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Ascension: How It Works


Live Kryon Channeling as was given in Manhattan, New York City, NY, February 2005.  Channeled by Lee Carroll for Kryon.  From .

The information below is free and available for you to print out, copy and distribute as you wish. Its Copyright, however, prohibits sale in any form except by the publisher.

Published in this website on October 15, 2005.

To help the reader, this channeling has been re-channeled [by Lee and Kryon] and added onto to provide even clearer understanding. Often what happens live has implied energy within it which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. So enjoy this enhanced message given in Manhattan, the same weekend Kryon channeled at the United Nations in early 2005.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of magnetic service. And so it is that you thought this room was warm to begin with? Just wait! [Referring to the lack of space and the way everyone is forced to sit close together.] There’s an entourage in here that begins to push upon you. It starts from the back of the room and then moves to the front. It has been here on this 11th floor for some time. On Thursday [3 days ago] something happened in here, very late at night. The room started warming up and entities started arriving, some of whom you know. A three-day preparation of the room began so that all of you would fit, and so all of you could be here to listen to the family.

I know who you are! This not a fear-based statement. I know who you are, family members. In this room there is only one who is a first-timer on the planet. And oddly enough that first-timer is one of the first to accept the energy, being fresh from somewhere else. It’s not unusual and it’s not uncommon that this first-timer is already on the path. The rest of you have come and gone and come and gone on this planet so many times! We call you "Old Souls," and some of you are even Lemurians ─and you know who you are. All of you gathered in one small place.

All of you know of the transcription being taken at this moment. This transcription will reach the eyes and ears of many readers and listeners. So, dear ones in this room, let us greet the readers and listeners, for they’re here right now, too.  Let them join you in this room… there’s going to be tens of thousands of them.  This particular message will be available for those on earth long after the vessel of the channel is gone and is home with me.  The readers on the page, you see, are ones we know who will participate in this energy through your future, which we call history.  [Kryon sees the future of earth as "history" since the future becomes the past only due to time passing, and Kryon is in the "now."]

So, reader, we greet you and we say the words of today are for all of you.  Listener and reader, I’ll address you now and I’ll ask the question we’ve been asking so often: Why are you here? Why are your eyes on the page, and why are your ears hearing this? Perhaps you came for healing? Oh, this would be a good place for that. Have you accomplished it all, or are those the things you’re working on?  Are you interested in progressing through something that we’ve described as enlightenment? You want to be a Lighthouse?

Completely, with free will, we give you this message today. It’s about free will and the choice to move forward spiritually. It’s a basic message, a simple message, but it answers some of the questions yet again, all in one place for you to ponder. Many have been asking about enlightenment. So let me speak to you ─all of you, reader, listener─ and say to you: Did you come for a healing? It’s a common theme right here today, isn’t it?

Reader, what are you doing looking at this? Is there something here for you? What’s surging through your body that you’d like to alter today? Divinity now presses upon this room. There are guides that you don’t know you have who are here. Perhaps you’d like to greet them? Maybe you’d like to begin feeling them, for they have permission to touch you. Some of you might even smell them… the ones you don’t expect to be here.

I’ve repeatedly told you of a system, but you still don’t understand it, and you still don’t believe it. Maybe today you’ll be touched in a way that you finally will. We’ve told you that those you’ve loved and lost become part of your Guide-set for all of your life. Did you know that? Do you believe it? Oh, this is the mysterious concept, is it not? You, when you passed over the last time on the planet, became someone’s Guide who is still alive today. That means that you planned a dual role on this planet. You think you’re walking around singularly and you look in the mirror and you see one face. But let me tell you something yet again: You’re in many places doing wonderful things on this planet. You’re still with other people in your own karmic group as their Guides. Did you know that?

You might say, "How can that be? I don’t feel that." Yes, you do. It’s responsible sometimes for what you’ve called twin flames, or soul mates… all manner of connections you feel with some people that you’re not aligned to, that you’ll never be with, but who you meet along the way. And when you meet them you say,"There’s some connection, but I don’t know what it is." And you have no idea that what you share is a quantum bond – perhaps you’re even each other’s Guides. So complex is this that we don’t intend to even begin to try to explain it. There’ll come a day when you understand all of it yet again. We mention it only so you might begin to understand the real relationship you have with one another and even with myself. Later this year I’ll tell you all about it.

You come in to this earth prepared to help humanity and you think you’re alone, and you think you’re singular. Do you want to know why you’re here? I’ll tell you. Let me revisit it yet again. There was a time when you leaned into the wind of birth, when we were holding your hand, and we were next to you, holding you back for a moment. You hadn’t moved in yet, and it wasn’t yet time to go, and we were questioning you, "Are you sure you want to go? Do you really want to be received into the Earth?" And you said, "Yes. Look at what’s going on down there, there is the potential – the potential that we can change all of it."

Did you understand, did you ever realize, did you ever think that maybe all your past lives, cumulatively, were like classes you attended for the graduation? Would you have ever missed this graduation? That’s why you’re here. Everything you did in all your past lives has ramped up to this. There you were, leaning into the wind of birth, with all your magnificent selves. The interdimensionality of you glistens and sparkles in what you would call the holographic part – spinning, a diamond within a diamond. Gorgeous! Surrounded by entities who were going to come in with you for your support, you’re like a little troop, you are. The big one and all the ones surrounding. You at last let go and started the trip, and as you were dropping into that place that you call birth, you were talking to us all the time. "This is it," you said. "This is the time I planned for. It doesn’t matter what age I’ll be when I awaken to my higher purpose. I’ll be the perfect age and I’ll have free choice and I hope I see it. This time around I hope I see it. I don’t know how old I’ll be when I see it, but I’ll be the perfect age to find the mastery within, to become a Lighthouse for the planet, and to make a difference."

There isn’t one here who is reading and hearing that didn’t have that scenario, yet you wonder why we love you the way we do! I paint a vivid picture, do I not, of the way it began? It’s even more glorious than that. You can’t imagine it. So blessed are you among beings in the Universe! All of them are connected to you and know your name (not the one you have now – the real one), the one we sing to you in light when we see you every time.

The purpose of life is to discover life within life… the divinity hiding within a 3D existence. Could it be that this is what you were born for? Do you feel a calling to find out? Some do. Some don’t. This is the free choice at work.

Why Begin?

And so let us speak of that free choice and what you have before you. The intellectual Human mind asks logical questions about the nonintellectual, interdimensional self. The questions are always the same: "Well, Kryon, we’d like to do this, but you know, there isn’t a whole lot of proof. Give us some proof and we may begin this journey of enlightenment." This is an interesting subject for Humans. There’s no real feedback, you know, in an interdimensional way, because you’re not yet interdimensional.

Think of this: When you come into the planet in 3D, one of the first things you do is know how to eat. It’s instinctual and you do it. You know how to begin and you know when to stop. It doesn’t seem to bother you that you have to eat every single day, even though you ate yesterday. Isn’t that odd? And you always have 3D feedback, chemically, informing you when you’re full. You all know about eating.

What if there was a hunger, as well, that was interdimensional? Many of you are beginning to awaken to that because the veil is lifting. What if it’s like a spiritual hunger and you’re asking, "How do I start? Where’s the food? What do I do? When am I full? When am I too full?" And so we say to you this is a quandary. It’s like the chicken and the egg: There’s no interdimensional feedback until you become interdimensional. So the first question is, therefore:"How do I begin? Where do I start? Is there proof that it’s real?"

The only proof we offer before you is this: Why would you be here asking the question? Why are your eyes on the page? Is there indeed some kind of interdimensional spiritual hunger that visits you now and says, "Is there more than I was told? Is there something else?" Let that be the proof for now – the fact that it’s here before you, and you’re looking at it. Or do you all think this is a coincidence?  Dear one, if you sit here or you read these words and there’s no spiritual hunger, then stop this endeavor. It’s not for you; it’s not time; it may never be time. It doesn’t matter, since we’re dealing with free choice. You’re created with a duality. When you ask the questions you’re asking, in all appropriateness, and the answers don’t ring true, then put all this away. And in a moment, we’ll tell you what will happen to you if you do that.

"Kryon, how do I start?" The most difficult thing we’ve ever talked about is starting, and if you recall, we’ve discussed it before. If you’re ready to begin, then find the food of spirituality that soothes you the most. Is it in the channeling? Is it in history? Would it be in the study of ancient religions and what they had to say about God? What would feed your spiritual hunger the most? Where do you begin? It’s sometimes possible to sit all alone and say, "Dear Spirit, with pure intent I ask you to open the door and begin the process with me." Without reading anything, studying any history, without opening a book or talking to anyone, it can begin. There are as many different ways as there are eyes on this page and ears hearing this. The processes are individual ones, just as you are unique, and they will suit the consciousness you came in with – no right or wrong, just divine interdimensional food.

Starting the Path

"Dear Kryon, how do I start? What is it like?" There’s a linearity, the way things work in your three dimensions, that often causes an interesting practical problem. You open that door, you pray to God to begin the process, then you sit there waiting for something to happen. Some of you complain it’s not happening fast enough. "I opened the door; I’ve been sitting here a long time, yet nothing’s happened at all." And you don’t understand and you don’t realize that you are God. What if I told you that you are on the other side of that door as well as on the side you’re on now? Would you understand that? Now, if that’s true, and you’re really in two places at the same time – a dual creature – that means that you actually help yourself open the door! Are you starting to get the picture? Perhaps it’s you who are the master of the door.

Don’t sit around and wait for God to do something! Pick up the tools that are handed to you through the door by the angelic realm (intuition), paste them upon yourself, and start the work! That’s how you start. You don’t just sit around. "Well, Kryon, how do I know if I have this? You know, when I eat food, I know when I’m full. But here I don’t know what I’ve received and I have no idea how much to ask for. What do I do?" You don’t understand yet. There’s a coat of many colors that has your name on it. It has been handed to you through the door. It’s your coat. It’s the mantle of Spirit, and when you take it, you may be troubled knowing which arm to put in first, but it fits you perfectly. You know you have it, because you feel it on you, and you’re warm! It couldn’t be a more perfect fit. See, it was tailored for you for years! The colors all represent your life, the solutions to your challenges, and why you came here. So the answer is that you experience the proof. You feel it at a heart level. You may not feel the coat on you, but you’re spiritually "warm," so you know it’s there.

Then you might ask, "So when do I get the tools, and how do I know I have them?" The answer is this: If you can give pure intent for these things, then you have them. They may not be given by your clock, either. And they may not feel the way you think they ought to feel. Some say, "I’ve been meditating for a long time. I know what it feels like when I’m ‘in tune.’ I get in this position, and while there I hold my mind a certain way in consciousness. Is that it?" No. Unfortunately, you can’t use this method to validate an awakening experience. We’ve told you the metaphor before. This radio station you’ve been tuning in to is moving off frequency. The frequency is becoming higher. You’re going to have to spin that dial and find the new frequency almost every time you sit down to meditate! Now, that’s kind of difficult, isn’t it? That’s a lot of work, isn’t it? I agree. So why don’t you do it automatically? Why don’t you get into a mind-set that says, "I am a divine creature of Spirit. I’m in a position to tune in to the station no matter where it is. I will sit here and it will come to me, because I attract the light. The coat I wear is a divine one, and the color I have is one that will create the marriage of the very frequency I seek."  And indeed it will!

All of this to say, dear Human Being, that you don’t have to ask the esoteric questions about how much, how many, or when or where. It’s going to be like the coat that fits perfectly. I hope I’m making myself clear. You’ll know because it fits, and intuitively you’ll feel the warmth of it. There’s a great deal of trust going on within the starting process. Many look for 3D and are disappointed. They don’t understand that the result of starting the ascension process is a "knowingness of Spirit" that fills you and lets you know that you’re beginning the process. This simply can’t be explained, and even after you’ve experienced it, it still can’t be explained to someone else. Explain to a space creature who doesn’t need to eat what it’s like to be full. He’ll have no reference even to food! Quite difficult.

Too Much!

Sometimes there are some who say, "I’ve got too much of this! I did all of these things and suddenly I’ve got too much. I can’t sleep at night and it’s interrupting my work. It’s got to slow down. How do we slow it down?"  Let me tell you something. When you open that door and that beautiful coat is given to you, you’re surrounded by an angelic realm of brothers and sisters who you know and have known, all willing to go to work for and with you. Oh, I know this sounds simple, and it’s a metaphor, but it’s the best we can do in 3D.

When you open the door with your pure intent, there’s going to be a whole lot of us pour in and we’ll push just as hard as you allow us to, because we’ve been waiting a long time for you to open that door! Ever since you were born, pieces of you who wish to reconnect have been there, as well as all of us! So the answer to that question, if you’re receiving too much, is to simply tell us so. Guess who’s in charge? You are. Did you think it would be some God in the sky? No. It’s you. So all you have to do is say, "Go slower. Dear Spirit, I appreciate all of the attention, but I’d also appreciate it if you didn’t have the disco ball in my bedroom with all the angels dancing around while I’m trying to sleep! Go slower." And we will. We’ll tune to you, for you are the boss of you. We’ll give all this energy to you at the speed that’s appropriate for your learning, for your attitude, for your sleep. You are in total and complete charge.

But let’s review this idea, yet again, that perhaps there’s you down on Earth, then there’s God in the sky. In this approach, when you start doing things, God in the sky is going to come down and do things with you, to you, and for you. So this approach says you can’t really control that, since God is bigger than you are. The truth, as we’ve told you for 16 years, it that there’s no God in the sky. Instead, there’s divinity inside the cellular structure that wants to visit the piece of God that resides in you.

There are energies in Gaia who are God, too. The very air you breathe is interdimensional and has life, and it’s also called God. And the indigenous knew it and they tried to pass it on to your new cultures who simply didn’t believe it. There’ll come a day when even science will prove it. The earth is alive! Most of nature is, too, even the things you think are not – like the air you breathe… all coordinated for life on earth and a divine revelation created through pure intent.

The Ascension Factor

There are those who still would say, "I’m really interested in opening this spiritual door in my life. I haven’t read a whole lot about it, but it sounds like I can have ascension… true ascension. If I do all these things correctly, that means I can get out of here – I can float away. I don’t have to be a Human anymore, and I’ll disappear just like Elijah did. Sign me up! I’ll like to do it."

Let me tell you, yet again, about this. You forget the plan because of the duality, and, in all appropriateness, you forget everything you planned for when you were leaning into the wind of birth. I remember. We were talking to you, holding you back, making sure you really meant it and were ready. Now you look around and begin to remember that indeed we’re telling you the truth, but you also read in past history that ascension means disappearing into thin air and "being with God." This isn’t the way of it in this new energy, but many seek this anyway. They feel that if they embrace this spirituality, they can get away from everything around them… and many do!

Have you ever heard the expression that another person is too spiritual to be of any earthly good – they have their "head in the clouds," and there’s not a practical bone in their body?" This is the kind of person who wishes to use all this spiritual information to escape. Does this make any sense to you? It won’t if you recall why you’re really here ─and that is to build a bridge calledPeace on Earth.  You’re here to hold the Light, one that will shine in dark places that need to be illuminated so that free choice can be clearer for all. You’re here to be an example and to stand alone, quite often, on the most dangerous shores of the planet. That’s what ascension is. You don’t float away, you don’t poof in the night and become an ascended being that leaves the planet.  It’s far grander than that!  You actually "die to self" and have a rebirth of sorts with your name and your existing body, but with a brand new interdimensional countenance. That’s ascension. And you walk from place to place with new spiritual tools.  People see your Light, and you don’t have to romanticize it, evangelize it, and you don’t have to give them any Kryon books. All you have to do is have a Light that’s so bright, they’ll fall in love with who you are.  And, Dear Ones, it’s not that hard when you carry the love of God with you to that degree.

That’s what you carry from place to place, you know?  It’s the love of God.  And what it does is not to invade anyone’s space. It does the opposite.  It creates a space of balance that many want to be within.  It’s a special place, so powerful with peace, that you attract those who don’t have the balance.  They desire to be with you because you’re balanced!  Oh, we’ve given you so many parables about the way this works! Take care of yourself, and all the other things fall into place.

Just the Good Parts, Please!

"Kryon, I just want the good parts.  I’ve been told that there might be some rocky things along the way."  Oh, yes ─let us be clear on this.  Think about it.  What will happen around you if you do this, if you begin a spiritual change?  If you start shining a light in a dark place and you’re with others who are used to the dark?  They may not like you.  They’re of an energy that’s not going to be what you’re heading toward, and so there may be some adjusting to do. That’s their free choice, but it also might be a rocky road for you. Are you ready for that?

What about your friends? Are they ready to accept you? "Not if I get strange, Kryon!" How about you don’t get strange, but instead you become balanced by turning on your Light? Blessed are the Humans who are not afraid of striking a light and taking on the mantel that’s thrust through the door, represented by the coat of many colors. When they put that coat on, even the little ones  [children] will see them differently. Blessed are the children who understand an enlightened mother, father, grandmother, or grandfather. There will never be better quality enjoyment with your children and their children than when you decide to spiritually balance. They won’t run from you. They won’t shy away from you. Of all the humanity on the earth, it’s the little ones who’ll see your Light first. Don’t fear losing your family, since this isn’t part of any requirement for enlightenment.

But it’s still a difficult road. "Kryon, I just want the good parts. I don’t want those other parts. Isn’t there a process where we could just go to the good stuff?" Dear one, it’s all good stuff! You have predetermined that challenge is going to occur, and you have predetermined that "challenge" is negative! What if challenge is simply scrubbing the foundation so that you can build a new house? What if challenge is simply going through the steps of learning? Your request is like a woman saying, "I don’t like the pregnancy part and the delivery part of having children. I like the stork story a lot better." Well, that’s mythology! So indeed you must work for any and all growth, since it’s something that is yours alone to do. That’s what the duality gives you.

What If I Ignore All This Spiritual Information?

"Kryon, what will happen if I don’t do this? What if I just ignore everything you’ve been telling us for the past 16 years?" I’ll give you an example, dear one, of the way it is. This is a beautiful story and it’s the next to the last thing we’re going to give you in this channel. There would be those who would read these words or hear this message who then say, "This isn’t for me. I don’t really want it. But I believe in God, so what will happen if I don’t move forward on a spiritual path? I want to leave here and forget this meeting. I want to put down this book and forget I ever read this. What’s going to happen to me? Am I going to be punished? Will there be darkness in my life? Will things go poorly if I simply ignore it all now that I’ve been exposed to it?"

Let me make something clear, and it’s something we’ve covered before. We give it yet again since there are still those who need to examine it in the context of this message. There was a parable we gave you many, many years ago. It has been published, and it’s called, "The Parable of the Prodigal Son." It goes like this: The father, who you see metaphorically as God, sends two sons into the world. This is the metaphor for being born on earth – two Human Beings come to the planet. The story-metaphor continues and one son becomes a minister and the other son becomes a hedonist. They both sow their own kinds of energies and their own kinds of seeds on the planet.

In this story, they both are in the same culture, and they both grow up to be adults. One seems to do everything right and has a wonderful life in integrity and spiritual growth. The other one seems to do everything that feels good and has a life of self-indulgent pleasure – often at the expense of almost everyone he’s with. They both die when appropriate. Then they come back home across the veil and present themselves before the father (God).

So here’s the information you should examine: What happens to them? We ask to revisit your scriptures. Go read this again. You see, both get the same party! When they return to the father, they’re both honored with the same energy! It’s not about what they did, or their works while on earth. It’s about being in the test of free choice. It’s about being on the planet and going through the test of duality. God isn’t here to punish you. You’re not running around the earth in a rat maze for God. Your duality test has been described as when angels come to the planet and don’t know who they are. With free choice, what will they decide? And the energy of this test is what is then applied to the very vibration of the planet. It changes the planet itself! In other words, the very scriptures of your own culture shout that there is no judgment!

All your energy now is about what happened in 1987, called The Harmonic Convergence, what is often called the 11:11, celebrated in 1992. It’s the acknowledgment that the earth has changed its vibration and that humanity will never be the same. So the answer to the question, "What if I don’t do it? What will happen?" is nothing. There’s no negative thing that you will create by not being interested in this spiritual aspect of yourself. Your free choice is accompanied by honor of your choice.

Dear one, perhaps you’re one that leaves the room and makes no decision, or puts down this book without any choices being activated. Perhaps you really don’t want anything to do with this spiritual energy. Let me describe something: You’re going to be welcomed back to the other side just as firmly and strongly as any other family member. "Well, then, Kryon, why should I do it? It sounds like a lot of trouble." Why would you eat, dear Human Being? The answer is because is sustains you in life. Your spiritual food is the same, but many are simply not hungry! Indeed it is the sustenance of God within you.

Those who choose this path will end up lasting longer with a sweeter life, without frustration, and with little or no drama in their lives. They will solve the challenges  slowly. little by little, clearing the way until they’re satisfied within themselves that indeed they carry the energy of Spirit in their bodies. Their personalities will begin to change ever so slightly. You see, something happens when you put on that coat. All the ego that was you is forced into the pockets of that coat, and then you sew up the pockets! Oh, those Human things are still there, and will be all your life, and they want to get out. But as you wrap your own hands around yourself and wear that coat, your ego stays put right where you trapped it. And because of this, people don’t see that ego anymore. Instead, they see the coat and the mantel of Spirit and the love of God.

Why not be balanced and live a life of meaning? Why not help the planet at the same time you’re helping yourself and those around you? These are the real questions. Why not do what you came for? It’s not about judgment and things that may or may not go on in an afterlife. It’s about living to the fullest while you’re here, being supported by an entire entourage standing behind that door who will assist you in this.

Did you come here for a healing today? Did you pick up this book hoping for answers? Well, let me tell you something right now, reader, listener: If you’re one who says yes to this, now would be a good time for that healing. They’re all here, you know? All the colors of your coat.

And with this we close. Blessed is the Human Being who has come here and whose eyes are on this page, who understands what is taking place in his body and the potentials thereof. For right now, we say this to you: You can leave this place differently than you came. You can stand up from that book and actually feel the rush of intent to change. Let the seeds of the healing you came for be implanted upon you now, so that when you rise from the chair, whether you’re listening or you’re reading, you’ll be different.

What’s troubling you? Are there challenges with your body that you can’t control, that you can’t seem to get a grip on? Why not leave here with a complete new countenance for that? Why not have this the gift today? What about the habit that’s killing you? I know who’s here! We want you to last a long time, Lightworker, warrior of the Light. We want you to stay here in good health and last a long time. We’ve given you the tools right here for it; we’ve given you suggestions on how it works, what to look for, and how to know you’ve got it.

You can have control over all habits, no matter what the chemistry of your body yells at you! When you start this path of enlightenment a whole troop comes in and helps you with it. It readjusts the chemistry so the addictions fade away. Again, I know who’s here! Do you doubt this? I know who’s reading! I also know who came for a healing.

Blessed is this Human Being who has given pure intent for the healing they came for. Let them never be the same when they leave this place. Let these meetings, which appear to be channeling meetings, become healing meetings! With Human permission, let there be changes in the cellular structure of all those in this room who may give intent for this, for it is why they came. Not one came in fear. All came in expectation, so let them be solidified, amplified, balanced, and healed!


The problems that you came in with will stay on the floor when you leave. That is the message, co-creators. It has always been the message. "Kryon, when are you going to give us some new stuff? Every time we hear you, it’s all about the same things. Different words, different parables, different metaphors, different stories. It’s always the same." I’ll make a deal with you, Human Being: When you fully implement what I’ve been giving you for 16 years, I’ll move on to something new. My message is about mastery. And when the masters stand and create The New Jerusalem, I will move on to the next phase. And when that happens, I’ll celebrate all of you even more than I do now.

And so it is.


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