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SmallDiscourses – Series IV

Mónica‘s Corner:  Teachings ofMónica Barbagallo

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Original texts in Spanish, translations by Luis Prada.

Remember that to be humble does not mean to humiliate yourself.Mónica Barbagallo


Ten Points

1. The Attitude 

Happiness is an election that I can make at any moment and any place.  My thoughts are the ones that make me happy or unfortunate, not my circumstances. Be able to change yourself and the world will change with you… Remember that the only thing that you can control in the world are your thoughts.

2. The Body

My feelings are influenced by my posture.  An adequate posture generate a happy disposition.  It is important that also you do exercises; these ones will free us from stress and generate the secretion of endorphins, that make us feel well.  Look always up and you will only smile, because I do not know anybody that has been able to cry in that posture.

3. The Moment

Happiness is not in the years, months, in the weeks, not even in the days.  Only you can find it in the moments. "Today is the tomorrow of yesterday"…  besides, life always has the right to surprise us, so learn to live the present without trauma of the past nor expectations of the future.  Remember that Happiness is not a goal, but a route. Enjoy each moment as if in it are combined your past, present and future.

4. Our Own Image

I must learn to love myself as I am.  Believing in oneself renders results.  As you know more yourself, more will be your advantage with respect to others.  Dag Hammarshold said: "The most difficult way is the way within."… but, at least one time in life we have to walk it.

5. The Goals

Do you know what is the difference between a dream and a goal?  A goal is a dream with a date to make it come true.  A dream is only a dream.  Something out of reality… so, dare to dream.  But, dare also to make those dreams come true.  "Aim to the Moon, because even though you may miss it, you will arrive to the stars…"  And when you set up a difficult goal or believe you have an impossible dream, remember that success is only the reward because what counts is the effort.

6. Humor

Smiling is very important to improve self esteem.  When we smile, even if we feel nothing, our brain understands it a a signal that everything is going OK and sends a message to the central nerve system to release a substance called beta-endorphin, that gives the mind a positive response.  They say that "A smile costs less than electricity, but gives more light".  Besides, with each smile you sow a hope.

7. Pardon

As long as you have resentments and hates, it will be impossible to be happy.  The marvel of pardon is not that it releases the other of his eventual fault, but that it frees you of a suffering.

8. Give

One of the true secrets to be happy is to learn to give, without expecting nothing in return.  The laws of the energy will return a hundredfold what you give, if you give hate, you will receive hate, but if you give love, you will receive invariably love.  Only he who learns to give is in the way to discover true happiness.

9. The Relationships

Synergy is joining forces and walking together to get things done.  When two or more persons get together in a spirit of collaboration and respect, the synergy always manifests itself naturally.  Understand people around you, love your friends as they are, without trying to change them, because when you do not feel right, the true friend will be there to support you and give you all his/her love.  So, cultivate your friendships, they are gratis!  Friendship, as the majority of feelings, must flow naturally.  As such, true friendship should not be based on conditions.

10. Faith

Faith creates confidence, gives us mental peace and frees the soul of its doubts, worries, anxieties and fears.  But do not get scared when you doubt, because as Miguel de Unamuno said: "Faith that does not doubt is dead faith."

   Parable of the Rose


A man planted a rose and worked watering it constantly.  Before a clue from it would appear, he examined it and saw a bud that will soon blossom, but noticed thorns over its stem and thought:  "How can a flower so beautiful comes from a plant surrounded by such a sharp thorns?" Saddened by this thought, he refused to water the rose and, before it was ready to blossom, it died.

It happens like this to lots of people. Inside of each soul there is a rose.  They are the qualities given by God.  Inside of each soul we have thorns also: It’s only missing that our roses show up.  Silencing ourselves we look at us and see only thorns, defects.  We get desperate, thinking that nothing good may come out of our inner side.  We refuse to water it, to cultivate inside of us, and consequently, that dies.  Never perceiving our great potential.

Some people do not see the rose inside of them.  As such somebody else has to show it to them.  One of the biggest gifts that a person may possess or share is to be able to pass beyond the thorns and find the rose inside other people.  This is the characteristic of love.  To see a person and know his/her true faults.  To accept that person in his/her life, at the moment you recognize the beauty of his/her soul and help him/her to perceive that he/she can overcome his/her apparent imperfections.  If we show those persons the rose that is growing inside, he/she will overcome his/her own thorns.  Only this way they will be able to see their roses open, many times.


From the book:"The Path To Your Solar Angel" ("El CaminoHacia Tu Ángel Solar"), Volume III ©

If you suffer depression it is due to the fact that you’re functioning below the spiritual level you have reached.  This is due to an error of your mind.  There had been in your life an experience, a teaching, something strong that could have been a big problem, some death, an illness, something that you called failure, a broken heart, some unfortunate experience, and you fixed all negative in your mind.

As the lower mind is used to go around and around remembering, and turning back over what was painful; the energies that you daily receivebecome wrongly qualified, coming to you to be qualified again. That is being amplified constantly and weighs over you to such a degree that produces depression.  This is the painful answer to that fact and presses on to self commiseration, which is building up a vicious circle that is taking force and weight constantly.  To leave that, which in reality does not conduce to anything positive, first try to be aware of that which was the initial motive that started to cloud the crystal of our vision and, by getting it darker and darker, made everything become darker and darker.

Now, it has to do with meditating over the fact and looking at it for the teaching and the positive.  And if you can’t see it, or your mind continues giving you negative answers, do not converse with it.  Stop right there and say: Well, that was like that, with that I count, what can I solve?  Put all your inner strength in looking for a solution, or in its defect, in accepting that that was like that, that there is no change, but because it belongs to the past it has no right to hurt your present. Let’s see it differently: If there is a problem is because I have to find a solution.  If the fact is irreversible is that there is no solution, then, I have no problem; only I have a memory to erase.  Now, put all your inner energy in looking for a solution, or to erase the memory.  All is mind. Change your form of thinking and your life will change.  The key is:To be aware.

  Do Not Feel Envy

From the book:"The Path To Your Solar Angel" ("El CaminoHacia Tu Ángel Solar"), Volume I ©

He who is busy feeling jealous on other people’s property is loosing his time and energies he needs to get his own, that’s why he does not have his own and other’s.  It is so clear that the explanation on this matter is so little; nothing we can get hanging on others, neither material, nor spiritual, nor his capacity, nor his intelligence, nor his achievements, nor his sacrifices; absolutely nothing.


 If somebody else takes courses and sacrifices himself, the reward is his to have; there is no other way, therefore if you like the same try to follow behind him, the path, and make the same sacrifices, try to learn what you can and then look inside of yourself, your own creativity. Each person should earn for himself/herself the rights to grow and be more; what hold does envy have then?, if from it you won’t have anything positive.And yes, a lot of negative, anguishes and tears; when with the pass of time you prove that you can be hanging on somebody else to whom you of course damage since his work requires double effort by the fact of carrying you; besides fighting against your constant bad vibrations, for it comes the moment when the life circumstances free him from you. Then you will see him grow at gigantic steps and observe that your attitude took you to learn nothing and to feel empty, you will betray him; of course you will look to blame him, but within you truth will make itself heard one and a thousand times.   So that you simply correct your attitude, if it is that you do not want to repeat with pain the experience all over again.

  What Do We Call Error?

From the book:"The Path To Your Solar Angel" ("El CaminoHacia Tu Ángel Solar"), Volume III ©

What do we call error? We say that "To err is human" and we are human.  Why accuse ourselves then of that which we consider we have done wrongly?  It is just there where the teaching is… If we are able to see our mistake is that we have been able to take into account the fact of the consequences that came out of it.  Then what is logical is to remove from us the guilt complex and see with happiness the learning it left behind.  If we can see from other viewpoint not to err would have been to take the right decision at the right moment.

Past is past and it does not come back, there is no correction with that respect.  Then let’s live the present with happiness corresponding to now because we know that if at any moment something similar presents itself  it won’t be to get it right groping along neither blindfolded but to do it right by our own experience.  If we know to gather the teachings there are no reasons to feel guilty.  That is what life is all about… it is a continuous thread of teaching and learning.  Then we banish the word error and with it the guilt complex and we take only that which gave us the master teaching at the right time.  This will take us directly to forgiveness.  Forgive yourself for having blamed yourself !!! Do not judge and forgive… start by not judging yourself and by forgiving you.


From the book:"The Path To Your Solar Angel" ("El CaminoHacia Tu Ángel Solar"), Volume III ©

Freedom is inherent to human being, it is a gift of Self.  It is a giant error to believe that the fact of forming a couple has to be paid with the expensive price of losing freedom.  That does not mean that you form a couple to not be it later; but that to suppress freedom neither guarantees nor augment love, on the contrary, it hurts it.

We are not two better halves … we are two wholes with all the rights and duties of the heart that should be shared together for life.  And if anyone makes a mistake … well… life alone will return the harvest of its own sowing.  As such, sick and hurtful jealousies do not make any sense to the one who emits them.

Live your Life intensely, without looking for the way of suffer it unnecessarily.  Be free and let others be free!!!  To love is to give without expecting anything in return.  When you really love the rest will be added unto you. Remember that only you can manage your life, not somebody else’s.

You can only be a good example to your children , they will do what you do, not what you say.


From the book:"The Path To Your Solar Angel" ("El CaminoHacia Tu Ángel Solar"), Volume III ©

May the Energy of Love-Wisdom of Lord Christ pour over all your fears transmuting them in Love.  It is my greatest wish for you!

Your fear is your prison.  If you have to cross a forest at night, you feel fear.  Now, if you know the path and cross it at plain day light, evidently it is only a beautiful field trip.  Fear dominates and paralyses.  The same happens in front of a divorce, an employment change, all of that that propones us something unknown.  Remember the old adage: It is better bad known…  [than good to be known] Why? Is it not better to give yourself the opportunity of knowing something different that perhaps is better?  Fear is based on the unknown and the obscure.  And we not only speak of the physical darkness, that one we can solve with lamps, flash lights, etc., but of the obscurity that penetrated your psyche, that one that caused a negative mental scheme.

Christ said: "Do not combat evil." That does not mean that we accept it, neither that we identify with it, but the contrary, that we enlarge good and evil irremediably starts loosing power.  In the case of fear, the contrary is Love.  Hatred, jealousy, and all you have believed contrary to Love, are only derivations of fear.  Knowledge reduces the force of fear.

We were reared with fears, fatidic prophesies, hot infernos, a punishing God (that seems He has all our defects); an "if you do not do this… it will happen this to you…" and many more things that have fed that negative mental scheme in our minds.  The bars of you prison were put there and accepted by yourself.  The good of this is that you can remove them.  How?  Very simple: Take a pencil and write a list of what makes you fearful, leave it near you and continue adding all that seems could be…  Now create an affirmation (a decree) contrary to that fear and say it as many times as you want, until that one that once you created, disappear.  Remember that: Thought + Word + Feeling… is a sure manifestation because in that you are involving all your lower bodies: Lower Mental, Emotional and Physical-Etheric.  Besides you are listening it and your brain registers the new command. Same when you make a change in a document of your PC [personal computer]and you accept it, the previous one disappears.  You know how it works, now think if you want to open the doors of your prison and be free forever.  As always, it is your election and you are just in your hands, nobody is going to come to punish you from outside.  From Master El Morya: "The excess of prudence is also imprudence." Have you not exceeded yourself in being too prudent? ¡¡¡ Observe the consequences !!!


From the book:"The PathToYour Solar Angel" ("El CaminoHacia Tu Ángel Solar"), Volume III ©

Buddha said: "The world is full of sufferings, the root of suffering is attachment;the suppression of suffering is the elimination of attachment."

Detachment could be defined as"lacking of thirst".  Think in the mood of a person desperate of thirst and in someone that does not have it.  Mentally observe the difference.  In which one you see peace, tranquility, security and in which one the contrary?  Now observe the world, the unhappiness there is around and inside you.  What causes it?  The economic situation, unemployment, wars, loneliness

If you observe well you will see that it is nothing like that because if this one were solved would appear other subjects that would continue causing unhappinessThen, what is it?  It is that unhappiness you carry with you wherever you go.  That unhappiness is within you and you cannot escape from yourself.  It is in your programming, in your brain computer, it is your beliefs, those ones that seem so logical that you not even know they exert tyranny on you and enslave you.  Your mind does not cease to produce unhappiness.

Now, if you analyze it you will see that there is a thing that originates unhappiness:the desire attachment. And what is the attachment?  It is an emotional state of compulsive bonding to a thing or person in particular originated by the belief that without that thing or person it is not possible to be happy.

Your mind says: You cannot be happy if you do not have such or such thing, or if such person is not with you.  You cannot be happy if such person does not love you.  You cannot be happy if you do not have job security.  You cannot be happy if you do not have a secured future.  You cannot be happy if you are alone.  You cannot be happy if you do not have a body in fashion. You cannot be happy if the other ones act this way, and how many more.  You cannot be happy if your mind is programmed to constantly demonstrate to you(whether for one thing or for another)that you cannot be happy.  All of that is false!!!

You are happy here and now but you do not know it because your false beliefs and your deformed manner of seeing things has filled you with fears, worries, attachments, conflicts, guiltiness  If you were able to see through that mess you would see that you are happy and you do not know it. There is not an instant in your life in which you do not have what you need to Be Happy.

All things to which you cling, and without them you are convinced you cannot be happy, are simply the motives of anguish.  What makes you happy is not the situation around you, but the thoughts that are in your mind.

Attachment is an emotional state that has two ends, a positive and a negative one.  The positive is the state of pleasure and the emotion that you feel when you achieve that one to which you are bonded to.  The negative one is the sensation of menace and the stress that follows it, what makes you vulnerable to the emotional disorder and constantly threatens to break you peace in pieces.

Observe well: If the object of attachment is not obtained, it originates unhappiness; and if it is obtained only produces an instant of pleasure followed by the worry and fear of losing it.

May we win the battle against attachments?  Yes, renouncing to them.  Changing our programming.  Make a list of all what makes you attached and tell to each one: "In reality I am not attached to you at all.  I am only deceiving myself believing that without you I cannot be happy."  And if your attachment refers to a person say: "I let you be yourself, that you have your own thoughts, that you satisfy your own likes, that you follow your own inclinations, that you behave as you decide to do. I free you with Love and I free myself with Love."

Now you are in a condition to love that person. Why?  Because To Love is not to want.  What you want, you want to possess.  When you want somebody for you,  you are only putting a chain around his/her neck, and you are binding him/her at the other end.  Love can only exist in freedom.  Choose between your attachment and happiness.

What you need to do is not to renounce, but to comprehend, to be aware.  If your attachments have caused you suffering that is a great help to understand,  and if once you experienced the feeling of freedom it will be useful to remember it.

Erase in you the "How happy you make me feel!, and the "This makes me happy!"  Only you can make yourself happy and all the present moments are because you are in them.  And today, the eternal present, the here and now, you will be happy though today you have the company of this one or the other one.  And you will be able to pass from one moment to another in life, enjoying it plentifully, without carrying emotional burdens from the past.  And as the lilies of the fields and the birds of the heavens are free of worries living always the Eternal present.

Where did your attachment come from?  It shot up from a lie that comes from your culture, your society, or from yourself, that is to say of your programming.  Simply observe thousand of persons living without that one you suppose owner of your happiness and if you revise your past you will find something that in a given moment you supposed irreplaceable, but time demonstrated to you that it was not so.  Today you almost not even remember them.  Look how small they were!

Change is produced only when you unite knowledge to understanding; observe that they are the columns of the Altar of Wisdom.


The key:  Deprogramming, loosing the ties.

What is your programming?  That that you carry inside of your brain computer that was formed by accumulating received data.  Your culture, your ideas, your beliefs, your fears, your attachments, your habits.  Here are the names of the walls of your prison, here are the names of the mess that filters out all the information that comes in.  Analyze them one by one, since the way is not to renounce, nor to put willpower.  Do not combat evil…  The way is the vision, to enlarge the opposite good.

Your culture:  Be what it is to be, there are other different cultures, there are other persons that live perfectly well without it, therefore it is not the only one.  It is not the owner of truth.

Your ideas:  When you meet someone, you label him.  For you he is nice, or unpleasant, or sad, or foolish.  So, this you will continue seeing in that person since it is the idea you have of that person.  You see people, not as they are, but in accordance with the idea you have of them.

However, other people may have a different idea from the one you have made for yourself, therefore yours is not just the only one infallible or valid.  That goes not just with respect to people, but involves all your ideas.

Your beliefs:   You act as a fanatic closed to all that can question your beliefs.  Are you afraid of someone else’s fanaticism?, so that is what our false beliefs makes us to be.  Observe the consequences of the extreme fanaticisms, they are based on beliefs so rooted that cannot permit the coming of other different opinions.

Your fears: If you would know that they are going to kill you, you could not stop thinking about it.  This is what your fears make, they fixate your mind only in them.  And if you have your mind fixed in them you do not live your life, you cannot be happy, nothing will be able to cheer you up, you will see everything from the darkest side.  This is not only the worst of the bindings but is the doorway where comes in all the negative.

Energy follows thought, if your thought is a constant negative one, how might manifest in your life beautiful things? If your mind wallows in a labyrinth of terror, that is lamentably what you attract to you; later on it takes care of making you see that that evil you feared, has happened.  What it is not telling you is that it (the mind) has created it with your thoughts.  Fear makes the perfect combination to bring to the manifestation what you fear since it combines thought, feeling and word.  Close this dark door and open the one of Love with all your heart, since Love is the contrary to fear, fill yourself with Love and little by little your fears will be losing strength.

Your attachments:  As a miser keeps his money, you will feign not to see more than what puts in danger your attachments.  Remember that they are the cause of suffering.  If we ask someone if he likes to suffer surely he will answer no.  And if we already know the cause of suffering let’s try not to give any power to anything external to us.

Your habits:  You have customs, ways that by being done so many times have become habitual and logic for you.  It is you robotic part, what serves you to do mechanical things, but not to judge life.


As you see:  The world with which you relate to and the one you love, is a world created by your mind and has little to do with the real world, why not creating with your own mind your world of LIGHT? The key is to understand and be aware.

Then all that enslaves you will be crumbling down, will be losing power over you, and your own creativity will be replacing the mechanic robot, rigid and lacking of life that you were before.  Now you are not going to admire a flower because you know it to be pretty, but because you are able to penetrate the essence of all the flowers.  And you are not going to see the sea, as a fisherman in a mechanical way, but as the beauty and grandeur it offers to your sight.  Only in the measure in which you be able to see somebody as he or she really is, here and now, not as he or she is in your memory, in your desire or imagination, only so you will be able to really love him or her.

Your mind, your culture, your beliefs… Anthony de Mello illustrates them perfectly:

"A Western tourist gazed, full of admiration, at the necklace of a native.
‘What is this made of?, she asked.
‘From caiman’s teeth, Lady, answered the native.
‘Aha!  I suppose caiman’s teeth would have for you the same value as for us the pearls…
Absolutely!  Anybody can open a clam.‘ "

As you may observe, values are made up different by different cultures and locations, for anything that depends on the external is real and absolute.  Those that have reached illumination understand that a diamond it not more than just a stone to which human mind has given value.  And the kings are as great or small as your mind decides them to be.  And that all has the value you give it…

Happiness and misfortune depend on how we face events, not the nature of the events themselves.

(From) Anthony de Mello: "Rediscovering yourself is simply to rediscover the Life in plentitude you may reach, if you propose to eliminate the bars you put around yourself."

(From) THE SEVENTH CIRCLE (EL SÉPTIMO CÍRCULO), book of the Centro Lusitano de Unificación Cultural: "The New Age requires new men.  And the New Man springs up from the reunion with himself.  It arises when the chasm that separates you from Reality is filled.  It arises from the appealing force of Love.  It arises from the reintegrating effort in a Higher All."

(From) THE NEW SCRIPTURES (LAS NUEVAS ESCRITURAS), Vol. II, book of the Centro Lusitano de Unificación Cultural:  "Energy follows thought.  That is why all who believe in wrong things, same as those that believe only in what is limited to their lives, claim for themselves the spiritual prison…"

The Spiritual Path

The Spiritual Path is what takes you to unite your personality with the giant Light Being that is within you.  For your Inner Christ time, as we know it, simply does not exist.  He dwells the Christic octave and only pays attention to its reflection (that is the personality, the four lower vehicles) when after a study time, works, meditations, desires to serve, generosities and achievements —which is the practicing of what is learned— your personality emits an insisting calling light.

 It is here when the Solar Angel guides your steps and before you come books, seminaries, courses, etc., etc., that make that personality more and more interested in spiritual subjects.  This does not mean that because you have taken a seminar, read some book, taken a course, heard other persons talking about these subjects, etc., etc., that the personality has been able to step a rung in the ladder of ascension.  It may be at the beginning and it is just in this part of the path when a person believes to have all the necessary knowledge, his ego makes him believe to be superior to others and it is there where he falls since it is the path of the edge of the knife.  Beware!!!

 Others come very high, even to manifest their Inner Christ and fall from there by the work of their personality that comes back to take dominion over a mind full and rich in knowledge turning them therefore into a false Christ.  Beware!!!

 They are the two most dangerous extremes, because in the path the disciple learns how much he has to walk and the essential value of humility.

 It is dreadful the amount of blind ones that guide other blind ones, increasing their negative karma in the name of an irresponsible ego for himself and others.  Nobody can teach what he did not sacrifice himself in learning.  About this, you do not play by ear; it is extremely dangerous to play with fire.  Beware!!!

 So much lack of respect can conduce the Schools of Wisdom to become hermetic again.  Discern based on Ethics and Respect.  Be humble in the heart but very respectful in what you do and analyze carefully in which hands you put yourselves into.  On this there are no heirs.  Nobody inherits the roll played by other; the spiritual rung achieved is personal.  If somebody delivers a seminar, the seminar copied by other does not have spiritual value, other than the material value of the personal economic retribution collected by the second one.  Beware!!! [On this I correct the author by stating that the right spiritual material still has a value even though not experienced yet since it guides,and informs, it fills the mind with the right thinking and points in the right direction, but you still need to discern it and practice it to make it worthy. Luis Prada.]

 There are no gurus, there are no leaders, the spiritual path is a path of studies, works and personal changes, it does not have marketing nor ridicule promises (that all they do is disillusions), you work to become a better person with which all of us would make a better world and by reaching certain point of the great work it clears the Antahkarana (that is the bridge that joints the personality with the Solar Angel) and there it is achieved the great step, what takes time and personal effort.

 I cannot be taught what was not learned and there are not Angels of the Father backing up those who work for their egos.  Really are admirable the people who glory in so much spiritual ignorance taking responsibilities that inexorably will fall over themselves, since they acquire negative karmas by the lack of respect to their brothers and sisters.  Beware!!!

 May the Light of Christ illumine your path!

Manifestation Technique

From the book:"The PathToYour Solar Angel" ("El CaminoHacia Tu Ángel Solar"), Volume II ©

If with our words we have communicated disorders —we have given negative orders— we have to correct ourselves.  Now you know how it functions, so we are going to revert all what we have done wrong making the corresponding decrees to annul the wrong ones and to make our future different.

For any request you want to do there is a basic decree in Metaphysics and this is:

Father, I wish it be done according to Thy Will in harmony with everything under the Grace and in a perfect manner.  Thanks, Father, because You already gave it to me.

Remember that the Father is the owner of all the Universe, that for Him there is no impossible, that He wants the best for all his children, that if your Father is a King, you are a King.  Just be sure not to ask for something that belongs to other of His children, only ask what you need and do it with all details you want it to have.

Then visualize yourself receiving it, using it, enjoying it, ask that nobody should lack of this in your brotherly humanity and never forget to give thanks.  When the same wish comes back to your mind, say  “I have already asked for it”, and reinforce your giving of thanks.

Put thought, feeling and word.  This is your command and the Cosmic prepares all what is necessary so your command be fulfilled.

Do not put negative thoughts in this respect, if you believe you do not deserve it you cancel your own decree, if you start thinking where it is coming from, it is like saying that you only have to receive it by this means, thus you close all other doors.  Therefore only make a decree and let the Will of the Father be done without your limitations.

There is a decree that I suggest you say it one hundred times, all Wednesdays, and it is going to make a great change in you:


You can say it every day, each time you remember it.  Wednesday is the day of Planet Mercury and of the White Ray (Harmony by conflict), therefore this decree polarizes in positive all the contrary.  And even though it looks like one hundred times is too much, if you could know the amount of times you have decreed negatively, you would realize that it is still just little.  Besides it is so extensive that it encompasses all imperfection.

Later we will talk about each of the rays and their days; right now be aware that it is fundamental to decree in a positive and constant manner.  But do not think that is all and will solve all in life, it is about a set that works all together.


From the book:"The PathToYour Solar Angel" ("El CaminoHacia Tu Ángel Solar"), Volume II ©

What is will?  Will is innate in you.  The Good Will is to place your will to the service of good, the Will Power requires of your personal effort and this one is necessary to effect your changes.

If every time more people would do it, if we unite all beings of Good Will on the planet in a collaboration and change purpose, if we would work together, if we contribute what is within our possibilities, if we communicate to each other no matter from where, since today’s technological advances allow all be together regardless of distance, we would jointly do what we desire the most, a different world where the Kingdom of God will manifest on Earth.

Observe how small and big changes depend exclusively on Good Will, and why this is the first and fundamental key towards abundance, joy, Light and Love, in other words, towards your Master Within.
"Always when you vanquish your small dramas, your inertia and laziness, your resistances to the fulfillment of your obligation, you are becoming stronger and more apt with respect to your innumerable brethren (who possibly you do not know physically), many of them more fragile and lacking of will than you.  The world as a whole is turning into one more dignified and luminous, moving away, though small, of its dark condition.

Yes, if you perfect yourselves the whole world perfects with you."…

LAMORAY, from the book:  Word of Gold ("Palabras de Oro") from the Centro Lusitano de Unificación Cultural.
Will is the stream of life itself.  It is the expression of the Inner Self.  The Will Power is the motivating instrument, or the dynamo behind all our conscious activities.

Never Get Discouraged

From the book:"The PathToYour Solar Angel" ("El CaminoHacia Tu Ángel Solar"), Volume I ©

Remember:  One thousand times I fall, one thousand and one I rise up.  Carry always with you the words: “I can”, “If I want, I can.”

Do not limit yourself, be daring.  It is very easy to enter in the inertia and convenience, it is easier to let all to flow at our side and do absolutely nothing and then blame others or the circumstances or whatever.

Laziness and inertia bring a thousand excuses to enter in our lives and manage us; let’s not fall in their nets because it is very hard to get out of them.

All you want, you can; and here we find ourselves again with the necessity of that great force denominated Good Will.

On the other hand, it was said to you: He who perseveres will succeed.

See that two thousand years ago He warned you over the difficulties to overcome, He did not said that it was easy or that it would not have inconveniencies, He appealed to your perseverance.  Also He said to you: “Take your cross and follow Me.”  All is always overcome and it is continued on.  Observe the spider, you can destroy its spider web several times and she always weaves it again, and the turtle, she always continues walking no matter the difficulties it finds on its way, remember that there is always a new opportunity, you have the most beautiful to struggle for with all your Good Will: "Yourself."

Be a Positive Person

From the book:"The PathToYour Solar Angel" ("El CaminoHacia Tu Ángel Solar"), Volume I ©

Think in positive, seek always the good in everything.  Observe the symbol Yin and Yan, the black part has a little white dot and the white part a little black dot.  This means that you can find the white little dot in that that you see darker, likewise you can find the black in what you see clearer; all depends on you.  For negative people everything is always wrong, it does not matter how much we do or how much we wish see them happy; they always be sure everything come out with a dark color.

What harms us the most are their thoughts, he who thinks in negative attracts for himself all that coincides with his way of thinking.  It is easy to listen to persons who tell that they already knew what was going to happen to them, what they do not know is that it happens because their thoughts attracted the necessary for that to concrete.  We are the architects of our destiny, what you have heard thousands of times, well you know now how it works.

 And Anthony de Mello illustrates it this way:

An ancient fable from India tells that there was a mouse who was always in anguish because it was afraid of the cat.  A magician had compassion of him and converted him into… a cat.

But then he started to feel afraid of the dog.  So the magician changed him into a dog.  Then he started to feel afraid of the panther, and the magician changed him into a panther.  For which he started to feel afraid of the hunter.

At this point the magician gave up and turned him back into a mouse, telling him: "Nothing of what I do for you is going to be of help to you, because you will always have the heart of a mouse."

Now that you know how it works, think in positive, speak in positive, be as positive as you can be and all the good you think will come to you.

If the person who cries for nothing would know that he is creating his future and that is generating the next causes for which he will have to do it but with a motive, I think he wouldn’t do it.


From the book:"The PathToYour Solar Angel" ("El CaminoHacia Tu Ángel Solar"), Volume III ©

Faith moves mountains, and he who has faith can do anything.  Christ said it and we have heard it said by persons all along our life.  And it is true, it is only one of the laws.

The first law is that which states "All is mind."  Faith is really the believe that one has the power to transform that which one thought, wished, and talked; in a physical reality "All is Mind." To wish something, you have to think it involving your mental body; by wishing it, you are using your emotional body; by speaking it, you are confirming your thought and desire with your physical and etheric bodies.

Mind, emotion and word carry a sure physical manifestation.  It has been recognized the power of the mind, we know that thought follows action and to this one, reaction.  And to reaction, materialization.

"To have Faith" is to know that it is so and so will be.  With faith your words have force and power, without them, they are hollow and lost.  If you have Faith, all, absolutely all, can be changed.

Do Not Imitate Anybody

From the book:"The PathToYour Solar Angel" ("El CaminoHacia Tu Ángel Solar"), Volume I ©

Imitation engenders traitors, when somebody wants to be another person what he really wants is to have all the same that surrounds that other person, his intelligence, his body, his world, his success, his goods, his place in life, his post or whatever.

Imitation has much to do with envy and as this, leads us to nothing good.  We can try to learn from others, of their example, and there are many and beautiful examples to follow; but from here to imitate someone else there is a long way.  One of the commandments says “Thou shalt not steal” and it is not just dealing with material goods, there are many ways to steal and all of them of very painful consequences.

Remember that you are unique and unrepeatable, your life also, your work, your creativity, and all of you should be.  We find bunch of people that should be adults, due to their age; but because they have lived all their lives trying to imitate their progenitors, they have become stuck in their infancy time, dragging the traumas others had and which have nothing to do with them right now.

They try, before their problems, to act as others would do and so not just they do not resolve them, but they complicate them even further, given that they do not assume themselves as adults, they act in the same way in which others would have it done, losing the opportunity to be themselves and to learn their own.

Don’t Be Jealous

From the book:"The PathToYour Solar Angel" ("El CaminoHacia Tu Ángel Solar"), Volume I ©

Jealousy is not Love, it is insecurity.  It is common to hear that he who loves must be jealous of the loved one; it is not so, if really you love somebody you wish his or her happiness.  Jealousy derives from the "I want you" that is not the same as "I love you".  I want you is "I want you for me".  Let’s see an example: I want a dessert, I want an automobile, I want a book, I want Pat.  You cannot say: I love a dessert, I love an automobile, I love a book; because if you were to buy them and you would say so, they would not give them to you and you wouldn’t possess them.  [Note of Translator: In English the word "love" has been misused in reference to show preference for or to like inanimate objects, that is not the case in Spanish, in which would be incorrect to say "I love this car", but "I like this car", which is the true meaning.  This explains the author’s remark.]

But if you may say "I love Pat", this would mean that you love him in freedom.  This does not bring as a result the licentiousness we see, which is the result of confusing love with physical attraction, which, if not raised complemented with the emotional and mental ones, it is simply a passing fancy.

Jealousy means that this is yours, that it belongs to you, that nobody touches it.  And observe in what way we turn a person into a thing.

This occurs because we are accustomed or programmed in an obsolete way;  when two people really love each other, nothing takes them apart, nothing interferes between them.  And this refers both to couples, as well as to friendship, which is the love most pure form since it does not involve physical attraction.

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