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SmallDiscourses – Series III

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Living Sermon – Unknown Author
Anyway – Mother Teresa of Calcutta
Seven Social Sins – Mahatma Gandhi
Press On – Unknown Author
You Will Arrive – Azul
What is Life, Its Purpose and Essence – Jesus Sananda
Wake Up! – Terria Fleming
Life – Mother Teresa
Morning Stanzas – Madeleine E. Belliard
Without Love? – Unknown Author
Look for God – Saint Agustin

Arab Proverb – Unknown Author
Time – Fr. Castelo Blanco

Learn to Listen – Bibi
Be Careful– Luis G. Santamaría

You Have a Right – Unknown Author
Even Though You Do Not Know – Anonymous Author
Do You Know Why the Sea Is So Big? – Ider Delgado

Flight of the SoulUnknown Author
In Spite of EverythingUnknown Author
We Are The Victorious Ones! – Marcela Fillol

All of This Depends on YouUnknown Author
May Nothing Disturb You
St. Teresa of Jesus
A True King
Joakín Bello
Best Wishes – Unknown Author
The Voice of the Master
– Unknown Author
To Give You Have to Feel First – Unknown Author
Love Is Worthy of All – Madeleine E. Belliard
I AMJosé Manuel FernándezRangel
I Know Love – Unknown Author
Walk With the Master – Sananda

All translations by Luis Prada


Unknown Author

I’drather see a sermon
Thanto hear one, any day;
I’drather one should walk with me
Thanmerely show the way.

Ican soon learn how to do it,
Ifyou’ll let me see it done;
Ican watch your hands in action
Butyour tongue too fast may run.

Allthe lectures you deliver
Maybe very wise and true,
ButI’d rather get my lesson
Byobserving what you do.

ThoughI may not understand you
Andthe fine advice you give,
Thereis no misunderstanding
Howyou act and how you live.

 SevenSocial Sins

Mahatma Gandhi, "Young India", 1925

Politics without Principles.
Wealth without Work.
Pleasure without Conscience.
Knowledge without Character.
Commerce without Morality.
Science without Humanity.
Worship without Sacrifice.

 YouWill Arrive

By Azul
(Translation, Original in Spanish.)

Nobody reaches the goal with just one try, 
neither perfects life with just one rectification, 
nor reaches a height with just one flight.

Nobody walks life
without stumbling many times…

Nobody reaps a harvest 
without tasting many flavors,
burying many seeds 
and tilling lots of land. 

Nobody looks at life
without cowardice on many occasions, 
neither boards a ship without fearing tempest,
nor arrives a harbor without rowing many times.

Nobody feels love without tasting its tears, 
neither gathers roses without feeling their thorns.

Nobody makes works
without hammering on his own building,
neither cultivate friendship 
without resigning of himself.

Nobody arrives to the other shore 
without building bridges to cross along the way. 

Nobody keeps his soul shiny 
without the daily polishing of life. 

Nobody can judge
without knowing his own weakness first.

Nobody achieves his ideal 
without thinking many times that was chasing an impossible one.

Nobody knows the opportunity 
until it passes by his side and lets it go.

Nobody finds the well of pleasure 
but until walking through the thirst of desert.

But nobody would not arrive, 
when has the clarity of a gift,
the growth of the will, 
the abundance of life, 
the power of self-realization 
and his own initiative.

Nobody lets himself burn with inner fire 
without first knowing the warmth of friendship.

Nobody would not arrive
when truthfully commits himself to.

If you pour out what you have and trust in yourself, 
¡press on! because… you will arrive!!!


By Mother Teresa
See also

Mother Teresa, August  26, 1910 - September 5, 1997

Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.
Life is beauty, admire it.
Life is bliss, taste it.
Life is a dream, realize it.
Life is a challenge, meet it.
Life is a duty, complete it.
Life is a game, play it.
Life is costly, care for it.
Life is wealth, keep it.
Life is love, enjoy it.
Life is a mystery, know it.
Life is a promise, fulfill it.
Life is sorrow, overcome it.
Life is a song, sing it.
Life is a struggle, accept it.
Life is a tragedy, confront it.
Life is an adventure, dare it.
Life is luck, make it.
Life is too precious, do not destroy it.
Life is Life, Live it!

Now and Forevermore
Know the Life is Eternal
For Me and for You.

 Lookfor God

Saint Agustin
(Translation, Original in Spanish.)

Do not pray to God looking at heaven,
look inside of you !
Do not look for God away from you,
but within you…

Do not ask God what you need:
seek for it yourself!, and God will seek it with you,
because He gave it to you already as a promise and as a goal
for you to reach…

Do not reproach God for your misfortune;
suffer it with Him! And He will suffer it with you;
and if there are two for a sorrow, suffering is less…

Do not demand God that manage you
by means of miracles, from without;
manage yourself!

with responsible freedom, lovingly,
and God will be guiding you
from within, and without you evenknowing how!

Do not ask God that answers when you speak to Him;
answer you!, because He spoke to you first;
and if you want to continue listening what is missing
listen what He already told you.

Do not ask God to free you,
not knowing the freedom that He already gave you.
Brighten up to live your freedom!
and you’ll know that it was only possible
because your God wants you to be free.

Do not ask God to love you,
while you‘reafraid of loving
and of knowing being loved.

Love Him yourself!
and you will know that if there is heat it’s because there was fire
and that if you are able to love it’s because He loved you first.

 Be Careful

Luis G. Santamaría
(Original in Spanish, Translation)

Be careful of your thoughts, that will turn into words.
Be careful of your words, that will turn into acts.
Be careful of your acts, that will turn into customs.
Be careful with your customs, that will be your character.
Take care of your character, that will be your destiny, your life.
Of the abundance of the heart, will your mouth speak
and be the discourse of your tongue…

 You Have a Right

Unknown Author
(Original in Spanish, Translation)

You have a right to be mad, but should not step on somebody else’s dignity.
You have a right to feel jealous on the success of others, but should not wish them bad.
You have a right to fall, but should not remain laying down.
You have a right to fail, but should not feel defeated.
You have a right to be wrong, but should not feel pity for yourself.
You have a right to scold your children, but should not break their illusions.
You have a right to have a bad day, but should not allow it to become a habit.
You have a right to take an wrong decision, but should not stay parked on that moment.
You have a right to be happy, but should not forget being thankful.
You have a right to think in the future, but should not forget the present.
You have a right to look for excelling, but should not forget your values.
You have a right to be successful, but should not be at the expense of others.
You have a right to invent, but should not forget God.
You have a right to live in peace, but should not confuse that right with being mediocre or conformist.
You have a right to live in the opulence, but should not forget to share it with the less fortunate.
You have a right to be depressed, but should not lose hope.
You have a right to justice, but should not confuse it with vengeance.
You have a right to get upset, but should not stop being courteous.
You have a right to a better tomorrow, but should not found it on a fraudulent today.
You have a right to be positive, but should not be arrogant.
You have a right to be happy, but should not forget the ones that suffer… and ¡Help them!

 In Spite of Everything

Unknown Author
(Original in Spanish, Translation)

In spite of my senses going to sleep through frustration.
In spite of this apathy that musty yawns.
In spite of many brawlsthat were left hidden.
In spite of my failures, my sins, my falls.
In spite of illusions that are yet forever waiting,
and of inner ghosts stuck on my pupils.
In spite of I inventing the smile many a times.
In spite of I swallowing up my truths, the lies.
In spite of my defects, my anger, my wrath,
of my inner fears that whistle from my soul,
and that I live disguising my small cowardice.
In spite of my past that spies on me secretly.
In spite of my anguishes that scratch my back.
In spite of my energy that gets exhausted, it ends,
and the passing of years, of my fights, my wounds.
In spite of all of that …I continue betting on life.

 We Are The Victorious Ones!

Marcela Fillol

Happy Birthday Saint Germain!!!!!!!!
April 30, 2002, for Saint Germain’s birthday on May 1st.
This is my humble birthday present to our Beloved Father Saint Germain

Oh blessed be the Children of the Light
Who valiantly have held the Torch of Freedom high!
Who love my fiery purple heart
And for it strive with all their might!

Through an Age of Darkness they have won
The right to know a better ONE
When freedom shall enthrone the heart
Of the true devotee of the Light.

I am grateful to you, my Beloved Child,
For with me you have stood through the night
And as the dawn awakes to an Age of Light
You shall share with me the Glory from on High!

The dreams you have treasured for so long
Will now see the Light of Dawn
And the Love that you have ached for
Will for ever more be yours to know…

I am the Spirit of a New Age
I am the Light of the New World
Celebrate with me, my children,
We are the Victorious Ones!

 ATrue King
By Joakín Bello, Chile
(Original in Spanish, Translation)

There are many paper kingdoms on Earth,
which as they appear may disappear.
Many little tyrants self-named King
but their crowns dull at dusk away.

Over other people is easy to rule
and golden crowns anybody can buy.
But over themselves very few may reign
and earn at least Astral Light crowns.

«The Kingdom is within Man,
conquer it and you’ll be a King.»

The True King…

has his moral as shield,
his aura as armor,
his virtue as sword,
his body as palace,
his knowledge as treasure,
his court made of angels,
his bulwark of Faith.

If a King is born, a star is born
which with its light will protect him.

«The Kingdom is within Man,
conquer it and you’ll be a King.»

 The Voice of the Master
Unknown Author
(Original in Spanish, Translation)

He who the word of the Master wants,
may his advise listen attentively
in the mundane permanent strife
and the hidden Light wait for alertly.

 Among the uneasy earthly throng
listen to the Master when he calls,
feel the whisper of His voice that claims
over the general human clamor.


Love Is Worthy of All
Madeleine E. Belliard
(Original poem in Spanish under the name "Vale Todo", Translation)

It is worthier to love
than to lack affection,
and be with company
than to be alone.

And to smile of all
than to be sad
it is worthier in life…

Love is so worthy
that is worthy of All!

I Know Love
Unknown Author
(Original in Spanish, Translation)

I know poor people who distribute smiles.
I know people who suffer who communicate happiness.
I know misunderstood people who know to understand.
I know pure people who conquer with their sight.
I know kind people who have something to give to everyone.
I know persecuted people who know to forgive.
I know those people whose secret is to LOVE


Walk With the Master
29th October, 2005.  Sananda through Angela,
«I am Lord Sananda, glorious and free, as you shall soon be.»

I will walk with you
And I will talk with you
And I will tell you I am your own,
And the joys we share
As we tarry there
None other will ever know.

What does it mean to walk with the Master?
Will you put on the sandals and walk in the dust?
Or will you bend down and pick up a child,
And give it tender loving care?

What does it mean that you will walk with me?
Does it mean that we will sail the seas?
Or does it mean that you will speak out
Against greed, and corruption and hate?

What does it mean that you will walk with me?
Does it mean that you will celebrate at an altar?
Or does it mean that you will allow me
To fill your mind and heart with the truth?

What does it mean that you will walk with me?
Does it mean that we will dine together in style?
Or does it mean that we will feed the hungry
And care for the sick?

I am coming to earth soon,
And will walk with you soon.
Will you be ready to accompany me?



Mother Teresa of Calcutta

People are unreasonable, illogical andself-centered.  Love them anyway.
If you do good, people will accuse you of ulterior motives.  Do good anyway.
If you are successful you win false friends and true enemies.  Succeed anyway.
The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow.  Do good anyway.
Honesty and frankness make you vulnerable.  Be honest and frank anyway.
People favor underdogs but follow only top dogs.  Fight for some underdogs anyways.
What you spend years building may be destroyed over night.  Build anyway.
People really need help but may attack you if you help them.  Help people anyway.
Give the world the best you have and you’ll get kicked in the teeth.  Give the worldthe best you’ve got anyway.


Author Unknown
(Translation, Original in Spanish.)

Nothing in the world
can take the place of persistence.
Talent will not, nothing is more common
than unsuccessful men with talent.
Genius will not,
unrewarded genius is almost a proverb.
Education alone will not,
the world is full of educated derelicts.
Persistence and determination
alone are omnipotent.

 Whatis Life, Its Purpose and Essence

By Jesus Sananda


What is the Purpose of Life?
"The Purpose of Life is to Grow in
Knowledge of the ONE Creator."
What is the Essence of Life?
"The Essence of Life is to Know
the Creator as Yourself"
What is Life?
"Life is the Supreme Joy and Delight
of experiencing ALL THAT IS."


By Terria Fleming

Wake up! Wake up!
Child, wake up!
It’s morning around the world.
The light is growing.
Hearts are beginning to open.
Wake up, dear children, wake up.

For ten thousand years
you’ve been waiting for this.
Lost on your sea of tossing fear,
your only companions:
the waves of hate,
the winds of grief,
the lonely night sky.

Wake up, little traveler,
your journey is almost done.
Joy-hungry traveler,
you are homeward bound.
Greet the light in the window
awaiting your return.
Greet the dawn of joy
with love from a healing heart.
Greet the dawn, greet the sun.
It’s morning all around the world!


By ©Madeleine E. Belliard
(Translation, Original in Spanish, Original is rhymed.)

Morning has just come
with its exquisite beauty
pouring out its purity
as it’s born through the window.

It overflows with Light that heals
the heartaches of your soul,
filling you all with calmness
in the harmony of the birds
that sing their musical clefs
perching up on the palm.

And ‘cause everything’s so beautiful
when birds sing there for you
don’t allow them to break
with too much work your neck
but rather show’ em that mark
that makes you son of God:
Put humility in your voice
when asking for your rights
knowing it’s already a fact 
that Freedom belongs to you…


Unknown Author
(Translation, Original in Spanish.)

Intelligence without love, makes you perverse.
Justice without love, makes you implacable.
Diplomacy without love, makes you a hypocrite.
Success without love, makes you arrogant.
Wealth without love, makes you avaricious.
Docility without love, makes you servile.
Chastity without love, makes you proud.
Poverty without love, makes you proud.
Beauty without love, makes you ridiculous.
Truth without love, makes you offensive.
Authority without love, makes you a tyrant.
Work without love, makes you a slave.
Simplicity without love, makes you degraded.
Prayer without love, makes you introverted.
Law without love, makes you enslaved.
Politics without love, makes you self-worshipping.
Faith without love, makes you fanatic.
The cross without love, is turn into a torture.
Life without love,  has no sense.

  Arab Proverb

Unknown Author
(Translation, Original in Spanish.)

* Do not say everything you know,
* Do not do everything youre able to,
* Do not believe everything you hear.

* He who says everything he knows,
* He who does everything he can,
* He who believes everything he hears.

Many times:
* Says what is not advisable,
* Does what he should notdo,
* Judges what he does not see.


By Fr. Castelo Blanco,XVII Century

(Translation, Original in Spanish.)

God asks us of time a strict account!
It is unavoidable to be accountable to God for time!
Buthow to give, of time, so much account,
if it’s lost without account so much time?

To make a time, my account,
It’s given to me, by account,much time.
But I didn’t take care of time and was gone the count
Now I’m without accountI’m without time

To you, that have time and account
Do not waste it, without account, in pastimes.
Take care of time, while you have count.

¡Ah! If he who this count of his time
Would have done, at time, great esteem and count
Would not cry, without account,his lack of time.

  Learn to Listen
(Translation, Original in Spanish.)

By Bibi

To hear a bird, do not hear the airplane.
To hear the small flute, do not listen to the small drums.
To hear love, do not listen to hatred.
To hear the whisper of God, do not listen to the din of the world.

And when you have learned to recognize these voices,
you could hear the bird in the heart of the airport,
the flute in the heart of a big orchestra,
love in the heart of a war
and God in the heart of anybody.

 Even Though You Do Not Know

Anonymous Author
(Original in Spanish, Translation)

Even though you do not write books you are the writer of your life.
Even though you were not Michelangelo you can do of your life a master piece.
Even though you do not understand about movies your existence can be transformed in an exquisite film with God as producer.
Even though you sing out of tune your existence can be a pretty song that any composer would envy.
Even though you do not understand about music your life can be a magnificent symphony that the classics would respect.
Even though you have not studied in a school of communications your life can be transformed in a model report.
Even though you do not have great culture you can cultivate the wisdom of charity.
Even though your work is humble you can convert your day to a prayer.
Even though you have forty, fifty, sixty or seventy years of age, you can be young in spirit.
Even though wrinkles mark your face, it is more worthy the inner beauty.
Even though your feet bleed on the stumbling and stones of the road, your face can smile.
Even though your hands have scars of the problems and incomprehensions, your lips can give thanks.
Even though bitter tears run down your face, you have a heart for loving.
Even though you do not understand it, in heaven you have reserved a place…
All, All… depends on your confidence in God and on your effort in being his/her worthy child.
May you have a day full of Values!

 Do You Know Why the Sea Is So Big?

Ider Salgado
(Original in Spanish, Translation)

Do you why the sea is sobig?
So immense?
So powerful?
It is because it had the humbleness to place itself some centimeters below all rivers.
Knowing to receive, it transformed itself in great.
If it would want to be the first, centimeters above all rivers, it would not be the sea but an island.
All its water would go to other places and it would be isolated.

The loss is a part, the defeat is a part, death is a part.
It is impossible to live satisfactorily without accepting loss, defeat, error and death.
We precise to learn to lose, to fall, to err, and to die.

Impossible is to win without knowing to lose.
Impossible to walk without knowing to fall.
Impossible to get it right without erring.
Impossible to live without knowing to die.

If you learn to lose, to fall, to err, nobody would control you anymore.
Because the most that could happen to you is to fall, to err, to lose, and you already know that.

Blessed is he who has already learned to receive with the same naturalness
profit and loss, success and error, triumph and defeat, life and death.

Duality is always present:
As in pain and pleasure, or in love and hate,
both faces (duality) of the same energetic vibrations.

Flight of the Soul

Anonymous Author
(Original in Spanish, Translation)

When the path goes uphill, DONOTFORSAKE.
When things are going wrong- as sometimes happens – DO NOT GIVE UP.
When you cannot get results,and problems add up, DO NOT SURRENDER.
When you want to smile and only can sigh,DONOT FALL.
When luck be against you, and do not find strength to continue, DO NOT ABANDON.
When you do not find fighting friends, DO NOTWEAR OUT.

There are hands that hold yours!
Believe and feel in each moment of your life, let your soul "fly free"
by the beautiful gardens of confidence
in something superior that comes where our vision cannot reach,
but our heart can feel.

Your soul wish to be free to give you strength and stimulus!

 All of This Depends onYou
Anonymous Author
(Original in Spanish, Translation)

A song can zest a moment,
A flower can make a dream,
A tree can start a forest,
A bird can announce spring.

A smile starts up friendship,
An embrace lifts up a soul,
A star can guide a ship,
A word can sum up a goal.

A vote can change a nation,
A sunray can fire a hope,
A smile can catch attention,
A candle illumines dusk.

A step must start a journey,
A word must start a prayer,
A hope will lift up spirit,
A touch can show a care.

A voice can speak with wisdom,
A heart can know what’s true,
A life can make a difference,
All of this depends on you.

 May Nothing Disturb You
Saint Teresa of Jesus
(Original in Spanish, Translation)

May nothing disturb you,
May nothing scare you.
All will pass,
God does not move.
Reaches all.
He who has God
Nothinghe misses,
God only suffices.

 Best Wishes
Unknown Author
(Original in Spanish, Translation)

May light illumine your path,
may stars guide your quest,
may sweet rain caress your heart,
may soft breeze brighten your smile,
may love awaken the light in you,
may life strengthen you with the gift of tenderness,
may dreams reveal hope to you,
may liberty overflow in you,
may fear abandon your mind,
may peace inundate your spirit,
may compassion grow in your soul,
may strength accompany you through adversity.


To Give You Have to Feel First

Unknown Author
(Original in Spanish, Translation)

To give a CARESS you have to feel as a bird feels when resting in the hands.
To give FORGIVENESS you have to feel as the earth
feels when the sun awakes her up.
To give HELP you have to feel as the heart feels when burning with love.
To give FREEDOM you have to feel as the wind feels as it passes by.
To give FRIENDSHIP you have to feel as a rose feels when opens its petals to life.
To give LOVE you have to feel as a star feels when shines in the sky.
To give PLEASURE you have to feel as the sea feels when touches the earth.
To give PEACE you have to feel as a child feels when is near Mom.
To give a LIFE you have to feel as the moon feels when shines in the dark night.
To give a TEAR you have to feel as a tree feels when it is cut.
To feel GOD you have to feel the living flame light deep in your soul.

José Manuel Fernández-Rangel
(Original in Spanish, Translation)

I AM as ancient and as new as the first and last of times,
I exist beyond all limitation.
In the center of my heart resides the Creators, Goddess and God.

I AM man and woman,
Mother and child,
Friend and foe.

I have hated and loved with all my strength.
I have died and born more times than I can remember.

I AM victim and assassin,
The powerful and the pariah,
The lover and the loved one.

I AM river, flower,
Light and Darkness,
Life and Death,

I AM the bird and its song,
The soft tickling vibration in the ear drum
And the joy of the soul when remembering it.

I AM the new life, the blood that runs through the bodies and the knife that pours it out.
I AM the dead and its putrefaction, I reside in the entrails of the Earth,
I inhabit every grain of existence.

I AM all and each one of the stars in the firmament, the light they give off,
And the hundreds of millions of retinas who, with nostalgia, gaze at them.

So who AM I?



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