Putting Christ Back Into Christmas


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Putting Christ Back Into Christmas

ByChrist Michael andCandace Frieze

December, 2005

Christ Michael through Candace Frieze.  Taken from:http://www.abundanthope.net/mb1a/forum/showthread.php?t=27 .

Published in this website on December 31, 2005.

Christ Michael:

Dear ones, I AM Christ Michael here to speak a bit today. Candace tells me there are questions about the waiting, for NESARA in the USA. How long will it be? For the time being it will be when the star incarnates upon the planet in the USA in Government, Media, and the Military get their courage up and do the right thing.

We are watching events closely. This is a time for testing for these ones, who came to the planet to raise her up, and confront your BBB&G’s. They volunteered for this, they were not sent against their will. Some of them are highly experienced in working with BBB&G’s, as you see in some of them before you, who do venture out to do the right thing. Others are less experienced.

I mentioned in a message last April, and I believe again later, we have to have at least the void, the balance between light and dark, and we prefer when all happens in more seriousness that we are on the side to the Light to give us a measure of protection to cover those that will be in great fear. We are slightly to that but we lost a bunch in America over the Fall as people slowed down on their doing the right thing.

As Lightworkers you are responsible for helping. I know that your letters do little to persuade, but in sending them anyway, you are just saying no, and you increase the Light. You plant seeds. You must continue to state your truth in front of the people with whom you associate, at home, at work, and in play. By the planting of the seeds at least when the changes happen they will be more excepting and you get to say, I told you so!  Is it wrong to do this?  No, it is not.  I know many of you are waiting this chance and some are wondering if they should hold back and not make this statement of "I told you so."

But do make it, remind them where they learned the facts, because just maybe, you will be seen as the way shower, the candle that you are. Americans are in general in two groups of these that do not know the truth. Either they totally are not aware and just plug away or they are maybe a bit aware but too afraid to look at the truth of what America has become.

I am allowing this slow approach since the BBB&G’s did not stand down, for America to be prepared at least a little that their government frankly, well, to use a favorite expression upon the planet, it sucks. If they are starting to notice this, when their dear Mr. Bush and his group walk away, they will rejoice, rather than be in fear, or not caring, and this ups the Light substantially.America needs to be in support of change.

I am disappointed in the "white knights" in media, government and military, because of their fear. There still remains the mole issues and most of them do not know who to trust. I myself became rather aware of someone that has been important to our cause, is a mole recently. We do not go about reading everyone’s minds.  To do so violates free will, and especially violates something this planet tends to hold in high regard, the ability to be themselves in secrecy. People must look into the fallacy of this idea, and they will, when they finally see that all the secrecy of the government, that secrecy in general, means something nasty is going on. Americans support the secrecy as being OK, and in fact needed for government to protect them.

I am watching closing the reactions of America to the extension of the Patriot Act, and watching what goes on in Congress about doing away with it. America remains not ready for NESARA, but NESARA it will get, just a soon as Mr. Bush waves his white flag. The temporary government is in place, has been for a long time. There have been a couple of changes in the membership of it.

Last spring had the BBB&G’s stood down things would have flowed smoothly in our plans because it would have been "voluntary."  America would have accepted it. America is not ready to see the resident of the White House, which is of course a clone, be arrested, which would include also his many cohorts in crime. I have decided they will see a resignation first, the arrests later. There are quite a few, more than you realize, who have fled to Australia over the months.  Bush, Laura his wife, and Mr. Cheney are all clones. These are the last clones, there are no more. We have seen to that. To keep the balance to the light, I repeat, that America has to be in a state of readiness, and be willing to support the resignation of this awful regime. As you well know, many of those around you are not ready for NESARA not intellectually, not spiritually. You have a job on your hands.

Now, It is time to talk a bit more about New Orleans, since it is in the news today. The news is that the Army Corps of Engineers will rebuild the levies, higher, bigger, and to no avail, as the sea will keep rising.  But that is not the issue to discuss tonight. For a time after Katrina last fall, I was in anger. Yes, indeed I get angry. I just don’t throw any magic lightning bolts around in the process striking down the evil ones. You have such strange ideas of heaven and God.  Some of you noticed that there was an attempt to quarantine New Hampshire afterwards, because of the possibly of refugees being ill. A few days before Katrina the public water supplies of New Orleans were contaminated with the virus, that would have caused a pretty severe gastroenteritis. This virus would have been contagious. It was the plan to quarantine states, under martial law, as the refugees came down with this virus. Many elderly would have died from the illness, and many would have been in the hospital for severe dehydration.

Yes, Indeed there was widespread anger in my realms. Supervised by Arch Angel Raphael, thousands of star people treated hundreds of thousands of New Orleans folks during their sleep at night all over the country. This was another 911 attempt. Many of you are aware the levies were brought down by explosives, and this is documented down to the having of samples with explosives identified.  A few people were killed so the truth would not become known.

There remain a number of people in the camps, some of your concentration camps. The idea is to never let them see the light of day, hoping they would be forgotten in time. However, these are quite alive and we are seeing to it that this remains so in this long wait.

I am still at loss over the lack of concern over Iraq. People are a bit angry over the possible lies told, but still there is not anger about the rest of the situation. Where is the concern about this war, other than those relatively few who do understand. This government did a very good job, of making the Arabs seen as less than human.  A time of testing for the peoples of the world over this attitude. There are still plenty who feel it is perfectly OK to steal the resources of another, for self. There is little outcry in the churches that profess to worship my name, and that of Sananda. There is still intense belief that the Arabs must be killed before they kill Americans. There are still lots of supposedly educated people who do not see.

The only reason America in general is going to support the resignation of this resident of the White House is over the lies of intelligence and the lack of adequate care for New Orleans. It is proving difficult to get people to see what their scumbag government is about. As the holiday season continues, in support of God, and his birthday, Iraq and its troubles are forgotten.  There are times in which I wish there was the draft, because at least the draft dodgers would raise a fuss like what happened with Viet Nam. America thought it was useless to fight the Vietnamese in a far away different land.  But not so Iraq. 911 was a masterful invent by your BBB&G’s to cloud the thinking of America. This is why we did not prevent 911, America needed the wake up call.

But little has happened except with a select few in this regard. Yes, enough happened to raise the light on the planet, meaning awareness, but in the long story not enough yet. I will wait a bit longer for a sleepy country to awaken, and for its star people who are in leadership to do the same. It could come at any day, it could have come weeks ago, if only the news folks would but do the right thing, and expose the truth just a little bit faster.

It would be truly wonderful, this Holiday Season, if the Christ was put back into Christmas. Making stores change their slogans does not accomplish this. It is a holiday season. Yes, some celebrate My name in reverence on December 25, some Jewish people celebrate God during Hanukkah. But few celebrate My name and birth, My First Coming, when it comes to war and Iraq, and a government that owns them to the core.

Few want out of prison, the prison they accept so readily. Put the Christ back into Christmas, by standing up politically, demanding more, requesting the earnest end and remediation of this war to the Iraqi peoples. Nothing more and nothing less will do. Namaste, I AM Christ Michael, your Creator Son and I implore you to assist the Light.

America Must Give a Damn.

Christ Michael:

Hello everyone on the forum, This is Christ Michael at your service tonight. You need to create a question section so Candace can see what you would like any of several Masters to speak about. Now I have a handy starperson "spy" on the ground who checks out the Internet for me, and the new forum has been looked at, and we see it is growing nicely. But it is time to start the messianic talk a bit more!

Do not be put off about the idea of Candace’s for the need of many messiahs. We are not asking a single person to save the world, we need many saviors in every sort of discipline on the planet. No matter where you work, you should consider what you can do to make something better and educate people. We do need people will to be brave enough to institute change. It is quite one thing to be knowledgeable, and another to accomplish change with the knowledge. In that area change makers are in rather short supply, as you have most certainly noticed over the many years.

Now getting on to change makers, it does seem that Congress is finally, at least a few of them, beginning to be the change makers. Notice today that some are desiring to censure Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney, for refusing to answer a huge variety of questions. I think these ones will go beyond that and put a bit more pressure on in several areas and force these clowns out. We have some tricks up our sleeves yet, and I think maybe one day very soon America will see the clowns that run the country and, on that day, the clowns will realize they can go no further and cut and run.

Concerning the recent disclosures about the NSA authorizations to spy upon American citizens, how many of those in your individual circles are absolutely abhorred by this? How many think it was OK because, after all, Bush was protecting America by doing this? How many would think it OK if their own phones were tapped? And guess what, every cell phone is tapped. Now doesn’t that make you all very comfortable? I would hope not.

As to sending letters to congressmen, yes we know it does little good, especially via email, but what it does to do this is again to enhance your growth, and it lets us know that you give a damn. If you give a damn, we give a damn. God helps those who help themselves, remember? Is "damn" a bad word, hardly, I use and like Earth terms, they are so nicely descriptive. I use them rather freely.

We are waiting onAmerica, as I have said, to show it gives a damn. People who march willingly into slavery do not deserve help. It is important for you to continue to stay the foundation, and encourage others to think. Thinking and solving of problems with the thinking creates great light.  Thought is the most basic of energy, very unconfined, travels the universe. Thought, in a very simple nutshell, creates new Universes, creates in the beginning the nebula that become universes. Every thought you have goes out forever basically and with lots of thinking going on something lands up created, the thoughts become matter. This occurs both locally and across great distance.

Thinking is of God. Life evolves because life is possessed with the idea of expanding and learning. Then life becomes people, and they throw out the rule book, and stop learning, true learning, not just rote learning. The simple people, very young souls, are labeled robotics often because, will they copy, and act like robots.

The problem with religion on this planet is that religion says to be a robot, the exact opposite of God. Now all life is of God, but thinking, is of the Father of all. In many places upon this planet, not just the USA, thinking is so very discouraged. It is not only discouraged in religion, but in most other facets of life.  People who are different tend to not be accepted as many of you who read and write on this forum know so very well. Each of you feels alone and isolated, do you not for the most part?

So you come to the forum to find some like mind. Now I want you all to take the gift of this forum, and explode it into the most brilliant light that you can make it. Get in arguments, strut your stuff, let your mind show, and let not one person tell you to back down. Do be willing to consider other learnings and ideas, and constantly remodel your I AM THAT I AM. You can use the statement I AM to state you are a fragment of GOD and know it. To use the I AM THAT I AM means you run your own show, drive your own car, and take personal responsibility for your own growth and errors.

Many are so afraid on this planet of failure, meaning others will not accept who and what they are, that they concede to robotism. Ascending Son’s, especially in my Universe of Nebadon are not to be robots. A Universe does not thrive and grow with robots at the helm, which include all of you. (I AM not stating that you are robots, I AM stating that you are at the helm.)

Some of you are not quite sure yet of your true potential, so limiting is this planet. You have come from afar, all of you, or you would not have joined up on this forum. You came because you know your stuff. Now I am asking that you strut your stuff, get into the doing, and out of the talking head scenario.

Be not put down by those that say there most be total harmony. Harmony does create power, and on this planet, harmony creates the power of doing nothing. There is way too much teaching in New Age about the ego, to the point that this teaching hampers you. If you state your mind and your current knowledge, someone in New Age will tell you to get rid of the EGO. This is exactly what is done in churches, in discouraging mind and problem solving. Just the New Age way of doing it. The infiltration has been done very well in New Age.

Doing the Right Thing is not about EGO in the way, it is about doing the rightthing, nothing more and nothing less. You have adopted this planet in your coming here to work it from within. You have come to bust systems wide open. I continue to remind you, to re-mind yourself, and come out of limiting use of your mind.

I can come down, get on TV, and I will, but most will either reject, or will sit there in some sort of stupid awe, and bow down, and expect me and Sananda and the other Masters, to do it all. We cannot, we can’t make people think. They need people within and around them to encourage this. I know this, I have been on TV on other planets, and they sit and grovel. I am not about groveling. I am here in this body type I am using, so that I do not look like their image of God, they who have no idea what God might look like.

You are here to show that these folks are God, altogether, and each individually, by showing that you are, by demonstrating this fact. The Earth’s population has doubled since the late 1960’s. And many of the people are new and young souls, of rather poor DNA, that has been heavily encouraged.

To receive a Thought Adjuster, the Father fragment, these must do something of will. They must come away from some sort of box, by conscious reason and choice. Many do not, and return to human group soul. Those that get caught up in war, made like clones by the training, often land up uncreated because they have committed such atrocities that they are unable to even understand the karma of such let alone do something to rectify it. About 1/2 of the population of the planet are robotics.

This is the work of "Satan," and the choice of those that had owned the planet. They desired you all to be little worker bees, serving the kings and queens. This is not Godhood. You must educate people, and show how you live, demonstrate this to these types. Many of you who are lonely have young souls around you, who can’t fathom change, thought, and making noise.

But the very doing so, will earn them the possibility of the eternal journey. It takes conscious willful decisions to progress on the eternal journey.  If 50% of adults on this planet, and especially in the USA right now, would write a stamped letter that might be opened (by the secretary) to their representatives, and keep doing it every single time something is discovered, my work would have been made considerably easier. If you had kept up the energy of the 60’s, your world would be into the hallowed status of Light and life by now.

And this is the goal, my "Correcting Time," to bring the planet where she should have been quite a while ago now. We opened the door, because you came and you called to us. You do need our help but we need also yours, massively in the next few years, because this planet is quite ill.  We need those in industry to start beneficial changes.

We can’t just drop off lots of technology, the planets existing technology needs updating. We are not Santa Claus. You must still negotiate with us, and do the work upon the ground. Barbara Walters has on a show tonight, on heaven, and a godly Bush loving Christian leader is saying that one must glorify God, that is the purpose of life, by sitting in church singing pretty music. I say to glorify God you have to make a huge difference, by getting the doing done, and it will take many of you.

You must ask for our ideas, and they will be freely given, very freely given, tothose who can make them an actuality. It is time to get serious on this messiah business.

There will be new elections in the future, and you must be very strong, and set a huge example to future voters, who are not exactly into checking out who they are voting for. The first elections, in any country, not just the USA must be heavily watched and monitored by those in the know so that charismatic idiots can’t take over the people.

You are my caretakers, take care of the planet. I AM THAT I AM, Christ Michael, Creator Son (and I didn’t get this status by not thinking) of Nebadon, constantly remodeling myself, by coming out of the Creator Son Hat.


I have to get Christ Michael’s last big message through me up. It is called The Many Hats of Christ Michael, I think, and if you have not seen it yet, it is atwww.white-knights911.com , until I get it sent in and posted here.  [Editor’s Note:  It is published in this website, see it at: https://www.luisprada.com/Protected/the_many_hats_of_christ_michael.htm .]

I had a cat, her name Spicy Girl, because she was "spicy" in nature. She passed this plane a year ago, on December 4, age 16 1/2 years. Spicy earned herself a Thought Adjuster. Yes, animals can do this. She became so human it was incredible. I have been told that one thing that she did of "will" was make a really conscious choice to live a bit longer for my benefit. Sananda checked her out, and found out she did receive one.

The Thought Adjuster enables the retention of memory of different life times. The brain dies in each life, but the Thought Adjuster holds the memories of value from each life. I talk with Spicy Girl periodically. She is in a special school on the other side, to prepare her for her next journey in a human body. She absolutely loves where she is and what she is doing. Her "vocabulary" is improving, each time I connect with her. She highly anticipates her next journey.

Animals do not need to get a Thought Adjuster to start the human journey, they start it when they have enough learning to do so. Then hopefully, they will get one during the first human body life. Spicy absolutely loves where she is and what she is doing. Her "vocabulary" is improving each time I connect with her. She is in a higher grade on the other side because of her accomplishments in her last kitty life. If you have animal family members, look at them as the potential candidates for ascension into the human body that they really are.

Now, if a cat can get a Thought Adjuster, and become an Ascending Son, during a cat lifetime, there is something wrong with the picture of human animals not becoming Ascending Sons. AbundantHope is much about getting humans to come out of human group soul, and into their Godhood. One must individuate to come out of group soul. Churches and New Age both discourage individualization.

This is why we must challenge those around us. If they already have Thought Adjusters, and are still young souls, then we want to challenge them still. As many of you have read, there are many folks who have hundreds of lifetimes on planet Earth, and have made little progress in them. We must challenge them so that they grow in intelligence and wisdom so that they progress.

Life, from the first stages of being smart enough to eat, always grows upward, always ascending. In the Ascension of our Planet into the higher realms we want to invite everyone along, rather than "condemning" them to the other planet. We extend the invitation by showing a better way by encouraging the compassionate use of thought in those around us.

We do so by causing a bit of chaos around us, when needed to cause awakening and action. Do, in your work with people, plant seeds by challenging these folks to think of something new to them, and then act on that thought.

It takes great courage to bust the systems. that is why we are all here, because we can summon the courage that is necessary. I am suggesting now that I have learned that my email letter campaign produces mostly canned answers, that maybe snail mail would be better.

I ask all of you, in terms of the idea of Two or More In My Name, to see who would go with you to make a personal visit to your representatives in government, and our media. I think you will find very few willing to do so. That is what must change. People must be willing to do their civic responsibility, ideally all the people.

But if a focused group goes, there is much greater power than one person visiting. You challenge then the person that represents you to actually represent you. This we need to very much to do, over these changing times, if we desire to change the times.

We must keep tabs on our representatives and make them responsible to us, and if they are not, we need to work for their removal in a very public way. We the People need to stand up. If we do not in the near future, and from then on, corrupt people will worm their way back into office and we will slide backwards. The star folks, and the angelics visiting will not be going to the voting booth, we are the ones who will be.

We must vote also with our money in our buying habits. We can get all this bad food off the shelves by not buying it, as a very simple example. Do not feed The Beast any more than necessary. I believe it was Buddha who suggested that we stop driving for a week and this would make a difference. But to do this most of the population would have to do so. But they will not, they are so stuck, they can’t.

Today we have the strike in New York, do you not see the power in this? I then got lots of whining letters about giving up driving. So if you wish to whine on the idea, then know that you are choosing to feed The Beast. I will be highly encouraging religious meeting house groups to become civically responsible. With the IRS to shortly go out of business it means that there will be no tax incentive to shut up. Take care, Candace.

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