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Pillars of Spirituality

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Pillars of Spirituality

By the Divine Master Jesus of Nazareth

Lecture, Montevideo, Uruguay

October 10th, 2002


Channeled by Jaime Díaz


Original in Spanish, translation by Luis Prada.



Jaime Díaz


The Torches that illumine the Cosmos light up at the same instant when the souls go toward Love.  It is so that in this instant those torches get filled with Light because you are looking for Love.

Thus in this instant your inner being is illumined with the radiant Light of Spirit to penetrate the deepest of your being and to find your own path, to find the path that your feet must caress and go leaving their footprint, the marvelous path of the Spiritual Evolution.  It is this way that the Door of Heavens is open to receive the wayfarer that weary goes through the walks of life, toward the endless path, the path of Eternity.

The path that from ever and forever Spirit has to walk.  So it is that you, from the night of times, coming out from the darkness of your consciousness you go waking up a little more, in this plane of material manifestation, toward that eternity.  From the night of times, lost in the darkness and in the faraway, so it is your consciousness that has gone wakening slowly to arrive to the refulgent state you find yourselves today, full of glory, glory because you have the Light in the understanding, because you have Love in your Heart.  And this perhaps maybe small for you, in comparison with your aspirations, and you feel miniscule before the dream of your own greatness; you feel unworthy, in comparison to the Being you aspire to become in relationship with your human poverties you have today, but I tell you Blessed disciples, beloveds in whom I please myself pouring my Love, that you are worthy of this Light because it has been long since you have been following the stele of Peace and Love that as I walk I am leaving behind for you.

When inviting and calling those who want to cast their nets in the sea of life, and you respond to the call, you are responding to the Silence that is in your inner being, to the Voice that resounds in the silence, looking for the Light in the Path, in your own spiritual path.  This is why you make yourselves big, this is why you make yourselves as Giants, beyond what you conceptualize yourselves to be, that many times you do not conceive in the adequate dimensions of your own greatness, filled of humility and simplicity, giving fulfillment to the teaching “may your left hand not know what you right hand does”, and thus you do not praise yourselves nor put yourselves before a mirror to flutter you, to give you recognition, to give you encouragement to yourselves, propitiating the self consolation and self commiseration.  But in all this you go finding this Greatness because you do not need to deceive yourselves, because you do not need the external recognition, when, behold, I am among you.

You know well, because I have told you, I Am the Path, the Truth and the Eternal Life.  He who comes to Me will find that Eternal Life.  You who go walking from ever and forever, as Spiritual Entities, I tell you that you go marking with your steps the path to eternity, and sometimes you ask yourselves if really you are on the path, on the path that I come to point out.  Sometimes you ask yourselves if maybe you have not mistaken your steps, doubt springs up, restlessness springs up.

In those times of disturbance, in those times when the minds fall in unrest, it is generated a great turbulence and all the concepts precipitate over man trying to crush him, trying to annihilate him, subjecting him to the deepest materialism.  Making his reason to function at maximum and trying to subject all to a logic explanation, to a sequencing explanation with the goal to find the tip, the principle, the first cause of all that exists, the first cause of all the causes, without finally the reason can arrive to such depth and perhaps in some the perturbation of the reason or the frustration appear, since it cannot pass beyond the barriers imposed by the dimensions of his material intellect.  May this happen not in your heart and in your understanding.

Behold you should disregard all boldness intellect has, for by filling yourselves with Spiritual Fervor you make the Faith reborn that it is being buried by the conceptualizations of the mind.  And among all of this, from the deepest of you, the Faith that animates your soul surges, the Faith that conduces your steps on the path.  That Faith that moves mountains should not disappear from your breast, because there, where intellect arrives and finds the abyss, the Faith puts on the Bridge so you can pass.  There where the mind stops and restlessly seeks the path, the Faith surges to stretch out its safe hand and to carry you to the Higher Spheres of True and High Spirituality.

Well I told you what you will have in these times of confusion, which would be a vortex, as a whirlpool that would try to suck you to its center, to swallow up he who in his boldness precipitously tries to reduce all spiritual greatness to an insubstantial synthesis, to a non-transcendental synthesis of laconic concepts that try to briefly explain what eternity is, what infinite is, and all of this transcends intellect, understanding and reason, and you have to strip of all this through the peaceful meditation-adoration, of relaxing the inner being, with the objective of, by surging the angel’s wings, that you then can conquest the heights to where intellect does not arrive, and it is necessary to feel, it is necessary to perceive in the subtleness of your own spiritual depth, more than conceiving, more than perceiving forms, you will be able to feel the effluviums of Love, the emotion that overcomes your inner being in the sublime contemplation of the Light, the Spiritual Light that, coming as a ray from the heights, cleaves in your breast to deepen through and to arrive to the deepest of your being reaching to the most internal fibers of your consciousness, so as to pluck strings of an instrument, pour out its celestial melody and on the Light of the inspiration of the Divine Verb, it could then cultivate the holy souls it wants to rescue.

This is what your consciousness must be, the excellence and greatness moved by the Faith that moves mountains.  This is what man is losing in these times of material confusion, where materialism extends as a great tidal wave that threatens to cover the beaches and extend to the mountains, where that atrocious materialism makes Man be submerged in an unconsciousness, and values be lost little by little: spiritual values, moral values, falling into indifference.

Youth precipitates into a vortex of passions, youth rebels against social systems, and all is contradiction, apparent comprehension, apparent equilibrium, perhaps being near to arrive to a partial destruction that man himself has engendered with his own derangements.  It is not necessary to describe pictures of suffering, since for your mind is easy to conceptualize it and it is not the purpose of the teaching at any moment to create pictures of suffering in your mind, in your inner being, but on the contrary, with the reality you have, with the conclusive reality of sufferings you can perceive in all human miseries, I come better instead to give you fortitude and to give you consolation, to give you my support and my Love and to let you feel my Light in your inner being, so that you know that you are Pillars in the Spiritual Temple.

Your mission and your activity, no matter how humble you consider it, no matter how scarce of spiritual merits you have it qualified, behold it is very important, very transcendent for the work of Ascension of the Human Being, because in these times of great confusion it is tried to be dimmed the resplendent Light wherever it seeks to come up as a spark of hope, and you, contributing your miniscule grain of sand, according to what you have conceptualized, you do not become aware of the Greatness of this marvelous contribution each time your lips open to mention words of Love, to carry out words of comfort, to give the teaching that comes to your ears, you are doing an Infinite Great labor, although you do not become aware, because of the routine in which you have fallen, because of the bustle of your life, in which values have left to be such.  You have an appreciation of the devaluating sense of your own activities and it is so important that you understand you are important for the Great Spiritual Mission, it is so important you understand you are as a little cog of a great gear, of the cosmic gear, of the gear of an immense machinery, as a cosmic clock that is marking the befall of time and goes marking the passing of this time too, and you are part of all this, you are part of this Great Spiritual Mission.

And those who may consider themselves unworthy of a spiritual activity, of being Trustees of the Light, behold you are in error, since each one of you is a Temple of my Light, and each one of your steps is a message of Peace and Love you are carrying.  Thus it is important your existence even though you believe you are crucified, because pain comes your way, because your soles are lacerated with thorns, and your skin bleeds from all the adversity there is on the walks of life.

Verily, verily I say unto you my beloveds:  Remember how I was led to Calvary, and not precisely in the most benign way, but precisely symbolizing and remembering what you have to go through to arrive to a true spiritual liberation.  It is not falling into masochism, or to deliberately look for suffering.  Let your left hand to caress you and present you as a suffering that which you have sown, and the Law gives you the opportunity to put in place that you have mistaken, to indemnify that you put in error, to amend that you omitted, to amend that you did wrong, or to realize that you omitted.

Thus it is then that your life still filled with pain is a fructiferous life, even though you know not to see beyond your eyelashes.  You are more important than you think you are.  You are precisely the Beautiful Flowers of the Flowering Garden of Spirituality.  Each one of you is like a white lotus flower of indiscernible beauty, as a white flower in the swamp, that you do not contaminate because you surround yourselves with Love, you know to survive in spite of all the contamination there is in the mind and in the mental environment in which you are unfolding, because you have learned to pray with feeling, with the heart and not just with the diction of the verb that flows from your lips, because you have learned to love, forgiving, forgiving injury or offense.

Because you have learned the value of putting the left cheek when they slap you on the right one, because of all you have learned my beloved, you go on the endless path.  For that I say that you are Pillars in the Temple of Spirituality in spite of your existence being filled with pain.  Do not pay attention to so much pain, but put your sight on the Horizon of Hope that opens its arms to offer you a better life, on the Horizon of Hope in which the iridescent Light of the Sun rises to arrive at your own zenith to give you spiritual Illumination.  Look for this in your existence, look for the Kingdom of God and its Righteousness, and anything else will be added unto you, but do not seek for material treasures because bonded will your heart be.

Seek ye the Greatness there is in your inner being, through the Silence of meditation that leads you to the recondite within yourselves.  Walk on the path that leads to the spiritual elevation through the silence of your mind and learn to listen, do not impose your word there where it is better to listen, learn to listen so that the wise advise may surge of your Thought Adjuster (God within you), may it flow in brief words, precise and concise, may it carry the needy to the acquisition of the satisfaction of his necessity, without converting yourself into a staff or a crutch for him to support, but in the true Master that illumines the path for him to walk his own steps by himself and to conquer his own freedom.

Do not console only with the coin that feeds for a day, but feed with the wisdom that will give him eternal life forever.  Do not be carried away only by the sentiment that moves the innermost recess, by the sentiment that overcomes the heart.  Look with the Light of Understanding so that you know to guide properly, because perhaps you do not save anybody by avoiding his pain, but you save him by better giving him the opportunity to experiment, to live, to acquire awareness.  And this is precisely what I do with you.  I do not come to change laws, I do not come to fulfill not that which must be fulfilled, so it is that I cannot free you of pain, if you yourselves do not look for liberation.

If you conduct your steps to the abyss of pain, lo and behold, you have to learn, behold, you have to experiment and you have to arrive at your own cross.  And in it will be your salvation.  It is here where the deep meaning of perfection is, both of good and evil.  That which you conceptualize as pain, it is but a same phase of perfection.  So It is that the values are for some the good and for others, the evil.  And finally you do not agree where the beginning is, where the starting point is and from there it is advanced towards the good until arriving at the perfect sum of goodness and in the opposite sense it is the starting to the field of the evil until arriving at the extremely pernicious.

You oscillate in all of this and in accordance with the way the various civilizations go, the concepts change, change man his own laws, and good and evil change according to the appreciation of the individual, of the collectivity, of a complete civilization.  And so you have concepts that as a polarity always will refer to good or evil, and that you have the freedom to choose.

From immemorial times I am among you pointing out the way to you to tell you where to place the next step, taking you by the hand so that you do not err the path, but because you have the sublime attribute of freedom, of Free Will, of election by your own will, you can release my hand and seek your own ways.  And so it is that some err their path, but there exist the Divine Law that by protecting them reintegrate them again propitiating their Spiritual Evolution.

And it is this Mechanism of Reintegration towards the path what man qualifies as bad, because it hurts, because the corrective measure goes always against their conception of freedom, it goes always against their sentiment of freedom.  Man, when feeling free, stands sovereign over his own individuality and feels he can do and undo his own will and by exercising his creative faculty, conceives in his mind that which convenes to his wishes, and becomes pleasant within certain coexistence norms, those which can be transgressed by him who goes seeking after power and when getting it, comes to a delirium, and do exert it then indiscriminately.

And in that fight for power man has arrived to the present chaos, subjecting the weak ones; the hand of the powerful is at the neck of the hungry, of the ignorant, of the poor of spirit.  Because they are ignorant of their consciousness and of their material reality, ignorant too of spiritual Principles.  But behold that theKingdom of Heaven will be of these ones.  I told you, “Blessed are the poor of Spirit”, meaning that those lacking the material knowledge, the abundance and richness of intellect, are more susceptible that the Golden Grain would fall on them and fructify, to be fertile ground because their Faith responds easier to the promise of salvation.

Of salvation that is not material, because there is no so much perversion in their soul, nor ask they where are taken, but surrender their soul to the sublime cause of spirituality.  They are docile to the call and do not resist trying to find out for which path they should walk, but taking my Hand they go through the Path of Spirituality, with the simplicity of their inner being.  Lavishing goodness each time their steps go through the land.  And with this you understand why the Poor of Spirit find their freedom faster than those who brag of being wise and learned of the Law.  Those who wielding the word use it as a sword of fire to cut off the life of those innocent ones that in holocaust they offer them to the gods of power, they offer them to the gods of ambition.

So this is how the delirium comes to the masses, the confusion comes to the multitudes and men stop seeing the path.  Neither men nor women come back to find their steps, and see themselves lost in their own passions and ambitions, and who has to rescue all these ones?  You, my beloveds, Pillars of Spirituality, you who think you are no more than a miniscule grain of sand.  But perhaps you do not see the beauty that is resplendent in your heart, because there is the humility of your existence, because there is the simplicity of your soul, because there is the perseverance in the search of my Light, because you have not stop loving me in spite of you having fallen into temptations.  Because of the doubling of your will, because of the renewal of your spiritual fortitude after having fallen an instant, what matters if the instant was 60 or 70 years.  You could have lost a whole life, but your steps are again on the Path that leads to Eternity.

Verily, verily I say unto you, sublime Torches that are shining, sublime Torches that are illuminating the spiritual world; verily, verily I say unto you that you are the hope of this world that is in unrest, that you are the hope of salvation because your lips I will inspire, because in spite of you considering yourselves unworthy, you are those in which the seed that can grow and give fruits of spirituality can be sown.

Do not then evaluate in less your existence, because you are the marvelous gems, because you are the precious stones, beloved disciples in which I am pleased to surrender my Love, the precious pearls of Spirituality with which I go basting the rosary that have to be prayed by the lips of those who pretend to find salvation and your name will not be the one praised, but your spirit which is Mine.  Because remember I have told you: “My Father and I are One” and you are so too.  Even though your mind does not comprehend the mystery enclosed behind this symbol, the Greatness of which I tell you is my Kingdom, my Kingdom is the Kingdom ofSpirit, of the spiritual Life.  And of this I come to talk, for you to be, knowing what you need to know, the true wisdom that is in the inner being.

Do not worry about reasoning, nor to try to verify if you go on the good path, if your cause is just, let that to God and Lord so He will defend it.  Why you have to worry about surviving the next day? Didn’t perhaps the birds of the field have food in excess and have where to nest?  So my Father being infinitely Great, so He has to lavish in your existence.  And you think there will be lacking for you?  Nothing to worry, my beloved, for he who has built on a firm rock of Spirituality do not have to worry anymore than for his attire if he still pretends to cover the nakedness of his body, but if he has transcended even this, not even the nakedness of his body will have him blushed.  Because then he will go by the roads only carrying the Message of Peace, and others have to pay attention in his message and no to his personal presence.  Because he has to cultivate their Spirit and not their material beauty.  Because he who puts his eyes on matter does not see beyond his eyelashes, my beloveds.  And he who puts his eyes in Spirituality, looking is he to eternity.  And you do not need to contemplate the nakedness of the body.  Hence what do you worry of?

If you have the Abundance in the Spirit, see then how my Eternal Father provides in abundance he who is more than a little bird, tuning his trills of praising to the Lord of the Eternal Life.  Look how the Eternal Father gives you more of what you need, and you think you are in misery because perhaps you lack the bread to feed your body, because perhaps you lack enough money to satisfy your material aspirations.  But you have not seen that my Father has lavished you in Spiritual Abundance and has glorified you praising you in the Spirit, dwelling within you, enlarging you beyond the highest material mountain.

Look that you are great in Spirit, small in matter, you are Spiritual Giants and do not want to see in the true dimension of your own reality.

Invest yourselves with the innocence of a child so through that innocence you can peep into the splendors of your own spiritual reality.  And then, being as children, I repeat again the symbolism that this envelops when I call you and say: “Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the Kingdom of Heavens“.  When you are invested with the innocence of the infant, you are capable of penetrating the hearts and to carry joy, to carry the noise of the childish laughter and rejoice to the adult who is in pain, mortified by anguish, mortified by the befall of time, the uncertainty of tomorrow.  But the child, in his true reality of the moment, of the happy instant of his illusion, converts into happiness whatever anguish was only in the heart of him who worries about tomorrow, without seeing that the Eternal Present embraces tomorrow, the present and the past.  Without seeing that the innocence of the child is the lamp that illumines the Road to Eternity.

How much Beauty there is in yourselves!, when you let step forward the innocence of your own being, the fragrant petals of the Christic Rose that in the dawn surges before the caress of the Spiritual Benefactor Dew.  Thus you should be, my beloveds, day after day, dawn after dawn.  Hope for this humanity you are, very beloved disciples in which I am pleased surrendering my Love, in which I am pleased pouring out the fertile Waters of Wisdom.  You are the hope of this world, even though your shortsighted and cloudy vision cannot reach to distinguish, do not reach to remove the veil of Eternity.  And you are not able to see the portent of your work to carry the seeds of evangelization, of the fervent and felt preaching of the Spiritual Teaching you have been receiving.

Blessed and Glorified you are, very beloved disciples, I say to you once more, because you are the hope of salvation.  Even though you do not erect yourselves as saviors, even though you do not consider yourselves saviors of humanity, for in your humbleness is your greatness.  Through your innocence is your wisdom.  Through your material ignorance is the true Master that is refulgent with full Spiritual Knowledge.  Through your renunciation to the material, it is the spiritual aggrandizement.  Use the material as a means and not as an end, be wise on this.

Blessed be he who in these days of Spiritual Grace opens his understanding and can comprehend the words that carry the message of Peace and Love to the blessed heart that vibrates in Love.  Blessed be he who by opening his spiritual eyes has been able to contemplate the spiritual Greatness, blessed be he who by opening the spiritual ears has been able to listen to the Spiritual Teaching.

Blessed and Glorified you are all without distinction, because before the eyes of my Eternal Father you are all equal, the same in Essence and Presence, the same value, because you all are the hope of this world that is in pain.  Carry then the message, beloved of mine.  To you all I give it the same way, carry it to each one that crosses your path, to all who arrive to water at your fountains.  To all who arrive at your garden patch, offer them the Christic Rose of your love.  To all who arrive at the Eden of your existence, offer them from the juicy fruits that your have in your heart.  Because full of abundance are you, of Spiritual Abundance!

Take and carry of all that I have poured out, fill your saddlebags because to you all the same, at this instant, I give the Blessing in the Name of He Who sends me, because I AM his Son irradiating the Light, the Holy Spirit, and in a Divinity kiss I arrive at your front door to illumine your existence and to guide your steps on the path, on the Spiritual Way.

My Peace I leave, My Love I give, eternally!


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