The System Imbalances Will Be Rectified, II


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The System Imbalances Will Be Rectified
Part 2

byBeloved Ascended Master St. Germain


Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain channeled through Mike Quinsey.
Published initially in this website on October 29, 2004.  New updates are incorporated from time to time.  Revisit it.
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February 25, 2006.

There has never been a time in your current cycle such as now when the Light has formed such a strong grid around Earth. Knowingly or not, you have drawn the Light to yourselves and grounded it so that it is a permanent energy flow through the Earth itself.  From afar the glow upon Earth is also beaming outwards and we see the transformation that is taking place.

The Light will release you from the lower energies and it is showing the way for others to follow. As you progress so you bring up others with you and this pattern continues as you go higher and higher into the Light.  There is a point where you leave the dark energies behind for good as they cannot exist in the higher vibrations.  Now you have the promise that soon you will leave this dimension and through Ascension return to the wonderful worlds composed of Light.

As you bring Light to yourself, you begin to create a new physical body as it raises your bodily vibrations.  It is in effect a form of self healing that will bring balance to energy centers of your body. Some who are aware of the functioning of the chakras use visualization to do it, and once they are in balance the energy can flow unrestricted or impaired.  You also have psychics and healers who can either see or «feel» them, and can treat them accordingly. Through such abilities it is possible to recognize the onset of illness and prevent it from manifesting.

Slowly but surely you are being acquainted with new forms of healing. It is leading more to preventative methods and these will eventually mean an end to the need for surgical operations as you understand them.  Michael who records these messages has been reading about David Dvir and his healing centers.  These already use skills that are the result of a liaison with many different Extraterrestrials and «operations» are carried out without the need to cut open the body. These concepts will be completely new to you, but signpost the way to the future.

All of these types of advancements will be short term; inasmuch that as your body is «lightened» and changes to a crystalline structure it will no longer suffer illness at all. You are already beginning to experience these changes, and it will also result in a slowing down of the aging process. You should generally begin to notice a feeling of well being, as you absorb more of the higher vibrations. When we tell you that you are leaving the old behind, we really mean it and it will not be too long before it becomes more apparent.

At present you have a very unsatisfactory health program, as it is not directed at the cause but rather the symptoms. To address the cause and prevent disease would result in major changes all around. Many of your problems are due to the ingestion of additives that are in your food chain, and these build up in your bodies and cause illness.  There are so many problems that you would have to live a completely different lifestyle to overcome them.  You suffer forms of radiation from many different sources and these can cause a breakdown of the body cells.

Everything is made up of energy including your body and you can see that if you distort or destroy its energy, it will have a damaging effect.  Energies surround you the whole time, and even come to you from deep in space.  However, not all energies of this nature are destructive and some are positively beneficial. At this time you are beginning to enter the photon belt and here is an energy that will be instrumental in uplifting you towards Ascension.  Once you start to go along this path you will feel less of the present heavy vibrations that are associated with Earth.

Having spoken of your body it must be said that it is a wonderful vehicle that serves you so well. In spite of the abuse it gets particularly through the use of drugs, and given the chance it has the ability to bounce back. Think of the deprivation that some people suffer, such as when they are dying of starvation. Yet you can see how given the chance how miraculously the body can be nursed back to health. If more thought was given to your bodily requirements, you would certainly raise the quality of your health.

Let me say that water is a most versatile liquid and it would help your bodily functions if you drank more of it. How valuable it is, yet little care is taken to keep this resource plentiful and clean. Pollution is endemic, and water is affected through the many chemicals that are used agriculturally and run off the land.  However, your experiences are intended to teach you lessons that you invite upon yourselves.  Your whole reason for being on Earth is to find out about the role of matter and spirit.

I am St. Germain, and as one who has had many incarnations on Earth I know how hard life can be. It has been your choice to come to this beautiful planet and you have undoubtedly also experienced some wonderfully enlightening moments in your life, it is by no means all drudgery and strife. It is because you have experienced the extremes upon Earth that you can appreciate and enjoy those moments of sheer joy and happiness.  However, you can now look forward to the approaching times of change that shall lead you to the heavenly dimensions of perpetual bliss. You have yet to know what it is like to be totally surrounded in the vibrations of Love and live in complete harmony.

Thank you, St. Germain.
Mike Quinsey


February 28, 2006.

In the midst of everything that is happening it is not easy to keep your focus steady and stay on your path. The distractions all around you and your need to work for the necessities of life, leave little time for your personal development. However, as long as you can put aside some time for yourself to communicate with your Higher Self, you will still progress. As soon as the changes commence the activity will increase but it will be directed into positive actions that initially will be concerned with the cleansing of Earth. The energies themselves will change, and the vibrations will increase as the negative energies are cleared. These are a collection of energies that come from your past and have been added to in recent times because of the dark period you have been going through.

You are to be released from the influence of negative energies and the concentration will then be to prepare you for Ascension. If you were to think about it without some outside help your civilization would have gone headlong into a long period of bondage and imprisonment. Indeed, the ultimate possibility would have been the destruction of Mother Earth and all life upon it. This will not happen as the destiny for you all has been decreed and your journey is to be brought to a peaceful conclusion. The worries and concerns you now have will seem but nothing when you put the experiences of duality behind you. You are cared for and loved beyond measure and the Creator will ensure that you eventually return to your status as Gods.

Meantime, so many Beings are participating in the plan to bring you fully into the Light. If you could just but grasp how important you are and how the great councils of the Heavens oversee your lives, you would walk with your heads held high. This would in no way be considered egotistical, as you are perfectly entitled to be aware of your true selves and your place in this Universe. You are being helped to restore your consciousness to one of superconsciousness. Forget time as you understand it as regardless of the number of years left you will have reached this level before you ascend. It will undoubtedly sound impossible to you at present because by and large you still wallow in the lower vibrations. As you have often been informed, time itself is rapidly changing and so will your own concept of it.

For some period of time you have been moving onto a new path, which for those aspiring to ascend will result in their personal changes becoming apparent. New abilities or the enhancement of existing ones will take place, such as keener psychic abilities and power of healing. Many of you are now learning of the emergence of the «Indigo Children» with their amazing abilities which some of you will emulate. In part they come to Earth to show you your potential and they will guide you into the future. What you are quickly observing is that everything is energy, and even the smallest cell carries a form of consciousness.

When you can communicate with them, say such as your own body you can love and nurture it back to health. Hitherto, you have not really been encouraged to recognize your own potential. You have been brought up to take your problems elsewhere, when you could apply yourself to providing your own cures. You have been allowed to forget your own latent abilities, and that responsibility has been taken on by others. In your present circumstances you do not have much alternative but a start would be to get away from the drug dependant culture. There are cures in nature for every conceivable illness, and the natural remedies although often slow to act are normally without side effects. Drugs and their side effects are prone to cause other problems and can poison or harm the body.

What I encourage is a new way of thinking to get you away from the accepted ways. Once you can do that you are helping yourself move along the path of understanding that opens out to new ideas. You will see the potential for different approaches to many aspects of your life as the old will no longer be adequate or acceptable. It will open up your mind and as you are faced with the changes it will be much easier to accept them into your life. Changes are often uprooting and people are creatures of habit who dislike being disturbed. However, they are coming already and it helps to have an approach that accepts their necessity.

Look beyond the changes that the dark are imposing, they are of unlawful intent and created solely to deny you your freedom and take away your rights. The dark are to be removed and their Draconian Laws with them.  Let them go their way and do not expend your energy on them to berate them for what they do. Work in an organized and legal manner that will challenge the dark. Once they have been removed to answer the charges against them, let them travel the pathway they have created through their own actions.

For the time being you have to have a foot in both realities. As soon as the dark are removed you will be able to go whole heartedly into your chosen work, as a part of a great team that will bring the changes into manifestation. These will be exciting times and their will be the removal of those obstructions and deliberate ploys of the dark that have kept people divided. You will come together very quickly and trust will soon replace suspicion and doubts, as all will see the Oneness of Humanity. A great loving glow will engulf Earth, and harmony and joy will return you to your real selves as Beings of Love and Light.

I am St. Germain, and ask you to continue to look ahead and visualize the new. It will help give strength to a powerful thought form that has been growing for eons of time. Even if only subconsciously, you have always known that this period would arrive and you have often dreamt of Paradise . Just once in a while it has awakened your mind to the heavenly possibilities, and now it is emerging from the shadows of duality. There are still events that will take place on Earth that are in the course of manifesting and these are part of the cleansing that must first occur before you can move on. It is all part of the plan, so do not allow abject feelings to dominant your life. Try to see the plan as finally bringing matters to a conclusion as the new energies are grounded upon Earth.

Thank you, St. Germain.
Mike Quinsey


March 4, 2006.

Knowing how like attracts like and that it is an immutable law, have you pondered why when the dark have established such a hold on your world that it has not attracted more negative ETs. The Greys are the only off-world visitors that have been allowed to contact you and establish bases on Earth, although others have eyed up your valuable minerals.  Over a long period of time going back thousands of years, many visitations have occurred for this and other purposes. These have been authorized as their interest has mainly been in the Earth’s resources, and not so much the people.  It comes down to what would be considered gross interference that could alter your path of evolution. It is the gift of freewill that is carefully protected, as your experiences are defined by what you create for yourself.

You are, and continue to be, a special group of souls that have had their progress monitored. You will know that even in the last few thousand years when the influence of the dark has spread, a balance has still been maintained. Sending a Master to Earth at such times to give spiritual guidance and leadership has not always been successful. In time the teachings have become distorted or deliberately altered to support existing beliefs. However, the seeds are sown, and at the right time start to grow and blossom into great flowers of wisdom and Love.

The last century has seen a concerted effort to bring you an understanding of the end times. Opportunities have been opened to show you alternative paths to the truth, as the emphasis had to be changed from one of being led by others, to free thinking. Of course teachers are needed at any time, but there is a vast difference from fear laden sermons to the gentleness and love expressed by understanding that God Is All Love.  There is only the One Truth whatever path you tread, and all will eventually lead you to it. However, too many of you have become dependent on the interpretation of others in respect of God’s Law. It is now time to stand back and question whether you are progressing, or have become static and need to consider a new approach to your quest for the truth.

Regardless of what your understanding is and from where you have learnt your truth, it is you who have the responsibility for your evolution. Every opportunity is now being given to you, so that you can take a great leap forward into the Light of Ascension. You have often been informed that there is no choosing as to who advances towards it. If you feel that you are not achieving the progress you would have wished, go into that special space of peace and quiet that you have created for yourself. Speak with your Higher Self and be prepared for an answer, and if you ask for direction and guidance be ready to follow your intuition. Be alert to opportunities that will come your way, and the meeting of people who may have been sent to you for that purpose. Do not pre-judge any contacts made, as sometimes they are simply a path to another one, and so it goes on.

As with Humanity as a whole, you are never left to flounder and even when you have reached a low point, help is always at hand. Do not be hard on yourself, as the whole purpose of being in this Universe and upon Earth is to experience in accordance with your choosing. Whatever role you play there are others in addition to yourself that will benefit and Karma is not a punishment but the outworking of energies that you have helped to create. In this current period there is so much that needs to be cleared up, and each and every one of you will contribute. You are all part of a team that has brought your civilization to this wonderful point in time. You have been given tasks to complete and finally there will come an act of Grace that shall allow for unfinished Karma to be annulled.

You are already at a stage where you can firmly step onto the path to Ascension.  It needs you to single minded and to focus on your goal, and strive to be all that you consider you need to be for success. Become now that Being of Light you really are, and see the same Light in everyone you meet. See only that which is positive, and know that every soul has some positive attributes even when they are submerged in the dark. It is a time when judgment is preserved for the day that the individual themselves see their life spread out before them. It is an exercise that all of you go through immediately you pass over, and it is one carried out in a loving and caring experience with your Guides. You will remember what it was you undertook to do when you came to Earth, and will be shown whether you failed or succeeded.

Failure is not viewed as you might do so whilst upon Earth. You may well be disappointed at a chance lost, but you will have still learnt from that experience and will normally find that another opportunity comes up again. Never forget that life is infinite, and that is why the «lost» souls will eventually make it back into the Light, and they have all eternity in which to do it. You must put aside the idea that God punishes you when you do not obey God’s Laws. There are Laws that show what action you need to take to climb back into the Light and much is bound up in what you know as Karma. God is Love through and through and is Omnipresent and nothing exists outside of God.

Dear Ones, I am St. Germain and I know first hand what you are going through. I have had many experiences upon Earth and I have led those who carry the Light. I have directed their energies to create momentous occasions such as when the Constitution was signed. You have known me under many names, and I know you well. Those of you here now have come because of the unique nature of the end times, and once again we shall march forward in triumph. In time we shall recount our ventures together and many of you here now have links with me going well into the past. That is the nature of service to others, and the same groups will repeatedly come together in a wonderful Light of Love and co-operation.  You are One with me and I am One with you, go about your life in Love and create peace wherever you can.

Thank you, St. Germain.
Mike Quinsey


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