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The Crystalline Form



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The Crystalline Form


An Overview of the Biological and Emotional Changes Coming Forth for Humanity


Lord and Lady Athena


Lord and Lady Athena through Karen Danrich «Mila», and Thomas Weber «Rama», October 5, 1998Copyright © 1998-2001 Karen Danrich. All Rights Reserved. Published in this website on March 8, 2005.



Part I


We, Lord and Lady Athena, wish to give you an overview of some of the changes in the glandular system and biological structure of the crystalline form, as well as the emotional and social changes inherent within the conversion process. The purpose of this transmission is to bring forth an understanding of how the crystalline form brings an end to some of the biological and emotional limitations that humanity has lived under for the past 10,000 years.


Many of you have heard of the concept of «full consciousness.»  Full consciousness is a state of being that transcends physical law as we know it and experiences no separation between the seen and unseen worlds. Transcending physical law physically translates to transcending the biological need to eat, sleep, defecate, and urinate to subsist. Emotionally, full consciousness brings an end to the experience of fear and, in so doing, allows each initiate to experience a new level of contentment and joy in all daily activities and relationships.


The degree of biological distortion is great upon the Earth plane. Some individuals experience more of an opening to the unseen worlds or have natural clairvoyant abilities. The vast majority of humanity does not have these abilities, and restoration of the separation between the seen and unseen will be different for each human as the crystalline form is embodied. Some will experience an opening to clairvoyant abilities previously unknown to them. Others will experience only a direct knowing of their soul’s wishes without clairvoyant or telepathic communication at all. Another 1,000 years of human evolution following our mass Ascension into the Fifth Dimension will be required for the separation between the seen and unseen worlds to be completely healed in each human being on Earth.


The reason for the limitations of clairvoyance within the human experience has a direct correlation with the current size of our brain cavity. There are glands and organs missing within the brain that create the experience of clairvoyance. Although every human being will receive the crystalline blueprint for all of the glands that lead to clairvoyance, the brain cavity may not be large enough to allow all of the glands to grow. In some cases, there may only be room for the partial formation of the glands that do grow. This will lead to a wide variety of differences in awareness in the attainment of «full consciousness» from one human being to another.


The reason for the differences in awareness is related to each human beings’ genetic lineage. The vast majority of humanity will find that their genetic lineage ends in a laboratory in Atlantis. As we have written about in prior chapters, the current human form was created in a laboratory by «fully conscious» scientists who extracted twelve strands of information from the 1,024 strands of information from which they, themselves, were derived. The twelve strands of DNA and the human form born within the laboratory brought forth a partially conscious race that was utilized for the purposes of those endeavors which those incarnate in Atlantis no longer desired to do themselves, i.e., manual labor. Additionally, the partially conscious race was utilized for sexual pleasuring and, even in some cases, love and partnership. As civilization declined during the 2,500 years that preceded the great floods, the experience of fully conscious relationship was wrought with difficulties. Many incarnate in Atlantis turned to the slave race for sexual gratification and love.


The partially conscious human form generated in an Atlantean laboratory was never created to have communication with the «unseen» worlds. The scientists who invented the human form wanted to control the evolution of the race they created. If that race had communication that was direct from «God» and the unseen world, the Atlantean creators would lose control. As a result, most of the glands that bring forth clairvoyance and telepathy were not a part of the original twelve strands of DNA. The lack of such glands did not require such a large brain cavity nor such a large body frame, so the slave race ended up 15 per cent smaller in size and stature than the creator scientists.


In addition to the smaller stature, the twelve strands of DNA were carefully chosen. The scientists wanted a partly conscious race which was subservient and did not question authority. Also, they wanted a race that was loyal, trustworthy, dependable, obedient, and dedicated to the wishes of the creator scientists. As humanity embodies the crystalline form, such emotional tendencies will be dissolved, and we will collectively begin to question the very paradigms we have lived with for 10,000 years. As humanity begins to question and stretch beyond their individual limitations, a new structure for civilization will be brought forth that will be based upon unconditional giving and receiving and unconditional love.




The subservient state that the majority of humanity lives in is the result of the belief in the loss of power. Because humanity believes that it is powerless to change their current circumstances, they choose to accept their current life experiences without question. The crystalline form brings forth the restoration of power into the emotional structure of each human being that embodies the new DNA. As each human feels empowered, they will begin to believe that they can change their current life scenario and, in so believing, will accomplish their goal.


The partially conscious slave race was created to be used or consumed. It is for this reason that usury is such a large emotional issue for all of humanity and human civilization. We have, within our genetic karma, so many patterns related to being used and were invented for this very purpose. It is no wonder that we use each other rather than unconditionally love. In a greater sense, it is usury that underlies karma. Karma is simply an agreement to do something for someone in exchange for them doing something for us. The slave race was given «life» in exchange for being used in a multitude of ways, which brought forth the concept of karma and conditional love into our biological structures.


It is usury or karma that creates the experience of giving and receiving nothing (or receiving and giving nothing in exchange) which ultimately leads to poverty and hoarding. In the experience of being used (such as the slave race) food and life were given in exchange for a multitude of gifts given in return, i.e., labor or sexual pleasure. Our current concepts of having to pay and labor hard in order to subsist come from the genetic patterns of usury inherent within our original twelve strands of DNA. Those who cannot pay are left to poverty and homelessness, and those who are gifted at earning a living hoard to a massive excess.


Fully conscious crystalline beings incarnate in Atlantis did not have to pay to subsist, but rather, all physiological needs were naturally met by the structure in their civilization. It is a natural part of the crystalline genetic makeup to function based upon unconditional love. Within the paradigm of unconditional love, giving and receiving are in balance, i.e., as one gives of their gifts and talents, they are automatically rewarded by having all of their needs met.


As one becomes crystalline in form, the emotional patterns of usury are cleared, bringing forth a balance between the giving and receiving within their life. This translates into each endeavor each human being puts forth is rewarded with an equal pay for the effort involved. In time, this will bring an end to pay that is unequal to the amount of time and energy devoted to any project. For example, those individuals who seem to be paid in excess of their contribution (such as movie stars or sports heroes) will no longer be paid in excess but equal to the energy that was expended. Conversely, those who are not paid much at all for the energy that they contribute will be given an amount equal to their contribution. As this balance is attained in each human being, homelessness and poverty along with greed and hoarding will come to an end.


It is not unusual for initiates on the spiritual path to have difficulty manifesting their needs. Sometimes this results in a small to large amount of debt. Indebtedness of any kind is the result of the belief that in order to subsist one must pay or owe. As the belief in indebtedness or owing another to subsist is transcended, all debts are released on an energetic and karmic level, which leads to the releasing of all physical plane debts in due course.


Our channel has observed initiate after initiate filing bankruptcy or flat out ceasing to pay on their debts as they transcend the belief in indebtedness. For some, this occurs at Initiation 108; for others, not until the completion of 1,024; and yet others, not until the next segment of work which is yet to be discussed is completed. As humanity transcends this belief (and larger and larger numbers file bankruptcy), the entire banking system as you know it will collapse. As the banking systems collapse, individuals will begin to resort to bartering or exchanging. Bartering or exchanging will bring forth equality in the exchange of energy, or balanced giving and receiving, i.e., unconditional love.




Emotionally, the crystalline conversion brings an end to boredom. Out of our boredom, humanity consumes vast quantities of resources and gives nothing back to the Earth Mother in return. Out of boredom, humanity seeks out entertainment of all kinds and desires to buy or consume objects that it does not truly need. Boredom is the result of the monotony of the average existence within human thoughtform and comes from settling for that which does not bring the individual joy.


Our channel has observed that as initiates pass Initiation 108, it becomes increasingly difficult to continue to do that which does not bring joy, whether in the job that employs, the partner that they are with, or the city in which they live. When the pain of the circumstances becomes so great that they cannot stand it anymore, the initiate eventually leaves behind that which does not bring them joy.  Authentic joy does not come from entertainment, such as movies, television, sports, radio, shopping, or any number of the many things that humanity spends their time at in their boredom.


Authentic joy comes from within, from the union with one’s own higher self, and with the union experienced between friends, family, beloveds or nature. Authentic joy can be experienced in the magnificence of a sunset, a walk on the beach or forest, a swim in a lake, or in cooking a meal out of the love for the friends who are present. Once an initiate experiences authentic joy and union, all forms of entertainment that filled their past boredom will seem dull and lifeless in comparison.


In due course, each initiate will give up such entertainment in the fulfillment that comes from authentic joy. As all of humanity experiences authentic joy, the need for the consumption of material substitutes and false entertainment will come to an end, bringing an end to a civilization based upon consumption and greed.


The experience of union and authentic joy is the result of a fully opened heart chakra. The partially conscious human form was never engineered with a fully open heart or engineered to experience union. The scientists who created the human form never intended that form to be incarnated into. Without an incarnating «soul», there is no need for «union» between two or more souls.


In prior chapters we spoke about how all of the human form was engineered to be held by one soul, much like how within the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms, one soul holds all of one specific form. Following the great floods, there were so few fully conscious embodiments in which to incarnate that the souls left from Atlantis and Lemuria began to incarnate into the partially conscious human form. In the process of returning to 1,024 strands of DNA and the crystalline form, the heart chakra is again fully opened making possible the experience of divine union with another and authentic joy.


The experience of divine union will bring forth a whole new experience in relationship, friendship, and partnerships. Without divine union, couples go into boredom with their relationship in due course. Many of us have experienced the «romance» or «honeymoon» of a new partnership quickly fade into monotony. Two who come together with fully opened hearts will be able to sustain the magic that our current civilization has only experienced at the beginning of a relationship. The magic of divine union is not limited to beloveds; rather, it can be shared with friends, soul families, and partnerships. As the experience of divine union and love is restored to all relationships within an initiate’s life, the magic returns to each moment of one’s existence.


As divine union becomes the foundation from which each initiate functions within their life, a new form of business relationship will emerge. Business transactions will be based upon love, shared interest, and a common goal that supports the greater good of the whole. As divine union becomes the precedence with which an organization is run, the joyful and smooth functioning of such an organization guarantees a level of success never before seen on the Earth plane. Within our current corporate structure, employees who are bored or overworked actually undermine the potential success of an organization. All manifestations are ultimately energy. If some within an organization are taking energy rather than contributing energy, ultimately the overall success of the organization is affected.


Within the experience of divine union, each member of an organization is fully supported in all ways and, as a result, there will be only an ongoing contribution of energy into the project and ultimately the desired manifestation that is to be created will effortlessly be brought forth on to the Earth plane.


Sociologists may believe that the genetic alterations facing humanity could lead to social uprisings and social unrest. We, of the Order of Rize, along with Lord and Lady Athena, along with the Godhead, hope to create as gentle a transition as possible. However, a new civilization cannot be born without the old civilization crumbling, and so a certain level of uncertainty and difficulties cannot be avoided. The difficulties themselves will be related to the very karma that must be cleared in order for Earth to Ascend. We, as Lightworkers, must allow the karma to be cleared in order to bring Earth’s Ascension to fruition.


The new civilization will not be forced on an unwilling society. Rather, the new civilization will unfold in small communities at first, built of individuals who are dedicated to their spiritual unfolding and are embodying a new way of living based upon unconditional love. These communities will test run a new social order. The new paradigm, thoughtform, and social order will gradually spread to include everyone on Earth. It will spread because the new paradigm will work better than the old and will quite naturally be embraced by others who are also awakening and searching for another way of being.


Part II


Now, we will go into more detail about the physiological differences between the partially conscious human form that you are familiar with and the crystalline form. Our channel is not a medical expert and has a limited understanding of human biology. There will be other educators coming forth within our organization with a vast understanding of biology and the human biochemical structure who will bring forth a more detailed understanding of a crystalline form in due course.


Physiologically, the crystalline form is more powerful and less dependent on earthbound fuel to subsist and is resilient to illness. Within the crystalline blueprint, most viruses also receive a new blueprint that allows them to be utilized in a useful way within the crystalline form. The viruses themselves are a result of molecular structures that were left unutilized as the partially conscious human form was created within the Atlantean laboratories. Illness is a result of these molecules attacking our current cellular structure. Any virus that serves no useful purpose in the crystalline form is eliminated during the conversion process. Over time (and as all of humanity completes the first 1,024 initiations), we will collectively experience an end to illness as we have known it, not only illness of a fatal nature but even of such experiences as «the common cold.»


Our channel has noted that all viruses hide in the nervous system. The hepatitis virus hides in the spinal column in the lower back; chicken pox or herpes in the middle back; tuberculosis just behind the diaphragm; mumps in the neck; and measles in the brain. All viruses appear to be a part of our genetic blueprint at birth.


There is the exception of a group of viruses that appear to be man-made. You may wonder how we know that these viruses were incubated in a test tube. It is simply because the origin of anything in form is recorded energetically within its very blueprint. These man-made viruses lead to the experience of difficulties with the immune system, such as AIDS. These man-made viruses also lodge behind the heart chakra in the spinal column. The heart chakra governs the immune system within the etheric body. As we experience emotional upsets over the course of our childhood or adulthood, sometimes our heart chakra fractures energetically. The fracturing causes an energetic weakness in the heart region which triggers a virus to become active (or the immune system to become weakened) and illness results.


Even as a virus appears to be conquered and the illness goes into remission, the virus simply retreats into the nervous system. Sometimes viruses multiply within the soft tissue of the spinal cord causing back ailments. As the spinal column and nervous system are converted to crystalline, the viruses are also transmuted or eliminated. Sometimes this brings forth a reoccurrence of a disease during the transmutative process or physical pain where the virus has lodged. The Godhead has brought forth seven groupings of vibrations that are designed to specifically alter the cell wall of each group of viruses to render them harmless. Initiates may call upon these vibrations during dreamtime, or those of you who are healers may utilize these vibrations on those who are in need of such treatment. If, during the conversion process, an initiate experiences a resurgence of any illness, we recommend that you treat such illness with whatever herbs or homeopathic remedies necessary to support the immune system until the conversion of that particular virus is complete.


In current human civilization, we have relied on death to control the population. The crystalline form is designed to experience an ageless existence of up to a 2,000 human year length. Mythology spoke of ‘gods’ who were immortal. This immortality is simply the result of the crystalline cellular structure. Along with the ‘immortality’ that the crystalline form offers is a built-in system of birth control that will allow humanity to bring forth only the best population suitable to the size of the planet and the resources made available by the Earth Mother. Your current population is not too high to be supported by Earth Mother. It is the hoarding of resources and the lack of sharing that causes the starvation that your current civilization experiences.


Aging is the result of decay. During the time of Atlantis, decay occurred within the partially conscious human biological structure because it was not immune to nuclear energy. The Atlanteans utilized nuclear energy to empower all aspects of civilization, including technology that far exceeds anything yet developed by humanity. Because the partially conscious slave race was not immune to nuclear energy, the ongoing decay created a 500-year life span, aging, illness, and eventually death.


Decay is the result of molecules that have stopped vibrating. As enough molecules within a given cell within the body stop vibrating, the cell dies. As enough cells die within a certain organ, aging, illness or ultimately death follows suit. The partially conscious human form engineered in Atlantis had a different molecular structure. Our present molecular structure appears to be similar to our solar system, with the atom in the middle, and the atomic particles rotating around the atom. When molecules stop vibrating, the particles cease to move around the atom. Nuclear energy interferes with the rotation of the particles around an atom and so do many other toxins that have been added to your food, water, and atmosphere.


Our current molecular structure is not the molecular structure present in Atlantis at the time when humanity was engineered. The molecular pattern of the crystalline form is a triple-circle pattern, much like three ball bearings, that continuously rotate around one another. The triple-circle molecular structure does not easily experience a cessation in movement. Therefore, it is immune to decay and nuclear energy, as well as the current planetary toxic mess. Please understand that it is not only humanity that is undergoing the conversion to the crystalline form but also the plant, animal, and mineral kingdoms along with the dolphins and whales. As Earth as a whole completes her conversion to the crystalline form, the toxins will cease to have an effect on all lifeforms on Earth.


Our channel has discovered that it required 24 additional steps beyond Initiation 1024 to correct the molecular structure within her embodiment and to reverse all decay within her form. By Initiation 1024, only the healthy cells are converted to the crystalline structure. The decay is addressed following the attainment of «Complete Liberation.»  We have yet to write about these 24 steps. This information shall be brought forth in the latter part of 1998. For those of you who are more elderly in age, please understand that all decay within every initiate willing to move forward on their spiritual path will eventually be reversed and, with it, all physical appearance of aging.


In addition to transcending aging, death, and illness, the crystalline form also eliminates other biological limitations such as the need to eat, procreate (unconsciously conceive a child), sleep, urinate, and defecate.


The following glandular systems were eliminated from the human form following our «Fall» from twelve strands of two strands of DNA some 9,500 years ago. Again, as written about in earlier material brought forth through our channel, the «Fall» was the result of a nuclear explosion that created the Sahara Desert by the Pleiadian ‘Gods’ known as the Anunnaki, who were simply humans with the crystalline form who warred on one another over the ownership of Earth. Following their nuclear catastrophe, the Anunnaki were ordered to leave Earth by the Great White Brotherhood.


Many may wonder why the Pleiadians are taking such an interest in Earth’s current evolution. Earth and our solar system once fell under the jurisdiction of Pleiadian governance and has been recently moved under Sirian jurisdiction. The Pleiadian hierarchies decided not to bring forth any assistance following the nuclear war that they were at cause of and allow what was left of the partially conscious humanoid form to their own devices. They did not realize that such neglect on their part would lead to a problem far greater in due course. The problem being that if humanity were to enter into another nuclear war, Earth would not make her Ascension. Not only would Earth spontaneously combust, but the Pleiades (along with approximately one-third of our universe) would end up in a black hole. It is for this reason that the Pleiadians, along with many other third-dimensional members of the Great White Brotherhood, will not hesitate to land and take over our governing bodies in the event of a potential nuclear disaster. They have at their disposal technology that makes our current level of evolution appear to be something out of the stone ages.






By Initiation 24, the beginnings of a new gland forms in the center of the head, just behind the eyes. Emotionally, this gland unifies the heart and the mind (or the intellect and the emotions), bringing an end to the competition between the two polarities. The gland itself has three lobes and is about an inch high. Physiologically, the gland secretes a hormone that rejuvenates the body. Energetically, the gland keeps the meridians in balance from the waist up to the top of the head. As this gland begins to grow, it is not unusual to experience discomfort or pain in the center of the head for a 2-3 day period.




By Initiation 36, the beginnings of a new gland forms just under the tailbone that duplicates the size and shape of the gland inside the head. This gland does not secrete any hormones but serves to keep the energy in the meridians from the waist down to the feet in balance. As this gland grows, it is not unusual to experience discomfort or pain for a 2-3 day period when sitting.




There are many new glands that affect reproduction in both the male and female. In the female form, nine new glands are added between the labia major and labia minor of the vaginal area. These glands serve many purposes. One is that the glands secrete additional fluids during the act of lovemaking so that dryness is no longer a problem. Additionally, they release substances which add to the experience of sexual excitation and the experience of divine union and bliss between beloveds. Lastly, the glands secrete a natural anesthesia during childbirth, bringing forth a pain-free delivery for both mother and child.


There are new glands in the ovaries and uterus that secrete hormones to rejuvenate the body and bring a cessation of ovulation for those who do not consciously choose to conceive a child. This brings forth a cessation of menstruation which is considered an unnecessary waste of nutrients to crystalline form. It also brings forth a relinquishment of all fear of conception surrounding the act of making love.


There are nine new glands around each breast. These glands will bring forth the production of milk even in those who have never had a child. The production of such milk has been utilized in tantric lovemaking practices in times long past and is considered the elixir of the beloved. Energetically, these new glands help to amplify the vibration of unconditional love which is then held by the extra layers of fat contained in each breast. The feminine form was designed to be the amplifier of love and sexual magic. The masculine form was designed to be the magician who manifests God’s will on Earth.


Following childbirth, the new breast glands will produce a mixture of nutrients necessary to support the growth and formation of the crystalline child. Your current mother’s milk is devoid of many nutrients necessary to the growth and development of a fully-conscious brain within a crystalline infant. Crystalline children are not born with all of the structures or glands in the nervous system that support full consciousness. These generally develop within the first 12 to 16 months, during which breastfeeding is a necessity.


The new feminine glandular system is fully in place by Initiation 1024. It is not unusual to feel discomfort in the breasts or vaginal area as these new glands grow and are activated. Also, our channel has discovered that her monthly menstruation supports the release of toxins in the 24 initiations that follow complete liberation. Other initiates may also discover that the menses will not be completely shut down until all decay within their embodiments has been converted to the crystalline cellular structure.


In the masculine form, there are new glands in the prostate and in each testicle. These glands secrete hormones that both rejuvenate the body and shut off reproduction for those who do not consciously choose to conceive a child. The production of unnecessary sperm is considered a waste of nutrients. This does not mean that a man does not continue to ejaculate but rather that the ejaculate is devoid of sperm. Additionally, these glands release substances that add to the experience of sexual excitation and the emotions of divine union and bliss between beloveds.


It is not unusual to feel discomfort in the testicles or prostate as these new glands grow and are activated. The new glands in the masculine form are activated by Initiation 1024.




The diaphragm of the crystalline form will increase in size up to ten times the size of our current human form. The purpose of this increased size is to produce eight types of blood sugar utilized by the crystalline cellular structure. The base metabolic rate of the crystalline form is much higher, burning in excess of 2,000 to 10,000 calories and up per hour. It is impossible to eat enough to maintain the caloric needs of the crystalline form, and therefore the necessary calories are collected from the air.


The crystalline diaphragm is made up of an elaborate set of cavities and pockets that the blood exiting the lungs enters, and the oxygen collected from the air is converted to sugar. The size of the diaphragm will expand up to three times its resting size during physical exertion or, in the case of our channel, as she teaches and holds the energy for a workshop.


Many of you receiving the blueprint for the new diaphragm will experience an expansion of the rib cage. The bone structure in the crystalline form is softer (like cartilage) and flexible enough to allow for the expansion of the diaphragm when needed. Lord Buddha, prior to his ascension, was depicted with a large belly. That large belly was actually an engorged diaphragm which had expanded in his conversion to the crystalline form. The human form was not originally designed to be so small. The Atlantean race was ten to twelve feet tall. The larger size of the Atlantean race enabled a much larger ribcage and room for organs that were also larger in size. Each organ in one’s embodiment enlarges in the crystalline conversion; some more than others depending upon their function.


For those of you with blood sugar issues, it may take time for your blood sugar to balance completely. Blood sugar problems are often related to decay in the pancreas, and the decay is not addressed until the initiations that follow complete liberation. There are many whom our channel has come into contact who have lowered their intake of insulin to 12 to 14 by the completion of Initiation 1024. To completely release the problem known as diabetes appears to require the completion of all 24 phases of the initiations that follow 1024. Additionally, the expansion of the ribcage can be uncomfortable and is done gradually over a one-year time span or longer. In both the feminine and masculine form, the diaphragm expansion will result in a round belly. The flat bellies that we have been so enamored with in our advertising media will become a thing of the past as Earth moves forward in her Ascension.


The diaphragm continues to expand during the initiations beyond 1024 to support a heightened physical vibration. As the vibration goes up, the metabolic rate continues to rise, causing the need for higher and higher caloric requirements. This is accomplished by expanding the diaphragm further to support the caloric needs during the process of Ascension.


Although the crystalline diaphragm can produce enough calories to eliminate the need to eat altogether, our channels have found it necessary to eat, sometimes rather large quantities of food, not to subsist but in order to stay grounded. We would like to state something about groundedness. Grounding allows the spirit to stay within the physical form. Much of humanity has disconnected from their form due to the pain that humanity exists in. Disconnecting from one’s form makes it difficult to fully assimilate or integrate the crystalline blueprint. As one’s Light Body journeys at night, releasing karma and bringing back new information for your next spiritual evolutionary step, the Light Body and spirit must stay grounded around the embodiment in order for that information to be assimilated. Ungroundedness makes it almost impossible for an initiate to either assimilate new information or hold their new vibration. When you are ungrounded, you are like a flag blowing in the wind. You are subject to being manipulated by all who are around you and to matching the lower vibration of the cities where you live or the unconscious individuals that you interact with.


As our channels teach, we run very high vibrations through their embodiments in order to hold the energy for the group. These vibrations could trigger them to ascend before they are biologically ready. The food assists her in maintaining enough density that they can handle higher vibrations without ‘burning up’ and moving into the next dimension.


There are some who have thought that the best way to ascend is to «lighten up» by not eating, or eating ‘light’ foods, such as vegetables. You have come to Earth to assist the Earth Mother in moving up in vibration. This requires that each Lightworker hold their own vibration in order to assist the Earth Mother. Holding a higher vibration requires being grounded which requires eating. As each initiate approaches their own physical plane Ascension, there will come a time when they will need to eat lightly. Once an initiate has moved into the next dimension (and returned to this dimension), eating would actually interfere with their inter-dimensional travel. Inter-dimensional travel will only be possible at the end of the Ascension process. Until you have reached the end (and while you are in the transmutative process), groundedness which is easiest to maintain through the act of eating is of the utmost importance.




Your current digestive tract is missing several enzymes necessary for the complete breakdown of proteins, fats, sugars, and carbohydrates. The new glands in the stomach secrete three new digestive enzymes that are much more potent than those present within our current form. Additionally, extra fat is secreted to coat the stomach and intestinal wall so that the new enzymes do not digest the body’s own organs.


In time, digestion will be so complete that there will be a cessation of excrements from the digestive tract. As the intestinal tract can hold a high enough vibration, the excrements are simply transmuted to energy. This cannot be accomplished until all of the decay in the tract is healed in the 24 initiations that follow 1024. Some of you will experience a certain period (up to a month) of nausea or diarrhea as the new enzymes are engaged and brought to balance.




There are two new glands in the heart that have the purpose of monitoring the heart rate and a gland in the liver that has the purpose of converting fat to sugar during physical exertion. As the heart rate increases, chemicals are released into the bloodstream that cause the diaphragm to inflate and the liver to begin to convert body fat to sugar. The gland in the liver can convert any type of fat to sugar, not just adipose. The extra sugar made available through the fat conversion and the oxygen conversion processes will cause the crystalline athletes of the future to outrun and outdo their non-crystalline competitors and bring forth a transcendence of athletic limitation as we have known it. These new glands are in place with the completion of Initiation 1024. Lower back pain or chest pain or discomfort may occur as these new glands grow and are activated.




There are several new glands in the kidneys allowing for better control of body fluids and the manufacturing of water when needed. These new glands bring an end to the experience of dehydration or water retention as we have experienced it within our current form. The substances to manufacture water are drawn from special cells within the kidneys containing hydrogen and oxygen in a form that can be quickly combined as needed and then released into the bloodstream. Additionally, excess water is broken down and stored for future use at another time. Lower back pain or discomfort may occur as these new glands grow and are activated. These glands are fully activated by the completion of Initiation 1024.


The crystalline form utilizes a tremendous amount of salt. Salt is a mineral that can hold a vibration. The crystalline form works to create an even vibration throughout the cellular structure. This is accomplished by adding salt to all fluid systems, including the blood and lymph, along with salt that is added to each cell in the body. As this is brought forth during the crystalline conversion process, it is not unusual to crave salt. Our channels would eat large bags of potato chips at certain junctures during their initiation process when salt was needed to convert their systems.


Sometimes during the transmutative process of becoming crystalline, the body retains a seemingly large amount of salt and water causing initiates to feel sticky and bloated. This water retention usually occurs just before an initiate takes another leap upward in vibration. Salt, being a mineral, can hold a higher vibration. Sometimes the excess salt and water are retained to assist the body in its transition to a new vibration. We do not suggest the use of diuretics at such times because the bloating actually serves the evolutionary process. As the new vibration is maintained easily, the excess salt and water is released from the system.




There are three new glands in the brain stem and six new glands in the right and left lobes that bring forth more refined brain activity. The new glands balance all of the chemicals utilized over the course of conscious daily life so that no depletion of the chemical substances utilized occurs. In our current form, the chemicals needed to run the brain are depleted by the end of each day, requiring long hours of sleep to replenish these substances overnight. The new glands assist in keeping these substances in balance so that fewer hours of sleep are required.


Additionally, new chemicals are produced allowing for deep meditative states in which the initiate does not lose consciousness and can experience their dreamtime and Light body travel consciously. These chemicals come from six new glands, three that grow in the right lobe and three in the left, that also serve to bring forth clairvoyant abilities.


Again, many of the brain cavities are not large enough to hold full-sized glands. We have found that partial-sized glands appear to work adequately within our channels to eliminate the need to sleep more than four hours per night. We would like to add that this is not true for them every night. They are still working on the initiations beyond 1024, and the decay in their embodiments is transmuted a little at a time. Sometimes, some of the transmutative process is extremely uncomfortable and it is easier to accomplish while leaving the body during sleep. Many of you may find yourselves sleeping long hours, eight to twelve per night. The reason for these long hours of sleep is to bring forth a more rapid movement through the initiation process with the least amount of physical discomfort.


It is not unusual to feel pain in the nervous system, shaking, or nervous tension as the nervous system is converted to crystalline. We recommend supporting the nervous system with nervine herbs or homeopathic substances until the conversion is complete. The crystalline nervous system runs on a different biochemical compound that alleviates the system of stress or the experience of «flight or fright», i.e., fear. As the nervous system is converted, all memories of stress and nervous tension are detoxified from the body. The result is the experience of an even-natured and balanced flow in one’s daily activities. Emotionally, the crystalline nervous system allows initiates to experience living in the moment. In living in the moment, the fears of the future and the regrets of the past cease to exist or be of importance, bringing an end to the experience of worry.


For those of you moving forth and embodying the crystalline blueprint, we thank you for your diligence to your own unfolding. Please know that all discomfort experienced in the conversion process is gradually transcended. Do not hesitate to support your form as needed with herbs and homeopathic remedies, massage, acupuncture, essential oils, exercise and mineral pools and mud baths as necessary. Your body is your temple. Love it well and it will serve you well until you Ascend.


Until next time blessings upon your journey.  Namaste.


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