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Code ofConduct When Visiting Egyptian Temples,

or Any Power Site1

ByLisa Alpine 2

1.  Dress Respectfully. Ask yourself what would be the right outfit. Silk? A long skirt, a shawl, no jewelry, or bracelets? It may sound silly, but you are dressing up for God in a way. No T-shirts or bare skin. No shorts or slogans. Dress like a priest or priestess. Have a date with the gods and goddesses.

2.  Be Quiet and Respectfulin the temples, tombs, monuments, and places of power. How can we hear and feel what they may be saying if we are chattering? It fills the space with our inner chaos and disrupts divine energy.

3.  Bring an Offering if it is right. Your heart is the best one.

4.  Don’t Talk About your Energetic Experiences as if they are a Disneyland event. Don’t brag if you feel something you think others might not.

5.  Pray for the Good of the Planet and Humanity and for your Own Evolution. Don’t just go to get, but also to give of your devotion and energy.

6.  When Feels an Urge to Dance or Pray Out Loud. If you feel this urge, go right ahead, but do it in a way that does not demand attention or infringe on anyone else’s experience.

7.  Be Receptive. Don’t expect anything from these places, just be receptive.

1. Adapted from "Power of Place, Sacred Sites andTheir Healing Powers", Section: "Suggestions on Visiting Sacred Sites",Magazine Common Ground, Issue 95, Spring 98.
2. Lisa Alpine is a travel writer, white water kayakguide and dance teacher. She is also a contributing feature writer for the magazine CommonGround.

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