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Questions On the Air:
Ascended Masters

ByLuis Prada

Published on April 27, 2003.


This "radio program on the air"where listeners ask questions to an expert ("Talk Show") is fictitious, however the questions and their answers are real, they reflect the restlessness of a reader of this Website who asked them to me searching for an answer to inner imperatives. The reader sent in an email with his questions and I decided to respond to him by mixing humor and sacred, simulating a radio "talk show", hoping it was OK with him, thus this article was born.  Minimum adjustments to the text were made to improve fluidity and give character, without changing content.  I hope you like it and it instructs you.

By expressed written permission and gentleness of mission the inquirer allowed me to publish the material in order to benefit thousands with similar interests and yearnings.

Original text in Spanish, translation to English by the author.

Avatar Jesus Sananda

Kuthumi Saint Germain  
  Paul the Venecian, Paolo Veronese

Announcer and Moderator: (Introductory music.)  Today’s lesson is being sponsored by the Ascended Masters, follow their teachings for your good and that of Humanity.

(This is the introductory commercial for this part of the radio session followed by music, you have to read it with the proper emphasis in your voice, as in the radio.  The program was already advanced with explanations about the life and works of the Ascended Masters, their hierarchy, etc., when a radio listener calls.)

Announcer: On Line 1 we have a caller, a Student of the Mystical Path, José Manuel from Madrid, Spain,who asks Don Luis Prada:

Luis Prada:Go ahead,José Manuel, I hear you.

José Manuel: Don Luis:I have reflected about what you spoke on the air about the Ascended Masters, and I think my reject towards them is because of ego, and my interest inbeing a protagonist, and also the fear I feel of knowing about such a high spiritual scale or spiritual gradation in which I find myself at the beginning.  Nevertheless, it is all reduced to ego.

Luis Prada:Kill the ego, so to speak, and make it subservient to the Light, ego is only useful to function in the three dimensional world, the Ascended Masters have already overcome that level, they do not reincarnate here except to bring new Light.

José Manuel: In spite of obstacles ego places before me, and the fight I feel inside of mea fight between the end of the Age of Pisces with its ideals, its Manichaean ideas of good and evil, the individualism, in short, many values, and the beginning of the New Age I want to be an "aspirant" as some texts say.  Ego is my problem and I believe that by studying the texts and teachings of the Ascended Masters and putting them into practice is going to help.  For the same token I start to comprehend the Spiritual Hierarchy not as an imposition but as a help in which more evolved beings help you, thanks to their experience, to face your state of evolution thus to advance.  Similarly I start to understand the Spiritual Hierarchy not as an imposition but as a help in which more advanced beings help you, thanks to their experience, to face your state of evolution in order for you to advance…   And this helps you not to feel alone.  We all carry the seed of the Creator as our Essence, thus we are all ONE, there are no real differences, only apparent ones, only in degree of approximation to source, but I understand there are different degrees of evolution and we should be humble and respect them[the Ascended Masters].

Luis Prada: Sure.  The Ascended Masters can opt to live in other more evolved systems since they already have obtained this right, however, they are sacrificing themselves for us, they do it not as victims, but through love.

Announcer: …We have to interrupt this session of questions and answers for some advices of our sponsors (music)"Follow the teachings without ego, with devotion, so the reward will be great", thus recommends the Great White Brotherhood, who is working ceaselessly for the change of Age to a Golden Eraof Aquarius.  Other question?, yes, in Line 2 we have another student, no, he’s the same from Line 1. He’s a very persistent listener, (laughter), proceed, José Manuel:

José Manuel:  I can assure you should I have before me an Ascended Master, I’d kiss his feet, and anoint him with my hair, but at the same time I know the Great Master is always in us I do not say this with ego but because the vital experience of divinity in us is what can teach us most, however it is very good that more evolved beings help us know ourselves better.

Luis Prada: José Manuel, you could express your love to these beings of Light, except not with idolatry.  Ascended Masters don’t like idolatry, that is, a personality cult, they want students to see them as equal, because they know we all have the same potential and powers as a birthright.

Announcer: There is another question, go ahead, José Manuel, we hear you:

José Manuel: Don Luis, I have the intuitioncorrect me if I’m wrong that there is much information about the Ascended Masters that is deceitful, I do not mean that it talks wrong about them, but that such information is presented as if said by them and deceive people.  This makes me afraid.  Same way I feel afraid to convert myself into a blind believer and to forget the Inner Master.

Luis Prada: Do not arrive to extremes, all has a time and place, the teachings of the Ascended Masters are references and only made yours when you analyze them with the help of the Inner Master, it is an iterative process with feedback, as it would be said in Control Engineering.  You will always find deceitful information, either because it was written that way on purpose or because he who wrote it was mistaken, that is why it is so important to impart teachings when you are prepared.  The Inner Master (small inner voice), if you listen to it, will give you the key to what is or is not deceitful.

José Manuel:I’d like you to recommend me writings or authors about the Masters in which you believe the information and teachings are truthful.

Luis Prada: The teachings of Djwhal Khul, the Tibetan through Alice Bailey, channelings of Mark Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, and a thousand more through the Internet, too many to enumerate.  Study completely the two sections Mystical and Virtuous Life from my Website.  This will take a lot of time if you do not just read, but, instead, meditate on them.  There are at least twenty beautiful channelings in all my Website, have you study them yet?

José Manuel:  Not yet.  How does a person opt to be an Aspirant?  I don’t know if I deserve it, because there are many vices, imperfections and black holes in me that need to be illumined, but I wish this wholeheartedly.  I’m tired of coming back to fall in the same mistakes, I want to evolve, TO LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY, to help the evolution of the Planet.  I think this is partially a first overcoming of ego, because I have always been very individualistic, but I want to start to collaborate seriously in that great group of humanity willing to give and sacrifice their personal desires to the Good of Humanity and the Planet.

Announcer: …We’ll come back with this answer.  Now we have another commercial announcement from our sponsors(music)Beloved Master Saint Germain wishes to announce the public that he has been vested with all powers to establish NESARA and to sponsor the changes of the monetary and government systems.  What is NESARA?  VisitBrother Veritus’ Website and read the explanatory article of NESARA in the Section NESARA Law.  We return with the recently asked question aboutthe formula to personal change:

Luis Prada: Give part of you in service to others, be humble at heart, show the other cheek when they slap one, look at somebody else as yourself discovering you in him, thusunconditional love will manifest and you’ll qualify by own merit for more gifts that will bring to you more illumination.  The Spiritual Light displaces darkness, bad energies or vibrations, mental and physical pollution, practice visualizations with theViolet Flame, do the one in my Website in the Section Violet Flame.  Do not speak any further on this, only act.

Announcer: This listener took almost half the air time of our program, I should honestly admit that it was the only call, perhaps due to the late hour, however his questions were very interesting.  Until another opportunity, my friends.  This space was sponsored by the Ascended Masters, keep tuned in to them.(Ending music.)


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