Do Not Justify Revenge

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Do Not Justify Revenge

Renny Yagosesky, "The Message of the Sages" ("El Mensaje de los Sabios")

Revenge is a form of negating Universal Law.
It is as wanting to see you well on a broken mirror.
It is an act of desperation of ego.
It is karmic irresponsibility.
It is a worn out version of the game of good versus evil.
It is turning you into innocent so other becomes guilty.

Do not justify revenge.
Neither when it is disguised as justice.
There is no merit in doing harm,
Nor there is any in returning it.
Do not forget that everything has a reason for being.
Nobody has more of what he deserves or needs.

Do not justify revenge.
Avoid hurt by others, but do not originate suffering.
If you never returned gratitude to those that helped you,
Why now destroying those you say have hurt you?
Perhaps you look for guilty ones when you are happy?
Are you urged to reward those who smile at you?
Then do not act as punishing judge.

Do not justify revenge.
The affronts are cosmic opportunities to learn to forgive,
Baits to test if love "bites" or hate "bites",
Necessary blows to self-importance,
Karmic debts in time to collect.

Do not justify revenge.
Things happen for reasons that we not always can know.
Do not believe in vengeance that dresses as justice.
Since you do not reward love, neither punish hate.
Do not act as if you were the judge of others.
All affront is opportunity to forgive.


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