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SmallDiscourses – Series II a


What the Ultimate End of Knowledge Should Be – Sir Francis Bacon
To Every Thing There Is a Season – Bible
The Rose Cross – Lady Nada through Elizabeth Clare Prophet , The Epopee of Cosmos – Lady Nada
Qualities for a Healthy Body – Dr. H. Spencer Lewis
Intolerance – Dr. H. Spencer Lewis
The Optimist’s Decalogue – Gonzalo Gallo-González
Love Can Do Anything – Emmet Fox
The Precipitation of the Plan – Saint Germain
Transcending Selfishness – Saint Germain
Simplicity, Master Key, Light of the World, With Pleasure, Justice – Gonzalo Gallo-González
Nothing Received Has Been with Injustice – Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Who Dies? – Pablo Neruda
Attempt! – Unknown Author
The Lotus Flower – Master Jupiter
A New Christic Manifestation? ,
Organ Donation , Karma, Detachment to People, Places, Conditions or Things – Master Kuthumi
Sometimes I Would Only Want That You Understand – Madeleine E. Belliard
The Easy and the Difficult – Unknown Author
You Do Not Educate When … , Do Not Worry – Antonio Gaspar
Maxims – Unknown Author
Celebration – Master La Moray

What Dwells Within You – Confucius
The Aspirant’s Work – Master Djwhal Khul
You Can Choose
Tiberio López-Fernández
The Harvest – Unknown Author
Contact Your Monad – Master Ajax
The Lie – Vera de Carvalho
Soul Flight – Unknown Author
Try – Unknown Author
TheWill of Good – Master Jesus
Love Thy Enemies – Master Jesus
Turn In for Answers – Master Jesus
Pilgrim – Master Jesus
Animal Abuse In Spain – Unknown Author
Your New Body Temple – Dr. RA-Ja Dove
Peace, Health and Salvation – Master Azembor
You Are the Architect – Sergio Valdivia
It Is Not the Same
René Trossero
The Quality of Life Starts With Us – Unknown Author
How Life Is Ennobled – Unknown Author
Intellectual Knowledge Versus Spiritual Practice – Unknown Author
What Is I AM? – Master of the Eternal Now
Know Thyself – The Seventh Circle
Do You Give or Negotiate? – Tiberio López-Fernández

All translation by Luis Prada, Editor and Publisher of Brother Veritus’ Website.

What the Ultimate End of Knowledge Should Be

By Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1626)Sir Francis Bacon

But the greatest error of all is, mistakenly the ultimateend of knowledge;  for some men covet knowledge out of a natural curiosity andinquisitive temper; some to entertain the mind with variety and delight; some for ornamentand reputation; some for victory and contention; many to lucre and a livelihood; and butfew for employing the Divine gift of reason to the use and benefit of mankind.

Thussome appear to seek in knowledge a couch for a searching spirit; others, a walk for awondering mind; others a tower of state; others, a fort or a commanding ground; andothers, a shop for profit or sale, instead of a storehouse for the glory of the Creatorand the endowment of human life.  But that which must dignify and exalt knowledge isthe more intimate and strict conjunction of contemplation and action; a conjunction likethat of Saturn, the planet of rest and contemplation, and Jupiter, the planet of civilsociety and action.  But here, by use and action, we do not mean the applying ofknowledge for lucre, for that diverts the advancement of knowledge, as the golden ballthrown before Atalanta, which, while she stops to take up, the race is hindered.


To Every Thing There Is a Season

Holy Bible, Ecclesiastes, Chapter 3

1. To every thing there is a season, and a time toevery purpose under the heaven.
2. A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up thatwhich is planted;
3. A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;
4. A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;
5. A time to cast away stones, and a time to gather stones together; a time to embrace,and a time to refrain from embracing;
6. A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away;
7. A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak;
8. A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.
9. What a profit hath he that worketh in that wherein he laboureth?
10. I have seen the travail, which God hath given to the sons of men to be exercised init.
11. He hath made every thing beautiful in his time: also he hath set the world intheir heart, so that no man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning tothe end.

 The Rose Cross

Excerpt from "The Mandate of Love", a dictation by Beloved Lady Nada of the Karmic Board through Elizabeth Clare Prophet,
The Coming Revolution in Higher Consciousness, ChurchUniversal and Triumphant, 1979

" … I am Nada, I am quickened by theedit of Alpha and Omega, I am joyous that Love will lead in the coming revolution inHigher Consciousness, that Love will swallow up the dragons and their darkness, that Lovewill be the banner of Maitreya and the World Mother and the banner of the chela.  Thesign of Love is the Rose Cross, the beautiful rose fastened to the cross where Christ washung.  So they have crucified him, so he lives forever more, the eternal rose ofSharon in your heart.

"I make the sign of the ruby cross whereye are.  Let its piercing Light in your heart blossom as a thousand petal pink rose.  And let the rose glow and let it be the word "I know".  Letthe rose glow and let it emanate the fragrance that is the heart of the dharma(1)of the Buddha, of the sanga(2) of the Buddha and of the Buddhahimself.  So by the trinity of Love and by the squaring of the circle of Love in theheart of Mother and the chela, Earth can see yet the rosiest dawn of a Golden Age.

"We await now to see and hear and watchthe response of so many devotees, East and West. We hold our hands to fill your cup and westand guard for the hour of your victory.  We will come again and again for youredification in the Path of the Ruby Ray.

"By the grace of Sanat Kumara, I AMNada."

(1) A way of life thatembodies the teaching (of the Buddha)
(2) The community of chelaship (of the Buddha).

 The Epopee of Cosmos

Beloved Lady Nada of the Karmic Board,  Centro Lusitano de Unificación Cultural, Argentinean Delegation,
Original in Spanish, Translation.

In the lap of Divine Mother uncountable myriads of seeds shelter. Each of these seeds, in which the Macrocosm enclosed itself in forgotten of itself, will turn one day creator of a Universe, in which uncountable other seeds will germinate.

How it is extraordinary the epopee ofCosmos!  For that, my children, fill your lives of that notion of greatness of Cosmos.  Yes, what is the universal existence but a great cosmic journey? What is the universal existence but the visible expression of a Cosmic Consciousness?

Consider the immensity and the beauty of Cosmos —and feel how all your worries and anxieties become relative, attenuate or even dissolve.  Ponder in reflective contemplation the Order of the Cosmos —and an intelligent notion and a living presence of Divinity softly will cover you.

Wretched and unhappy the societies are in which was lost the habit and lack time to look at the Heaven! …

 Qualitiesfor a Healthy Body

Dr. H. Spencer Lewis, Former Imperator of the RosicrucianOrder, AMORC.

For an ideal, perfect body whichwill enable you to enjoy an ideal, perfect life, you should develop a spiritualquality in your nature, your mind, and your emotions.  This will help youspiritually and physically.  It will enable you to use this divine energyand vibratory power for things that cannot be done by the mind and brainalone.  The whole combination represents the ideal mystical development,the ideal psychic development, the ideal physical development, and these threeconstitute the ideal, perfect life.


Dr. H. Spencer Lewis, Former Imperator of the RosicrucianOrder, AMORC.

I never feel that a laborer isbeneath me, or the President of the United States is above me.  I feel thatall persons of any type or kind are just my brothers and sisters, that we areall equal, and that if they have different ideas, they are entitled tothem.  They may be right, and I may be wrong.  They have a soul, as Ihave.  They are entitled to their way of living and so am I.  I shallnot disrupt my happiness or poison myself with emotions arising out ofintolerance.


By Gonzalo Gallo-González
(Original text in Spanish, Translation)

1 –  Optimists love themselves, procure for them a high level of self-esteem, value themselves and take advantage the best possible of their innate personal talents.
2 –  Optimists accept others as they are, and do not waste energies trying to change them, only influence them with patience and tolerance.
3 –  Optimists are spiritual, cultivate an excellent relationship with God and have in their faith a living source of light and hope.
4 –  Optimists enjoy the "here" and "now", do not travel to the past with a feeling of guilt neither rancor, nor to the future with anguish.  Enjoy with good humor and with love.
5 –  Optimists see opportunities in difficulties, take into account the lesson that is offered by the errors and have the ability to learn from failures.
6 –  Optimists are enthusiasts, give their life to their dreams and are convinced than personal confidence and commitment work miracles.
7 –  Optimists are integral and of solid principles, that’s why enjoy inner peace and radiate and share, even in the mist of problems and crisis.
8 –  Optimists do not wear themselves out in destructive criticism and see envy as a venom.  They are not spectators of the crises but protagonists of change.
9 –  Optimists take care of their interpersonal relationships with care, know to work in teams and are spirited sowers of faith, hope and happiness.
10 – Optimists also have difficult times, but do not give up neither let their weight overcome them, since they know that even the darkest night has a clear dawn and that above the densest clouds sun continues to shine;that every tunnel, no matter how long and dark it may be, will have other exit and that every river always have two shores.

 Love Can Do Anything
(Original text in Spanish, Translation)

By Emmet Fox

There is no difficulty no matter how big it is that love cannot overcome.
There is no illness no matter how grave it is that love cannot heal.
There is no door no matter how closed it is that love cannot open.
There are no distances no matter how extreme they are that love cannot shorten laying bridges over them.
There is no wall no matter how high it is that love cannot break it down.
There is no sin no matter how grave it is that love cannot redeem.
No matter how serious a problem be, how desperate a situation, how big an error, love has the power to overcome all of this.
If you are capable of truly experimenting love, you may be the happiest and more powerful person in the world.

 The Precipitation of the PlanMaster Saint Germain
(Original text in Spanish, Translation)
Remember that being humble does not mean to humiliate yourself. -Mónica Barbagallo

MasterSaint Germain.  From the book:  "Pearls of Light" ("Perlas de Luz"), Volume II
Centro Lusitano de Unificación Cultural, Argentinean Delegation,

Know to want; be worthy of wanting! Know to evocate; be worthy of creating! Today, your role is, more than ever, to intervene. You are building the future.  Your Faith, your invocation, brought us, brought us irresistibly.  Humanity ascends and, more than ever, is introducing itself in the Life and the intentions of the Hierarchy.  The identity and the fusion never, as today, were so close.  The force of the soul is here.  The power of your voices makes itself heard in the supra physical sphere; your voices make themselves heard inside of  Us.  Your shout is Our shout.  Be watchful that your wanting be also Ours.  This way, precipitate -and with Us- build the Plan.

 Transcending Selfishness
(Original text in Spanish, Translation)
MasterSaint Germain.  From the book:  "Pearls of Light" ("Perlas de Luz"), Volume III
Centro Lusitano de Unificación Cultural, Argentinean Delegation,

Transcending is the key word to transmute.  It is precise that man learn to transcend his own personal problems, reducing their magnitude to their true level, to be able to see the grave problems affecting the world.  It is necessary stop using these grave problems as a protecting shield that is raised at each call.  It is necessary that man transcend his poor love —that demands a return, that it is not giving with generosity and abnegation— to the end of being able to feel the love that vivifies.
That feeling that still prevails among men, is not love.  It is lacking, dependency, a suffocating element that in nothing glorifies humanity.  It is necessary that man transcend his fears, his excitations, before the tasks that are attributed to him; that he leave behind all fragility that he has been accumulating and that does not allow him to know himself better.  These are characteristics of an immature person the requires and must grow.

It is necessary that man transcend his selfishness and, above all, his arrogance.  Never will he be able to assume his part in the Divine Plan if he does not achieve his humility.  Only then, the transmutation will be able to be complete and the Plan will be able to be done.  And thus he will really be a Being of the Earth, a Sacred Planet.


 Simplicity, Master Key

Gonzalo Gallo-González
(Original text in Spanish, Translation)

Queen Victoria of England was married to the German prince Albert von Coburg [Albert von Saxe-Coburg]. Certain day, after a discussion, the prince locked himself in his quarters.  After a while the Queen went to call his door.  "Who is it?" asked him, who was the aggravated.  "The Queen of England", answered her.

Followed a silence and the door continued closed.  Again said the prince:"Who is it?"  With identical answer: "The Queen of England"; and so several times.  Change happened when he asked: "Who is it?" And she answered:  "Your wife, dear Albert."  The door immediately opened wide.

Simplicity is the master key that opens all hearts.  The doors are closed before the arrogant and are open before the humble one.  Each step forward in the path of simplicity is also an advance on the road of reconciliation.

 Light of the World
Gonzalo Gallo-González

In Melbourne Mother Teresa of Calcutta went to visit an old man forgotten by everybody:

"His room was untidy and dirty.  Tried to clean it, but he opposed it. ‘¡Let it like that, it is fine like that!’.  There was a magnificent lamp, covered with dust.  I asked him: ‘¿Why don’t you turn it on?’ He answered: ‘¿For what, if nobody comes to see me? I do not need it.’ Then I told him: ‘¿Would you turn it on if the sisters come to visit you?’ ‘Yes, as long as I have a human voice in this house, I would turn it on.’ It was done that way."

And Mother Teresa told that with time arrived to Calcutta a missive with these words:

"’Tell my friend that the lamp that turned on in my life continues on.’ Those are the beings that we need to love. Money is not enough.They need service and love. Let’s put love to work, let’s start with our family." Turn on lights in a darkened world with love and goodness, faith and solidarity. ¡Your vocation is to be Light to the world!"

 With Pleasure
Gonzalo Gallo González

"There is no thing so simple that may not look very difficult when made reluctantly." Horace.  Put the heart in what you do and even the heaviest bundle will become light and bearable. Love and faith allow to many to endure with calm terrible pains and ailments.

It is told that a journalist visited a hospital and was astonished to see how a nun was cleaning with affection the purulent wounds of a sick.  With covered nose to bear the stench told her:"Sister, I would not do that for ten thousand dollars."  The sister smiled and answered with simplicity:  "Me neither. I do it with love for God and the brother."

The praying beings grow in capacity of acceptation and conserve the calm when others renounce. Love for God and others prevent you to sink in the quagmire of discontent when pains passes away.

Gonzalo Gallo González

This is the position of today’s man that should disturb us to finish with so much injustice: 15% of men have left over food. 25% have a normal nourishment. 40% are malnourished and20% are totally sub nourished.Every day die 100 thousand people of hunger in the world.  Of every six children that are born, one comes to the world with lack of weight, vulnerable to disease and prone to early death. Each rich person consumes from 20to 40 times more than a poor of the Third World. According with data from the World Bank the rich countries with 25% of the population spend80% of the planet’s resources.The resources of millions that live in extreme poverty are equivalent to half the sum spent by rich or middle class families in the maintenance of a pet.  A world in which injustice generates violence needs thousand, millions of good Samaritans, good, just and solidary people.

 Nothing Received Has Been with Injustice
Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
(Original text in Spanish, Translation)

Nothing we have received at birth has been given to us unjustly.  If today you possess fortune, such as intelligence, talent or virtues, is because you worked in the past to get them and cosmic justice has distributed gifts equivalent to your efforts:  Material, intellectual or spiritual riches.

Every richness is a consequence of a life of efforts, but it is not given to us definitely.  To keep it in the next incarnations, we should, each of us, use it reasonably, and above all procure that others get benefited from it.  Every gift that we have received at birth, we should make it fructify, and the best way of doing it is utilizing it.  Take advantage of those gifts, do not work only for you, but to help others facilitating their evolution.

Who Dies?
(Original text in Spanish, Translation)
Pablo Neruda, Chilean Poet, Nobel Prize in Literature 1971

Dies slowly he who transforms himself in slave of habit, repeating every day the same itineraries, who does not change brand, does not risk to wear a new color and doesn’t talk to whom doesn’t know.
Dies slowly he who makes of television his guru.
Dies slowly he who avoids a passion, who prefers black to white and the dots on the "ies" to a whirlpool of emotions, just those ones that recover the gleam from the eyes, smiles from the yawns, hearts from the stumbling and feelings.
Dies slowly he who does not overthrow the table when is unhappy at work, who does not risk the certain for the uncertain to go toward that dream that is keeping him awake. Who does not allow, at least one time in life, to flee from sensate advises.
Dies slowly he who does not travel, does not listen to music, who does not find grace in himself.
Dies slowly he who destroys his self love, who does not accept somebody’s help.
Dies slowly he who passes his days complaining of his bad luck or the incessant rain.
Dies slowly he who abandons a project before starting it, who does not ask over a subject that does not know or who does not answer when being asked about something he knows …
Dies slowly he who does not share his emotions, joys and sadness, who does not trust, who does not even try.
Dies slowly he who does not relive his memories and continues getting emotional as if living them at that moment.
Dies slowly he who does not intent excelling, who does not learn from the stones of the road of life, who does not love and let somebody love.
Let’s avoid death in soft quotes, remembering always that to be alive demands an effort much bigger that the simple fact of breathing.


(Original text in Spanish, Translation)
Unknown Author

Close your eyes for a few minutes and let your thoughts fly to places of love.  We cannot change the world, neither remove all the pain of the Earth, nor have already solved all our problems, but we can at every minute with the eyes of love look at each thing.  If we think that all is fleeting, we look at the negative with affection which is taking you to elevation and perfection, and then observe with happiness the change from bad to good, from sadness to joy.  What today make us smile were things that made us cry yesterday.  Our today’s flaws are also the joys of tomorrow.  People will go, loved ones are lost with time, problems are solved, even the same sun goes every night to be reborn the following day… do not complain in the middle of the road  because there .. something waits for you!.

The Lotus Flower
(Original text in Spanish, Translation)

Master Jupiter.  From the book:  "Pearls of Light" ("Perlas de Luz"), Volume II. Centro Lusitano de Unificación Cultural, Argentinean Delegation,

Imagine as a lotus flower.  The energetic vertebral column is the stem that ends in a lotus of a thousand vibrating-with-light petals (your coronary chakra) that opens toward the space in all directions.  Ascend towards the level of that lotus of pure light, above of the three worlds of consciousness, and behold the heaven of the causes of all things, the place where you are infinitely more receptive and infinitely more capable of giving energy.  There you are able to (or will some day) dare to face the silence of what is to be manifested in the world.  There you will be able to breathe the air of Oneness.  There you will be able and should utilize the magnetic power of the will to imprint in yourselves the vibration and the conscious memory of the place of Love and Power.  There you will be able to use the magnetic power to affirm and build the throne of the being that gave his/her place to higher Life.  Here is, what a simple, noble and pretty.  ¡If you understand, apply!

  A New Christic Manifestation?
(Original in Spanish, Translation)

MasterKuthumi.  From the Book:  "Lights of the Occult" ("Luces de lo Oculto"), (More than 400 Questions and Answers about Occult Wisdom by The Masters, Spanish Only).  Centro Lusitano de Unificación Cultural, Argentinean Delegation, http://www.centrolusitano.orgQuestions were sent by people from all over the world and from all the delegations of the Center, with the objective of having direct answers from the Masters to questions we ask ourselves daily.  Originals in Spanish, translations.

Question:Isn’t ridicule to speak of a new Christic manifestation?

Answer: Are not repeated the days and nights, dream and vigil, the yearly seasons, the need of feeding yourselves (and your satisfaction), the terrestrial spins around the Sun, the cardiac movements, the inspirations and expirations? Why only in the past could we have had Christic manifestations (or, even worst, just one time), in hundreds and hundreds of millennia of human history? Is it finished your need for glimpsing more Light? Is it exhausted the compassion of the Higher Spheres?  Certainly not.

The Christic Manifestation of our days is something as natural —because it represents a Divine Law— as the ones that occurred in identical cyclic confluences of the past.  Only a change in the concrete forms by which they invest, in exact correspondence with the alterations of the proper circumstances of Humanity in each epoch.

Organ Donation

233.Question:  Is it approved from High the organ donation?

Answer: Yes, matter should serve and be useful to Spirit (or Inner Life).  We would like to add some notes:

a) The abusive practices that in this field have been observed do not put in any way in question the principle that such donation is licit and, more than that, laudable.
b) When integrated to the new organism, the donated organ ends up impregnated of the characteristics of the vitality that will pass to animate it, or say, of the vitality of the whole in which it will be engulfed.
c) In the future, little by little, will spring up knowledge and methods that will make unnecessary the organ transplants as are practiced today.

234.  Question: In the future, in organ transplant, will synthetic organs be used (produced artificially)?

Answer: Yes, science works in that direction.


It is unknown the Master (or Masters) that responded these questions. From the Book:  "Lights of the Occult" ("Luces de lo Oculto"), (More than 400 Questions and Answers about Occult Wisdom by The Masters, Spanish Only).  Centro Lusitano de Unificación Cultural, Argentinean Delegation,  Original in Spanish, Translation.

55. Question: Repentance from error, will it neutralize the negative karma that from that naturally would befall?

Answer: The Law of Karma treats with energies, energies that correspond to and underlie actions consummated and that, in a future time, will convert and condense in new facts and objective situations.  We may, therefore, translate the Law of Karma by the Law of Cause and Effect.

When an entity repents sincerely of a committed fault, a definite energy is put in action that will alter the computation (or balance) of his general actions.  To that a compensation in the natural impulse will correspond for the activation of a certain order of events related with the referred fault. Effectively, Nature does not waste energy; with repentance, the need of correcting an incorrect action through an experience of suffering left, at least in part, to exist, because the energetic rebalance and learning were already produced.

56. Question:  Will Karma make its effects manifest in the passing life or only in posterior lives?

Answer: Karma can manifest (very) predominantly in future lives but, in some aspects, also, of course, in the same reincarnation in which the causes were sown.  When the levels to which karma affects are more elevated and profound, more time is required in completely producing its effects (as a bigger wave implies a larger formation); but on the other hand, when more acute is the capacity of comprehension and learning, relatively more rapidly is the the unfolding of Karma.  For that reason, karma more definitely physical is that one that tends to be harvested in the same life in which it is sown; with all of this, in the measure in which the human being goes evolving, also the karma of a more subtle or psychological character can (although partially) be exhausted in the same life.

Have into account, notwithstanding, that a situation can be not necessarily a consequence of an error (in the case of a negative karma) or a manifestation of a virtue (in the case of a positive karma) lived in the present incarnation, although may seem to have that direct link. What does happen, it is that karmic results of actions —physical, emotional or mental— are produced, in that existence, carried out in past lives but that, as corresponds to rooted characteristics, tend to repeat.

57. Question:  Have the same weight and same consequences, in the Karmic Justice, the same mistake committed by persons of different evolutionary degrees?

Answer: No, by any means.  True justice has into account the motive, consequences, degree of knowledge of the agent and, also, an immensity of factors that cannot be exhaustively enumerated (that correspond to the thousand and one possible concrete circumstances). In synthesis: for different levels of consciousness, responsibilities, conclusions and results equally different.

Question:  Is it true that all those practicing black magic to control or modify others’ lives acquire a karmic debt from others and from themselves?

Answer:  Yes, they generate a karmic debt for the victims of that practice because it is an disrespectful or (invisibly) aggressive attitude (or at least it intends to be); they generate, for themselves, a very heavy negative karma that retards their evolutionary process and that only they can transmute when learning the value of respect for freedom of others and, above all, by learning the supreme value of Love.

Detachmentto People, Places, Conditions or Things

Let’s see what Beloved Kuthumi tells us with respect to Attachment, he is the present World Instructor [taken from "Diary of ‘The Bridge to Liberty’-Kuthumi"].  I do not have the English version, this is a Spanish-to-English translation from an English-to-Spanish translation.. November, 1956.

I was among those who walked with Lord Gautama when he preached his followers the doctrine of "detachment". His doctrine was that those that used the creative centers of thought, feeling, spoken word and action to step down the divine ideas to the physical world, should not in any moment attach themselves to the manifested creation.  Further more, he made a strong recommendation that the chela were vigilant of a feeling of spiritual pride in the precipitation, of a desire of personal gain as well as of personal attachment to the manifestation brought about for the good of humanity.

Some have followed this personal principle, some others have chosen to ignore the tremendous necessity that there is in the planet Earth of the perfection that waits to be expressed here, and many have chosen TO BENEFIT PERSONALLY (be it financially or through a feeling of PERSONAL POWER AND AUTHORITY) of the manifestation brought about.  Therefore, these people have forgotten the SPIRIT of THEIR teaching and have attached to the LETTER of the law.

Sometimes I Would Only Want That You Understand
©2002Madeleine E. Belliard. Original in Spanish, Translation

Sometimes I tell you that I love you, because I Love You!; and sometimes what I truly need is to hear that you love me… Some other times I listen to you with attention since you interest me and your things interest me, but in reality I would also like that you listen to me; but I always sigh at you ends and think that tomorrow will be a new morning where perhaps I could share my experiences with you with the same avid mode you tell me yours…

There are occasions when I caress you and only expect you to return it to me, and there are times when I look at you begging of Life for your sight …Sometimes I only want your tenderness pouring tenderly over mine without any other excuse that tenderness itself … When my hand look eagerly the touch of your skin it is clear that I desire you and more than that, I desire your desire, but above all what I want the most is to demonstrate to you the way I love you…

Sometimes I would only want that you understand…



 The Easy and the Difficult
Unknown Author.  Original in Spanish, Translation

Easy it is to have a place in the telephone directory. Difficult it is to have a place in somebody else’s heart …
Easy it is to judge the errors of others.  Difficult it is to be aware of our own …
Easy it is to speak without thinking.  Difficult it is to restrain the tongue …
Easy it is to hurt he who loves us.  Difficult it is to heal that wound …
Easy it is to pardon others.  Difficult it is to ask forgiveness …
Easy it is to lay down rules.  Difficult it is to follow them…
Easy it is to dream every night.  Difficult it is to strive for a dream …
Easy it is to exhibit victory.  Difficult it is to assume defeat with dignity …
Easy it is to admire the full moon.  Difficult it is to see its other side …
Easy it is to stumble over a stone.  Difficult it is to rise up …
Easy it is to enjoy life every day.  Difficult it is to give it its true value …
Easy it is to pray every night.  Difficult it is to find God in little things …
Easy it is to promise something to someone.  Difficult it is to fulfill that promise …
Easy it is to say we love each other.  Difficult it is to demonstrate it every day …
Easy it is to criticize others.  Difficult it is to improve one’s self …
Easy it is to make mistakes.  Difficult it is to learn from them …
Easy it is to cry for the lost love.  Difficult it is to take care of it to not lose it …
Easy it is to think in self improvement.  Difficult it is to stop thinking about it and really do it …
Easy it is to think bad of others.  Difficult it is to give them the benefit of the doubt …
Easy it is to receive. Difficult it is to give …

 You Do Not Educate When …
Antonio Gaspar
Original in Spanish, Translation

You do not educate when impose conducts, but when propose values that motivate.
You do not educate when impose roads, but when teach to walk.
You do not educate when impose submission, but when wake the courage to be free.
You do not educate when impose your ideas, but when foster the capacity to think for themselves.
You do not educate when impose the terror that isolates,but when free the love that gets together and communicates.
You do not educate when impose your authority, but when cultivate the autonomy of the other one.
You do not educate when impose truth, but when teach to honestly look for it.
You do not educate when impose discipline, but when form responsible persons.
You do not educate when impose respect, but when gain it with your authority of respectable person.

 Do Not Worry
Antonio Gaspar
Original in Spanish, Translation

Do not worry for what they say, better worry for what you say …
Do not worry of everything and for everything, each problem brings its solution …
Do not worry for tomorrow, better get busy with the present and tomorrow will come as a result of what you sow this day …
Get busy, work and solve your problems as they present themselves, one by one, pulling a single thread at a time …..
Do not worry, walk and continue always ahead, creating, loving and doing …
What happened, happened; and what will be, will be, and that nobody can change …
You have to live each day with faith and optimism and you will see that everything will be alright.

Unknown Author.

Real friends are those who, when you feel you’ve made a fool of yourself, don’t feel you’ve done a permanent job.
A coincidence is when God performs a miracle and decides to remain anonymous.
Sometimes majority only means that all the fools are on the same side.
I don’t have to attend every argument I’m invited to.
Life is like an onion: You peel off one layer at a time and sometimes you weep.
Following the path of least resistance is what makes rivers and men crooked.
Your worst days are never so bad that you are beyond the reach of God’s grace.
And your best days are never so good that you are beyond the need of God’s grace.

La Moray,from the book"Words of Gold" ("Palabras de Oro"),Original in Spanish, Translation.
Centro Lusitano de Unificación Cultural, Argentinean Delegation,

When the Magnus Work of World Unity were consummated, the Orient and Occident, North and South, all peoples and nations of the planet —all who were worthy of the Future— will celebrate with songs of jubilation and emotion, the birth of the Son of the Earth!

 What Dwells Within You
Confucius, from the book"Words of Gold" ("Palabras de Oro"),Original in Spanish, Translation.
Centro Lusitano de Unificación Cultural, Argentinean Delegation,

Within you it is found the light that you seek out so much, it is found the "Way, the Truth and the Life", are found the questions that are so important to formulate and the answers that you will have to find.

Only the foolish man may ask the student of the spiritual science: Who put these things in your head? or, Who should I go to get wisdom? Really wisdom is not given, it can be pointed out, it can be shared, it can be helped to reach but it is up to each of us to find it within ourselves, when reacquainting ourselves with ourselves.

Reacquainting with the true Self, with the authenticity of oneself, each individual break, unavoidably, the walls of separation.  Thus, learns really to know and love everything and everybody that surrounded him.  I say "surrounded him" because, in the new state of consciousness of which I allude, does not exist anymore the sense of "outside and inside", "external and internal", at least in the forms in which you are accustomed to function. Now, all is within you, all is reflected internally in you —and you are within everything— everything is opened to your vibration of love and of communing lucidity. In everything you learn and love, yes, what really is, and no the illusions that a distorted knowledge is accustomed to pursue.

This way, the Path of Wisdom and of Love is really a Path of the Unification and Reacquainting with ourselves and with the entire universe.

 The Aspirant’s Work
Djwhal Khul, Centro Lusitano de Unificación Cultural, Argentinean Delegation,  Original in Spanish, Translation.

Ascended Master Djwhal Khul, The TibetanAs in general the aspirants suffer bitterly from the many dark cycles that apparently they go through, they complain of the difficulty of working in the dark or that they do not see the light in any place, forgetting that the capacity to work in darkness or in the light constitutes an inherent and only faculty.  The reason for this is that soul only knows the being and the light and darkness are for the soul one and the same thing. Over this, knowledge comes by means of the conscious experiment and cannot be obtained any experience where there is not an experimental activity. Knowledge is the recompense of both factors, knowledge that is not theoretical but proven and real and intelligent result of an arduous work, it is also the effect of the frequent anguish (correctly managed) of the spiritual anticipation.

The foresaid is true in the life and in the work of the individual aspirant, when faces the problem of his own inferior nature and prepares himself for the stage of becoming a personality fused with the soul; it concerns also to the active disciple that searches for knowledge and wisdom when he fulfils the hierarchical Plan the best he can. Unavoidably he must experience and obtain practical experience; to learn the meaning of both success and failure, and the knowledge that he can obtain from this.  Knowledge comes first when it is fought to advance towards a higher and clearer light, and then when the aspirant (that tries to express his soul) learns to forget of himself before the need of others, when they demand the light and knowledge he may possess. Wisdom occupies the place of knowledge when, in the transmutation of the fires of fight, pain and arduous work, the aspirant transforms himself in an active disciple and is gradually absorbed in the ranks of the Hierarchy.

 You Can Choose
By Tiberio López-Fernández, from"366 Marvelous Motivations" ("366 Maravillosas Motivaciones").  Original in Spanish, Translation.

You can choose between working for your self discovery, or make everything to maintain your self hiding. Recognize your deficiencies, but do not get stuck in considering your limitations to despise yourself.  Procure to surpass your faults learning from them how not to act. You have the power of transforming yourself.  When recognizing your wrong behaviors you start imagining that your will behave positively, at the same time, start changing from well to better.  Know thyself better so you know what your should perfect in yourself.  Make a dynamic transformation of yourself.

 The Harvest
Unknown Author.  Original in Spanish, translation

For a good harvest it is required a good seed, good fertilizer and regular and constant irrigation.  Many are the ones who try to find quick solutions and hurried triumphs without understanding that triumph is simply the result of our inner growth and that this one takes time.  If you know about sowing, you will know that you do not place the seed, irrigate with water and then sit to wait to gather the fruit, all in the same day.  You have to fertilize the soil, sow GOOD seeds, IRRIGATE THEM REGULARLY, even though many times it looks as though nothing is happening we cannot give up.  It is necessary to understand that absolutely NOTHING that is worthy happens overnight.  Yes, SUCCESS NEEDS TIME.

There is something curious that happens with the Japanese bamboo when you plant the seed, fertilize it, and constantly water it, you see that on the first months nothing appreciably happens.  Furthermore, during the first seven years absolutely nothing happens with the seed, however DURING THE SEVENTH YEAR IN A PERIOD OF SIX WEEKS this plant of bamboo grows more that 30 meters.  Now the question is:  Did it take this plant only 6 weeks to grow?  or did it take 7 years and 6 weeks?

Well, the truth is that it took 7 years and six weeks to develop, and during those first seven years of apparent inactivity this bamboo was developing a complex system of roots that could sustain the MASSIVE growth that was about to experience.  Similarly it is necessary to understand that many times we are in situations where we think THAT NOTHING IS HAPPENING and this could be frustrating.  However, it is necessary to understand that during those moments something is happening and that something is that you are growing internally, that you are maturing, that you are creating habits and the temper that will permit you to sustain the success when this one finally materializes.

Triumph is no more than the result of a process, a process that takes time and dedication, a process that demands learning new habits and the destruction of other ones, a process that demands changes, and for that GOD will give you strength.

 Contact Your Monad

Master Ajax (Avatar of Synthesis).  From the book: "The New Scriptures" ("Las Nuevas Escrituras"), Volume II,Centro Lusitano de Unificación Cultural, Argentinean Delegation,  Original in Spanish, Translation.

Light transforms in shadow and shadow transforms in Light. Where does one start and the other end? The inmanifested converts in manifested.  Where does one start and the other end? In both cases the answer is: in the eternal All/Nothing, farther than the Alpha-Omega, outside of Time, of Space, of Space-Time and of all the dualities.  May you conceive such dimension (that is not a dimension)?

The only hint we leave you is simultaneously very simple and very complex: attempt to start to contact your monad.

[Monad is the Presence I Am —is the Divine Spark, is God in each of us— and the path towards it passes through the Christ or Solar Angel.  Because of it Christ said: "Nobody comes to the Father, but by me."]

 The Lie

Vera de Carvalho
Meditational Center Vajradhara.  Original in Spanish, Translation.

One Only truth… One only purpose… Love.

Lying is the result of the absence of gratitude, man lies because he finds in lying more riches than in truth.  If he would see reality, how could he lie? How could he ignore the sun in the morning? The commandment of Thou shalt not lie was created by false prophets, by those that never saw the light, by those that were parrots with feathers decorated with many colors, very flashy and perhaps very beautiful on the outside but with a little bit of water their colors disappear and their reality gets uncovered. They are only birds of prey and birds of ill omen.  God is truth and truth is not known with attitudes or habits.

Truth is only known by living in truth, breathing truth, feeling truth, eating truth.  Truth is not of the words, neither of books nor of commandments.  Truth is only known by means of the direct experience of the heart.  It is easy to speak of what is not known but it is impossible to be truth without living truth. What a great difference and what a great challenge! Are you a man of truth or a man of words? Are you a man of facts or a man of books? Are you a man that repeats what others say or a man that speaks what his heart lives? It is very difficult to speak only what the heart lives simply because the heart knows that any experience is only one more step in the infinite walking of the universe and never would dare say that he knows.

The definition of lying is very easy: all that you have not lived and simply you repeat is a lie and only what you live directly is your truth.  Each man has a truth in accordance with his experience, but that experience is incomplete, poor and without gloss. The proud man defends his truth, believes that he knows its essence, this is only one more lie, man does not know his essence.

The day you live the total reality, on that day you could say that you know truth. And you could say that you have stop living in lie.  But the surest is that you will not be able to move your lips to speak that truth, because you will only know that truth turns into lie when spoken.  Tell me in truth what is your life: a truth or a lie?

Soul Flight

Unknown Author.  Original in Spanish, translation

"Many times fear makes us separate from the world as with a wall; but that wall is a trap, it leaves us alone and very distanced from others.  It is a distance that diminishes us". Mataji Indra Devi

When the road is steep, DO NOT LEAVE IT.
When things go wrong —as sometimes it happens— DO NOT GIVE UP.
When you do not achieve results, and problems sum up, DO NOT SURRENDER.
When you want to smile and you can only sigh, DO NOT FALL.
When luck is adverse and you do not find strength to continue, DO NOT RESIGN.
When you do not find fight companions, DO NOT WEAR OUT.

There are hands that sustain yours!Believe in each minute of your life,let your soul "fly free"by the beautiful gardens of the confidence in something superior that reaches where our vision cannot, but does our heart feel.

Your soul wishes to be free to give you strength and encouragement!


Unknown Author.  Original in Spanish, translation

Close your eyes for a few minutes and let your thoughts fly to places of love.  We cannot change the world, neither remove all the pain of the Earth, nor to have already solved all our problems, but we can at each minute look with the eyes of love at every thing.

If we think that everything is fleeting, we look with kindness the negative that takes you to the elevation and perfection, and then we observe with happiness the change of evil into good, of sadness into joy.

What makes us smile today were things that made us cry yesterday.

Our faults of today are the joys of tomorrow too.

Persons go away, lovers are lost in time, problems are solved, even the selfsame sun goes every night to be reborn the following day … do not stay in the middle of the road because there… something waits for you!

 The Will of Good

Master Jesus,from the book "Words of Gold" ("Palabras de Oro"),Centro Lusitano de Unificación Cultural, Argentinean Delegation,  Original in Spanish, Translation.

Through the ethers come to the subtle planes, repeated and multiplied, the echoes of the requests of proofs of a transcendental existence, the echoes of the punctual requests for help and protection: "My God, guide my path!", "Lord, show me that Thou listen to me, give me a Light!" …

Meanwhile, my brothers, what we can and should tell you is that all that you desire for real —absolutely everything— needs to be earned and conquered by each one.  If truly you want be touched and guided by Higher Reason, then learn to align and position under the action that emanates from it, under the reflection and projection of its light-directing focus. It is it which determines in the world of men the path of Justice and of right conduct.

The Light of the Higher Reason is contactable and intelligible in the interior of each one of you.  As a matter of fact, my friends, you are the proper Path when this path is turned into a true reflection of Divinity.  That transcendental Light for which you claim, that Divine Hand to which you ask for help, that Superior Voice under which advise you want to advance, cannot reflect in the world without leaving marked the path of rectitude.  That is the safe via (of Light and Justice) that resounds in the more material worlds the reflections of the Invisible Light of the Celestial Father; that one is the golden path that describes, in wise progression, the destinies that the divine has kept for all and each of us.  Only you can find and walk that road through a continuous act of the Will of Good.

In order for this to be possible the most important one and of most priority of the steps is to overcome the resistances of selfishness in their thousand and one forms and gradations, that one by one you have to identify and then eliminate.  Commit yourselves to unfold the attention towards the reality and the necessities of those that surround you, dissolving your crystallized self-centering through the assumption of an identity that is higher, because it is more embracing and collective.  It is in so doing that consists the unveiling of the Path that infallibly leads to the encounter with the Higher Light: the Path of Righteousness.  There is no more precise guide nor indication more trustworthy, there is no simpler formula nor secret more accessible.  If what moves each one of our steps were a vivid and permanent purpose of Good, all the steps will be surpassed, all the doors will be crossed, all the secrets of the Universe will be lights that you will assimilate and share in that glorious Path.

 Love Thy Enemies

Master Jesus.  Original in Spanish, Translation.

My Dear Brethren:

Of all the petitions I made to you, I believe this one has been the most difficult to fulfill.


I have realized that with so many translations and commentaries from those in charge of explaining the gospels, some mistakes have been made, mainly when translating from old to modern languages.  Or, at least, some parts have been removed that demonstrated or backed up some teachings in particular, and this has happened with the recommendation I made to you, in relationship with your neighbor.

So here the teaching goes:


The reason for this recommendation is because of them we are in possibility to pay what they are doing to us, and in so doing we are becoming cleared and they are the ones left in debt.

In other words, our enemies are allowed to do harm on us because we have made it to others and in so doing it we became in debt with divine justice.

So for that reason I always recommended you not to hate your enemies because by their action you become free, and they were instruments for this to be so.

The only way to become free of payment in the same way the debt was made is by an act of love, and this should be done in an unselfish and anonymous manner. Do well, without choosing to whom.

 Turn In for Answers

Master Jesus,Centro Lusitano de Unificación Cultural,  Original in Spanish, Translation.

It is a mistake to look for solutions outside us in an invariable and exclusive way even though the illuminating sources may — might— be the Masters of the Divine Hierarchy.  You should not continue depending exclusively on your Higher Brethren, or on any intermediary of the Divine.

If that were your way of proceeding it would take you long to find the true key of the path: you would wander for a long time in a halo of lack of definition, possibly near the treasure, but ignorant of the form on which to see it as an integral part of you.

Personality is like a shadow of the soul reflected in the muddy world of forms and illusions.

You remain being simply a shadow if you do not aspire — vehemently and above all — to the breath, to the constant and vivifying nourishment that comes from your own soul.

To turn the personality truly alive, the soul —the Higher Self— will have to be able to insufflate, will have uninterruptedly to flood and fill with his life that shadow (which is today your dwelling), through the path you open between the two ones with effort and persistency.


Master Jesus.  Original in Spanish, Translation.

Pilgrim, breath of Light in a deep and silent sigh, you have the force and can reach mastership, feel that great strength that you have never been able to turn off.  Let yourself be led to your Home, listen to my messages that in someway you will always find.  Breath of Divine Love, little spark from the center of my heart that went out to walk your roads, let me tell you that you are in the Path, hasten your march with steady footsteps, step by step, leave your footprints for others to follow them.

Remove your veil, seek your sight, peaceful and filled with Peace, rejoice in your inner law and you will hear my tunes as a Living Harp in your heart.

 Animal Abuse In SpainBullfighting Cartel

Unknown Author.  Subject: Boycott Spain!.  Taken from:

[Brother Veritus’ Website finds most of the following comments valid.  It does not endorse the call to boycott Spain or its national products.  However, this commentary is presented here as a wake up call:  Bullfighting is not a sport, it is animal abuse.  It will be regarded as an entertainment of the past during the Aquarian Age.  Lightworkers should help spread the news of stopping bullfighting within Spain and abroad.  The economic forces and special interests of the bullfighting cartel were able to brainwash the Spanish population into believing it to be an acceptable form of entertainment, now it is our time to turn around this backward thinking.  Not just bulls but other animals are sacrificed at Spanish provincial public events such as ducks and chickens hanged down from strings and decapitated by men riding on running horses, and goats are thrown off windows for the amusement of a crowd with the blessing of local authorities.  You acquire karma with the animal group oversoul, such as the cattle, when involve yourself physical, mental or emotionally in these activities.  And now that you know this, your karma is even bigger.]

If you are an animal lover, please spread this message.  We must boycott everything that benefits Spain and the Spaniards: Spanish products, sightseeing in Spain, etc. Spain is a backward country where bullfighting, the most disgusting inhumane rape of bulls, is considered "a national sport."  Bullfighting is nothing but animal abuse. It’s not a sport. Referring to bullfighting as a sport is just as ridiculous and insane as calling "lions-eating-Christians" entertainment.  The Spanish say "But it’s our tradition." Yeah, the Spanish tradition, all right. The Spanish who tortured and killed thousands of innocent people in the Spanish Inquisition. The Spanish who practiced slave trading long after the Brits and Americans banned it. Bullfighting is a Spanish tradition, just like slave trading and killing Jews and non-Catholics were Spanish traditions.

Tradition as it may be, it is an extremely cruel an uncivilized tradition. IT SHOULD BE ABOLISHED!!! Watching a bull tortured and suffer a slow death is NOT a humane act.

If you are an animal lover, please join this boycott and make your voice heard. Print out the following message and send it to the Spanish Embassy!

(The next message of the article is in Japanese.)

 Your New Body Temple

Dr. RA-Ja Dove,Aquarian Perspectives Interplanetary Mission, Inter-planetary Earth Briefing, Issue #33, March/April, 2002.  You may order from the mission a yearly subscription to these quarterly briefings.

When purified by right motive and right living, the bodily temple becomes a beam of Golden Light, eternally beaming the energetics of regeneration for all.  This Golden Light sends out purity, harmlessness and simplicity.  With eye of inner sight we can still see the lowly Nazarene in his spotless robe of white —a garment no king’s ransom could purchase!

So, beloveds, as you continue in your life of vows and goodness you slowly weave your own garment of Light through your efforts which sanctifies you for these robes of glory, which can only be worn over a spotless, stainless, garment of your purified and repentant life.

Excerpt from Dr. RA-Ja’s article "The Grand Master Rises Victoriously!" published in the same issue:

[…]   It is not so much the great and high adventures that mark the Adept, but how they meet the problems of every day life.  All true goodly star seeds seek to serveall in a brotherly fashion.

A broken vow carries a severe penalty in life.  Not that we have a punishing Father, but our own actions net us the experiences we encounter.  Yet the worst broken vow of all is one’s failure to live mentally, spiritually and morally up to one’s highest ideals!  When a star seed tells the Father that they are going to work selflessly to build the Father’s Mansion on this planet and then defiles it through broken oaths made to sacred orders or by the continuation of depleting oneself through improper diet, careless words and hateful actions that cause separation; they are breaking a vow which imposes not hours but ages of misery.  "Oh, but we could be free of retribution," you may say, but such is not the way of the sacredness of life.

One must realize that the worst broken vow of all is a misspent life.  Only by daily service to the planet and her life forms, purification and consecration to the constructive application of energetics is a living invocation which builds the power of your starry world within you, it sets awake our inner star codes.  This is the best prayer, says the Most High, a well lived life.  An impure life is a broken trust, a destructive action is a living curse, a narrow mind, and one that curses and defames is a strangling cord around the throat of the Goddess.

Though we speak freely here to you, dear ones, this is not our newsstand edition.  Our work must remain veiled to those members who do not live the true life of a kindly disciple, and to those who do not live the true life of love and Light.  Like it or not then, this is the age of separation!  Where the wheat is being separated from the chaff!  All those who have been weighed in the balance and found wanting —not true, upright, and on the square, have delivered unto themselves their own just rewards.  To these, their rituals and works are, as Shakespeare may have said, "Words, words, words!"

Our trained Adepts are not proud of their position, not puffed up with pride and selfish ego.  It makes no difference if the star seed be in the enemy’s camp; if it be truth, they will go there gladly to serve and secure the Plan where the Holy Mother/Father may send them.  Here is a paradox!  "The enlightened ambassadorial star seed must search for the high things in lowly places and find the lowly things in high places" and be not ashamed to visit any locale where the Great Ones send them.  Even coming to planet Earth is a great sacrifice.  Just look around at the wars, greed, terrorism, gangs, rapes, murders, genocides!  Star Seeds cannot essentially adopt any sort of "holier that Thou" attitude knowing that all life is blessed and sacred in the eyes of GOD, and during this Age, all eyes and ears must have the opportunity to choose.


 Peace, Health and Salvation

Azembor,Avatar of Peace. From the book:The New Scriptures (Las Nuevas Escrituras), Volume II – Message of the Invisible Avatars – From theCentro Lusitano de Unificación Cultural,  Original in Spanish, Translation.

Peace is the identification with the cosmic rhythm.  To the clairvoyant perception (cognition), the words "PEACE", "HEALTH" and "SALVATION" have the same vibration and connotative coloration.  Thus, relatively, health at any level, is the restoration of the rhythm.  Salvation is the recuperation, the perfect integration of the cardiac throb in unison with the universal palpitation.

 You Are the Architect

Sergio Valdivia
Original in Spanish, Translation.

Your life can take one of two ways.  The only way of going forward in life is not to blame others for what happens to you.

 You are the architect of your life.  And if your life has not been very favorable so far, the future can change and it depends specially from you.  If you have had many failures, you are in an excellent position to start a new life, since you are an expert in knowing how not the things should be made.

 When you know what it is wrong, you will not repeat it in the future and you will get closer to success.  From today on your life may take one of two ways: Success or failure.  Happiness or unhappiness.

 It is your decision which ways to take and you have equal opportunity in following one or the other.  You have the same possibilities for each of them.  The way of taking the road to success is… to stop blaming others!  Assume your own responsibility and veer towards a positive and constructive mental attitude.

 Eliminate the "if it were not for…»:
"If it were not for my parents I would have done…»
"If it were not for this government, I would be…»
"If I would have had money…»
"If they would consider me at the office…»

Blaming others solves nothing.  If things happened to you, it is in great part your responsibility.  Assume it and your life will change.

It Is Not the Same

René Trossero

It is not the same to be good, than to be incapable to be evil.
It is not the same to be pacifist, than to be coward.
It is not the same to be caste, than to be impotent or repressed.
It is not the same to be believer, than "to practice" some religious rites.
It is not the same to be patriot, than to hate foreigners.
It is not the same to be humble, than to be incapable of valuing yourself.
It is not the same to forgive, than to let yourself be trampled on, incapable of defending yourself.
It is not the same to be generous, than to give alms to feel good.
It is not the same to be adult-type free, than to be adolescent-type rebel.
It is not the same to live your sexuality with freedom, than to be slave of your "instincts".
It is not the same to love your parents, than to need them when you really do not need them.
It is not the same to be at the service of you fellowman, than to use the fellowman to appear virtuous.
It is not the same to believe in God, who is the truth, than to feel owner of truth and God to judge and condemn others.

I Still Have a Lot To Learn

Unknown Author.  Original in Spanish, translation.

I learned the best way to appreciate something is lacking it for some time.
I learned that nothing of value is obtained without effort.
I learned that if your life is failure free is because you are not risking enough.
I learned that each thing I achieved, I had considered it impossible before.
I learned that, by projecting, you project yourself.
I learned honesty is the best propaganda.
I learned I should earn money before spending it.
I learned I should not speak of my success with people with less success than myself.
I learned fame is written on ice and sun melts ice down.
I learned that often I forget what I learn, thus, I should write it down and reread it.
I learned never to stop looking at the future.
I learned to value myself without overprizing me.

I learned I should encourage myself and think that:

  • Still there are many good books to read, sunsets to see, stars to admire, friends to visit…
  • Still there is a day, a place, a moment to remember and the blessing of a true love, milk-candy-and-nuts ice creams to savor, firm hands to shake, smiles to give away, thoughts to express… trees to plant and a faithful dog…
  • That winter can represent a menace, but after it, all recovers its charm, because that same winter sprinkles it all.

I learned… that still I have a lot to learn.

The Quality of Life Starts With Us

Unknown Author.  Original in Spanish, translation.

It cannot be demanded a right treatment toward us when… our behavior is loaded with indifference and vulgarity.
It cannot be fought for a good coexistence when… we demand that which we do not exercise: respect, consideration and help.
It cannot be asked for understanding when… we stress inquietudes or proposals in a despotic way, constituting us —literally— in bumping machines.
It cannot be proclaimed the democratic spirit when… in the surroundings we are set to act, others are not more than preys of our authoritarianism.
It cannot be expected solidarity when… our daily conduct is the irrefutable sample of selfish and intolerant attitudes.
It cannot be seen the thaw in other’s eye when… the beam covers the vision of our own and we believe in the paradigm of right doing.
It cannot be claimed good humor when… this one, generally, we confound with mockery that —direct or indirectly— hurts the dignity of each human being.
It cannot be expected efficiency in people when… we permanently are judges of others and prosecutor —of our own interests— before a just claim of task or action ill accomplished by us.
It cannot be spoken of liberty when… we know rights and do not know obligations, canceling, thus, how an equitable human relationship should be.
It cannot be aspired a better society when…  we do not recognize that diligence is the reflection of attitudes and aptitudes.

How Life Is Ennobled

Unknown Author.  Original in Spanish, translation.

Life is ennobled…


Cultivating three things: goodness, wisdom and friendship.


Looking for three things: truth, philosophy and understanding.


 Loving three things: chivalry, valor and service.


Governing three things: character, the tongue and conduct.


Appreciating three things: cordiality, satisfaction and decency.


Defending three things: honor, friends and the weak ones.


Admiring three things: talent, dignity and grace.


Excluding three things: ignorance, offense and envy.


Combating three things: lie, idleness and calumny.


Conserving three things: health, prestige and good mood.


Intellectual Knowledge Versus Spiritual Practice

Unknown Author.  Original in Spanish, translation.

It is not all you learned, neither courses you took, nor seminars…
Neither trips, nor the expenses you invested in you career to connect you with such and such sacred site…
Nor initiations of the different schools of Earth, which have nothing to do with true initiations…
Nor your intellect, perhaps loaded with books…
Nor titles, nor the place, important or not, you occupy at work…
Nor studies of the different branches of spirituality, nor the amount of spiritual information you gather…
Nor the economic position, important or otherwise, you have achieved…
It is much simpler, what converts you into a Being of Light among men…

It is the sense of proportions…
It is acting from you place, with the highest Ethics and Respect for all and each one of the other children of God…
It is putting in practice what you learned, because to know and to be aware carries with it more responsibility than for he who does not know and is not aware…
Knowledge and putting it to practice —what we call understanding— are the columns of the Altar of Wisdom.

This is Love, God is Love… And Love is all the Law!  The contrary is simply to support books in an empty shelf, to keep them, even though we call it intellect…  Nothing, absolutely nothing, justifies us with ourselves, with our Solar Angel, who is beside your personality in all and each one of your steps in the world of men…

It does not matter what your activity is, nor how much you know… Only ask yourself if you act in accordance with the minimum rules of Ethics and Respect, within your profession, your daily life, and you will know if you use white or black magic.

Remember that you are only going to receive what you give but multiplied, that you have two hands, and in each one different seeds to sow.

Sowing is free, harvest, obligatory.  May the Light of Christ illumine your mind!


What Is I AM?

Master of the Eternal Now.  Original in Spanish, translation.

"I AM the basic principle, the sacred word, the Holy Verb.  When someone says ‘I AM’ assumes his role o creator being and gives an order to the Ether or Universal substance so his desires be formed.  All that follows the words ‘I AM’ has to be fulfilled and life obeys.

«I AM is also the Universe, the Cosmic Intelligence, God the One, the Supreme Energy. If this simple explanation stuns the external understanding, invoke the infinite expansion of the comprehension.  As it is not possible to put the sea in a glass of water, so too can the universal wisdom be assimilated with the reasoning and intellect of the Human Self.  You have to meditate, let the senses be calm and expand the consciousness toward the Supreme and Unknown.  Then, you will be able to comprehend all at due time."

Know Thyself

From the book "The Seventh Circle, the Crown of Freedom" ("El Séptimo Círculo, La Corona de Libertad»), from the Centro Lusitano de Unificación Cultural,

Yesteryear it was said: "Know Thyself» Now, however, we propose:

"Know The All in Thyself, know Thyself in the All!"  This is the path of the Christic Life.  Why do you repeat incessantly: "when will He come?" If just your external doors were open, certainly, then, you will not see the Master.  The more real manifestation is that one given in the worlds of the real.  Brethren, friends, where is the most real of yourselves?  Open the doors of your interior, wide-open and there the Master will take refuge and will be manifested for you….

Do You Give or Negotiate?

By Tiberio López-Fernández, from"366 Marvelous Motivations" ("366 Maravillosas Motivaciones").  Original in Spanish, Translation.

Your gift is a sign of profound affection for the other person.  When giving a gift you offer your heart freely.

A gift is not a bill to pay for a good behavior, but a sign of unconditional love.  A gift is not a bait to hook the other person in your purposes, no matter how good they are.

A gift is a generous offering to mean that the other is a marvelous person that deserves the best of the world.  The gift is a sign of affection.

If you expect retribution when giving a present, you are only doing a business from which you probably will come out frustrated.

Love! Surrender your heart without conditions.

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