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Lightworker Frustrations, Part II

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Lightworker Frustrations, Part II
This live channeling was given on December 6th, 2003, in Newport Beach, California

Kryon channeled through Lee CarrollTaken from .

This channeling has been added to and enhanced by Kryon, through Lee Carroll in a rechanneling process over the actual transcribed channeling. This has been done in order to make it more valuable for the written word and to bring clarity to concepts that were given energetically within the live channelings.

Greetings, Dear Ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. "Oh, how could it be," you might say, "… that Spirit could speak through a Human Being?" Let me tell you: It is the way of it. All the sacred scriptures of Earth occurred this way, did you think of that? You’re seeing it now in a form that’s personal. Did you know that one this very night you can go home and sit in front of Spirit and quietly, within the process of meditation, call upon the same energies that are here? This is the miracle of your divinity. The entourage again takes its seat beside you.

There is a sweetness here, which is the love of God. Whatever that word means to you Spirit, family that’s what we wish to speak about tonight, among other things. There is one here who’s saying at this moment, "This cannot be so. I don’t want to believe it." Dear One, so you really want to be an island, cut off from all of the wonder and the love that is your family? Is this really what you choose? Through your intellectual judgment, do you wish to isolate yourself from healing, from peace, and from joy? If so, we bless you! For there is no judgment of free choice, Dear One.

But at the very least, we ask you to stay with us. Perhaps during these few moments you might feel the touch of the hand that is not the one next to you. Maybe there will be an invasion of the heart when you finally realize that who’s speaking to you now is your spiritual family. It’s the core of all existence. What you call God is here! What you call God sits in the seats in this room!

The duality presented for the Human Being part of the challenge working the energy of Earth to many seems like a fruitless thing. Some say, "We come and we go, and we come and we go. What’s the purpose?" Let me tell you: You’re sitting in the middle of the purpose! Dear Human Being, there have been no prophecies about this day. What can you say about sitting right now in an energy on the planet that had no prophecy? What does it mean to you? It ought to tell you a lot. If there was no prophecy about what’s taking place here, could it be that something changed? Could it be that the prophecy is now being written on a clean slate by the ones who sit in the chairs in front of me, as well as the humanity that’s also outside this room? Is it possible that what we’ve said is indeed so – that humanity has changed the very reality of Earth?

There would be those who would say, "Well, Kryon, that’s not what we’re seeing around us. It’s chaos out there, and it’s not positive." Perhaps things are not as they seem. We’ll talk about that in just a moment. But now, let’s take a moment to posture the energy in this place, for we’re almost set for the information to begin.

Who is it who comes here [speaking of the meeting taking place]?  You might ask yourself, "Who is it who sits in the chair I’m sitting in?" [speaking now also of the readership].  You might ask yourself, "Who am I?"  You might ask yourself, "Who am I to think that I can change things?"  We say that you are the angel who has come to Earth, fully willing to walk through the Armageddon! Impossible? Did you ever think of that? When you were born, that was the prophecy. Yet here you are! Why would a sacred creature who "knew" the potentials of a horrific future actually choose to come to Earth when you did?

The reason we continue to speak of this, as we have for the past months, is to trigger your "spiritual logic." Asking yourself "Who am I?" is for this very reason. Perhaps it will occur to you that you’re here on purpose. All that’s here before you is on purpose. You arrived with a plan, and came with free choice with predispositions that you have indeed walked through. Now you’re starting to understand what free choice really means. Could it be that you can change your own cellular structure with your intent? Could it be that you can talk to your cells? Could it be that you also might create peace on Earth? Let’s talk more.

More on DNA

In this last month of your calendar [the meeting was in December] it’s a time of resolutionsa time where you’ll promise yourself that you’ll do things so that next year you can promise yourself again! [Laughter] It’s Human nature, is it not? We told you sometime ago that there would come a moment when we’d reveal the names of the layers of DNA, and we’ve begun to do so. In review, we’ve also told you interdimensionally what some of the DNA "looks" like. As we told you about the twisting, we also gave some of the names that have now been published and some of the identities and purposes behind the layers. Did any of you see the reality that all of the layers are in a circle? They are. And you might say, "How are they arranged one with another?" Our answer is "yes." [Laughter] How can we show you interdimensional things when your thought processes are limited to a single-digit dimension? As much as we’ve tried to give you examples, they just don’t make sense. We even pointed to your artist Escher to give you an idea of what it must seem like to you… reality beyond your perception. Escher’s perspectives don’t make any sense within your reality, and neither does the your 4D physics around DNA. But we continue the best we can with our metaphors and the names.

We gave you the name of the second layer [Torah E’ser Sphirot]. The name of the third layer was also given [Netzach Merkava Eliyahu]. The name of the first layer, we gave you later [Keter Etz Chayim]. If you noticed, they were all names of God. If you go back and study the published information, we were very careful to give certain information in those places where we know the information will be transcribed and published. What follows has been given at least twice before in unpublished venues, but it’s time for the information to be written. We did that so that my partner [Lee] could get used to seeing and saying the words. It’s too important to be left up to the moment. This is the way of it. With this new information, even my partner needs to practice the channeling!

So what we give you now is further information of the 12 layers of DNA. In review, they exist interdimensionally in four groups of three. Three elements or layers are in each one of four distinctive groups. Each group has a different purpose or energy. The first group we told you about involved layer one, which was the only 4D layer. It’s the one and only one that you can see under a microscope. We also told you that there would come a day, when interdimensional exposition is at hand, when the shadows can be seen of the interdimensional layers. Look for this. It’s a certainty. For as you begin to look into the interdimensional, some things will start to show themselves, even upon the double helix. Look there, because, Dear Ones, all of the layers are together in a circle, interdimensionally. Therefore, they all can be seen on the one that’s in 4D. Their shape together will not make any sense to you… much like the Escher painting. The grouping of fours and threes will also make no sense.

They’re shaped in a circle that fits in a box, and the box is the one in the middle of the Merkabah. This won’t make sense until you observe the geometry of the Merkabah in 4D and find the box in the middle. Then perhaps it will begin, even in 4D, to be more meaningful than these words are.

Layers Four and Five of DNA

It’s time to reveal layers four and five. Their names will always be in Hebrew, and this fact will eventually give you some hints about their purpose, but let’s do a review of the first three.

The firstDNA group of three work together and are about a grounded DNA. This group contains layer one, the Human genome, which you can see and which is the biological blueprint of the Human Being. It exposes all the chemistry involved in your life-force. Within this first layer, we told you to look for the "fours, threes and sixes." We told you that they all relate to a base-12 attribute of all life. And they’re there for you to see, even in 4D. They’ll even show in a greater way as you understand more of the chemistry involved in the twists. They’ll shout about 12, hopefully giving you even more evidence that what we’ve been telling you for over a decade about base-12 being the math of the Universe is indeed so.

That first group of three included an interdimensional third layer [Netzach Merkava Eliyahu] that we’ve called "The Ascension Layer." From this, you can see that even spirituality is included in the grounding layers. We told you in past channellings that the attribute of fear was also involved. We also told you what to do about self-worth, and how important it was to the entirety of your growth. All of these things were involved in the first three layers of DNA.

First DNA Layer Only (of human genome)
The only layer that can be seen under the microscope

As we gradually expose all 12 layers, don’t be surprised if we get to the ones that will be the imprints of your past life experiences. Even your karmic attributes are there, and all of them are changeable! The most confusing part of all of this for you will be something that we haven’t discussed yet: As you change one of the layers in any way on any plateau, all of the others "know" it! Like complex chemistry, you cannot change one thing without the reactions of the others also changing something. In this chemistry metaphor, DNA is the same. If you activate the third layer, all 12 know it.

Within the scope of what has formerly been given, we now reveal the names of DNA layers four and five. Within this knowledge, we’ll again say that these layers can’t be isolated within your study. You can’t study number four alone, or number five. You only can study four and five together, for they’re a pair. They can never be separated, for it’s an interdimensional certainty. It’s the way they work with the other layers, and that’s the best we can do to explain their process and how they relate to the rest of the 12.

Some might say, "Well, Kryon, why are they two layers if they act as one?" I’ll answer you with this question: Why is the double helix, layer number one in 4D, made of two distinct sides of a ladder, when they can only work together? You can’t study them alone with any success. The sides of the ladder are "married to what’s in the middle." Again, it’s difficult to describe what interdimensional properties are. So let’s just say that they comprise the structure for what’s in the middle, which isn’t a layer at all. They support an energy of divine law.

Layer four is called Urim Ve Tumim. It describes great power and great light. It’s a name of God, and it’s never to be taken alone without the fifth layer. The fifth layer is Aleph Etz Adonai. It describes God! It describes a tree of life. Together, these two strands are part of the divinity group. Group one (the first three layers) was the grounding group. It included the Human genome (layer one). Group two is the divine group, and is layers 4, 5, and 6. Now you’ve already stacked them up, haven’t you, within your mind? Well, try not to do that. They’re not stacked at all. They’re intertwined among themselves.

Layers four and five together are the essence of your expression (this specific life on Earth), and your divinity on the planet. They represent the "name" on the crystal on the Akashic Record. Let me tell you in one sentence what layers four and five mean: The primary and most important spiritual attribute of all is the tree of life, which is family. It’s a divine grouping, one that talks to angels. Layers four and five together are in a divine grouping of three, but the last layer in this group, layer six, won’t be presented tonight. But some of you already know that it’s still another name of God, and a phrase that you’ve heard over and over, which modifies four and five. We now talk esoterically. We don’t expect you to understand, so if you’re going to take from this place one message about what has been presented tonight about DNA, know this: There’s a portion of yourDNA that’s as divine as God itself. Call it the Angelic Grouping, if you wish.

Why would such a thing be? you might ask. Can you even for a moment consider that part of your biology is divine? Well, you’d better get used to it. How else do you think co-creation takes place? How else do you think you can manifest and change matter? [As the science section of the seminar clearly showed] How do you suppose those things get accomplished, Human Being? Moreover, have you put it together yet that even without intent, your consciousness and the field around it changes energy around you! When you sit next to somebody in a theater [or even right now], you have a field that speaks interdimensionally to their field. The same is true when you pass someone in the grocery store. Did you know that as your own energy fields passes within another, and both touch one another, there’s an intelligence of one that interacts with the other? It’s subtle, but it is so! Think about that the next time you walk among others. You think this is ridiculous? Just wait for science to validate the "picture" of your interdimensional life field. They will.

What kind of energy transference is there from Human to Human when you get close enough to interact in this way? Let me tell you: This is not an invasive transference. This divine grouping portion of your DNA is the one that shouts divinity wherever you walk. It’s the ones that tells those around you that you’re vibrating higher – that you’re starting to awaken. It’s not invasive, but informative. How many of you have had situations where you’ll meet people for the first time and they’ll be back on your doorstep over and over, until finally you’ll say, "What is it that you want?" And they say, "I just want to stand next to you. I don’t know what you’ve got, but I like it, friend, and I want more of this." They may not even be able to describe it, but they like what you have! Perhaps you don’t even want them around, but they’re there anyway.

Some of you attract and attract. Rather than invasive, this energy is often just the other way around. This energy of balance and wisdom in the bubble that walks with you is so attractive that other humans know it and feel it even the ones who would never come to a meeting like this, will wish to be with you. Someday we’ll cover some of the basics of this.

So that’s as far as we’ll go today regarding the DNA. One of the upcoming meetings we have will feature the name of layer six. For some, it won’t be a surprise, because it represents the name of divinity at its highest. Understand, dear Human Beings, that the information about DNA is highly esoteric. What are you going to do with it? So when you have all 12 Hebrew names – and you can’t pronounce them any better than my partner [laughter] – what are you going to do with this knowledge? These names don’t stand alone. There are also pictures and colors. Perhaps there will come a time when all of this will come together and it will be more meaningful to you, even though it’s interdimensional. Perhaps you’ll start seeing the divinity within, and understand where the miracles actually come from. Perhaps you might even find out how to pronounce the ancient words, and feel the energy they contain when spoken.

Frustrations of the Lightworker, Part II

We’d like to speak to you about six more frustrations of Lightworkers. Naturally, we’re not going to discuss all the rest of them tonight, are we? [Laughter] Only six more. [See Kryon’s channeling from September 27, 2003Misconceptions and Frustrations, Part I]

Number One: "Dear Kryon, I’m very distraught about what I’m seeing on the news. It doesn’t fill my soul. It makes me worried. I try to hold a positive attitude. I look at peace on Earth, but everywhere I look where they’re broadcasting the news, it seems like everything is flying apart. You know, it’s getting worse, Kryon! Just at a time when you said the energy was being delivered to the earth, where we would see improvements, where someday we could have the real solutions, instead it seems we get horror! How do we justify these two things? It’s frustrating. Not only that, even if I could justify it, how do I talk to my friends about it when they come over and they cry for those who are lost, when they see hatred and war; when they see it getting worse instead of better? What do I do, pat them on the head and tell them the energy is changing? No. I want real answers."

First, dear one, get a grip on your divinity! Understand what’s taking place so that you can emanate peace. Do this so no matter what’s on the news when your friends come to see you, you’ll still have the peace of God in your life. You are an ambassador for the divine. Intuitively activate the layers of DNA that will give you peace and divinity in the face of uncertainty and frustration. This is first. YOU are first, even before the explanation you seek. Learn to accept that even when it seems like everything around you reeks with challenge, there’s a quiet spot called YOU where friends can sit and find solace in your energy. This is what a lighthouse does when the storm hits… it leads others to the safe harbors.

Let me tell you what’s going on, and I’ll use a metaphor. What if there was the most corrupt nation on Earth? All of it was corrupt. You don’t, but pretend with me. Pretend there wasn’t a piece or a part that wasn’t corrupt, and it’s been corrupt for a hundred years. Plain talk: Everybody was on the take. The common person didn’t have a chance to get anywhere unless he or she joined the corruption process. It was a way of life.

Now, into this make-believe scenario steps a new leader, who has integrity. Remember, this is a metaphor. Now pretend for a moment that you were that leader and you began to try your best to do what was correct and wise for all. Let me ask you this: Do you think you’d have any trouble? Some challenges, perhaps? [Laughter] Absolutely you would! What to do? The answer is that you could never do it alone. You’d have to start with those around you, and you’d have to show them your light. You’d have to show them the difference by living it. Once they felt safe with you, they might see something within you they wanted… integrity. Pretty soon that might rub off and you’d have a Cabinet that had integrity. Then maybe they’d spread it to their Congresses until you had more and more who came on board who saw the wisdom of it all. As you raised the "integrity" bar and they saw the treasure that had been hiding, they’d get excited. Fifteen years ago, this was brought to you in different words within "The Parable of the Tar Pit." That’s what this is all about.

Now stop the story for a moment. Let me tell you what the metaphor means so far. Who is this new metaphoric leader? The leader is Human consciousness. It has shifted quickly. It has changed, and it’s an energy of its own that literally lies like a cocoon around all of you, begging to be discovered. When the earth changes energy, it doesn’t force choice upon you. That’s a staple of your Human free choice. It doesn’t convince. It doesn’t prod you. It lies there, should you wish to look upon it. That’s an honoring, is it not, of the process of duality? This new leader called enhanced Human consciousness is here, and it’s saying: "I have for you, peace on Earth. I have for you, health for the countries who need health. I have for you, concepts no one has ever thought of to provide compromise and solution for the unsolvable. I have for you, the end of ancient hatred. I’m here to feed you, should you be hungry for the truth."

In a room like this, full of Lightworkers who are responding to this consciousness, it should be obvious to many of you that things are shifting… a great deal! Why is the news so bad? Here’s the next part of the story: Within this metaphor, once you, as the leader, get a few others to help you with this integrity quest, you turn on a bright light (after all, you’re a Lightworker, right?). Suddenly in this bright light, all the ones who felt that darkness was their friend are caught where everyone can see them! What would happen in a perpetual dark place if you turned on an incredibly bright light? I’ll tell you. Dark energy would scamper, trying to find hiding places! You would expose the worst of the worst. There would be outcries, change, and suddenly the dark things that had always been there would suddenly be looking at you! Some might attack you. But there would be no place to hide. Slowly they would have to shift, too… to accept the new Light, or to go find another dark place.

For reasons that have already been discussed, Human nature likes drama. You’ll notice that there is no good-news channel. Wouldn’t that be something? A place where you could tune in and hear the good things of the day, and where you could hear stories of how people helped people? Imagine a broadcast where you could hear about victory, joy, and common positive experience! Wouldn’t that be something? And you might say, "Well, who would tune in to such a thing?" And the answer is, not enough at the moment. We know that. But when this occurs, and it will someday, you’ll understand that a part of Human consciousness has indeed changed.

So the answer to the question about being frustrated with the media is this: Understand what this shift is creating. In your "fair and balanced" news, you’re receiving "fair and balanced BAD news." You’re only getting one part of it, since this is Human nature. It’s covering the "scampering," and the increase in negativity is due to the increase in Light! Intuitively understand that the other part is there, but just not seen. In your own consciousness, understand the joy that’s also there, in order to balance it out within your own logic. Understand the impossible task of the metaphoric leader, stirring up all the old energy, with the dust of darkness suddenly choking everyone.

Number Two: "Kryon, I’m tired of people and am frustrated with them. What’s going on in the last year or so that would create a situation where people would change so radically? I don’t understand it! Many I’ve been with seem to have polarized themselves one way or the other, and they’re changing."

Well, Lighthouse [pause]…

Let me ask you some questions about that. Are you sure they’re changing, or are you? What if it were a situation where you have asked for enlightenment and you’ve received it… in a very soft or precious way. What if you become wiser and you look upon your friends and your family, not in judgment, but in wisdom, and you perceive a separation? What if it was you who changed and not them? So again, we call upon this tolerance and patience as you move… but they remain as before. So there will be a chasm that opens since you’re moving and they’re not. The chasm can be bridged with what we have called, metaphorically, The Bridge of Swords.

Now, this is old information, but suddenly it’s on your doorstep. Now it’s your reality, whereas some years ago, when it was given in the Kryon teachings, it was just in a book. There’s never been a time in your life where you’ve seen the polarization of humanity like this. Had any personal betrayals lately? What does that mean to you? No more fence sitting! It’s starting to show, is it not? What is really felt and thought by others is starting to show. So you’re now seeing Human Beings start to move apart and isolate themselves into what they really believe, whereas it wasn’t so obvious before.

Now it’s your turn, as that part of the leader of Human consciousness, to show your love, compassion, and tolerance of these who would pull away from you… even the ones who would betray you. Can you do that? Let me tell you what happens, dear Human Being, when you take and look in the eye of the one who’s betrayed you, and you love them anyway. When you do this, a specific energy is created as a third energy between the two of you. This energy is divine, and it goes right into the earth right into the crystalline! Memory is stored of what you did, and the wisdom it took, and it changes the planet. That’s how it works.

Start looking at people differently. Look upon them through the eyes of Ascension. See them as family. Within normal society, no matter what they’ve done to you, understand that they’re part of the whole. If it’s their choice to move away from you, so be it. But understand that they’re loved as much as you are. Can you do that? It’s one of the hardest things we’ve ever asked of any Human Being. Look at the betrayer and love them as you love yourself.

Number Three:"Kryon, I’m tired – really tired. I don’t seem to have the energy I used to have. You know, Kryon, you’re teaching about the energy being delivered to Earth, finally unifying with Lemurian energy – Lightworker energy! I should be feeling stronger, not weaker! Why am I always so worn out? Am I doing something wrong?"

Not all of you ask this question, but enough to warrant this discussion. How do I tell you this, Dear One? The next time you feel exhausted, the next time you feel as if you just have to sit down and perhaps lament the fact that it wasn’t always this way, I want you to know something: There’s an entourage around you celebrating your life, watching you put down the weights that you’ve agreed to carry! Don’t you understand that as the energy begins to draw near to what you waited for, you go to work?

You’ve come here to do some of the heaviest spiritual lifting of any Human Beings in the history of this planet. Lemurians, are you listening? As this new energy comes into the planet that is commensurate with your energy, you’re lifting it right into the planet’s reality by the bootstraps. It’s part of your day-to-day walking around! Some of you are saying, "Well, Kryon, all I did today was fill up the car and do errands! Big spiritual endeavor, huh? Well, I’m tired!"

Listen, in the process of your day-to-day existence as a Lightworker on this planet, there are multilayered parts of you that are carrying energy for the Earth. The very fact that you’re here in an enlightened state creates energy! It doesn’t matter what you’re doing. In a dark room, lights that walk around pretending not to be lights still illuminate the room!

Perhaps you might awaken in the morning and you’re really tired, so you decide to take the day off and it makes you more tired! Sound familiar? Ah, you’re doing the heavy lifting! What an honor for us to sit with Lightworkers like this! You actually came in with a willingness and a plan to do this, remember? The next time you feel tired, why don’t you greet us and say thank you for this tiredness. You might take a moment and say, "I understand now that I’m somehow doing planetary work, and I’m happy and joyful to be part of the family of God. I recognize Urim Ve Tumim. I recognize Aleph Etz Adonai." When you do this, the spiritual DNA grouping gets activated, and you start to understand what spiritual heavy lifting is all about.

Tired? Yes. It isn’t going to be this way forever. These are the times that we spoke of. They’re not in the future anymore. They’re here. So do the heavy lifting, and understand that this is why you’re here. This is also why we love you the way we do. Then later… take another day off!

Number Four: "Kryon, I’m concerned about what I’m seeing in the elements of the planet. There’s global warming. The glaciers are melting. We’re hearing stories about weather changes. I’m afraid… or at least concerned."

Dear one, what did you expect? When the bell rang and the fight began, did you come out of your corner expecting nothing? When the earth vibrates faster and your time frame changes, geological changes also take place. Go back and read the original transcriptions. [referring to past Kryon books] We told you that there might come a time soon in your lifetime when on parts of the planet, nothing would grow in fertile areas, and where former deserts would bloom. We told you of a geological increase in time and activity. We told you of the quickeningmagnetic grid movement, then we told you to also watch for severe weather changes.

So now that these things have now occurred, what does this add up to in your mind? Let me tell you, if you haven’t figured it out already, that you’ve changed your time frame! You’re seeing geology increase. The time frame has increased so that you’re seeing things in your lifetime that you wouldn’t have seen otherwise. That’s what an enhanced earth does. The actual earth is changing. It isn’t some esoteric change that only a few "enlightened ones" can see! It’s real! We told you this. We also told you that the earth responds to Human consciousness, and now you get to see it. And now you’re telling me that when you finally see it, you’re worried? Bless you… the duality really works!

Again, I’ll give you this information. Global warming is a product of the oceans of the planet and not the atmosphere. We look forward to scientists finding this out. When they do, we ask you to remember where you heard it first. Maybe it will bring credibility to this event for those of you wondering if this channeling is real? We also tell you that this warming would have occurred anyway, even without the fossil-fuel problem that you have. Then in the next breath I’ll say to all who hear and read, please continue to clean up the fossil-fuel problem anyway! But it isn’t what’s causing the global warming.

All of this will settle since the earth is dynamic. Listen: There’s no divine plan afoot to take the earth and make it uninhabitable! Would that seem right to you, that the earth would not support what you’re doing? No. The earth is a partner in all this. It’s the same as when you see the news. It’s frustrating, and it doesn’t make sense. It’s time to turn the worries into celebration and joy. There’s irony here. The very things you’re concerned about have happened because of what you’ve done to change the consciousness of the planet!

Number Five: "Well, Kryon, a moment ago you said with the changing of the earth, and with the Light turning on, that there’d be a lot of those who scamper seemingly from under the rocks. In other words, we’re going to see a lot of evil in the earth. We’re seeing it now. Is this the reason we’re seeing a lot more hatred and evil than we ever saw before?"

Yes. When the Light is turned on, and what was always there is revealed, it’s hard to sit on the fence, isn’t it? That’s exactly what you’re seeing. Two years ago we sat in this spot and told you of this very potential, and now you’re experiencing it.

"So you might say we’re going to need a lot of help because of this. What can we do to protect ourselves from all this evil that seems to be crawling from under the rocks and coming forward? How are we going to protect ourselves?"

I will say it very firmly for publication one more time: Dear Human Being, protection spiritual energetic protection is a relic of the old energy. It’s based in covert fear, and whereas there was a time when you might have wished to shield yourself from the energy of others, that’s no longer needed. Again, we use the metaphor of the room that’s dark: When someone comes into the room emanating light, the dark goes away. It does stay! It doesn’t try to attack back. Instead, it’s transmuted. Dark becomes light, and you are the Lighthouse who creates this. So again, dark energy isn’t an active energy. It completely depends on an empty place to exist… and that empty place is where fear is found.

You’re the one who carries that Light! It’s automatically generated when you begin to vibrate higher and develop your divinity. Wherever you walk, your Light will transmute any dark energy in your path. There’s no need for protection. Use the Light that you have to completely saturate anything that’s inappropriate that you come into contact with. This is a reality and a promise. This is something we have told you many times before. Please understand that your Light is not an invasive force but a neutralizing force. Again, the dark room is illuminated, and in the process there is sight. This is only invasive to the dark!

Don’t be frustrated and fearful about those around you who you believe are carrying darker energies. In this new energy, even the darkest Human Being whom you can imagine in your presence won’t have a chance to pierce the Light you carry. They can’t shoot a dark gun at you! Those who try to project darkness need an empty space with no Light for their darkness to exist. That, by the way, is why there’s so much frustration within so many of them. Those who carry dark energy around with them by choice simply won’t get anywhere when they try to do what they’ve always done… influence everything around them and create fear. When they can’t seem to affect you, they get very angry. Did you notice? They get angry because you don’t react to their darkness, Lighthouse. We’ll talk about that more at another time.

It’s very interesting how humans work with humans, especially when one of them is a Lighthouse. Some get very angry in your presence. You might do nothing at all, and even say nothing at all. But by simply carrying your Light from place to place, you often create their frustration. This is all part of the interaction of your personal interdimensional fields that we have spoken of earlier in this teaching. Perhaps this of all things this evening would be one of the exposures of what is going on in your life with those who betray you and turn their back on you, Lighthouse. They carry an energy that’s not commensurate with yours. You frustrate them, did you know that? An irony is that this is listed as one of the frustrations of a Lightworker when you frustrate them.

Number Six: "Kryon, I’m frustrated by having to learn the same lessons over and over. Won’t I ever get it right? Why do I have to keep doing this?"

Let me ask you a question. Before some of you came here today, you ate a grand meal. It sustained your body, and here you are in the seats. After this event is over, you’ll probably leave this room and do it again! What’s wrong with you? The first one wasn’t good enough? [Laughter] Didn’t it sustain you? It did. Wasn’t it good? It was. Understand?

Dear One, you’re in a growth mode. When you repeat lessons, you’re not actually repeating them. Instead, you’re sustaining your life on the planet. Don’t look at it as a repeat. You don’t look at your meals that way, do you? Do you sit down with your food and go, "Oh no, not again"? Don’t you look forward to the sustenance and joy of sitting with family? If you started looking at your challenges in the same way, dear Human Being, this world would heal itself a lot faster.

Look at what seems to be repeated learning as a confirmation of learning. Understand that you’re not in an endless spiritual cycle any more than your body is in an endless biological cycle. It’s life-sustaining to eat, and it’s life-sustaining to have spiritual knowledge created from circumstances in your lives that need to be solved. It’s part of life.

That’s our message. So let’s take this sweet energy as we close, and turn it into something else. There are those of you who came here this night for a healing. Maybe it was for emotional healing, perhaps physical or situational healing.

"Dear Kryon, I’ve got an impossible situation. There is just no solution." Oh yes there is! You’re not giving credibility to Spirit for knowing about these things! How do you know that what you’re asking for isn’t in the process of being created by somebody else who’s manifesting synchronicity that will solve their problem, and in the process, yours too? That the way it works. Did you think of that? Dear Ones, you continue to isolate yourselves and think you’re alone. Somehow you feel you have to solve everything alone! That’s the duality at work. You’re not alone, and your challenges aren’t particular to you alone.

The truth? That group of DNA we spoke of, is the spiritual group, literally hooking up every single Human Being interdimensionally to every other Human Being on the planet! It’s not just DNA that can’t be seen in your reality… it’s a force that’s divine! It’s a web of complexity we haven’t even begun to describe to you, which is even beyond the information of The Cosmic Lattice. You’re connected to every other Human in existence. That creates a web of co-creative purpose and synchronicity, That’s how it all works. As you might imagine, it’s incredibly complex, with the Higher-Selves of humanity doing things that you can’t imagine… all joined together while you sit there feeling that you’re all alone!

Tonight, let’s turn this sweet energy into manifestation. What is your challenge? How about manifesting energy that’s appropriate for your life… right now? When we talk about co-creation, we’re talking about solutions to life’s problems. We’re not talking about manifesting material things for your pleasure. No. You live in a culture where many material things are necessary and needed. We understand that. But what is before each Human who sits here reading and listening is unique. It’s more about balance than anything else. So let’s turn this sweet energy into a healing for you tonight. It’s been done before, many times, with groups who sit in front of Kryon, just like you.


You have free choice, dear Human Being, and among all the freedoms you have is the freedom to embrace the love of God in your life and to walk out of here differently than you came in. And that is the truth.

And so it is.


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