Embracing the Process


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Embracing the Process

The (not-always) graceful art of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual release

By Bryan De Flores

Article taken fromwww.bryandeflores.com .  Published by permission from the author.



Do you remember the first spiritual revelations you experienced when you became aware of multidimensional frequencies and other intelligences? The joy and elation that accompanied these insights finally allowed you to be free of all earthly constraints and soar to the heavens. Sometimes few and far between, you continue to experience these ah-ah’s but have difficulty integrating them into your busy life. You often feel frustrated, confused and alone, not understanding that you are inches away from making a quantum leap in consciousness, into the 5th dimension of time and space.

The Mystery School of Life —How Long Is This Going to Take?

As we begin our spiritual path, one of the first things we should realize is how toxic we have become. We all have negative thoughts and unbalanced emotions within us that often manifest in ways which are very uncomfortable. We also have subconscious sabotage programs and coping mechanisms working against us, prohibiting us from living our dreams. We have created and often been imprinted with these mechanisms to help us deal with the traumas and dramas in our lives. However, in order to make our Ascension, these things will need to be looked at and dealt with. Unfortunately, when many people are confronted with their own issues they just don’t want to go there! They lash out, suppress or run pretending that everything is OK and fly up into the rafters of denial, never to be seen again.

The ancient Mystery Schools were set up in part to assist the participants in becoming conscious of, understanding and releasing the ties that bound them to the lower levels of the Earth plane. This included the understanding that all illness and disease is caused by mental and emotional stress. It was understood that these imbalances would eventually begin to impact the health of the physical body, mind and spirit. Releasing these imprints in a balanced, positive way was crucial to the longevity of the body, the stability of the emotions and the integrity of one’s thoughts. This process took many years until the initiate achieved mastery and completion.

In this modern age, many people have awakened to spirit and are now eager to move forward along the path. However, as well as experiencing great joy, one will encounter challenges, which will trigger those unprocessed emotions and thoughtforms. One misconception is that it is an endless process and this could not be further from the truth. You are currently in the process of returning your body and consciousness to its original pattern of perfection. Therefore all genetic and energy frequencies within you are resetting themselves, permanently. Imagine never feeling anger, stress, depression, etc., for the rest of your life! Negative emotions have been important tools for learning about ourselves, but that time is finished. We are now making a quantum shift into a reality that does not utilize negativity as a tool for growth. So kiss those negative emotions goodbye, thank them and let’s move on.

It is so important to be open to the idea that there are some things within you that will need to be acknowledged and addressed. Each time you properly process these imbalances they will be gone forever. If you are open and not in denial when your stuff is triggered, the process will be easier. If you are in denial, challenging and sometimes painful experiences will continue to manifest in order for you to clear these issues. Remember, everything that has been suppressed must come up to the surface to be dealt with! Our wonderful home Earth is also going through the process of returning to its original paradisiacal state of being. All the current global challenges and issues we see manifesting around us are but the last remaining distorted planetary imprints, which are just now coming up to the surface to be cleared. In a few years this process will be completed, the transformation will be swift and all shall be changed in the twinkling of an eye!

Bottom Line: If you initiate the procedure consciously, spirit will not have to manifest an external experience in order for you to clear it! And when you are confronted with your own issues, don’t feel bad or guilty, just own up to it and move on!

The Tyranny of the Mind

Data data data data data data data data data data………..

There are many techniques and procedures available to assist us in working through our own issues. Lengthy processes are a thing of the past is most cases. Question: Wouldn’t you rather shift a thoughform or emotion in 3 minutes rather than have it linger for 5 years? The energy is moving too quickly now and many of the old slower analytical methods are no longer working. Energetic processes work more quickly to re-pattern our thoughts and emotions, as they work from the soul level. They override the mental confusion and human personality and go directly to the Higher Self for instruction. The key to this process is powerful, positive intention! Sometimes this type of process cannot be explained it just needs to be experienced and trusted! Energy processes work by the Universal principal of homeopathy: When you change the energy (vibracional patterns) you change the manifestation of the matter.

Many processes are so mentally/intellect or ethereally oriented they do not fully integrate into the consciousness. Also, some people who are intellectually oriented tend to process only in the mental body. I have noticed this in many of my classes. People will say that they have already cleared a particular issue, but it is still there, bigger than life! Yes, maybe they did process it mentally but did not fully integrate it into their emotional body and energy field. Also, there may be many layers of the issue that can only be cleared through full emotional integration.

If a procedure relies too heavily on mental data rather than personal connection and integrated intuitive understanding, you are more than likely going to walk away with a heavily processing mental body and very little integration. Besides, all data does is satisfy the lower mental body and too much data is often very confusing and will block intuitive channels. When you are attending a class be aware there are many important energy transmissions being given on multiple levels and the data or script being offered is probably the lease important. Oftentimes you integrate teachings and healing energy better when the analytical mind is bypassed. As a teacher, I always tell people beforehand that not everything that is happening can or will be explained. After all, one cannot experience the fullness of God through definition alone! My accelerator images are a perfect example of this. They heal and activate the individual through soul-level energy transmissions, which bypass the analytical mind allowing total integration.

Preparation and Maintenance

Before attending a class prepare yourself for full integration through verbal intention and meditation. During the session know that if you do not understand something mentally that’s OK, you are receiving it telepathically or energetically and will understand it at another time. After the session make time for yourself to contemplate and enjoy the energy before performing any mundane tasks. It is also good to take a shower or bath after an initiation or Ascension session to clear any residue or dross from your field.

Below is a list of things you can do each day, which will make your process easier. Conscious processing will allow you to understand and clear interference patterns with lightning speed, ease and grace. This in turn will change the way you feel, think and live. From this point each day you will create new perspectives and make frequent, fully integrated shifts in consciousness. You will become aware of what you are thinking and doing in each moment and will always make choices that are in alignment with your highest good.

Integral to this process are affirmations or prayers, which reverse all of the negative verbal and unconscious mental confusion during the day. After doing these for a short time you will notice that you are no longer manifesting negative thoughts and will be walking through doors that were previously closed to you. For example, if you say:  “I never have any money, I am always in debt,” you will counterbalance it with:  “I am financially independent”.  You may not understand how these changes can occur with your present consciousness. This is due to lots of negative and limiting programming that you need to get rid of. Using the affirmations for just a few minutes each day will minimize and eventually clear all negativity and judgment. They will also help to create a building momentum toward a positive future. You can use the affirmations during the day when negativity come up or just keep track of the issues and do it all in the morning. I have included a few affirmations below to assist you in moving ahead. Feel free to make up your own as you go, addressing current issues each day. And remember, although thoughts are powerful things, the spoken word (sound) is even more powerful. Also, the affirmations must be felt and not just said. If they are not emotionally integrated they will not work properly. For instance, if you say, “I am divine passion!,” you need feel the PASSION! If you need to look in a dictionary or refer to some other source to get a better understanding of some words, by all means do what ever it takes.

1.Set the energy each morning. By doing this you are determining how the rest your day will be. If you start your day in peace and spiritual connection, that will be the primary energy of the day. If you start your day in negativity or confusion, well….

2.Connect with your Higher Self, spirit guide, guardian angel and God. Feel the connections strengthen each day so they may assist you in your daily life. State the intention that everything you are saying here for yourself is also for all of humanity and the planet.

3.Surround and infuse your body in a luminous mantle of Christed White Light. This clears all negative or interference patterns within and around you. This will also clear your dreambody and bring you into a state of balance and harmony. Also, surround all current challenges in your life with the White Light and ask the angels to assist you in balancing these energies.

4.Visualize a clear path of white light or tunnel ahead of you, projecting through the whole day. This will surround every person, place and thing you will be encountering for the rest of the day. It also neutralizes negativity and removes unforeseen obstacles.

5.State your affirmations for the day. Ask that all unconscious issues and imbalances are brought into your conscious mind, so that you may have the opportunity to clear them within yourself rather than experience them externally.

6.Express gratitude to God and all assisting energies.

7.Close each day with a blessing and some deep breaths, which will assist in relaxing and releasing any stress from the body.


I am the embodiment of joy, harmony and passion!
I am divine integrity, honesty, compassion and patience!
I am open to divine guidance, which brings me great wisdom, prosperity and abundance!
I am creating and living my dreams in every moment!

Another powerful affirmation which I have used is:  “Each day, in every way, I am getting better and better and better….Say this over and over again, 15 times in the morning and at night. It will reverse any negative programming regarding your self-image.

After the Storm!

During your earthly spiritual journey, choose a diverse range of processes and teachers (guides). This will provide you with many perspectives and allow you to embody a diverse range of spiritual frequencies. Also, choose experiences that will shift you and give you new perspectives and not just make you feel all warm and fuzzy and safe! Most of all have fun and don’t take everything personally! Soon, all of the processing will be over and we will be able to complete our Ascension with dignity and grace. We will all experience ourselves as magnificent spiritual stewards of this planet!

May you be blessed with patience and clarity as you complete your wonderful, abundant, incredible journey into the 7th Golden Age of Enlightenment!

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