St. Germain: Follow Your Passion!

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St. Germain: Follow Your Passion!
St. Germain’s Pet Project

Ascended Master Saint Germain

Channeled by Ariana Sheran,  Taken from:  .

Published in this website on April 6, 2004.

Saint Germain: Dear Ones, I am Saint Germain. Thank you so much for inviting me. I am totally thrilled with your offer of oneness as was extended to me in your invitation. Relax please, dear ones. I wish for the channel to stand in order to be able to have the air flowing through her lungs stronger at this time. You may all simply relax and she can stand as long as she wants to.

Did we hear your conversation over tea about improving the world situation? Yes, and I am thrilled that the cat is out of the bag for your group with regard to the world improvements that I am working on. I am tremendously sincere about this, dear ones. It has been a project of mine for almost three hundred years. This will culminate in success in your lifetime. We are positive that we are on the right track. We have people in the Third Dimension who are willing to work with us on a one to one basis with these world improvements. Much, much needs to be done. Even when we get to the first step, the first country of the changes, we are just in our baby steps of doing all of the changes that are necessary.

Redistribution of Wealth on the Planet

As you know, I am known for alchemy, the changing of metals into gold. I did create gold out of "nothing" in one of my lifetimes. This gold has been placed in many areas on the Earth. I am the one that has been directing the finding of this gold to the right people so this gold is able to back the monies of the world. There is enough gold, dear ones. There is enough money. There is enough for everybody. What I am endeavoring to do, as well as many millions in Spirit and many people on Earth, is do a redistribution of the wealth so there is no more poverty, there is no more "Third World" problem. Those who need help will be able to receive it and pay for it. The world’s problems will gradually dissipate. The Earth’s vibrations are raising and this plan will raise the vibrations on the Earth so that she will be able to raise into the finer dimensions much, much easier. This is going to give such joy to our people on Earth, such peace of mind. It is my pet project.

Now, Dear Ones, if you have any questions we will take them.

DeAnna: How did you get your plan to the first people who needed to hear it? Did you come into physical body or was it channeled?

Saint Germain: It was channeled, dear ones, through many, many channels, through many pens and through many voices. Even when people joined the prosperity programs ten years ago, there were channels coming through with hints. They were not hints of the world changes, but hints of a small aspect of the world changes.

Dalphiaana: So therefore you did not take over a certain body of one of the group that is working toward this.

Saint Germain: No. I have my energy in many, just as Ashtar has. I did not work specifically through one being. People who can see clairvoyantly can see me. This is an aspect of inner sight. If I need to make a dramatic point, I can materialize. It has happened in the past but basically my information gets through to the human being through ones like this channel and people who like to write. You know that many of my teachings have come through and have been printed in books. This is an extension that we are doing now, to affect everybody on the Earth.

Dalphiaana: We’re all behind you, believe me! There were a lot of questions coming through the human consciousness as to how you do what you do!

The Divine Plan Revealed

Saint Germain: Thank you very much, dear one. It is truly my joy to be able to speak to you about these things. It is my joy to bring this type of energy to the planet, this prosperity energy, that many of you worked so hard to achieve but you were working against a system that was working against you. It has been tremendously difficult for you to stay in your prosperity consciousness because of the systems that you have to live with. We are endeavoring to change these things worldwide, one country after the other.

Kalena: Why were the systems set up this way to start with?

Saint Germain: Evolution sometimes is not managed, perhaps, in the way that an enlightened master would plan. Your systems were the brainchild of many, many people, many races, and many languages. The Earth was allowed to grow, as it naturally wanted to grow. There was no reason to control it in any other way. This is because God gave free will to the people and free will still is in force but right now the Earth has an agenda and she is definite. She is raising her vibrations and she is going somewhere with purpose. She is taking all life with her. This is a little bit different from free will. This is a Divine Plan. It is something that is happening kind of like the weather. You can’t control the weather. If there is a hurricane outside, you have to put up with it, you can’t totally control that hurricane. There is a certain amount a human can do with weather but when it is that massive, there is not very much you can do.

So, this is what is occurring, a Divine Plan.

Karen W: In the notes I received, it said the policies you are bringing forward have been proven to work for two hundred years. Could you expand on that a bit?

Saint Germain: These are economic trading plans that we are talking about here. It is prosperity plans that have, indeed, been proven. They originated in Europe where I lived when they were planned. They originated in Switzerland, Germany and other countries and they did stretch to other places, including America. Some of these have come true. Now it is planned that an expansion be done upon these ideas because they work and this expansion is going to be available to anybody who chooses to join. There will be a fee, of course. There will be a plan and it will be something that will be affordable for the average person. It will be totally honest, free and clear, as far as the money goes. There will be no problem with the money. It is non-criminal, clear, clean money. There is a lot, a lot, a lot that you don’t understand about the economic systems on the planet.

Worldwide Changes from Poverty to Prosperity

The ideals that we would have our human family live with on the planet is what we are endeavoring to assist with through many means. It is going to have to come, individually, through countries. It will need to come from the grass roots, from the people themselves. There is leadership but that leadership is not the government. Therefore the leadership is going to have grass roots support. Now, an example of grass roots support includes taking responsibility for sending e-mails to the United Nations and the World Court as needed. When the powers that be see that peace, love, joy and prosperity is valued and wanted so much, then changes will be made. They will go country by country by country in almost a domino effect.

Karen W: Are we still going to have a basic economy that will be an exchange of some kind of value for work?

Saint Germain: Yes, but this is one step beyond. Don’t forget that where you are going in the finer dimensions there is no money. There is manifestation without money. There is no need to work for anybody. On your planet, there is still a need to work for somebody with a value for value exchange required. That will continue in a changed form.

Dalphiaana: The basic concept underneath everything that has been happening is to change the poverty consciousness to a consciousness of peace and abundance. Is this the basic idea?

Saint Germain: Yes, because there is no reason why human beings on Earth need to have a poverty consciousness. There is plenty of money. It is in dire need of redistribution. There are many millions of people who are going hungry. There is no reason for that. We did allow the countries to grow as they would but it is time to intervene for the sake, not only of those who are hungry, but also for the sake of raising the planet. How else are we going to raise those people who are hungry into Light if we don’t assist them? We are assisting them so the whole planet can raise.

Dalphiaana: Fantastic!!! DeAnna brought up a question last night that was quite pertinent and rather interesting. How do the different social and economic groups handle this sudden change from poverty to abundance? There’s going to be a lot of adjustments to be made.

Saint Germain: A tremendous amount of adjustments and it will occur in its own time. You can’t expect these changes to happen overnight. Although America will go first, you will see other countries following and they will follow in their own timing. Some may be ready immediately; others may not. Some will need a lot of assistance. Others will do the changes on their own in the way they want to. It is going to be guided enough that it will be advantageous for the country as a whole and for the people in it.

Changes in Leadership are Planned

Dalphiaana: These changes have to do with the method and the ways that governments of all the countries in the world are working. Is there a plan whereby the right people are going to be elected? Have you chosen these people and are you grooming those who will be world leaders in the future?

Saint Germain: There is a plan and there will also be elections by the people but there are interim plans in place and the grooming is occurring. I would like to be able to say that we are going to put an Ashtar person in this country and a Sananda person will be heading that country and one of Mother Mary’s family will head the third country, but I cannot. The elections are going to be by the people. You will see, though, a change in consciousness. Once those of the dark agenda are pulled from power and once the truth of the history of the United States and the world comes forth, then the ordinary man on the street is going to realize how much truth has been pulled from him. He will then be able to make wise decisions as to whether to go into politics or whether to support a particular person as a government leader. This whole thing is going to raise the quality of your leaders.

Patricia: Saint Germain, I was wondering about the situation in Canada. Do you have a sense of how ready we are to make these changes?

Saint Germain: Your present government is ready to boot them right out of the window; however, there are very many changes occurring on other levels and you will see glorious transformation in your country as well. It might take a little more time but when the changes occur in the United States and the Canadians see this, you can be sure that the grass roots people are going to be all for it. There will almost be a rush to have this occur in Canada.

Dalphiaana: When they are getting ready for an election, the people who are vying for leadership will come forth and because of all the truth that came out during the transition, it would be easier to discern who is the man or the woman for the job. The truth will be almost like an invisible cord that the electorate will grasp.

Banking Changes are Coming Worldwide

Saint Germain: Thank you, dear one.

You might think that the idea of debt forgiveness is pretty far out. It involves the forgiveness of credit card debt, loans and mortgages. However, there are many ramifications in the banking industry that the public just does not know about. There is a tremendous amount of money that is made on your money. There is no reason whatsoever for you to wonder how this will be done because it will be done in a way where the banks are not going to be able to hold your money anymore. This whole redistribution of money among the banks is going to allow several thousand dollars to go to the banks involved for each credit card account that is zeroed out.

We in the Heaven Worlds are working very hard on this project. There are many in Spirit who are doing so as well. I would guess that every person in this room has some friend or relative in Spirit who is working on this. It is that wide a project. Because it is going to affect everybody on the planet, it needs very, very much in spiritual substantiation behind it and this is occurring. This is occurring. It is all a part of the plan of raising the planet and you all know about that.

Dalphiaana: What an all encompassing idea! That is absolutely wondrous!

Breaking Out of Survival Mode

Kalena: Just a thought. When you first hear about your plan, it seems too much and denial systems jump right in. One thinks it’s just not possible in the linear way that we think. For me, as it was absorbed and I thought about all the tremendous amount of work I’ve done personally to change from poverty ideas to abundance and how many people have been doing that in so many ways, then it very much seems feasible. Coupled with believing in instant manifestation, it then becomes possible and, of course, like you say it’s not that it will be instant and all is well. It’s still a process but it creates the possibility within a short time, perhaps a generation of people, to be able to get out of survival mode. The vibrations will be raised to who knows where!

Dalphiaana: That’s where Saint Germain and the Spirit World come in.

Saint Germain: You hit on the word, "survival," and this is perfect. We want to get everybody out of his or her survival mode and into joy, happiness, living their spirit and living their peace. So many millions of people on the planet are in this situation. We want to take away all reasons for war. (Sighs of relief!!)

Kalena: There is an exchange of energy, you’re giving something to get something back. Instead of working for someone or under someone with work being a stress rather than thinking the energy that you give out is creating an energy like money to come back to you. That continues through this plan, that energy is exchanged, but as opposed to "work" (negative energy) you will do things you love (positive energy

A Dream Come True

Saint Germain: Oh, indeed! What we would like to have happen on the planet is that instead of people working for money, they are working for the love of it. Therefore, they will produce things that are much more beautiful, artistic and needed by people as they live their joy. People are so diversified and their joys are so different that the planet will still be supplied with everything it needs. Most people are in the right place doing the right thing instead of working under others in a big manufacturing plant where there is no fun for them. They will be living their joy.

Kalena: It is really like a dream come true!

Dalphiaana: There’s another underlying factor here too. You brought up the idea that through this new way of work, people will be happy and that will help to eliminate war and war is based on money.

Saint Germain: Yes, war is based on money and dissatisfied people. If the people are living their joy, they should not be too dissatisfied. No more wars!

Dalphiaana: (Joyfully) Indeed! How simple, right?

Transitional Period From Survival to Joy

Darryl: It seems like there’s an alignment that’s happening here. On one side you have scarcity and war and on the other side you have prosperity and peace. Then you have people doing some kind of a job, which they don’t like to do, and they feel pressured to do that, which causes stress and on the other hand there are people following their joy with happiness and passion. It seems like there will be a transitional period where people will be encouraged to follow their passion and joy. On one side there are people just trying to survive and avoid the death impulse and at the highest level you have people who are totally happy and joyous in the majority of times. I guess the question would be how do we get more and more people to turn around and follow their joy, be more productive and get the consciousness and vibrations higher so the planet can raise and people don’t have to work for others anymore. The energy will be so high that their needs will be provided or things will be able to be manifested. It will be a more happy, joyous and prosperous world.

Saint Germain: If everybody is in the right slot with regard to their vocation, what they work at, they will not work a forty-hour week. They will be living this night and day. Even an eighty-hour week will probably be more the case because they love what they’re doing, they’re working with people, the arts or whatever and they aren’t under any rules. Forty-hour work weeks will fly out the window. People are going to be doing their own thing. In many cases they’re going to be doing double duty simply because they love what they are doing.

There are many, many ramifications and many things we could talk about. Right now I’m putting in Ariana’s mind the cottage industry in the north of Thailand. The people work in their homes and they create all kinds of beautiful products. They do this for the money but they also do this for their joy and tradition. Time is not of the essence. They do what they need to do in order to have enough produce to sell at the markets and they are doing it with joy. These are people that are almost a model for you and they are in a Third World country.

Just to bring that idea forth, you will see that the goods and services on your planet are going to double. Also, since the prosperity on the planet is going to be so high, there will be donations here, donations there, help with the environment, help with various improvements on Earth so those people who have an interest have the resources available to make things better on the planet. That is another factor that is tremendously, tremendously important.

Changing Basic Systems Worldwide

Darryl: Is there a better system? We have at least three model systems if not more. We have one system, which is basically an economic model now where money rules. There must still be some places on this planet where people aren’t tied into money at all where they are isolated and the land provides sustenance and a measure of happiness to meet their needs. Then we have other economies, which are mixed and include manufacturing and commerce. Is there going to be one predominant way that the system is going to go or is it going to be mixed?

Saint Germain: It will be mixed and very diversified. There will be many people in this new redistribution system that will not choose to work at all. Instead, they will choose to do good works. They will be volunteers, basically. They will be giving of their produce, giving of their hearts, giving money or whatever. This will be occurring too. They will not have a job or they will not be producing something creative but as you said perhaps they would give the fruit of their land or the extra money that they wish to donate.

Dalphiaana: But they would still be in their passion. There would still be an exchange of energy.

Encouraging People to Follow Their Passion

Saint Germain: Yes, yes. They wish to be a philanthropist. We are encouraging people to follow their passion. It might be kind of interesting to go around the room and see what each of you would do. Wouldn’t that be fun? Let’s start with you, Dalphiaana.

Dalphiaana: My passion is teaching, mostly teaching young children. Just the idea of being able to give out ideas and see what comes back to you is exciting for me. Many, many different kinds of circles of ideas will form and that, in itself, is energy. Believe me, from my heart and soul, that is my love. That would be my passion.

Winnie: At the moment I think my passion is volunteer work. For several years that’s what I’ve thought about. I can’t think of getting into money but something where I’d volunteer my time.

Darryl: Everything is always in transition and not in a static state but I would like to be able to give back more. That might be sharing of knowledge and information but it seems like there are many things a person could do. My main thing might be as a builder or philanthropist in a way of giving back to society to help people raise their vibrations in different forms so they would be happier and able to enjoy life more.

Marilynn: The way I see it, for the rest of my lifetime there are going to be a lot of people that aren’t going to change overnight. I think it will be a process. I can see myself choosing something to do with spiritual growth. It could be teaching people or volunteering services in that area or involving wholistic nutrition and healing. Last night one of you mentioned the social problems that could develop as time goes along so I think healers will be needed. I think there will be a quickening in the changes within people. It’s changing now and as the energies come in more powerfully, there will be even more. What we’re seeing right now is that everybody is "getting his or her stuff." I think there’ll be a lot of realizations happening too. People will be changing faster. I’d like to be involved with people as the changes occur. My background is in teaching and I will retire next year.

Patricia: I can see myself working internationally in teaching and exchanging ideas and information around the world in some way. It involves a balancing of masculine and feminine energy somehow.

Karen W: I have a sense that I would be working with nature and with people. It will be working with healing and bringing beauty into the planet and the environment.

DeAnna: My first reaction was to work with children but I think I’ll be working with babies because they’re going to be different from our babies. They will learn quicker and faster. I also see myself working at the other end with seniors.

Kalena: I feel I am living my passion right now. I am going more and more towards working at what I want to be doing and what gives me joy. Definitely a part of it is working with the land and with Mother Nature and animals. It definitely involves beauty and bringing beauty forth. It involves raising vibrations and being of service to people to help bring balance and harmony in all the areas that there are, physically, financially and emotionally. Part for me, too my passion is to be creating wonderful relationships in my world and living that. There would definitely be travel and I just love that that is happening. It helped me to understand that I don’t have to do everything at one time. It can be spread out. I’m learning to stay in my own integrity and release the fears around that. There would not just be one thing. Part of my passion is doing releasing work to get rid of restrictions allowing one to have more freedom. It is important to be honest and open and share experiences so others can learn those qualities as well.

Ariana: I’m living my passion too. These Cloverleaf activities, especially the ones with people, I just adore. I really love it. I also love the words that come and appreciate them so there would be some sort of work to do with that. I can see international things happening with me too. I have no idea how that might happen.

Dalphiaana: It’s already started as Cloverleaf has found its way around the world. Look at all the e-mails from other countries and visitors who come to events from the United Kingdom and the United States. Then you do Cloverleaf activities when you are in Kauai and that’s in another country.

Ariana: For me it would be an extension of all of that and there will be no retirement. I don’t see a retirement. When you’re living your passion, there’s no retirement.

Thank you, Saint Germain for living your dream and allowing all of us to share ours.

Spoken through Ariana Sheran
Sunday, June 23, 2002
Tape 644

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"Start now, in your own unique way, to spread love to all you touch. The only effective way of teaching is by example, and that is all we are asking of those who follow our Light. For those who understand, that is all that need be done. All will be made new and hearts will join hearts in the wonderment of what our Creator has in store for those who live the pathways of love. This is from Archangel Uriel, whose Light and love is being extended to the Earth in these times of fulfillment."


"For those who work within a spiritual mission, there is much to do. There is much of love and there is much of joy. It should not be a pressure; it should not weigh you down. The more people who work with you, the more love and the more joy, making a circle of completion. Do your part and others will follow. Show your love and others will come. Express your joy and all will share in the celebration of eternity. Work plus love equals joy." – Ascended Master Kuthumi


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