America Needs to Awake

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America Needs to Awake


Sananda Esu Immanuel (Jesus) through Candace Frieze.  Taken from:

December 23, 2005


Hi all, Sananda wishes to rejoin us and give some occasional messages, so I am starting a thread of his messages today. So here he is!


Hello everyone, it is my pleasure to join with you today, I have awaited the moment when Candace had her own home.  You might see a little change now, because in the early times, I wrote to please Patrick, so he would be supportive of the material. Patrick Bellringer is not in support of AbundantHope, not in support of the messianic view of the organization. I support AbundantHope, it is a Second Coming organization as stated in past writings. I have worked with Patrick to no avail on this issue. That said, I will move on. It needed saying.

Times are indeed close now, and yes, we have said that many times I know, and I share in your disappointment that I feel amongst you in this long wait. But I support Christ Michael’s decision and that of Orvonton also, to continue the awakening ofAmerica. In the long run, hopefully, this decision will prove to be the shorter route.

Remember that Earth Transition is an experiment not done before anywhere, in all of time, in the manner of what is being done. There has never been a Second Coming of a Creator Son in this nature. Never has a Creator Son returned incarnate to a planet. We must make our decisions and game plan day by day. You will see that even in the Phoenix Journals.

America has fallen quite a bit in the last year, Iraq essentially forgotten, the lack of caring about the world as a whole. I assure you, from my side I see these changes, or lack of changes, the moving downhill in a sense, rather than up. I do know that some people are simply so busy trying out life as it exists that they can’t see beyond their immediate needs and situations.  But this war is wrong, and considerably less than 50% of America knows this. We need 50% to see that the administration lead them astray. But, in reality, they lead themselves astray by not questioning what is going on.

Some in these messages, this work, see that America will accept all just fine, but in truth many if given too much too fast will not. We looked closely into the mind ofAmerica, its consciousness in changing the direction after the refusal to stand down last spring [Editor’s Note:  He refers to the Sananda’s message "Stand Down and Stand Aside"]. We observed little change in the whole of Iraq, and little notice that this government was leading them astray. And you know this in those around you. Yes, some will come along and say in defense of self "I knew something was fishy all along." If they truly knew something was fishy all along, they should have admitted it up front rather than as a look behind after the fact.

Civic responsibility has gone thoroughly by the way side in America. You, who read this work, are in the minority, a small minority. When it comes down to all, most Americans will accept that Bush lead them astray and lied to them but, in the reality, they themselves were astray and blaming Bush for leading them, is to say they followed like sheep going to slaughter.

TV preacher and Christian cult leader Pat Robertson broadcasts the American television show The "700 Club".  He is the Founder and Chairman of CBN, The Christian Broadcasting Network

An honest person will go the voting booth, in true preparation and this is not seen generally. Look again, back to the elections in 2000, and again in 2004 at the manipulation by the religious right, people did not vote their conscience, they voted by who Pat Robertson and others told them to do.

Those who watched the Barbara Walter’s Special on Heaven watched a charismatic preacher tell Barbara that Bush was a reborn Christian, a man of God.  Now this particular man serves the NWO of mammon, and knows it by choice.  In my personal work, and with the support of the work of AbundantHope, we will show the Christian community that they were manipulated to serve The Beast.

I would ask all of you, as you work with those in your circles, that you speak your truth. This is how you educate and awaken. Many will not agree on the face of it, but in providing a firm statement of where you are, you will challenge many to reconsider. It is not about them doing it your way, it is about showing your strength, and giving them an opportunity to consider remaking their own truth, which is not truth at all, if they have simply adopted the works of their preacher without real thought about it.

This is what being a way shower means, you show another way outside the mold prepared for them. You do not necessarily have to engage in an open shouting match but, as you know, some will benefit from this, a huge debate.  Others will respond to the soft, "I know of what I speak," approach by you as you stand firm.

I remind you that all will be going to the polls again to elect a new government when the temporary one expires and you need to do your investigation into whoever runs at that time, locally and nationally, and state openly your honest opinion with the statement of your personal research.  In this you show they need to research also.

If someone says will my pastor says so and you see that the pastor is supporting the New Beast, then you must suggest that they need to think and not place the responsibility of thinking in their pastor’s hands. You need to suggest that thinking is of God, and belongs in their own God self, and not the pastor’s.

There is planned a huge revolt of the Second Coming process within the Christian Right.  It is planned that the people be told the aliens are the devil.  But by our fruits so shall you know us. But before people will see the fruits, they will be encouraged to reject. Coming before you is most likely a time of chaos, chaos in the belief systems of America and some other countries too.

But many others are going to do much better. Some will reject simply because the change is a bit much for them, a bit too fast. And they will adjust all right if the Christian Right does not get the upper hand.

There is the plan that the technology that is being offered in greater abundance to those that can be trusted to make it a reality, will be rejected as evil, because this technology will reduce work in time just as washing machines did long ago. Who of you would go back to washing your clothes in a stream?  Or with water hand-pumped from your well? Advanced societies enjoy convenience in daily living so that they have time to further their minds, the true spiritual growth.

There are still societies in America that use horses rather than cars. In a way, for them, this is not giving into the pollution of cars, and all right for this reason. But the work of these folks is long and hard each day, the belief system remains that God loves to keep you to the grindstone.  Nawlene is planning on discussing the teaching from the Mormon Church on this.  Nawlene, this is a great work for you to do as one of your contributions to AbundantHope!  Mammon keeps you to the grindstone, so that you don’t have the time to serve the God within.

As the changes come many of you establishing your own version of messianic work will find yourselves possibly working longer, as does Candace now. But in this work, you will have play and spiritual growth worked into the work.  In ten years we want the Earth off of money as poverty will not go away on this plane until you take care of everybody, no questions asked, and drop the money which enslaves.

You will be striving out of each 24-hour day, on the average, to put six hours to work, which would include not only your job as contribution to your society, but also the house work, yard work, etc.  Six hours a day will be given to rest of the body. You will need less sleep than now.  Six more hours of the day to honest and meaningful recreation, including your television watching. Television should be greatly upgraded as a teaching device. The final six hours, to your spiritual growth and learning. Of course some of these will overlap. You may greatly enhance your spiritual growth while at work. You can enhance your spiritual growth through your play. You will enhance your spiritual growth during night schooling, so what will come of all of this, is that you will live your spiritual life 24/7, to use a popular expression.

Early primitive societies are given to take a special time each week to remember God, awareness. An advanced individual serves God in a Holy manner every minute of every day, the truth of living in the Now. Every minute is seen as Holy. And when the great majority on a planet adopts this attitude, the planet starts its journey in the hallowed status of Light and Life.

Such we plan for Earth. But of course, we can’t do it all. Each individual must make a conscious choice to live God around the clock. God never demands a full day away from one’s Godhood, a special day. Taking a day off from cooking, milking the cows (poor cows if one does this) and one’s work is not what was meant by what has occurred in Christianity. That teaching of one day for God is for primitive planets, and never meant the day was taken off from living. It is given only as an awakening tool.

In my incarnation of 2000 years ago, we generally took Wednesday off, as a spiritual recuperation, tend to family and recreation.  We worked hard, a day of rest from the grindstone is a useful tool.  All of us then got in a lot of trouble for healing on the Sabbath day.  God heals as desired, healing is an activity of any day.

It is good to take a whole day off from the grindstone and people should have whole days off from the work of supporting the society.  People should have vacation time from the work of supporting the society.  And as your develop your new society I think you will see considerably more than one or two weeks a year being allotted to vacation time.

Now to a new topic. As you have been informed, I will be Planetary Prince upon the Second Coming Event.  Christ Michael and Machiventa Melchizedek will pass the torch. I will be building a worldwide planetary headquarters, a physical construction, a real office building, buildings for schooling and other activities. My headquarters will be in Colorado, the location not yet chosen.  My worldwide headquarters and AbundantHope will share facilities and we will have an Intentional Community in order to gather around us folks of like mind. We will show a way of intentional community formation in this for others to model by. Many of you are aware that many intentional communities are springing up.

We would show the world that these communities can be made anywhere in existing developments. There is such power in Two or More in My Name. If you live in an apartment building, strive to establish community within it. Get an organization going, a neighborhood organization, where you live.

Renting will remain an issue until the planet is off of money. You must form organization where you live and begin dealing with landlords that abuse and control.  Some of you might also get the newly trained lawyers in common law to create lawsuits against those that abuse and control in the rental industry.  There is much organized crime in these arenas.

In Candace’s area of quite a few mobile home parks, the owners are of organized crime in many of them and own the local county governments.  People who rise up to complain, alone, are not successful in this area.  Many are afraid to join a homeowners organization, even if it is created, feeling they can be evicted, and usually one or more is, taking away the power through fear.  But if a couple strong persons, willing to risk a bit, work hard, you can bring enough people on board to stop the nonsense.

I will continue to focus on the idea of Two or More in My Name, the power of many "I AM’s" together. As Planetary Prince I will advise, amongst my many duties, but you must do the ultimate creation.  I can advise, but you must first create something that I might advise on. I will not create for you. I am not Santa Claus. My! Isn’t this a fun idea to play with?

I will be living, along with Lady Nada (the Magdalene of long ago) in the intentional community to be created by Candace around the headquarters. On the ground, in body, eating amongst you, sharing joy amongst you, living amongst the people. I am indeed capable of partying, and we will party too. I am actually quite a good dancer, an activity I spiritually enjoy. Shall we dance? Indeed we will, both as Nawlene suggests in her section, dancing to life, and also dancing as a hobby of enjoyment.

And John, time my man, to get more involved on the forum, and let people see who you are. John is still in a bit of amazement of where he finds himself! Come on out, and join the Dance, Dance with me John! Let us all dance together now, get the forum going in high spirit.

After the Second Coming event, and when we have our Internet connections official, I will also post to this Forum, myself, without going through Candace. I have one advantage though, I will be able to think into the computers we use, and not have to sit and type, which is not one of my skills.  Way too slow!  So one and all, Have a Merry Christmas this Sunday that celebrates my birth long ago, and put a little Christ back into Christmas by demonstrating who you are. Namaste, I AM THAT I AM, Sananda Esu Immanuel Kumara.

January 30, 2006
Cloudship Activity, Other Stuff


Hello my friends, It Is I Sananda Immanuel. We have had a marvelous increase in positive activity. Today we are down in the sky, over Denver. Both, the Capricorn and the Phoenix, are down in a cloud bank, cloud ships as you like to call them. We are personally involved today.

The underground areas near Denver are strategic to us. This is our central area within the United States for our operations, as since we took this area over last spring.  What the BBB&G’s built there is very useful to us. We are doing some prisoner transport amongst other issues today.

The America warriors from Mars have been most successful yesterday and today working within the Pentagon.  Congress is moving along and has made the decision of who will be the temporary President of the United States.  It will be Albert Gore and the Vice President will be of his personal choosing.  It has been set up for new elections in 6 months past the announcement of Gore taking office.  It has been decided that the original 4 months is not enough time to prepare new campaigns, the American peoples must be given a couple of months to adjust to the massive changes coming, before the election process begins again.

As Candace suggested recently, the missing 13th amendment, was not missing at all, but intentionally left out of the Corp. US constitution. This amendment was fully ratified and used in copies of the Constitution for quite some time after Corp US took over the government at the end of the Civil War.  Many more arrests are coming because of this knowledge. Congress has been adequately briefed now about just whom they are serving. This knowledge has legally made our work much easier, as everyone that knowingly served Corp US are not citizens of this country, and they will not be allowed, or rather you should not allow them to run again. There are lawyers working now to solidify this issue and make it concrete.

There has come the division we were awaiting, the good standing against the bad. There are many in Congress who did not truly know who they worked for. The same in many other government capacities. Everyone just assumed, like most of America that noticed, the gold fringed flag was simply a government flag used ceremonially.

The education recently provided enabled support for the desired changes. Even many in the military have come around to what they stood for. The die hards have been outnumbered, and all who have refused to acknowledge the obvious will face removal as traitors to the country, at the bare minimum loosing their citizenship, at the max, arrest.

As NESARA, the concept as a Second Coming tool is spread around the world, many will learn that they were all subsidiary to the Corp Sole of Rome, behind the scenes. Such are the countries in the European Union. All serve Corporate Rome. Islam does not, which is why much of the activity around 911, and back also in the first war with Iraq, is about.  Islam long ago understood The Beast and has stood against it.  Any Catholic country serves Rome, which includes much of Central and South America.  There are close to 2 Billion Christians on the planet, Catholics and the rest, that serve The Beast.

If you have read Phoenix Journal #2, you know I made that prediction when here with Christ 2000 years ago.  That there would be forever more hatred of these people of the Khazars that stole Christianity. In that statement, understand, we did not start Christianity, but it became a fact afterwards.  Actually the name Christianity is the creation of the Romans, the lizards who were in that culture at the time.  Earlier peoples prior to the Council of Nicea did not really call themselves Christians.  They were merely followers of Immanuel, and did not title themselves as a group.

I am going to suggest to you a nice little book about my earlier years in that incarnation.  It is by Dolores Cannon, and it describes the Essene school I attended with John the Baptist.  This is not told in Urantia, and in Urantia it is actually said that the Essenes were not a particularly great group.  This was for the protection of those Essenes following the Kabala.  The book is titled "Jesus and The Essenes." Dolores has gratefully served for years, as a hypnotist who studied past history by using regressive hypnosis, hypnotizing people to discover past lives. You will find great knowledge in her books, given the sneaky way into Earth over the years since the 1980’s.

The cover on one of her books has my portrait which we mentioned in one of the early messages.  The book is called "They Walked with Jesus," and you will find in it some more of the history of the mission. The painting was done by Nanette Christ Johnson, and she painted the portrait from a hologram I left for her to use for that purpose. In this book you will discover that Joseph had an earlier marriage, before he married my Mother, Mary. There is a girl in this story, Anna now, by Naomi then, and she was my niece.  Naomi’s father was my 1/2 brother, by Joseph’s previous relationship. She traveled with me, in the caring of Lepers. You will love the story.

Time to end this, Candace took a break of a couple hours. Back to the night’s work behind the scenes. Namaste, Sananda Immanuel.


What a show of cloudships today, all to the west of me. They were here for at least 6 hours. I discovered them at 10 am, and they were still there at 4 pm. To dark now to tell, and there are lots of clouds tonight.  But it still looks like maybe some, and Sananda just told me (I went out briefly to look again, needed to walk) that the Phoenix is still down and cloaked. The most cloudships yet, that I recall seeing.

I had an interesting experience last night. Christ Michael called me out about 7:30. He knows I miss the Phoenix in my sky at night, (not there since he went to Mars) so he brought it around for a brief period. The wait is long on me too. It has been a year now, since Sananda and I started this work. The first message was sent out on January 31, 2005. I most certainly do not want to see Bush on TV tomorrow doing the State of the Union address, not my idea of how to celebrate a years work!

I took a walk around my block, at that time, a little more than 1/4 mile. The area where Orion is, was behind some fake clouds (I assumed from a chemtrail) when I started, and half way through the clouds faded, and Orion, and all its starships in the area were clearly visible. I completed the final portion of the walk, uphill, with my back to Orion. When I turned around, clouds had returned! In the time period of 2-3 minutes! Orion was gone (hidden).  And there were at least 3 little sparkly lights flying around in this large cloud. I have never noticed clouds of this size forming so quickly!  Again, these had the fake cloud look.  Could not be a chemtrail, they take more than this period of time to be laid down and spread out. I have watched "cloud ships" form, but never in this short a period of time!  Amazing to watch!

Regards the books mentioned (I was surprised Sananda mentioned them), Dolores Cannon has written a lot of really interesting works, all resulting from her work as a hypnotist.  The only ones I did not particularly care for were 3 works with Nostradamus, which are uncomfortable to read. Her subjects under hypnosis often trance channel some interesting entities.  You will get a pretty good idea of what has been going on in the field of ET stuff for 20 years.

Keepers of the Garden is about the seeding of Earth, and is told through Phil, one of her clients. Phil used to be a system head in Nebadon (like Lucifer of our system Satania) , and there is mention in this book of the Superuniverse, and Havona.  Phil apparently committed a big gaff in his administration, by moving ahead too fast, and causing a lot of difficulty.  Phil is incarnate on Earth now (I assume still here, not sure), serving the last of a million years of assorted incarnations to learn just why what he did does not work. Phil is featured in several of her books.

I have all her books, except for the Nostradamus ones, and her latest, which I keep forgetting to acquire.  Go to her website, for information.  Her books can be ordered there or ordered through your favorite bookstore.  Well worth the reading!

My guides drew attention to her books as part of my reading I have done. Jesus and the Essenes fell off the shelf in front of me onto the floor, all by itself.  This occurred several times when I was sent to bookstores and movie places as part of my studies. Got to get this posted! Let’s all hope we don’t get to watch Mr. Bush tomorrow, but I suspect we will.  If not, it would be a fitting end to this year!

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