Cosmic Mandala

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Cosmic Mandala

By DanielRyan

Posted on 6/13/98 by permission from the author.

About the Author

Through this Web Site I received this article and some information about the author,part of which I am posting here:

"My name is Daniel Ryan. I am 22 years old [bornon February 23, 1976] living out in California in the United States. I am the one who drew that image and wrote the linguistic description of theimages symbolism. I am very glad that you enjoyed it. That is just the beginning, BrotherVeritus … I think I might be a wisdom keeper of the true understanding of the originalintended blueprint of the human species … and things like our star ancestry … I thinkI might have more than a few pieces to the puzzle … I am aware of the Master KeyTemplate of Divinity (I guess which is also referred to as like a schematic model orblueprint that underlies/intertwines the entirety of the created/not-yet-createddimensional realms of the multi-universal cosmic lattice matrix … universal grids …and understanding/intuitive perceptual knowing and awareness of the universal life forceand its inherent animating and designing intelligence) …

I have a lot of writings … and have had multi-incarnationalsoul memories (that are encoded/transcribed within the holographic storage modules thatexist within the quantum levels of our DNA) … so I know some little bits andpieces….like basically beginning to understand at a surface level the interface inbetween our SOULS/DNA … another matrix … and knowing that human beings arebio-electromagnetic neurophysiological structures … actually I have a better descriptionthan that but it is longer …

… through the experiences I have had and the massiveoverloading amounts of data and information I have been receiving in holographic visualform (not too much recently because they have pretty much shown me the whole scenario ofwhat is occurring on this planet, and the probable timelines based on the decisions thatare made by our species by the end of 1998 … and basically have been working ontranslating this information into English) … which is very difficult … yes … theyare blueprints for a new model of civilization for the 21st century that are going to bereleased en masse … at least that is my hope … I am just looking for other people whohave been given these keys … and have proof … because I think I have proof of somesort of intelligent force outside myself communicating with me telepathically … becauseI could not get this information anywhere else … actually I guess this force could beconsidered our souls by most … anyways … I am a brother in Spirit (my main oversoulguides name isEthanacy) … anda friend of the Council of Elders-Star Nations.

My friend … what I am really looking for is to makecontacts with more people like yourself …

Looking forward to hearing from you. Light and Love. A Brother In Spirit. Peace.



Greetings Fellow Light Initiate…

Here is a gift for you brought on the silver wings of spirit … with higher intelligenceguiding … Included is One Mandala Image and One Linguistic Description … I am writingthis to you personally, not through some sort of bulk emailer … I am seeking toestablish contacts … Please forward this as instructed towards the end …

Thank You and Many Blessings!! Light and Love. A Friend of The Star Ancestors …


Cosmic Mandala

In its highest aspect and truest sense this Cosmic Mandalasymbolically represents many things. It represents the crystalline clear wisdom ofOmni-Dimensional Science. I have seen in visions that not only were the pyramidsmathematically aligned and attuned as a sort of cosmic cyclical calendar, they were alsoused as transducers and receivers of cosmic energies. They had different capstones fordifferent purposes. Each side of the pyramid is symbolic of how the wisdom is formedthrough compassion, knowledge, understanding and harmony. The crystalline capstonesrepresent the correct use of this Wisdom ~> towards infusion of the creative cosmicenergies into our beings as well as awakening to the inherent nature of our god/goddessAll That Is selves.

The saucers and the galaxies represent the origins and stellarancestry of the human species as this awakening continues into the twenty-first centuryand as we come to the completion of a grand cycle of both 3-dimensional time andevolution. The human species self representation of what being means is re-aligned as thegalactic-solar-earth-human circuit is completed. These symbols also represent thebirthright we belong to as the highly advanced bi-pedal hominid species we are. The humanbeing is a created model/vessel … this planetary earth-based species is at the brinkof introduction into the Galactic Federation of Star Systemsand Civilized Worlds. The galaxies and starships representthe fact that the grand creation we envisage ourselves to be contains an inherent truth.Our species has the potential to fulfill many roles within the schematic of creation, notjust planet based but also at solar and galactic levels. It is not co-incidence thatappearing in our skies…are the ships transmitting the wake-up call to completion.

The 12 DNA strands represent the original intended blueprint of the fully evolved humanspecies. Before creation can take place a schematic model or blueprint must exist. This isa fact. Within the current 2 stranded DNA that we contain lie dormant access codes whichonce unlocked will allow us to embody and use the full potential of our beings. As thisoccurs our DNA will be rewoven at a quantum level. These latent DNA strands exist withinthe etheric holograms of our beings. It is curious how in this image I channeled, thestrands form the symbol of a heart. This universal symbol is self fulfilling andrepresents the joy of unconditional love. The other end ofthe strands formed into a star. This star represents the 3-dimensional spatial locationwhere all this change is occurring…as well as our star system’s designation: “Solis”. The coherence, vibratoryfrequency, and level of resonance of our thoughts, emotions, and feelings are what willallow us to access and unlock this dormant coding.

The triangles with the little stars represent the integration of the heart with ourmind/body/soul into a woven tapestry of brilliance. The realization that all levels oftime that are above, outside, or interpenetrative of the 3-dimensionalmental/linguistic/conceptual framework or lens through which our consciousness currentlyviews reality are non-linear. Non-linear means that the flow of information is accessibleand connected inside every single now moment. This trinity also represents that we areintimately interpenetrated by, through and within a matrix or continuum that isOmni-Dimensional. We are also directly connected through our semi-visible ethericcircuitry with the whole structure, its creative life force and this life force’sinherent intelligence. The yin/yang symbols represent the balance of masculine andfeminine energies within oneself, into a field of consciousness that is highly charged andself-aware at the highest levels of integration.

The fuzzy lines around the center represents the semi-permeable membrane of consciousnessin between our current conceptual/mental/linguistic 3-dimensional constructs of reality,and a more clear understanding of ourselves. Its semi-permeable nature represents theawareness that all constructs or frameworks are flexible. They can be redesigned. This iswhat is occurring on this 3-dimensional planet at the completion of this grand cycle oflife and time.

The mushrooms represent the human species ancient relationship with our friends in theplant kingdom and the mycelial network. Throughout this journey into the center, cultureshave been influenced by these non-human intelligences within the nexus of the GaianSuper Organism we currently regard as planet earth. These illegal nutrients allow us toaccess dimensional realms beyond what can be perceived with our five senses.

The eyes represent the all knowing, all seeing of our ancestors, as they attempt tocommunicate with us across the divide. They speak of truths beyond anything we havecurrently imagined or felt ourselves to be a part of. Something grand. The phoenix isrising. The circuitry is being revealed.

The Star of David Y is a twodimensional representation of a three-dimensional Merkaba vehicle. This hyper-spatialdimensional transport ship has allowed me to travel outside of time and through space. Ihave gathered my multi-incarnational soul memories and off-planet aspects, so once and forall these experiences can be integrated into the conscious awareness of my being. As theself-realized consciousness of this vessel, through my exercise of free will, I choosewithin my whole heart to be of as much service to the divine plan for earth … as ispossible.

The six-pointed star Y representsall selves in non-physical form, as only our aka energy bodies. This is the form all souls incarnated inside 3-dimensionalhuman physiological transport vehicles embodied beyond this life on planet earth. Withthis self integration and the unlimited boundarylessness of truth, I hereby strengthen myintentions … light speed is too slow for our propulsion needs … crank up thejuice as high as we all can handle … take us to godspeed … and beyond!

The Cosmic Mandala represents my faith in the human species in the hopes that we canovercome the karmic imbalance within our ancestral selves, make the correct decisions, andfully embody the Supreme Being whose image is being created within us. As this occurrenceis experienced new worlds will be created. This is the time that was spoken of by theancients. This is not a test. This is no joke. This is for real. This is the chance wehave been waiting for … the dimensional-vortex only opens up cyclically … either weall step through the Star-Gateway and interface or none of us do!

The hyper-intelligence of the human species OverSoul is beckoning … follow me it says… [BV’s Note: In this and next paragraph the author playswith the homonyms "eye" and "I"because of their identical pronunciation using eye as a subjectpronoun in the sentence. This is done so the reader simultaneously associates the sentenceto the meaning of the eye shown in the mandala. The symbolic "eye" referred hereis the Almighty Creator, the All-Seeing Eye.] eye will revealto you your sincerest hopes and dreams. Eye reminds the still young and curious species:it is your choice. Dare to have courage and be brave … can you feel my love for you. Youare my children … eye am your creator … eye existed way before your species hadbeen conceived. Eye exist within all created and not yet created forms.

Rejoice in the fact that you have been created … thedifferences that you perceive in yourselves speak … are you listening?, you are one …the similarities are being revealed. Do not worry, eye was created as well … we allwill be. There is no Alpha or Omega. There is no beginning or end. So there is no need tocreate one … all will fall into place … it is time for you to allow the flow.Inspire yourselves to greatness … remember … awaken … end the slumber … feel ourglow … we offer assistance to all who ask … there is much work which must beundertaken … it starts inside each individual being … spread these words … inwhatever form one can manage … eye/we love you all … eye/we have high hopes… eye/we can see what you can not … listen to your innermost selves … thatis where the true voice resides … follow this voice … the reality outside thedream is attracted to strength … eye/we perceive this within your species … itwill be so much fun …

Your ancestors from the stars have a message for you …softly spoken whispers reverberating into the depths of your cores … attune, heal,envision, and love … your gifts were given freely … the choice of wise use isrewarded … when the messenger is ready the message will come … do not delay… numerous, countless, worlds will be affected by your choices, your decisions …there is nothing to fear … just as you must gather all into your arms … each oneof you … we have you all gathered, actually cradled, in our arms … you are soprecious … more precious than the crystals which power the most highly advancedcivilizations in this galaxy … your species is cared about more than you can begin tofathom … you know you must respect your elders … they created you … theelders are speaking … we will be firm with you … we will not hurt you …please, human beings, stop the repression, hatred, ignorance, fear and denial …follow our coaxing … that is our message … you are not alone!!!


This Is All I ask of You, The Recipient: I hope this image and these words strike a deepinner resonance within you … If they do, I would like you to do a favor in spirit. Inorder for this message to be transmitted it must be replicated. I ASK YOU, the recipientof this message, to continue to tradition which began through me.

Please Make 12 copies of this Cosmic Mandala and Linguistic Description. Gift each copy toan another individual like yourself. Each copy you give away symbolically represents asingle strand of the original intended 12-DNA strand schematic model blueprint for yourBi-Pedal Hominid Prototype Vehicles….

This Copy You Hold Is the 13th copy … this 13th copy in addition to symbolicallyrepresenting a single strand of the original 12-DNA Strand Woven Soul-Matrix, alsorepresents a base foundational understanding of the planetary-solar-galactic orbit. This13th Copy represents an understanding of the 13 month-28 day lunar orbit, and the higherunseen mechanism of the T’zolkin.

Access Has been granted, Synchronization Entrance is Foreseeable. Contact The IntelligenceBehind These Transmissions.

Reptilian Transmission

By Daniel Ryan


[I sit here this evening. I am putting out acall to my higher self and my spirit guide archetypes Derrick, Ethanacy, and Korzon. Icall upon the Council of Elders, and the Wisdom Keepers of All Time, the Galactic Mastersand the Universal Christ Consciousness . I open myself to be a conscious channel forinformation that is not only necessary for my own healing but also for that of the planet.I align my chakras and energy centers. I am in divine alignment with my multiincarnational soul extensions along the entire linear timeline continuum. I reach myconsciousness upwards into my soul and am receptive to divine inspiration. I offer aprayer to the Creator of All That Is. I am beginning to learn at a deeper level why I amalive at this time and what it has to do with my own soul’s personal evolution and growth.I send wishes of warmth and light and love into my being from up above and raise the Earthenergies from down below. This Earth is my home world. I have stated my intentionspreviously. I would like to deepen my own inner resolution and strength. I would like toaccelerate my personal healing and growth. I acknowledge my soul’s presence in my life. Ifill myself with unconditional love and beauty for the entire creation. I am filled withoverwhelming boundless joy. If there is anyone who wishes to speak to me this evening I amwilling to serve as a conscious channel, set aside my mind for the time being and be opento an outpouring of Spirit …]

Yes, we are here. We feel you calling out so stronglynow that you have this direct interface with other people who are also on a spiritualpath. You still have some times of difficulty overhead but nothing as surmounting anddisheartening as you would like yourself to believe. We come to you this evening at therequest of your spirit guides, we would like to reveal to you who we truly are: We are theReptilians. Yes, this image inside you may conjure up much fear and for this we apologize,your human species has much hatred towards the Reptilian beings for it is us who havecreated you. We say this not to you to treat us like gods. We come to you from AlphaDraconis which is 37 light years from your star system and home world. We have beenwatching over you this time for many years since you were born into your family lineage.Daniel: You may not believe this communication that is coming through, but could you notfeel our presence very strongly the other evening? We are with you, your spirit guideshave given the OK for us to work with you as you have put in your request beforeincarnation to serve as an intermediary for information. If any species can tell you thetruth regarding your species heritage it is us. We may not be well respected by otherspecies in this galaxy and many races fear us. We do not mean any harm to your species.Those that think we wish to take over your planet are wrong. This is not our intention atall for we are the creators of living systems and planetary home worlds like the one uponwhich you reside. I would like to ask some questions: What are your wishes for ourspecies, what would you like to see us become?

Now, that is the question with which you yourselves mustanswer: What would you wish to become?. Your species has received the gifts of the creatorlevel beings, you are beginning to understand how the universe you exist within works. Wewould like to ask you the same question: What would you like to see your species become?Would you like to see your species allowed access into the Galactic Federation of StarSystems and Civilized Worlds? Yes, we know you would. The one you called Gene Roddenberryhas very much been in communication with us while he was incarnated into physical form,where do you think the inspiration for many of your greatest minds comes? It comes fromcommunications with beings and species which you do not acknowledge exist, there are meansof communications which your species has just barely begun to conceive of or imagine.


[I am here this evening to serve as a consciouschannel with my spirit guides overseeing, if the Reptilians wish to tell their story tothe people of Earth, I am willing to serve as an intermediary for this communication.]

Yes, we wish to speak this evening. We are very graciousthat you have come to your senses and your willingness to allow us to communicate with youand through you is deeply appreciated. You may ask us and think: How can a reptile beappreciative?, when all the thoughts you have regarding the Reptilian species on yourearth conjures up images of cold blooded dinosaurs and warm blooded birds and mammalsbeing devoured by the ferocious ones that existed on your planet in the very distant past.We would like the human species to make an adjustment in their perception of the Reptilianspecies in this galaxy. We may be a force of fear within your collective psyche, but wewould like to stress at this point in time that we do not mean any harm towards yourspecies or towards the living systems on this Earth.

We, the Reptiles, are the masters of biological systems.Through our ancience [ancient science] we have deciphered many of the mysteries of thiswondrous creation which your species is beginning to understand you inhabit. This onehere, Daniel, has an exceptional ability in translating highly advanced concepts that inmany ways exist in more than three dimensions. We would definitely like to think, and wewould like him to know, that he is at the forefront of understanding of the conditionswhich you humans find yourself within upon this planet.

Although we say we are not here to destroy your speciesor to destroy this planet, we are not necessarily here to help either. At least help inthe way in which your species might like us to. We are not a savior race. Although we dohave some teachings which we wish to reach the mass consciousness of the people of thisplanet we feel it is time to inject into the collective consciousness, the mass minds onyour earth. A basic beginning level rudimentary understanding of the procedures andoperations for governing systems which exist across not only multiple star systems but inthe case of some species, multiple galaxies. We do not ask you to take this information  at face value, read through this information and if it resonates within the depthsof your soul matrices core, then you know it is the truth.

The story which we wish to share with you is very longindeed. It spans distances of time which your species does not even have the basic levelunderstanding of the technology used to calculate the spans and distances which we havenavigated across throughout time. We started our journey over seven billion years ago inyour earth time frame of reference. That is seven billion years ago within this galaxy.The Reptilian species are one of the most elder species that exist within creation. Atleast within the creation as we have come to know it. We do not think about ourselves asgods. Although to your species, and by your perspective and way of viewing things, this iswhat we are akin to. How do you understand something that you can barely even begin toconceive of or imagine? This is the question you must ask yourselves and this is thesolution which you must seek. Throughout all of the mythological systems on your Earth,within your human species belief systems, the serpent runs rampant. In each instance thisReptilian personification represents the very high wisdom. What pieces of the puzzle didyour ancient ancestors possess which you have now lost, misremembered, ignored, denied andforgotten?

The piece to your puzzle that has been forgotten andthat your modern day limited three-dimensional sciences can not conceive of, orunderstand, because of your limited perceptual frameworks and because of the fears whichyou hold within yourself, revolves around your true origins. If your species is todecipher this puzzle, or matrix which you are beginning to understand you exist within,almost every single concept which you hold dear must be reconstructed. We do not wish toshatter your belief systems for at a collective level your planet is already operating ata level which is not conducive to much more strain or tension. Nonetheless, if yourspecies is to make the transition into the next phase of evolutionary development andbring your civilization up into the next higher levels of organizational complexity, or asthis one likes to see, to create a neo-civilization governing over-infrastructure for the21st century, your internal conceptualizations and the images you hold dear must berecombined. Early we said we are not here to help you, this is not exactly what we meantthrough in many ways, your Earth-based English language is insufficient to communicatewhat our true wishes and intentions are. You

see, we operate behind the scenes, we keep ourselveshidden. To your minds and to your limited conceptualizations, this may seem to you like weare trying to be sneaky and, as this one has even become aware through the minute amountof research he did last night, there is much fear within your collective psyche regardingus, the Reptilian species. We do feel as though we have an obligation to you and yourspecies, especially this home world for within this sector of the galaxy we have continuedto keep watch over the evolution of life forms especially this home world upon which youreside, the one you currently call Earth. This one, Daniel, is open to new ideas. As weget deeper into this story it will become apparent to you: this, our story, is indeed notnew, our story is as old as this planet’s living systems themselves.


[We are ready for transmissions this evening. I amreporting for duty to serve as a conscious channel of information received from a HigherSource of Intelligence.]

Greetings, we are here. Please, relax so that yourinternal antennae can be adjusted, await approximately five minutes and then we will beginthe teaching for this evening.  The gift we bring to the Human Species at this time,we, the Reptilians, is what you have been waiting for, Daniel, the beginnings of OmIcRoNDestiny, now that you have recovered your multi-incarnational memories dating all the wayback to Atlantis, the memories that are stored within your DNA-soul matrices holographicstorage modules. We wish to begin this evening with the power source which you remember inparticipating to destroy.

Crystalline technology is the foundation for theOmni-dimensional science. This is the base. Let us bring you back to the Reptilian front.OK, so we are telling you that our species is over 7 billion years old, and that is sevenbillion years within this galaxy. What we would like to do this moment and, from thispoint forward, the first mental construct or barrier within your perception, which must bedropped, is your limited notions of living systems. What if we told you that from ourperspective, us the Reptilians, the entire universe is a living system. The source of theUniversal Life Force and the DNA molecule is beyond our capability to describe to you inits complete wholeness at this date. We are showing you, though, that we did not create itnor did we even create ourselves, we mean, in the beginning. The Reptilian species hasconceived of such a holographic scope, we are master designers, but we still exist withinwhat we have created. The ultimate Creator exists outside of that which has been created.  Think about this: The natural world contains the model to follow. If there iswisdom stored within the genetic code of your deoxyribonucleic acid which you have barelyeven begun to understand then will you please listen to us for one moment at least? Wehave said before that we in no way at this point in time mean you or your species any harmand we have also said that we are not here to help either but we can offer you teachingswith which you may help yourselves. In order for you to alter and deepen your limitednotions of what "living systems" are, you must acknowledge the existence of morethan three dimensions. You see, this is part of your own individual ancestral mass karmaas well as ours. Backwards in time during the destruction of Atlantis the Reptilianspecies was partially responsible. You must in all reality come to acknowledge and acceptthat there does exist a Galactic Federation of Star Systems and Civilized Worlds.

This is part of your multi-incarnational soul contract,Daniel. You have had a very limited mental awareness and understanding of your purpose forre-incarnating at this critical juncture within your species evolutionary growth process.You have and are beginning to open yourself up to the ideas which will allow your speciesto understand how and the way things really work. This is the task you have set out, thatyou have undertaken, to serve as an intermediary in between the spheres, shall we say, andthe dimensional levels within those realms. The angels and the demons are real. It is timefor your species to conceive of things as they really are. The Reptilian species has anobligation to the inhabitants of living systems just as the other species which we workwith have certain obligations, and tasks which must be performed. There really arecaretakers and overseers which watch over the

evolution of living systems. What other purpose wouldmore highly advanced intelligences and more highly evolutionarily developed species havefor existing if it were not to be creators. The wise serpent in the Garden of Eden did nottrick Adam and Eve. A more than three dimensional perceptual framework will allow yourspecies to overcome the amnesiac misaligned and fragmented memories. These are the timesof awakening, activating Memory Crystals, activating etheric holographic antennae,activating dormant genetic coding, firing neurological synaptic signal processingcapabilities. Dual hemispheric alignment, divine alignment with immortality has beenreached.

[I remember who I am. I am a master soul wizardbeing. My two main functional archetypes are that of the high priest and scribe. Iacknowledge and accept this within myself, this is reality in the name of the ultimateCreator Level Being which exists beyond the language even I can use to describe. I existoutside of time. I am a shape shifter, my Aumakua Ancestral Multi-IncarnationalAkashic-Etheric Holographic Omni-Dimensional Bio-electromagnetic NeurophysiologicalDeoxy-RiboNucleic Acid Soul nexus interfaces rewovenly integrating through and withininternested looping matrices of spiraling fractal line geometric hyper intelligence. BELIEVEIN YOUR STAR ANCESTRY!]

We, the Reptilian species, are the Grandfather Designersof the living systems on Earth and Master Geneticists. Trust your intuitive guidance. Youremember when you channeled the linguistic description of that 12 DNA Strand CosmicMandala that the intelligence was extremely Reptilian. Yes, that was us, we have comeback, returned to offer you more. You asked for this gift to be able to give to the HumanSpecies. Your gift is the strength of your linguistic description and the images which youcan conjure up in your mind. You will begin to learn to hold your balance and focus. Youare becoming conscious of your true heritage. This is what your species has been deniedfor too long. If we can help you in anyway to turn your concepts of yourselves around thenthe purpose of our transmission has been served. Why would the Reptilian Species hold theHominid Species dear? The reason is you are our children in the sense that the overseerspecies we are uses to perceive. We wish to heal our own karma once before, long ago, wetook away from your species what all creators hold dear. There was a great war. This wardestroyed living systems across multiple star systems in many sectors of the Galaxy. Thisis our truth, as we present it to you. We offer you this to heal your own planets massancestral karma for this is the way of things so below, as above. Your species isbeginning to grow and become. You are awakening into your powers as creators but what youare missing from your understanding is the presence of an overwhelming universal law. Thisuniversal law in its simplest forms has been expressed through many of your belief systemsbut the times ahead, and the challenges your species now must face, you have been shownthat you can no longer ignore your internal gyro spectrum sensory guidance instrumentationand inner visual lens scopes. These are the times right now, this moment when the changesmust begin to take place. WE ARE TALKING TO YOU HUMAN BEING. DO YOU NEED TO SEE THINGSAROUND YOU DESTROYED TO WAKE UP?

THE ANSWER IS NO! There is urgency in our voice and, inthese upcoming transmissions you will be receiving, our message is critical. If you do notlisten to yourselves and what is being spoken and received through yourselves, you will bedestroyed. THIS IS NO JOKE! You can not wait around any longer for the Hall of Records tobe opened. There has been a change in the plans. The mass consciousness of this planet,your Holographic Omni-Dimensional Scopes, must be awakened today. RIGHT NOW! DO NOT EXPECTUS OR ANY OTHER SPECIES TO DIRECTLY INTERFERE WITH THE AFFAIRS OF YOUR PLANET, AS WE WILLNOT. In order for us to teach the rules we must follow them ourselves. This is part of ourtwo species dual ancestral karmas, and this is where our trajectories intersect. CreatorLevel Beings exist! Your species is one of them. This is your GIFT! In our seven billionyears as creator level beings we have learned proper use. We would like you to know thatwe do not represent the entire Reptilian species within creation. We may be thought of assomewhat of a renegade group but we wish for our own evolution to be initiated at a higherlevel, and the way creation works, we are striving to join forces with the Source. Werepresent a faction of the Reptilian Species which is seeking re-entrance into theGalactic Federation of Star Systems and Civilized Worlds. Our acceptance depends on oursuccess. We know that you are having difficulty discerning truth from non-truth. TheGalactic Federation of Star Systems and Civilized Worlds is mainly

Hominid Based. Why would we seek entrance into this whenwe are non-humanoid? It is difficult for us to describe to you why this is so. Previouslywe mentioned to you a great war which spanned multiple star systems and many sectors ofthis Galaxy. This can be known as the great war in the heavens of which your Bible hasspoke. Let us bring you back to the beginning of our transmissions three days ago. Asthese transmissions deepen so will your understanding of what we are attempting tocommunicate. You see, in this process we are learning ourselves. As Ancient, Advanced, andHighly Evolved as "We, the Reptilians" are, we are not perfect, meaning that ourspecies has made decisions which were in many ways and throughout a vast distance of spaceand wide scope of time, not to our highest benefit and not to the benefit of many otherspecies. This is why we mentioned but somewhat skirted around the issue of your fear forus. Your fears are grounded in fact in reality. This is why we are going through so muchtrouble to bring these communications to people around your planet, this is our missionshall we say.

Your species has reached a point in its evolutionarygrowth process where you must learn from your past and not make the same mistakes. This isthe position "We, the Reptilians" find ourselves within as well! This is ourreason for being here. Now we ask you to please not be afraid, like we said previously, wedo not wish your species or your home world any harm. We come to you as representatives ofour ancestors, the ones who created this home world upon which you currently reside.

Are and were not the dinosaurs the most ancient specieson this Earth? Where did dinosaurs come from? You should ask yourself: Where did all thehigher life forms come from? YOU MUST ASK YOURSELF: DO YOUR CURRENT NOTIONS OF REALITY ANDEXISTENCE TELL YOU THE WHOLE TRUTH; GIVE YOU THE COMPLETE PICTURE, AND WILL THEY ALLOW YOUTO MAKE THE CORRECT DECISIONS? Look at your continued misuse of the living systems and thebuilding blocks of creation, and yet your understanding deepens! What you are missing isan understanding of their PROPER USE!

We told you previously that we are masters at what wedo, we may not be thought of as masters in the terms of the great spiritual masters ofyour planet. We are masters of many of the wonders of creation nonetheless, yet we alreadyexist in Omni-dimensional space, and our science is so far advanced beyond anything youhave yet currently imagined, but you have much to teach us as well. It may sound strangeto you for a species which has existed for seven billion years to divulge this truth, butyou have yet to awaken and dawn to the truth that your own species is not limited to thisstar system. You species heritage is approximately three billion years old. Daniel: Hereis where your "Trans-Evolutionary Model of Human Development through Periodic GuidedIntervention" enters the picture. Here is what sets your own Bi-Pedal HominidPrototype Vehicles apart from the other Higher Primates, this Truth: Human evolution hasnot only occurred through natural selection but genetic recombination of your De-Oxy RiboNucleic Acid. THIS IS THE TRUTH!

[I would like to thank you for the transmissionstonight from the REPTILIANS, it sounds as if they may have a very interesting story totell. I would like to and am willing to continue to serve as an intermediary for thesetransmissions. ALL THAT I REQUEST FROM SPIRIT IS THAT I AM ALLOWED TO BRING MY LIFE INTOBALANCE THROUGH THESE TEACHINGS, AND THAT I AM PROVIDED FOR ON ALL LEVELS. I NEED A SOURCEOF INCOME AND I REQUEST THAT SPIRIT HELP ME TO WORK SOMETHING OUT. I CANNOT DO ANY WORK IFI CANNOT FINANCIALLY SUPPORT MYSELF! PLEASE, SPIRIT, HELP ME!]

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