The Key to Initiation

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The Key to Initiation

By Vicente Beltrán-Anglada

Buenos Aires, Tristán González Library, November 6, 1985

To obtain this conference in full (Spanish only), go to Sabiduría Arcana, 50 Conferencias de V.B.A. in Argentina or click HERE : select "Conferencia 3."

Original in Spanish, translation by Luis Prada

Question: We represent the pre-initiatic schools of the Supreme Order of Aquarius.  The question is: Which are the first steps in the process of real initiation?

Vicente Beltrán-Anglada: The first steps, the last steps and the ones preceding the first steps are always: Service, the creative Service to the race.  When a group is interested in ennobling only their little redoubt or when the individual places his whole attention in spiritual growth he is distancing himself from Initiation.  When man believes to be so important that he sees others over his shoulder, he is betraying Initiation.  When a person is incapable of suffering with the suffering of his brothers he is distancing himself from Initiation.  When a person is capable of living absenting of himself and in favor of others he or she is entering always within the orbit pointed out by Initiation.

Initiation is this, Initiation is Service, Initiation is community in action, it is this unity of principle, not of separateness.  If you really want to acquire Initiation I affirm to you, most nobly and honestly, that you must acquire Initiation as a social duty, not as a reward for your action, whatever action it may be and however spectacular that work you are doing or in-process-of doing may be.

Sanat Kumara, Planetary LogosI speak to you of a world that is here and now but that has been in force at all times known of the history of the planet.  I tell you that the attention of "Sanat Kumara" —I am speaking to you of the Planetary Regent— is here with us.  You may say that it is not possible because you measure things from the angle of view of the self insignificance.  But you are a tremendous force and "Sanat Kumara" is here represented.  And there are many devas working with you, there are Masters working with the movements of Unity that you are forging.  And, at the right time, you are initiating yourselves.

What do you think Initiation is? A mystical ceremony where the Master Hierophant gives you the sanctity, the grace, the secrets, the mysteries of Initiation?  it is the every day work, the simplicity of treatment, the human comprehension, the creative service.  When doing this you are self initiating, you are penetrating in zones of higher spirituality and, despite of your apparent insignificance, you are great in essence, you are working with the essence because you are working beyond yourselves.

Therefore, the path to Initiation is the path of impersonality, it is the path of service, it is the path of testimony, it is not the path of study, of the eduction of much esoteric knowledge, but it is esoteric experience, the experience of service.

In the "Ashrams" of the Hierarchy there are persons that scarcely have esoteric knowledge but serve the Hierarchy.  And the Hierarchy frequently use channels you may consider very humble; as you consider today to the Adepts of the Great Fraternity, you would see humble people working in the line of the Hierarchy in the fields, in the forests, amidst society, in unsuspected places.  Not in the great cathedrals, not in the great international conferences, but here in the world, in the person selling goods, in the person sweeping the streets sometimes there is a great responsible of the Hierarchy.  And of course, when Christ said:  "I will pass by you side and you will not recognize me", he referred to the humbleness that exists and constitutes the living force of the evolution and constitutes the active participation of the world in the planes of the great Fraternity.

And now we are here trying, within the own humility, to reproduce at our small scale and measure an equal mystery, and equal secret that is being reproduced in each one of the Great Cosmic Initiations.  We are great in spite of the apparent insignificance, we only have to work for others, here it is The Key to Initiation.


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