Service and Servitude

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Service and Servitude

By El Morya

By Ascended Master El Morya* through Tuieta, "Shining the LightBehind the Scenes".  First published in "Talks with the Masters: El Morya", 1987. Also published in the Magazine Sedona Journal of EMERGENCE!, August 1996. Article taken from:

* Also known as Moria, El Moria, Moria El, Morya, El Morya,El Moriah or Morya Khan.

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El Morya
Tibetan Master of the First Ray – Blue. Connected tothe Throat Chakra. Chief of the Darjeeling Council of the Great WhiteBrotherhood. He is connected to the Temple of Will Of God.

About Master El Morya:

He is working to transform the aggressive human fromdomination to the will-to-good.  He is head ofall of the esoteric schools.  Helps directthose wishing to achieve self-awareness so that they may learn how to expresstheir deep inner thoughts and feelings.  TheMaster El Morya assists in stimulating those who initially may find somedifficulty in realizing the need to accept Spiritual Enlightenment. He also helps in the control of one’s willpower andtolerance when life seems difficult.  Forthose of you whose interests lie in astrology and numerology this Masterjoyfully offers his influence. The Master’sextraordinary devotion to God’s word and work is a powerful stream that runsthroughout his soul’s incarnations on earth as he has stood staunch in the roleof advocate, teacher, and exemplar before our spirits soaring unto Love.

El Morya was embodied as Abraham, the ancient patriarchwho emerged from Ur of the Chaldees to become the prototype and progenitor ofthe twelve tribes of Israel.  Returning asMelchior, one of the three wise men of the East, he followed the star thatportended the birth of the best of his seed who would fulfill all the promisesof God unto his spiritual descendants. As Arthur,king of the Britons, he summoned knights of the Round Table and ladies of thecourt of Camelot to quest the Holy Grail and to attain through initiation theinner mysteries of Christ. Appearing again onBritain’s soil as Thomas Becket as well as Thomas More, both martyred, he twiceplayed the role of defender of the Faith and challenger of King Henry–alsotwice born (Henry II and VIII), and twice the oppressor. Inthe sixteenth century, his soul’s journey took him to the East in the person ofAkbar, greatest of Mogul emperors, and in the nineteenth to Ireland to be herpoet laureate Thomas Moore. Next he appeared as ElMorya Khan, perhaps the most renowned of the Tibetan mahatmas. Paradoxically,little biographical information of a traditional nature is available about ElMorya Khan. It is known that he was born a Rajput prince in the Indian class ofwarriors and rulers esteemed for their courage and honor. The date of his birthis uncertain.

What makes the life of El Morya so notable is hisfar-reaching work in the merging of the ancient spiritual truths of the Eastwith the traditions of the West. This was accomplished largely through thefounding of the Theosophical Society in the latter part of the last century andthe subsequent instruction released through that organization by the MasterMorya and his longtime friend, the Master Koot Hoomi Lal Singh. This instructioncame in part in the form of personal letters addressed to but a handful ofTheosophical students, chelas of the "Mahatma of the Himavat." Theseletters are now on file with the British Museum in London.

Found also within the society’s literature areoccasional awe-filled testimonies of the few Theosophists that were visited bythis Himalayan adept who, for the most part, preferred to remain unidentified bythe outer world. The writings of these disciples reveal that many strove foreven the slightest contact with El Morya.

In 1898, El Morya Khan Ascended to the heart of God.

Ellie Crystal

In that which is the sign of the Heart, the Head andthe Hand, I greet you.  May you be that which is the love and the will mademanifest upon your plane.  I am Morya that speaks.  I am Morya thatcomes into your midst, that I would share with you a portion.

I am Morya that is the keeper of that which is known toyou as the first ray, that which is the power and the will of the DivinePrinciple, the Creator Source.  I am that one who is tutored, who is guidedby the Lord Mikaal.  I have walked of your plane.  Of many embodimentshave I been upon your plane.  For it is [that] I did not ascend and loosethe earthly bonds as quickly as some others.  But I have achieved thatstation where I do no longer have need of an embodiment upon your plane in orderto fulfill my portion.  I recognize many of those that you would call thefrailties of physical embodiment.  I have stumbled just as you havestumbled, and I have grown beyond those stumbles.  And I have wept just asyou weep.  And I have asked that my tears be dried and removed fromme.  I have felt the love of my fellow man, and I have known thelove of my Creator.

And I listen now as you mew and you whine and you declare your variousstates which you’re in.  And as each of you do this, I recognize that I toohave passed through that particular state that you are expressing.

I would speak this night of a subject that is most dearto our dear ones, for I would speak of that which is service  and I wouldspeak of that which is servitude.  For you of your plane have greatdifficulty in distinguishing the difference.

What is service?  Service is to evolve, to achieveyour highest state of evolvement in one particular embodiment.  And as youwould achieve your highest state, you would by your own act assist others inachieving theirs.  It is not an ego trip and it is not that I centered, butit is a continuous state of looking within, of realizing who you are and whereyou are and what you are trying to do.  Service is the most expedientmanner of evolution.  Servitude is the slowest.  And yet you do notrecognize the difference.  To serve of your brother is to assist him inachieving his highest potential.  To serve of mankind is to recognize themin an unencumbered manner, that you allow each one that makes up the compositeof mankind to be their own totality without placing limits or restrictions uponthem.  To serve of mankind brings forth no karmic debt.  To serve ofyour brothers leaves you not accountable for their actions.

And you would say to me: "But good master,this is what I do."  And I would say to you, my chelas, this is whatyou do not do.  For each of you as you would serve of your brothers entersa state of servitude.  Your brother has a weakness.  In some cases itmight be a physical weakness, it might be a mental weakness, an emotionalweakness.  Your brother has an area that has not a strength.  So whatdo you do, my beloved chelas?  You jump in headlong to assist this one inthis area.  I would say to you, your brother is without a limb and he hasdifficulty walking, so what would you do?  You would pick him up and youwould carry him and deny him his experience.  You would deny him of theright of accomplishment.  You would deny him his own individualism, his ownability to work through and with this particular condition.

Recognize that all conditions that you are in as youenter embodiment, you have chosen to be, in that you would learn specificlessons, that you would balance certain areas of your evolution or you wouldgrow.  Or shall I say, so that you may grow.  So what have youaccomplished for your brother who has not a limb and has difficultywalking?  As you have carried him, you have entered a state of servitude,for you have convinced him and you have convinced yourself that he cannot bemobile without your assistance.  So what happens?  He is indebted toyou.  And know [that] as you are indebted it must be balanced.  And ashe is indebted to you, then lo, what happens within your heart?

Initially you did not recognize what you haddone.  You did not recognize the amount of servitude that was required ofyou as you would carry your brother about.  And so what happens? There is a small anger that festers within you because this takes so much ofyour time and does not allow you your own evolution.  And this small angergrows into a great festering boil until it erupts.  And you have stacked upa healthy slate of karmic debt.  For that which you have initially done inlove, which you said was compassion, in truth was pity.  And it has turnedinto something which is not love, but has turned into an obligation that isdone with resentment, and a bit of chafing as would continue of thispractice.  Others of your plane are great , are most wonderful in creatingsituations where they can be put into servitude.  And still others are mostwilling to put them into this state.

There is a karmic balance here that must bebalanced.  And if you cannot balance that in this particular embodiment,then so it is that each of you should embody again, that you would haveopportunity to balance that which you have created.  Is that what you wouldwish to do?  Is that what you would wish?  No, you say to me,no.  Then I would say to you, carefully look at that which you do.  Isthis to assist another along their path, to assist them in their evolution? Is this allowing them their own freedom of choice?  Is this letting them bethe individual and the totality that they are?  Or are you creeping in thecorners and the crevices, that you freely would offer advice?  For it iseveryone knows your advice is better than their!  Or that you would crippleanother?  Yes, this is what you do.  As you would force your will uponanother, you cripple them.  You stifle them.  You choke them. For you do not let them be free.  You rob them of their choice.  Now,this is done, we understand, with the greatest of intentions.  And yet theintention is what would cause your confusion.  May I suggest to you that you stopand look and examine what you do and why you do it.  Each act!

Those of you who have small ones entrusted to yourcare, do you smother them?  Do you allow them their freedom to make theirown mistakes, to make their own choice?  And yet do you hold themaccountable for that which is your expectation of the small one?  Youshould, you know!  For they have been entrusted to you.  They havebeen entrusted in your care, and you have responsibility for them.  Andthose of you who have friends, have families, have loved ones who call you andplead with you and take up much of your time, have you created thisservitude?  Have you created this, that they are so dependent on you thatthey cannot survive without you?  For you have placed yourself inservitude.  And you say to me, "But good master, this I did notintend."  And I say to you, well and good.  Serve of yourbrother.  Serve of your brother!  Serve with your brother, thatyou both may evolve along your paths.  Deny your brother nothing that wouldassist him in his evolution, but deny of your brother all that would make himdependent upon you.

Did not the one known to you as the master Jesus createin ones no servitude, but he created in them a love of mankind and a desire toserve of all mankind.  For as the one who was made blind could see, so itis that he could share in greater abundance with his brother.  And it isthat the one who could walk who had been lame no longer needed to depend uponanother for his movement.  He asked of no man to worship him.  Indeed,he loudly proclaimed there was but One to worship, and that is the Lord God MostHigh.  He came in love for all mankind.  And he would assist all onesas they would walk their path, but the choice was theirs how they would walkthat path.

This is an area that has had difficulty in yourecclesiastical evolution.  For that which has been called your churches,your religions, have sought to limit ones to a particular mode ofevolvement.  Oh yes, within your country ones are free to choose whichreligion they would follow, but nonetheless, when one is chosen then you aregiven specific guidelines that you would follow in order to evolve.  Who isto say that is the pattern for all mankind?  That which is the pattern forone is not the pattern for another.

You with husbands, you with wife mates, look closely atyour relationships of equality?  What binds you together?  Are youbound by duty, by obligation?  Are you bound by the fact that you haveraised children or you have brought ones into embodiment?  Could it not bethat perhaps that portion for your evolution is finished so that you would goforth to grow in other areas?  You of your planet, you of your embodiment,have difficulty with your man-woman relationships.

There are times, there are periods within your cycle inwhich you thank one for that which they have given to you and that which youhave shared.  But you each must recognize that to continue the relationshipis to heap a karmic debt upon each of you.  For you are not allowing theother to grow.  You are not allowing the other their choice.  And toremain in a relationship because of duty and obligation is to open the book inwhich karma is written.   And some of you who partake of this word maylook at your relationship with your husbandman or your wife mate, and you mightanalyze it quite closely.  And as you would analyze it, perhaps you wouldsee that there is a love, there is a sharing, there is a growth and evolvementin the relationship that had been so involved in an emotional upheaval.

We have spoken of the change that is being evidenced inits beginning upon your planet.  This is not a time of servitude.  Forthose of you who would be bound in servitude shall find yourselves removed tobalance the karmic debt in another place.  Those of you who would walk inservice shall inherit a great and a beautiful day, for you shall be the ones towalk of a new Earth.  You shall be the ones to bring forth the newday.  Make no mistake of these words I would share with you, but recognizethere is a difference.  Serve of your brother, that you would allow him tobe.  And as you would allow your brother to be, so are you allowed tobe.  Create no bondage for yourself or for another.  For to be bondedis to be tied and bound so that you have been denied your freedom.

At this point in your cycle upon your planet, look atwhat you do and examine your motive for doing it.  For two of you maypresent yourselves to do the same task, and yet the motives would be entirelydifferent.  Ponder well of this.  Search deep within you for yourreasons, for your motivation. And as you would search, what do you find? Those of you who continuously find yourselves bound with leg irons and chains inservitude to another, is this your choice?  Do you do this willingly? Is this what you want of this embodiment?  And those of you who would soeasily bind your brothers, would you be as one accountable for this brother whoserves of you?  Why have you given up your being to this one?  Whyhave you allowed another to come in and deny you your freedom?  And whywould you be as one to deny another?

There are ones upon your plane who are quite satisfiedwith letting their brothers do their assignments.  Yes, their assignmentsthat which they agreed to do when they had come in.  As you wouldwillingly step in and you would do for these ones, you have denied them theirgrowth.  You have denied them their opportunity to balance their ownslates, their own record.  And you have heaped that which is known to youas karma upon your back.  It is most difficult for you to understand thedifference.  It is most difficult for you to recognize that to bow toanother is to place them as a master.  And thus then you have placed uponthem the responsibility for your debts.  And the karma, the law, theuniversal law which is brought into effect must be balanced.  If you cannotbalance it in this embodiment, then you shall have to embody together again,that it might be balanced.  Earth man has difficulty in recognizing andallowing another to be.  As your current jargon would put it, you havedifficulty allowing another their own space, just as you have difficultyaccepting your own.

Be!  Love of all mankind.  Serve of all onesfreely and unselfishly.  Allow your brother to be.  For as you eachwould evolve along your path, so it is that you would willingly assist another,but the choice is theirs if they would take of your assistance.  That isthe difference between service and servitude.  Create servitude with noman, but serve of all men.  This lesson comes no easy to ones of planetEarth.  This lesson is one that is most difficult for man to understand,for he has associated servitude with service.  Look at the ones who havebeen called saints by your churches.  Most ones have set themselves inbondage for and to their fellow man.  And yet you would praise these onesand exalt them.  Exalt no man who is bonded by another.  For theseones you would call saints do work past this state as they would minister with youupon your plane from another.

I offer this lesson for your consideration, that youmight grow in your own understanding.  I would desire to impose no thingupon you, but may each of you glean from this that which you need so that youmight evolve to your highest potential.

I am Morya.  I take my leave of you.

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