The Truth About the Catholic Church

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The Truth About the Catholic Church
and the Worldwide New Age Movement

ByMichael Dargaville

  Article submitted by the authorto this website for publication .  Published in this website on June 8, 2006. See also in this website another article by this author, The Illuminati and the Galactic Federation.

Michael Dargaville is a poet, performance punk poet, journalist, scientist, novelist, academic and musician based in
China. Originally from Australia, he has worked at many universities in China on and off for the past 10 years teaching western Beat and counter culture literature and music and performs widely as a singer. He also works widely as a freelance journalist. In Australia he studied for two Master’s Degrees in the New Physics, Alternative medicine and the New Age Movement and is currently doing work for a doctorial thesis. In the past 20 years he has published more than 50 pamphlets and chapbooks of poetry, four novels and many books and chapbooks of PAMPHLET JOURNALISM, a new form of journalism he champions as a voice against the increasingly totalitarian and fascist media. He has performed with some of Australia‘s leading punk bands and is currently a lead singer with the folk punk band THE SAD CLOWNS. 

In the past few decades the Catholic Church has been trying to present to the world a false image.  Within its confines, on one side, is the conservative, virtually fascist, edicts it gives to the world on such issues as abortion, gay rights, contraception and support for the world’s leading capitalist families such as the Rockefellers and Rothschilds.

On the other side is the libertarian faction, the remnants of the liberation Theologists, Leftists, Christian Marxists, gays and others.  Yet, lurking beneath both camps, is a very high secret conservatism that is passionately opposed to the truth of the New Age Movement.

The New Age Movement joins many eastern spiritual groups, from Hindu, Taoist, Buddhist and Confucian to many western groups such as Theosophy, radical Christians, Sufis, animists, witches, the Ascension Movement (Lightworkers and those who follow Ascended Masters) and those who follow aliens and the worldwide ET Movement.

There is a clear structure within the New Age Movement, and usually those at the top have been in many different groups, having moved and joined maybe three different religions and studied in depth many esoteric teachings. Those who are said to be world New Age leaders are said to be able to channel information from the Spiritual Hierarchy, the different angels and positive aliens called the Galactic Federation.

Now the Catholic Church doesn’t want any of this, never confirms officially of the existence of any of the spiritual practices that New Age people do. Instead the Catholic Church has issued dire warnings of Luciferic and evil impingings from many New Age groups. And of course many New Age groups have issued the same evil warnings about the officials in the Catholic Church.  So who is right at the end of the day.

Perhaps an example maybe my own academic study. For the past 20 years I have studied every aspect of the New Age. In 1989 I was one of the first people in the entire planet to undertake an MA degree by thesis at a public university into the New Age Movement namely the University of Sydney in Australia. Here I wrote a 40,000 word thesis on the New Age and alternative medicine. Nothing like this had ever been attempted in Australia, and, to my knowledge, no one has since attempted such a work. Ironically the thesis was accepted by the department yet rejected by two fundamentally fascist materialist markers. The work, however, was accepted at another university.

When I finally got my Masters degree on another aspect of the New Age, I decided to do a PhD degree thesis on the New Age and the New Physics which underpins many New Age writings. I wanted to be admitted straight into the PhD degree yet the supervisor said I must enroll for a MA (Honors) degree which would be upgraded within a year or two.

During this time, around 1996/97, my life changed radically and my involvement with the New Age Movement became much deeper as my understanding because clearer. I met some new friends who could channel Sai Baba, Maitreya, the Ascended Masters, angels and aliens. Sometimes huge group channelings would be held. During this time I also met some aliens from the Galactic Federation and had indeed read many books about aliens before this occurrence.

Yet a far bigger home truth for me during this time was the truth about archangels. I had been obsessed with archangels since first hearing that they were very powerful and could change reality.

During my study of physics for the various previous Master’s degrees I had undertaken, I quickly discovered that a worldwide collection of leading physicists were saying that Consciousness produces matter. This is a form of philosophical idealism. Idealism is the notion that mind produces matter. In history the great German Romantic philosophers Hegel, Kant and Schilling had advocated this and so did the Catholic Church. Buddhist and Hindu philosophies also advocate this and a great deal of the counter culture literature as well, especially the New Age Movement, which is really just the serious spiritual side of the counter culture.

Thus, my work in physics was at the very cutting edge of physics and clearly showed that the world’s leading physicists such as David Bohm, Fritjof Capra, John Wheeler, Geoffrey Chew plus many others were saying that Mind or Consciousness was producing matter. This is totally revolutionary and at the forefront of study in physics anywhere on the planet. it is now called the physics of Consciousness and concentrates on the notion of philosophical idealism.

Previous Catholic popes have waxed lyrical about the concept of philosophical idealism yet western universities have their heads firmly stuck in the sand, and advocate materialism.

In 1996 I started doing this long thesis which I wanted to turn into a PhD thesis at theUniversity of New England in Australia. My supervisor was a Catholic, had two PhD degrees in quantum theory and mathematics, and was an expert in contemporary physics. He was certainly one of the leading experts on the New Physics yet had not made the quantum leap into this new research area, yet totally supported my work.

When I approached him he had no idea, however, that the New Physics was reintroducing Idealism —at all.  He also knew nothing of the New Age Movement, yet had a big interest in Indian metaphysics. When I met him I was still at the middle level of the New Age Movement and had been a Sai Baba devotee for seven years, had joined just about every major and important eastern spiritual group, and was keenly aware of the major Theosophy groups and also strongly believed that Maitreya the Christ had returned and was living in London. I had also read countless books about aliens and knew quite a lot about the entire ET saga, yet had not met aliens at this stage so I had not concentrated on it too much.

By 1998 I had been sent to China by world New Age leaders to reveal some extraordinary information about aliens and other aspects of the New Age. I had been told that reptoid aliens, lizard-looking-type creatures who could shapeshift into human form, had a psychotronic weapons (mind control weapons using EMF technology) base on the moon. They had used this base to cause most of the wars on the planet including World War Two. The little grey Zeta aliens, where Hollywood films had already done major depictions, had had a secret deal with the United States Government since the late 1940s and in fact these Zeta grays had been working secretly with these Reptoid aliens.

That had been the situation in 1998, with our planet still under attack from Reptoid aliens, using this very evil psychotronic weapons on this planet. The then war in Yugoslavia had, of course, been created by that base plus the destruction of Soviet communism.

Yet the key to understanding the entire alien agenda had been in the field of spirituality because each alien grouping had a spiritual leader. The Reptoid/Grey alliance had Archangel Lucifer, more commonly known as the Devil, while the leader of the Galactic Federation was Archangel Michael, who, of course, had been in a war with the Devil for eons.

I want to insist that I have been in EVERY major New Age sect, and especially was trained in eastern spiritual organizations such as Buddhist and Hindu sects and eventually became a meditation master using the Australian Ian Gawler’s technique, now world famous yet I had mastered many other meditation techniques as well.

The higher up a person goes in the New Age, all information is revealed and shows the clear connection between both eastern and western esoteric spiritual traditions. This was the hardest part of convincing those already on the New Age path, that the reality of good and evil, of archangels and aliens, is also very much part of the New Age. This problem has continued with me until this day. The bridge to the higher level of the New Age is clearly the works of Theosophy, which introduces the concept of a returned Christ, archangels, aliens, Ascended Masters and many other ideas of the New Age.

The Galactic Federation is an alien organization which is essentially made up of 60% galactic humans because, as virtually all world New Age leaders advocate, all humans originally came from the Vega star system and migrated out throughout the Galaxy and set up colonies starting about 5 million years ago. They traveled in spaceships through the speed of light, using «super energy» technology, or plasma energy.

In modern quantum physics, a famous New Age physicist called David Ash has said that once energy is faster than the speed of light a new form of energy called super energy is produced. Both energy and super energy are of course produced by Mind, Spirit, Consciousness or whatever you want to call GOD.

The so-called mainstream media of the world, of course, will not have anything to do with this because they are ultimately controlled by fascist forces such as the Rockefeller, Rothschild, Walton, DuPont, Windsor, Murdoch families of America who own all the multi-national companies along with Bill Gates and Warren Buffet and a few other wealthy families including the Morgans. They are called the Illuminati and fully know what is happening, sort of the fascists of the Matrix.

The so-called mainstream media of the world… are ultimately controlled by fascist forces such as the Rockefeller, Rothschild, Walton, DuPont, Windsor, Murdoch families of America who own all the multi-national companies along with Bill Gates and Warren Buffet and a few other wealthy families including the Morgans.
They are called the Illuminati and fully know what is happening, sort of the fascists of the Matrix.

The Galactic Federation have demanded that these families give up their wealth to form a world government based on sharing, love, socialism, freedom of expression, wealth, advanced spirituality and advanced technology. Yet these families are ruthlessly holding onto the last vestiges of their power and have controlling interests in governments around the world, especially Third World regimes where New Age truth is vastly restricted and sometimes backed up by fundamentalist religions from Islam, Christianity as well as Buddhism and Hinduism.

All of this information just mentioned I had given to my university supervisor at the University of New England in Australia plus the fact I had met aliens.  Together we were doing some of the most advanced research in physics and the New Age in the entire world. He knew clearly what was happening and FULLY believed and understood the research.

Yet when I first started my degree in 1996 I had not mentioned anything much about the New Age. By the year 2000 I had told him I had met an alien and gradually his relationship with me changed. In 1998 I had asked a Galactic Federation alien if this supervisor and the Catholic Church would continue to support my thesis, and I was told yes. However, I told the New EnglandUniversity supervisor this and gradually watched the ending of my support. One of the most important things to realize is that channeled information regarding future events can always change, so I realized my own mistake of telling them that I could trust them.

Eventually by 2005 I had realized the university supervisor had totally betrayed me and was indeed a very high level Catholic spy working at the Vatican level. I had spent an entire 10 years working on this project without taking my degree. I felt totally cheated at every level.

The amazing thing about the entire saga is that I realized just how utterly corrupt the Catholic Church was. I had initially trusted them because of the alien channeling.

I had realized that the leaders in Rome know absolutely everything, believe absolutely every aspect of the New Age, but are actively trying to destabilize any aspect of the New Age because of the perceived threat to their power structure. This, of course, to me smacks of the most evil intentions available.

I am especially mentioning the archangelic side of the New Age in this article because the Catholic Church has a very long history of archangel symbology and is perhaps the most famous Christian branch that strongly analyzes the concept of Archangel Lucifer, Archangel Michael and the other major archangels. I now strongly believe the Catholic Church in fact fully supports the work of the Devil on this planet as well as the Illuminati families and many governments who are also participating in the alien cover-up. They are all working for the Devil.

I used to constantly talk about the role of the archangels with my supervisor, a dickhead called professor Peter Forrest at the dickhead university called the University of New England in Armidale,Australia, and on how the New Physics could reveal how the Archangels worked in the fields of super energy, or energy faster than the speed of light. Aliens also inter-stellar space travel using super energy. This research for my PhD which concentrated on the field of super energy in physics was deliberately suppressed by the Catholic Church. It is vital research that has world significance.

Aliens have commented that indeed archangels do not directly impinge on our reality only unless we directly asked for intervention. Many people appear to be confused by this seemingly confusing reality. This is because sometimes it appears obvious that certain people, certain organizations certainly seem to be channeling either good or negative energy, which is coming from another major force, which, of course, must be archangelic, because it is the most powerful force in the entire universe, apart from God-Consciousness itself.

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