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It Is OK to Believe in Extraterrestrials

Letter to the World Court of The Hague and White Knights

by Dove of Oneness

NESARA for All!

This article is compiled from excerpts from the Dove Report of October 23, 2003.  See the complete report at

In the Name of the Office of the Christ, and by the power of our Mighty IAM Presence, we call upon Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine, and theViolet Flame, and the FORCES OF LIGHT to fully protect our White KnightTeams, and all those who are bringing NESARA to announcement, and wecommand and demand the continuous presence and overshadowing protection ofthe FORCES OF LIGHT on their behalf! We pray that they might come to afull understanding of what it means to ‘humbly ask for help’ by the powerof their own Mighty I AM presence, and to use THE VIOLET FIRE ofTransmutation, and the gifts that the FORCES OF LIGHT, and the GalacticFederation of Worlds are presenting to the world.  And so it is!

This beautiful prayer has been used many times over during meditations in front of the Peace Palace of the World Court, The Hague, by European Members of the NESARA Take Action Team.  Unknown Author.


For over three years I’ve been writing about the White Knights and who they are.  Many times I have written about White Knight Navy SEALs, Delta Force, Special Forces, and others in the U.S. Military who are White Knights.  Because of the large-scale of NESARA  “security” missions such as guarding and transporting gold and large shipments of the new U.S. Treasury currency, guarding 30+ NESARA major banking centers, and handling the closure of government offices such as some IRS offices, it is necessary to use White Knights in the U.S. military. There are about 45,000 U.S. military personnel who are White Knights and are part of U.S. military units lawfully appointed to carry out NESARA-related activities.

As I wrote on October 9, 2003, the White Knights had to deploy White Knight military units to over 250 locations in the U.S. to be in position to provide security for moving gold and Treasury currency and guarding banking and other locations before, during, and after NESARA is announced.  Since October 10th,  most of these U.S. military White Knight units have been in position to do their security missions required for NESARA’s announcement.  Because there are so many, about 250, security missions in the U.S. to be handled so NESARA can be announced, U.S. military units have been appointed by the U.S. Supreme Court (backed up by the World Court) to carry out the required NESARA security activities.  There’s no other large number of people in the U.S. who are trained in doing security and guard work and who can be available to do the dangerous missions the U.S. military White Knights are doing to help bring us NESARA.

I’m hearing that the prosperity programs’ telephone network is now reporting that U.S. military groups are involved in getting NESARA announced.  Yes, it is the 45,000 White Knights in the U.S. military who are risking their lives to handle these security missions related to getting NESARA announced.  Some of our White Knights in the U.S. military will also be doing security for the mass deliveries of prosperity programs notifications in the U.S. within three business days after NESARA’s announcement.  There will be ZERO mass deliveries until after NESARA is announced, regardless of what the Bush-Rockefeller gang of prosperity programs Trustees are saying.

As I mentioned above, the U.S. military White Knights units were deployed on October 10, 2003 when the White Knights began attempting to get all 250 White Knight missions ready so NESARA can be announced.  Each day the Illuminati opposing NESARA have caused interference with many of the 250 White Knight units in order to delay NESARA’s announcement.  So far in the last three days, the Illuminati have caused 64 interferences which have delayed NESARA’s announcement.  I wrote in detail about two of these interferences yesterday, however, the Illuminati have so many people who work for them, they can manage to cause dozens of problems every day.  The White Knights have not been able to surmount the Illuminati’s interference; the result is we do not currently have NESARA announced.

There is one way we can be guaranteed to get NESARA announced this month and this way involves the White Knights and/or the World Court authorizing the Ascended Masters of Light to assist the White Knights and neutralize Illuminati interference.

Letter to the World Court of The Hague

At the World Court of The Hague, Peace Palace, October 10, 2003.

Dear World Court Judges and White Knights:

For the last three and a half years many courageous people, including you, have worked hard to get NESARA announced.  As the years have passed, the Illuminati have used their double-agents and their control of bankers, politicians, military officers, and many others to continuously interfere with NESARA’s announcement.

Finally this year, a number of the Illuminati’s major people with the power to cause  interference and delays of NESARA have been removed.  This month you Judges in the World Court made strong decisions and opened the time period for NESARA’s announcement.  Finally we now have dedicated and honest White Knights who are leading the White Knight efforts to get NESARA announced.  These are major strides forward which we who support NESARA heartily applaud.

With good World Court Judges and good White Knights pressing to get NESARA announced, we have the right people involved.  However, as you are discovering, you do not have everything you need to get NESARA announced.  The Illuminati have a worldwide organization of 120,000,000 people, including 4,000,000 in the U.S.  The White Knights number about 200,000 in the U.S.  Obviously, the main reason NESARA is not announced is because the “bad guys” outnumber the “good guys” by 20 to 1 in the U.S.

There is help available which you World Court Judges and the White Knights can use to obtain OVERWHELMING superiority over the Illuminati and thus be able to absolutely announce NESARA in this current announcement time period.  This help was offered to you World Court Judges last Monday and I’m providing some information below to help you realize that you CAN accept this assistance. [Dove inserts information, not shown here, from polls and other material proving an overwhelming majority of Americans believes in UFOs.]

Let me suggest that you consider this:  when a valuable corporation is the object of a hostile takeover, the valuable corporation’s executives naturally look for an ally who can help them to avoid the hostile takeover.  The corporation often finds a White Knight who is very powerful and has many resources which can be given to the corporation to fend off the hostile takeover.`

WE have exactly the SAME thing happening at the worldwide level on Earth.  The Illuminati have been working on their hostile takeover of our planet for hundreds of years.  WE need to find someone MORE powerful than the Illuminati to fight with us to stop the Illuminati’s hostile takeover.  WE HAVE such an ally.

Last Monday, Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine sat down with you World Court Judges at your request to discuss the possibility of giving assistance to the White Knights to get NESARA announced.  Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine is the High Commander of the benevolent Forces led by the Ascended Masters of Light in their divine project to free Earth’s people of the Illuminati tyranny.  The Ascended Masters of Light command the benevolent Forces who have more than enough resources to easily overwhelm the Illuminati interference with NESARA!

Using the help of the Ascended Masters to neutralize Illuminati interference, you World Court Judges and White Knights could literally pick the DATE and TIME you want NESARA announced and definitely be able to do the announcement on your chosen date!  The Ascended Masters absolutely can easily neutralize the Illuminati thus creating the right conditions so the White Knights can do the NESARA announcement!

My phone rings off the hook with people asking me: WHY are we still waiting for NESARA when you World Court Judges and White Knights can use the Ascended Masters’ help to ensure NESARA is announced?

It appears that the issue is simply that you would be the first “official authorities” to work directly with the Ascended Masters and benevolent Forces to carry out a major activity.  You might worry about what influential people would think about this.  Since influential people tend to be better educated, you might find it interesting that a CNN report on a Gallup Poll in September 1996 showed that better educated people are well aware that there is intelligent life in other places in the universe (66% of those with college-level education believe in UFOs).  I have included two articles below about this Gallup Poll.[Not shown here.]

I’m also including an Associated Press Report filed on December 15, 1997 [not shown here] which states that “Americans Believe in Aliens”.  The Marist Institute for Public Opinion which conducted the survey found that by a margin of 86 to 14, people said they thought “galactic neighbors are friendly rather than hostile.”

What I’ve found in my emails, and am now reading is mirrored by what nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman has found:  that many people believe we have friendly aliens visiting us but they don’t think other people believe this.  However, the polls clearly show that well OVER HALF of Americans, between 60-72 percent of those polled in different surveys, believe there is intelligent life on other planets and many believe aliens are more intelligent than humans.  A 1997 poll discussed below [not shown here]reports that “… 80 percent of Americans think the government is hiding knowledge of the existence of extraterrestrial life forms.”

Compare these percentages of 60%, 72%, and 80% with the percentage of Americans who “believed in” Bush in the 2000 elections.  Bush received only 47.87 percent of the popular vote in year 2000 per the federal government website .

Let me say this another way:  percentage-wise, MORE Americans believe in friendly aliens than the percent of Americans who believed in and voted for Bush Jr. in year 2000.  If 10% to 32% MORE Americans believe in friendly aliens than the percentage of Americans who voted for Bush Jr., then WHAT is the PROBLEM?  Obviously more Americans are comfortable with friendly aliens than are comfortable with Bush Jr.  Let’s get on with working with the Ascended Masters and benevolent Forces who are here to HELP us kick the Illuminati out of power and free our people to become truly self-governing!

I think perhaps the problem is the Illuminati-controlled mainstream media assault of ridiculing anyone who publicly discusses their awareness that there are friendly aliens visiting Earth.

But, let’s look at the FACTS:  the Illuminati control the mainstream media and they control the top politicians of most countries.  The Illuminati KNOW that the major threat to their hostile, “new/one world order” takeover of our planet is that we can call upon the Ascended Masters and benevolent Forces for help.  Consequently, the Illuminati have done a good job of trying to keep the TRUTH about our divine assistance and friendly space brothers and sisters from being acknowledged in the controlled media.

I’m told four of you U.S. military White Knights on the White Knight decision team have been on Ascended Master Sananda’s ship and have traveled with the benevolent Forces.  YOU know that the Ascended Masters want to help us to take back our world from the Illuminati.  You can tell the World Court Judges about your experiences and recommend that the Court enlist the help of the Ascended Masters in handling the Illuminati so NESARA can be announced SOON.  Your stories are not unusual.  Dr. Steven Greer has compiled the testimony of over 400 government, military, and intelligence community witnesses testifying to their direct, personal, first hand experience with UFOs, ETs, ET technology, and the cover-up that keeps this information secret.  (See )

We must ignore the FALSE pictures of reality given us by the Illuminati-controlled governments and mainstream press.  The mainstream media DOES NOT reflect the TRUTH of our world.  The mainstream media promoted Bush Jr.’s “weapons of mass destruction” excuses to attack Iraq when in fact, there are no WMDs in Iraq.  We know the mainstream media is full of government-planted disinformation and does not give us the truth.

But there is another large source of information which DOES portray a more accurate reflection of what Earth’s people think and believe:  the Internet.  A recent survey showed that 60% of adults in the U.S. use the Internet.  Let me show you some examples of how FAR AHEAD of the Illuminati-controlled governments the PEOPLE of Earth are.  I did numerous web searches on Google today (October 23, 2003) to see if I could find some good indicators that Earth’s people are well aware of things that are never reported in mainstream media.

I decided to compare Earth’s people’s awareness regarding the Ascended Masters with their awareness of Oprah Winfrey.  Here’s what my Google searches revealed:

Search on "Oprah Winfrey"			=  255,000
Search on  "Ascended Master"=  135,000

Oprah Winfrey is on television in the U.S. five days a week and is featured on tabloid covers every month.  The Ascended Masters have NOT been on television at all and are not on the cover of supermarket tabloids but remarkably, are very well known for having NO mainstream media coverage at all.

Then I did Google searches on some phrases used by people worldwide who are aware of things not covered in the mainstream media and who would be the types of people likely to know about Ascended Masters and benevolent Forces.  I then compared these searches with searches on phrases reported in mainstream media and here’s what I found:

Search on "Mind Body Spirit"=  3,220,000
Search on "International Court of Justice"=  3,810,000
Search on "metaphysical"=  1,130,000
Search on "International Monetary Fund"=  1,960,000

I hope you World Court Judges and White Knights will have your own people duplicate my Google searches immediately (before the Illuminati can revise the Google search engine) and see for yourselves that the knowledge of the world’s people is NOT reflected in government cover-ups or in the mainstream media.  When duplicating my searches, please note I did not use “IMF” because organizations other than the International Monetary Fund also use these initials; I did not search on simply “Oprah” because other people also have that first name.

If you are interested in seeing how much more information there is on the Internet about the FACTS that ex-Military officers are now testifying about the government extraterrestrial cover-ups, one of many websites on this topic is:

I hope that you World Court Judges and White Knights are now realizing that the world’s PEOPLE are WAY AHEAD of the Illuminati-controlled governments and media.  WE are ready to welcome the Ascended Masters of Light and the benevolent Forces to our planet in broad daylight and officially.

I hope also that now you at the World Court are receiving our postcards in which we are calling for you to work with the Ascended Masters and the benevolent Forces to handle the Illuminati
so the White Knights can announce NESARA SOON!

WE, the people of Earth, authorize YOU to act in our names and on our behalf in enlisting the Ascended Masters to help the White Knights to bring NESARA to announcement NOW!

Blessings and Love,
Dove of Oneness
At the World Court of The Hague, Peace Palace, October 31, 2003.

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