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The Personality of Countries

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The Personality of Countries

By Ascended Master Djwhal Khul

Message channeled on April 6, 2003 in the Temple of Oro*MuUnknown channel.
Original in Spanish, translation by Luis Prada.



Brethren, Djwhal Khul speaks to you.

This is the first of a series of letters that I set myself to send to all people committed with the spiritual future of the planet.  I address the consciousness makers, the light workers, all religious men and women concerned with the present and future of this humanity.

The ideas I am going to express represent my opinion, at any rate I don’tpretend to impose wills, or to erect myself as somebody who determines where the actions of those committed in spiritual service should follow.

I will look to analyze the role that all those conscious brethren of humanity carry out, in these moments that we are living; I will do it from the esoteric (or spiritual), emotional (or psychic)  viewpoint and finally form the physical (behavioral) viewpoint.

This first communication will allow to sketch some aspects to consider from the esoteric-spiritual viewpoint, we should notice that as the adage says "the subtle moves the dense,what today our eyes see and our ears hear, are no other than the effects of deep causes inserted in the human mind.  The events that have shaken the consciousness of many human beings, are no other than the visible effect of seeds that were planted long time ago in the history of humanity.

The human being decides about his conducts as a function of values and criteria.  These values that have been forming with the people’s culture throughout a numberless historical events have determined a nations’ group personality.  So then, it is no wonder that certain nations face certain courses of action, since they do it responding to their own psychological nature.

The Spirits that Thrust the Nations

Now, if the history of each people is determined by the decisions their own leaders have taken at due moment, that means that the spirits that have incarnated in each of the countries in a determined historical moment, are the ones who have written that history;and as such, have conformed the real personality of those nations.  Know now that from ever, the spiritual alliances among different brethren of this planet have conformed development plans for each one of the communities they have taken as domicile;in other words,the programs of spiritual development that the alliances among brethren establish are followed for many centuries until they conform with the spirits of the nations.  It is not a coincidence that determined countries obtain the technological predominance,or the commercial one, or the artistic one, or the religious one;such roles, in the concert of nations, are the visible fruits of the work plans, developed during hundreds of years by alliances that have come to stick to a work plan.

Humanity history is written then in the wills transformed in actions of those spiritual alliances they have been diligently working upon.  All we see through the news, whether television or radio, are no other but the last leaves of the branches of the leafytree humanity has been writing on.

The war in the midst of all the cruelty it represents before the sensible eyes of humanity, it no other but the last link of the long chain of events that come precipitating that course of action.  Before war manifests in the three dimensional world, it already exists internally in the subtle planes of spirit.

The Learning Left On Us by Wars

Beyond the romantic vision of the fight between good and evil, it is possible to understand the war phenomenon as an event that expands consciousness, that awakes peoples, that transforms cultures, that homogenizes the different races of the planet.  The positive that can be rescued from the world war of humanity has been the institutions, that then have been unified with the goal of maintaining harmony among nations.  It is possible to observe the positive nature of the acts that today moves the hearts of the human beings.  The masses are shaken by the explosion of a bomb, the consciousness is moved to action.  An extensive network of initiatives start to be engendered seeking the permanent peace and a new world order.  Humanity won’t be the same after a war.  So far the "Pain" master has been thousand times more efficient in the spiritual awakening of humanity than the "Prosperity" master.

Comprehension of Divine Will

If we learn to observe free of prejudices, free of emotions, the events humanity is writing, we will be in possibility of tuning ourselves to the Divine Will that fulfills beyond the forms that affect us today.  I add that the Divine Plan assigned to this planet and its humanity is respectful of the human free will, by the same token, whatever the path the human being takes towards his awakening, towards his evolution, it would have been contemplated within that divine plan, and at no moment the human being will be able to follow a route that has not been duly observed by the Creator.

Let’s keep an analytical consciousness, a focus of learning, and the serenity of knowing that the Divine Plan is found beyond all what the human being can act upon in his free will.May these words serve as a reflection, and in the next communication we will analyze the emotional or psychic aspect of humanity.

May the Light always give you company.So be it.

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