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Protection Demonstration by St. Germain


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Protection Demonstration by SaintGermain
at the United Nations

Dove of Oneness

Peace and Prosperity for All!

Excerpt from the Dove Report for August 14, 2003, 2:25 p.m. PDT.
Contact and additional information:,,
Here below the name of Beloved Ascended Master St. Germain is spelled as "Saint Germaine", per St. Germain’s request to the Dove of Oneness.

In the Flame of Beloved St. Germaine’s Fiery Heart of Eternal Freedom, LetTruth, Freedom, and Justice Prevail!

What is NESARA?


Hello Dear Friends and White Knights,


Yesterday an internationally-known White Knight business man was discussing the concerns of European bankers and other people who want to support NESARA but were afraid of what the Illuminati might do to them if they did support NESARA. Some of the U.N. Ambassadors were also worried about the security of their loved ones and themselves if they voted "Yes" on NESARA. It turned out that Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine had just the cure for these worries.

Photograph of Saint Germain manifested in Geoffrey Ray King’s hands.

Before the vote at the U.N. last night, there were several speakers, some of whom spoke against NESARA and some spoke for NESARA. Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine was physically present at the U.N. General Assembly and He was the last person to speak to the 180+ U.N. Ambassadors about the importance of voting in support of NESARA.

Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine also arranged a real-time demonstration of the protection being provided by the Benevolent Forces to those who are supporting NESARA. Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine was aware that some of the U.N. Ambassadors wanted to support NESARA but were afraid they or their loved ones would be harmed by the Illuminati.  Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine told the 180+ Ambassadors that anyone who voted in support of NESARA would be protected from harm by the Benevolent Forces and then He commanded a physical demonstration of protection to be done.

One of the U.N. Ambassadors, who is a very strong NESARA supporter, was surrounded by the Benevolent Force’s protection and was the target of three kinds of harmful actions. A gun shot attack, a knife attack, and poison were used in the three demonstration assaults and the U.N.  Ambassador was completely secure and unharmed by these actions. The bullet was stopped mid-air a few feet from the Ambassador; the person holding the knife was stopped by an invisible wall a few feet from the Ambassador; the poison was neutralized. This demonstration was made to prove to the U.N. Ambassadors who support NESARA that they and their loved ones are protected from harm by the Illuminati. Thus most U.N.  Ambassadors were able to vote in support of NESARA with much less worry about what the Illuminati can do to retaliate.

They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.
Mark 16:18

Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.
Luke 10:19

The Bible

This morning, the news about the protection demonstration at the U.N. has spread. Some White Knights have been receiving calls from people who are in positions of influence and power and want to support NESARA and who are asking to receive the protection. The Benevolent Forces are providing protection to those people who are sincerely supporting NESARA, although those people receiving this protection may not abuse it by committing crimes or it will be removed. More and more powerful people are joining the ranks of NESARA supporters now that they know they can do so and live to enjoy seeing NESARA announced and implemented.

The Illuminati are a "minority" of the people on the planet and they also are NOT occupying all positions of power. The Illuminati try to put their people into the very top positions of any power structure, but the Illuminati account for only about 1% of the world’s population. However, the Illuminati have ordered their people to attain high positions of power and by ensuring there are Illuminati acting as leaders, the Illuminati are able to control the non-Illuminati people in the various corporations, government, and judicial power structures.

Someone wrote to say that the U.N. are "Illuminati" and that is only partly true. There are Illuminati and Illuminati-serving U.N. officials and Ambassadors. However, as we saw from last night’s vote of the General Assembly, a majority of the U.N. Ambassadors are not controlled by the Illuminati; the reason is simple. There are over 180 U.N. Ambassadors and most are from the many small countries which the Illuminati do not bother to try to totally control. In the U.N. General Assembly, every country has one vote and thus the vote by the Ambassador of a small country is just as important as a vote by an Ambassador from a bigger country such as the U.S.

Another person asked what is happening to the money currently being confiscated from the Illuminati who have been found guilty of war crimes and genocide. When assets and money are confiscated from war crimes/genocide criminals, the funds and assets are then given to people who are survivors or were harmed by these crimes as reparations for the damages done them. This is what will happen with the confiscated money and assets.

As I wrote some months ago, when NESARA is announced, many of NESARA’s provisions will drastically reduce the power of the Illuminati; the confiscations of the Illuminati’s money and assets will continue. The power the Illuminati have over Earth’s people must be totally broken so that Earth’s people can rise above struggle and strife to become fully self-actualized and self-transcendent people.


When we see the announcement, it will suddenly show up on our televisions without any forewarning. The announcement process may consist of two parts: the first part is about 15 minutes and basically includes the return to Constitutional Law, Bush’s and Cheney’s resignations, the swearing in of the NESARA President and Vice President Designates, and the President Designate will briefly discuss bank debt forgiveness and declare PEACE immediately. The second part of the announcement process is about 3-4 hours long and will be done by 18 Presenters who are experts in various aspects of the true NESARA Law and its history. We may see some people among the NESARA announcement Presenters who have not always shown themselves to be "true" White Knights, however, I’m told that these people will be presenting certain portions and then will fade into the sunset after NESARA is announced.

The NESARA announcement will be simultaneously broadcast on national radio networks including National Public Radio (NPR) and national television networks. The announcement is expected to be carried by ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, USA network, Fox Entertainment, Discovery channel, C-Span, and possibly other networks.


Additional Comments on Protection:

Excerpt from Dove Report of August 20, 2003, 7:55 p.m. PDT.


Those of us who are part of the NESARA Action Teams are already makingbeneficial impacts as team organizing processes are occurring. EACHperson who is joining a NESARA Action Team does have PROTECTION and cancall on this protection themselves from the divine. For those who arecomfortable with this, Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine has askedthat you address your requests for protection to Him personally and thusshow your free will choice to receive the protection He can command onyour behalf. I have also called for the protection of all of youincludingeverything to do with your lives, your computers, your lovedones, your homes, your Internet connections, your websites, yourresources, and more. If you will also call for this protection, then itcan be fully given to you. I and my PC have been fully protected for along time and any of you who are working in support of the true NESARA Lawwill be also.



In the Name of the Office of the Christ, and by the power of our Mighty IAM Presence, we call upon Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine, and theViolet Flame, and the FORCES OF LIGHT to fully protect our White KnightTeams, and all those who are bringing NESARA to announcement, and wecommand and demand the continuous presence and overshadowing protection ofthe FORCES OF LIGHT on their behalf! We pray that they might come to afull understanding of what it means to ‘humbly ask for help’ by the powerof their own Mighty I AM presence, and to use THE VIOLET FIRE ofTransmutation, and the gifts that the FORCES OF LIGHT, and the GalacticFederation of Worlds are presenting to the world.  And so it is!

This beautiful prayer has been used many times over during meditations in front of the Peace Palace of the World Court, The Hague, by European Members of the NESARA Take Action Team.  Unknown Author.

Excerpt from Dove Report of November 8, 2003 6:55 p.m. PST.


The Illuminati Bush regime always does things to try to heat up their terrorist propaganda lies when we are close to having the NESARA announcement. In true Illuminati style, the Bush regime had FBI agents secretly mail anthrax letters to federal government offices in the D.C. area. This is why there was a big anthrax alert on November 6th [2003].  However, these anthrax letters were neutralized from causing problems by the Benevolent Forces. The Benevolent Forces also cleared all traces of the anthrax from the environment and people involved AFTER the Post Offices’ anthrax detection systems sounded the alarm.

 For many months since 9/11, Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine has ordered the Benevolent Forces to neutralize the Illuminati Bush regime’s efforts to cause more terrorist attacks in the U.S. Because we are so close to NESARA’s announcement, He ordered the Forces to let the Bush regime’s anthrax letters be detected by the Post Office detection equipment so that the Post Office would report this to the news media.  After the Post Office systems sounded the alarm, then the Benevolent Forces neutralized the anthrax letters and all the things and people with whom the letters had come into contact so that no damage would be done to anyone. Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germaine allowed this recent Bush regime attempted terrorist attack to occur so it could be documented in the news media. After NESARA is announced, when the truth about the Bush regime causing the 9/11 attacks is covered in the mainstream media, there will also be this most recent Bush regime attack to which White Knights can point as proving the Bush regime have not stopped trying to do terrorist attacks against Americans.

 Many activities are occurring to bring us NESARA’s announcement and the end of the Bush regime in the US. Many people worldwide and in the U.S. will celebrate when we see Bush Jr. and the Bush regime removed from office by NESARA’s announcement.

Channeling of Saint Germain by Mike Quinsey on January 31, 2005

You may ask where everything is at this moment. I can tell you that there is more activity than ever before. And I refer to the Lightworkers regardless of what name they give themselves. All over the world, there are both small and large groups of people doing their bit to bring pressure to bear upon the authorities. The aim is to bring you out of the strangulating hold that the warmongers are exerting. Obviously, the main weapon is by withdrawing any support that can be considered to strengthen their aims. But what you have been busy doing is to bring their criminal acts into the legal framework. By making those responsible answer for their crimes, they can effectively be revealed for what they are and removed from office. But the dark have anticipated these times, and have virtually put themselves above the Law. They ignore the obvious, convinced that they can somehow avoid the net that is closing in on them. More than ever they use the «fear» factor to justify their actions, and do so even against their own supporters if they look like stepping out of line. However, you will always find that individual who becomes inspired and brave enough to stand up against what they see as wrong. If enough people were to do this, the fear would begin to evaporate and many would follow suit. One thing you may be sure about, is that anyone who will stand up for the Truth will have support from the higher forces. Our ability to do so is unlimited and we can fully protect that person’s life should attempts be made against them.

Dear Ones, go about your work without fear and you will not attract to yourselves the very things that are likely to threaten you. This applies all round and comes about because of the Law of Attraction. You must by now know that «like attracts like», and although in instances where you fear a particular thing such as illness and wish to avoid it, by your thoughts you attract it to yourself. If you are working for the Light you will be protected, but allowance does have to made for any karmic situations that may be necessary. Even so, the circumstances would be used to your eventual advantage. For example, an attack against your person could lead to publicity that would help your cause, and you could have agreed to it in the interests of achieving your aims. Nothing ever happens by accident, so if you find yourselves caught up in situations that are not of your choosing, sooner or later the reason will become apparent. The Light is always dominant but, unlike the dark, works within the Universal Law and does not use force. If it did, it would end up being no better than the dark which it opposes.

The Light also has a far reaching plan, and all of its actions at this time look ahead to the Ascension period. At the moment it has reached a critical point where the dark have to be contained, so as to prevent an escalation of the Middle East war. The countries in this area are on edge, and they know that they have been the focus of the dark’s ambitions to control all of the oil deposits. It would not take much to spark off a major war, and when those concerned have a nuclear capability it is serious.

However, I wish to make it clear that, by divine decree, it was given that a nuclear war would no longer be allowed to occur upon Earth. So I hope that I have allayed your fears which I may have been raised by bringing this matter to your attention.

The vast rings of spacecraft stationed around your Earth, monitor everything that is happening at your military bases. Even if they are miles below the surface, it makes no difference as there is no hiding place that cannot be reached. They have already shown that they are not only prepared, but also capable of disarming your nuclear devices. Also, that they can go further and disable the more sophisticated weaponry if necessary. So I hope you can rest assured that in spite of the perceived threat to world peace, everything is under the control of the Galactic Federation. Allowance must however be made for your freewill, and karma must be allowed to work out, but I affirm that in no circumstances will the use of nuclear devices be permitted.  [Editor’s Note:  See the article Galactic Federation Fleets in this website for a description of these rings of spacecraft.  See also the testimony of Captain Robert Salas of the U.S. Air Force before a Washington Press Conference in the articleSummary of Dr. Greer´ Press Conference in this website.  He talks about an incident of switching off missiles by UFOs.]

Now, more than ever you need to assert yourselves and hold the center ground. Let events come into your view, but if of the negative kind let them pass by as quickly. Try not to get emotionally involved in them, and certainly do not give way to fear.

All is proceeding in accordance with the plan, and very soon the final pieces will fall into place. A great and glorious victory shall be ours, and a wonderful time of celebration is approaching. A great Love is already descending upon Earth, draw it to yourselves now and spread it all around you. As always, also draw upon my Love and lift yourselves above the distractions of the dark.

I am St. Germain and in my Love for you ever lead you on to greater things than you can possibly envisage.

Thank you, St. Germain.
Mike Quinsey

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