See the Promised Land Before Your Eyes, II

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See the Promised Land Before Your Eyes
Part II

Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain

Channeled by Mike Quinsey, .

Published initially in this website on January 3, 2005.

January 20, 2005

Through the Ages, Man has gradually awakened to the idea of there being Gods. The power of Nature, the Elements and the Seasons have been seen as the hand of the Gods and worshipped as such. With it came some attempts to express those powers in terms that could be understood. Consequently, many attributes were consigned to the Gods. They were perceived as also responsible for events that affected the normal balance of things. To placate the Gods on whom they felt so dependent, they made offerings with prayer and ritual. In the darkest periods, the offerings became more personal and sacrificial. The priesthoods were born, and Man was beholden unto them for his guidance and understanding. In this time, people were fearful, superstitious and in awe of their Gods. Beliefs were strong, yet when tribes were overrun by others, they soon adapted to new ideas. In every part of the world strong religions were being born, but they soon found themselves in conflict with each other. Coming into the last 4000 years, the influence of the false Gods became exceptionally strong and this is very evident in Sumerian and Egyptian times. The false Gods were the Anunnaki who visited Earth periodically and held man captive. They deliberately taught Man to believe in the Gods of Wrath, War and Vengeance, and the idea that people of different beliefs were infidels. Somewhere within this period of time, the Masters came to Earth and Jesus, the Buddha and Mohammed taught a Truth that could be understood by the people. Although the teachings were often altered to suit the changing beliefs of the Priesthood, in the main the original message came through.

Today, you have modern religions based on the original teachings but they have become somewhat distorted. Groups have broken away from the mainstream, and as a result you now have hundreds of different religions. But what you also have, are millions of people that have moved out of organized religion and found their own path to the Truth. Many have traveled via New Age Groups, but in the end they have found their Truth within, they have found God within. This does not mean that they know it all, but they have laid down a very good basis for a greater understanding. Some people are still at a stage where they need to be lead, and are reliant on others for their guidance. And of course, for different reasons in their experience of life, you have the Atheists who cannot accept God. But there are also many who have a basic belief in there being a God, but have not pursued the idea any further. With an open mind, these may well prove to be some of the easiest to teach.

Religions are by nature very inflexible, and cling to their beliefs even in the face of evidence that would be contrary to their teachings and thinking. All told, Humanity is at that period of development when a dramatic change is required. Otherwise, it would stagnate, and finally break up into chaos. That change is soon to come about as the Masters prepare to walk the Earth again. But this time it will be done in unison, so that all can see and hear their messages that will bring all into unity and a common belief. The Truth will reach all quarters of the world, and this is made possible by your great network of communications. Personal beliefs will in some part have to be put aside, to make way for the new Truth that will lift everyone into a New Era. It must be so, as the baggage of eons of time of false teachings cannot be taken into the end-times if you are on the path to Ascension. Those who are not, and choose to stay in what are comfortable surroundings to them, will, through their freedom of choice, still carry their beliefs into their future.

As I have often stressed, no pressure is put on people to conform to what is considered normal and acceptable. If you require a period in circumstances that are necessary to your evolution, then that will be entirely your choice. Yet within all of this, you still have your guidance and are not simply left to go your own way and go too far astray. Your Guides are evolved Beings who have trodden your Path, and are therefore best suited to administer to your needs. And at all times, providing you listen to that inner voice, you also have your own intuitive guidance.

I am St. Germain and give you an overview of where you are in a religious sense, and how we will soon bring you together in common beliefs. There is not really that much difference at all between your core beliefs, and it will be a wonderful time to see you becoming as One again. Religions are by nature very inflexible, and cling to their beliefs even in the face of evidence that would be contrary to their thinking.

It will be marvelous to see you coming together after such a long period of separation. The Heavens applaud your dedication to finding the Truth, and our Love is with you all of the way.

Thank you, St. Germain
Mike Quinsey

January 21, 2005

Each day you start with the expectation that you will hear of developments that will tell you the changes are proceeding as planned. But there is little outward sign of what is taking place, because there is a great degree of secrecy to ensure success.

We have encouraged a certain release of information to keep our supporters aware of the situation, and the dark on their toes. The operation we are carrying out is vast in its concept, and when we give the signal to go ahead it has to work with precision. We can leave nothing to chance, and this is why we are close to the activities of the dark. We have to know what they are planning, particularly in respect of blocking our actions. Our surveillance methods are not as you might normally expect. We have the advantage of technology that follows and monitors the actions of those that head the dark forces, no matter where they might try and hide. They believe they can hold secret meetings, but we are there and not a single word escapes our attention. In any type of confrontation you need to know precisely what your adversaries are planning. All along, we have worked with that advantage, and this is why we have been successful in preventing more “terrorist” attacks.

Our plans are well rehearsed, and we are ready to go ahead but there are still some projected actions that first have to take place. We are still encouraging you to hold onto the reins, as it is better that you are seen to bring about the changes through your own strong Will and Intent. We could if necessary force the issue, having been given a Divine Edict that allows such action, but you are progressing so well, we feel that will be un-necessary. We will certainly ensure that the energies of Light are perpetually expanding, by our own input and that of great Beings who are behind us. Sit back and see the dark gradually disintegrate and implode, a fate that normally befalls such people. You help by continually sending your Light to central players in the dark’s team, and I tell you that this weakens their ability to sustain their momentum. What you are doing is slowly transmuting the dark energies, and you are taking away the very force that gives them their power.

The controlled media will have a ball promoting the idea that you have a President who really stands for Democracy and Freedom. You will not be taken in by such comments, because the dark will tell you the exact opposite to what they really have in mind. There is only one vision and aim that the Illuminati have, and that is for total global domination and control. For thousands of years they have set up systems of rule that have taken you closer to their dream. But for the awakening of people’s minds, well before now you may have been easily led to the slaughter. You will not understand how fellow human beings can have planned your total imprisonment through draconian laws. Yet you have the tip of the iceberg with your Home Patriot Acts. There is also the freedom the dark have given themselves, to overwrite the Constitution, and place themselves above the Law.

It will gladden your hearts to know, that your Earth and all upon it, has been under the care of a great spiritual hierarchy that determines your future. One that commands the outworking of your experiences, and sets the wheels in motion when changes are required.  The hierarchy in turn reflects the desires of your Creator God who has the ultimate control. You have the power of Light on your side at all times, and with this in mind you can carry on your work knowing that you will succeed in removing the dark once and for all. The final years towards Ascension cannot go ahead until then path is cleared, and then all shall gather speed and wonders upon wonders will take place.

We understand your impatience, as there are so many of you that have found a new outlook on life. You see the real Truth, and have lifted yourselves up and want to get on with work that will assist the Light, and manifest the changes as soon as possible. Have no fear, there is not long to wait and all of your talents will be called upon. There cannot be too many of you, as there is a lot of work to be done. What is wonderful is that you will be able to do it with great happiness and fulfillment. At last you will be able to apply your skills where they are needed, and you will not have to worry about the present mundane things that occupy your day to day life. You will feel totally free of the restraints that you now experience. Yes, freedom is the word and you will enjoy yourselves in a way rarely experienced previously.

I am St. Germain and I hope you can sense how near you are to the great happenings. Be joyful and let the dark have their last bit of fun, because they will soon be stopped in their tracks and shall answer to higher powers for their crimes against Humanity. As these events unfold, pour your Love out more than ever, it will be needed. Certainly I and my Brothers will be doing just that, as we want to see you going ahead without your efforts being tarnished by the dark. Leave them behind, their fate is sealed.

Thank you, St. Germain
Mike Quinsey

January 24, 2005

Daily through natural means or otherwise, thousands of people make the transition from Earth to the higher realms. They have reached that point where their contract has been fulfilled, and it serves no further purpose for them to remain. At this time the numbers leaving Earth is increasing, and this is in part a result of the realities that these dear souls have chosen. Some people can get a dispensation to leave earlier than planned, and a typical example is where “walk-ins” take their place. This is usually where it serves no further useful purpose for someone to remain. It allows the incarnation of a soul who has important work to do, and does not want to lose those early years growing up. It is agreed between the two, and both benefit from a satisfactory arrangement. Many, like me, come and go as we please, and achieve this through having the ability to alter our vibrations to suit the dimension we wish to be in. Sometimes, for the purpose of our mission, we will appear as quite solid and human. There are also numerous spirits that operate from the invisible realms, and rarely show themselves. I refer to your Guides and many others that are supporting you in various ways on your journey through duality. Of recent time there is also the presence of ETs who are part of the First Contact teams. But they have mainly kept out of sight, except where they have a direct mission upon Earth. As you can imagine, there is a lot of coming and going much of which is outside of your knowing.

As you raise your own vibrations, it makes it easier for us to make contact with you at a level where you can receive our messages. If you apply yourselves to it, you may find it possible to develop the necessary conditions so that we can come to you. This is not to be confused with intuitive contact with your Higher Self, but when you have achieved that degree of advancement, you may go on to become a messenger for us. We can if necessary overshadow you for such a purpose, but for ease of working prefer a mind to mind contact. In this way we can project an idea into the receiver’s mind, and it is more proficient. Messages from spirit have been given to you since time immemorial, and your biblical stories and ancient writings are full of such examples. At that time, it was also necessary to make a grand appearance, so as to emphasize that the message came from Heaven. You will understand that such appearances have been necessary to ensure that sufficient impact was made so that the message was taken seriously.

The modern day forms of communication mean that channeled sources now get a wide coverage. This is important, as there has been much to pass on to you in a concerted effort to get you ready for your shift into Ascension. Over the last century there has been more in the way of spiritual teachings. These have enabled many people to open up their thinking, and become more independent. In fact you had complete teachings such as Theosophy, which resulted in new societies being formed. Many smaller groups also came into being, and the net result was an upliftment in people’s spiritual understanding. Now the emphasis is on acquainting you with almost a day to day report of what is happening on and off Earth. This has been so important at a time when the dark appear to have taken over. You have a need to know what is being done to combat their efforts to completely dominate the world. This way we give you heart, and the strength to continue your own fight against the dark. You need to be aware of the great forces of Light that are behind you, and know that they are invincible. Clearly, of particular importance, is your awareness of the end-times, and what this means to you as an individual. You must prepare for the remaining years, as much is expected of you through your own efforts.

For some years now you have learnt about the benefits of NESARA, and the importance of First Contact. This information has ensured that you can help manifest these incredibly important events, and many thousands of you are taking an active part in doing so. You came to Earth to be in this period of time, and you will have been drawn to these events because you undertook to be of help. Your service to Humanity is acknowledged, and you will one day have the joy of seeing that your efforts were instrumental in bringing about the victory that is yours. There are beautiful and wonderful souls at work right now, and we in the Higher Dimensions look down and see your brilliant Light shining out. If you could also see it, you too would realize that the Light was in its ascendancy and have no doubt that it had overtaken the dark. Your time for celebration is almost here, and a great feeling of your destiny is beginning to permeate everywhere.

I am St. Germain, and I admire your full hearted resolve to bring this period to the point of change, so that peace may at last be declared. We shall bring our Love to bear upon those of the dark, and we will see our efforts rewarded with success. I love you all, please accept my energies as together we are invincible.

Thank you, St. Germain
Mike Quinsey

January 25, 2005

The countdown has started, and the final victory can now be seen. The most important aspect is to get a new leadership in place so that the final phase of the greater plan can be commenced. Looking back just a few months will show you that events move on extremely quickly. Now the moves that are calculated to bring the dark down are well advanced, and you have many groups that are working within the legal framework to do so. This process has the effect of placing the dark in a difficult situation. They do not know exactly when they might be pinned down, and have to answer to the charges that are being listed. They hope to make themselves the untouchables, and have already tried to usurp the Laws of the Land. This will be to no avail, as if necessary they will be confronted by a deputation from the stars, who along with our Allies will ensure that they answer for their crimes. The longer we leave them to their subterfuge, the more they are condemning themselves by their own actions. The more lies they tell, the more difficult it is for them to maintain them.  Eventually they contradict themselves, or reveal facts that show they had foreknowledge of the so-called terrorist actions. There is now sufficient evidence to bury the dark several times over, and they will not escape from taking responsibility for the heinous deeds they have carried out.

The Lightworkers continue to bring Light to Earth, and it grows as more people become awakened. In the climate that exists, it is now easier for people to come into the Light. The effect of the wonderful outpouring of Love and Compassion for the tsunami victims is still a powerful force for good. It will continue to grow and attract more people, enabling them to change quite easily and leave their negative thoughts behind. It is a fact that so many of you have seen the tragedy of war and its aftermath, and you have decided that it no longer serves your interests. You have joined the Lightworkers in their push for change that will bring permanent peace. The more of you that make this change, enables us to make a bigger input of Light. There is absolutely no doubt that everything is on course for the success that you have worked for and we have fully supported.

You now have a firm indication of when the action will commence, and we talk in terms of months. Having come this far, the plan is not being rushed and is delicately poised ready to go ahead. Our Allies are the focal point for the cue that will indicate it is time to take the next step. After all of the waiting, you are so near to seeing the first actions take place and it will be a truly exciting time. Indeed, many have already been lifted up at the prospect of being an active participant in the initial stages. Although you may not yet be able to bring it to mind, many of you already have an inner knowing of your coming responsibilities. Before you came into this lifetime, you knew that you would be deeply involved in the changes. Much of what you have learnt so far, has been in preparation for the period we are now entering. The Plan has been perfectly conceived, and will follow through with no problems.

As events proceed, you will see the net tightening around those perpetrators of the crimes that have been committed against you. It will become more generally known that your leaders have not just let you down, but have deliberately gone against you to pursue their own selfish agenda. It will also be seen how close you came to complete domination and control. What is hard for people to accept is that those that purport to represent your interests are doing exactly the opposite. It will be difficult for many supporters of the current regime to come to terms with the revelations that will come out. But only the diehards will refuse to accept what will be staring them in the face.

There will be a lot of counseling required to help people to acclimatize to the changes that will totally alter their way of life. Many do not like to be taken out of their comfort zone, and perhaps understandably this affects the older citizens more. The more that you can prepare people for the changes, the better it will be, although it must be at a level that will gently open their awareness. The truth, when it comes out, will be a terrible shock to so many who in the present time have no inkling of what has been taking place. There will inevitably be some panic and confusion, but this is to be expected. Lightworkers will assume a great responsibility to work in their own communities, so as to alleviate the shock when the first action is taken that will announce the beginning of the end.

I am St Germain and I see the time is near when we shall come together. Surround yourselves in Light, and let Love be your banner and hold it up high. There is no greater power in the whole Universe.

Thank you, St. Germain
Mike Quinsey

January 26, 2005

Dear Ones, by now you can have no doubt that you have been placed in this cycle of duality as part of your learning experience. You are now lifting yourselves up out of it, having reached your nadir point long, long ago. The challenge has been enormous, and at times you disappeared under the weight of the negativity you have encountered. But each time you have dropped to a low point, you have come fighting back, with a marvelous tenacity and Will to succeed. Whatever happens, you will never lose that inner belief that there is an important goal that you are always striving to reach. And in this present time, it is within reach as you are about to step upon the ladder of Ascension. As I often tell you, you have never been alone in your travels, and it is just that at times you have forgotten who you really are. But now the awakening process is well advanced and you are beginning to believe that you are Gods in the making. There was a period no too long ago, when you could not have contemplated such a notion, and in many religions it would have been considered as an absolute blasphemy. You are now able to understand how powerful you are, and with your new found belief are able to accept that you are co-creators with God. Having removed any doubts, you go from strength to strength in manifesting a new reality that is now quickly becoming apparent on Earth.

If you consider that you do not feel naturally at ease in the present duality, it is because you know that it is not your natural state. This is one of the reasons that spiritual teachings will tell you that this reality is not real. Yes, you are having an experience and there is no doubt that you are in a physical realm. But the reality you have built for yourselves is only a pale reflection of what you left when you descended into these lower vibrations. When are you at your happiest, I would say it is when you feel At One with All That Is. You may not be able to achieve this condition very often, but it provides you moments of absolute peace. This is how it should always be, and this is why you continually seek it. In your Western world in particular, there is so much going on and you are usually too busy to relax, and you are almost certainly bombarded with a cacophony of noise that is very unsettling. In those quiet moments that you sometimes find, you begin to settle down again and your energies begin to harmonize once more. They need cleansing of all the negativity that attaches itself to you, and sometimes drains you of your energy. If you could see your Chakras after a hard day’s work, they would not be in harmony with each other, and where you have imbalances there is the potential for illness to result. The Chakras are directly related to the most important glands of your body, so if they are malfunctioning you can see the link. Finding those quiet moments is most important for your health, as you must be able to unwind, you cannot go on forever in a heightened state. If you do not take care, your body will re-act and stop you in your tracks and it may result in physical and mental illness. Use meditation as a tool to bring yourself into harmony and balance, or find an exercise that directly addresses the condition of the Chakric energies. Then you can quieten yourself down, and that peace descends that is heavenly and timeless.

When you leave the Earth and its duality behind, you will find that perfect peace that you seek. You will be in a state of ecstasy, and Love will flow around you like a golden balm. Your sensitivity to the different energies will be new to you, and something you have not experienced before. You will surely believe that you have arrived in Heaven, and by contrast to your earthly experiences, that will be so. As the vibrations upon Earth increase so you will gradually build up your own. When it is time to ascend, you will be well prepared for the great quantum leap that accompanies Ascension. It will be a natural progression back to the higher realms, and you will handle it without any difficulty. There is absolutely nothing unnatural about Ascension, it has happened many times before as civilizations have reached that point where they are ready for it.

The message is for you to look after yourselves, do not neglect your body. It is a remarkable creation that can cope with extremes, but you are entering an important period when it is essential that you throw off all of the dross you have collected. You must bring it into harmony, and in preparation for the greatest upliftment you will ever experience.

I am St. Germain and be assured that I am with you all of the time. I am here, there and everywhere and I know you well. You have the Love of many great Beings with you, go forward with the knowledge that you cannot fail to reach your goal. We shall all do this together in great Love and Happiness.

Thank you, St. Germain
Mike Quinsey

February 3, 2005

The family is the mainstay of Humanity, and it is the center of attention and focus for many activities that strongly influence your life. You learn about Love and Loyalty and other attributes that serve you well in your life. You say blood is thicker than water, and for certain it takes much aggravation or turmoil for families to break apart. Normally there is a great bonding that takes place, and it will remain throughout your lives. The initial coming together of two persons in a relationship of Love provides the bedrock upon which all else grows. This is not some chance coming together, and such important steps are fully intended and part of each one’s life plan. Sometimes there are fleeting romances that come and go, but until the right one comes along, these are destined to fail. Even those relationships that last for many years, and produce offspring yet still break up are intended, not everyone lives happily ever after. All is for your growth and there is never an experience that does not have some value. Some of you have come into life with the intention of not forming a personal relationship that will lead to marriage, or a similar commitment. You are simply at ease without the responsibilities that it would entail. Karma is very much tied up in how your life works out, and whilst it would seem natural for relationships to produce children, some are happy without such responsibilities. Some have a great desire for a full family, but are disappointed when they find they cannot birth their own. Adoption is an option that some take, and can happily accept one that is not their own. Family life and responsibilities are different according to which culture you are born into, and can be much influenced by religious beliefs.

Generally speaking the poorer families are the stronger their ties become, as there is a greater dependency on the family unit for survival. You have cultures where the older generation is the responsibility of their children, where they are revered for their knowledge and wisdom. You have others where if a woman loses her partner, her brother in law will take the place of that person. You have cultures that allow a man more than one wife, and so it goes on. There is of course another side, where the wife is considered subservient to the man and has very little rights such as you would know them in the western world. Also families where it is considered normal to sell your children into slavery, or simply abandon them or place them into orphanages.

If you have ever had a desire for a particular type of family life, you can see that there are so many variations to choose from. Where you have needed to have a particular experience, there are so many opportunities to achieve it and you will be placed accordingly. Often a family group will choose to stick together, and spend life after life in different relationships. This leads to a very strong bond being developed between them. In other instances, you are placed together because you need to learn how to relate to each other, and develop family ties based on love for each other. Love is the key in all things, and once you can extend it outside of the family circle you are beginning to recognize the Oneness of Life.

I must address a contentious subject that is in respect of marriages between people of the same sex. I wish you to know that in the Creator’s eyes all unions are blessed that are based on Love. Peoples sexual preferences are a private matter, and providing they do not interfere with the freewill of others are perfectly acceptable. The is because Creator has given you the freewill to experience whatever you choose, and having done so will not make a judgment against you. Remember that the Creator is All Love, and experiences through you all.

That searching for a partner comes from a deep yearning to return to the Godhead. You sense that you have become split off from your wholeness, and are only a part of your real self. This unfulfilled urge has been used to program you, to seek that one who is ordained to be your partner in a physical incarnation. As you move upwards you will find your soul mate, and any other aspects of self. There is a continual coming together until the ultimate where All once more become The One.

Dear Ones, you are a great Human family who are about to meet your greater off-world family, and there will be a wonderful coming together. There is a Love present that recognizes your source as Children of the Creator. What could be more natural than your recognition of those who are also part of you? The truth will soon be laid before you, and you will easily accept the Love that binds you to all else. ETs are not some strange Beings that are different to you, although some have an outward appearance that is so unlike your own. All are in essence from the same source, and all continue to travel that same path back to the Creator.

The time for great revelations is here, and events are rapidly moving into manifestation that will see the first changes that signal the ending of duality. Many will come in Love, and you will know that they are emissaries from the higher forces. I shall be one with them with my Love, and together we shall prepare for the great shift that you call Ascension. Heaven rejoices at the coming together of Souls of Love, who will surely carry all else before them.

Thank you, St. Germain
Mike Quinsey

February 5, 2005

If you ever needed proof that time is still going faster, you have only to look back at the period since the turn of the last century. Can you believe that you have entered the fifth year since the millennium? The speeding up affects everyone, and is one sure sign that the Shift is well under way. However, the rise in your personal vibrations is not automatic, as you have to work for it in many ways by preparing yourself to receive the Light. This is all to do with your understanding of what is required for you to grow with the incoming energies, and take these into yourself. Part of your preparations is to cleanse yourself of accumulated energies that no longer serve any useful purpose. Energies that you have carried with you through many incarnations. In drawing the Light to yourself, you are transmuting them and bringing more harmony and healing to your physical and emotional bodies. You will also have opened up and balanced your higher charkas, thus allowing you to focus your mind on the higher vibrations. You become more a spiritual Being rather than physical one, and the emphasis is no longer centered on “self” and your awareness becomes more peripheral. You awake to the Oneness which you are a part of, and with it your understanding increases exponentially.

People who have not yet understood what is happening or have no aspirations to raise themselves up, are nevertheless aware that changes are taking place. They see them from the purely physical level, and consequently are likely to get deeply involved in the negativity. For them there seems to be nothing but doom and gloom, and they can suffer depression and mood swings that unwittingly produce even more negative energies. Have compassion for these Dear Ones, they do not know which way to turn or how to extricate themselves from the dark energies that keep them down. The difficulty is that when you offer some helpful advice, it can be counter productive. It is simply through the lack of understanding, and is more likely to occur when you recommend the power of prayer, or the value of stilling the mind through meditation and music. There is often a lack of belief in the value of such practices. However, even although the two main realities are growing more apart, you can as Lightworkers help bring Light to those areas of the dark.

When you look at the utter chaos and turmoil in Iraq, see it as an area that you can place in a bubble of Light. As you do it give out a great feeling of Love for every soul that is there, regardless of how you would otherwise view their part in what is happening because of the war. Do not underestimate your power, and forget the size of the challenge as you could heal the whole world if you so desired. On a one-to-one basis, you could then single out individuals who have important and influential roles to play. The leaders of the countries supporting the actions in Iraq are very influential in determining the outcome, and are obvious choices. The Israel and Palestinian confrontation has also ND reached a critical point, and again it would help to enfold the complete area in a bubble of Light.

Dear Ones, whilst it is wonderful to see you fully taking the opportunity to prepare yourselves for Ascension my message is to remind you to not forget others. As you progress on the way try to lift them up as you are in a unique position of understanding what is taking place. Often others are curious about your ability to stay calm and centered when all else around you seems to be up in the air. They hesitate to ask how you achieve it, so occasionally give out a few hints as to what you are up to. The right words can trigger off a train of thoughts that could yet put someone onto a new path. You will carry out a valuable service in doing so, as remember I have previously mentioned that even souls that are not prepared for Ascension, will still take their total consciousness with them. Their memories of this Earth will be in the deep recesses of their mind, so as not to interfere with their new experiences on the new Earth. So even now, you can help these dear Beings to start anew a little higher up the ladder. In the course of time some of you will even elect to incarnate on the new Earth, and serve their spiritual needs to aid their continual growth.

All serve one another when they have reached that plateau of becoming Beings of Light. It will be a situation very much like my own, and I have been with you for eons of time under many guises, some of which are known to you. My mission is almost completed, and I look at you all with great satisfaction and joy as you have come so far in your evolution. I would say that your progress has even been astounding, given that it was not long ago that you looked unable to achieve Ascension. But I am just one of the great family of Light that have attended to your needs. There have been many Masters and tribes of Angels that have been consistently by your side. And you have always had your personal group of helpers and guides. Perhaps not so readily apparent to you, is the energy of Mother Earth and that of your Solar Sun, both of which affect your consciousness in a positive way. You might wonder how could anyone fail to progress, and the truth is that you cannot really stand still. It is a matter of degree, and you choose how quickly or slowly you do it. There is no rush, and no pressure placed on you to achieve certain levels of progress. You have freewill, and no one can take that away from you although you may think otherwise.

Dear Ones, the time for bringing those loose ends together has arrived. It is a case of making the slate clean, as you cannot take your baggage with you into the final run up to Ascension. You will find that events will present you with those unfinished tasks, so I say take them on and make sure you deal with them successfully. Some things you have to do yourselves, but we are still here for your guidance if you so wish.

Keep sharing your Light, it is easy to give out a kind word, or a beautiful smile or a helping hand. You would be surprised how potent your energy is in just carrying out what may seem such trivial actions. Know again that Ye Are Gods, and carry yourself in a godly way and think naught but good as thoughts carry the power of creation. But do not worry about this responsibility, because as you grow you will acquire the necessary acumen that will enable you to handle it correctly.

I am St. Germain and ask you to stand along side of me, you are my Brothers and Sisters in Light and I hold you all in high esteem. Let us together Love the World back into the Light. I give you my Eternal Love to help you ever onwards, knowing that you will achieve your goal.

Thank you, St. Germain
Mike Quinsey

February 12, 2005

Looking back, and not many years at that it is clear to see that the people have gradually woken up to what has been going on around them. Yet half a century ago, there was almost total belief in what you were told by your elected representatives.  More so in the preceding period back to the start of the Illuminati’s plan, some 200 years ago. Their insidious tentacles worked their way into most of the intellectual, and set the groundwork for their gathering influence. Your history will show that with their influence, they were able to get “their man” into positions of power. Slowly their brainwashing, and clever re-shaping of the Law and the rules of certain societies, meant that their agenda was set in place. The already affluent and wealthy sections of society, such as Royalty and certain politicians were not difficult to convert to the aims of the Illuminati. A balance of a kind was brought about by the Founding Fathers and the Constitution, but it was soon targeted for change by those who saw it as a threat to their power and wealth. The dark have consistently tried to prevent the people progressing, and keep them permanently in their control.

The idea has been to keep you in a state of need, whether that was medical treatment, employment, food or housing. In this way you have become totally reliant on them for your quality of life. Now, this has been going on for a long time and you have been led to believe that you should not expect it to be any different, that poverty and illness, and the lack of basic needs were quite normal. You may have felt that you were safe within your Church, but even religion has not escaped the influence of the dark. At every opportunity the dark have infiltrated organizations for their own benefit. You have only to look at how religion has been used to establish moral standard that have often lacked love and compassion. Of course much good work is also carried out by the Church and there have nevertheless been some remarkable people who have been truly motivated by God.

You now know in this present period that the dark use “fear” to keep you in place, but you are beginning to see through their subterfuge. You have also seen their agenda in action and how they cause chaos and confusion as a deliberate ploy to achieve their ends. They have shown that they are merciless when they feel threatened and, like a cornered rat, will strike out.

No one is beyond their harsh sense of “justice” and if you get in their way and it is expedient to the cause, you will be eliminated. And so you have continued to be tightly controlled, as the Illuminati have exercised their power over your lives.

Perhaps you wonder how such a formidable group as the Illuminati have had their power base eroded. I tell you that the Light is not without its own power, and it has been achieved through the unceasing work of many individuals and small groups, backed by the Spiritual Hierarchy. As the Light has grown and more of you have attracted it to yourselves, so you have spread it far and wide. And the advantage you will always have over the dark is that the Light transmutes the dark and not the reverse. On your side you have always had the backing of the Creator and the Plan for these end-times. This has allowed a Holy Dispensation to be given so that you can go forward, knowing that there are other Light forces that are working independently to ensure success. This could not have happened unless you on Earth first showed the Will to establish the Light through your own efforts. The impetus has to come from you, through your thoughts, actions and prayers. This is creation in its simplest form, yet with the power to bring a response.

As you now see success very much in your sights, you press on with renewed vigor and it is wonderful to see how even more people are responding. It has a snowball affect, and now the growth of the Light has gathered its momentum, nothing is going to stop it. The energies of the dark have become so obvious and do not fool you unless you wish it to be so. Double talk and outright lies are laid bare, and the more you see the dark for what they are, the more they wriggle and squirm. But in their continued arrogance and belief in their ability to delay the day of reckoning, they pretend to be still in charge. Little do they realize that they are living on borrowed time, and that their time is up!

I am St. Germain and await the glorious moment that myself and the Masters return to Earth. By this time, the dark will have been removed from their positions of power and will no longer have any influence on what takes place. The Lighted Ones will have come to prominence and massive changes will quickly take place. The changes are so near; let no one deflect you from your path. Let the dark and their supporters see the real Love of the Creator in action, through each and every one of you, and I shall be there too. As always, there is much Love being sent to you through myself and legions of Heavenly Beings.

Thank you, St. Germain
Mike Quinsey

February 15, 2005

There is so much happening just now, and as one individual you can only gather a little of the details. We see the potential for more chaos and confusion in the Middle East , and we are trying to dampen down the emotional response of those who are most affected. It only takes a few hotheads to stir up a re-action that could end in more violence and disruption. The threat of more military action hangs in the air, and we certainly do not want to see it escalate. We will confine the activity to as small an area as possible and lessen the effect. Peace will come to the Middle East, and once the occupation of Iraq is over, the people will gladly take steps to restore some normality of day to day life as it used to be. Help will be given in full measure and the people will accept it with the goodwill it carries. It is about restoring their faith and trust in outsiders, as for so many years they have suffered under severe sanctions. Israel is making the first tentative moves towards peace, but again it is a volatile area and it is hard to control the actions and demands of extremists. Hope rather than despair now has a chance to take hold, and it must be backed by honest attempts to carry the peace movement forward. On a higher level much Light is being continually sent into the areas that abound with negative energies. It does help to keep things in check, but we are not allowed to infringe the freedom of choice by using more forceful methods. The realization that peace is never achieved through war or any form of domination must be learnt. It is a hard lesson, and so many never seem to be able to stand aside and see how futile war is for everyone concerned. Man has to learn that sitting around the negotiating table is the only way to resolve problems. But even this requires a measure of give and take, as too often both sides are reluctant to be seen to “give in” to the others demands.

Human beings have pride, which in its own way can be an asset. But there is a thin line between pride, arrogance and selfishness and it gives rise to strong differences of opinion. What is around you is a reflection of what you are all creating through your different actions, attitudes and desires. Peace in the world really starts with you, and fortunately there are now sufficient who are bringing Light to the world and it is having a noticeable affect. The grid of Light encompasses the whole world and is growing all of the time, and it is changing the thought patterns of many who have become lifted up. And so it continues growing faster and faster, balance and harmony are returning and emotions are controlled allowing for a more peaceful condition. You will understand why we continually ask you to stand outside of the negativity that is going on around you. Your best contribution to bring peace to the world is to be peace yourself. Be aware of what is happening, and try not to be pulled into the fray, but if that is unavoidable you will help yourself if you can keep calm. People often rush into situations before giving any thought as to what they are doing, and simply cause more aggravation. One of your most important lessons is to control your emotions, and it is no good excusing yourself by saying that it is how you are. You are what you choose to be, and there is absolutely no reason why you should not be able to achieve total control over yourself.

Of course the ego will play a part, but it is still yours and you have to control it, rather than the reverse. Your ego is however necessary and it is your means of acting instinctively which can be important in a time of great emergency. Your ego will tell you what to do, but if you have programmed it to respond to situations in a negative way you clearly have problems. The answer is to think before you say something that will inflame a situation, and think before you act.

Ultimately there is only one person who will answer for your actions, and that is you. Yes, the dark tempt you and try you out and, in your humanness, you sometimes weaken and lack resolve to overcome the temptation. But remember, you have your Higher Self and Guides who are equally trying to give you the strength to follow a lighted path.

You are living in an extremely volatile time, and emotions run high and it would be too easy to fall into the trap. Try to keep out of situations that could develop into mob rule, and I think of demonstrations that are sometimes orchestrated to cause confrontations. In the heat of the moment people can get carried away. Far better to be in a position where you can be a calming influence.

I am St. Germain and I see far and wide, and I fully understand your difficulties. But in spite of them, I also see you with a new impetus that recognizes the wonderful prize that awaits you. You now see that changes can be wrought that will bring the peace and happiness you so much desire. I also desire them for you, and you are strengthened by the Love and Light of the Heavenly Forces. We will soon raise our glasses to you filled with the nectar of Love, as we celebrate your success.

Thank you, St. Germain
Mike Quinsey

April 1, 2005

Another month has gone by, and your expectations are higher than ever. This is rightly so as the crescendo builds up to the grand finale. You know how close it is to the announcements you so wish to hear. Now you are better able to withstand the disappointment as some opportunities pass by, and you are not sure why this happens. It is not too important in the long run, but what is essential is the timing as has often been mentioned.  Of course, there is an optimum time when we shall force the issue. This will be in order and not be imposing upon your freewill, indeed it is quite the opposite as your desires for peace continue to grow.

You will know we already have a Divine Edict that allows intervention at such time as we require the great events to commence. In fact, for quite some time you have been building up the energies for change. They are still growing and adding to the power of the Light, whilst at the same time the dark are finding their power is diminishing. You will understand that although things appear to be stagnated, this is far from the truth. The dark are in turmoil although outwardly they pretend it is otherwise, and their plans are falling apart.

So many more people of good intent who do not have the knowledge you have are adding their energies to the Light. It has resulted in a faster transmutation of the dark energies, and there is certainly some desperation creeping into the minds of the dark forces. They were always arrogant and believed they could fool you all the time, talking of the goals that were dear to your heart, yet doing the opposite. Now, the dark are being obstinate in the face of a lost cause, and resist the changes that are beginning to happen now. They could have gone out with a gesture to everyone that would have indicated a change in their mindset. A number of times over the recent years they have gone back on a promise to allow announcements about NESARA and particularly First Contact.

Realize that for the Light there has never been a period of in-activity, you have been working towards this time in your evolution for hundreds of years. In other words, you have sub-consciously known that at the end of this cycle that you would have an opportunity to ascend. It has become more intense over the last 300 years, as the plans have begun to materialize. You will realize that the Light do not rush things, or wait until the last moment, there has been an immaculate plan in place and it has now reached fruition. The energies are grounded and nothing will prevent the Light manifesting in all of its glory.

Human Beings are prone to worry, and you can be very fickle where your emotions are concerned. This waiting period has been something of a test of your resolve and faith. Believe in your intuition and accept that your victory is assured. In so doing, you can ignore the details and concentrate on the gifts from the Creator. Start as soon a possible to live the new energies, and make them part of your daily life. Relax in the certainty of a wonderful future that is already etched in the halls of time. Look ahead and not back, and create your vision of the future now. See everything from a new perspective, knowing that the old no longer serves your purpose. You are far from alone in your desire to see the new energies fully grounded. You will find that people of a like kind will gravitate towards you.

Most importantly, remember that you have legions of Angelic and Spirit workers giving you support. They yearn to be of help, but need to know that they are welcomed by you. Some of you live your daily life by acknowledging their presence, and you are guided steadily along your path. Do not be afraid to ask for help, it is encouraged by us, as we are All One and working towards the same goal. There is not one of you that walks alone, although I know that some feel very lonely. I can only suggest that you try to understand yourself, and what it is that causes such sadness. Are you possibly holding onto dreams that have been shattered, when you should be looking to move onwards? I say this with much compassion, but you sometimes will not accept that there is a time to let go. All occurs with good reason, and all has a lesson to offer, so try to find out what it is that has lead to your experiences.

With Ascension beckoning, it is time to release the baggage you have carried on your backs for millennia of time. Many have already experienced cleansing as the vibrations of their physical body increase. Sometimes it can be quite dramatic and lay you low for a period of time, but generally speaking there is a gradual change. It can be helped by you acknowledging your need to change, and as you draw more Light to yourself so you are working towards this end. It is not difficult, and open to each one of you as soon as you acknowledge your Godliness. Learn to take a greater notice of your Higher Self, your God Self, call it your intuition if you wish,

I am St. Germain, and cast Light upon the waters of life. I am approachable as are the Brotherhood of Light, please come to us in your thoughts and prayers and we will listen to your needs. We cannot always give you exactly what you want, but our help is assured. We are all converging upon the path to a new reality, enjoy this time on Earth as it will be one to remember. I give of my Love to you all and remind you of your greatness.

Thank you St. Germain
Mike Quinsey

June 7, 2005

Some of you feel that not much is really happening to push forward the changes that are manifesting. I often tell you that there is so much more taking place at our level than you could possibly imagine. Meetings are held with all interested parties that are involved in the changes, and we are updated on the progress of our allies and the plans of the dark. We receive your petitions and prayers and are fully aware of the increase in your consciousness and desire to see positive changes upon Earth.

Our forces are ready for the next stage in our contact with you, and again their activities are monitored and subject to change as we observe what is occurring on Earth. I would remind you that there are millions of ships involved in the various tasks that will see First Contact start very soon. There are those that are in the advance party, and they will arrive in full sight as soon as they can openly greet you. As events move on and a new government is put in place, so will many craft appear for the next phase in direct contact with many groups that are prepared for their arrival. The task is enormous, but their resources are equal to it, and much activity will commence.

The cleansing of your planet is a priority, while other phases of our plan are begun. We have to move quickly so that we have the confidence and support of the people and are seen to carry out our promises. Their will be no lack of information given so that everyone can be aware of what is taking place We will use your traditional medium for making news available, but even that will be advanced in course of time. Part of the plan is to give you the means of advancement that have been denied to you over the last century. The final aim is to move you onto the path that will directly lead to Ascension, for which you must be prepared,

Apart from those of you who avidly follow developments, there may be a feeling that more could be done for you. I say that at every stage your development has been followed and influenced by us. In fact, over a relatively short period in comparison with your many lives upon Earth, you have successfully come through times of near total catastrophe. Indeed not just once, but a number of times. At the end of the last century, you moved on to open up an opportunity to ascend, having considerably increased your consciousness to the point that this greater opportunity was created. This has brought you to where you are today, as you finally prepare for the greatest upliftment in your consciousness that you have ever experienced.

Almost without you noticing it you have been so active in raising your consciousness, that you have been taking back control of yourself and your future. Yes, there is a plan but there have always been a number of realities to cover whatever path you chose to follow. Freedom of choice is yours, but it is not an open choice as you must be fully prepared if you are to enter the reality you have chosen. If your vibrations were too low, you clearly could not enter a reality that was higher, as both must be compatible. The truth is that although a higher level may sound attractive to you, if you were out of place it would be extremely uncomfortable.

It will undoubtedly occur to some of you that when you are out of your physical bodies that you have visited the higher dimensions. These occasions happen where their vibrations are temporarily raised for them to enable such a visit, and they would usually be accompanied by a Higher Being. These could be looked upon as teaching experiences, and they are not at all unusual. Some of you still have waking memories of such experiences, and they do leave a very strong impression. Such experiences during your sleep period, are much more common than you could imagine, and I can assure you that most of you visit the higher realms during your sleep. You will understand that dreams are sometimes actual experiences of this kind, and you often visit your loved ones. Can you now see why you have a positive feeling that they are still alive and are around you?

The arrangement of your lives and experiences is not left to chance, but carefully planned. Allow yourselves to indulge in your fancies that you can contact those loved ones that have passed on, and you will find that you will open a channel that will allow it to occur. It comes back to the power of thought, and you use it without realizing how much you have. If you think of this on a larger scale, see how much more powerful you are when you come together to meditate or pray. To be affective it must however come from the heart, as repetitive prayers do not carry the same energy. Think then of the collective consciousness of Humanity and you will understand how much more power you have. It is on this level that you now bring peace into manifestation, and your Light shines out magnificently for all Heaven to see.

Dear Ones, you must not lose sight of what you really are, because as beings of Light you are indestructible and your life is infinite. What is happening now is just one more step on the path to your return to the Godhead; it is the beginning of a great experience, not the end. The hard work has nearly been completed, and never again will you need to enter duality. It is your graduation and the time rapidly approaches for wonderful celebrations. If I said do not take events on Earth too seriously, it would be because in reality it is only a passing phase and will end shortly regardless of what happens. As hard as it may be to contemplate, it is a great show of play acting in its final act and the curtain is soon to come down.

I am St. Germain, and if I am light hearted it is because I see the glory in your victory you have already won. Take a moment to bathe in the tremendous Love being sent to you, wrap it around yourself and know you are safe and protected. I love you all, for I see you that you are All One, we are inseparable.

Thank you, St. Germain.
Mike Quinsey

June 10, 2005

Every day will give you opportunities to spread the Light, and even without realizing it you affect the train of thought of another. You have a love of talking and as you come together so you express your ideas and opinions. All of the time you are re-assessing your position on matters, and the media also greatly influences you. It is almost entirely under the influence and control of the Illuminati who dictate what you should be made known to you. More importantly, they decide what you should not know about and this is where your problem lies. For many decades you have been deceived and often fed outright lies, all to condition you so that you can be manipulated and kept in place.

In the circumstances, it has been left to many individuals to pursue their own line of investigation, and mainly through your Internet the findings can be made public. Fortunately there are always people even in high places that are not prepared to toe the line, and they will find ways of leaking information that is essential to your understanding of the truth. As you are aware, the difficulty in some areas such as politics is that you endanger yourself once you are seen to go against the establishment. Reputations have been reduced to tatters, and jobs have been lost because people have had the audacity to speak out.

It is regrettable that some of the professional bodies are amongst the most closeted and vociferous, when they turn upon their own. Fortunately you have free thinking people that will stand up for what they believe. Truth has a ring about it that speaks true when you hear it, and this is where your intuition plays a big part. You often speak of something “feeling” right and this is where an open mind is essential. Everyone is capable of having a bias for wanting a certain truth to confirm their own views and opinions. Certainly no one likes to be proved wrong about any of their pet beliefs. Yet, in this current period of great changes, the truth can no longer be hidden and it is important that you do have an open mind.

Now more than ever it is essential that you do take notice of what is being said, but allow yourself to question it and if need be read between the lines. The new energies that are grounding upon Earth are helping reveal the secrets held in the closet of the dark. No longer can they be brushed aside, and attempts to keep them concealed will eventually fail. There is much to come out, and a great deal of it will have to wait until the changes are underway. Some matters are no longer relevant, but in giving the truth, it will necessarily cover those areas that have been important to your development. It goes back into your ancient history, and will reveal how as a race you have been deliberately mislead and kept in the dark.

Your written history is but a pale reflection of the truth. A whole succession of events have been written to show them in the way it is preferred that you should remember them. You currently have your on going arguments about the reasons for the war on Iraq, and eventually attempts will be made to permanently hide the truth. Going back to an event that occurred in many of your life times at the close of World War 2, you will find that there is evidence that before the atomic bombs were dropped on Japan, they had offered to surrender. It was ignored because another agenda had already been prepared, and thousands upon thousands of people were killed or injured unnecessarily in appalling circumstances. Bringing such events nearer home, the attack on Pearl Harbor could have been prevented, but again it was allowed to happen so that an unpopular decision to take America into the war could be justified.

Dear Ones, all through your history you have been used and manipulated to satisfy the lust and greed of your leaders. You have had a whole era of nothing but frequent wars with the consequent high loss of life. Your history will try to glorify such wars and appeal to your patriotic feelings as a means of justifying them. Of course there have been times when everything else has failed to prevent one, and you have been forced to defend yourselves. This should be a last resort, and not as with Iraq a reason to start a war.

There are few disputes that cannot eventually be settled through diplomacy, but it requires goodwill on both sides. At present you have a leadership that is only interested in self aggrandizement and global domination. Where you are now, is a great challenge to those who oppose war and wish for peace amongst all men. The giants amongst men are rising up and making their voices heard, and even the closed media has to concede some space to these people. They are gathering support and so many of you are questioning the way in which you have been used. The more you talk amongst your selves, the more you will stimulate others to see beyond the official view of news and how it should be presented. You will begin to break out of the mould that has brainwashed you for eons of time. It is time to insist upon being told the truth.

I encourage you to look deeper into events that are now taking place in your lives. See the real motives that lie behind decisions that are made in your name. Demand the truth, and no more lies. Your voices carry power and no authorities like to be questioned, but if you persist you will enforce changes. I will use an _expression that many use, and that is “it is time to stand up and be counted” and the more of you that band together, the stronger your voice will be and more difficult to ignore. Great help will accompany your efforts and we will back you and protect you in such important and necessary action. You will be instrumental in the removal of the dark and help those who have a more direct involvement. Success is to be yours and victory will be your prize.

I am St. Germain and see how close we are to achieving our goal. Once we do so, peace will descend upon Earth, and you will see how quickly people can come together in a common cause for good. The flag of freedom flies in the winds of change that are now bringing you release from the energies of the dark, that have held you back for so long. Be strong willed and the legions of Heaven will walk with you in great Love and Light.

Thank you, St. Germain
Mike Quinsey

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