Wake Up to Your Real Self


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Wake  Up to Your Real Self

Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain

Saint Germain channeled through Mike Quinsey. Taken from:http://www.treeofthegoldenlight.com/Main%20Frames.htm .

Published in this website initially on September 10, 2004.


August 30, 2004

Waking up to your real self takes a while to comprehend. To realize that you are more than your body, after believing that nothing existed outside of yourself. The awakening allows you to come to the understanding that you have a connection with every one else. First you learn that you are all One, and that there is a Creator God.  You soon accept that the Oneness is because your soul comes from the same source as everyone else. When you reach this conclusion, you begin to see all others in a different way, and perhaps you wonder why outwardly there seems to be so much difference between one and another. What you see are the chosen aspects of each soul that form the personality, the image of you as you would present yourself for a particular lifetime. Through many lifetimes you have a natural inclination to follow paths that interest you, and let’s say, for example, that you enjoy working in the field of medicine. If you could check your Akashic records, you may find that thousands of years ago you were a witch doctor, and have progressively had similar incarnations. But through them you developed a greater understanding that finally led you to become a practitioner in one of the holistic studies.

Why do you think that you are strongly drawn to a particular interest?  The answer is that you have a long established tradition associated with it. With sporting interests that often require a certain type of physical body, you will choose to be born to parents who can genetically give you what you require. You cannot follow every interest every time, so sometimes you have to allow those that are not so important to stay in the background. You must have heard people say that if things in their life had been different, they would have followed a path of a different choice. Sometimes they can get quite morose about it, feeling that somehow life has denied them what they really wanted to do, yet it has been their initial choice.

Everyone has a role to play, and you compliment each other by creating a society that has sufficient talent to establish a working relationship with each other. You may try to avoid your destiny, but whatever happens, you are sure to eventually move onto the correct path. Freewill is still your choice, except that you will have made your major decisions before you were born to Earth.

Clearly one of the most important aspects of your life will be your marital state, and realize that you and your intended partner will find each other. Although not in all instances, the souls that are part of your spiritual family will also be waiting for their chance to join you. In some circumstances you will elect to have a particular soul come to you as part of a service to them, say for example where they are going to experience life long illnesses, and need the loving care that you can give. Dear Ones: the task is hard and formidable at times, but remember that you have agreed to take on certain challenges to further your own evolution, and those with you. There will be some of you reading this message now, who are disabled and are perhaps still reliant on other people for your existence. You wonder why you are afflicted, and only find rest in your mind when you understand that the experience is one you have chosen. Do not worry yourself as to the reason; it is no form of punishment, simply the continuing process of evolution within your life. Realize also that you carry out a service by allowing others to share your life with you, and often much love develops as a result. There are wheels within wheels, and the affect of just one person can be so far reaching. Would you be surprised, at the amount of Love generated by the example of a wonderful giving soul such as Mother Theresa? You will not necessarily want to be the same as her, but her selfless actions and help for some of the most deprived people of the world, opened up your hearts in a great feeling of compassionate Love.

Look at where you are today, and find out what your life can tell you about your intentions. Deep down you will have an awareness of what it was you came to do, and your Guides will be there to prompt you into following your ordained path. Things can happen quite suddenly, and a major change in your life is not impossible given that you have an assignment to carry out. In this final thrust towards Ascension, many are awakening to the part they agreed to play in it. Sometimes they are not sure exactly what it is, and there can be a yearning to get on with it, yet you are not exactly sure what it is. I say patiently wait your time; you are on the verge of great revelations and events on Earth that will require Lightworkers to be at the ready. Be assured you can all help, and you will be chosen for a task according to your ability. You are a team, and every contribution is important to the functioning of the whole. Your leaders are coming into the public eye, and although there would appear to be turmoil at times, I assure you all is well and under control. Have faith that we in the Heavens do not make idle boasts about our allegiance to you, and we continue to serve the cause to fully restore Light once more to Earth.

Feel the nearness of us, draw our energies to you, and be an anchor for Light and Love and hold your head up high. You are the beloved, and we walk all of the way with you, you are never alone. The Forces of Light are assembled and waiting to join you, and soon you shall witness their presence in the skies, but this time they shall come openly and you will know whom they are.

I am St. Germain and ever marvel at your success, you have won the battle and you are victorious. Soon we shall all celebrate together, and what a great time we shall have, and all Heaven shall know and send its Love and Blessings.

Thank you, St. Germain
Mike Quinsey

May 6, 2005

You have been told often how great you are, and many have no real understanding of what is actually meant. Let me re-iterate that the last time you ventured out of the Godhead, was millions of years ago. In fact, time cannot really be applied in the way in which you understand it, as originally you were Beings of Light and everything was in the Now. Bear in mind that the Godhead within your Great Central Sun contained every soul in a perfect state of Oneness. The Creator decided that all of the God sparks should be sent out again, on an out breath, to be co-Creators with God and experience their creations. You were Gods, and you delighted in using your powers to create realms of harmony and unimaginable beauty. It would have seemed that time had stood still, and you delighted in using your powers.

Some of you became restless, and looked for challenges that would test your abilities, and you took charge of your creations and their evolution. I have to remind you that all matter has a consciousness, and what you did was to create forms that could experience and grow independently. These forms became your «children» and you helped them evolve. In the following periods creation also became less than pure, and the vibrations began to lower and what were once creations of pure Light, now became more solid.

In the course of time the co-creators filled the Universe with all manner of forms. Soon there were multitudes of planets that bore life forms that would evolve and enter their own cycle. All of this took place within the greater Plan of the Creator, and gradually matter become progressively more solid and left the original realms of Light. Not every soul chose to go with these creations, and the Creator saw that when they did, they began to forget their origin. The lower realms came into existence, and souls that were eager to experience in them were accepted for a cycle within the solidity of matter.

Now, I have compressed a great period of learning into a few paragraphs and I cannot do justice to the course of events. Words are sometimes totally inadequate to describe the wonders of the Heavens. You are however familiar with the idea of different dimensions, and when you agreed to come into the greater cycle, you gradually dropped down until you came into the present vibration of matter. Duality can only exist in the lower realms, as at a certain point the vibrations are too high for anything other than a perfect creation. The whole Universe was affected, and a whole panorama of different dimensions existed going all the way back to the Godhead.

You were never allowed to be completely encompassed by the lower vibration, and greater Beings accompanied those souls in their sojourn. However, some souls became so enraptured by the negative energies, that they all but forgot their real selves. Now you can reflect on your own position, as the opportunity to ascend out of the lower vibrations presents itself yet once again. God planned that you should have a way back, and many planets have found it and no longer have those lower vibratory levels. All progresses at its own speed, and Earth is the last planet to evolve in this solar system. As you know, even now allowance is made for those souls who are not prepared for Ascension, and they can continue their experiences elsewhere.

I have told you this story because I want you to understand that when we say you are great beings, we really mean it. It saddens us at times to know that some of you despise yourselves, and have no feeling of the Godself that is within. Even if you have transgressed, know that you have no need to feel guilt about it. In the ultimate all is simply experience, and there is absolutely no one other than yourself that will keep you down.

Yes, in learning about duality, you have to accept and experience the consequence of your actions. However, it is not held against you in any sense of punishment. You can be the lowest of the low, and find yourself in the most darkened realms, but you are not without help and you are assured of rising up again.

You all came from the Godhead, and one day The Creator will draw all back into it. Then a new cycle of expression will occur and the process will start all over again. Can you see how you are all connected, and how it behooves you to see all other souls on Earth as part of you? You all owe it to each other to help where you can, so that as you attract the Light to yourself through upliftment, you can offer a helping hand to others. When we come to you, we may have already ascended, but we have no feeling of superiority to you, as you are us, and we are you. Your Space friends that are linked to Earth are also highly evolved spiritually, but do not glory in their achievements. They are members of the Brotherhood of Light, and will serve you in their Love and understanding of the great Beings that you are.

Do not demean yourselves, you are not beyond redemption, you are not sinners in any way that condemns you to purgatory. All is nothing more than experience, and you have exercised your freewill to follow your fancies in duality. Now the cycle ends and you are loved for what you have been prepared to undertake. You entered the darkness because of your love and trust in the Creator, knowing that you would always return to the Light when your experience was completed.

I am St. Germain, and ask you to take a different look at yourself, see the Light within and aspire to the highest vision you have of yourself. Know that you are a physical Angel about to claim back your true place in the Light. The new Earth, which some like to call Terra, is ready and you are lifting yourself up into its vibration of perfection and Truth. I also use my power to bring the transition into being, and it is now so near. I cannot tell you how much you are loved for being what you are, and the admiration that exists in the higher realms.

Thank you, St. Germain
MIke Quinsey 

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