Adama: Planetary Changes

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Adama: Planetary Changes
from 2006 to 2010
by Adama, High Priest of Telos

Adama through Aurelia Louise Jones.  Taken from: in this website on December 21, 2006.
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Aurelia: Adama, what can we expect as planetary changes or transformation for this year [2006]and perhaps next year [2007]?

Greetings, my friends, this is Adama from Telos. It is with joy and friendship that we, Lemurians of Telos, come forward at this time to share this communication with you.

As you all know, the time of great changes on this planet is hanging over your heads. Many of you have stated many times that those changes have been promised for a very long time, and that they are very slow in coming. Many of you would like to see a much greater acceleration of those changes and be done with it. Then, be ready and vigilant, beloved ones. The years 2006, 2007and 2008 are the years you will see and experience many of the changes you have been waiting for, although they may not occur in the ways you are anticipating.

Understand, my beloveds, that it is true that many of the changes you have been expected have been delayed in coming. Some of the changes that you have been anticipating have already manifested; but they have occurred in a much softer manner than it would have, had it happened even just two to three years ago. Other foreseen or predicted changes have been mitigated in their totality or have been much gentler than previously perceived. Have you recognized it?

Why is that? It is because so many of you on the surface have now awakened to your true potential as divine beings, and you strive to attain it. So many of you allowed major changes in your consciousness to take place and you have committed your lives to your goals of Ascension. So many of you have called out to God in your hearts and have petitioned for positive changes. You have stated in your heart that what is going on at this time on your planet, as an agenda from the forces of the Shadow for total control and enslavement of humanity within the next 20 years, is not your truth. You have cried out to God for intervention, you have embraced a more harmonious way of being, and you have committed yourself to Love and the way of Harmlessness. And your prayers have been heard! This, my beloved friends, is what has created the difference in the mitigation of certain events that would have been quite painful for humanity. You have created a softening and a delay in the events that were foreseen to occur a few years back as Earth changes.

The time has come now for your blue planet Shan, hosted by your Earth Mother, to fulfill Her destiny and Ascension. She cannot wait any longer for the readiness of Her children, whose majority are still refusing to wake-up to the truth of their spiritual destiny. She has to cleanse Her body and humanity in preparation for Her glorious Ascension by 2012. In the last 20 years, your Mother has constantly requested the Galactic Councils of Light for more dispensations to delay the Earth changes in order to give Her children more time to align themselves with their divine destiny.

We can truly say now that the Earth has waited until the very last hour to allow those changes to take place on Her body for your own benefit.

She yearned to see many more of Her children awakening and create for themselves a much smoother transition than what was foreseen, let’s say, just 10 to 20 years ago. Also understand that at this late hour, the bells of a wondrous destiny are ringing for her and she can no longer wait. She is now pressed to move on to Her Ascension or be left behind with humanity to perish. The rest of this universe is moving on at a rapid pace to another location in the cosmos, and coming along with the rest of this universe is really Her «only rightful choice». I am sure that you all agree that She has been hosting ungrateful and unconscious civilizations on Her body far too long, and it is now time for Her to «graduate and receive Her rewards.» Eventually, Her rewards will become your rewards as well.

Her time is now up, and so is yours. You must make your choice at this time to come along or stay behind. We have already talked about this in several of our writings. The Earth will now proceed with Her full purification, resurrection and rejuvenation processes with those of humanity who have made themselves ready and willing to do whatever it will take to come along. Those who choose differently will be granted another opportunity in some other cosmic cycle or another incarnation. Her initiations are also your initiations as you are doing this together.

The darkness on your planet is still so very dense. Without the intervention of your Creator, with the diligent and constant assistance of the Space Brotherhood and theAngelicKingdom and the Inner Earth Beings, there would be, as is, no more possibility to sustain life in your world. Very few of you, if any, have even a small token of awareness of the immense Grace that is bestowed upon each of you and on your planet for the sake of preventing total destruction.

On the surface you are dealing with human rulership that is absolutely determined to stop at all cost the enlightenment of humanity. This rulership will not relinquish control and their agenda for total power, control, manipulation and enslavement of humanity in the next 15 to 20 years. The beings of the secret government ruling your planet, and those in resonance with them, are very well aware that their time is up. Time is now coming to pass for their cosmic/karmic accountability for all the crimes and injustices they have committed against humanity, against the Earth, your Mother, and against all other kingdoms sharing this planet with you.

They know that God has now taken His planet back from them, and that very soon the leadership of your planet will be given again to those who have attained the greatest amounts of Love and Wisdom. This, my friend, they want to stop at all cost and take every one of you down the tube with them also if they could. With deepest gratitude for those «keeping the watch» in your behalf know that no atomic bomb will be allowed to be unleashed in your world from now on. They may try but it will simply not be allowed.

We are keeping a close guard on those who have nuclear weapons that are meant to be unleashed in your world at any given time. This is also one of our challenges. Many of the Space Brothers are also keeping a vigilant watch and they have, in several instances, at the right moment, dismantled the triggers that would have launched a nuclear attack in several areas of your planet years ago.

Be of good cheer, this will not happen as the Ascension of Earth and of Her children has been decreed and granted by your Creator. All is in preparation for those wondrous events to soon manifest in your world for those who have made themselves ready. But the cleansing and the purification of your planet and of your own lives and consciousness must first come to pass.

Throughout the ages of cosmic evolution, there are hundreds of 3rd dimensional planets that have been raised to 5th dimensional frequency. In the case of Earth, it is a bit different. We are looking at a planet that has sacrificed the comfort of Her own body and in return has been polluted and poisoned to the extreme by the children She is hosting. Her body can no longer host such abuse. This is also another reason why it is so imperative for Her to make her Ascension into a higher vibration as soon as possible.

The misuse of Her resources by this generation alone creates a situation such that, in a few short years if Life here was to continue at the pace it is lived now, there would not be enough resources to host another generation of humans in most countries. The pollution in so many areas of the planet is such that the oxygen level is rapidly diminishing and in a few short years life will no longer be sustained.

Never in the whole history of this universe has a planet, whose civilizations are still lingering in so much darkness and unconsciousness, has been raised to a fifth dimensional frequency. This is the first time that this is being done. Consider the challenge this created for those of us involved in a process that was never experienced before anywhere in the whole kingdom of God. Compare it to navigating into the «uncharted waters» of a turbulent sea.

All of us hoped that by now more of humanity would awaken from their spiritual lethargy and slumber to become more conscious beings. The Light-workers joining in all over the planet are making the difference, and this is what is allowing this wonderful dispensation to take place. We can honestly say that if the planet will be in a position to take a portion of humanity into Ascension by 2012 and beyond. It is not because of the majority who are still living their lives in spiritual slumber but because of a rather small percentage who are now waking up and making the difference.

The greatest challenges will be met by those who will be forced to awaken to a different reality and re-evaluate their values and the goals of their present incarnation through the events that are planned to manifest as Earth changes in your world. The way you need to perceive the planetary changes must be without judgment and with utmost compassion for Self and with everything you will witness around you. Instead, perceive the changes as the most needed form of purification for your planet and for yourself in preparation for the greatest gifts and glory that a planet and humanity will soon receive from their Creator.

Our greatest challenge is created by our negotiations with those of the shadow side who have been given «warning after warning», and «requests after requests» for cooperation for the manifestation of the Divine Plan on Earth. To this day, they have consistently refused to let go of their sinister agenda. Letters of specific recommendations have been written and hand-delivered personally by some of us or by members of the Galactic diplomatic team to all the leaders of each country on several occasions. Each time, most of those letters were put in the trash «unread». In other instances, they were read but the comments were: «We are not willing to cooperate with your requests or your agenda, we have our own». Once in a while our letters were read and the person said: «I would like to comply with your request but I would have no support to do it. I do not know how I could implement this on my own while having with everyone around me stand against it.»

We wish for your transition to be as gentle as possible but, in general, we do not yet have enough cooperation from humanity.  The Light-workers are still in a minority and this is about to change.  Let me predict that after what is coming in 2006, and especially in 2007 as earth changes, by 2008 this «wait and see attitude» will change dramatically. A great majority of humanity will be ready to hear and to listen to all the wisdom and true knowledge you will be willing to share with them. They will be looking to those who can assist them to embrace new truths for themselves.

Aurelia: What is to be expected as changes in 2006?

  «The Light-workers are still in a minority and this is about to change.  Let me predict that after what is coming in 2006, and especially in 2007 as earth changes, by 2008 this «wait and see attitude» will change dramatically. A great majority of humanity will be ready to hear and to listen to all the wisdom and true knowledge you will be willing to share with them. They will be looking to those who can assist them to embrace new truths for themselves.»


Know that none of us of the Light Realm are allowed to give you exact details of the events and transformations that are about to take place in your world. Beware of predictions that may be very precise and detailed. They may not be coming from the higher spheres. This is because those events and changes are meant to take you by surprise in order to create the «impact» in your consciousness they are intended to create.

If you know all the details ahead of time, your analytic mind will figure this all out at the mental level and many of you may go into fear and despair. This is not what those events are meant to create. As you are taken by surprise with Earth changes, you open your heart to compassion, you change your values for your life and you learn to integrate a greater understanding of Love, Brotherhood and Cooperation for the benefit of the whole.

In discussing the changes of 2006, 2007 and as far as 2008, it is difficult for us to discuss them apart in two or three separate years because it is really the subject of «one» intense cycle of changes, all tied up together as one cycle. The unfolding of many scenarios or events in store for humanity during these years are still being examined and the exact way they will play out, and when is not yet fully determined. The final decisions of what is to come do not come from us, but from a much higher level. So much of it remains subject to changes for better or for more intensification. These potential events always remain potential until it literally happens.

What if, all of a sudden, so many of you embrace your Christhood in such a way that 50% of what we have told you could be mitigated very quickly. Would that make us wrong in our predictions? We always talk to you in the «now moment», and we tell you only what is perceived as potential at this time, and it can change again next week.

This is why we are not eager to give you precise details. We may be very aware of all the potential scenarios but to know which one will manifest for sure is not always known to us far ahead of time. Very often, we do not know until a few days or hours before. With this humanity especially, you are so unpredictable! So much is depending on changeable factors.

It is an illusion that certain of you entertain in your world that we always know everything about everything at all times. It is a fact that we have access to much more information than you do and almost instantly. And in truth, we are not always interested to know about all the details of everything happening in your world. We study and focus mainly in the areas that are important for our own evolution, for our level of service to Life and the areas of work that will enhance our service to always deliver the excellence of impeccability. We can read your minds, your thoughts and your intentions, but we cannot control you and always predict what you are going to do in your personal life and as a soul group.

In the area of your governments

Let me say that if the majority of you on the surface demanded of your Creator and of this universe that you are, in your heart, voting and choosing a Christed Being to lead your country, it would not take long in coming. It is because you do not believe that together you have the power of the God-within to create those changes. It is because of your complacency in accepting any kind of controlling and manipulative laws from your leaders that you are finding yourself in so much limitation as citizens of a wondrous planet. Your Freedom in all aspects of Life is your birthright, beloved children of my Heart! It is time that you start claiming it and acting on it.

In the area of planetary changes

Humanity will have to suffer the consequences of their lethargy and complacency in order to awaken the masses from their spiritual slumber and change their values to a life that is nobler, more real and permanent in its essence and more natural to the soul.

About ET Contacts

Although some of you will see and meet with us tangibly before, the civilizations from the Earth interior will come out in great number to greet you at the time when the massive landings of the space brothers will take place on your soil. It is then that the majority of Shan’s population will be more ready to welcome their ‘Star family’ and us as well. It is quite safe to predict that this will happen around 2010 or 2011.

Open your heart to all possibilities and allow the miracles to protect and bless you.

Adama, please tell us what is to be expected as changes in 2007?

We do not always know exactly when your Earth changes will take place because they always manifest in God’s own divine timing and it is not always logic or predictable. Then we will keep our predictions or future perceptions rather general than specific. Also much depends on the awakening of humanity and how people will embrace the new energies that are now flooding your planet each day with increased intensity, soon creating an acceleration that will be doubling its strength by the week and month.

The Earth is now ready to give birth to a new beginning. Everything that does not fit the new paradigm is up for consideration.  Everyone not wanting to evolve and embrace their divinity will have to leave for another adventure elsewhere to continue their evolution according to their new choice. Everyone and everything on this planet will have to evolve and be infused with Light. Very soon darkness of any kind will no longer be tolerated. Your Earth Mother has chosen to support on Her body only an enlightened civilization, and so it will be.

Spiritual Changes

Planetary Changes – In the area of weather, storms and land mass changes.

Expect much rain – snow in some places and extreme droughts in other places. At one point your computers will be going awry. It will be best then that you do not try to fix anything for a while and that you go outside to play. That will be the best thing you will be doing for yourself. Some of the continents will be reshaping themselves somewhat. Your shore lines will not always be safest places to be. The higher altitude will be safer than sea level.

Eventually, but not in 2007 or 2008, but later on, the sun will rise differently, at a different point. You will also have 2 moons and 2 suns, and your planet will never know darkness again. From now on, expect that changes will be constant on your planet, and these changes will change your lives completely, from start to finish. Get used to it; be ready and willing to step into the «unknown». There is nothing to fear except fear itself.

Tsunamis, volcano eruptions and earth quakes

In 2007 you can expect an even greater amount of Earth activities such as tsunamis, volcano eruption, earthquakes of high magnitude, hurricanes, tornadoes and other unusual weather patterns. Develop the same inner knowledge as animals. They know and feel what is coming. Observe them and you will learn from them. Observe the behavior of your pets attentively when you feel that something is going to manifest and your pets will give you another confirmation by their unusual behavior.

It is our strong suggestion that when you hear that there is such and such event on its way to the area where you live that you get out of the way. Leave as soon as you can for a safer environment. Always remain in a state of listening grace and trust your intuition. When you get a strong nudging to move, then move on. Follow your intuition and you will be guided.

Prepare yourself to get out of the way if the need arises in your area

We also suggest that you prepare in a box or a suitcase, and make a list of what you will need and want to take with you in the event that you will have to move quickly. Make sure you have those items ready and easily accessible to you. This suggestion will be most important for those living near seashores or other important bodies of water; also for those living in areas where you are expecting volcanic eruption. Be ready to act on your intuition! Remain calm and you will be spared much hardship.

At some point, events will become very unpredictable. No one will be able to predict accurately the what, how, where and when. But know that the purification of your planet is orchestrated very carefully by Prime Source and that there is nothing negative about it. Events will manifest simply as a form of purification and transition into the new world and energy. In the long run, in spite of temporary appearances, everyone will benefit. These purifications are an act of grace in order to assure the continuation of life on this planet in preparation for the Golden Age.

In the USA

The YellowstonePark

Expect that the YellowstonePark may undergo some volcanic eruptions. When the Yellowstone erupts, this will be your sign that more major changes on the planet are being initiated. This will most likely happen in 2007, but it can also happen a bit later. Beneath all of the Yellowstone is a massive caldera directly connected to Mount St. Helen. (A caldera is a pit of lava that is active.)

Mount St. Helen is belching within and an eruption could be expected there almost any time. Nevertheless, the problem with Mount St. Helen is the Yellowstone. They are very intimately connected and what is happening at Mount St. Helen is an overload of pressure from the Yellowstone.

The State ofFlorida

All of the shorelines of Florida have been built on mud, sand and swampy water. The whole coast of Florida is quite volatile. The worse place is Miami. Large structures such as hotels and large apartment buildings and other types of housing are built on swampy beaches that are no longer natural. Keeping on bringing more sand in has appeared to have worked so far, but in the face of a potential high level tsunami activity, it will not hold much punch.

All the major cities, world-wide, where there is much pollution will be going through their cleansing. If you choose to move, it is best to seek a place that is fairly clean of toxicity and pollution. If you live in Florida, it is vital that you pay attention to your inner guidance. Also, if you live on an island created by volcanic ash do not feel that you are entirely safe! Be attentive to your inner guidance.

The PacificCoast Lines

In the Pacific, near Los Angeles, there is an island that has been building pressure for almost 300 years. There is a great possibility that this island could collapse and cause an eventual tsunami on the West Coast of the USA that could create severe damage to the whole coast line and to the cities and housing along the way.

Because you have not taken care of your oceans and the beings that live in it and have not honored the natural beauty and expression of your coast lines world-wide, then along nearly all of Earth’s coast lines you may encounter big problems. This is all I am willing to say at this time!

Great Lakes

This will affect the USA and also part of Canada. Expect a certain amount of flooding through the Great Lakes.


There will be in Canada several areas that will be dealing with floods. Those living to close proximity to the St. Lawrence River or the Great Lakes may be affected by the swelling of the waters at some points. It is expected that the waters will recede rather quickly comparing to other places. Montreal can also expect a certain level of flooding around the shore lines. There will not be in Canada such severe changes as in the USA. The Canadians will be able to recover rather quickly and smoothly.


France will experience flooding around the shore lines. A lot of secrets buried inFrance will come to the surface to the wonderment of many.

In the Middle East

Many hot spots will surface especially Iran,Iraq,Syria and Turkey will receive their cleansing. In Israel and Palestine, there will be a lot of problems also. They are not going to stop their fighting unless there is a greater threat. They will eventually stop but not until the greater threat will manifest in their world. All of Israel and the world of Arabs are related in blood line, all descendants from the same father. They are all brothers and sisters and the land they live on belongs to the Earth.

As with everywhere else on the planet, no one can really own any part of the earth as you are all guests here of your Mother Earth who is your host. She has willingly accepted to sponsor your evolution on Her body and, at best, you can be only the steward of the land but never the ultimate owner. Ownership of any land is an illusion from our perspective. In the new world, ownership of land will not exist per say. Everyone will be given a beautiful place to live the abundant live that you are longing for and no one will have to own or control anything.  Everything will be shared according to merits.


Because of the pollution and growing of recreational drugs everywhere being sold on the «black market» around the world, this country will receive her cleansing.

Dead Sea

A monolith buried there a long time ago by your allies and friends from the Stars, in preparation for the Earth changes, will be discovered to assist you.

Egypt and the Great Pyramid

You will find all the artifacts buried beneath the Sphinx coming to the surface. You will find the meaning of why the Great Pyramid was build and the reconnection of the Syrian race with Egypt. All secrets of Egypt will come to the front. The land mass will change and will become tropical. TheNile will become twice the size it is now.


Aurelia:  Please talk to us about these areas of the globe, what is their future and how events will unfold for them. (Comprises the areas of Australia and New Zeeland including the many islands around it, such as New Caledonia, the 180 Island of French Polynesia, and all the many other islands in that area of the globe).

As we mentioned before, at some point expect great turbulence in all the oceans of the world. In the area of Oceania, there are many islands whose land elevation is not very high and habitations situated very close to sea level. Not all, but several of these islands do not have the protection they will need to weather out some of these changes and they will be greatly affected by flooding water. Also, many of those islands have been created as a result of volcanic activities and it will not be safe everywhere. This is as much as I am willing and allowed to share at this time. All of the oceans will be changing dramatically in the next 5 years and many shorelines will move to different locations.

Towards the end of 2005 and the beginning of 2006, Australia and New Zealand were hit several times, as this material is being written, with a lot of severe storms and disrupting weather patterns, medium magnitude earthquakes and some volcanic eruptions. These challenges will continue, but it will not get much worse, and they will recover very nicely. In New Zealand the changes will be a bit easier.

Australia’s Ayers Rock will know much flooding, and part of that rock, which is a massive «record keeper» for this part of the globe, will be partly under water.


Aurelia: China appears to want to expand its power beyond the borders of its frontiers. China is expanding its economic and military power at the same that it is building nuclear weapons.  China seems to be very determined to control many countries or even a military take over of part of this planet by the means of nuclear power. Could you expand on this? 

China has an agenda of controlling and enslaving as many people and countries on this planet as possible. They are planning an economic and military take-over within the next 10 years or sooner. People of many countries are waking up by the thousands, and soon by the millions. Those who rule China are not aware, nor do they want to be aware, that everything on this planet is changing. They are so blind spiritually that they have no clue that the Light is coming in daily in a greater frequency and intensity. Very soon, China will experience a great «halt» in their plans for economic and military take-over, and they will not be able to bring about their agenda to realization. To their surprise, it will simply not be allowed.

For a very long time the leadership of China has been treating its own people and the people of the countries they have dominated, such as Tibet, rather ruthlessly and heartlessly. They have dominated their people and those ofTibet by fear and close surveillance. True freedom has been suppressed and no longer known or recognized by many among the Chinese people.

In nearly no other country are children used for «slave labor» the way they are in China and very often starting at the age of five. The leaders of China are creating much mental, spiritual and physical suffering for the people they govern for the sake of creating more economic supremacy and creating more nuclear weapons to control more of the world. The great percentage of adults of this country has been kept in paralyzing fear from their leaders from the time they were small children; and for many this is all they know as a way of life. Their self-esteem is so low and their soul so traumatized that the greater percentage of them would not be able to understand the concepts of higher consciousness in this life time. Much of the population of China has been kept under dictatorship for so long that most of them have forgotten the gentle and loving ways of their ancestors. They no longer can relate to anything else but daily survival.

Since the leaders of China have no intention to surrender to peace, love and brotherhood for all, the karma that they have been building is now hanging over their head. It has been decreed by the Creator, also by the Earth and the spiritual hierarchy of this planet that they will not be allowed to unleash their plan. You can rest in peace, not a single nuclear bomb will be deployed from China. There is a team from the Arcturians Brotherhood that is keeping the watch and they are ready to dismantle the trigger of their weapons at a moment’s notice.

Soon, China will no longer be a threat to the rest of the world, beloved friends. The problems that will manifest on their soil will be of such magnitude that a large percentage of the population of China will not survive. And this is a Divine Grace, beloved ones. It will be the beginning of liberation for the millions living there.

Do not judge this revelation; be happy instead, and do not go into fear. For everyone who will be taken out of their incarnation, it will be a great liberation and the end of much suffering. As a group, they will be taken into a special place prepared for them where they will know again love and comfort. They will be together again in another dimension, and they will receive much compassion and tenderness. They will eventually be healed of their trauma. They will be prepared, at their own pace, to eventually incarnate again, joyfully and peacefully in the «new world» of love and Light that this planet is destined to become.

Can you perceive the great Mercy of God that will allow many of the people from China to quickly and mercifully become totally free from suffering and domination? From the time they will leave their bodies, they will know only love. Their next incarnation will be a joyous one as those souls who have accepted to incarnate in such conditions have done it for the sake of balancing, in a few short years, a tremendous amount of karma for themselves and for humanity. They also knew at soul level what their life conditions would be like and that at some point liberation would come quickly to free them.

You see, in your world, there are really never any victims. There are just volunteers who accept to incarnate in temporary situations where they will experience a multitude of facets of anti-love to progress in the pathway of their own evolution. In general, the people of China are sweet, innocent and very good people but their leaders are not and they will be held accountable!

Beloved Quan Yin, Goddess of Compassion

This beloved aspect of Divine Mother is the national patron of the «Feminine Principle» for the people of China. In general, many people of that country have forgotten the «Mother» who sponsors their country with the infinite Love and Compassion from Her heart. There are numerous temples and statues all over China to honor this great being. But the honoring of this Great One is no longer alive from the fires of the heart of Her people. The true meaning of the miracles of Love that She could bring about in that country, if the people living there truly turned their heart over to Her, has been neglected. It has not been totally forgotten but buried in such a way that their devotion is not as effective as it could be.

The ceremonies of reverence and devotion to Quan Yin taking place in that country have become generally rituals dictated by cultural habits, traditions to implement, rather than ceremonies to truly ignite the fire of love and compassion within the hearts of the souls evolving in that country. The fires of the Heart of Beloved Quan Yin’s love and compassion are ever so powerful that She could literally assist the liberation of the people of China harmoniously and peacefully, if they turned to Her in full trust and surrender.  Lip service for the sake of honoring old traditions, not ignited by the fires of the heart, have never given outstanding results, if any. What we are saying about China now and their relations with Quan Yin could be applied to all of you in all your various countries. Her love is infinite; it is not limited to one country and one civilization alone.

Quan Yin is not only the Divine Feminine Principle for the people of China, but She also assists all those who turn to Her worldwide. Mother Mary and Quan Yin both work together very closely, both representing in their own unique ways the archetype of the true Divine Feminine on this planet and beyond. They both are «Queens of Many Worlds», and they are now here to assist all of you to attain what they have attained.


What is the situation between China and Tibet? In all evidence, China is very well versed with the spiritual powers of Tibet, such as inter-dimensional portals, etc. Will we witness a relaxation on the part of China towards Tibet?

Tibet will know its liberation around 2010-2011, and hopefully sooner. Those who ruleChina are not necessarily the compassionate ones. Those who make the decisions are ruthless and have absolutely no conscious understanding of what Tibet stands for and the spiritual treasures this small country hold. On a conscious human level, they perceive all this spiritual «stuff» a waste of time and a mind distortion. They see absolutely no value in it.  At soul level, they have a dark agenda of stopping the Light at all cost, no matter the amount of suffering inflicted and the level of destruction they have to initiate. They do not think and feel like you do. Those who hold so much Light and Wisdom in their hearts and auric field represent a threat to them; persecuting and getting rid of them is perceived as an easy and acceptable solution.

Soon, there will be much devastation in China and the leadership will be in so much trouble, that they will no longer have any interest in dominating Tibet. Then Tibet will finally be Free, and eventually, will be able to share the treasures of her knowledge and wisdom to the world.

Economics and Daily Life


For those illnesses, the best cure will be your belief in yourself and the God within and self trust.

Ultimately, you and your planet are destined to become a jewel in the firmament of the galaxy, a place of supreme Light, Love and Gifts, because you have been selected to experience it. Your eyes will see such glory, that we, of the Light Realm, stand in awe of it.

Aurelia: Adama, what will be the most important role of the Inner Earth beings during the coming Earth changes from 2006 to 2008?

Understand that we all work together to assist this planet and humanity to move into a dimension of Love and Light through the Ascension process where Life, as you know it, will never be the same again for anyone living on the surface. No one’s role is more important than any other. All the work we do together inside the Earth in preparation for this planet to be raised into the Light is all part of a huge plan designed by Prime Creator Himself. Each one of us holds a specific piece of this gigantic and sacred work. We all assist each other with what we have volunteered to do and what needs to be done to accomplish the task of elevating this planet with Her humanity. We work in close cooperation with the Galactic Federation and we take our assignments from them.

Cities of Light

Among other things, we are very busy preparing the fifth dimensional Cities of Light to eventually descend over the major cities of this planet, and merge with the people there. Those majestic cities will lower their frequencies for all to see and enjoy only when those living «below» will begin to match the consciousness and the frequency of those living «above». Those cities already exist and millions of Light beings live there permanently but sectors of it need to be adapted for your forthcoming.

As we were looked upon as «The new kids on the block» inside our mountain when we first moved beneath Mount Shasta thousands of years ago, you will also be considered and mentored as «The new kids on the block» as you begin spending periods of time in those wondrous Cities of Light for your learning and advancement. Nevertheless, this will not happen for a few more years of your time. You all have more spiritual maturity to develop before you will be invited to step in. Telos is just one of many of those wondrous Cities of Light hovering above you in your skies, yet invisible to your level of spiritual maturity. We all work and visit each other as one big family in the Oneness of Life.

At the time of the final stages of planetary Ascension or soon after, several of those cities will lower their magnificence and splendor closer to the surface for the blessing and enjoyment of those who have weeded the garden of their consciousness and have made themselves ready to receive such a blessing. The first City of Light that is scheduled to manifest in a more tangible way to surface dwellers is the wondrous CrystalCity of the Seven Rays, situated above Mount Shasta.

When this manifest in your world, it will be a time of magic and great rejoicing for those who will be admitted. Only those who have attained the required level of consciousness and passed the initiations of the «codes of entry» will be able to come in and out at will, and enjoy their new privilege. The rest of the people will know about it but they will not see it and will not be able to enter in until they have also met the spiritual requirements for admission.

Ascension Initiations

We are also engaged in assisting very closely every one of you who have applied to receive the initiations for Ascension by 2012. On the inner plane, each candidate for Ascension has been assigned a specific team of guides who will assist and coach you in your preparation for that great moment. The people of the Inner Earth are very involved with this kind of coaching, as we feel so very close to you, and we love you so very much for your courage and dedication. As you raise your level of Love and Light quotient and maintain it, we light up and activate more of your strands of DNA to assist the preparation of your body for «Immortality».

Several thousand years ago, once we finally became fully established in our new city of Telos, we volunteered to hold and maintain the Flame of Ascension on behalf of humanity while the surface populations were busy warring against each other, forgetting their origin in the One Heart of Love of the same Creator.

We have been holding and nurturing that flame for more than eight thousand years on your behalf in association with the Ascension Brotherhood of Light in the Great Pyramid of Egypt. We are also prepared to continue the nurturing of that Flame with our love, on your behalf, until the day comes that the consciousness of the surface populations has gained the level of spiritual maturity to do this for themselves. It has been our service to you while we have been «underground».  Without anyone to perform this service on your behalf for so very long, it is most likely that your entire civilization might not have been permitted by the wholly Father of All to continue its existence and to receive the Grace and Compassion that is bestowed upon all of you and your planet at this time of great planetary transformation.

The Expression of Gratitude

With deep gratitude and humility each day we return back to the Creator of All that Love that is bestowed upon our planet through His Heart. It is a requirement, beloved ones, that a planet and the people living on it return daily, as a token of gratitude, a portion of the Love and Energy back to the Creator. For this service, we have received the humorous nickname «The Aces in the Hole».

It is also for that reason that now in Telos we are holding a very large responsibility to assist humanity to prepare for this wondrous moment of graduation. Nearly everyone in Telos and in the other inner earth cities is assisting in one way or the other. As much as we have many other roles to fulfill, and we also wear many hats in assisting the frequency of this planet, supporting, coaching each candidate who will qualify for Ascension by 2012 is our greatest role.

We have been actively involved in this work in the last 20 to 30 years. We are involved with this work now in a greater way than ever before, as so many more of you are now coming to the inner Cities of Light, in your etheric body at night, to receive tutoring and initiations. It shall continue for the next 100 to 200 years or longer. Each day we see new faces that are seeking help. Each time a new soul shows up, we all rejoice.

We have the necessary number of staff and volunteers for the task. Remember, there are many more of us than there are of you. We perceive that by 2008, a great explosion in consciousness will take place among humanity. For this, we are preparing our classrooms to receive the millions of souls, versus the thousands who come at this time. We are training now a great number of volunteers from all over the galaxy and beyond to coach all of you when the masses wake-up. Volunteers are coming forth from almost everywhere from this universe and quite a few from other universes. What a joy for us to be hosting such sacred gatherings!

Aurelia: Which civilizations are you working with most closely, especially with other inner Earth civilizations or Star brothers?

We work closely with all civilizations of the Earth’s interior. The city of Agartha can be considered a major headquarter for Galactic and Intergalactic communications and decisions. They especially supervise the Agartha network within the Earth interior, which comprises over 144 Cities of Light. All those cities come under the jurisdiction of Agartha, whose field of action is more directed with the ascended civilizations. This also includes our city of Telos, as we are part of that great network. A long time ago we surpassed very quickly, and in a much greater measure, all expectation they had about our coming underground prior the destruction of our continent.

We work also very closely with Shamballa, the city of the Great Masters and Sages. Agartha is more involved with Galactic and Intergalactic matters. Shamballa acts more as headquarter and meeting place for planetary matters and decisions. It is in Shamballa that this Earth planetary Logo, Sanat Kumara from Venus, has established his headquarter several million years ago. Shamballa has been the seat of direction, of decisions and meeting place for the whole of this planetary hierarchy for several million years. When there are great gatherings for important planetary matters, it is usually in Shamballa that they take place. The Earth, our planetary Goddess, is usually present at those meetings, especially with all matters pertaining to her safety, comfort and the supervision of the evolution of the surface populations.

We also work very closely with the Star brothers of the Pleiades, Arcturus, Andromeda, Alpha Centauri, Sirius, Venus, Cassiopeia and many others.

Aurelia: In what area will humanity be mostly touched?

In the years to come what will affect humanity the most is when the Earth, the Mother and Sentience of this planet, will put an end to the pumping of Her blood to accommodate your lavish and extravagant means of transportation technology. In spite of our repeated requests and warnings to your leaders to allow free energy technology to be established, the leadership of this planet has consistently refused to use other more evolved and effective technologies to create low-cost, clean and harmonious means of transportation.  Soon, my friends, the planet will put the cap on the oil wells and you will be quickly without the substance that fuels your various vehicles and means of transportation. Prepare yourself to face this dilemma. As much as it will bring temporary confusion in your world, it will also eventually bring a great liberation. Your lives have come to depend totally on a resource that is primitive and no longer appropriate. Free energy is the clean and free technology of enlightened and evolved societies.

The oil refineries will be back in the ground where they belong.

You will be riding or driving horses or bicycles for a while. When all of you will be grounded without transportation, what will you do? You will walk more and you will be more healthy and in better physical condition. You will use your creativity to assist each other with your needs and you will start creating the spirit of community. You will have more time to spend with each other and it will become easier to open your heart to those who live around you. You will live your life in ways that support your spiritual evolution. You will gain much vitality and you will become much happier.

This, my friend, will create a great leap in your consciousness and a great opportunity to really look at where you put your real values for love, friendship, brotherhood, abundance and the true pursuit of happiness. When you will be faced without many of the so called luxuries you have become accustomed to, you will create together something much better and you will be so much happier for it. You will rediscover the «Real Life» and how to sustain yourself abundantly in it.

You will begin taking time to smell the roses as you walk by, and communicating with the intelligence of other kingdoms around you that you have conveniently ignored so far. You will start acquiring a taste for a life that is more «Real» in the values of your divine nature. You will create bonds of love and friendship with people that you never knew could bring so much satisfaction to your lives. You will then become interested and willing to set aside all the old outmoded ways of living and you will begin creating your own Heaven on Earth.

And then, my friends, after a little while, your leadership will finally allow the establishment of «free and clean energy» on your planet. Much of this technology is already known and almost ready to be made available to you.

Those who control the oil also control the rest of the economy of the planet, they have no interest in allowing enlightened changes. When your legs, bicycles, horses and buggies will become for a little while the only means of transportation, the «toys of the new world» the new enlightened technology will be allowed to be implemented. It will come at a time when you have gained much appreciation for it and have attained enough spiritual maturity to use it properly.

In Telos, we have also wondrous technology that we are eager to share with you which will ease the workings of your daily lives

If you read the right newspapers, you will notice that the Earth has already begun to withdraw and limit the amount of oil that is being taken out of Her body daily. But you have not been informed of this. Have you? Certainly not by your leaders! Because their interest is to raise the price of gas in order to swell their own pocketbook. In 2004 and 2005, it has become more obvious. In 2006 and 2007, it will become much more obvious.

Expect that in 2007, the price of gas will continue to rise; it will become more limited. Eventually, there will be no more. By the end of year 2008, and perhaps a bit sooner, many of you will be already walking wherever you want to go, taking time to smell the roses and pet the dogs and cats you encounter along the way.

Don’t worry!  With a little bit of patience and surrender, you will discover that you will not be loosing anything of much value. You will realize that you have everything to gain from this. You have to be willing to let go of the old in order to make place for the new! This planet simply cannot Ascend to the Realms of Light by 2012, while supporting a surface humanity that is still siphoning Her blood. She has allowed as much as she could but now She needs the rest of what is left in order to renew and transform Herself.

At this time, your leaders are not showing any sign of willingness to stop using the «blood of their Mother» for means of transportation and other energy needs. You are lavishly consuming, and without concern of consequences, the blood of the One that is supplying your platform of evolution. You are using daily huge amounts of resources that belong «within the Earth».  This can no longer continue and you all know this.

Aurelia: After the time of 2012, will the inner Earth cities continue to evolve inside the planet or will you come out to set your abodes on the surface of this planet again?

After the Earth’s Ascension in 2012, we will continue to live inside the Earth for quite some time to come. Some of our people will come out to assist you and they may establish temporary housing for their needs. They will likely be coming in and out very frequently, as they can do this at will quite easily and rapidly but they will also maintain their home inside the Earth. Many of us that you know will make ourselves visible and accessible to all those of you who are ready to give you more direct teachings and allow you to benefit from the radiance of our Love and Harmony.

For your information, there are several hundred Telosians and beings from other inner Earth cities that have come out to the surface and are already living among you, we have mentioned this before. They are doing wonderful work in all walks of life and all departments of your societies. They are preparing the way to bring you greater assistance when you are ready. They have changed their appearance to look more like everyone else on the surface, they have lowered their height and they now dress the way you do. Actually, they do not look now any different than most of you.

Most of them are holding positions of responsibilities in many places but all of them are working «incognito». This means that none of them are allowed to identify themselves and for obvious reasons. Since our people would never consider «disobeying» any orders from hierarchy, none of them have made their identity known to any of you. Though it is possible that you may have met some of them at some point, you would not know who they truly are. In this manner, our emergence among you has already begun, but not in the ways you are expecting it. Some of the information, but not all of it, you have received about our emergence among you has not been well understood. There is also other information that was not disclosed properly.

Of course, there will be those from the Earth interior that will come out to be among you by 2012 and even before that will be allowed to disclose their identity to certain persons or to small groups. But it will happen only with those who have attained a certain level love and harmony in their consciousness.

We are not planning to be moving permanently on the surface as a way of life for a very long time, if ever. At best, we will come and go quite often, perhaps creating temporary homes when we need it. We are planning to maintain our life style and our homes inside the Earth for at least the next fifty years or longer. Much will depend of the progress that humanity will make. Our Cities of Light will continue to be our main focus of habitation though in time we may consider having permanent habitations in both places.

With our sponsorship it will be more likely those who will Ascend from your plane who will be the ones that will be coming in and out of the mountain or from other cities to assist the rest of humanity. They will maintain a home on the surface for convenience and they will also enjoy a home in the Light realm. This is the privilege that will be granted to those who will Ascend first and have contracted with the spiritual hierarchy of this planet to remain on the surface to assist the rest of humanity until «all» are Ascended in the Light and Free. The full Ascension of the planet, until Her ultimate destiny, is at least 1,000 year plan. Year 2012 is just the beginning of the most wondrous and exciting adventure that has ever taken place on a planet that has known so much darkness, pain and violence. You have much to look forward to in the years and decades to come.  Be willing to let go of the old to embrace the new.

When we come, we are not planning to take over your responsibilities. We will come as guides and teachers, as mentors to assist all of you to recreate the world you have been dreaming about.

Aurelia: If you choose to remain inside, I imagine that we will have an easy access to the cities of the earth’s interior

Eventually yes, and for sure for those who have qualified for full Ascension. During the year 2007 and 2008 and until 2012, there will be some invitations for a certain number of surface people to come to Telos and receive direct teachings and instructions from us. This will be the first place people will come to before the other cities will be open to them. Consider Telos to be an entry way, a «gate» to receive your cosmic passport to eventually be admitted elsewhere. Before you attain your personal Ascension, for those who will come here from the surface, it will be «by invitation» only. This applies before and after 2012.

No one will be invited here or in any other place unless they are an initiate of the seventh degree on the path of discipleship for Ascension. That is the level of advancement you will need to attain in order to receive a personal invitation to come to any City of Light and to be able to withstand and maintain in your consciousness this level of frequency while you are here.

If you wish to be «on the list», you know what to do. In our third book of the Telos series, «Protocols of Fifth Dimension», it is all explained very well and clearly. Our channel had to reach that level within her consciousness in order to be able to write about this. We cannot say that this was an easy task for her.

We suggest that you study this material very thoroughly until you fully understand it, and implement those teachings in your own life, diligently and consistently, until you have «become» this vibration of unconditional love, harmony and acceptance.

If you are thinking in terms of an easy access to the cities of the Earth’s Interior or any other Cities of Light, this will come after you have graduated to your full Ascension, as one of us; after you have gained the status of a «Being of Light», after you have become an «Immortal». Then, your cosmic passport to free access to all of the majestic Cities of Light will be given unto you, unconditionally. You will not even have to ask.

Aurelia: By knowing your challenges, are there ways in which we could assist you more directly?

We have much work to do in assisting the planet and humanity to take their next leap in their evolutionary process. For us, it is a great joy and honor to be in the Service of Love, and assist the Creator of All to bring His children, who have forgotten their origins in the Love of the Father, back home to His Heart. Our work is a labor of Love and of Compassion, we do not consider any of these to be challenges.

It is the surface populations that are going to have to experience the greatest challenges in order to wake-up from their spiritual slumber and embrace the fullness of their Christhood.

Most of the decisions concerning the Ascension of the planet come from Galactic and Universal Councils of Light, and from the Prime Creator Himself. Our work is to implement the plan that has been designed and entrusted to us, to uplift this planet into a higher dimension. The greatest challenge we face is to get you to accept new truth and new identities. It is one of our roles to assist the spiritual education of this humanity in the ways of Universal Laws and Principles, and the full acceptation and understanding of the true meaning of the Christ Consciousness you need to open yourself to in order for us to be able to assist you in ushering a New Era of a Golden Age of Love, Brotherhood, Peace, Grace and Abundance for all.

To accomplish this we need all of you reading this material to engage yourself fully in your own evolutionary process and initiatic pathway for Ascension, and then helping others to do the same. We need all of you to take our material to your heart and study it seriously and then share it with as many persons that are placed in your pathway that are ready to hear. We simply cannot accomplish this without the active cooperation, constancy and dedication of millions of Light workers.

There are too many of you yet, perceiving yourselves «awakened» and on the path of initiation, but still not committed to «active service» to planetary work. Know that in order to complete your Ascension initiations, it will be required from all candidates when they reach a certain level to actively participate in planetary service.

If you feel a calling from your soul and you do not know what you can do or how to serve, offer your assistance in ways that will make a difference to those who are already working diligently in their planetary service. What is needed the most is «team work». In our realm, we all work in teams. There is always a person in charge and we all work in cooperation for the success of our endeavors. In this generation, so many of you, because of deep hurts, have chosen to spend much time alone and you find it difficult to work with others in team. We say to you, «Get used to team work», this is how everything will be accomplished in the future. In our realm we do not have democracies. We all function as «hierarchy», a chain of love and harmony, always supporting each other for the benefit of the collective and never for personal agendas

We observe that many of those who are already working in their planetary service are exhausted and overworked because they have too much to do, and not enough support is coming forth. They can use the assistance of many of you to expand the mission that has been entrusted to them. It is not the destiny of everyone to head a big mission, and certainly no one can do it alone. But it is for the many to team up together to assist those who have already put the foundations in place to assist humanity in a greater way. I repeat, «Planetary service is a pre-requisite to qualify for Ascension!

Adama with Your Earth Mother

Lemuria and Atlantis

Aurelia: Of what I notice, the reconnection of humanity with Lemuria seems to be taking place at the level of the heart, meaning within the greater Self. While the reconnection of humanity with Atlantis appears to be taking place at the level of new outstanding discoveries designed to teach us a great deal of new technology. Could you expand on this and confirm if this is accurate?

In many ways, this appears to be accurate in outward appearances. This is also the image that is being projected by those on the surface who are looking to discover hidden mysteries, who, at this time, can only remember Atlantis and who are not yet so aware of what is coming up on the planet in the future. They are not yet aware that the beings of the ascended Atlantean civilization have now attained the same levels of heart openings as we have. The Ascended Atlanteans are not only living beneath the city of Mato Grosso in Brazil, but many have spread themselves out to other subterranean cities as well, serving in assisting the transformation of the planet and the evolution of humanity, with the full fires of theirs hearts, shoulder-to-shoulder with us, Lemurians.

Understand that most of humanity have experienced long periods of incarnations in Lemuria and then on Atlantis, in both alternative and simultaneous incarnations. No one can claim to be just one thing. You are all composed of layers upon layers of all sorts of multifaceted experiences in the last several million years, way beyond Atlantis and Lemuria. These have been all part of the various experiences that you, as a divine being, have chosen in your adventures of exploration of the universes.

Atlantian City DamanhurAtlantis was known for its accomplishments in technologies, the beauty of its architecture and all the treasures that «human minds» could create. All this mind creation is very valid and an important phase of soul development. What Atlantis of old has to offer today is very fascinating for some, but what Atlantis of today has to offer at the present time is very much the same as what we have to offer to all of you. As all of us, Lemurians and Atlanteans, have evolved our consciousness far beyond to what both continents had to offer thousands years ago. All of Atlantis’ treasures and technology will be brought back to the surface again but it will not be quite the same. It will be in the energy of the new world so much better! And so much more advanced than what it was ten to eleven thousands years ago!

Those looking for the discoveries of Atlantis with Her treasures and technologies are still looking for things outside of themselves, not aware that to us it represents energies from the past, somewhat outmoded, comparing to what will be brought back on the surface in the future. In general, Atlantean consciousness was too often ruled by the mind at the expense of the heart, primarily a consciousness of «doing».

Those who seek to live from the Heart relate more to Lemuria. They know that all that is out there outside of themselves are creations of the mind but their hearts are not so much focused on that. The needs of the hearts are much different and very simple. True heart living is a consciousness of «beingness».

The ideal is to be balanced in both, as both have their rightful function, and are necessary aspects of the Divine Self.  When the mind is at the service of the heart, then wisdom and all knowingness comes to the forefront. When the doing becomes a result of the beingness, then there is magnificence in both worlds. As masters, we certainly use our minds but we have transformed what used to be our limited human minds, ruled by the altered ego, to the manifestation of the infinite Mind of God, always at the service of the Heart, to create limitlessness in all her splendor in every now moment.

«As masters, we certainly use our minds but we have transformed what used to be our limited human minds, ruled by the altered ego, to the manifestation of the infinite Mind of God, always at the service of the Heart, to create limitlessness in all her splendor in every now moment.»


Lemuria seems to have been more forgotten because She disappeared from the surface a little over 1,500 years before Atlantis and left little trace on the surface that you can find, unless you perceive it through the eyes of the heart. But time has now come for everyone to remember again the «Motherland», not so much as for what it was long ago, but for what it is now offering again to humanity.

We, as Lemurians, lived from the heart on this planet for millions of years until the last hundred thousand years, when the fall in consciousness gradually took place among our people. Then, little by little, the magical lives we once knew for millions of years gradually faded and life progressively became more difficult and very much third-dimensional.

Until the fall, for millions of years we created limitlessness, magnificence and majestic beauty in our world, far beyond what Atlantis created. But, though we were here physically, we were living in another vibrational frequency that was not visible to most Atlanteans or other people who tried to visit us. When people came to visit Lemuria who did not vibrate to our level of frequency, they did not see very much of the true Lemuria. They did not perceive as much beauty and perfection as they saw in Atlantis because, although it was there all along for those who had their spiritual sight opened, it was not visible for everyone to see.

Just as you do not yet see the wonders of the crystalline Cities of Light hovering above your polluted cities of the world, not everyone saw us either. What we created in the 3rd dimension was a more limited version of the true Lemuria for the purposes of enjoying the beauties of nature, of the «Land of Pan» with a different aspect of our physicality. For a very long time, what we created in third dimension was simple housing and structures with materials gathered from nature that we could share communally. For us, it was the equivalent of having log cabins in the forest to visit at will from time to time, while living in our higher vibrational frequency cities. Our people showed up in third dimension when they felt they wanted to experience life differently for a while or enjoying a third dimensional activity. At one time, all Lemurians could ride the dimensions at will with their consciousness like you can now ride the floors of a tall building in an elevator. It was that simple and you will experience this again in the future.

Did we have technology? We certainly did, but not exactly the same the Atlanteans did. For a very long time we simply did not need the kind of technology Atlantis had because our level of spiritual evolution did not require it. The Atlanteans were fully anchored in third dimension from the beginning, while we were not limited to it. Eventually, you will also notice that you will no longer need the kind of technology that you are yearning for at this time. Our technology, our homes, temples and cities existed on a higher vibrational frequency than the Atlanteans. What we had was real and tangible to us, but was mostly not visible to them or others who did not live from the heart. When our continent was destroyed, there were less physical and tangible evidences of our civilization to show for in the density of your dimension than Atlantis did.

Aurelia: What is left of Lemuria on the surface? Are there yet on the surface areas that we do not know about that still hold the energies of ancient Lemuria? We do not hear much about Lemuria comparing to what we are hearing about Atlantis.

For those living on the East Coast of the North American continent, you hear more about Atlantis, because many of the people who are incarnated there are former Atlanteans. The leaders of the USA, especially those ruling in WashingtonDC, are former true-blood Atlanteans; several of them are those who were responsible for the destruction of their continent. This is why the interest extends itself more to the discoveries of that civilization in this country and among those living around the former Atlantean shores. A great percentage today’s USA population, especially towards the East coast, comes from people who perished in Atlantis, and the consciousness of a great majority of the people of the USA has become very much like of ancient Atlantis. Atlantis was situated in the Atlantic Ocean and comprised a great section of that ocean. Atlantis was about the size ofCanada and United States combined.

Lemuria was at least three times the size of Atlantis and was situated in the Pacific Ocean. The Lemurian civilization existed for over four and one half million years on this planet before its final demise. Atlantis was considered a young civilization comprised of beings who originally came from five different star systems, who were very different in their soul evolution than the Lemurians. Their civilizations lasted about 200,000 years before its final sinking.

Your present way of living in today’s world is much closer to how the Atlanteans were living their lives than the way we lived our lives in the time of Lemuria. You are a civilization that is still very much influenced by the former Atlantean consciousness because a great percentage of your present-day political, economic and spiritual leaders, also your media, are very much tainted with the former corruption of Atlantis. The final days of Atlantis are still imprinted strongly in the cellular memory of the masses as well as of your leaders.

It is time for all of you to heal the imprints of that former consciousness and start embracing the world of «Oneness», where there is no longer any Atlanteans or Lemurians but only a humanity living from the magic of Love, joining each other in a planetary Brotherhood as all children created from the same love and tenderness of the «Heavenly Father».

Aurelia: Where was situated the core of Lemuria? Was it in the area of the HawaiianIsland?

The Lemurian Age took place approximately between the years 4,500,000 BC to about 12,000 years ago. Prior to the sinking of the continents of Lemuria, and later on of Atlantis, there were seven major continents on this planet. The lands belonging to the gigantic continent of Lemuria included lands now under the Pacific Ocean as well as Hawaii, the EasterIslands, the FijiIslands, the numerous Islands of French Polynesia, Australia and New Zealand; also lands in the Indian Ocean and Madagascar. All those islands existing in the Pacific Ocean, inhabited or not, are all former mountain tops from the lost continent of Lemuria. The Eastern coast of Lemuria also extended to the state of California in the USA and beyond.

The main headquarter of the continent of Lemuria, where the palace of the Queen and King of Lemuria used as their primary residence, was situated in an area of the continent called Telos. This is also where all the primary administrative buildings of Lemuria were situated, around and at the foothill of Mount Shasta. This is why when the Telosians went «underground», they chose to call their city «Telos».

Lemuria was so vast, it was divided in five main sectors, where each one of the sectors had their own leaders and administrative buildings; but they were all connected and under the direction of the primary Lemurian hierarchy of Queen and King of the main headquarters in the Province of Telos near Mount Shasta.

The word «Telos» means communication with Spirit. The Province of Telos was quite large. It comprised all of the State of California in its primary surface before a large portion of it sank in the Pacific Ocean; it also comprised part of Oregon,Washington states, and part of British Columbia in Canada, including the Island of Victoria. It also comprised part of the state of Nevada.

The Redwood Trees

There is another legacy from the time of Lemuria that has not been recognized by this generation. This awesome and precious legacy is now being decimated to almost «nothingness» by the greed and arrogance of the logging industry. In many areas of the WesternCoast of the USA there were millions of acres, where those «Giant Trees» of Devic Intelligence, physical and tangible remnants of the time of Lemuria were still growing by the millions.

In the twelve thousand years of evolution on the planet, since the sinking of Lemuria, no one ever dared destroying them, except now, the present-day greed of the logging industry who has been destroying more acres of them every day in the last 25 to 50 years. As is, there are only a few acres left «for show». The rest is almost gone at the hands of the mechanical saws of the loggers, all for greed and profit.

Please read the message «Wake-up Call from the Redwood Trees in another channeling.

The Intelligence of the Heart

Is it truly possible to live in a state of total peace and harmony without any conflict and emotional instability while knowing that the forces of the Shadow are working very diligently to diminish our heart frequency and try by every possible means to maintain us in that instability.

The state of total peace and harmony without any conflict and emotional instability is the state of consciousness that all of you choosing to remain here are now evolving to at this time and gradually learning to maintain in a more perfected way. Whatever the state of consciousness you find yourself in is always your personal choice. No one has any power to make that choice for you. Your emotional reactions always depend on what you choose to believe in and the thoughts you allow yourself to entertain in each now moment.

The experiment of the illusion of separation through the veil was chosen by each soul evolving here. It had a beginning time and an ending time. The end time of this long dark night of the illusion that this experiment created has come. The Creator has now decreed, as promised, the end of separation and darkness on this planet.

It is important for you to focus on what you want to attain, rather on what someone else is trying to create for you or implant in your consciousness. You all have the same divinity within each one of you, and it is always up to you to choose between the frequencies of love or of fear. It is always up to you to choose drama and duality consciousness or the world of Oneness. Make it a habit to focus on what your personal truth is, and do not allow yourself to be disturbed by what others are doing or not doing. Get out of duality and drama consciousness. Know that no one has any power to diminish your heart frequency unless you allow it.

Aurelia: Why is the mental body, not imprinted with the sacred energy of the heart, appearing to have more power than the heart? If the goal of evolution on the planet is to activate and radiate the Love of the Holy Father through the Heart, why is it that we are constantly turned away from that goal?

The mental body was originally imprinted with the sacred energy of the heart. During the long eras of the Lemurian Golden Ages that lasted well over 4,300,000 years, this is how everyone lived their lives and made physical Ascensions without ever knowing or experiencing an iota of darkness, fear or limitation. There were no veils and no altered ego; such distortions were totally unknown to their consciousness.

Through choice of each soul, about mid-way of the evolution of the fourth root race, a few souls began to depart very gradually from their original state of Oneness and contaminated others with their new distorted consciousness. No one had to buy into this distortion but evidently many did, and this is why you are still here trying to understand it in order to change it. It was a very gradual process, so gradual that the general population did not notice. Those who chose differently have made their Ascension a very long time ago.

This is how the altered ego gradually took birth within the mental body replacing the «Mind of God».  It eventually took over the masses as more and more spiritual degeneration took place. Over time, people continued to give their altered ego such priority, and it gained such momentum, that most people became totally unaware that they were no longer imprinted with the sacred energy of the heart. Now, as you become consciously aware of this, you can change this and allow yourself to recover your former estate of divine perfection.

God has never created those imperfections and has never given birth to the altered ego. Humans in incarnation chose to create this new altered state of consciousness and experience the illusion of separation.  God has simply allowed humanity to experience their choices for the purpose of learning their lessons. Each soul evolving here must now take full responsibility for their former choices, be grateful for the lessons they have learned from it, move on to embrace Oneness again and be spiritually «free».

Aurelia: Will humanity eventually succeed to start living from the heart?

Absolutely! And humanity will succeed to a great extent within the next 10 to 15 years, and for the majority, much sooner. Those who are not choosing it will not be able to remain here or incarnate again on this planet until they make that choice.

With the love and compassion of the Heart of Lemuria, we of the Lemurian Brotherhood of Light, bless all of you who are reading our messages and attune your heart and frequencies to ours. Call on us for help in time of stress and challenge, and we will be there at your side to lend assistance and comfort. We are your ancestors and the ones who have kept the flame of Love on your behalf and we love you more than you can imagine!

Adama and the High Lemurian Council of Telos.

Adama through Aurelia Louise Jones © 2006


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