is needed for their spiritual growth and can learn forgiveness, they remain in the dimension that is suited to their vibration. As soon as a glimmer of Light and understanding shows itself, there are always higher Beings who take on the task of lifting these souls up. They incarnate again just as everyone else, but usually have their life plan arranged for them so as to give maximum opportunity for growth. Not one soul in the lower levels is without the God spark, it is just that it has become so dim because of continual negativity. The God spark is indestructible, and will continue to exist regardless of what happens.

When on Earth, you come together and generally have no way of knowing or recognizing the spiritual level of attainment of another person. There may be an outward suggestion of love and peace, but even so there can be negative thoughts not far below the surface. You have an expression of taking people at face value, and say that the seat of the soul is in the eyes and this is a good first impression. But more likely, you pick up on the auric emanations of that person, and if they feel pleasant and in harmony with yours, you can immediately accept them. In fact, how you «feel« about someone is your measure as to how you respond to them. Just once in a while, you will meet with someone who «feels« icy cold and where there is no warmth or energies that draw you to them. In other circumstances you meet someone new, and immediately you feel very much at home with them. The likelihood is that such meetings are between old souls who met in previous lives, and it is a case of meeting a long lost friend. All of these factors are bound up in what you call your intuition, and it is well worth taking note of particularly as a first impression.

The ability to see auras will become commonplace as you prepare for Ascension, as will a number of other abilities. You will also learn to identify the meaning of the different colors, and it is logical and true that the clear bright colors are a sign of someone who is spiritually advanced. Usually their auras also reach out quite a long way from their physical bodies, and are strong in the head area. Murky colors in a compacted aura are the signs of one who is of a low vibration. But, naturally as you, Dear Ones, who are preparing for Ascension have already progressed far along the spiritual path, you will all exhibit wonderful auras of a range of beautiful colors. These are your «signature« and show to others your specific qualities and leanings. Eventually, you will read a person’s true feelings through their auric colors, and if one is not telling the truth it will show for all to see. In any event, there will come a time when only the truth will be able to exist.

The new you is rapidly becoming apparent, and you will be helped to progress quickly to a point where you are ready for that final quantum leap into Cosmic Consciousness. For the moment concentrate on being all that is true to yourself, show by example what can be achieved and you will help others to follow.

I am St. Germain and I shall accompany you with my Love and guidance all the way to Ascension. We Are One and are All That Is.

Thank you, St. Germain
Mike Quinsey


May 27, 2005.

In short time all of the waiting will be seen as very worthwhile. Looking back you will realize that it was necessary to achieve a complete and thorough change in matters that were controlling your lives. In a natural and normal environment, you would not be working under such stress and there would be peace and harmony everywhere. It is your intended status, and it is one that you came from and one to which you will return. This is why at this time you are drawing on energies that will create this ideal, and why the dark cannot oppose it for much longer. You will not be denied your opportunity to come together in one common purpose to establish peace on Earth.

The transition from one state to another was never going to be achieved over night. You are looking at the conditioning of the human mind to believe that you should expect no better than what you have now. The fall into the lower vibrations was inevitable, and it was beyond your power to prevent it, and on another level it was expected because this was the challenge that you hard already accepted. Some people are still held down to the extent that they cannot recognize or understand the reality of their position. Yet, there is an inner understanding that nudges you onwards to accept the new concept of Man’s relationship to each other.

The most difficult aspect to change is the ego that cannot see that we are all one, that when stripped of our outer covering we are all the same in essence. The feeling of superiority is fueled by misconceptions that have existed for eons of time. The emphasis has been on the differences between you rather than the common ground. As you have entered the more recent period so the focus has been on personal wealth and materialism, rather than shared benefits. Many profess to be ultra religious, yet lose sight of the greatest teachings that talk of treating your brother as yourself. They talk of love and measure it out according to their whims and fancies. The love taught by the great teachers was demonstrated by them, and lived by them as an example to everyone else.

Love is the energy that is moving the world into the next phase of your journey. It must however be given without fear or favor, it is your natural instinct to do so yet many hold back because of those differences that categorize people into groups that are labeled accordingly. Everybody is worth loving, everybody needs love, and if it was given freely you would see a marked change in society. You can ignore the devious ways in which your dark leaders promote the ideas of the supposed differences between you. They have produced a society that is at odds with itself, and designate different groups that according to their labels are despised or treated as inferior. Yet it is the dark that have promoted the differences, with their often brutal approach and uncaring attitudes. The ills of society such as drugs, drink and violence are allowed to fester, and the chaos and disruption is used as a means to introduce draconian laws.

Where is there evidence of a loving approach to the problems that exist? Of course some of you work this way, but unfortunately you are in the minority and you get little assistance from the authorities. There has to be a drastic change in people’s attitude to each other if you are to live together in harmony. It can be done, but a great deal of goodwill is required. Left to your own devices it is apparent that it would take so long for any real impression to be made. This is where the higher vibrations are having an affect as they raise the consciousness upon Earth.

The difficulty however still remains, that while the dark are promoting ways and methods of keeping you under their strict control, your freedom to act is being curtailed. Indeed, the changes to laws that would appear to offer you protection are effectively making you a prisoner in your own country. You have to break free from the lower vibrations that are beginning to have a stranglehold upon so many people. You cannot do this alone, and this is why the plans have already been made to bring a halt to the way that the dark are imposing their will. Everywhere people are crying out for peace, and to be lifted up out of the misery perpetuated over centuries of oppression. They have had enough, and know that there is a better way to find peace and harmony, and live without fear and in the lack created by their rulers.

We have said many times that the resources of the world are sufficient for each and everyone to have a comfortable existence. The present conditions will soon change, and exploitation and oppression will become a thing of the past. Everyone has it in them to become loving beings, but many have lost their way and become attracted by the glitter of materialism. This has made them selfish and greedy, and it feeds the ego that pushes the real self into the background. Everyone has a dream of living a happy creative life without worry and stress, and that is how it should be and will be soon.

Dear Ones, the whole purpose of the changes that you are waiting for, is to bring into being those conditions that will lead to the realization of your wishes. Not only that, you cannot commence to prepare for Ascension while the dark remain in charge, and this is why they have to be removed. The lessons of duality have finished, and what you now experience is the transition period that we shall endeavor to keep as short as possible. Once we are able to start, the changes will come quickly and in a remarkably short time. No changes are without a certain amount of upheaval, but this will be an occasion when you shall find a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction as it is carried out.

I am St. Germain and I remind you of what it is we are trying to achieve, and how much we rely on your input. We are crossing the finishing line, and working together is our strength. I express my deep felt love for you all, you are truly wondrous souls.

Thank you St. Germain
Mike Quinsey


January 2, 2006.

A New Year has commenced [2006] and with it are new energies that were not there at the start of 2005. You have drawn to yourselves higher energies that have effectively raised your vibrations. The more that you can receive, the more is directed to Earth and through you it is grounded. You have a greater expectation than before, and you only have to look back a few years to realize how far you have come. The stage is set for the final acts in the play of duality, and the lead role shall change hands. Now the time commences for the Light to start showing itself with full force.

There are changes yet to occur before the main events can take place, but you are well along the path that will open up very soon. We let the dark tear themselves to pieces as they attempt to hold on to the power they still have. They know their plans are falling apart but still try to keep them on course. The reality is that they have long been aware of the Forces of Light and realize that they cannot outwit them. They knew that sooner or later they would have to relinquish their control to them, and have been aware of the greater plan for Earth and Humanity.

This year [2006] will be one of many changes that will enable the last cabal to be removed. It is still a delicate task and we wait the precise moment it can be achieved without repercussions against you. Our actions will be swift and we shall take matters into our own hands for a short period. Our clear intention is to pass power over to our allies, and those who are destined to lead you forward are fully primed and ready to perform their tasks.

Even in the course of the last year many more people have awakened to what has been taking place. Therefore those who stand up and speak for truth are now supported by people from all levels of society. There will always be those who still wish for the old ways, even although they see how their freedom is being curtailed. They do not know any other way, and are not inclined to seek through spiritual understanding. We ask nothing except that you accept that you have a Creator, and that there is a divine plan for Earth that is being enacted now.

In short time we will have corrected many false doctrines, and once the truth is known there will be the formation of a Council of Churches. It will bring them together in a common understanding of the truth, and the realization that your history will have to be rewritten. To this end we shall give you irrefutable proof of your link to the Creator and how you have found your inspiration and growth in many different civilizations. You will also learn how life is forever ongoing as you evolve, and how you all help each other to progress. The thoughts and actions of a single person affect everyone else, and the balance of Light and dark is forever changing.

We know how impatient Human Beings can get, and how your emotions can move in different ways so quickly. There are still ups and downs to come, but the underlying movement will carry you forward to success. Also bear in mind that there are souls who are not destined to stay the course, having chosen to leave in ways that will enable a speedy transition. There are still karmic lessons being learnt, and until you are completely out of duality this will continue to be so.

You are now required to give power to your vision of events that will see the end to the cycle of Light and dark. Many of you know what is planned, and currently your support is needed to oust the last cabal. This will be the first and most important step that will signal the beginning of the end. This will happen in the course of this year [2006], and we foresee the continuing indictments as playing a large part in bringing this about. The dark energies permeate much of your society, and this is a world wide problem. It will however change, and cannot continue to exist as the new plan unfolds. The changes will be far reaching, and what everyone sees happen in America will eventually sweep the world.

Humanity is so far down the line in preparation for the evolutionary shift, that nothing can now stop it. This is your guarantee that this cycle will end on a high note, and that Ascension will come as planned. After all the thousands of years you have been working towards this time there is nothing left but the blink of an eye, and you shall see the glory and feel the happiness of success. Peace will be brought to Earth, but peace which is presently beyond your understanding.

Every life form will be affected, and were you not told that the lion would lay down with the lamb? All energies will work in perfect harmony, and you will see that perfection manifest in everything around you. Have you ever considered that you have the ability to affect the weather with your own energy, and how it would respond to the one energy that was in perfect harmony? These days will come to you as the Light permeates Earth and you grow rapidly in a new consciousness that is referred to as «superconsciousness». You will become whole again and ready yourselves for the great leap forward.

The Creator’s Plan is conceived in perfection, and you are its beneficiaries and you will return you to the status you held eons of time ago. You will have no problems adjusting to the changes, as they will bring you back to the level you were previously and it will be very natural to you. Be assured, that even those you leave behind, who choose a different path for themselves will also one day wake up to the full realization of their potential and tread a similar path.

Dear Ones, I am St. Germain and I am one who works from the higher realms, and I am part of one great body that carries out the Creator’s wishes. We have many names and appear to be separate, but we are One in the Light and All is connected. We serve those who aspire to return to the Light, and you are presently the ones who have our focus and attention. We are here to help in every conceivable way and that we shall do, and we have answered your prayers for help. What is transpiring is the final act of lifting you up, a service we perform with the greatest Love, for you are part of us and we are part of you, we are All One. My wishes go out to you all for a fulfilling New Year, one where all of your wishes come true and joy and happiness descend upon Earth.

Thank you, St. Germain.
Mike Quinsey


January 6, 2006.

If there is such a thing as an average person, then you have millions of them who have the potential to join the Ascension process.  These are ones who have found little assurance in helping them to understand creation. Most allude to some kind of God, but for a multitude of reasons find it difficult to accept a Being who is claimed to love you all, yet you suffer sometimes to the extreme. Many are open to the idea of a God who hands out favors and punishes the wayward. However, they cannot find it in their hearts to totally give themselves to it.

However much Man takes away your freewill, you will always have free thought. It has been used to allow for a review of the orthodox teachings that have come down through the ages. Consequently people have pulled back from outright acceptance, and have tried to make their own independent assessment. This has resulted in a move to more radical thinking, and many have moved towards the New Age Movements. It is the most natural urge to want to know the truth about your existence. Even more so as to whether there is life after death, and what that means to your future existence.

One of Man’s biggest concerns centers around death and the elusive proof as to exactly what it means is hard to find. Certainly you have evidence that the soul can exist outside of the body, but that does not tell you what exactly it is. In the present time you hear of premature deaths occurring through a multitude of reasons, and you wonder where God fits into it. Some of you castigate God for allowing events such as the tsunami to occur, and it is understandable that you should feel great concern at the number of people that are affected.

What I have described are those who can be considered your «average person». They are ready for the answers, but who will come forward and give them. Orthodox religion can only offer apologies death and pain, and has the greatest difficulty in putting forward an acceptable explanation. The problem partly lies in the assumption that the souls suffering early death have in some way brought it upon themselves. There is also a feeling that people are unworthy and should not expect much else. Clearly people will not find the true God of All Love if they perceive that in some ways God is vengeful and punishes wrongdoers.

Even when the truth is put forward there is still a question of Universal Law, but it must be understood that it is not used to punish people. Spiritual laws teach that you are responsible for your actions, but it is you who decide how you will make amendment for your wrongs. You hear of dark places described as Hell, and these do exist if not quite exactly to your usual concept. Realize that everything is about vibration, and matter will find its own level quite naturally. Hence you have some that are of a very low vibration where matter has difficulty in holding its shape. This results in the ugliness and the lack of color and light that are associated with these lower realms.

Wherever you go within the different dimensions you will find varying degrees of Light. The more Light the greater will be the clarity and purity, and you will experience the energies in such a way that it brings much happiness and joy. Harmony and balance are features of the highest dimensions of form. Eventually there is only Light and pure consciousness and it can be molded into any shape or form if so desired. Earth is a reflection of all of these dimensions, and it is your power of thought that determines which one is created upon it.

What is going to happen as you progress towards Ascension is a speeding up of the vibration. This will bring changes to Earth including all life forms, and those that cannot take the new energies into themselves will leave this cycle. As I have often said, there is no choosing by anyone other than yourselves. No one is left behind or ignored, but instead carry on with their evolution in a new environment. Now you see the actions of the caring God who loves all of creation and provides for every soul at all times. No one wishes you to fail, and all of the efforts of those from higher dimensions are to lift you up to their levels.

At a certain point in your understanding you will effortlessly move to your own center, and will find less need to consult others to find your truth. All knowledge is within although you will benefit from guidance, but in the ultimate it is up to you decide what your truth shall be. However, at anytime be ever ready to accept a greater truth and expand your consciousness. There has never been a time quite like now where you have the opportunity to grow at a faster rate than previously.

When the Masters return, there will an even greater exposure of the truth, and many long held beliefs will be clarified. Be ready to learn about yourselves and your illustrious past and how you came to Earth. Learn of the truth about spiritual matters that will affect your future, and above all understand that there is only the One Creator. You all have your beginning with the One and it will continue into infinity. You are only separate from others because you have chosen to be so, but this illusion will soon pass.

I am St. Germain and as you know, I shall be one who returns to Earth and not for the first time I shall take on my mantle as a Teacher to you all. My name is not in fact important, and you will know me by many different ones as your history will show. I have lovingly followed your progress for eons of time, and now we shall all stand in The Creators Light and take that great step forward that shall signal the end of duality at this level. I am but one of many that have been like a Father and Mother to you, and now it is time for you to become of age and accept your own responsibility. Dear Ones, my love will accompany you forever.

Thank you, St. Germain.
Mike Quinsey


January 10, 2006.

Heady days beckon and the activity continues to heighten. You look around and read many messages from which it is apparent that much inspiration is in abundance. It is clear that there is a new energy urging everyone forward and the awakening continues to move on quite quickly. Some are still held in the old energies, but they too will be given every chance to break out of them. In the ultimate it will be seen that no one has been denied the opportunity to lift up, that is your choice alone.

We see a distinct growth of Light that is raising the vibrations quite rapidly, and with this increase is your protection from any attempt of the dark to reverse the trend. It has in fact quite the opposite affect to what they hope for, as the power of the Light is transmuting the dark. When you hear that events will be chaotic perhaps you will understand that this is inevitable as the changes occur. Just now you are probably more concerned with the physical changes upon Earth, and although these are unavoidable, Mother Earth in her wisdom will make them in a controlled manner. That you are here to experience the changes first hand is another opportunity to understand how these processes operate.

Remember that you take these experiences with you, and for the same reason many of you have deep subconscious memories of being in similar situations. As has often been said, every experience is part of your growth and it will always add something positive to your understanding. Consider for a moment what will be learnt by those in the role of the dark forces. Where they tread almost every single one of you have been before, and you have learnt so much from those experiences. They make you what you are today, as you certainly do not acquire your inner beliefs from anyone else. You will find that you fit easily into groups that reflect your present understanding, and that is how people fine tune those beliefs.

You are learning the whole time, and more often than not you are hardly aware of the subtle changes that take place within you. It is when you look back that you find evidence of a new approach to life and other people. The greatest beneficial movement comes in conjunction with being able to control you ego. Yet you will be tested again and again, and this is how you reach a level of total confidence in your ability to control your own life. Given free reign, your ego will take over your life, and inevitably it leads to continual conflict. Ego wants everything for self, and ego wants respect and looking up to, and woe betide anyone who does not respond that way.

When you have overcome the demands of your ego, you demand nothing at all and respect is something you earn because you are not egotistical. When you are able to be at One with All, the emphasis of «I» becomes one of recognizing «We» and unity and harmony comes with the love that is present. It begs the question as to whether you can put others before self, and you must be able to do that if you desire to return to the higher dimensions. The vibration is one of Universal Love and it is not so difficult to achieve as you might imagine.

Make a start by trying to understand how all is irrevocably connected, and see that you are part of a body of mass consciousness that every one else also belongs to, therefore you are All One. Separation is a feature of experience in the duality of the energies you are still within. It has been compounded for many different reasons that have benefited the dark. Now however it is your opportunity to break that cycle, and there has never been such a time to do it as now. It means withdrawing from some earthly activities and even pleasures if you are to raise your vibrations. When you have found a strong belief in what you are doing to raise yourself up, that will not be so hard to do.

Respecting yourself as well as others is essential, and treating your body as the temple that it is. Your body is a reflection of the Universe and should be looked upon as a magnificent creation. You know little about how your body truly functions, and of how its consciousness rivals your own. Too often bodies are continually abused and their ability to support you becomes impossible. Look after your body and it will look after you, and there is no reason why you should suffer continual illness. I hasten to add that for genetic reasons you will be prone to certain weaknesses, but even this has its roots in self abuse.

It will not be long before many of you notice the quality of life improving, and for some it is already apparent. It must happen because of the incoming vibrations that are beginning to lift you up. This will intensify very quickly the nearer you get to the final stages of Ascension. There will be a reversal of the aging process and you will clearly experience it slowing down. Clarity in thought will become normal, whereas in older age you normally have your lapses of memory. Tiredness will gradually be replaced by a new energetic you, that feels totally resurgent and vibrant.

Dear Ones, think positive and create the future now, it is there for you. Use your power of thought to overcome your old way of accepting the aging process and you too can help reverse it. Do not try to do too much too soon, but as your body is a unit of consciousness it will respond to you and help bring about the changes. Try it and see what success you can achieve by reversing the normal expectancy of aging and illness, and put that spark back into your life.

I am St. Germain, and I know there is a flurry of excitement at the prospect of a more positive presence of the Space Beings. Certainly they are prepared for the giving of more outright evidence of their ability to come into your atmosphere. You can expect a more bold approach, but for the moment I will allow the outcome to speak for itself. It will be interesting to the Galactic Federation to measure your response at the thought of the day of First Contact drawing nearer. Know that all of these activities are carried out with loving consideration, and still the timing is paramount to success.

Thank you, St. Germain.
Mike Quinsey


February 1, 2006.

The idea of living within an illusion proves to be the most difficult one to comprehend. Clearly you are physical Beings, and what you see around you has body and is of substance. When we the Masters appear to you often our manifestation is accompanied by an auric display that reveals us in a light form because we manifest in a higher vibration. When you see what you call ghosts, that is often the etheric shell of someone who has departed Earth and left that energy behind. Some of you see ETs and like the Masters they can come and go at will, and yet all of this real to your senses.

The illusion that is referred to relates to The Matrix that you have created around you. It is one that is the substance of your collective consciousness, having been created according to your beliefs and desires. This is your reality as you perceive it, and it is very much like entering a playroom that has been designed for one purpose only. When you enter another room you find a different arrangement yet they are in essence just rooms. You have created a «room» for each phase of your development, and it changes from the earlier one according to what expresses your new level of consciousness.

Think for a moment, if for example you found yourselves suddenly transported to ancient Egyptian times how strange you would find it. You would most likely feel out of place, and unable to adapt to an era that was so different to your present one. Yet, in its time it was an advanced civilization that functioned in a highly organized way. As you know, you can go «back» into time and some have actually had experiences where they have seen it as it was. Again none of this is an illusion, but could I say that it is simply different to what you are used to now.

 You have programmed yourselves to think a certain way, and each time you incarnate your belief system is tested against what you subconsciously brought with you. A new you has gradually emerged, yet the matrix will continually impinge upon you. You will be aware that some Beings come directly from the higher dimensions to incarnate upon Earth. They carry their higher consciousness with them, and are aware that they are in some way different. However, they are strong enough to maintain it in an alien environment. All of this is real to the individuals concerned yet it is all part of the illusion, brought about by your freewill to create as you desire.

The reality is that you are not what you think you are, that is apart from those of you who already understand the truth. You are not a physical Being, but a higher Being that has dropped into the lower dimensions to experience duality. What you see manifest around you is but a pale reflection of what the higher ones are like. Your reality is in the higher dimensions where all is understood from the perspective that you are gods. To a greater or lesser degree, you use your powers of creation that become increasingly more powerful as you move higher.

Death is perhaps the biggest illusion that many people believe to be the total end to life. The reality is that life is infinite, and death of the physical body is to allow the release of your soul from it. It quickly gravitates to its appropriate level which is still within the Earth’s influence. However, these levels at their higher points are nearer to your true reality. Albeit that your powers of creation are limited, they bestow upon you abilities that you do not have upon Earth. These can be described as «Transit Realms» because you will only remain there until you decide what your next experience shall be. Most incarnate back upon Earth, but it is possible to move to other dimensions or planets. This will depend on what will best further your evolution.

Earth is a convenient illusion in which to experience in a way that cannot be achieved elsewhere. It is not your true reality, and whilst you are upon it you play out all types of situations that are created by you all collectively. This is why as you fully enter the end times, you have to clear away the thoughtforms of old and allow the new to manifest. Then and only then, you will begin to see and experience your true reality which will restore your creative powers. It will also give you back your freedom and sovereignty and light up the golden path to the higher dimensions from whence you originally came, your TRUE REALITY.

Dear Ones, you can release yourselves from the old vibrations by building your vision of the future. Let go that which has served its purpose well, as the Earth too is also reaching out for its higher expression. You are ascending together, and a wonderful cleansing with magnificent changes will lead you into the Golden Age. It awaits you now and nothing on Earth will stop it manifesting, it is decreed as such and so shall it be. Give thanks to the Creator for this new expression that is finally to release you from bondage, and propel you into the future.

I am St. Germain, and wish that you should all be open to new ideas and perceptions. The old has almost served its purpose, and as all does when its use is no longer required, it returns to source. Thank it for having served you well, and let it go. The Heavens watch with great interest as you emerge from the darkness, and their Love and Light speeds you ever onwards.

Thank you, St. Germain.
Mike Quinsey


February 4, 2006.

Dear Ones, we are playing the waiting game, and it requires much patience on your part. You know that you are so near to witnessing the first action that shall bring all else into being. It is the «not knowing» that tends to make time drag, although in reality you must admit it is flowing faster and faster. Because of where we are in our proceedings there is a great sense of anticipation on your part. This is fine, and we wish you to focus on the outcome as though it had already manifested. This will help bring it into being that bit quicker as you will be helping create that reality.

We are coming back to your power of thought, and believe me you have always had a big influence on the outcome. Do not allow it to falter at such a critical time, and be ready to have your resolve sorely tested. There will be signs of wonderful advancement, and then you experience a downturn and your focus is momentarily lost. You have been stalwarts for so long and dedicated to your tasks and this is how we would like it to stay. You are the main players in these end times, because the cycle closing is one that has been energized by your thoughts and deeds. It is so to say, your problem and Karmic Law requires you to put it right.

However, the Hierarchy of Heaven is all loving and has guided you for eons of time, and is now closer than ever to you. Our desire is to see as many of you as possible raise your consciousness to the Ascension level. No one has been given more opportunity than another, and through many lifetimes you have chosen your own path. We are always there for your guidance but we do not impose our ideas upon you. This is a planet of Freewill and you have been allowed to experience exactly as you wished. Once you have incarnated there are no ways of circumventing your soul contract. You may avoid the challenge you came to face, but you will not be allowed to override the conditions set for your experience. In other words, you cannot «buy» your way out of it.

If you are one who feels a lack, ask yourself what lessons are being presented to you. Do not envy others in a secure position because you do not know their life history, or indeed where there lives are leading. I give you a simple example of someone who never seems to have enough money, even if they live a frugal life. One who has to scrimp and save and watch spending very closely.  Let us assume that they have had their share of abundance in an earlier life, but not satisfied with sufficient gathered more to themselves at other peoples expense. Would it not seem likely that they learn from lack to appreciate the value of what they have?

Money is still many peoples god and they will literally do anything to acquire it. Do you not have an expression that «money is the root of all evil» and is it not fairly accurate? Of course it would be too simplistic to say it applied all round, but handling wealth is not as easy as some believe. Money for some is the route to self aggrandizement, for others it enables them to be over indulgent in all of the pleasures. Some may gamble away their fortune in pursuance of more, and if they lost all, what lesson would be learnt. Those bound by the material life rarely give time for their spiritual learning but see it happens regardless.

Now let me speak of an idyllic time soon to come, when abundance will be for everyone. Imagine not having to want for anything at all, and being able to create according to your hearts desire. I tell that if you reach this point, you will already know that possessions are not important and you will not set out to gain more. Everything necessary for your existence is there for you and your enjoyment. Your mind will be on greater achievements as you move towards the higher realms. Spiritual growth and evolution are what is important to you and nothing else. You will grow out of love and service to others, as it is the giving and not receiving that is important.

On Earth many of you live a totally introverted life, and never seek opportunities to share and get to know others. In the higher realms comradeship and sharing are normal, and those of a similar vibration are drawn together and meet in great friendship and love. Although you are a free spirit you will always seek those who follow the higher path, as all ever moves upwards. What value there is in being able to trust those you meet and being able to identify their place in the Spiritual Hierarchy, as there are no secrets and all is in the open.

Coming straight from Earth into the higher realms will be an overwhelming but exhilarating experience. It will be no dream, and beyond words to describe the ecstasy and peace that awaits you. Words do little justice to levels that abound in Light, and ranges of color you have not yet seen, and celestial music that charms and vibrates upon your heart strings. When the going gets tough upon Earth, just give a thought to the wonders that await you, and know that your perseverance will have been well worthwhile.

I am St. Germain and try to give you an idea of what Ascension means. You have worked a long time for this very moment, so I say be prepared and keep within your own space so that you can keep centered at all times. Let the world pass by but help it on its way, and that does not mean you ignore it, but do not be pulled away by outside distractions. Most of all, do not allow fear to manifest within you, and know that your Love is your impenetrable shield. I know well the higher realms, and I sweep you up so that we may visit them together. The Creator has given you the power of visualization, use it well and wisely as tomorrow your creation will become part of your reality. Think and act Love and you will not falter, and you can do that now if you put your mind to it. I leave you with much Love and Light that streams down to Earth in a never ending flow.

Thank you, St. Germain.
Mike Quinsey


February 6, 2006.

When you reach a certain understanding you do not need to be told that the killing of another person is against spiritual law. You will know that life is sacred and you cannot take away that which has been given by the Creator. You may believe that there are circumstances in which the taking of life is acceptable or excused. You may plead self defense, but that does not mean that in so doing you take life. Also, the taking of life as punishment for one who has taken the life of another is not God’s way. In fact regardless of whatever act has been carried out that is against spiritual law, it is you who will decide how to make good such deeds. I talk not of euthanasia, which is assisted suicide, which is generally the case of one who is dying in great pain and discomfort, and beyond any form of medical help. If in these circumstances one of clear mind has decided to terminate their life and call upon a loved one to help, that can be seen as an act of mercy.

The subject I raise is one that for many of you is most emotive, and there are always some who will believe that there are special circumstances where punishment by death is permissible. This is the eye for an eye law, and takes no account of what is best to re-educate the offender and help them overcome their tendencies. You come to Earth to experience duality, and it is the dimension to remain in until your agreed time for transition. People can change if given time, encouragement and opportunity, but by dispatching them back to the lower realms it will almost certainly result in bitterness and hatred, and generally do more harm than good. Allowing them time to reflect on their deeds, is where they will begin to understand their motivation and see it for what it is.

I have touched upon some aspects that surround death, but bear in mind that in reality there is no such thing. Death is the shedding of the physical body, and the soul moves out and is drawn to its appropriate level. That in no way lessens the crime of taking life, but it shows that life is infinite. It does however tell you that whatever unresolved problems existed prior to death, they still remain. Let me project an observation that people who have found the Light do not support the taking of another’s life. This has little to do with religious beliefs, as with few exceptions they accept the idea of war and the killing of your enemies. People of Light have evolved beyond such beliefs and accept the Oneness of all life.

Now where do my comments leave you, as I know some may be disturbed by them? Perhaps you have a courageous member of your family who is in the armed forces or police forces, and has joined out of the highest principles. Some are people who are patriotic and have a great sense of duty and law to protect others. How would they be viewed when they come to account for actions in their life? I will tell you that all is considered from the point of view as to what your motives were. As you will be aware, some members of the forces are nothing more than mercenaries, who will fight for any cause regardless of the credibility of it. Some fight for the sheer pleasure and thrill of killing.

I ask you, how do souls who are still held in the dark make headway in understanding the sanctity of life? The simple answer is that they carry on in their old ways, until they see beyond them. Everyone here on Earth is learning some lesson that will lift them up higher on the path to evolution and full consciousness. If it were not for the closing of this cycle, Man would eventually reach that point where war and everything concerned with it would become unacceptable. It would cease to be part of Man’s make up or desire.

I now come to the point of my message to tell you that First Contact will lead to world peace. However, that will be enforced by Divine Decree because the time has arrived for the activities of war to cease. What is the destiny of those who are still carrying the lower vibrations? They will come more under the influence of the higher vibrations which are increasingly becoming stronger. In any event, the mere fact that peace will settle on Earth, will itself result in a great upsurge of love between people and that also will raise the vibrations exponentially.

Humankind does not really need much encouragement to change and become the loving souls that they really are. You are benign beings that in your natural state are completely of the Light and Love. Soon you will have the opportunity to draw the higher vibrations to you, as a new stage is entered on your path to Ascension. You will be able to go forward in leaps and bounds, and your old image and ways will become something of the past. For eons of time you have been fed false teaching, that have perpetuated the confrontational attitude and belief that you are separate from all else.

The time is here when the new energy can be grasped and carry you majestically into a Golden Age. Already there is a new mood and purpose amongst you and the realization is dawning that Man has to change. You are tired of continual wars, death and destruction, and you are of strong voice and persuasion and it is being heard. Those who ignore you have no place in the leadership of the future, and they shall rightly be removed. Even now, major changes are proceeding on a pathway that has been firmly established and they shall come to be.

Dear Ones I am St. Germain, and I judge no one but simply raise a subject that is for some painful to bear. However in the near future many shall sit down and think upon these matters, as death is the final barrier to be beaten. Never again shall you experience transition as you presently do upon Earth. In future it will be by choice, and with your full knowledge and conscious awareness. Your first experience will be when you are lifted up into the higher dimensions, and ascend with your physical body. You will have been fully prepared for that event, and it will be an exciting and unforgettable experience. All is carried out with great Love from all of those involved, and I shall be one.

Thank you, St. Germain.
Mike Quinsey


February 10, 2006.

Dear Ones, the battle moves on and you sometimes wonder how it will be won. I say it is already won and all you are required to do is to continue bringing the new energies to Earth.  The more you visualize the coming together and peace coming to Earth the sooner it shall manifest.  The hard work has already been done and you have been coming out of the great sleep for at least the last century.  It was when the first real glimmerings of understanding surfaced and so began a climb into awareness that has been remarkable in such a short time.

The awakening spread slowly at first, but with the coming of souls whose destiny was to bring enlightenment the new understanding gained ground.  Now there is a glorious glow coming from Earth that signals a new Humanity that has begun to find its way into the Light.  Put one enlightened person into a room with others that are receptive, and they are all lifted up.  Their auras merge together and there is a sharing at a higher level of understanding.  This so to say rubs off, and once the awakening commences the old mould has been broken and growth will continue.

People will not necessarily know what is stirring within, but it will continue as they start to search for answers. You have a saying that «Many roads lead to Rome» and most certainly there are many different paths that can lead to spiritual progress. The one you are on will depend as to which ideas you are receptive to, and it does not matter how many times you change course. The only important thing is that you finally gain full spiritual understanding.

Karma very much plays a role in the path you travel as there are lessons to be learnt that are best experienced in certain religious orders.  At present on Earth there is much contention over extreme Muslim beliefs, and by bringing these fully into the open they can be cleansed. God is pure Love, and it is only distorted human beliefs often fuelled by the teachings of the lesser gods that are leading people astray. What you are beginning to understand is that it is extremists that grab the headlines, and their views are not representative of the main line religious beliefs.

Can you see how matters that require your attention are brought to the forefront. They land on your lap as you watch your televised reports and read your newspapers. You cannot avoid these issues and they come to you for cleansing. You cannot do that if you add to the argument by adopting a negative stance. It is time for an appraisal of many beliefs of Humanity that are held in error. The question is will you take this opportunity to find a peaceful solution or make matters worse by adopting a fighting stance. What a wonderful opportunity exists to start overcoming the prejudice and threats against others that is based on wrong thinking.

You will have to come together at some time, and there is nothing like the present to seize this chance to show what you can do. It is leadership that is required on both sides to calm the flames of agitation and anger. Will these people be allowed to come forward or will those with a different agenda resist such an opportunity. Somewhere there are more spiritually aware people who can move you on and remove the influence of the extremists by peaceful means. Unfortunately, there are others who will choose to deliberately enflame the situation to keep you in fear and cause more chaos.

You must not succumb to your passions as religious differences can cause the ugliest confrontations. Step back from the arguments and do what is required of those working for the Light.  Send that Love and Light to those who express anger and help diffuse the situation.  There is a challenge here which will help prove how far you have really come into enlightenment. Do not let yourselves down and realize that you are witnessing another battle that takes place on a higher level between the dark and the Light.

You have many problems to solve, but as always you are being helped. The answers are always within, and your Higher Self will guide you to the correct solution. What you see now is just but one area of negativity, and they will keep coming at you until they are cleared. This is what this particular time is all about, and you ALL knew that when you incarnated. It does not matter that some have not yet awakened, and they will find it gets harder for them to avoid the upsurge in new thinking that calls for peace and an end to the old ways.

I am St. Germain and I am pleased at the number of you that have come into the Light. The more that joins you so the power increases and the dark energies start to break up. This is happening now and it is a process that will finally release you all from the hold of the dark. Think of the fear engendered by threats of terrorist attacks, wars, earth changes and even ones from outer space. They hover over you but so far you have ensured that they have only manifested on a small level. I hasten to add for anyone still unaware of the facts that 9/11 was not a terrorist attack but as you say «an inside job».  This alone shows you that you are winning the battle and you must not ease up in your attempts to remove the last cabal.  Everything they stand for is calculated to hold you down in abject fear and obedience.  Do not let them succeed and never let up in your efforts to claim back your freedom and sovereignty.

I close with much joy and happiness as I survey the Earth and Humanity as you are succeeding in bringing Light to everyone. Soon you shall see the reward for such dedication and this will certainly be a year that will bring much to celebrate.  Go in Love and live up to your highest ideals and do not waver.  You are almost at the end of your journey, and a new one of glory and golden opportunity awaits you.  I leave you the energies of my love to help carry you ever onwards.

Thank you, St. Germain
Mike Quinsey


February 13, 2006.

As you are probably aware, events in the Middle East are reaching a climax and more than one country has the potential to become further destabilized. The outcome lies somewhat in your own hands, although it is the powerbrokers that pull the strings. Changes are inevitable and Israel holds the key to determine which way events work out. There are all kinds of pressures upon her, not least of all from your own government who sees them as a tool to achieve their own aims in that region.

We are trying our hardest to guide our allies along a path that will overcome the potential for an extended war into other countries. As individuals you will wonder, what you can do to assist?, and as always your role is to pour oil on troubled waters. Visualize the Middle East area as coming under an umbrella of Light, and imagine it raining down on all of the different countries. The whole area needs to be steadied and brought back into some kind of balance, before it gets out of hand. The dark are fomenting situations that are calculated to stir up the passions of people that are already volatile.

Dear Ones, you have to face these challenges head on, and there are sufficient forces for good that can make a difference. I come back to the fear that is intended by putting the emphasis on likely terrorist action against you. Do not become part of the fearful response that will inevitably occur, stay in your Light and use the God given power that you have to change it. As time has moved on you have become more powerful than in any previous period, and you can weigh the scales to the benefit of the Light. It will be your combined effort that will eventually bring calmness to the disturbed areas of the world.

Make allowances for your Light to have an affect, as miracles are not quite within your grasp at present. However, it will not be long before you will see the results of your dedication. The future of Humanity will be determined in the Middle East, and we foresee that some dramatic changes will take place. This is the last area that has the potential to write the final lines to the history of Humanity.

Let it be said that regardless of what happens in the meantime, the time of Ascension will come as a conclusion to this cycle of duality.  All that is happening or has the potential to happen is part of the grand cleansing of energies that you have created. As with individuals, so with Humanity and there must be a clearing out of energies that will have no place with the new. The next two months should enable you to see the shape of things to come, and there is a certain inevitability about it as you will begin to understand. The dark are desperate to continue their agenda but the Light is creating a resistance that is weakening their stance.

Is it not sad that those parts of the collective whole that masquerade as the dark are part of you all?  Souls that have dropped so low in vibration, that they no longer recognize their own divinity or source from the Supreme Creator.  Yet, their Light will one day come alive as in the course of time everyone finds that path back to source.  Bear in mind that you all came into duality quite voluntarily and it is in no way a form of punishment.  However, you have of course had to play the game according to the rules and accept the consequences of your actions.

The Creator is All Love, and as such has decreed that your experiences shall be finalized with the glorious opportunity to ascend.  Many of you have already taken the decision to completely leave this cycle and are preparing for Ascension by living your vision of what it is to be.  Do not concern yourself if you are not sure of what you are doing and whether it is achieving success.  Very soon the changes will manifest that allow many Beings to join you from the higher realms, and they will help show you the way forward.

As these last few years ebb, the change in your perception will change dramatically, and you will see for yourself that you have been living a dream.  You are not your body, so what are you? – I would say without doubt that you are wonderful souls who have left your true reality to give service to others who will follow.  As Beings of Light you normally move in «light» vibrations and not with the encumbrance of physical bodies.  Only those of you who have had an out-of-the-body experience would truly understand the wonderful and exhilarating feeling of being free.

What is to come is more natural to you than you could possibly imagine and memories of distant past times are being roused.  It may seem a strange idea to leave all behind that you are familiar with, as many pleasant memories are associated with Earth.  However, could you but see and experience the paradise that awaits you there would be no hesitancy on your part.  You have been told about the beauty of the higher realms many times, and would not the mere mention of a Golden Age excite you?

I am St. Germain and with other Masters and Angelic Beings prepare for the most wonderful reunion with you all.  We have walked together many times and this time we will travel as equals as we move into the higher realms in preparation for our next cycle of experience.  Our Love goes with you every step of the way.

Thank you, St. Germain.
Mike Quinsey


February 18, 2006.

Often I talk about Lightworkers, and it is usually evident that their activities are involved with the bringing through of Light and its use.  Some of you may wonder how this comes about, as you may yourself aspire to do that type of work but may find that you are not fully ready. Let me explain that many souls have come to planet Earth over eons of time to help with your evolution. When a situation calls for help and the circumstances are ideal, Lightworkers will incarnate with the sole purpose of bringing knowledge that will enable a move forward. It may not always be in the nature of spiritual guidance, but could for example be knowledge that will improve health or the growing of foodstuffs.

Since there has always been a plan for the evolution of Earth and its peoples, you will understand that progress is essential to maintain its forward movement. The 19th Century brought you into a period where development was speeded up, and many able people were inspired with inventions that took you into the Industrial Age. Progress of this nature also meant that the weapons of war were becoming more lethal. It has always been the way and beneficial discoveries in one field are also used for the purposes of power over others. In this same Century you saw the start of spiritual organizations that allowed an alternative to the orthodox views. Man was moving ahead at a rapid speed and the balance between the Light and dark had to be kept.

This is why there was a sudden influx of more advanced Beings who came out of Love and service to Earth. Can you imagine what a shock it was to some of them to find themselves in such a heavy vibration? At the time of birth the effect was one of harsh light, and often rough, physical handling, and entry into a world almost devoid of the Love vibration. Lightworkers really do make a sacrifice to come to Earth but it is without complaint as the overriding importance is to lift people up again. It is the energy they bring along with them and the knowledge of how to use it. Notice how they seem to find exactly the right people or groups that they can work through because making the right contacts is not left to chance.

Lightworkers come from numerous planets and sometimes from within this solar system. Some come with special skills and often these are techniques hitherto unrevealed such in areas as healing. In this present day many are performing their particular roles in bringing enlightenment to you and never before has there been so much importance placed upon it.  No one will be able to say that help was unavailable as if anyone has had the inclination to learn there is always a pathway to knowledge. The emphasis of late has been intentional as time runs by so quickly and it is reaching a point where major changes are due.

It would be preferable that those who see Ascension as their goal should have already made some progress towards fulfilling it. It can be said that it is never too late but the reality is that you must get started and start to shift into the new vibrations. With it comes responsibility to yourself, to live your visualization of what Ascension means to you. You would in normal events have drawn up a soul contract that would have included for guidance onto the Ascension path and unless you failed to take it up you should now be well advanced. You have been building towards this time for many lives, and with commitment and determination failure is not to be contemplated.

You can look back at the last century or so, and see very chaotic times and indeed the older generations have lived through major wars. You wish for peace, yet what you have experienced is the manifestation of the negative energies created by Man. Even now they reach a new crescendo when you perhaps think it cannot get worse. This is a paradox as the negative energies are still there to be transmuted, and yet there has never been such an influx of Light for millennia of time. This is how matters are cleverly planned as the end times are predictable and it is ensured that the Light is proportional to the dark.

Now you hover at that point where the scales of justice are moving towards the Light and they will not move back this time. Events are almost dreamlike, as the dark try to create more chaos at a time when the Light is so powerful and there is a clear distinction between the two. No longer can the Light be subdued and it will continue to gain strength until critical mass is achieved. Then shall you be at the door to the Golden Age and the dark will have been consigned to a fate of its own making.

Dear Ones, I am St. Germain and I have nothing but praise and Love for anyone who decides to share their Light in the cause of enlightening the people of Earth. No matter how small you may deem your contribution to be, please remember that it is your unique offering. Every one of you are a part of the whole, part of Humanity, and what you do for one, you do for all. You originally came as one family from the higher realms and eventually everyone will finally be lifted up again. The Creator envisioned the cycle of duality and as it draws to a close you can reflect on the fact that you have served your time out of great Love for the Creator.

The Creator in turn will empower you with Light, and you shall go on to greater and more wonderful experiences in the never ending kingdoms that stretch into infinity. You will be coming out of your dream world and the unreal, into the beautiful Light that will welcome you home. The illusion that has held you down no longer has the power to keep hold of you as you start to break away into the Light.

I shall leave you with these thoughts and know that if you go within you will find the truth for yourself.

Thank you, St. Germain,
Mike Quinsey


February 21, 2006.

You have been standing at the crossroads for some time and decisions now have to be made. We observe that there are still many who waver and know not which way to go and some are scared to accept the path of Light. There is understandably a familiarity with Earth that holds them back and in spite of the chaos they cling to what they know. These Dear Ones are having their heart strings tugged by the Light, but sometimes deny what they deep down know is true. When you have spent your life in denial, it is difficult to open up yourselves and go straight into beliefs that do not come naturally to you.

Those who have not yet found their path clutch at straws and are likely to be repulsed by the idea of organized religion. They fear to give away their own freedom and have beliefs imposed upon themselves. However, first and foremost you may inform them that there is comfort in knowing that life is infinite, yet this idea can also be frightening. It is the feeling that you have no control over your destiny. The idea that you are accompanied by guides can also seem an intrusion that somehow invades your privacy.

Those of you who have found your truth can help those who are still unsure and still searching. You are the living proof of how the Light is improving your life, and giving you a calmness and peace which shines out to all around. It is also truth that whoever you meet you are touching them with your Light as it spreads out from you as a beautiful aura. Without a word you can awaken people to their own possibilities, as everyone has the same potential. Your vibrations give others a «lift» and even if they are not consciously aware of it they enjoy having you around them, although they may be unable to give an explanation for it.

In the giving of your Light you momentarily bring people into your center where you have created peace. They feel good to be near you and enjoy having you around. In these moments of relaxation they are open to your help and the opportunity can be taken to plant thoughts with them that may stir them into a greater understanding. It is a simple comment that is packed with possibilities that will make them think about themselves. Many are obviously concerned as to what they see as the perilous state of the world. Consider that when the subject is raised that you can share your beliefs that higher forces than those on Earth are looking after you. Let people know that everything is destined to work out for the good of all.

You cannot expect to bring someone into your way of thinking by overstating your beliefs. If you are with people you know you should be able to gauge how far you can go. This is in no way imposing yourself upon them but simply starting a train of thought that may bring them to the beginning of an understanding that will open their eyes. The truth is remarkably simple although having lived through many lives without true guidance, some are still held in confusion with false ideas. Lightworkers do not cajole or force people into their beliefs, and it is certainly true that they are known by their work. It is by example that others are drawn to consider what it is that brings about your peaceful demeanor.

Fear is the biggest enemy of the truth and it is up to Lightworkers to dispel it where they can. The dark use it as their power and to overcome resistance to their plans and it is a well used ploy that has worked for millennia of time. However, there are so many people that now view life from the center of their being. They are no longer blinded by the rhetoric or threats of the misguided souls, that presently lead you ever more into the chaos of their own creation. Stand aside and concentrate on your ability to see the path beyond and stay focused in the Light.

Have you ever met a stranger and found yourselves talking about matters that are spiritually based and wondered how the subject came up?  Yes, it happens often and people are guided to you because they can for those few moments speak freely about matters they would not discuss with people they knew.  If you are of the Light you will be used in this way and even when you meet with like people as you do at your meetings, how many times do you meet someone who is searching for what you can offer?  Spirit is creating opportunities for growth all of the time and yet it is hardly noticed. It is much like following your intuition, and finding it leads to opportunities to serve the Light. When great numbers of you do so, you can create the circumstances in which miracles can take place.

Life is not subject to chance but is highly organized in this great panoply and intertwining of your lives. It must seem quite remarkable to you that with the millions of people on Earth that the interplay actually works out. It does because with every single person there are Guides who ensure that the important phases of your life take place.  You also have Angelic protection to ensure that your contracted life span is completed and it is absolutely safe in their hands. Now you can expect miracles through your Angelic helpers and be aware of their presence and call upon them when you need their assistance.

People can recount many stories of life threatening moments that are overcome in «miraculous» ways. Think about it and know that you are loved and cared for by these great Angelic Beings. They come from the Godhead to serve Man and their delight and joy is that you acknowledge their presence. There is so much that you do not see, and have little awareness of, but in the immediate future you will learn more about the «unseen».

I am St. Germain and come to remind you of your responsibility to each other. You are One and try to see that link when you are confronted with the dark ones who wish to divide and conquer. Send out your love and kind thoughts to calm the troubled waters of life. Love is all you need to help transmute the dark energies that presently abound upon Earth. With you goes our love and we give you added strength in your work and soon it shall reveal your success.

Thank you, St. Germain,
Mike Quinsey

Continues in Part 2


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