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The Elements of the Holographic Prison



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The Elements of the Holographic Prison

by Luis Prada

Editor and Publisher of Brother Veritus’ Website

Sunday May 24, 2015


Published in this website on Monday May 25, 2015.  The Spanish version translated by the author is also available in this website. Illustrations of Figures 1 and 2, and graphics of BVC and BVW by the author.




‘Matter of Internal Security’, the age-old cry of the oppressor.” —Captain Jean Luc Picard, character of the TV series Star Trek, the Next Generation, Season 3, Episode 11, The Hunted


The key elements of the Holographic Prison are shown in this illustration (see Fig. 1):


Fig. 1: Holodeck “Reality” Room. Think Outside “The Box” of “The Machine”


The graphic is self-explanatory for conspiracy theorists, but I want to explain it for those who are not (see Fig. 2). See the illustration (inside the image) the numeral is pointing at and then read the corresponding text:


Fig. 2. Holodeck. Itemized


1. A Holodeck “Reality” Room uses machine intelligence known as Artificial Intelligence to simulate reality by means of a computer-generated virtual or holographic projection. The machine intelligence is provided by the computer known as Watson (from the IBM computer) or as Cortana (from the science-fiction shooter video game Halo), or equivalent, which is connected to the Internet and contains, and is linked to, all available digital information stored, and being stored, in vast Internet server arrays, which can properly be called Skynet (from the movie series Terminator), a Cloud-based archive.


This computer, its associated computers and cybernetic systems, sorts out and classifies data, and creates profiles and folders. There is no other way to deal with such massive amount of information to make it useful by the government surveillance apparatus which is made of a bunch of control freaks in security agencies such as the NSA.


The US government uses Prizm as the primary program to capture the flow of Internet information. This illegal mass surveillance is an infringement of privacy since all private information is collected from everybody without consent.


According to Edward Snowden, the whistleblower of NSA Prizm Program, in an interview with John Oliver of the TV show Last Week Tonight posted on YouTube on April 5, 2015: “If you have your email, somewhere like in Gmail, posted on server overseas or transferred on server overseas, any time it crosses the borders of the United States, your ‘junk’ ends up in the [NSA] database… even if you send something in the United States, your wholly domestic communication between you and your wife, can go from New York, to London and back, get caught up into the database… When you send your ‘junk’ through Gmail, for example, that’s stored on Google’s servers.  Google moves data from data center to data center invisible to you, without your knowledge.  Your data can be moved outside the borders of the United States, temporarily. When your ‘junk’ passed by Gmail, the NSA got a copy of that. Prizm is how they [NSA] pull your ‘junk’ out of Google with Google’s involvement.”


Some information may be critical to national security but the vast majority of it is a useless piece of data junk.


The bulk data capture is made by constitutional and unconstitutional means. It includes software back-doors, wiretapping and copy of data flow through server hubs and data junctions, malware (software viruses and “cookies”) which are Trojan horses, malicious pirate aggressive adds and spyware infections embedded in the free downloads. Collection of personal information by these pirate companies may end up in the NSA data banks. Beware of the so-called “free” software applications, or apps, for computers, cell phones and tablets, that look so nice and seem so useful, they are not really free for each one of them carries a curse (as in Episode 9 of the cartoon TV series Rick and Morty).


Watson can emulate the human intelligence and can supplant any individual via phone and Internet using the stored profile of face and voice recognition, and text.


The best representation of such Holodeck comes from the science-fiction TV series Star Trek, The Next Generation.


2. The Holodeck is programmed by a control panel to follow a dark agenda or conspiracy script, in which evil always wins, made by think-tanks, the Tavistok Institute of London and secret societies. This control panel is a symbol for secret Internet hub taps, and for data control and archive centers of security agencies.


3. The Holodeck has a “door” that allows the visitor to step out of the room at will. Most people cannot find it and get trapped in the illusion forgetting what they were and where originally they came from.  Stepping out of the Holodeck, living outside “The Box”, does not avoid the governmental monitoring and tracking, nor the wiretapping of your private communications but it makes you more cautious of it and aware of what’s going on.


But… how do you find the door to get out of The Matrix? Through meditation.  Emptying the mind of the TV and media noise, and finding your true self.  Leaving behind the false identity of the lower ego.  Study good metaphysical material that can be found in websites like this one, and put it to practice in your life.  See through the veil of deception of The Matrix by studying conspiracy theory and geopolitics.  Study the UFO phenomena.


4. The rules of the Holodeck are dictated by the Illuminati Tribunal which uses as their main symbol an eye inside a triangle which represents a pyramid capstone as shown in the one-dollar bill.


5. All parties who are members of the Power Elite ―or are adopted by the Power Elite― must show adherence to their team by publicly displaying the two-horn hand sign that is equivalent to the salutation: “Hail, Satan!”


6. The Power Rulers ―better referred to as The Dark Cabal― use a double-talk language in politics, in the judicial court system, and for the police, that has two meanings, one for the masses and another for them. They have Satan, Baphomet, Baal, or equivalent demon, and Moloch and other Babylonian gods, as their overlords and to whom they worship.


7. The conspiracy script is based on the George Orwell’s novel 1984, on the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, on the Reptilian Pact or Covenant, and on sorcery and black magick.


8. You’re Being Watched. The Orwellian Police State or The Nazi Regime or The Fascist Police State or the New World Order or the One-World Order ―all these titles refer to the same thing― is enforced with surveillance security cameras.  It also uses, for evil ends, a network of sophisticated data streaming acquisition of videos, digital photographs, text and intellectual property by means of communication tapping using the Internet, cellular phones and other known and unknown electronic devices and software, as was already explained in numeral 1. It utilizes the police and the military to enforce the dark agenda, which is a corrupted agenda.  This is the most inefficient and expensive way to capture terrorists, which proves that this is not their main objective.

The war against terror is an outlandish scare tactic the NSA uses to spy on people with its data collection program.


9. The power above this holographic virtual reality is held by a cartel of international central banks who owns the private American corporation Federal Reserve, and who controls the creation of fiat money and its flow through central banks.


10. The Establishment, or Holographic Matrix, is supported by seven pillars:


Government (which is a corporation representing the interests of the Power Elite),

Money (The Banking Cartel making fiat money and lending it using usury, both illegal means),

Circus (all forms of media entertainment),

Culture (creates divisiveness and animosity amongst peoples.  You are not the titles, names, labels and roles, beliefs, political stance, religion, ideologies, and other things that your culture has bestowed upon you and has taught you. You are a spiritual being living a physical existence, that is your true identity. Culture has great values in music, dance, arts, good traditions, language and knowledge, and enrich our lives, but it is the wrong application of it what makes it a tool of manipulation),

Education (Memorize, Repeat and Regurgitate. Curriculum under tight scrutiny to follow dark agenda and scripted to prepare the worker for the corporate labor.  Creativity and Comprehension?  Critical Thinking? No.),

Established Religion (creates separation and confuses the mind with false spirituality and fallen dogma), and,

Patriotism (uses as symbols the national flag and shield, national anthem and patriotic marches to instill in the masses against their natural inclination, with political propaganda, the desire to join the army and to support the military and the war machine that is run by a conglomerate of private businesses known as the Military Industrial Complex. It is an old clever tool of manipulation and social engineering that has been used for centuries in many civilizations.  The Nazis are the best example.)


11. Wall panel with the logotypes of the main global corporations. Any major corporation, as the ones shown, must adhere to the covenant to do business. It must comply with legal and illegal orders from the government and must cooperate with and follow its draconian laws. Their leaders are members of the Trilateral Commission, the Council of Foreigner Relations, Skull and Bones, the Bilderberg Club and the Bohemian Grove Club. All are in it, one way or another.


Corporations act like psychopaths for to make money is their objective, not the education and well-being of the people, nor the raising of the standard of living of a poor region or of a developing nation, neither the protection of the planet. Corporations are so because the business leaders that run them think that way.


Corporations create on you a consumerist mentality. With marketing and propaganda they brainwash you into thinking that happiness and success come from material possessions and money.  Well… they do not.  Their definitions of “happiness” and “success” are wrong for “the pursuit of happiness” is not “the pursuit of material possessions” that do not thoroughly satisfy the spirit, leaving always a void.


Corporations belong to the 1% of the world population.  They are the dream of wealthy individuals who run them for profit, so you work all your life for somebody else’s dream, not for yours.  To buy politicians, these individuals finance the political campaigns of both candidates of the presidential race so the winner will work for them when is in power.


12. Through social engineering, mind control, the individuals comply with The Matrix and support it and find a false sense of security losing liberties to supposedly acquire more security.


13. This downfall stream of green text characters of the movie The Matrix represents the computer-controlled virtual reality in which humanity is immersed. The mind manipulation achieved by the corporate-controlled media is made so well that ignores the main issues that really matter, and focuses on distractions. By being distracted in the trivial, the person is unaware of what is really going on in secrecy behind closed doors. The false reality is then projected out to the world and the people see it from the perspective the controllers want them to see it.


14. The person then believes the fabricated lies presented as true, as the false-flag operations, and the fabricated news the controlled media presents through TV, Internet, newspapers and magazines. It is like you have your head in a locked cage and the key is thrown away.  Your thinking is locked in the only reality the controllers want you to believe, which can be summarized in two words, Accept and Fear, the two main words of the headlines of the newspaper the character Number 14 is reading at the back of the room.


15. By being critical and questioning authority and by studying higher spirituality you can find the door of the Holodeck Room and step out of it, besides following the advices given in Numeral 3. You then can be in the world but without belonging to it. Your perspective is then enlarged and you can see the bigger picture. You see the “reality” the controllers want you to see but you analyze it in a critical way and are aware of what’s going on, and you can also see the greater reality outside The Box of the Holographic Prison ―also known as “The Machine” because it is like the mechanical model of a gigantic clockwork with a few controlling big wheels that move slowly, a few more medium-sized wheels that move faster, and lots of small fast-rotating wheels, or as a computer that controls mind’s reality with trolls, identity theft and social engineering.


Have in mind that you are more than just that small wheel rotating fast.  You are a spiritual being that with your contribution and the one from others, can change the world.


Number 12 is discussing a situation with Number 15 across the room. He sees the reality from the point of view of the distorted outlook, filters and blinders of The Matrix, while she can see and understand his side but, since she knows better, at the same time she can see another angle he does not know nor would believe it anyway. He carries corporate Amerika reports while she carries a printout of the article The Holographic Prison.


16. There is a true reality which is part of Divine Plan for this planet and humanity, and is coming. Anyone who steps out of The Box of The Machine eventually will see the Light and a better way and hope for this planet. So Mote It Be.


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