The Call to Return Has Issued Forth

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The Call to Return

Has Issued Forth





by The Hermit of the Crystal Mountain

The Call to Return Has Issued Forth channeled bySolara Antares.  Visit the website of Solara at: words of the Hermit of the Crystal Mountain from the book "The Legend of Altazar" by Solara Antares.  First published in this website on January 19, 2004. See Dimensional Portals as complementary material.

Solara Antares

My beloveds, back at the beginning of time, certain native and natural peoples were given the task of holding the world in balance. At various locations, scattered about the planet, vortices or pillars of Light were anchored deeply within the Earth. These ancient peoples, such as the Hopi, Tibetans, Ainu, and Dogon, have served their sacred Purpose well throughout the ages.

However, while initially each vortex was held and maintained by a unified tribal group working together and sharing their common responsibility, such is no longer the case. Numerous of these tribal groups have disappeared from the face of the planet, making the weight greater on those who have remained. Even the groups who have managed to survive are no longer united in common purpose, indeed, many of them are beset by both internal and external pressures and strife. The pillars which hold this planet in balance have grown extremely precarious and crumbly indeed!

 What must be done is that new energy vortices should be established and activated. They need to manifest upon this physical plane in order for this planet to survive. But I ask you, where are the dedicated ones ready to function as the anchors of the new vortices? See you not that this is an important part of your Purpose in being alive during this momentous time?

 This is truly the final replay of the powerfully tragic lessons of fair Atlantis. The similarities are ever apparent. So are we going to sit back and passively allow the same pattern to repeat itself and let mankind make the same mistakes with even direr consequences? The ultimate test is before us.

The answers are within each of you. You need only be willing to ask the questions. The great teachers are still among us as they have been since the beginning of time. Simply look about you at Nature, look above at the Stars, and most importantly, look within yourself! Yes, it is as simple as that.

 Please, Dear Ones, save your planet. Support each other with Love and Wisdom and work together, for you are all as unto the pillars of the Temple. Together—it will stand. Apart—it will fall.

Forget not the immense power of Love. Construct around the Earth a new grid or network of perfect, unconditional Love and Compassion. Remember that we are all in this together. There never has been and there never shall be any separation between any of us. We are all interconnected and interrelated, woven together in the garment of Oneness. By helping others, we help ourselves. By serving ourselves, we serve the whole.


It is important for you to realize that many of your ancient great ones shall be released from this plane once Earth’s transition has been completed. I shall say unto them:

 We want you to know how vast is our gratitude to all of you. Your service has been long and dedicated and your sacrifices great. Arise now my dear ones, for the Sea of Oblivion has dried up and the Call to Return has issued forth. Your freedom beckons, almost within reach, yet ever elusive until you have danced your final Earthly dance. But does not the music begin to play? Choose your partners and step lively, for we shall dance with joyfulness. Our gaze shall be on the Stars while we tap our feet lightly on the ground, tapping into the Earth an infusion of celestial renewal.

 And now is the time when you are Called upon to rise above the narrow spheres of personal karma. Gently free yourself from its grasp. Surrender thoroughly to your Higher Purpose and let go with love, thus you shall create ever more space within yourself for the entry of the supra-dimensional Light radiations.

 Make haste in the development of your light bodies; they are a prerequisite for the Fifth Phase Transformational Activity. You must become fully activated, crystalline multi-dimensional beings, for you serve as the bridges for the Rising Golden Dawn.

Go forth and fulfill your final destinies with love, courage, clarity and discernment. Know that as you acknowledge yourself as a pure vessel of the Divine Spirit, you shall be so empowered.

Freely send forth your crystal tipped arrows. They shall light your way and therefore, enlighten the entire planetary body.

The spiral doth turn even now and if you have received the Call to Homecoming, you should prepare yourselves to take your proper position upon it.  Yes, for truly the ancient star families are gathering together in order to affect their final mass ascension from this plane. Doubt this not!


After these ancient great ones have departed the Earth, remember that those of you who choose to remain must be prepared to fill their places. Hence there is no time to waste—no time to lose in anger, greed, confusion, self-indulgence or fear. A mighty transformation is unfolding. The spiral is turning. Are you ready to serve the Call of your True Self?

Remember, dear ones, to lovingly accept yourselves, to end your denials, to merge into the highest octave of yourselves possible. Then simply be. Your bright, shining spirits shall be as glowing Beacons of Light upon this reborn sphere—illuminating all with deep joy and profound peace.

Henceforth you shall be known as the Second Wave.  You shall establish and maintain the Golden Dawn of new, resplendent Golden Age.

Know that I watch over you with fullest Love. My blessings are with you always.

At last this Hermit need speak no longer.  Slowly, gently, I return to the Silence ……


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