It Is Time For Peace


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It Is Time For Peace

Beloved Ascended Master St. Germain

Channeled by Mike Quinsey,  Messages taken from .


Monday May 31, 2004

I have explained to you before that the Middle East is a powder keg about to explode, and you are now seeing the chaos spreading to other areas beyond Iraq. This is through design and the agenda of the Dark. They ‘allow’ events to grow out of control with the sole purpose of creating more terror and instability. There is no intent to bring peace to these areas, but outwardly they speak of this as their purpose. The object is to take over these areas when confusion and terrorism is at its height, and masquerading as the saviours, when in fact they are the conquerors.

There is a great movement for peace throughout the world, so what has gone wrong? The answer is that the Dark whilst aware of the general consensus that war should no longer be part and parcel of your modern and awakening society, are hell bent on spreading their brand of fear wherever they can, even in their own countries. With their control of the media and ‘fear’ publicity that gushes out from them and through films, they continue to assault and overpower your minds. The good news is that the forces that are working for the good of all are building their fortresses and establishing power bases of their own. They push the Dark all of the time, which is why they now have their last throw of the dice. A critical time is here and a balance between the Light and Dark is being maintained with our help.

Do not feel that you are alone in this final battle against the Dark; you have legions of people on Earth working behind the scenes to bring in changes that will enable you to break their hold. You also have untoldForces of Light surrounding you, and ensuring in the ultimate, that the Light win this battle. It is for your hearts and minds, so distance yourself from the fear tactics, do not give energy to the Dark by responding in the way they would wish. You should know by now that the Light always comes out supreme and victorious, there is only ever one winner. You may not yet see how that can be, but I assure you that time is running out fast for those who would completely take away your freedom and sovereignty.

Just ahead of you is a most marvellous future, keep this in mind. It will help your resolve not to be pulled down into the mire. Very soon there will be exceptional events happening upon Earth that will bring the present period of chaos to a halt. You will rapidly see an unexpected turn around in events, the Dark are far from having it all their own way. You have made the decision that it is time for peace; we will ensure that it takes place, and you have given us the authority to intercede at your request. Everything is in place, but there is always a right moment for such things to manifest. You are seeing the depths to which the Dark can stoop to fulfil their agenda, but you will also see the power and might of the Light.

Keep working towards your personal goal; do not be deflected by anything outside of you. Keep centred and focus on your reality, not someone else’s. It is hard for you to be cool and calm when you see so much happening around you that is negative and upsetting. By doing so you not only help yourself but also others by not being dragged into it.

Do not feel that you are fighting your battles alone, that is far from the truth. We, the Ascended Masters, and many Beings of Light are with you, even if you are unaware of it. We see what you cannot, we see the outcome is assured, the Dark knows it but they arrogantly hold onto their positions of power. They will be removed sooner than you might expect, then you will see the changes come in rapid succession, what a wonderful time beckons. People will give a sigh of relief that they see the truth of our claims. People will celebrate the advent of total peace upon Earth. It is so near and it is gaining momentum in spite of what the outward appearances would suggest.

I, St. Germain, and my Brothers have been working for this time for so long, we are excited as we see that our work is going to bring the desired result. We are proud that the family of Earth have risen to the challenge and have also done their part. Together we will have achieved a remarkable victory against the Dark that not too long ago looked very unlikely. You have our admiration for what you have achieved, you have really been put to the test. You have our Love for your steadfastness and determination to move out of the Dark Era, which is now closing, and into the Light.

Know in your mind what is happening upon Earth, but see only the victory that is yours. Lift yourselves above the negativity and you will hold yourself in the continual Love and Light that pours down upon you.

Soon you shall fully reap your rewards for challenging and winning the battle of duality. There was really no doubt as to the outcome, it has always been assured. You are blessed in the name of the One Creator God.

Thank you, St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey

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Tuesday June 1, 2004

In a future not too far away, you will have re-organised your society to reflect the new way of thinking. The old ways served their purpose, but were not ideal as they held you in the grip of those who would control you in every way. The bedrock of your civilisation has revolved around politics and religion and both will need to change dramatically, if they are to take their correct place in a new society. There is a need for more openness and discussion, for more accountability, and if people at the helm of these activities are the ‘right’ ones, it will be so. A coming together in an understanding of what is required will help remove a lot of the baggage that accompanies the organisations that represent these groups. Already there are people who have the ability to see where the changes are needed, and the manner in which they can be achieved. A serious look at much that you hold dear has to take place, if you are to take those steps that lead you into a totally New Age. It is about reviewing your methods of interacting with each other, your laws and your demeanour.

Excerpt of Dove Report of May 30, 2003,   NESARA Yes!, NESARA NOW!

There are literally QUATTUORDECILLIONS of dollars of wealth (backed by precious metals) sitting in U.S. banks under special designations waiting for the announcement of NESARA and the deliveries and funding of the first 31 humanitarian prosperity programs.  These prosperity programs funds are the massive funds capitalizing the new U.S. Treasury Bank System which Constitutionally requires that the capital for the new banking system come FROM OUTSIDE the current Federal Reserve banking system. These vast amounts of funds have been transferred from offshore banks where they have been accumulating for many years. Some of the current prosperity programs began over 20 years ago in offshore bank programs; these programs account for about 30% of the funds we are receiving. The World Trust accounts for over 70% of our funds; the World Trust has been accumulating vast wealth for over 250 years. The World Trust is the top financial trust in the world (it supersedes the Vatican Trust, the French Trust, the Russian Trust, and all other financial trusts in the entire world) and was set up by Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine (prior to His Ascension) in the mid-1700’s for the Children of Light.  In the 1700’s le Comte de Saint Germaine gave German bankers a formula for programs which could accumulate vast amounts of wealth. This formula for wealth accumulation does not involve a single penny of “interest” being charged and therefore is in alignment with higher spiritual values. Le Comte de Saint Germaine put large sums of funds into the World Trust and instructed the German bankers on how to conduct the wealth accumulation programs. The World Trust has been accumulating vast wealth annually ever since the mid-1700’s in preparation for distributing this massive wealth to the Children of Light who are here on Earth in these times to do world improvement projects as part of anchoring in the Golden Age for all on Earth. The World Trust, as well as wealth from numerous other Ascended Masters, is the basis of worldwide prosperity for all Earth’s people within three and a half years of NESARA’s announcement.   Most of the 20+ Ascended Masters, who are contributing to bringing forth the Golden Age for all Earth’s people, have Their own private banks and have been accumulating vast sums of wealth as the basis of worldwide prosperity in these times. We in the current 31 humanitarian prosperity programs will also be informed how we are contributing to providing worldwide prosperity. There is PLENTY of money on Earth to make every person as wealthy as a millionaire. It is part of Earth Humans coming transformations to self-actualizing, self-transcendent people that Earth Humans must leave struggling for survival behind.  NESARA must be announced before the mass deliveries in the U.S. and Canada to current prosperity program members can occur. If you are sitting around this weekend expecting to receive your delivery, you are wasting your time. The soonest NESARA may be announced is next Tuesday and currently it is expected that mass deliveries will not be made on the same day as NESARA’s announcement.

 Also, many of us who will be doing world improvement projects will be looking for good people to fill positions to assist in the planning, development, and carrying out of world improvement projects. I will be looking for spiritually oriented people with various skills and experience to fill these new positions and other prosperity program members will also be looking for good people. I know some of you reading the Dove Reports would dearly love to be doing useful work to improve the world and be paid for it too. I’m sure there will be such opportunities arising a few months after NESARA’s announcement.

There is help and guidance offered if you take that first step in the acknowledgement that far-reaching changes have to occur, if you are to leave the dark ages behind. Many of you see that your civilisation has moved in the wrong direction, but cannot yet imagine how changes can be introduced, that would meet approval and be accepted. Once you start to come out of your present predicaments, there will be a lot of soul searching to find answers to the problems that you experienced. You will be quite adamant that you cannot again allow Humanity to go through the suffering and trauma that has taken place. It will be difficult at first to envisage how to deal with the problems. But you will find that once you grasp the opportunities to bring back the protection of your rights under your original Constitution, some of the answers will be there right in front of you.

Instead of being led, you will all become the leaders. Decisions made, will truly reflect what the majority require. But the difference will be that your consciousness will have opened even further than before, and the new Humanity will be emerging. It has to be so, you cannot continue the old ways anymore, and they have had their time although you have learnt much from them. With an enlightened consciousness, it will be much easier to see where you should be going, and the decisions will reflect a new found way of looking at life. Equality of life is the main platform upon which you will launch your changes, and clearly there will be little opposition to such goals.

I have often said that there is sufficient wealth in your world to achieve a good standard of living for everyone. It is simply a matter of distribution and in this you will find many able helpers. Most importantly, and necessary to your work, will be the aid given to you by your friends from Space. Without their help your task would take so long to overcome, the size of it would be just too much. Your transport systems and manufacturing industry would collapse under the strain. Instead you will have the benefit of their advanced technologies that will have the means to cope with your requirements at an astonishing speed. This will enable the people to receive all of the basic requirements of life, such as food, shelter, water, medicine and clothes. This in itself will bring a great change throughout the world. Happiness will replace misery and suffering, neighbours will help one another and there will generally be a great coming together.

This will only be the beginning, as greater tasks will be undertaken. The most important are transport and communication, and both will be modernised so dramatically that you will be amazed at the advanced technology you will be given. There is also the ecology of your planet, and as you would see it, it presents a mammoth task. But I assure you that it will be restored in short time. The causes of pollution will not return; the changes will be far reaching.  Mother Earth will be extremely grateful for your help. Without help, Mother Earth would have taken her own cleansing actions, and it would not have been a safe time to be on Earth.

Everything will be made new, and by the time you reach your Ascension it will be so. You will be the new Humans that have accepted your full consciousness, and used it to bring peace, harmony and happiness to Earth. Indeed you will have created a loving environment that will enable many Beings of Light to come amongst you. Your spiritual understanding will have expanded to a point that you will go on to become Cosmically aware, and take your place amongst your Cosmic Brothers and Sisters.

I have given you a broad outline of your immediate future, as you need to start thinking now as to how you as individuals can make your contribution. Do so with the greatest Love and consideration, remembering as always that you are ALL ONE.

I AM St. Germain and I lift you into the Light of the Love of All That Is.

Thank you, St. Germain.

Mike Quinsey

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Friday June 4, 2004

People sometimes wonder whether they are in the right place for these end-times. Also, whether they are doing what they intended as part of their life plan. I say to you that it is certain that wherever you are, it is correct for you. Also if you arranged to take a particular role in this period of time, and you have been open to the opportunities that have come your way, you will find yourself gravitating towards them. The Forces of Light need every helping hand at such an important time. Indeed after the expected wonderful events have manifested upon Earth, we will need even more help. There will be a lot of work that needs to take place quite quickly. You will not be without help and guidance, and it will be in abundance.

Before you came to Earth, you decided what you wanted to achieve. You were guided and helped in that choice by Beings who had the benefit of wisdom and understanding acquired through long experience. You made the final choice and intuitively you carry that knowledge with you now. You will be drawn to that which will lead to your fulfilment, but help it along by not letting chances go by that may otherwise have helped you. If you miss out the first time, the chance will come back to you.

What you get may not always be in line with your current earthly ambition, so be flexible and bear in mind that often it is that first step that is so important. There is no such thing as coincidence, and opportunities that come your way are intended and planned. When you are nudged by spirit to go forward, take notice of such promptings. Sometimes it is a winding path that leads to your goal. Until you find your niche, you will feel that something is lacking and this is why you feel restless. It would help if you went within, and you may find that you can get guidance from your Higher Self.

Whatever you do, be assured that as a Lightworker you are needed and will certainly be used. You may have a particular interest that appeals to you, when you want to work in service to others. Get into it by finding people of a like kind, and fulfil your needs and ambition by becoming active. Remember that you will be given plenty of help by your Guides, you are never alone once you have made that commitment to start.

We see the tremendous impact that you are making through your work. You are bringing the Light into a powerful focus that is continually transmuting the Dark. The more powerful it becomes it also enhances the work of those who draw upon it. This is not a conscious effort on your part, but the Law of Attraction at work. This limits any effect the dark can have to disrupt your work, but it would also help if you mentally placed a golden band of protection around when you opened yourself up for spiritual work. Try also to distance yourself from the negative news; do not get involved on an emotional level. Part of the challenge through your physical incarnations is to overcome and control emotions, and this is a good time to assert that degree of control.

With your wonderful work upon Earth and our assistance by continually sending you our Light, you have become a powerful force for good. This is why we repeatedly inform you that the battle is won, as there is now no way that the dark can continue in its old ways by dominating and ruling your lives. The dark is in disarray and breaking up, and this was always the way it would go out, as it eventually turns in on itself, and self-destructs.

Now you can perhaps see how confident we can be about the outcome of events upon Earth. We can assure you that you are soon to hear those announcements that you have been waiting for, and see the benefits quickly come into being. These are God ordained so be that little bit more patient, there is nothing now that can stop their manifestation. The changes have been earnt by all of you, and they are so far reaching that you will not recognise your old Earth any longer. It will be a paradise by comparison, and a unity will exist amongst people that you could not have imagined was possible.

You will have put aside your differences, and have acknowledged and understood the Oneness of everything. You will realise that you are all on the same path, back to the dimensions of Light that are your real home. You will also understand why we tell you that physicality is an illusion, but more about that another time. What is most important now, is that you do not waver or become downhearted. The new Heaven on Earth is about to manifest, and you will help to put that into place. It will reflect the path that is the reality that you have created for yourselves.

Dear Ones, you are about to see the most dramatic changes you have ever experienced. All will be made new and you will be prepared and ready for the time of Ascension. You will have become ready because of the work you have put in to raise yourself up, and you will naturally find your place in the higher dimensions. You are Beings of Light, a most wondrous Light, you are Masters as I am, and I welcome you back into the Brotherhood of Light. My everlasting Love goes with you wherever you are, it knows no bounds. I Am You and You are Me, We are One.

St. Germain

Thank you,
Mike Quinsey

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Monday May 24, 2004

Every person on Earth has an interest in the events that are unfolding right now. They may not be aware of the magnitude of the changes that are occurring, but they have at least a feeling or a stirring inside that something is happening to them and others, which they cannot figure out. Dear Ones, the energies are affecting you regardless, and life becomes much easier for you if you can respond to them, knowingly or otherwise. There is often a pulling of your ‘heart strings’ and you feel emotional where perhaps you were not before. This most critical time on Earth is so emotive that you cannot help giving out a response, and often you will find deep emotions surfacing within yourself. This is not like me, you might say, but it is the new you emerging. One who feels the negativity more, one who feels the pain of others, feels the desperation and pleas for help. Of course you feel these things, because you are receiving a collective energy of all that is generated upon Earth. You might say, the good, the bad and ugly. [Title of a Western movie filmed in the Desert of Tabernas of Almería, Spain.]

How will you re-act to these new surprising feelings of compassion and a rising love that wishes to enfold and heal the hurts of the World. One way that is normally a first re-action the energies, is to become angry, critical and judgemental, another way is to pour calming waters onto the problem. Creating further negative emotions is not helpful as I am sure you can see, and I say that if you want to feel free to re-act in a natural way to release your own frustrations at what you feel, do it in a calm calculated way that puts the problem in its place. Change the world for the good of all, sit back and quietly consider what has brought the problems about, as once you have decided how to isolate the problem, it can be put aside and you can then concentrate on helping find a solution. In your calmness send out a great Love, into the areas of the world where there is conflict and suffering, you know there are many such places.

Yes, Iraq dominates your media at present and will for a long time to come, but realise the Middle East is an area as a whole that could benefit from a great Love energy; it is a powder keg about to explode. But this need not be the case if those Dear souls can ‘feel’ some contact with those that they perceive are against them, can feel a sympathetic vibration that helps uplift them from their troubles. It is like Mother to child, there needs to be that something that makes the connection special and healing in the times of need. Look upon all others as your brothers and sisters because they truly are in more ways than one. If you are ever to overcome this period of great testing this is what you will have to do, and I have absolutely no doubt that you are totally capable of achieving it. It is time to see the inter-connectedness of everything, do not see the differences in people, instead see the common thread of humanness, see a great group of Souls in their chosen roles upon Earth complimenting each other.

You are all important to each other, look after even those who on the surface would appear so different to yourself, strip away the outer dressing and you will see that you all aspire to the same things in life, you really are not different at all. Everyone contributes to the evolution of the Human Race and you are about to reap the rewards of many lifetimes of achievement and dedication to becoming more than you can believe or visualise just now. I tell you that a glorious future awaits, it is here now except it is clouded by the turmoil you have been pitched into. As the dust clears you will see the first glimmerings of what is your destiny, you are about to claim all of the gifts the Creator God has ready for you.

Many of you already know of what I refer to and are working very steadfastly to bring the gifts into manifestation. Be assured you are loved beyond measure and protected in your work. The dark may grab the publicity through your news media, and it is right that you should understand the truth of what has been going on in your world, but know that the Light forces work often quietly away without recognition for their wonderful work. But the beauty of it is that pockets of light are expanding all over the world and linking together, and their power to change and uplift is growing stronger by the second, believe me there is going to be a great leap forward as the Light suddenly overcomes the dark, and then see how quickly you will be released from them and their destructive ways.

The best is yet to come, and it is so near. Show your Light to everyone; help spread the right message to those around you, IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE NOW!

I am always in awe of your fortitude and resolve to overcome the obstacles that are placed in front of you. I protect you with my Love and I strengthen you with my blessings.

I AM your Brother in Light – I AM St. Germain – God Bless you All.

Thank you, St. Germain


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