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Creative Imagination

Archangel Raphael

Message for April 7, 2004, from Archangel Raphael, transmitted through Brian Murphy, in this website on April 17, 2004.

Following on and complementary to Tobias’ last shoud (Shoud 9) on the subject of "Imagination", what I would like to say is to point out the difference, albeit subtle, between the concept of Visualisation and Imagination, then to explore practical uses for Creative Imagination.

With the term "visualisation" there is an implied, or underlying projection of a forced or a willed picture placed by a human onto the screen of his or her mind, whereas the term "imagination" implies more of a free-wheeling picture, or an allowing of the flow of pictures into the mind screen from without. This conceptual difference is vitally important, as we have recently learnt, to the way in which we can interact with humans using imagery as a tool for communication. As it has often been said that, "a picture is worth a thousand words", the utilisation of imagery affords us a much wider scope for communication than words can ever do, and imagination is the medium by which you can allow Spirit in to your mind to communicate.

When you combine both words, the written or spoken words, and the imagination together you have what I have dubbed the concept of "Guided Imagination" which is a subset of the subject I have chosen for this lesson. When you read a book for instance, you allow your mind to fill in via imagination, the characters and the scenery for the story that you are being guided through by the words of a book. In times gone by around your campfires, when there were no books, or even more recently in your toddler days of this lifetime, you probably listened to stories being read to you or spoken directly from the experience of elders. In either event, I bet those stories came alive with the aid of your imagination filling in the details. This is powerful stuff and the beauty of it is that you are all expert already at using imagination.

It is also fair to say that anything ever made by a human being started with imagination, and since we are now in the business of reminding you of who you really are, it is also fair to say that imagination has created all that is.

Imagination. That is what we will attempt to discover in this and subsequent lessons. How to use imagination effectively. How to communicate with Spirit using imagination. How to join with others in group imagery, which is even more powerful, and how to use imagination for the good you desire out of life. Then perhaps we will look at life in relation to what you imagine it to be.

Imagine now if you will, a quiet meadow on a gentle hillside. Imagine a large old oak tree in the centre of that meadow, and then a spring bubbling up clean clear water just a short distance from the base of the oak tree. Imagine also that the grass in the meadow is lush and green then imagine that within the oak tree resides a family of magpies who make that oak tree their home base from where they oversee their territory.

This picture that now resides on the screen of your mind is very clear is it not?

Brian and Kay can imagine this scene very easily for I have just described part of the scene they view each morning whilst eating breakfast in bed, but I’m sure that you all have a similar picture in your mind. It is not difficult picture to imagine and the individual differences will not be that great.

Now this type of imagination is quite easy. What is not quite so easy is taking your imagination into the unknown realms of Spirit, to places that only exist in imagination. In doing so we will find that each of you will of course imagine things differently but that you will also find that those differences aren’t that great either. The reason for this is also simple. Each of you imagines things or places in relation to what you have experienced in physicality. Even we Spirits use imagination this way, although we are not presently in, or may never have been in physicality. We use your third dimensional world as a reference for our imagination as well, and in so doing we find that we are all attuned to your experience. After all that is what your experience is all about, to provide All That Is with a reference for experience, and we benefit from that as well.

By using physicality as a reference we can easily align group imagery, even though we may not actually have the kind of objects and situations we will direct your imagination to in this series of lessons. The differences in imagery that will inevitably occur will not matter one bit, simply because the reasons for using imagery are personal anyway, and if a person can imagine, the person will be able to follow these lessons with ease. It is really that simple.

Now let us proceed to a spiritual location for our imagination exercise.

I’m sure that many of you have been previously been introduced to the concept of your Personal Pyramid of Power and if not, you will be now.

Imagine if you will a huge pyramid with its outer walls constructed of smoky glass with a violet tinge. Imagine this pyramid to be large enough to house the Coliseum, and while you’re at it, imagine that you can walk straight through the walls of your pyramid whenever you want to enter or leave it. Imagine that at the same time, the walls still protect anything housed within it from the elements outside. This is your Personal Pyramid of Power but it will always be open to your invited guests.

Even though this pyramid is large, it can still act like Dr Who’s tartus, for those of you who remember him. This pyramid can expand its interior space to accommodate anything you can imagine inside, anything at all no matter what its physical size. Now imagine that this pyramid is powered by its connection to the Source, the Universal Field, or whatever name you personally ascribe to the source of All That Is. Imagine this power to enter through the apex of the pyramid, much the same as you can imagine this energy coming in to your own crown chakra, and as pyramids do, imagine the energy coming in to the apex amplified many times by the geometry of the pyramid. This energy will be more than enough to power anything you can imagine inside your pyramid, and this power causes your pyramid to glow with an eerie violet haze. This glow may be eerie but it is welcoming all the same.

Now let us proceed inside your pyramid, into a coliseum like auditorium, capable of seating thousands of people, and that this auditorium is actually filled with beings all excitedly awaiting the entrance of a very important person. And imagine, at the centre of the circular auditorium,, a large circular stage with a speaker’s podium and lectern in the centre of that stage. Imagine that seated on the stage around the podium are a number of seemingly important beings dressed in formal robes. At the lectern stands our Master of Ceremonies for today. His name is Yeshua, the Christed one. Now imagine his aura. His aura glows with a indescribable brilliance, mostly white with a tinge of gold. This now causes you to notice that the other beings on the stage are also glowing, and perhaps because they are grouped around the podium in support of the Master, you didn’t notice their glow before. You look around the audience and you now perceive the whole audience with a similar glow.

Look closely at those beings on the stage. First of all you notice two ladies side by side, one you immediately recognise as Mary exuding loving femininity like you have never seen before. Her eyes are wide with loving expectation, surely a beauty to behold in anyone’s imagination. This alerts you to the fact that the other lady must be Madeleine, equally radiant and beautiful. The next being, seated next to Madeleine has in his possession a large glowing sword and you immediately think of Michael. Can it be Michael? Yes, yes it is Michael, and the one next to him, the dark haired angel, could that be Raphael?

Yes, I am there on that stage awaiting our guest. I am beside myself I must admit with excitement and expectation. Next to me sits my old friend Toby. We engage ourselves in relaxed conversation while we await our guest for today. Now look closely at the others one the stage and you will recognise that all of your favourite Spirit beings are there, and for each of you these beings will be different. That doesn’t matter for this is your own personal gathering, and we are all awaiting your arrival for you are our guest of honour. Some of the dignitaries on the stage with us are the friends and relatives you have known in your lifetime, they are with us in Spirit, even if those who are still living today. We invited them. Those filling the seats in the auditorium are your Spirit friends, the Legions of Michael and your personal helpers. They fill the auditorium to capacity this day.

Imagine now that you hear an almost deafening clarion call from the massed trumpets of the Legions of Michael. The tension builds as the trumpets sound their call, the expectation mounts as the trumpets cease, and then Yeshua, without the need for a loud speaker requests that you come forward to greet him on the stage. You are now nervous, are you not? Of course you are, we know this, but when you see the whole gathering rise to greet you, calling you forward with applause, your nervousness subsides. Your nerves calm and your being is filled with the love that we have for you, and this love draws you forward, through the gathering of the Legions and on up to the stage. The dignitaries have risen as you approach, and they are applauding also. You gracefully climb the steps up to the stage, more or less in a gliding fashion and before you know it you are face to face with Yeshua, the Master of Ceremonies, and he hugs you.

You feel the genuine warmth and the power of Yeshua as he hugs you. You look down at yourself now and realise that you also glow with exactly the same brilliance as he who you call a Master, and you just know this is special.

Yeshua now takes you and introduces you to the dignitaries, one at a time, and you reciprocate a hug with each. When this is done, silence descends upon the crowd and you are asked to kneel on a specially prepared golden kneeling cushion, in the centre of the stage, before Yeshua. This you do willingly, knowing in your heart that it is not a show of subservience but something more important.

Yeshua now asks Michael to come forward, and Yeshua takes a seat while Michael takes over the ceremony. You are now kneeling before Michael and bow your head. Michael lifts his sword and gently taps you on each of your shoulders. At the same time you hear Michael pronounce loudly so that all can hear, "I now pronounce you to be a Commander of the Legions of Michael. Please honour this award and know that the Legions are here, at your call for whatever reason, and whenever you feel the need to call on them. I, Michael am also at your personal service if and when you ever need me."

Michael then asks you to rise and as you do so you are greeted with a deafening cheer from the gathered Legions and you know that they welcome you as their new Commander. This is a proud moment for you now know that you are recognised by Spirit as someone special.

We will now leave the image there and return to the physical, but in doing so please realise that you can return to your pyramid as often as you like. It is your space.

Know now that the imaginary scene that we just ran through was real. It may not exist in your physical reality but it certainly was created by you, and for you in another reality that is just as real as your physical world. The ceremony did take place and we recognise that it took place and that you do have that honour now, with us.

It matters not that you were reading this while it was happening. You do not need to be in a state of pure meditation to do this. In fact you do not have to be any particular state at all to do this. You may use your imagination at any time to summon our aid and we will be there. Remember that Yeshua once said, "Whenever two or more gather in my name, I will be there." I’m here to tell you now that you don’t need two. You can do it by yourself, and you can do it silently if you wish. The mere thought of calling on us calls us to you.

We will of course continue with the topic of Imagination in subsequent lessons, but for now I think I have left you with enough food for thought, or should I now say, enough food for your imagination to feed on for the rest of this life.

All for now, Commander.

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