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Issues of Human Sexuality

By Sananda Immanuel and Candace Frieze

Sananda Immanuel channeled by Candace Frieze,AbundantHope2002@wmconnect.com .


Saturday July 16, 2005

Published in this website on July 23, 2005.


Hi Everyone, today we are covering the issues of homosexuality, and sexuality in general. Sananda gave me some channeling on the issue back in February, and I thought it was lost, so we began another. I was called away and we did not quite get it finished. In the meantime, I found the first one, and what I am going to do, to put both in this message, even though some of the material is repeated. I start with the July 14 channeling first. We are not commenting about the current progress of NESARA in this message.


My dear ones, I AM Sananda Immanuel, and I come to discuss with you a bit on sexuality, and homosexuality in general. We have had a number of letters, and I and/or Candace have answered these on an individual basis. I had prepared a message to you some time ago, to be given near the end of these messages, and it has been lost from Candace’s computer, and so I must start again.

I am very busy at this moment with getting to the NESARA issues as you know, so I am going to make this brief. I am asking you to go to the Phoenix Journals, of which Candace will tell you which ones to look, for the detailed descriptions of God’s teachings in this area.

There is never anything wrong with true love between souls, regardless of the sex one is having in an incarnation. The problem is the sexual activity.  The rules of God, which incur to provide you in the finding of balance in your activities, are, or at least to many of you, seem to be strict. And it is to your benefit that they are.

Anal Sex between anyone, regardless of sex of body, is quite dangerous. To begin with, the rectum is tender tissue. It is easily injured. It bleeds easily. Thus, it is easy to infect this tissue, not only with your currently known sexual diseases, but also with bacteria normally found in the rectum.

The insertion of sperm into the rectal tissues will cause damage to the body, to its immune system. Sperm are foreign cells, plain and simple, and they do not belong in the rectum. God created for you a perfect system to handle this difference in cells, and that is the female reproductive tract.

Now, there is an increased problem on this Earth with women being infertile because they have become "allergic" to their husbands sperm, and kill the sperm as a result. The most common cause of this is rectal sex. The body with the sperm put in the wrong place forms antibodies against it. This becomes most probable when the rectum is torn or damaged, and sperm enter into tissues where they do not belong. There is currently much sadness from this behavior.

Gay men also experience damage to the immune system from this activity. I am going to refer you to the Phoenix Journals for a lengthy discussion of this issue.

There has been the teaching on Earth by the dark ones that sex is much more important than it is, and defines who one is. Candace just discussed with me that on CNN tonight there was the information given that those in marriage who have less than 10 sexual unions a year are considered sexually inactive, the implication is that there is something wrong with this. There is not. Man, when there is true deep bonding in love, will move to working on spirit and come out of additive sexual behavior. Yes, sex is addictive same as alcohol and drugs.

We discuss in the Journals what "antichrist" is doing via your media constantly. You are made to feel inferior if you and your mate aren’t hugely sexually active. Sex is encouraged in all manners in advertising. I am noticing ever more that even young children are being dressed in a more sexual manner, and they can’t handle this at all, when they are found attractive to others. There are many sexual predators upon the planet.


We ended above, as I mentioned, because I had to take care of another issue. What now follows is the channeling that Sananda gave me on February 10, 2005. The first part of this material concerns evolution vs. creationism. I think this material came as a result of something I saw on TV around that time. I believe there was controversy going on in a small town in the eastern United States. I may have already included this material in an earlier message, but it doesn’t hurt to cover it again.


In the country there remains the controversy over whether life and especially mankind was suddenly created by God, creationism, or a long process called evolution. Evolution, my friends, is the rule and always has been. Every planet is different in regard to its atmosphere, available organics and inorganics, temperature, nature of the rays of its sun and many other factors.

That God is behind, it is true. God the Son is supplies spirit. God the Spirit provides Mind, and God the Father supplies everything and personality. These are simple terms and the process is more complicated, but these concepts will work for this discussion.

There are always new planets forming that can carry life on them. The universe is not a finite creation. It ever grows. So new life must be started. Under normal procedure in our Universe of Nebadon, there are scientists that work for this Universe that carry life unto these planets. They are geneticists extraordinaire.

They evaluate the conditions of the planet, and its readiness and provide the proper elements of life for that planet. Life must evolve to the conditions of the planet in question. There is no better way. After the planet is planted with basic life, the process is observed, but allowed to occur naturally. There is only interference in the process if unforeseen problems occur.

Spirit must learn. Spirit starts its journey in inorganic material at first, then moves to simple organic material, and then the ever upward journey. The planet will develop more and more complex life forms, as spirit takes the journey of life. The Mother Spirit of the Universe provides the mind part. The Creator Son provides the Father and Son part. The very first animals, which occur after plants are established, are very simple and the only thing they know (mind starting to form) is to eat. The journey then continues until true mind called "will" develops.

Will is the ability to make decisions and act on them. You must read about the first beings who had will on Earth in the Urantia Book. It is a delightful story. They were still living in the trees. They were the founders of the human race on this planet. The Urantia Book is named because this planet is called Urantia in the Heavenly abodes of our Universe. It is the story of Heaven’s involvement in the Earth but not the story of the various intruders into Earth.

Now, because all planetary inhabitants in time develop the ability to travel space, they often colonize planets, or at least visit, and often make their own additions to the planets life. Sometimes, they crash and can’t leave, and animals on their ships then may breed with existing animals on the planet as may the visitors themselves.

Since Earth was captured at one time, the capturers did their very unfair share of changing and meddling in Earth, and not always in good intention.  So creationism only stands in that the evolution of a planet is started and supervised by those whose job it is to do so. Evolution is the process by which it is done.


The papers in Urantia that cover the story about the first humans evolved on Earth are #62 and 63, pp.703-717. Now continues the channeling of February 10th.


Now to another issue that is considered a problem by many on Earth, that of homosexuality. God would never interfere or find problems in the love relationship between individuals. The problem here in male homosexuality is the sex. The sexual organs were designed for the conception of life. We are not talking major "sin" against God here, but about real difficulties.

The sperm are foreign material to the woman’s body. Her sexual organs are designed to handle this and keep the sperm separate from her body, other wise her body would kill them all, and there would be no life. This is true in all life that reproduces by the sexual act, not just human. The problem is with anal sex.

When sperm are deposited in the rectum, this sets up an immune reaction that is not normal. The man develops antibodies to the sperm, and his system develops immune difficulties, that make fighting off many diseases more difficult.

I would warn here also that heterosexual couples that engage in anal sex create problems for the woman also. One of the major issues now on Earth with infertility in woman is around this issue. The woman may and often does develop antibodies to her husband’s sperm, which kill his sperm, and they are not able to conceive, and doctors in general are not teaching this to couples, nor is there any publicity about this that is generally available.

The same doesn’t apply to oral sex, as the sperm are digested. The issues with oral sex are the spreading of disease. Women have a normal yeast population in their vaginas. This yeast may well show up in the mouth, hers or his depending on the activity. These yeast can go on to colonize the small bowel where they do not belong and are difficult to eradicate. This condition interferes with digestion and assimilation of food.

The sexual organs thus are for normal sexual activity. On Earth, there are also the malevolent microorganisms that spread via sexual activity. This concept is no different than the idea that flu and colds are spread from one to another. The various body organs can be infected by a wide variety of organisms, and the sexual organs are no exception to this rule.

That is certainly a reason to be monogamous, so these illnesses are not picked up and transferred around. Woman would have only small problems with yeast infections if monogamy were practiced. These illnesses are not God’s judgment for errant sexual behavior. God didn’t create sexual illnesses as punishment. They simply are. Except when created in the lab, like AIDS by your Khazars, as discussed yesterday. [Candace: we did publish the Khazar message back in early February.]

These poor folks in Africa were given AIDS thru vaccines, as I mentioned. Many who have always been monogamous have the disease. Your media have done great hype in promoting the idea that AIDS is the result of hyper sexuality in Africans. This is not true. Africans in general are not more sexual than else where in the world. All have sexual difficulties. It was the Khazars that decided to use this virus to greatly reduce the African population. The small pox vaccines that were contaminated deliberately were used on other parts of the world also.

Now, back to the issue of homosexuality. It is not against God to be this way. There are many reasons for it. Often the reason is because the individual is a male say by nature, and has a female incarnation. He still feels male in his orientation and would seek out woman. Thus this woman as male incarnation might well desire woman.

Also, the DNA on this earth, that was manipulated, is very base in general and those having it may be attracted to the same sex. These Khazars like homosexuality and messed the human genome for that reason. So do not judge the gay person. And remember, sexual dysfunction occurs just as heavily in heterosexual people.

Sexual dysfunction is a spiritual matter for an individual. It is not right to force ones self on another, ever. This behavior is a type of theft. Spiritual theft. And it is not normal for anyone to desire the group sexual practices or going from partner to partner. This is an excess need for the physical pleasure, and time would be better spent on other issues.

This behavior is often an addiction, and must be worked on like any other addiction, and has nothing to do with love. Where there is love, God would never intercede, and there are many very happy and loving gay couples that do not force themselves on others or participate in sexual activities that debase themselves and others.

So I will say homosexuality in itself is not a crime and against God. The errant behavior certainly is a crime against self and others. Sexual deviants need to be separated from society when they cause harm. The rapist should be separated for example, and healing attempted. After my Second Coming we will have healing techniques to help these people that work.

Many engage in these behaviors because of prior experiences that have shattered their souls. You must have much compassion for these people who hurt so badly they must take their anger out on others. There are also people who are just plain "evil" and you must address these issues as a society, in a fair and balanced way that provides safety for all, but does not result in "witch hunts."


I am now going to paste in the answer that I generally write to people who write to me about their personal homosexuality. The second time I wrote an answer, I decided to keep it on file, rather than saying the same thing over and over. In this I discuss a very personal issue, and am going to let it stand in this public message for the teaching value. Again, there is repeated material.

Dear xxxxx, Hatonn and Sananda do not have a problem with homosexuality as in the love and caring part. In fact, somewhere in Journal #65, (I think), Hatonn sees no problem with gay people living together and caring for each other. I have asked him myself on this, and he would not interfere in real and caring love, period.

However, on this Earth there is much lack of knowledge about sex. Rectal sex, in anyone, gay or not, damages the lining of the rectum, making it more likely for disease to occur. Also, sperm are foreign cells to the body of the recipient and can cause problems with the immune system. In straight couples, the leading cause of infertility, associated with the woman destroying her husband’s sperm, is that of rectal sex. She forms antibodies against the sperm, when injected into the rectum. The vagina and other female organs are designed for this issue, the rectum is not.

The damaged immune system, from having foreign cells in it, increases the likelihood of other difficulties. We were going to do a message on this, but chose to wait. The information is in #65. Hatonn, aka Christ Michael, made some really firm teaching, because people are dying everywhere from lack of knowledge.

I am going to share something a bit personal regards my past sex life. I am not gay. But I had a boyfriend, who I allowed to control me and he would rarely have regular sex, preferring oral sex. After I broke up with him, upon discovery I was merely a useful toy, I developed long lasting gut problems. I have difficulty with yeast growing in my small bowel, the result of the oral sex. Yeast does not belong in the small gut. I had many chronic yeast problems in my mouth also, with problems with my immune system, with the yeast growing where it did not belong. I also have herpes, the result of an unfaithful ex-husband. Vaginal yeast does not belong in the mouth. I do not know if I got my yeast or someone else’s, considering his habits.

Aside from the obvious medical issues, when the BBB&G’s remodeled our genetics long ago, downgrading them, this made hereditary homosexuality a great deal more frequent. Also involved in any sort of sex is the use of others with sex to control, a really huge problem on earth.  I believe in real love. I believe that people who truly respect each other will not do things that endanger another’s body, irrespective of sexual orientation. I have known a number of gay people, there are many in the medical field. I have no problem whatsoever with love. Neither do Sananda and Hatonn. It is the other behaviors.

On Earth, we need to understand that so called straight people create just a much, if not more abuse with sex, than gay people. Both types of people in general have no real knowledge of the medical issues involved. If one desires non vaginal sex, one should have knowledge of the consequences and the opportunity to make good decisions.

I had no idea that I could get into this problem, now bothering me for about 10 years, I think. I can’t take the traditional medicines for it, I am very allergic to them. I am on silver at this time, and getting results. You don’t want yeast overgrowth in the gut, I assure you. I don’t enjoy performing oral sex, I did it, because for some reason, I needed this guy, and did not see the abuse coming. I should have said no, since I don’t enjoy it personally. I don’t know why I did not respect myself enough to do so. (End of answer).

Notice my comment above. In the commandment to love God, included is that as God, we must love and respect ourselves. How many of us on this Earth plane have self respect problems, which usually lead to additive behaviors, and other behaviors of maladjustment. Sex, used improperly, is very destroying to spirit. I have been there and done that too much in this life. Have any of you heard or been diagnosed as having "leaky gut syndrome." Yeast can cause this as well as other infections. I had leaky gut syndrome, add that to the seemingly endless list of my problems and issues. Leaky gut causes many sensitivities to food, which passes across the lining of the gut into the body. I don’t know if my yeast caused this, as I also had a long term undiagnosed infection from a bacteria acquired during hospitalization for my spinal fusion.

Sananda has constantly been encouraging me to tell my stories in these messages. And he has been doing so with this one, so I am going to jump right in and tell a long and sad story in this life. It will show the long term affects of human mistakes in the area of sex.

My mother conceived me outside of wedlock, as it was called in those days. She had conceived once before with another man and had been successful in aborting that pregnancy by the use of taking lots of over the counter pills, drinking etc. That technique did not work with her pregnancy with me. I hung in there. The result, was that the family pressured her to marry my father, and so she did. They divorced 6 months later.

My mother was rejecting of me from the beginning. She lived with my Grandmother, her mother at this time, and my Grandmother provided much of my care when I was little, as she did not.  I still commune with this wonderful woman, now on the Other Side since 1976. Had it not been for her I would not be around as my mother made several attempts when I was an infant to smother me.

However, I never did ask why I was not put up for adoption. This was in 1947, abortion was not legal. I have gone back sometimes and asked myself, had it been, would this have been better? In the case of my mother, for her, maybe it would have been. She never forgave my being born, and made my life hell until the day she died, and even after that through her will. She even bothered me from the Other Side and that stopped when she was sent to the new planet to continue her journey.

She persisted as often as possible during my growing up years to remind me who my real father was. She remarried when I was three (and there are stories told she got me thoroughly drunk for entertainment at the wedding), and had 4 more children, and quite a few miscarriages in between them. There are some small family issues to this day about my having the other father, being just a half sister.

My mother knew how babies were made, and she had the choice to not engage in a relationship with a man she detested. To be honest, I have never figured out what my Father saw in her, from his stories he has told me. I reconnected with him about 20 years ago. I do not know her background growing up and whether she experienced problems leading to her behaviors in this life or previous lives. She was a difficult child, and I don’t think my Grandmother was the cause of that, because of the manner in which she cared for me. I don’t know about my Grandfather, except that she had little respect for him. Maybe there was incest, maybe not. She didn’t like pretty much anyone her whole life.

I was sexually abused as a small child by my mother. (Yes, you read that right, males are not the only ones involved in incest). I was also subject to regular enemas, and laxatives, the result from which, I was small and skinny. I also experienced denial of adequate food at times.  I was later again sexually abused by her on my 18th birthday.

I was pretty much forced to go with family to the local beer joint to celebrate my coming of age, and my glass was filled and topped up. Actually I did not drink all that much, as I have never had tolerance to alcohol. I was unable to make it up the stairs at home to my room and get ready for bed, and so, in her undressing of my very drunk self, I experienced again sexual abuse by her.

I was so abused growing up that I had little courage to just say no to this woman or otherwise defend myself or seek help. I actually observed little help available in my small town, to myself and other children who were abused in various manners. My Grandmother often confronted her, the result of which usually meant more trouble, so she had to be careful herself in choosing her battles in my behalf.

She had several relationships outside of her marriage, and gossip does travel in a small town. She was always physically abusive to me, and I have many scars from her use of an ice pick for discipline. I find it amazing, and as I right this, a credit to myself that I am reasonably normal. But the years of the abuse which occurred as I said, until past her death, there is still the scarring. I continue to have difficulties with anxiety, but I have far less than I did a number of years ago. I imagine my life growing up had an effect on my physical health.

All this, for a "roll in the hay."  Pretty much the description I might add of my father about sex. He knew how not to make babies too. I have a 1/2 sister I have never met in the Philippines, a love baby during WW 2. He lost contact with her long ago. I wonder if life has been alright for my sister and her mother. Many GI’s leave love babies and babies from rape behind during war. This was a problem in Vietnam also, with rejected children resulting. Given the nature of war I wonder what the experiences of the women in Iraq are at this time. We get hints on the Internet. Of course, we have seen pictures of sexual abuse of those in detention. I imagine we have been shown only a small portion of what goes on.

I experienced great pressure in the dating game in my teenage years, and experienced "date rape." I assure you there is nothing about date rape that is a lesser problem of experience than other rape. The guy took me out for two evenings in a row, and felt he had the right to a sexual experience for his efforts.

I did not cooperate, and so I was raped. I was a virgin at the time. I received no help in this. When I returned home late and battered looking, my mother came out of her room enraged, and accused me of being a whore. I did not press the matter further. I was 18 at the time, and a college student home on Thanksgiving break.

These were not the only negative experiences I have had, in the sexuality arena. I was raped once again a number of years ago, and nearly escaped a rape in 1975, when I was attending college. I was alone late at school making up work while I had missed after surgery. Two guys accosted me and took me to a secluded location in the building. I got lucky, when one went to get some clothing I was to wear for them, and the phone rang, which was answered by the other. I was able to escape. I always hoped an angel made that phone call that came just at the right time. I think that would have been a very bad experience.

In my 20 years in nursing I saw many a sad story in the arena of human sexuality. These include young girls raped, young girls having to consider the issue of abortion, women infertile because of infections in tubes, children abused as had I been by parents not wanting them, or otherwise having difficulties. I worked at times in psychiatric nursing, and sexual issues are common in people seeking care. I also experienced watching people in agony, both physical and mental, who are in the hospital to have various sexual toys removed from their rectum. Not all of these survive, as sometimes the bowel gets perforated, and care is not initially sought because of embarrassment.

I want all of you reading to revisit your own lives and personal experiences in the sexual arena. I want you to think of the people you have known that have shared their difficulties, or with whom you have been personally involved. I want you who have raised teenagers, in this "modern" world, and lived through teen pregnancy, diseases, and the social pressure for sex, to review these memories. If you are a young adult remember again your teen years. I want you to look around this world, and the revelations that are gradually coming about the problems that every single society on Earth faces in one way or another with its sexual beliefs. Look at the woman left behind or killed if they have been raped, or had premarital sex. Look at the views, believed to be of God, in the religious understandings of sex and family, and their variances over the planet.

I doubt there is one reader of this message that has not either had a personal issue or experienced the discomfort of others in your life around sexual abuses, and misunderstandings, often resulting from a lack of knowledge. Truth is knowledge, not something esoteric and religious to be argued over. I want you also to take a real look at what the media is doing this day, all the time now. Sex in our faces everywhere, and it is very difficult to avoid. I am not a prude by any means, but we have gone too far.

And I want people to look at their own sexual relationships, and especially those who engage in rectal, and oral sex, and ask yourselves, that if you had really truly known the dangers involved, and the risk of damage to the psyche, if you would really truly ask another or yourself to engage in behavior that can lead to so much trouble? Is the temporary high worth it? I am afraid, that for some the answer is yes, just as is the high that results from alcohol and drug abuse, a high that allows escape from life, but in the process creates even more problems.

Then I want to suggest that those that need and desire more information to go to the Phoenix Journals, #27, for material by Sananda, and #65 for material by Christ Michael (aka Hatonn). The Phoenix Journals can be found at www.fourwinds10.com. The material in #65 is very in your face, and quite descriptive, way beyond where we have gone in this message. And I ask you, who do so, not to write me back in anger, that this is all some sort of bullshit, and that Christ Michael and Sananda are not any better than clerics screaming from the pulpit. Relationships should be about real love, and sexual practice does not define love, by a long measure. I have been around quite long enough, particularly in my 6 incarnations on this planet, to know truth when I see it, and as I have lived it, been there and done that. Go in peace and take care, Candace.


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