Kwan Yin: Nothing Can Harm Me

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Kwan Yin:
Nothing Can Harm Me
 Lady Master Kwan Yin

Chapter 6 of the book The Living Word of Kuan Yin: The Teachings & Prophecies of the Goddess of Compassion & Mercy © 2006, by Hope Bradford & Lena Lees.  Contact: [email protected], URL: in this website on January 24, 2007.  Published here by request from the author.

Note of the Editor:  The name of this Chinese Lady Master is written in English as Kwan Yin, Kuan Yin or Quan Yin.

May6, 2004: “You see? I still am my original form. It didn’t destroy me.”

Family obligations had forced both of us to skip our scheduled hypnosis session for the previous Thursday. When we finally got together, disturbing allegations of prisoner abuse occurring at the US-run prison, "Abu Ghraib" had recently surfaced in the news. Additionally, Iraqi Insurgents had stepped up their bombing campaigns of strategic areas in Iraq. Admitting her existential despair—her mounting frustration concerning world events, Lena was enthusiastic to once again visit with Kuan Yin:

“I’ve been helped by Kuan Yin, and yet I always look forward to learning more.”
Easily and effortlessly
Lena was counted down to her trance state. There, she discovered a new and beautiful “sacred place”:

“I don’t know why, but I’m in a redwood forest, today. It is very beautiful and once again Kuan Yin has come to me. She is in, yet, another form. I see her today as a white porcelain statue. Statuesque, rigid, she is nevertheless able to advance forward towards where I am standing. Quickly approaching, Kuan Yin now is near the redwood tree and me.

 “I see the long train of her gown flowing down, down until it flows into a hole at the base of the redwood trunk. I’m aware it is another entrance, yet another doorway to consciousness. Now the train of her gown is flowing out of the hole and into the universe. Her long robe has made a heart around the planet Jupiter. It is very much like the Milky Way.

“I’m at the base of one of the trees and I feel like Alice in Wonderland. My hands are holding effortlessly onto the end of her robe. Her robe reminds me of something, like the silver umbilical cord spiritualists always talk about.

“Remember, Hope, how they say the silver umbilical cord represents our connection to our divinity?”
“I do,” I reply, recalling certain books on the subject.

“Still clutching the silver cord, I see how Kuan Yin’s face is very near. She is staring lovingly at me.”
“’Why am I here?’ I say to Kuan Yin.

“Kuan Yin is showing me a beautiful nebula in the universe. Suddenly I’m swirling around like a million stars in a galaxy.”

“I made the nebula’s small enough so you’ll feel like a bee inside a flower,” explains Kuan Yin.

“I am experiencing spectacular formations and re-formations, the birth and death of stars. Space is so peaceful and quiet.

“Kuan Yin is sitting on the long trail of cloth coming from her gown. Pulling me close to her, she is comforting me like a mother would her child. Today she is very young and motherly, holding me as if I were an infant, looking at me, really seeing me. I’m aware that she loves me just the way I am. I am not used to this kind of attention. I can feel her strong intent as she gazes upon me.

“Kuan Yin wants to (if an individual is willing to receive) give people loving and healing energy. She’s putting that energy in me. She says it is love.”

“We send them love and see what happens,” Kuan Yin explains.

“Suddenly, I’m witness to an orb of love energy go out over a map of Iraq. Kuan Yin is calling for this prayer with great intention,” relays Lena.

“There will be different reactions, you see,” continues Kuan Yin. “We had to send the love and it is good. Love is showing the goodness of the Iraqi people—even though they’re considered the enemy. And even though they’ve been abused and humiliated. A new compassion has come their way.

“That is what prayer is. Many don’t understand prayer. It is important to understand what prayer is. Prayer is sent out as strong intention and energy.

“There is, right now, too much of the male component, patriarchal dogma. I want you, Lena, to get unstuck, send focused intent. Be detached with the results. Trust.”

“That’s incredible,” comments Lena. “I suppose if prayer requires focused intent then all of life is a prayer. Kuan Yin wants to sit with me, for a moment, in silence.”

OK. I’ll just check in with you from time to time,” I reassure Lena.

“I don’t really know what I’m seeing. I just see all kinds of shapes and forms of Kuan Yin,” continues Lena.

“I’m now witnessing a scene of Hiroshima, a great mushroom cloud. She’s inside it. Now it is inside of her. Suddenly, it explodes in her body and she absorbs, becomes the energy.

“That’s her message for this chapter. Nothing can harm her. Even the most devastating force is changed, softened so that people will grow even when experiencing complete destruction. She’s not afraid to merge with the most fearsome creations.”

“You see,” announces Kuan Yin, “I am still in my original form. It didn’t destroy me.”

Transcribing Kuan Yin and Lena’s amazing discourse, I try, in vain, to visualize the phenomenon Lena has just described. Returning to pen and paper, I realize Lena has been silent for a while. Receiving another communication, she then resumes speaking:

“I’m reminded of how passionate Kuan Yin is about the importance of being human on this Earth,” continues Lena.

“It’s the most important thing in your existence,” ordinates Kuan Yin. “Your existence is eternal. This phase (of your soul) is so important because you learn so much in human form. This is where the individual’s ‘spark’ or existence can expand into bigger, more powerful energies, not entities.

Entities are closed systems whereas energies are open systems,” differentiates Kuan Yin.

“Some energies are not as potent. The only way to develop a potent energy is to spend an existence on the Earth. There, one can develop a compassionate nature so that when passing onto other dimensions, one can be of help. When one leaves one’s Earth body one will need to fully understand compassion to be helpful, effective.

“On Earth, you are encapsulated in flesh. During the first episode I wanted to take you on a little tour of the universe. No soul is forced into an assignment upon the Earth. Instead they go to their “rightful space”.

“When you leave the Earth you have a lot more power. It won’t beego-based power. Rather it will be beyond ego, beyond “good” and “evil”. In fact, “evil” is just a label as everything is intermixed. The pendulum just appears to swing back and forth.”

“Kuan Yin is chastising me,” Lena reveals. “She wants me to really value my life here on Earth. She knows I haven’t completely accepted it. I don’t fully feel it, yet. I’ve resisted the human condition.

“She wants me to feel the full spectrum of humanity and not be afraid. Kuan Yin says it’s the one thing we need to be truly effective in helping the Earth when we’re not human anymore. She wants me to throw myself into being human.

“Suddenly, I see Kuan Yin as a bird with a Kuan Yin head. She is just walking along on my arm. She’s dwarfing herself in order to make me feel big.

 “She’s resting on my injured arm, now. Is there something healing about a white bird? Kuan Yin looks interesting as a bird. Maybe she is a dove of peace.

“She reminds me the only way I’ll not be afraid to be fully human is to visit with her from time to time.”

“The ones you think are bad, the one’s who make war are not yet in their full humanity. They hate their own humanness as much as they appear to hate others.

“Humanity, then, is misunderstood. It’s a powerful place to be when it is fully experienced. However, it is often underestimated,” explains Kuan Yin.

“Unless one fully experiences one’s humanity, one will have to experience Earth again and again. One will have to repeat the lessons offered here upon the Earth. It is possible that one need not have to reincarnate. Many don’t live up to their full potential because they’re afraid of death.

“I want to emphasize here that only the body dies. People get too attached (to their physicality). But, they have to. One’s consciousness must be fairly strong in order for the soul’s desire to continue. The more we feel our humanity, the more help we can give and the more joy we can create.”

Lena now informs me that Kuan Yin is telling her how she appreciates Lena’s humanitarian efforts and that when Lena is no longer in a physical body, she will be doing more of the same.

“I’m having a little difficulty understanding Kuan Yin,” continues Lena. “It’s a different language she speaks and I need to always be careful I’m interpreting what she says correctly.

“She’s showing me a person running with sandbags. She’s telling me that when the person finally lets go of the sandbags, he or she is faster, stronger. Oh. I get it! That’s what the Earth existence is like. In many ways living on Earth is an “artificial” burden. Once one is free of her body, she is not only lighter—she is also stronger, more powerful.

“I’m reminded of a time when I was a child. I felt so limited. I remember thinking, ‘Why can’t I just be wherever I want to be and physically not have to walk or use transportation? Why do I have to physically cross the street?’”

“That’s why cars and planes were invented,” Kuan Yin asserts. “They’re physical simulations for “thinking yourself there”. The humbling experience of the Earth experience develops compassion and humility. It’s the best thing for you.”

Lena continues, saying, “Kuan Yin is really trying to get through to me, to explain a specific concept. In order to illustrate her point, she’s moving through many “thick” energy fields. I guess I never thought the Earth plane as very important. She’s telling me the greatest misunderstanding is to regard this life as a curse or punishment.

“She’s shape shifting again, performing amazing fluctuations to show how life isn’t stagnant. Our experiences are ever changing, flowing, (so we won’t take ourselves too seriously). She’s forming something and then something else.”

“I neither created it nor am I destroyed by it,” proclaims Kuan Yin. “You forget that this life is just one picture out of the entire reel of the movie. You’re frightened of the pain because you don’t know when it will end. But it wouldn’t be so painful if you didn’t fear it.

“Know this. You can go through disaster and I’ll still be here. I’m here for you eternally,” reassures Kuan Yin.

“She’s making more shapes,” remarks Lena: “a stern mother, a playful child. Small and large images! They’re just floating there.

“Kuan Yin wants to tell me so much. Sometimes it feels like she wants to tell me everything at once. She’s afraid I won’t meet with her again. Her language is a difficult one and I don’t always understand what she is trying to tell me. She tells me I can go through disaster and she’ll still be here—that she’s here for me eternally.

“Hope, she relies on you so much.

“Wow. Suddenly she’s left me and is over by you, Hope. Kuan Yin is right by your side, now.”

Opening her eyes, looking directly at me for the first time in over an hour and a half, Lena says:

“Hope, Kuan Yin is embracing you.”

Appendix A

Words to Live By, Kuan Yin’s Spiritual Practices and Meditations.

“Look beyond what this world offers. Seek out another place beyond this Earth. Be in the now. Where you are right now is what is important. Slow down. Everything is too chaotic. Lay down everything you need to do. You’re not just your bodies, you know,” aserts Kuan Yin. “Keep your spirit connection. Weight, chemicals of body are more influential when you’re not connected with spirit. Connection with spirit can help overcome even genetic and hormonal limits.”

“It is not a matter of how much pain or suffering one experiences that deems one as worthy,” emphasizes Kuan Yin. “It is not how productive one is, either.”

Kuan Yin is saying that everyone can access what he or she needs from the other side. It is vital to living! Like blood in the body,” explains Lena.

“This (Earth) plane is stuck upon God looking a certain way and having certain teachings. God comes to us in many forms, many teachings.”

“You must acknowledge and experience this part of the universe. Karma is intricate, too vast. You would, with your limited human senses, consider it too unfair. But you have tools to really, truly love. Loving the children is very important. But love everyone as you would love your children.”

“All the people will not experience the love energy in the same way. Some will be comforted. Some will be changed. And some will be confused and even angry.”

“I must tell you,” Kuan Yin states, “In this place, the Middle East, where the feminine force is so pushed away, such a powerful prayer will cause men to yearn for their mothers.”

“Knowing this, and knowing my former disenchantment with prayer,” continues Lena, “I still beg Kuan Yin to send this love. Answering my prayer, she spreads the energy far and wide. The Earth reciprocates, sending love, energy back in our direction. There is a feeling of oneness, the Earth is glad to see me.”

“The reason pain exists is because of some of the choices you, as humans, have made. Humans always have a great freedom to choose.”

“Your senses as a human-being are relatively limited. Smells, tastes; there are dimensions you are not capable of knowing in the Earth dimension. You are very upset about the suffering of others. Yet, it is your concern, your instinct to protect others, that is creating a block to understanding the enormous complexity.”

“I can’t save everyone. And I can only utilize humanity’s own resources, which is love and free will. I can’t use any force that does not come from within humans as a request to change the war.”

“Just always value my words. The best motivation is valuing my words.”

“Kuan Yin wants to, if an individual is willing to receive, give people loving and healing energy. She’s putting that energy in me. She says it is love.”

“We had to send the love and it is good. That is what prayer is. Many don’t understand prayer. It is important to understand what prayer is. Prayer is sent out as strong intention and energy. Send focused intent. Be detached with the results. Trust.”

“I suppose, if prayer requires focused intent, then all of life is a prayer.”

“Some energies are not as potent. The only way to develop a potent energy is to spend an existence on the Earth. There, one can develop a compassionate nature so that when passing onto other dimensions, one can be of help. When one leaves one’s “Earth body” one will need to fully understand compassion to be helpful, effective. On Earth, you are encapsulated in flesh. No soul is forced into an “assignment” upon the Earth. Instead they go to their “rightful space”. When you leave here you have a lot more power. It won’t be ego-based power. Rather it will be beyond ego, beyond “good” and “evil”. In fact, “evil” is just a label as everything is intermixed. The pendulum just appears to swing back and forth.”

“They’ve only experienced one part, the suffering part of their entire existence. It is not the end of their existence. They will continue to exist. The only reason for suffering is not being connected–being so far from the universe.

“Kuan Yin reminds us the only way we’ll not be afraid to be fully human is to visit with her from time to time.”

“Unless one fully experiences one’s humanity, one will have to experience Earth again and again. One will have to repeat the lessons offered here upon the Earth. It is possible that one need not have to reincarnate. However, many don’t live up to their full potential because they’re afraid of death.

“I want to emphasize here that only the body dies. People get too attached to their physicality. However, they have to. One’s consciousness of the physical must be fairly strong in order for the soul’s desire to continue. The more we feel our humanity, the more help we can give and the more joy we can create.”

“Many don’t understand the power of love, that it is there for them if they choose to accept it. Of course, just because it’s there, doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll accept it. Like a seed, it will always be there. Because of free will, humans can accept or reject that love. We, who so much wish to have the love we send, be received, have to remain somewhat detached.”

“I’m seeing Kuan Yin covering the soldiers with a transparent veil made of stars, the Milky-Way. She’s floating in space above the region ofIraq, covering the whole area with love. But I don’t know how to participate. I ask Kuan Yin to send the love for me.”

“That’s the secret. Your prayer for them is exactly what they need. They’re homesick and their hearts ache for motherly love,” counsels Kuan Yin.

“Militarism can’t happen without a dominant mindset, certain perceptions about the world, about other cultures. So many souls, energies have a certain perception of others. They believe they’re separate from each other. Such perceptions can collect into an energy agreeing upon a specific direction the country will take. The lesson is acceptance of differences. Don’t forget you are a part of everything and everything is a part of you.”

“If every human being recognized the power of the love and forgiveness principle, all consciousness on Earth would change instantly. Indeed, thoughts can change the course of history. Sometimes, all it takes is enough people knowing about a certain concept.”

“As children do not judge, nor do they intend harm, loving kindness is always easiest to express to them. Learning from this experience, one can begin to treat each person as if he were a child. After all, the only real thing one can do is to love and be loved.”

“As I’ve said before, mother’s love is the closest to loving-kindness. Teach my message. Practice my message.”

“Gain strength. Suck up energy. Make a point to appreciate the fragrance of the flowers and the beauty of the sunset. It’s like armor and then you’re armed with an ability to be detached. One is meant to forgive, to forgive and be compassionate.”

“Don’t forget to marvel at the wonders of the world.”

"One has to be very clear and perhaps even write things down. Work hard to make things clear and then review what you’ve learned.”

“Nirvana, the path to Oneness, can be obtained when identifying with Kuan Yin. We all have many deities, as we need their different qualities,energies to reach Oneness, the point of no identity.”

“One can really get misled from false teachers. Kuan Yin is reminding me to embrace my humanity.”

“It’s not always going to be fair. Human nature isn’t always fair. The main challenge is how to handle daily issues and still not hurt others. Always be reflective. Be honest and have integrity. One can utilize the divine tools (similar to the one’s I am holding in my hands) and still maintain one’s human nature."

“Human existence and human tendencies are wrapped in karma.”

"Human mistakes and inaccuracies are no less important than divinity. The human condition creates divinity in the higher self. Thus, it is very important to be human and not to shun or hate our humanity. The incredible process of being human allows for the higher self to acknowledge and extract divinity from one’s trials and tribulations."

“They hated their humanity,” interjects Kuan Yin. “Such hatred is not helpful at all. In fact, it’s unnatural. And it is really not the truth. The truth is one must be fully human for the divine part of self to be more in tune. Rejecting the human body assures one will have to come back, return to the lessons here on Earth. It means ‘you didn’t get it’."

“The indigenous tribes are the most powerful as many of them are so in harmony with nature as to be really, really divinely human. They’re so in touch with their humanity that they’re totally in tune with their Diva nature. They know that human/animal harmony is the crux of spirituality."

"Humans say they’re better than each other. And they say they’re better than nature. It’s ludicrous to compare the intelligence of other living creatures to human intelligence. Plants have enormous intelligences and spirituality. However, the “better than” mindset greatly contributes to the ongoing environmental destruction."

“The Earth is trying to teach humans that everything is spirit. Eventually, humans will learn. It’s just another way to understand divinity. Spirit works through one’s own humanity and the Earth. Everything here on Earth is for the divine evolution of all energies. Whereas the word “beings” so often refers only to humans, I use the term “energies” as it encompasses all living things on the planet.”

“It is important to accept that the human condition is temporary, fleeting. It’s filled with pain and suffering, beauty, strange tastes, odors of death; everything that exists in the universe."

 "Problems are created when one is so obsessed with his/her own death, when one is too attached to their life. This attachment (to a single incarnation) causes the species to “play out” gruesome deaths. If you knew you were more than just this life, you would not plunder the land, each other."

“Death is like giving birth. Birth can be painful. Sometimes women die from giving birth. However, when the baby is born, all that pain vanishes in an instant. Love for that tiny baby makes one forget the pain, the fear. And as I’ve said before, love between mother and child is the highest experience, the closest to divine love. You might wonder about the parallel I’m making between birth and death. But I say to you, the fear and pain accompanying an awful death is over quickly.

“Some women are powerful teachers. However, even women can be afraid of death, forget how the pain vanishes. Just as a woman heals rapidly after childbirth and then is able to fall “in love” with her baby, those who pass over also are able to fall in love with a new life.”

“I come from a realm where there is instant, mind to mind understanding. There can be no lies, no misunderstanding," explains Kuan Yin. "In this realm humans have to work very hard to be understood. They must be able to clearly communicate both verbally and/or through writing. The human body and its communication tools are heavy and cumbersome compared to my realm.”

“No two paths look the same,” emphasizes Kuan Yin. “Tradition is good. However, in the Western Culture there are so many people looking for wisdom. And it is important to get familiar with the various paths. Such a process develops character for one to look inward for their right path.”

“People who’ve never suffered haven’t yet developed an ability to utilize their own creativity to solve a challenging situation. An analogy would be that of a person who has fallen into a well. After many attempts of trying to climb out of the well, they develop strength, ingenuity. That is what many are doing on this Earth. However, devastating struggle is always karmic. It might seem karmic if one has had a bad day or week. However, “little suffering” is for the purpose of building character and inner trust. On the other hand, “extreme suffering” for no apparent reason is an indication one is dealing with big karma.”

“One usually finds a Deity or god, which can help liberate, teach them. It is not helpful, however, to have a Deity forced upon one. It may be the wrong angel—the wrong guide. In such a case, the guide or religion can have the effect of having the individual not perceive anything spiritual or cause them to believe they’ve failed. Unfortunately, sometimes in these instances, individuals will shun their own spiritual path."

“I’m recalling a Buddhist parable,” mentions Lena. “It involves an individual who climbs the mountain to receive wisdom from a monk. If one comes to the monk with an empty container, that individual can be “filled” with wisdom. On the other hand, if one comes filled with preconceptions, their mind already made up; any new knowledge or wisdom will simply spill over.”

“The best state of meditation is to come to these sessions with an “empty cup”. Then you can receive new information without any forced structure or chronology. Hope learned not to “jam her cup” with too much intellectualism. It closes off the heart. Think of the head as the top of the bottle. If it is too tightly, firmly “screwed on”, it closes off the entire vessel. The message, then, is to not lose your head. If the head is “lost”, true wisdom, knowledge cannot reach the heart,” concludes Kuan Yin.

“You don’t always come to me. Stay constant and aware in your love.”

“Kuan Yin recommends slow assimilation of spiritual knowledge, especially when studying the history of Kuan Yin.”

“You don’t have to follow Buddhist scriptures,” responds Kuan Yin. “Just see my image, create my image. Understand all my manifestations. Watch my pastimes.”

“You’re at page ten but I understand the entire evolution,” remarks Kuan Yin. In reality, it’s already over. It’s a dream. Remember? You’re living a dream. It’s very complicated to hold the dream and live the dream. You are learning the art of juggling the dream and the world of dreams. No one really gets hurt."

“Even the Earth is reflective of the different kinds of evolution,” intervenes Kuan Yin. There is the hellish aspect, deserts and other unlivable places. There are places on the Earth where people get hurt. However, there are also places of incredible peace and beauty. All of these evolutionary potentials are being played out at the same time, somewhere on the Earth. You can come to that place of peace.”

“This is the very reason the saints don’t immediately enter Nirvana. Even after they’ve attained perfect enlightenment, they cannot abide the thought of even one soul suffering. That is why you are still here."

“I’m not at all pleased with the thin “body type” standards of your culture,” Kuan Yin scolds.

“I’m seeing how one’s mind can distract, can come between one another. Here and now [visiting with Kuan Yin], there is no space between our complete focused attentions. The energy is unbroken, continuous. It’s like meditation.”

“At the same time you’re equal to everyone else, you need to know you’re also special, unique. Everyone has his or her own uniqueness while also being equal to the next person.”

“I feel a thread, a connection, the real possibility that Kuan Yin can be carried within us, me.”

“There’s a balance that makes something holistic and in truth.”

“What I am placing my hand upon is a dense conglomeration of stuck energy made up of certain ideas. Naturally, not all ideas are included in this energy. It needs certain elements, things sprinkled into it gradually. Having compassion for the “untruth”. That is what’s missing. I’m sending compassion into this rock. One needs to slowly add elements of insight to reach truth.”

“It’s a good time to ask ourselves to look at the lies we are telling ourselves. It’s a time to examine our thoughts and the thoughts of the people of the world. Let us all reflect upon the “great mix” of free will and karma. Reread the past chapters and ponder what I have said. Karma is intricate, detailed. One cannot dwell on only one particle of this great collective energy. Your life is but one frame of an entire reel of film.”

“Everyone has their part. Some don’t perform any of their part as they have incomplete or incorrect belief systems. Sometimes it seems as if this world is completely chaotic and sometimes it really is. However, there is a corrective force, an actual physical force.”

“Develop your faith and trust.”

“Do not drag the negative past or future into the present. Understanding the possibilities of the present. It’s a skill useful for discovering the divine.”

“Kuan Yin is showing me something—a tube, I think. I don’t fully understand this diagram. It is as if one end is the past, the other the future. The middle of the tube, the present, is our way, our vehicle for changing reality. You slip into the universe, while living in this dream, this present. Your escape hatch is right here.”

“It is like meditating upon a beautiful place. The more one dwells on the vision of the beautiful place, the more real it becomes.”

“I’m realizing,” exclaims Lena, “I can touch the tree, that it really still is here after all these years. Kuan Yin is going to direct me to more books on the subject of creating reality, how to create new possibilities for myself. She says I shouldn’t limit myself with ideas from childhood.”

“Thoughts can influence the way the world can go.”

“What a radical concept! Everyone having loving kindness! With practice, a reality is created somewhere having that very consciousness of loving kindness. Such practice also draws one to those (loving kindness) planes of consciousness.”

“If you were just to look to the children as examples for living you’re lives, you would know what to do. Everything we learn from them, we can apply to the world,” continues Kuan Yin. “It would be wonderful if all of society could do this: could approach and resolve issues in such a “childish” way.”

“I’m looking at the flower and watching how Kuan Yin relates to it,” comments Lena. “I’m seeing how the act of relating to a flower appears to be so simple. Yet, it takes a tremendous amount of courage to make such a “simple” act important. I understand now how “busyness” can be a real distraction, how it can create “made up” realities. Being present means an absence of past and future. I’m seeing how bringing the mind into the present is the link to eternity and that true meditation is the acceptance of no past or future. I’m understanding how these are amazingly brave concepts, that there are only moments upon moments to be lived.”

“The best you can do,” stresses Kuan Yin, “is to live a life governed by integrity. Live your life with authenticity. Do the best you can and be honest with yourself and others. There is a collective agreement that this (life you are living on Earth) is reality. Therefore, you have to play along.”

“Do not believe that your humanity prevents you from being spiritual. Know that this (Earth) drama doesn’t mean spirituality doesn’t exist on the Earth plane. Try to be forgiving and objective when enduring your own earthly drama. Indeed, one’s approach to one’s own life drama can actually affect the outcome. That is, certain interactive strategies can render an “ordinary” drama, spiritual. Don’t fall into the trap of ego and money. Don’t be too concerned whether the drama you’re experiencing is a result of karma. Rather, emphasize the concept that we are all one, that no one is better than the other. You are all sacred energies and everyone is as sacred as the next.”

“When one brings spirit into the human realm, it can even spiritualize matter. Matter can then become lighter, indeed liberated, not so dense, as before.”

“Kuan Yin tells me we are all spiritual beings who have taken birth here. She says the Earth plane is a wonderful opportunity to develop humility and compassion. She’s also telling me there is something to the whole philosophy behind meditation.”

“Those souls who’ve chosen that path (as monks), are trying to bring spirit into matter. Instead of “pushing paper all day”, they perform the rituals and ceremonies. However, the peasant woman who stays home all day is no less important, spiritual than the monks. Anyone can bring spirit into her daily life. Being a monk is just one choice.”

“When you wonder about something, it is the right time to pursue that issue and change that way of being in the world. Find some, maybe abbreviated, way to meditate upon me each day. Take a moment to think about me. A small ritual to keep your connection can be helpful. Even just acknowledging me helps me to help you. Even a second of thought is very potent. If we all could spend even a minute meditating versus grand acts of devotion, rituals, it would be very powerful. No one has to commit to long, drawn-out rituals. I appreciate it, however it is not necessary.”

“Kuan Yin is showing me something very interesting. I see the large diamond and realize it is also a flower. I see a beautiful flower and realize it is also a diamond. She is explaining how enormous wealth is not necessarily materialistic. There is the clean and clear wealth of higher consciousness. It is devoid of the “depraved” energy that can be attached to money. This is the “pure” wealth—the wealth of higher consciousness. I’m being shown a dimension (or plain of consciousness) where that pure wealth of consciousness is a reality. It is reality where everyone is loved, where everyone is fed and healthy.”

“I delight in helping to liberate souls,” explains Kuan Yin. “I don’t like suffering. However suffering reminds me of the work I need to do to help people. Liberating individuals from their suffering is my primary motivation. Of course, the reasons for suffering are as personal and varied as one’s voice or thoughts. Humankind needs to understand that suffering is just (and people accept it because of higher reasons) and that no one is a victim,” professes Kuan Yin.

“Just let the mind go and look at a flower,” instructs Kuan Yin. “Clear your mind.”

“Kuan Yin believes that praying for other’s well-being is the most incredible thing a person can do. It is a spiritual act. Because Kuan Yin is made of pure intention, she is energized by the good intention and prayers of people.”

"Avoid seeing the world through a filter of fear.”

“Parents are god-like in their power over children. Your parent’s lives were also lived in fear. However, there are realms where there is absolutely no fear. In such (divine) realms, realization is complete. Fear is completely absent from these realms, Nirvana. On this Earth where people can feel so separate, there does not exist a feeling of oneness."

“I know ultimately nothing can harm or destroy you. Fear comes from not knowing the entire truth.”

“The reasons for suffering are as personal and varied as one’s voice or thoughts. Humankind needs to understand that suffering is just (and indeed, people accept it) because of higher reasons. No one is a victim,” explains Kuan Yin.

“I’m seeing layers and layers—coat upon coat of denseness. This is the human condition,” depicts Lena. “It is similar to the hundred thousand lenses comprising a bee’s eye.”

“Kuan Yin thinks it is very curious that science, humanity’s highest expression of intelligence, fails to ask the question, ‘If I had a different body would reality look (and, in fact, be) different for me?’”

“Some scientists (such as Einstein) are very spiritual. They have already begun to explore and understand this approach to reality," illuminates Kuan Yin.

“Kuan Yin is showing me a woman who is crying. I see layers and layers of, not mist, but like different shades of thick and gooey gray lacquer. I see layers of murky stripes, smoky and jellylike. They have been clinging to this woman for hundreds of years."

“Underneath all of these layers is the woman’s pure soul essence, that part of her which knows the processes it will take for her to be released from her karma, that part of her which knows everything,” emphasizes Kuan Yin. "This is the element of self that agrees to suffering and knows the woman cannot be destroyed. And though this woman’s reality may appear unjust some “unjust bomb” cannot blow her up. It cannot destroy her essence, her core being.”

“The trauma of everyday living causes the chakras to get shoved around, disconnected. When resting, one can benefit from light touches to the heart, stomach and head, connecting the chakras to one another and also from the inside out. Life is so intense. It can scatter one’s energy. Healing works best (at least with children) to have the energy go from inside, out rather than outside, in as “conventional wisdom” dictates.”

“Kuan Yin believes children are so important for it is they who become the future. She’s telling me to try the healing technique called “touch” on Michael’s stomach, heart and throat. I’ve also heard that “rocking” the base of the spine is helpful. Kuan Yin thinks I did well raising my oldest daughter,Lydia, that her areas (chakras) are quite connected. That is why she is so functional. Kuan Yin is mentioning how other adolescents are so torn, imbalanced, either “stuck” in their stomachs or lower chakras. I wonder if such imbalances are the cause of chronic eating and other eating disorders.”

“When there is so much pain in the heart, it naturally migrates to the stomach,” explains Kuan Yin. “The pain goes to (is magnetized to) the stomach because the navel (and all that it represents, maternal comfort and nurturing) is there. In fact, this pain is stored in the stomach until the issues causing the pain are finally resolved.”

“Certain body types correlate with certain emotional issues. Those who are over weight crave nurturing, motherly love,” remarks Kuan Yin. “While we all need nurturing, those who are obese may have a greater karmic need and (in some cases) may have lost their mother in a past life. Over-eating and binging and purging are attempts by the individual to replace the nurturance of the umbilical cord. For some, it may be that they were not nursed long enough. For others, they were separated from their mothers too soon. The mother was not necessarily wrong. Instead, the circumstances surrounding the child’s upbringing did not meet the nurturing needs of that particular individual.”

“In the world, the mothering element is not valued enough. Perhaps, if “motherly love” were more valued there would be less obesity.”

“We have, at least, five brainwave frequency ranges for our survival. They are the built-in defenses of human consciousness. Similar to the layers, auras around the body they represent layers of consciousness. The various brainwaves help us to go beyond, under the layers of karma.”

The Peace Brainwave (alpha) and EEG Biofeedback.

“It is not a catastrophe that the Earth is dying. Actually, things are right on schedule. Your precious Earth cannot be destroyed, it justlooks that way.”

“There is planetary karmic build-up. It’s nothing the planet did: more like a pattern of energy on the planet,” replies Kuan Yin. “Whenever an event occurs, there is a “planetary imprint”. Energies are drawn to that imprint. Energies are then drawn to the existing energies."

"The energies that are here on Earth have free will. When you mix free will you get certain deviants. It is intended to be a planet for this purpose. Earth represents a certain grade similar to a school. It’s all a grand experiment. It’s possible to completely re-create this Earth,” insists Kuan Yin. “You’ll kill yourselves before you kill the Earth."

“We’re talking in dualities because dualities are built into your language. You think that just because there is an absence of good, for instance, that evil exists. This is not so. In fact, things are far more intricate."

Lena explains what Kuan Yin is telling her about the EEG periodicities: “These protective elements (the brainwaves) help our human bodies function and survive on this Earth plane. However, this discussion involves the soul. Gravity holds our physical bodies in place. Our skin holds the spirit in place. Heavy layers of energy, karma (around the Earth and the body), weigh us down. Every layer is different. The brain waves represent the different layers of consciousness. Each brainwave is a sort of gelatinous substance; layer upon layer; much like the onionskin metaphor. Accessing a certain layer accesses certain abilities [i.e. trance skills in the alpha range, dream abilities in the theta range, etc.]. They all work together perfectly. When an individual “hits” a certain layer, he can work (heal) certain issues. I’m recalling a new game involving some kind of biofeedback called “EEG Biofeedback”. In the game, an individual can access their “peace brainwave” (the alpha state) and receive points for that accomplishment. Scientists are at the threshold, utilizing these non-medicating methods for ADD, Autism and mood management.”

“Kuan Yin thinks my sense of time is humorous,” mentions Lena. “The sense of time in one world is not the same as in another world,” contends Kuan Yin.

“The pain in those chakras is meant to be felt; experienced. You are going to feel it (the sadness, and despair) move. It’s part of the “push-through”. The energy in the solar plexus, especially, needs to move.”

“Balance. Practice. Meditating upon my form. These are three excellent spiritual practices to put my teachings in place. I want people to know you are human, Lena. And that spirituality is a focus, a commitment, not a punishment. It’s liberating.”

“There are many books about developing love as a spiritual practice. Love will keep finding that issue, the one that has you running.”

Bringing one’s spirit into the “space” of the human body, (one’sopen space, as Lena now describes), Lena experiences first hand what Kuan Yin explains in the text. Being human is an opportunity to bring spirit into all that is material.

“Let the magic happen. It’s always there. Abundance and love are always there. Believe in the highest good. There is a higher essence to everything. The realm you’re in has a heaviness that mutes energy. You can penetrate through it, no matter how dark and heavy. Sometimes it has nothing to do with karma. Just don’t forget to keep it open. Don’t get too bogged down, don’t limit the brightness.”

“Reach through the dark energy and grab it. You might see the smoke coming out of the chimney and you’ll even see the smoky sky. You need to reach through the smoke and bring the light to you. Remember the possibilities of something greater then are right here. Be willing to go to the lightness. Don’t feed off what is not right in the world.”

“Prosperity can happen at any time,” insists Kuan Yin. “I want to give you everything that you need. Focus on that symbol (the diamond) of prosperity. Taking that first step is what you need. Say and believe that more and more you can have all the possibilities. It is your mantra. I want you to believe and be open to receiving. Perhaps you can imagine a crystal in the place of a real diamond. Focus upon it and breathe in what it represents (it’s energy) to those areas of the body that need healing. Practice the meditation of seeing me (Kuan Yin) holding and giving you this huge, chunky diamond. Remember (from previous sections) this diamond doesn’t just represent material wealth. Its myriad facets also represent consciousness, love and all other forms of abundance. Practice receiving it.”

“For any person, a certain organ can be the source of nightmares. Each person, of course is unique. A person might mention they’ve experienced a nightmare. The nightmare may be trying to inform the person a certain organ needs particular nutrients, elements. As we’ve discussed the chakras also need particular nutrients, elements. Certain emotions also live in the chakras. Limiting emotions can block off certain areas of the body. An individual, then, can utilize this approach (hypnosis and dream analysis) as a possible preventive medicine warding off illness in certain prone areas of the body.”

“I wish someone would do sound tuning of the chakras. Sound comes first in the universe. We’re all made of sound. Kuan Yin then described a computerized devise that could measure and adjust the sound vibration for each chakra: “It would be like having one’s hearing checked. Only one would be working with the energy centers—the chakras. Individuals could get more in touch with their own pulses and their relationship with sound. It would feel really good and could possibly be used for pain management. There will be in the coming years a proportionally larger group of the elderly in your society. People will live longer. However, they will have many misalignments in the chakras. Sound therapy could be very soothing as well as help an individual to adjust, to be ready to move on to the next life.”

“Once this instrument is correctly tuned and kept tuned any amount of chaos won’t matter, won’t effect it,” remarks Kuan Yin. “Of course,” explains Lena, “this is Kuan Yin’s metaphor for keeping the body chakras well-tuned. She’s telling me this is a continuation of her message concerning the effects of sound and vibrations upon physicality. She is also saying that the power of sound (and pulse) is why music is so calming and comforting.”

“I want you to take the diamond, receive all that it stands for. Maybe you can hold a large crystal and imagine it as the diamond. When you place this imaginary diamond on your solar plexus, visualize its potency and value, the highest and safest feelings going into your stomach.”

“I want you to bring light into your body. Practice that,” emphasizes Kuan Yin.

“I’m seeing myself laying in a thick layer of an oil-like substance,” explains Lena. “It’s similar to the oil that rises to the top layer of a boiling pot of soup. Above this thick and heavy atmosphere are astonishingly vivid colors of bright light.”

“Push it aside. It is like the Biblical “parting of the waters”!” commands Kuan Yin. “Only this is parting of dense consciousness. It’s the only way to keep you in balance during the difficult times.”

“The only way to remain strong is to pray for others. Don’t get too depleted,” informs Kuan Yin.

“I’m seeing endless light, endless possibilities,” exclaimsLena. It is an infinite Light that goes on forever. It’s astounding. It is so much more powerful than any darkness humans create.”

“One reason one might not take to heart, practice these techniques ardently is that you don’t believe that you’re valuable. Another is that you don’t have enough faith. It’s all about faith.”

“The only way to really utilize your human experience is to practice some kind of meditation or visualization. It does work. People really need it. It’s the only way to get through the difficult times. This kind of practice puts us in the “Kuan Yin spirit”. You’re the watcher. Instead of judging, you just see. Whether meditating upon her form or bringing Light into the chakras, all these techniques will help us in our life.

“Kuan Yin is telling me it is a really powerful thing to do a meditation that involves surrounding a person with light. It’s also powerful to explore hypnosis and chakra alignment techniques. Letting go of former beliefs and impressions and seeing what can be learned about yourself and others helps with compassion. Of course it’s also beneficial for the one who is meditating. Too, the individual meditated upon will feel the good intentions—that you want the highest good for him,” conveys Lena.

“These thoughts and impressions have been with him for such a long time that he has created a deeply-ingrained loop. Now it’s so deep, it is difficult for him to climb out of it.”

“A humble mantra: “I can’t fix others.”

“Just be with the fact that life is always changing but humans always have the ability to live in the moment.”

“It is not so important about the end, resolution of the problem, rather it is how you are with it, how you interact with it…This “birthing” is a learning process,” continues Kuan Yin. “This learning process (problem) involves constant giving, learning, receiving, responding, taking in and interpreting processes.”

“Let’s see what happens next,” states Kuan Yin. “Not even God knows. Let me restate that! The cool thing about free will is that even if one has a huge bag of karma there is still a lot of free will for all those souls coming into the world.”

“Stop looking at the half-empty glass. Remember to make lemonade from lemons as the saying instructs us to do. Just practice being in the moment.”

“It would be best if you could practice being in this moment and then in the next moment and so on. Try to be here, right now. Focus upon a leaf fluttering, light reflected on the waves. Things are more beautiful, afterwards. Make it your own experience. Things will taste, feel better. Colors will be brighter and you’ll feel more alive.”

“All men are learning from women how to appreciate people versus accomplishments. Men need to learn to be more sensitive to people.”

“There is free will and karma. How are you going to handle what you have?”

“It’s a perfect Buddhist time. Your hopes have been dashed. Your cup has been overturned. Some of the aspects of your life have not gone the way you had hoped. However, some of the stagnant energy has been cleared away. It is time to regroup. Everything is on schedule.”

“The outcome is not important. What is important is that those who gave their energy and time seized the moment. Don’t have an attachment to the outcome. Do the right thing because it is the right thing to do such as helping others, helping the Earth.”

“Suddenly, I’m experiencing an image, a visualization,” saysLena. “Kuan Yin is showing me this symbol. It is of my husband. Kuan Yin is trying to nurture him (like a tiny infant), rebirth him. She’s telling me it’s not up to me to fix him.”

“It is not up to you to fix others,” emphasizes Kuan Yin. “It is up to the spirit guides. You have to turn it over to them. Stop trying to be a “super-being”. Turn over your tendency to fix him, help him.”

“Kuan Yin says this, the visualization of turning problems over to the spirit guides, is a good visualization for letting go, letting it be. We only have the power to help ourselves.”

“Spiders are patient and meticulous,” reminds Kuan Yin. “Human sometimes believe insects are insignificant because they are small. However, their work is of great importance to the world. Be still and watch the spider build its web.”

“Don’t think like an earthling! Don’t analyze every step.”

“See how I don’t have to try too hard,” explains Kuan Yin. “The elephant effortlessly carries me (us) on her back.”

“There is something Kuan Yin is trying to show to me about love, compassion and power,” comments Lena, from her trance. “That just experiencing the power of the elephant moving along is important.”

“It is important to have an idea of the path one wants to be on. This statement comes with an important caveat that one not be too attached to the outcome. To have a concept about the nature of one’s life path can be a skillful tool in living one’s life. However there is a danger that one will misconstrue a goal to be the entire purpose of one’s life and (in so doing) perhaps create a negative driving force.”

“You might have heard the sayings, "the path is the goal" or "the journey is the goal". These sayings are antithetical to the reality of living in your culture. Your culture is very goal structured. There is always a push to bewhere one is supposed to be instead of savoring where one is right now. This is cultural, not instinctual. Naturally, one needs a driving force to survive. However, the concept of having specific goals is very western. This kind of mindset makes people very ambitious. However, no one is obligated to live his life by this western view of things."

“Don’t be too hard on yourself about your choices in life. When one subtracts (from the equation of life) physical birth and death, one can regard lessons learned as forming an infinite line. Then one can say, ‘I’m learning this right now’. Try to crystallize the components of the lesson, excluding as much as is possible gender and financial factors. Repeat to yourself, ‘this is the lesson I’m learning right now, at this exact moment in time’.”

“What makes any kind of relationship begin and then work is an initial communication,” commences Kuan Yin. “Following the initial communication there is always an adjustment. For example, someone has a question. Whatever information is exchanged impacts both the person who has presented the question and the person who responds. Information has been shared and everyone involved makes some kind of an adjustment. There are constant adjustments resulting from communication.”

“When one feels pulled to do a particular thing, when one has passion for a certain life path, karma is always involved. In such an instance, when the goal is worthy and makes one happy, one should continue on that same life path. Just because the elephant cannot carry you anymore doesn’t mean you should give up your goal. Continue down the path that makes you feel fulfilled. Those who continue on an unrewarding path for the sake of only monetary gain are displaying a lack of trust in life. Continuing in such a mistrustful way will only bring impoverishment.”

“Following one’s heart, continuing on one’s divine path, brings abundance.”

“Living in places like the one you are experiencing right now, exuding a natural and intense spirituality brings one closer to a simpler kind of life. While remnants of western culture can still seep in, these places remain largely unchanged from their ancient traditions. I’d like you to experience this place (physically go here) as it will make you more whole, able to help others.”

“Those who do not believe, who proclaim themselves as atheists, want to deny all of this because it’s too complicated,” stresses Kuan Yin.

“Learn from the Elders, those speakers who came before me,” says Kuan Yin. “Come to know the basic universal principles. Be open to new learning opportunities.”

“Loving people is the most helpful thing anyone can do.”

“A helpful mindset is “simple-living and high-thinking.”

“We’re all one huge family, a great continuum. Don’t underestimate the power of the love created in your homes and families. This love has an immense potency, the power to influence other’s lives in a positive way.”

“You’ve already lived any “future lives”, all your lives,” responds Kuan Yin. “There is no such thing as time.”

“People believe that death is a punishment from God rather than a natural progression, a doorway to other realities. By having such a grim perspective on death, they make it a fearful and painful experience.”

“Just don’t take everything so personally. In fact, if humans didn’t cling to events in their lives, every experience that ever was could be lived in an instant.”

“Our spirit knows we don’t die nor are we born. If our ego knew what our greater self knows, it would not fear disaster.”

“In your life, you forget your “AlwaysState” or “Always Form”. You forget everything. However, you are already always that! There is only eternity, knowledge and bliss. But you’re still terrified it might not be true. That is ego at work. Ego keeps one from being free.”

“We want to taste all these experiences. And the ego makes it possible. Don’t curse the ego. So many scriptures curse the ego self. Instead, look at your life as about choices, experiences and desires–that you are already liberated. Don’t be afraid of desire. That is why you’re here, to taste,live.”

“Kuan Yin is showing me visually how I’m (we all are) part of a round ball of light people call God,” remarks Lena.

“There are those who would rather God was thought of as a person, a man with a white beard. However, for purposes of this manuscript, I will continue with this ball of light analogy of the God force,” continues Kuan Yin. “Those who object to my use of the word “God” or “God force” will just have to deal with it for now.”

“I’m seeing (not pie-shaped) but straight slivers coming from this central ball of light,” explains Lena. “These straight slivers of light become a person who plays out adventures from his or her beliefs.”

“When you put all the slivers together they form God. It is as if one takes a small chip of gold from a cave made of gold. The cave and chip of gold are separate, and yet, at the same time they are the same. How is this possible? Because they are comprised of the identical chemical elements.”

“Wrong assumptions are made about suffering. Some individuals even believe that it is required, that suffering will bring one closer to salvation.”

“The God force likes to play. Therefore, if all individuals could unite, creating real community, all problems could be healed.”

 “The God force is separate and not separate, whole and not whole at the same time. Really, it is not “sliceable”, not reducible. Even when it is sliced into individual energies, it does not diminish the total God force or the power of the individual. Each of you has the potential for the God force potency.”

“However, (and this is a very important caveat), no individual can overcome the God force. There is a misinterpretation, then, that Satan is as powerful as God,” insists Kuan Yin. “Limited energy cannot live on its own,” continues Kuan Yin. “Every experience must exist and yet they (negative forces) can never exist on their own. Limited energy, then, is the experience of the absence of the God force (as a teacher and as a belief). Therefore, there is no need to fear it.”

“Those choosing such experiences have a need to understand how it feels to believe evil powers exist. Again, I say that those who pursue this route are taking it too personally. They believe the story they made up about themselves,” cautions Kuan Yin. “It is similar to a person going into an ice cream store and only choosing one flavor from many. Preoccupied with tasting only one flavor for a very long time, they are probably quite sick and tired of it. Still, they don’t want to believe there are any other flavors available.”

“The agreement, then, is to go on believing in that particular flavor. Here’s where reincarnation and its opportunity for experiencing a vast array of perspectives, “agreements”, enters in. Another life offers another opportunity, a chance to “switch flavors” so to speak. Taking oneself too personally, however, can cause a soul to get caught up, stuck in redundancy: in a particular (and unfortunate) flavor. In such instances, the individual is forgetting he has the ability to choose his flavors, his lives,” asserts Kuan Yin.

“Please avoid taking even life’s positive accomplishments or identities too seriously, as well,” warns Kuan Yin. “People can get “hung up” in similar lifetimes, identifying too strongly with even an incarnation’s positive achievements and personas. Clinging to any past identity (expansive or limiting), then, acts as a roadblock, preventing one from progressing to other flavors (beliefs and experiences).”

“Kuan Yin is telling me that instead of seeing things and events separately, we should be perceiving them as part of the whole. Conversely, she is saying we also forget to notice the little things, a single stone or grain of sand. So, the existential question is: when to notice the little things and when to see things as a whole.”

“A powerful meditation is when contemplating the oneness of everything is to find something’s unique qualities. For example, observing an island’s wholeness and then focusing upon the uniqueness of a single stone. Westerners are dealing with this dichotomy on a grand scale. However, Kuan Yin wants me to emphasize that this meditation is simple but powerful. It’s like physical exercise. One can practice it just once a day or as often as one likes. Other examples to meditate upon (other than an individual stone on the island beach) are faces in a crowd or a leaf on a tree. Each person (in the crowd) is unique and yet (at that very moment) part of the whole. The same is true for leaves on the trees. Practicing this deceptively easy meditation helps each of us to see reality.”

When Kuan Yin refers to “reality”, she really means truth, the importance of life.”

“Some need to practice distancing themselves from materialism while others need to get more grounded in the material world. This meditation specifically balances these two types of people.”

“I’m not just speaking of only individual reactions. There is anenergetic reaction to something in print. That is what is meant by the power of the word.”

“There is even a reaction from the universe to the energetic quality of the book. Writers know this.”

“From such reactions, another and another energy is created. The “power of the word”, then, cannot be triggered until the book is actually in print,” explains Kuan Yin.

“I want to emphasize that you are in the “printed word” of your humanity.

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