Ten Messages from Sananda


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Ten Messages from Sananda

Beloved Jesus Sananda

These ten messages were channeled by Lois Hartwick during a period of approximately 2½ years. Lois Hartwick authorized Brother Veritus’ Website to publish her writings.  Published on July 31, 2004. Should you decide to join in this Lightwork, you are welcome to share your experiences with our weekly group, and be updated as stated by Sananda. Email:Lois@expressionsoflight.com. No portion of this text may be altered copied or published in any version other than is offered here without permission. Blessings.  Lois Hartwick.

Part One
February 3, 2002

I love all of you. I welcome you to this moment when we are together and sharing, not only our thoughts, but specific energies and those elements of the heart that need revitalization, reconnection, and let’s say, tuning up. For all of you there is an adjustment that is coming forth in your lives, and this is why I am here today. It is an important recognition that is a turning point in the days and months ahead. Much that you have been doing in the past several years has been to re-Light, to reconnect, and to highlight those aspects of your lives that have needed to be completed, to be extended, to be heard, to be noticed, to be serving, and to be loving and giving in your lives.

Your work with Hilarion has offered you opportunities to heal certain aspects of your own physical being, of your mind and thoughts, of your heart and its song. The work with Thoth has allowed you specific techniques to begin processes of mastery. The work with St. Germain has given you opportunities to rekindle parts of your heart, elements and thoughts of freedom, ideas in which you are able to overcome those aspects that may have hindered your life in forms of limited thinking.

We have come to a point and time in history where each of you chose to reincarnate to carry forth some aspect that I am bringing here to you today. Over the past centuries, much of the energy that I brought forth to this plane has been disseminated to every corner of the Earth. Those of you here in this room are carrying that energy. Many hundreds and thousands more have done the same. A point in time has come, however, for this energy to be re-ignited, and let’s say, be ‘upped’ several notches, heightening your Light, your level of awareness and your conscious connection with me. My connection is with Creator/God and All That Is.

For this time in your lives, you have chosen to undertake another journey, completing certain aspects of the past, and maybe even finding, that you are engaging new patterns for the future.

There are many things that need to be withheld from you at this point in time with respect to the upcoming creations that man is putting forth. However, specific energies to hold you in Light are being reinforced. This is necessary now, for there are many of those who choose on your earth plane to create more upheaval and chaos to dismantle what has been created over many thousands of years, favoring instead, to hold onto some poorly chosen point- of-view that would allow specific opinions to run rampant on earth that would do you and others harm.

I come forth now, today, for this specific reason for each of you to begin to understand that the Earth or at least, parts of the Earth, are being connected to by a heavenly host of beings, who will be joining with those of you who are open and willing serve the next nine to fifteen months ahead. The connection will take the form of Light–of energy that will be ingested into your physical being, allowing for specific energy to be held in place in the Earth plane at this point in time, so that specific events that may be occurring in other areas of the world are unable to shake or level your plane, your planet or where your country presently stands. It is as if we are taking rods of steel and iron and placing them between us two: We holding a specific anchor to this on one side and you, the other. This formation or creation of Light that serves to strengthen your plane will uphold, very clearly, a new platform on which all of you stand.

There are, aligned with me, many of the Masters whom you have known on the Earth plane, some as apostles, some as gurus, some as yogis, some as average men and women, some you have known and others you have not. We are bonded together in a joint, combined energy force, placing to those of you who are willing to serve, a specific form of energy that will hold and anchor in place the Light that needs to be disseminated now, as well as to uphold and strengthen the position that your country is presently in. We feel that this is necessary at this time. We believe there are energies here to disrupt the stronghold that you have presently had on your earth plane.

Again, for those of you willing to serve in this manner, it is merely necessary for you to say ‘yes’ for those of us connecting to you.

Let me tell you what to expect should your answer be ‘yes’. There will be a strengthening in your heart of the work you are here to do. There will be a shield placed around each one of you that no disruptive elements come through. There will be a refining of your specific lives so that particular habits, disruptions, interferences, patterns, and indications of energies that are occurring within your own specific lives will move rapidly to be healed, to be changed, to be re-routed or re-righted to a better position. In so doing, you will come out of this more full, divinely connected and insured in your lives of an integrity that you have not previously known. My work is specifically here in tapping in to each of you who says yes at this point in time.

Lois will be given instructions to alter levels of reality which confront or con- fuse you, but also, to disseminate this information to others as well, for not only are you willing to absorb this level of energy, but it must be placed into other areas of the world too. It will be an individual work, between your Higher Self and those of us presently assisting you.

The energy will form a compound of Light that is allowing for you, not only to be anchored in more securely to receive protection, but to also be disbursing great fields of Light that will be felt by many others, as well as the Earth plane. You may, at certain times, feel very high from this energy, you may have to do extra work to ground yourself. You will need to drink more water. You will need to pay attention to your health and what you eat. You will need to revitalize yourself occasionally by doing some unusual activities that you may not have done previously, such as taking long walks or perhaps bicycling, or perhaps connecting on a mountain top in the middle of the day, or a variety of things that you will feel individually compelled to do. Do not dismiss those thoughts or feelings that you have. They are being generated toward you.

In about three month’s time, you will be ready to serve in a new manner, be- cause you will be holding this energy differently. Each one of you has certain aspects that will need to shift and change as a result. As this occurs, you will come to a point, in which you are equally ready to observe and to hold that which is given you. As you incorporate this energy, you will have, perhaps, a new view of who you are and what you are doing. You might, on some levels, consider this is almost like being a ‘walk in’, that new energy has come forth so strongly, you are uncertain who you are. I would not call you walk-ins as a result of this, but I would say that transformation will be great.

This format has been planned for a long time. This energy has been seeded onto this planet years ago, so that none of this would feel strange coming forth to you now. Your chakras will be opened up to a much fuller extension than they are now. This is one of the reasons that shielding will be necessary. However, you will be able to sensate–to feel, to know a great deal more than you presently do right now. You have been trained well. You are observant. You have many disciplines, and levels of awareness that will assist you as you come in contact with that which you are to do.

Your levels of service will be higher than you have known. Each of you has incorporated in the past, specific qualities and abilities, that will be highlighted now in new ways once you complete this three-month period. I will come back at that point in time to reinforce and to refocus those thoughts and questions that you may have as a result of this activity. You will be given, individually, certain thoughts to access, to unfold the coding that is presently in your DNA that will begin to reverberate and to accelerate within you a sense of purpose and meaning to your lives that you have not previously known.

Instructions may come from your Higher Self, from myself and those of us working together with respect to the unfoldment of this encoding. However, you may easily know what it is that you are doing or to be doing.

Do not dismiss simple thoughts. I do not speak in complicated measures to any of you. Therefore, you may receive some thought or idea quite simply from me along the way. I know that there are times we tend to dismiss these simple thoughts. Do not let it be so.

Accept this energy in the form of blue Light, see it around you, know it will come to you at given points in times. Those of you who do not see, may feel. Some of you may find there are times in which your body feels warmer, or even hot, at given points in time as energy is being flowed in. Be not afraid that this process will harm you.

I trust that each will hear me from your heart and know what I am saying is true. Have you any doubts, do not feel uncomfortable to say, "This is not for me now; I am not ready." Otherwise, let us work together toward reinforcing the Light so needed on your planet at this time.

I request others who will be hearing or reading this message that you under- stand I speak to you as well. This is an open forum at this point in time, so that we are able to reinforce the Light on your planet at this time. The frequencies will alter a great deal of what has been occurring. You can create with your own ability a connection to Light and a spiritual forthcoming to reorganize the disruption of harmony on your planet.

Many are engaged in prayer for world peace. This connection reaches levels beyond your plane. It has allowed for us to combine as energies to reach those of you on your planet who would now accept this energy of Peace brought through love.

Many of you have different connections or alignments or those that you speak to, pray to, connect with, love and adore. We are, as a unit, combining your thoughts and our energies to equate to that which you hold. An alignment will be possible for all of you. No one need step outside of what he or she believes in order to this. This is not a religious quest. It is, rather, a connection to Light and love fostering peace. Through this unity, you will reinforce the very corners of your planet, now feeling heightened danger.

I come to you now as one you know, who loves you, who remembers you, who connects with you and who grieves that any should undergo sadness, illness, disrespect, pain and suffering, hunger, loss of life, and many of the difficulties present on your plane at this time. It is for the upliftment of these very aspects that I come forth. Your earth is to rise above these very difficult situations that have been ongoing for millions of years. Some of you have chosen to move along with it. Some of you have chosen to remain behind. I extend my hands, my heart and the Light to those of you who are taking that step now. Let us move forward together.

You may remember when I was present on the Earth plane in physical form, all things were possible. Nothing has changed.

My blessing now is placed upon each one of you in this room, and for everyone who will read this information or touch this tape at some point in time. It is significant and will change or shift for each one of you, certain aspects of your life. Sananda.

Part 2
April 28, 2002

(An initial channeling was given on Feb. 3, 2002, in which Sananda asked for those willing to hold additional Light to say ‘yes’, whereupon realignments and changes would be made over a three-month period based individually on each acceptance. Originally, the channeled information was given to our group -or so I thought. However, Sananda re- quested the material be published (thank you Keth Luke and others), and responses came from around the world. Updates were promised; herewith is the first.)

To each one I hold a candle and offer it to you, already lighted. Beside it, lies a cut flower for each of you as well. Take your pick in terms of the flower you would like to hold. It is for you to understand that at this point in time in your reality you are choosing the things that you are holding. You could’ve picked up a pair of scissors or a knife or a piece of paper or anything else, but in this case, see what I am offering you: A flower and Light.

It is a given, then, that you have the option to choose what I offer, if you will take it, or indeed, to walk away and make another choice. I am here today because we had spoken much earlier about a number of aspects that would be turning around or changing in your lives as a result of saying ‘yes’ to what I was offering you. Some of you have felt many different changes and shifts. Some of you have felt a much smaller degree of this in your life. Each of you has accepted something. In this regard I would like you also to understand that the world has made a shift as well.

There is an opportunity to continue to hold the Light — the candle that you have just been given. You also could choose to snuff it out at some point if you felt it were inappropriate to hold any longer for whatever reason. But in this case, here today, the Light is being given because you have all said yes. It is yours in trust and for keeping throughout time, knowing that I am a participant in holding the Light, too. We are then, Keepers of the Flame. A remembrance of life and Light and expression within that framework that becomes highly significant in the months and years ahead.

All of you who have written in understand that being Keepers of the Flame, too, is meant and included for all of you, and symbolically, and etherically, I am giving you the same candle and the same cut flower. The Earth is the garden upon which you live, and it is the home that needs tending. You, through holding specific Light, are able to emanate this frequency and vibration into the Earth plane, tending, as it were, overall harmony and balance so needed at this point in time.

Each of you recognizes, when you look at your garden, that weeds must be pulled out, that pruning must take place, that fertilizing and/or compost along the way is significant in boosting the productivity rate.

When you are holding Light, you are increasing, in the ways I have just mentioned, the overall garden on earth through fertilization, through watering, through weeding and pruning. But it is done through a frequency; it is done through a vibration; and it is also done with an intention. Your world has come apart at the seams in many respects, because you have seen the changes that have taken place over time and realized that much could come forth with right intention now. And yet, many have forgotten, because they do not see what being a Keeper of the Flame really means.

All of you here have come together because you are reminded in the past and today, that you have been able to hold this frequency of Light throughout eons of time. And it is here, today, that this aspect will need fine-tuning and upholding for the rest of the world to see.

I offer you at the same point in time, a connection to my heart, which most of you have already anyway or your would not be here. But it is an increasing flow of Light and energy that will be moving into your heart centers, holding steady the questions, the difficulties, the doubts, and also, the opportunities that are coming forth. Should you for any moment in time, question a particular reality, the energy connected toward me will supersede that question. If, indeed, you feel you are faltering in some way, the energy connected to me will help you to walk again.

There are many questions that you hold in terms of the future, and yet, you will suffer no doubt or question again as to the reality of my presence connecting with you. As Keepers of the Flame you are tending your garden —the garden of earth — but you are also tending man’s heart in a universal sense, in a world- wide platform and on a plane that has long forgotten the true meaning of Light.

It is significant, then, that as you hold this flame, you recognize that you are being brought into higher levels or reality and understanding. Each one of you will be given a specific purpose. Perhaps you would align with the word ‘mission’ more easily. In the next several days and weeks ahead you will be bringing Light to someone else or perhaps to many people depending on the situation most suitable for you. It is as if you are taking the candle I have given you and then decided to give it to others. They, in turn, give to others also.

The generation of Light will be interconnected, not only through you, but the many who have said yes to this prospect and this plan. You will each be given a turn at holding Light and giving Light. This will create a network that grows larger and larger over time. For each one who receives the Light you have to give now, has that Light to give as well and it will start to create a much larger spectrum than what you would have originally planned.

As Keepers of the Light you recognize symbolically how this works when you see the Olympic Torch. It is handed from one to the next to the next, until it is placed in a spot where it is brightly illuminated for all to see and are reminded of the significance and importance of this Light. The difference is that we are not extinguishing this Light or moving it elsewhere so it is no longer visible.

For those of you who have come to a point in your reality in which there are difficult situations that you visualize and see each day, you will begin to under- stand that there are counter-activities which also are present. You may be hearing the news on television of war in Afghanistan and elsewhere. You may be hearing disheartening stories as to the undertow that seems to be taking away many of the pleasures that life seemed to hold. Little have you understood the connections that are occurring around the world in which people are ready to reawaken and to connect aspects of Light.

I, and you, and others, are a part of this vast dream: A silk stocking as it were, placed around the world of which you are a part, yet not completely connected or linked together. Many times I have spoken in the past through those of you who are able to hear, whether through your hearts, through your sight, through your mind or some other apparition that may indicate to you my presence is near. And yet, you will begin to see through this interlinking and connecting of Light, the vastness of the Presence that we hold together. For it has never been completed this way, or done this way before.

You have heard of a return that many religions speak of in one form or another of one who will bring a message when times are tough. The message is Light, at this moment. It is certainly an indication that those on the higher levels are choosing to connect and link with all of you at this point in time. I am but a part of all of that vastness and that concept you would call God.

In each spark of Light is produced the Flame of Transmutation. It is possible within a spectrum of Light to release and relinquish all disharmony, all aspects of self which are not in the highest of connection with yourself and All That Is. The Flame of Transmutation is that which will be used to purify whatever it is that you are focusing and wishing and working on in your lives to change and to overcome and to reinstall a higher configuration of peace and love.

The journey homeward has been one that many of you have wished to take. A journey into the stars you may think or a journey to another plane that we call ‘heaven’ or to some other reality where life holds a great deal more harmony and peace than you have lately witnessed on your plane. And yet it is time to understand that that activity can be created where you presently reside, and you are the ones who have the ability to do so, for the very desire to return to home is the same desire you can use to create homes here. Within your beings there resides a remembrance in all of you as to who you are and the vastness of that dream, and that reality is a presence that you keep in the flame in your heart on earth. It is time for this to be rekindled and to be opened into a greater reality than you have presently seen.

As each of you accepts the candle today, you will be given a rekindling of spirit so that new life is once again born into the beings that you are. As you witness spring outside the window or in your garden, and as you tend to your garden as we spoke of for your meditation earlier, you will recognize the new Light that comes forth – the vibrancy of color, the perfume contained within, the beauty that each of you is able to radiate in your lives at this point in time.

You have skipped over some very difficult moments, each of you, and yet, in the future ahead there will certainly be other situations to face and difficulties abounding. You will move through your lives quite differently, no longer under- taking with great distress singular situations which are eliminating or lowering your resistance level to those elements that would be seeking to hold onto you in some way — who lessen your Light, to utilize your energy and strength for their own purposes and needs.

Today you will be offered, and given a shielding, one more time, to prevent those pitfalls from coming about from people, energies, and places which are not re-righted or highly energized at this point in time from utilizing the very strength that you carry. Rather, you will be able, with your intention, to send a thought, to send a Light and ask for it, or them, or the place, to be reignited and harmonized.

Many of you have worked in the past with the Violet Flame and have sent it to parts of the world and to other people to assist in purification and allowing for -5- changes to take place as a result. Now, you will use the Flame as you would witness on the candle you have been given, and send it to the many who are needing help at this point in time. It is to be used to clear, to purify, to heal, to harmonize, to transmute and to generate new life as you would generate your garden.

I have an opportunity to speak to you, and as I do, I speak to many. For a number of people will be hearing or reading these words. It is no different where you are in the world for this opportunity exists for each who undertakes this possibility. All of you, who agreed to accept this Light originally, are now to be receptors of it. Much clearing has been done. Some of you have felt this in your physical bodies; some of you have had unusual dreams; some of you have realigned parts of your being, knowingly or not. And in this time, since we first spoke there have been healings that have come forth on higher levels and aspects of yourself in a multidimensional self that may not have been considered by you in a conscious state on this plane. It is not possible for each of you to comprehend the enormity of what has taken place. You may have had difficulties that you witnessed with your own personal lives; you may have cleared away those difficulties very quickly.

In any case, there are transitions and a transitional state between these clearings and receiving this Light. For a few of you, there will be additional clearing that will take place during the next several weeks. Most of you have completed this process.

The Light that you hold is to be regarded as sacred.

Each of you have earned the right to hold it. It is your divine aspect in a physical form. As you witness this Light, know its power and know that that is within you for you carry it well. It is your opportunity on earth to utilize this power in a much higher and more important way than previously has been possible.

Each one of you will make choices. Each one of you will have moments in time to remember that you carry this and can alter the reality around you as a result. Send this Flame and use this Flame to assist on all levels of life. Misusing this Flame, as one would misuse personal power, does not offer you many benefits in the end. I seriously doubt that would take place, but it is a powerful aspect that you have all come into earning, and I would like to assure you, that with it, you will be making enormous changes on the Earth plane.

In this particular group, you have spent a great deal of time, acknowledging and working with aspects of Light. You have been able to effect changes in Alaska by construction of the etheric lighted pyramid, and more will be made in the upcoming months in Beirut. We will progress from here to other pyramids as well that will start harmonizing areas of your world having difficulties, now unable to stand with the present energies so misaligned. It is an opportunity to engage in a huge process on the Earth plane that is highly significant.

For those of who have not engaged in this process but will read these words, understand that you, too, may focus your energies toward creating world harmony and peace, and there will be guidance as to how to do so at a later point in time.

For the moment, it is to recognize the Flame you carry will be given to others. Think of it consciously as you go throughout your day, imagining you are handing people you meet, a candle, every time you shake hands or give a hug or say hello. This will allow for their Light to be ignited as well and then given to many others. Imagine the effect this will have! Even for those who have no conscious knowledge or awareness of holding Light.

Your freedom has been challenged on a number of different levels, not only by those holding grudges, resentments, and angers for those of you in this country, but it is true in many other countries as well in which certain animosities or perceived abuses have taken place over time. These animosities have reached a peak in the Middle East.

It has caused a great deal of consternation on higher levels, as well as the Earth plane. There is not one part of the Earth that is unscathed by the frequencies and vibrations that are coming forth from this area. It is not to say that what has occurred in Afghanistan is small by any means. However, there is an enormous vibration that comes from the Middle East that is spread around the world be- cause it is so interconnected. It is as if you were looking at a map where you see plane routes emanating out of New York City going to all sections of the world. The same lines could be drawn from the Middle East as well, going around the world, only it is not a line of planes, but rather, it is a line of connection because originally, much of the information that was to be spread around the world with respect to the energies brought forth by me in that incarnation needed these ‘fiber optics’ to stretch everywhere. Nothing was to be left un- touched. That particular structure, although etheric in nature, still exists. So the reverberations that are presently occurring there are affecting you all and everyone no matter where they live.

It is important for each of you, holding Light, to place a candle, into Palestine and Israel at this point in time. Visualize this. For Light needs to be generated and harmonized to clear misrepresentation, ancient anger, or unresolved issues, endless abuses, and distrust of life in general. I ask and urge all of you, no matter where you live and what part of the world that you come from, that you take a moment to place a candle in this part of the world. Doing so not only helps conflicts that are occurring there, but will help the reverberations you are feeling where you live. So again, it is a two-fold situation, or perhaps I should say, multi-faceted, that will benefit everyone and every place where this is done.

If you were going into a church, you might Light a candle. You might be sending Light in remembrance of someone else, or saying a prayer, or sending a thought through Light. There is no difference except each of you has been definitely empowered to bring forth a great deal more Light through the connections and through the work that has previously been done over the past three months.

Your world has known trial and tribulation over many thousands of years, with eras of peace and times of war, fear abounding and harmony present at other points as well. In this new time — this new millennium that you have entered — there has been discussion of another war, long predicted, to occur. Many of you have feared the outcome of such a war, and there is great discussion that takes place in some of the etheric circles, as well as those on your plane as to what regulations, what procedures, what opportunities come forth during these discussions and during the situations now occurring on your plane.

We, on the higher plane, through the activities of co-joining each year during the full moon of Taurus, discuss the leadership and the overall outcome of intentions we are fostering on our levels toward earth, and are co-joining with you in creative efforts toward the outcome of your world. We are working as a cohesive effort to allow and to integrate the energy, not only of harmony, but of love on your plane this year.

This will be a beacon, and intention and a focus.

You will find specific situations occurring in which you have an opportunity to choose to be more loving and compassionate, allowing this energy to flow through you as a river would flow through the riverbed. This connection to the higher aspects will be brought forth full steam in the next several months, and the remainder of your year will be an infiltration of this specific energy. You will be making many connections — new connections — that are allowing for this energy to flow more clearly in your hearts. It is an opportunity, not only for you to open up, but once again, to share, for what you are sharing is the highest and most divine aspect of who and what you are.

Those brothers, called the Brotherhood of Light, the masters, the angelics, the presences of many other souls and beings are choosing to work in harmony generating an enormous conflagration of frequency known to you as love. It is an opposition, if one chooses to look at it that way, to the angers which have been flaring for the past number of years, to the resentments, to the pain, the suffering and to the difficulties. Do not miss it or mistake it. Do not feel you do not deserve to be in this energy with all that is going on in your world. It is a part of the Light that you hold, that you will be receiving this and holding this and sharing this.

Whether you are tending your personal garden or the garden of earth or the garden of people who are here, you are utilizing the co-creative efforts to be able to bring forth a newer and higher reality. This information is being dispensed in other ways through other channels, through prayer and meditation, through dreams, through opportunities to people around the world. However, it is through this group and through those who read these words, that specific missions, as I spoke of earlier, will become ignited. And you will find ways in which you will be able to serve. Most importantly, you need to remember, in the midst of that situation, that you have a choice. What you are handing out is also what you will be receiving.

For the next three weeks, the doorway will be open to be receiving that which you are able to do. Not everyone will clearly see. Some will see more so than others. But nonetheless, there will be those working with you on higher planes, urging you forward, giving you a sense of direction, connecting with your higher selves and allowing many changes to take place. In the coming year, you will serve through Light and love with those with whom you touch, creating before you part of your mission and purpose as well.

I will be present again, to answer those questions that you may have in the months ahead, and I will work with you individually, through silent prayer or questioning that you direct specifically to me. If you are feeling unsure or lost or unclear, direct this toward me, and I will be able to move suggestion into your mind as to the right opportunity or place to go.

Many of you have felt, for a long period of time, there is some drifting taking place, because the world is going in a direction you have chosen not to go, and yet not enough connection has taken you to a place you are excited about or wanting to move into. Our connections of linking together are going to change this. There will, indeed, be much excitement and much to look forward to and far less fear than you have previously known.

Although this is our time of sharing together, the lights that you carry, we all share, so there is no separation ever again. I would use this time to link to your hearts and to reassure you. The changes that have been acknowledged or foreseen for your world potentially could come forth. You are not without resource, you are not without power, you are not without ability, you are not without choice, and certainly, you are not without me, and the many multitudes that work with you. We are able to interface with the current realities you are seeing to transform this world together. Those times are here and your choices are now.

My blessing is upon each and every one of you. And I come and touch your hearts so that you will know that what I am, you are. And I will be known, indeed, to each one of you forevermore. This is Sananda.

Part 3
August 4, 2002

This is Sananda and I welcome you –each and every one sitting before me and the vaster audience reading these words on the internet and to all others tuning in one way or another.  It has been a period of time since we have spoken, and I understand you are impatient to read these words.

Let me acknowledge several things.  In this world today there is enough chaos and confusion that people have, to some degree, lost their central focus. They have misunderstood the Light, and they are using a number of different outside reasons to describe or to cover their actions. I mention this now, because as times ahead unfold or unravel, you will recognize more and more people seem to be losing their way.  They may not think so or understand this is the case, but at some point might find they are unsure which way to go.

For these reasons you are being contacted today.  I am obviously connected with Light.  I am, of course, a part of each of you.  I am present to impart that Light and to assure you the way is clear, at least from where I reside in each of you.  If you find moments and times of difficulty, and you are unsure which way to go, ask for the pathway to be illuminated.  I am happy to do so.  Many concerned with the overall plight of the world have forgotten where they must go themselves, what needs to be developed within or understood from their own perspective.

It is this inner area of development I choose to offer you today.  The world will not be the mirror of your own hearts as it has once been.  Yes, you will be seeing things you can look at, understand or broaden to a greater perspective.  But it is up to you to begin the awareness that you and I are connected, and the Light you carry has focus, vision, realization and purpose.  If you are observing a world ‘gone wrong’ or perhaps feeling lost, do not make it your reality.  Maintain your connection with Light so you have a greater sense of who and where you are.

The upcoming months propose a war with Iraq.  This is a heightened sense of reality by many, and preparations are now being made to go forward with such a venture.  For this to occur, there will be interruptions, discussions and argumentative behavior by some involved in the procedure.  You will find over time the initial purpose and reason for proposing such a war gets lost.  It loses its meaning, its intent, and its reason, becoming diluted, as many things are on your plane, with outside influences shifting the Light one way or another.

Each of you able to hear my words or read them has an opportunity to remain firm and steady in your resolve to hold Light for deeper and further clarity.  It is also an opportunity to hear, with your hearts, the true reality you are attempting to keep.  What purpose another war serves on your planet is far beyond that which we are able to see.  We believe, however, many are intending to create confusion in an abyss where few can realign their Light to deeper and inner truths. Through practice over the years, you have understood your meaning and purpose on this plane.  It may not have unfolded before you in the exact picture, but you have understood enough to pray, to connect, to be aware, to open your hearts and to listen well to that which you carry within.

For those who have chosen not to hear this particular heartbeat, I suggest what drum they listen to now will not be one I am playing.  The next several months will determine a very powerful outcome with result to this war.  Each of you present and listening can utilize this time to bring forth and hold a specific frequency needed on the planet now.  As I mentioned earlier, you would be the other end of the anchor from us to the planet.  This anchor, this frequency, this vibration will be deepened over the next several months, which you will feel rather strongly. Recognize that you carry and hold this frequency to eliminate some disruptive currents presently occurring.  I know many are volunteering, have volunteered and will volunteer further still to assure a gentler, calmer outcome to what poses to be a disruptive and extremely painful situation.

The need for war strikes the heart of many, because in their frustration, they are unable to resolve outcomes in a manner they would like.  Many face unresolved issues within their own hearts, often blaming another for situations not yet completed or delved into within one’s own soul.  When you look at the reality and the truth of deepening the inner aspect of one’s heart, there is the connection of Oneness; no blame needs to be placed anywhere.  From my perspective, I see this as a dramatic and difficult time you are able to make more enlightened and to eliminate extreme developments that potentially could take place.

Gathering together are those who would oppose the war.  However, their voice is little heard in the coming months ahead.  Because of this, we choose to work with you through frequency and vibration, emitting Light, and allowing diffusion of currents basically undermining the cultures of your land.  I am here to ask, once again, if you would be willing to ‘up’ the frequency, allowing for additional energies to be brought through, while recognizing the Light you carry can be disseminated more widely and further than you know.  Some will be asked to travel again.  Situations occur you may not have thought were possible or part of your life at this time, so that you bring forth changes everywhere you go.  This dissemination of energy is very transformative, whether people in their logical minds understand this or not.

By the time these words reach the many hundreds around the world who agreed to participate, they, too, will be allowing energy to pour forth from them, connecting to many others. What may be four or five or six hundred people initially, will turn into thousands around this planet.

It is heartening to see how many of you have responded.  It has given us pause, and enlightened our hearts to know that care has come forth on your planet toward this overall plan.  We see, certainly, destruction upon the land as a result of this war.  However, we also believe much can be alleviated that would have occurred had you not said ‘yes’.  These times ahead are significant and important and recognize the inner value of mankind connected to spirit.  Our work, then, is barely started.

In the next several months we will be working with you at night, though certain meditations, visions, and let’s say, physical reactions, and in some cases, actual appearances, so you are understanding your direct connection with us.  You may need alternative help along the way.  We are giving you help, but situations may occur for you to make a shift changing direction rather abruptly.  If this occurs, you will be given all that you need.  Moving from one place to another or changing lanes down the highway may become more prevalent on your journey.  Easily you have learned to do this already, so I do not feel it an impossible task to ask.

The most important aspect is to remember to love.  Perceptions you see in the media or in the world inflame hearts and minds often to very opinionated positions.  I would suggest the overall connection to Light remind you love is what stands the test of time.  For even as you see with the loss of a friend, as Lois had today, it is the connection of love which remains, not an inopportune moment that may not have brought forth the highest and best within each.  It is exactly the same in the world.  The love remains, and your love for the things present on this plane stand as a beacon before each of you.

You are not here to remember the disappointments, the impossibilities, the limitations, the shame or the disgraces or other lesser emotions you may have felt.

In fact, it has been your work these past years, to release that which remains in your being.  By so doing, you accomplish the ability to hold more Light.   It is the responsibility or the accomplishments of those on this plane to unfold that within their own system.

The belief systems coming forth –angry crowds of people shouting who is right and why it is so– can only inflame, creating more action impossible to re-right.  You have noticed what has occurred in Israel.  Such a situation is determining outcomes, not only for people in Palestine and Israel, but others around the world as well.

Imagine then, an interaction with your country and Iraq how many will be affected.  This particular situation can be averted with enough of you placing in your hearts the Light you are choosing to carry.  I would ask that each day you request to receive this Light and to share it wherever you go.  It is important now.

You recognize that the polarities on your earth are becoming increasingly disparate.  We have worked, you and I, on finding that place in which Oneness is present instead of duality.  I urge you to see this reality further, regardless of what is occurring.  In so doing, you will allow for many transformations to take place whether you are aware of them or not.  For who better to hold this position of Oneness when all others are choosing the opposite?

Many things can be said about the upcoming time.  It is important to share what you need to know in the days ahead.  I do not like to leap too far forward with information about the choices that have been made and the outcomes that will occur.   If I were to do so, it might eliminate or lessen your creative ability to bring forth the highest and most positive effect.  This does not mean everything necessarily will be totally changed, but there are opportunities within every situation in life.   Each of you can pay attention to what you are choosing to live every single day and what love you are choosing to dispense on the planet while you are here. That choice eternally remains yours.

I merely say to all of you – and to the vast world audience now listening — make a choice and be present in the concept and the reality of love you carry in the deepest essence of your heart.  Free yourself from pain, as best you can, so your reality is clear.  With this intention and ability, a new world can come forth.

You will be given more information about pyramids as generators of Light to dispense harmonious frequencies in your world.  The (etheric) pyramid in Beirut is nearly finished.  There will need to be one placed in Iraq.  At the same time, I would like to see another placed over the Pentagon.  We have not discussed placing anything over anything else before, but there is such a frequency being emitted from this particular building, that it would be helpful to imagine a pyramid placed directly over the building 40′ feet up in the air from the base.  What I am going to do is ask those people participating around the world to focus their energies into these two pyramids–being constructed as we now speak– imagining their love and gratitude going into one or the other.  The pyramid inIraq will be situated in the desert by the southeast corner of the country.  One need merely imagine this etheric pyramid and allow energy to pour forth from your meditations or your moments of gratitude and love about your life going into each one.

You were told earlier of information each of you is able to create smaller etheric pyramids around those already erected inAlaska and Beirut. You have also created the one that remains here on A.’s land in western Massachusetts, USA.  Three are standing; two newly begun and additional ones to follow.

I ask the world community of service, when you have an extra moment, to focus Light and love into either of these pyramids, without judgment, without bias, without religious fervor, but rather, for the preservation of your earth and for the beauty of all contained here.  In this way, we will begin to reharmonize your planet.

A disruption will occur to shake a portion of the earth, and some old artifacts are going to be revealed.  They contain very specific energy needed at this time.  You will hear about this; you’ll read about this. Perhaps you will dismiss it and not remember a connection in terms of what I said.  This particular event will allow an opening to occur, drawing forth higher energy to be disseminated on your planet, stabilizing and re-healing old wounds that have been open a very long time.

Other measures are being taken as well.  Of these I shall not speak now.

Whether you join this group on a regular basis is not the point.  Rather, what you do with your thoughts while driving your car, or praying before you go to bed at night, or any other time in terms of directing energy, is the point.    Many have worked with manifestation and intention.  It is critical those two qualities you have worked so hard to understand and achieve become part of the reality you put forth.  Many lessons have been taught to some unable to create, passing from one dimensional reality into another, all they wished to develop or have within their lives.  But did it not strengthen the desire to accomplish or create something else?  This desire is what is important now, for it allows you to move very clearly into the realm of intention, manifestation and creation.  Use these abilities well in the months ahead.  You will be glad you did.

There is gratitude, surely, from all of us to all of you.  But in a larger sense, there is creationship of one world in which reality is based more strongly on love than on hate.  It is our work, and it is our desire to share the enormity of love potentially receivable and possible on your planet.  Many think of themselves as Lightworkers bringing this energy to the planet.  The ultimate truth is Light is to transform that which was negative into the highest common denominator.  It is why you work with the pyramids, and it is that energy contained within them –that frequency– which is love.  They are bearers of this energy transporting all of you into the highest frequency possible.  Maintain this reality as best you can in the times ahead.

There will be several updates as we go through the next four or five months.

Let it be said each of you who comes into my presence today, be witnessed as blessed and understand the love that pours forth from me is embraced in each of you.  The world community receives the same blessing.

I am, Sananda, touching each heart, each soul, with love.


Part 4
October 22, 2002

My Friends, I welcome you here today into my heart and into the vision I am holding for you and the rest of the world.  These are days in which much is tumultuous and uncertain, and yet, I can assure you by holding Light, the many thousands – – millions even – –  around the world extending prayers to the greater good, are helping hold humanity in an encased vision of peace.

This vision, although interrupted at certain times, will be the mainstay for your planet.  At the moment you are engaged in listening to acts of war or presentations of purpose toward this end, while many disruptions are occurring around your world. Yet it is today, with great concern, I say that whatever has developed or is developing, will be assisted by the efforts all of you have made.

I am part of a greater Corps; a Corps of beings who hold Light in many different dimensional frameworks, positions, consciousnesses, dimensions, parallel frequencies and assorted descriptions providing within your consciousness an understanding of what I am attempting to describe.  There are many millions of beings in various forms and levels of awareness, who prepare and work with us to create the dimensional frequencies needed to contain and hold this higher level of reality around your planet.  This vision of which I speak.

You have heard many voices through various channels or experienced through dreams or third eye perceptions and intuition much that is forthcoming.  Part of the prophecies are from an older time and some are present and with you now, today, in a more conscious and strident level than may have been in the past twenty or thirty years.

This Corps, and I would like to call it a Corps of Light,  is a grouping of consciousness and realities that hold a greater vision than is being held by many of you at this time.  As it is fed back and mirrored onto earth, it is being held by those choosing to do so.  As reality begins to change on your planet, much destruction occurs as a result.  No one is interested in changing the actual outcome they once predicted —  at least if they were those choosing to hold the planet in the straights, in which it has been.  Yet as you begin to awaken, or as realities begin to change, you understand a higher purpose and intention for which you are reaching to have and hold steady in the years ahead.  Not only is the intention one of peace — certainly a greatest one to have —  but also an enlightenment of mankind to the extent where love begins to pervade your planet once again.

Many of you may feel you are living in a loving world, but most of you have understood by now how many things seem to have gone astray from what you clearly saw or believed was the reality before you or to be present on this plane.  For some, there is enormous discouragement in your hearts that these higher consciousnesses or awarenesses have not taken hold fully; that there is enormous discrepancy in the way that life is perceived or what one grabs hold of and what one chooses to maintain or even create on this planet.

You will find a disruptive war coming before you.  I have spoken of this earlier in the other statements, but it is now a forgone conclusion, essentially.  This information will reach many, and perhaps, including those who choose to create aspects of this war. Nevertheless, it is a point of information that you need to know:  This war will not destroy your country nor will it destroy the human spirit.  It will, rather, revitalize many of you still laying laggard in your efforts to create a higher reality.  It will encourage many of you when you begin to understand the enormity of opposition to this level of reality.  The networked effect will create a dynamic such as never been seen on your planet.

In the heightened sense of reality each one of you dreams about or recalls in meditation, or perhaps even speaks about to others, you will recognize each of you carries within your own heart, certain instincts that pervade or prevail toward the expressions of love and kindness with each other.  This has become an unusual commodity on your planet in many respects.  It does not mean that it is not there, but it does mean other efforts or situations are prevailing.  I would like to use, for the moment, the sniper shootings now occurring in Maryland and Virginia as an example.

Each of you may be using, from your own perspective, aspects of love, acts kindness and care toward your neighbor or friends, but when a situation such as this comes in, it creates levels of fear, suspicion, less generosity and kindness because one draws back into their home or whatever they believe might be a safer place, with  less and less expression in the truer nature of your hearts.  This is a very small example of what is occurring in many places around the world.  People are being left suspicious, feeling threatened, and not trusting the reality in which they live, building a competing thoughtform (to peace) existing on your planet.

Everywhere there has been war and dissention, discomfort and levels of fear still remain. Some people wait for the other shoe to drop, some people feel their lives have been destroyed, while others harbor great loss of those they loved or the homes they had or the health they once enjoyed.  All of these thoughts and fears create the opposite reality from that which you are choosing to create.

So it is that this ‘reality’ is utilized to move forward an agenda not truest and kindest to your hearts.  By supporting each other, through a networked relationship, such as the internet, uniting prayer and levels of awareness around the world, you are beginning to open doorways which have been closed for a very long period of time.

You are beginning to understand greater realities and that we are working with all of you around the world, not just in one place or another.  It is equally dynamic in terms of the energy put forth into the Philippines as it is in the United States as it is into Italy or Bosnia or somewhere else.  What matters, however, is how many people in those areas are opening  to receive or working with their own level of prayer, so a new dynamic starts to be created.

So this is what I am speaking of today and wishing to encourage all of you to remain with your hearts open enough to hear that the Light will prevail in these altercations and times ahead.  Do not deceive yourselves that other realities will take place, for this is not the case.  There are too many now who are willing to absorb the energies of peace and the truth of what is presently occurring.

We have, myself and the Corps of Light  (akin to an interplanetary federation and resembling to some degree, the United Nations only comprised of many planetary and space realities), combined to effect change on your planet geared toward those prayers and intentions most loudly heard.  And we can say this because very few who have an intention to dismantle another are prayerful about doing so!  Look to see who is doing the praying on your planet, and you will begin to understand what we are hearing and responding to.

Imagine yourself lighted each day.  Even those of you having difficult times or moments you  feel afraid or unsure of your reality.  Imagining Light pervading your being will allow you to keep close contact with those of us working with you.  Perhaps a tall order if you watch television all day and see the news being presented.  You may feel disheartened, you may feel discouraged, you may feel no ground is being gained.  Quite the contrary.  You will be hearing in the news of many changes coming forth shortly.  Be aware that we are connected to these realities now being created, and they will be shortened in a timeframe vastly different than is being projected.

Know, too, much fear present on your planet exists because too much of this energy is held onto.  You recognize when enough fear comes forth, it creates more fear, spreading its intention like tentacles into other areas.  It is not by accident these sniper attacks happened around Washington, D.C.  for this is an area where enormous fear is being disseminated into your world.

People unable to maintain a specific balance, particularly in these times, will find it difficult to be rational with the intentions or the realities they are creating, such as the present case now.  It will happen in other ways, but it also happens more regularly where fear is present.  Those not holding Light or choosing to hold Light, will be disrupted in their thinking far more easily.

It is time to tell you these changes that are upcoming will affect your world.  At first you may find they appear to be negative in scope, and I would assure you, they are.  In the long run, or in the days after however, there will be shifts that will allow for a great deal more Light, a great deal more prayer, a great deal more intention to create a much finer world than you have had at this point.

Most of you are believing what is occurring will not actually come to fruition.  That the war with Iraq will fall away because of a variety of situations or perhaps, will not be allowed to occur.  I would suggest that this will materialize and will become a part of the reality, but will also be short-circuited in another way.  When that happens, many changes prevail in your world from sources who have not yet engaged their efforts toward creating a more peaceful reality.

It is time to recognize that for each one of you, there is each one of us.  There is a comparison and a holding of Light as I spoke of much earlier.  In addition, there is a family of souls to whom all of you have been connected, whether it be a soul group or whether it be a family member or many family members.   Recognize they are beginning to gather in great strength and numbers putting forth enormous effort toward holding peace on your planet.  It is becoming a multi-leveled desire.

Imagine for a moment if your parents were on the other side, and they were looking toward your reality, would they not be caring you are in peaceful co-existence with everyone else on this plane?

Such is the desire being put forth by many.  Understand this force expands well beyond your planet and has enormous repercussions to those who have chosen to create chaos.  It will become a diverse time;  you have known this;  you have seen great disparity of action; but in that disparity, you will recognize a higher and finer truth:  Love is starting to prevail.  Such action has not been engendered on the planet in this way at any point in time.

It is essentially a new beginning for Planet Earth, or one soon to be here.  One in which cooperative efforts, between parents and siblings and cousins and their children and neighbors and politicians, and between countries, between seafaring nations and shipping people around the world, between those that are piloting from one area to another, and between those who are sending energy into space, germinate.  Such connections start for a new beginning and a new lifetime.  Yes, not everyone will understand and not everyone will choose to participate, but what will occur is a deafening roar from those choosing to live a certain lifestyle, to live a peaceful co-existence, and to hear the higher voices joining them.  And I for one, join all of you in that connection.

I am here today to remind you of this:  To create a reality and put forth an intention and a belief system and an opportunity all at once.  To say to you, «Do not let go of what you have been knowing for a very long time.  Do not give up because of much that is being reflected back from the bizarre events occurring elsewhere around you.  Do not hold despair that the higher truth will not prevail.  Do not leave behind the dreams you carry and the opportunities present within them.»

For some of you on this planet it is easy to understand a weariness, and in some cases, a jadedness as to what is potentially possible.  As if you have created as far as you can at this juncture, and it still seems monumental to accomplish the rest.  For not only are you thinking about the larger world, but each of you carries within your own personal realities to accomplish as well.   Maybe not all of those have reached a pinnacle point, either. If this is the case, I wish to remind you that in co-creative efforts with more and more coming forth, your voices are heard and help is more present than it has been on your planet in a very long time.  Look to those –to those to whom you pray — for assistance and guidance and do not give up your efforts or turn away because your heart has given up.  Move through and keep caring that your Light still shines.

The Corps of Light is what I would call an organization, for lack of a better word, in which the higher realities from many different aspects have come together and put forth, not only a ‘mission statement’, but a level of cooperation in action to be more involved in earth activity than previously for the following reasons:

l.  Many of you have requested it.  There has been within your prayer, a call for assistance and help.

2.  We have watched intervening forces move in and abrade themselves into your society with much disruption and dissention and very little has been done by those of us remaining silent to actively participate in ways that you would knowingly see.  We are, however, taking a more pro-active stance at this point in time, to make sure your earth remains intact.  This does not mean that we are interfering with your daily lives in individual ways as you might perceive or wish.  But we do have a sense the prevailing view of the existence of your planet is of tantamount importance.  Therefore, we are choosing to maintain our connection and involvement with the activities that are being generated there.

3.  And finally, we are connected to each one of you through love and through Light.  By maintaining this level, this reality, we are able to set forth, not only an intention, but an actual physical reaction you are able to hold and to perceive, that will get you through what might be considered by some a dark night.

All of these things are part of our participation and yes, it extends even in a greater way as well.  Some aspects will not be spoken, but we are choosing to manifest our presences throughout your world in a myriad of ways:

~ You may be in situations that start to look different than they have in the past.
~ You may have, within your physical sense, another sense of reality standing right beside you.
~ You may incorporate new situations in your life that you had not previously experienced.
~ You may decide to make changes or to feel great presences beside you, assisting you or leading you ahead in ways you previously had not chosen to go.

Our effect will be felt and in some cases, seen more clearly than you have encountered in the past.  We are choosing that our Light be known.  As I said, I am but one of many.  We have, together, in this group, and those who said ‘yes’* around the world, passed a Light with candlelight from one to the next to the next, linking us together.

So this then, is where we, the Corps of Light, will start.  Pay attention to those new things that may be coming forth – – things you are noticing or witnessing or feeling or intending,  recognizing there are going to be some levels of lightness coming into your heart not previously there, at least for many years.  A new lightness and a new knowing will start to prevail in your energy field, encouraging  you to go forth, to walk more lightly,  to carry more Light and to uplift those around you.

Some of you felt changes from the initial ‘yes’** that you made in your lives. Some of you recognized that your lives were forever different, some of you underwent physical shifting, some of you felt calmer, some of you felt more connected and some of you were able to prevail through very difficult situations.  Now we are choosing to work with you specifically at night, but there will be intentional activities during the day to allow you to see more clearly what we see.  You may see aspects of your own life needing to be changed, needing to be strengthened, or to be let go of, but you also may see a new lightness, a new presence because of your connection, and you may see your connection with us.

It is a time of shifting and changing.  It is also a time in which you are being brought to the forefront of the souls who are serving here, who are choosing to hold Light.  To man the forts as it were.  And to uplift and create that level of ascension which has been so predominant in the minds of many throughout these past twenty or thirty years.  This level is a level of upliftment.  A level of greater Light.  A level where truth can prevail instead of lies.  A level where your hearts can be open and sing instead of be faced with fear.  Do not let go of this dream and reality for it is so much nearer than it has been, and even as you recognize within your world these vast changes occurring, you will see a whole movement — as if you took a slipcover off the world and moved it over here and this slipcover became the higher truth and reality in which you lived.

The actual presence of the world you have been on, may indeed choose to remain in that reality where you no longer are.  As if there are two worlds — the duality of which you have known for a long period of time — but the dream is contained and is held in one, so you are able to maintain it and live in that reality when enough have chosen to do so.  That point is coming….that point is coming.

Forgiveness is an important aspect for your world to learn about.  I do not necessarily speak of the forgiveness that is thrown out in terms of religious or general belief.  I speak of forgiveness from a higher place.  When there are situations that come about in which one person feels wronged or many people are wronged, often you will, in your higher efforts, attempt to forgive that person you perceive a ‘wrong-doer’.  And in that wrong-doing you may be holding onto some pain because you felt threatened or attacked or misused in some way.  So you struggle in your being to forgive while holding this pain within yourself.  It becomes a dynamic that does not work so easily, but rather, creates more pain or creates a situation that is never fully released.

I would like, for you to understand, to imagine moving out of your physical being, let’s say to a 7th dimensional awareness, and look at the reality of each person’s Light that has engaged in this situation.  You reach a level of compassion and understanding for what has happened over many lifetimes to each person bringing them to this point.  From this higher perspective, you’d forgive them.

From your present level, with respect to forgiveness, If you understood you do not necessarily see the entire truth but only a portion of it, it would make forgiveness easier.  It would give you a bit of an edge to say, «I am forgiving them for I know not all of the reasons why or the answers for this situation.»  And move on, truly believing that you do not understand all of these reasons.   And if, indeed, you are having some problems with forgiveness in your heart, ask for assistance from one of the members on a higher level, whoever it may be you pray to.  And if you choose the expression of God to come forth to assist you, you will be given this help to release whatever is being held onto.

It may seem like a small matter, at this point, in context of what I am speaking about today, but do you recognize that all wars are created from misunderstandings and lack of forgiveness exists?  One believing something about this group as opposed to that group.  Or this person as opposed to that person.  These things create such a sense of injustice and pain within, that they are not letting go and war does not stop.  There is always justification on someone’s part, who is holding pain, for this type of reality to be ongoing.  It cannot stop, however, unless one is willing to face his or her ability to forgive.  So I offer that as an aspect to be considered along with holding Light.

Nine months from now you will be free of many things of which I am speaking.  We are in a  holding process at the moment, and you will see a different result than present here today.  I am hopeful each of you will feel blessed by the outcomes of your own individual lives, recognizing you have come here to assist those of us working with you and to assist the planet because of the love in your heart able to reside here at this and other times in history.

 A calling is coming forth echoing throughout the universe, and it says, «Peace, Peace, Peace.»   It reverberates everywhere.

This is Sananda.  From my heart to yours there is love, Light and peace flowing.  Hold it well, my dear Friends.

**’Yes» refers to Sananda’s request in his first message to which hundreds of people around the world responded to.

Part 5
January 26, 2003

My Friends: It is my pleasure to be with you and to speak of the nature of reality as you presently know it and that which is forthcoming in your world.  I’ve been committed for a long period of time toward the outcome and destiny of civilization as you know it.  I’ve also been committed to those of you who have also chosen to uplift your eyes so that the Light may be seen daily.  In this particular connection we come together working on higher plateaus and levels understanding the intrinsic value of all human life.  For those reasons it is a timely gesture for me to speak openly of what is occurring.

In the past several months there has been a heated movement toward generating greater disharmony in your world by those figures who are, perhaps, hidden from the reality you presently inhabit, choosing to alter your reality as it has been known.  An intention of the highest sort to create disruptions and to overrule the patent heart that resides within each and every one of you.

It is on this day, that I declare, we, the Corps of Light, and the forces that choose to combine with our efforts, are putting forth an intention and an intensity to counteract many of the activities forthcoming.  You will perceive on your plane, several levels of awareness and destiny unfolding.  Some of these have been predicted; some have not.  Much of what is occurring is a result of stored up energy over centuries of time that has not been unleashed in any manner that you have previously known.  Occurring because there are representations, facets of Light, as I would call it, that have been permitted to filter through only in the tiniest apertures, so that what you receive is a significant interruption of the reality of truth.  Morsels are apportioned out in certain ways so that representation of what life is about has not become clear.

We are about to alter and change them.  This destiny, or let’s say, this finite point now reached is one in which we move accordingly to the thousands, and yes, millions of those people who have prayed for a clearer reality allowing for peace to exist.  With this eventuality forthcoming, it is significant that you understand certain realties will be shaken along the way.

First of all, planted in your world will be a support team, unbeknownst to many, utilizing a specific form of Light given to those of you on the planet able to assist and to hold a particular coloration and frequency.   This Light wave  is not particularly known to others.  It is an unfamiliar color, also, but one that holds the highest vibratory frequency.  In this accommodation, you will be given awareness and knowledge often previously unknown to all of you.

Also, a new formation begins to occur in opposition to the tactics brought forth by the government of this country– the United States– which will be unfolding shortly — little suspected by those in power at this point in time. This opposition demands certain conditions be met.  This opposition will stand directly in the way of an opposing fight planned by your country.  This opposition will counter much that is planned.  In the outcome of that which is occurring, your country will decide to go ahead, to create a war that is highlighted by a significant few leading the path.

The disruptions that occur will be enormous.  Largely unheeded with respect to those who have altered or offered significant help along the way.  In this outcome there will be a determination that your country has superseded all guidelines, all tactics, all agreements, all international boundaries, and all personification of Light.  It will draw the wrath of the international world.  It will bring forth and unleash enormous opposition to the position presently being held.  For those who are hearing, there will be great sadness that this is occurring.  For those who are joining in and participating, there will be a sense of exhilaration and righteousness that this path has been taken.  For the rest, sadness and anger become the mode and the operation and entry into the world.

I wish for you to understand as I speak these words, much comes forth from those of us holding Light to those of you doing the same.  It has not and will not alter the course that is set.  It will minimize the effect; it will shorten the outcome; it will allow for dissemination of Light to clear enough away, so that consciousness may awaken to the greatest degree possible now.

In the same context and in the same voice, I say to you there are those who are not listening, who are not caring, who are not observing and who do not understand the implications that stand before you today.  Many of these will awaken.  Others, will fall away.  The time for a new level of reality has come forth.  The time to awaken in your hearts the greatest of truth:  Your work is not yet done.  Consciousness of a higher sort is to be made manifest onto this plane of reality, and whatever you do, however you operate, whatever you think, is brought into the greater world order.  Be conscious of the choices you make and the realities you are choosing.

Over the summer months things will start to calm down and even out somewhat from the effects that you will be feeling early this spring.  What occurs is an opportunity to reawaken the world to disaster.  My words may prove controversial to many, will not sit well with others, will determine, perhaps in fact, certain realities not to be heard or taken in.  Whatever you choose, it is all right.  Know that in the end, what has been accomplished is to create and awaken mankind to the greater Light that stands before you today in each one of you and in each one of us.

Your world is embracing a time in which movement away from those aspects of darkness will become predominant.  Movement from those who have chosen to alter reality for far too long.  Movement from the lessons that have limited mankind’s ability and his thinking and his gestures of Light and song.  I say to you that coming forth will be the greatest of Light yet known on your planet.  In these times forthcoming you will begin to realize the shift in tides, shift in opinion, shift in outlook.  A change in the reality that has been created up until this time, where more mature minds and hearts listen to the true heartbeat of the Earth and are present to support your incarnations and lives.

I have spoken before you  on four previous occasions requesting those of you able to hold additional Light, to do so.  My reasons have been supported by a variety of words on paper and out loud.  I ask you tonight to imagine a new world order in which love prevails.

This beacon or this lighted gesture is the outcome for creating the highest truth and the greatest reality you can be in.  Long has it been lost from the lips of many, and now is a time in which these words can and shall be spoken again.

The disagreements between governments, such as yours and Afghanistan, create divisions between mankind in which hearts open to love, fall away to disheartenment and sadness.  Is this the reality of life you wish to hold and maintain?  Did you come here for this?  I seriously doubt that.  Rather, it is an unfolding of the operations you presently see and witness that ignite your hearts and allow you to combine in a worldwide manner to oppose the generations upon generations who have sought to contain your lives.

These days forthcoming may prove hard for some of you to witness.  Hard for some of you to see and know and realize.  You may choose to believe  all that has been said was of untruth.  I assure you, it was not.  You may believe that all has been forgotten and lost; I assure you, it has not.  You may feel your hearts are broken witnessing disregard for personal life.  I can assure you we stand by to uplift life again.

The moments are here and the tales have been told and the sides have been chosen.  Enacted shortly will be the intention of this president to create war. Those who willingly serve in this manner have equally made a choice. Please recognize this; they are all following some aspect in their lives they must accomplish and do.  Your choices may alter the reality that they face. Your choices to hold Light to surround them, to surround the planet in Light, and a consciousness of love evoked by all of you, will assist the outcome.

We are, as I said, in the last message to you, a Corps of Light that is abrading into the planet as I speak to you now.  Some of you will begin to feel empowered in new ways.  Some of you will have ideas and levels of consciousness you have not had previously.  Some of you will want to undertake new directions and journeys  five days ago had not even been in your head.  You will be called in new ways, you will be connected to us working with you.  Listen carefully to new thoughts you may be having, or perhaps, to your heart that is yearning to go in a completely different direction than yesterday.

We are witnessing subtle realities which grow inside your present being, finding ways you can assist and serve and support the Light.  Do not be afraid at some of the requests or inklings or knowings coming forth to you. Do not be surprised either.  We are witnessing a time in which alteration of this planet will not be tolerated.  Those who have chosen to participate with forces of Light are grounding the energy so this may be possible.  You will witness destruction; it is so.  You will witness difficulty in many realities.  At the same time you will become the anchor of which we spoke a year ago. Anchoring this Light is supporting the reality of peace — the truth of the higher aspects of your nature.

It is determined by us working with you the forthcoming months will not only be supported by us, but enormous pressures will be placed upon those choosing to alter reality.  These pressures, at first not felt and noticed, will become apparent in the early spring.  These pressures will cause decisions to be made contrary to what was originally intended.  These pressures will cause confusion and distort the intended direction obtaining one goal only. That goal of dominion and oil.  Instead, you will witness the dismantling or perhaps scattering of intention, confusion among the ranks, clear outcomes are no longer before them.  When this aspect begins to unfold, you will understand the forces of Light are holding firm your earth, your planet, your country so that new will be remodeled and brought forth.

The children that are spoken about by James Twyman and others will be bringing forth this new, lighter reality in the very face of all that has been created.  This higher frequency allows for a transition to take place.  As you hold this Light within the palms of your hands, you make possible this higher energy coming forth shortly thereafter to guide a new and completed agenda on the higher level for planet Earth.

You are here with this intention and this reality and this purpose.  You are scattered around the world.  It is intended to be so.  For what greater way could you hold support on this planet?  Planted all in one area would not serve the others very well.  The children forthcoming will have very lighted, simple, easy ideas which will take hold over time.  Many will be here to carry them out, resonating to them solely.  This is an uplifting time; recognition is implanted and removal begins of that which has been dire for so long.

So what happens, you ask, to all these people who have one agenda as opposed to another?  Where do they go? What are they witnessing?  What are they truly creating and why has this come about?

Many are here as a result of lifetimes elsewhere, incarnations which embraced certain tendencies and specific realities that have been cocooned within a cellular level and structure of each human on earth.  These realities can be vastly different.  But when you are on earth, you see the similarities you all contain.  Two arms, two legs, two eyes, in most cases, and a head and a form that takes on a similar context.  Yet within this context is a different reality depending on experiences gone far beyond your world.  In some cases, there are those who have chosen to be present here at this time so that a specific direction and reality will take place.  Not everyone has agreed to this plan; not everyone wants this plan, and it will allow this plan for a higher reality to actually come forth because of it.

You have chosen, each one of you, to remember, in some part of your being, your heritage.  Your heritage– that you are a part of Light which performs as One, as Light does, emanating from your present being which is of God. Oftentimes aspects of Light have been removed or are not carried within specific human forms.  They do not see the greater reality, but rather, an intention placed before them.  You are here to remember; you are here to carry Light; you are here to make possible the generations before you in a new world order where love becomes the predominant overcast of this particular planetary structure.

Not everyone will move in this direction.  Not everyone will see Light.  They will choose to live a different reality.  Perhaps embraced upon one you are a part of and yet not co-mingling in the ways you do.  Uplifting into a higher generational process requires the opportunity to see greater Light.  The practices of Light and bringing them forth onto the planet cannot be diminished in any way.

It is significant all of you hold as much Light as possible.  Request this in your dreams.  Request it in your days and waking hours.  Practice it in your meditations and open to greater prospects of this occurring.  Those of us walking with you and abrading with you carry much Light.  You may feel changes happening physically once again.  This is nothing to fear; nothing to worry about.  You may find you need more sleep, once again, or that you are tired even though you have had a good night’s sleep.

I want to warn all of you to not fall into a trap; a trap of believing that what is being mirrored back to you by your government or another, by the newspapers or TV, is the sole truth and reality of the world you inhabit. Teeming in the atmosphere are thousands, millions, billions of energies that are working to support this new Light.  Be a part of this reality, too.  Ask for it, and connect as best you can to these consciousnesses that will support you.

I know the days ahead may seem difficult for many.  Today it is not a reality, perhaps, but at some point later on, when you witness events forth- coming, you may decide what you have heard from me and others was not the truth.  I beg you to remember that the dawn of Light is forthcoming.  In the next several months there will be activations of energy and situations dramatically appearing in your world through TV and other media means, unless you are physically present in some of them yourselves.  You will be understanding greater truths because new information will come forth shortly creating great disruption in your thinking and your world.  New information  that was not given to you at the start of 9/ll, that was not given to you along the way, but will shed Light on some situations.  When this begins to infiltrate this and other cultures, a storm will be brewing. Brewing, perhaps, from the grassroots levels of those people who consider that life matters here.  Changes will result from implantations of awareness and Light forthcoming.

The days ahead may seem dire, at certain points and times, depending where you are and what you witness.   And yet, there will be transformation on the heels of direness.  The transformation must be carried through by those who are present.  Losing faith all is possible will not allow for trans- formation to accurately or clearly take place.

The children who work with you, whose song and vibration can be heard miles away, will rejuvenate that which has been lost.  They carry this energy.  They know this joy.  And you, my Friends, will, too.  The path you have all taken will be sown this year.  Reaping the benefits will come at a later point in time, and yet, and yet, as you witness that forthcoming, the spark within you resides, for you start to know what to do.

You are connected and working with us in unseen ways, yet clearly, you will hear a new tune.  As Sananda, I choose my words carefully.  Some are shielded from peering too closely and others emblazon Light.  I wish you to understand there is no one who hears these words who is not affected nor connected to that which I am.  Carry forth well what you are given as bringers of the new dawn.

I love each and every one. Sananda.

This channeling was done late January;  I asked Sananda what changes he would like me to make at this late date.  «None,» he said.  I cannot say this was an easy message to bring forth to you, the reader.

Part 6
April 6, 2003

To those of you in the room and to those of you in the world who will hear this message or read it in some fashion, I greet you with extended hellos from those on other realms who are connected and working with each one of you when asked.

I speak to you now because there are those who are in doubt as to the outcome of your world. It is understandable from the perspective you presently are in. It is understandable because many of you have witnessed acts of violence and terror that speak louder than my words might on a piece of paper. In these times of great turmoil, many are anxious and fearful their days are numbered or perhaps, the outcome once envisioned has gone away.

My point and purpose is to unite you with a higher reality and truth one more time to remember that the divine aspect of your being will be an ongoing factor no matter where you are, no matter what occurs. In case you have forgotten, the world is based on this very truth. As I look around in this time period, I see many millions who have forgotten this reality, who are believing some higher calling in their being is related to the outcome of the world on their terms. This is an untruth and in the Light, it cannot stand.

I work with you, as was originally intended and promised, toward holding additional Light. For when you are able to manifest your presence on earth as a vehicle for this method, you will find that the Light begins to illuminate those areas that no longer stand as true.

What does that mean for many of you? Surely you are witnessing acts and events misaligned from the higher divine purpose, yet you may feel these acts are unstoppable where you presently stand. Let us for a moment, turn this turmoil around and say you are witnessing and knowing truth. You are witnessing and understanding God. For in the overall attribute of understanding, you will recognize where the true reality of heart comes forth on your plane. It is not the intellectual source that determines the outcome of the divine presence, but rather, the heart. And when you are knowing this and able to embrace this to a fullness and extent that has not been presently known or incorporated into your society, you will find you are generating and germinating new ideas that will one day flower.

Timing has been an important aspect for many of you. You are beginning to see that the outcome of this war presently before you has, what would be called, a termination point by some people’s standards. Yet by others, there will be military interaction and intervention ongoing in one form or another. And in some closed arenas there will be a takeover which allows for great manipulation, and one country and/or another is able to remain and reconstruct. Within this timing, there occurs another interruption. You will find what has been planned will be altered and changed greatly from what you are presently seeing.

I have spoken to all of you in the past to alert you to the fact that what is witnessed and known by myself and others on higher levels is rarely told in the fullness and extent of what is. You have time to make choices in that opportunity and allowance. You are also not given all aspects of the realities we possess or believe will occur, precisely to not allow others to intercept those plans and rearrange them. You are told a portion of what is occurring. Because this is so, and because my heart radiates to each one of you reading and hearing what I am saying, I wish for you to understand there is recognition in your world that the energy coming forth is triggering enormous disruption.

I am grateful and supportive to the many hundreds and thousands of you now embracing these words because as you do, you incorporate Light within your being; some are choosing to connect more deeply, some have specific awareness which comes forth as a result. Your linkage will be unstoppable. My connection to each one of you is ongoing through Lois and a myriad of other ways throughout the world.

It is time to understand that within the realms of the world in which you live there are many agendas. Those that are put forth by forces who are choosing to alter reality for their singular and utmost purposes will soon find there is a disruption they have not yet encountered nor considered. The disruption may relate more closely to those of you holding Light and containing within your hearts the aspect of love that they cannot easily greet. This particular reality has no dominion, has no home, has no containment, has no allowances around it, which would choose to require it’s lack of freedom.

Your world may be topsy turvy, but you will find in the coming months ahead, changes unforeseen by those making plans and outcomes and decisions — without your knowledge and awareness — will be rerouted in another direction. Much that was foreseen or planned to come forth is disrupted, dismantled, discontinued and disallowed.

My heart is with each and every one of you. The forecast you are endlessly seeing on the weather channel or perhaps the news channel as to weather in Iraq is now going to be changed. You will witness, not only from my words, but the realities coming forth. A new day is dawning.

In the outcome and in the reality forgoing, I would like to suggest each one of you willing to assist further than you have to date, express in your thoughts further allowance in your being to hold additional Light. Germinated within the properties of Light are all aspects of freedom. Never has there been within the totality of being a limitation ever possessed nor put forward. As you hold this energy, you hold freedom for the world.

The heart has great capabilities, you know. The openness and the willingness of your inner being to hold Light sanctions the love you have for humanity and for divine interaction. I trust your hearts will be opening up to hear this message. I trust that love is a part of your being you recognize. I trust that you’ll hear me with your heart.

For the next several months disruptive activities will continue to move forward. There will be moments of consciousness in which you lie in bed, awake at night, wondering…how this outcome can manifest in a different way than what you are seeing on TV, or perhaps, out your window from the home or apartment where you live. I can assure you, you are not alone. This is not being fought solely on the battlefield before you but in other realms as well. It is not a situation in which any of you will be abandoned.

Some, in your world, have chosen to move into another plane of existence, sacrificing on one level, their lives on this plane to assure outcomes needed. We are grateful for the interventions that have taken place to assist their families and the support so needed now. Our connection to each and every one of you has not lessened. Do not remain in fear that it is so.

For the next three years there will be altercations, difficulties, struggles, and seemingly, bigger and smaller battles on some levels popping up. But within that time frame you will recognize many changes are occurring, not only in your world, but in your heart.

Faith deepens, love prevails. You will connect in this manner, whatever religion, whatever belief, whatever spirituality you hold within your being. Finding truth that this reality prevails will be the essence of a world yet to come.

Disruptions occurring will be radically altered by your commitment, by your Light, by your presence and by your ability to smile, and witness faith. I encourage you to open further to the realities of what I am and what will matter most to you in your heart. Indeed, you will speak of peace and times in which calmness pervades your plane. Would it not indicate that many of you are finally willing to love?

It is to this testament that I speak today. To this vibration, this frequency, this blessing, this attunement and this aspect of all that you are. When you witness a world gone astray, you witness the world that has lost its way toward love. I would generate within each of you this opening. Ask and it shall be done. There are no exceptions.

Perceiving your world from this perspective is the dawning of the new age. You can witness time and again how far mankind has moved from love, whether it be on a day-to-day basis, on a television program or the war outside your door. It is this greater vision we are moving toward. It is this embracement of Light each of you need contain and radiate to your world.

My blessings are upon each and every one.

Remembering to ask to hold the Earth within your heart will ignite your time and plan on this plane. It is to that which I speak, to that which I endure, to that which I focus, and to that which I love in each of you. There is no difference, you see, except remembering… Sananda.

Part 7
July 13, 2003

My Beloved Brethren: I speak to you from my heart in words I hope that prove to offer wisdom to each one of you. It has been some time since we have spoken together, and I have shared thoughts with you. Perhaps the most appropriate thought I can offer and expound upon today is you are witness to a new time forth- coming. The eventualities of the future months will be known to you shortly, but I would like to offer some observations that are coming very clear.

There is a time of transition from one reality into another. Much of the past has been about reality mankind has chosen to create through various forms of manipulation. However, there is another reality that is equally present even though often unknown. It is a reality that comes forth from Truth — from knowing in that inner, divine way what is truly held of value and how one utilizes it to create the world.

You are moving from a world that has been living a lie, and into another world where Light and truth will start to matter. These have been, always, the guiding focus of life from the inception of time, yet often clouded, with forms of bigotry, with deafness to the inner reality, with lack of vision and foresight, and a number of other qualities that fog the picture. In these times forthcoming, truth will out. It will become a more significant factor in your world, and people will start paying attention to what is clearly heard, not only within, but reflected without.

You see, this has been missing for a long time: That reflection of truth. Instead, you have had reflections in every mirror which have been organizing for you some level of reality that does not compute. It creates dis-ease. And you can take that in, not only from levels of discomfort, but levels of illness as well. Dis-ease. Remembering, then, that what your life is about is to live in an alignment in such a way you are understanding that flow, that flow where joy and love unite. But if, indeed, a vision comes forth where there is much distress, discomfort and does not fit with your inner components, then you recognize the discomfort in the gap between the two.

We now join with those of you who have agreed in a previous Message to elicit Light within your being, to forecast and assist those who have stepped upon this ladder, moving up to a new level in which you are vibrating at a higher frequency once again. The importance and significance of the times forthcoming are to understand that the Truth Carriers are the ones who will be moving forward into the new levels of reality by the very vibration and frequency they carry. Too many have lost their ability to maintain this level of Light and commitment, but I suggest that it is not too late to enforce that within oneself. Many will come forth to read these Messages and to understand what it is I have offered to each one of you, but if nothing else gets through, let me say that living by your inner truth will allow you to remain in Light. It does enforce the very vision you carry for all to come into a similar alignment as well.

For a long time I have witnessed over many hundreds of thousands of years, the components that heal a human heart. There has been much discussion, much information, many books, therapy sessions, operations and various assists over time to enlighten mankind. But one thing remains singular above all else: By hearing one’s inner truth, you are able to relate to that aspect of self which came forth into this incarnation to exact the meaning and highest level of reality possible. Were you here to discover anything else? If so, what would it be? Are you here to understand how you can manipulate others? Or to gain some level of power? One man over another? Or to understand that slavery may be a more difficult charge than to be a landowner or one who holds slaves? I do not think so, yet these configurations have existed over time because one has not truly developed the mechanisms within his or her being to understand that Voice of Truth within.

It is, then, important in times forthcoming you know and recognize this voice will be spoken time and again and for you to discern by frequency and vibration where that higher record lies. If not able to recognize and to find this within yourself, how, indeed, do you propagate it in the world?

From this place is generated love. The love, that each of you has sought in which you have chosen to be heard and to be known, comes from the place of truth. How many of you have witnessed throughout your lives one person or another who has valued you in some regard, but find this may have little to do with who you truly are? And when you do not feel known, you do not feel loved. Yet when another being or aspect of God comes forth into your life, and you understand on some level the depth of your truth is known, you recognize the component of love is intrinsically tied at the same moment and time. This is the value of love and where it needs to be propagated on the earth plane.

Imagine feeding a child improper food consistently and expecting it to feel loved. It will accept the level of love you are offering, but it is not the higher truth for that child knows it is not receiving great nurturance and great love. The same is true of all things, of all beings, in all places. It makes no difference whether one lives in Pakistan or India or South America or Cuba or Alaska or anywhere else. It matters, truly, that the heart is heard and when it is heard, it is known for it’s truth.

This is the juncture and crossroads where you presently are as a civilization. Moving from the past reality in which mankind has chosen those earthly possessions — and I say that in quotes, "earthly possessions" such as, holding onto power, manipulating structures so they appear to be in one form as opposed to another, allowing for civilizations to even decline because one chooses to have a stronghold. These are not the higher truths. These are not the realities you are given to know about life on this planet. These are the manmade beliefs which create civilizations with much disruption and drama. Endless drama on your plane. Yet longing within each one of you is the desire to be known. To be heard. To be held. To be considered. To be respected. To be loved.

My time here with you today will be short. But my message will hopefully be impactful. I see a vision of your country and the world seeking to be known for what it truly is. Many of you in America are carrying great dread that you are being perceived far differently than the Light you truly hold. This is a very difficult time, particularly for those here to hold that Light of Truth. You are seeing great disparity between your own personal alignment and the manipulation and control that has taken place. And not only has this distorted reality, but it has created hardship for many others as a result.

This is not what you came here to do. This is not who you truly are. It is a falsified reality you are asked to live in. From where I am, and the many others who are working with you on this plane now, I understand this level of pain and suffering. I recognize that what has been placed upon you is difficult. It is important that you find in the times and days ahead, space where love and truth are once again aligned.

Your country will take a nose-dive for a period of time. Difficulties will befall this President and his Administration in such a way that they cannot get out of what is transpiring. You will see manipulation to do so. However, what is created is already in place. It will not be uncreated to make it easy for them. It will also prove difficult on several other fronts. There will be a demise, in a sense, of the Light that seems to be carried by this country (America), but it will be resurrected in time. You may find that it requires extra effort to move through some of the energy which has been misaligned and clouding your view. You will witness a new time forthcoming in the next several years, and an opportunity for those of you, not only in America, but in other countries as well, to begin expanding by holding Light.

Yes, there will be much to overcome in a new time dawning, but you will find a self-appointed man, who will come forth to offer you in this country and many other peoples, an opportunity to shine once again.

There will be efforts to sabotage and to delay and perhaps to cloud those mirrors that may be shining back a new vision. It will all be temporary and illusionary.

We, who keep the faith with you, recognize that at this time, the crossroads will be crossed, and a new course and direction will be set. Not only for America, but for your world. The timing may be slow, you may inch along for awhile, but these transitions are coming into view and into place.

Seek not old ways of being, for they do not serve now. Listen well to your hearts and know your choice will come from there. Each of you serves in your way. The more you are paying attention to the alignments your hearts contain, which expound with love, the more you will be given to hold and share again.

You know, it’s a very unusual time on your planet. And the many of us who work with you have our perceptions, as well. And, indeed, our visions, and our awareness and hopes and plans that are genuinely altered based on what you choose to do. And they will be again. But one thing is known and clear. You will be given the choice to make known the hearts you carry can and will be heard. And in this reality is where you are known. It is a directive that you choose to follow within. It never leaves you. Some of you call this love.

I share with you that concept of love which may not relate to your own, but examined well, you will understand it comes from all of us to create the present reality you are in.

Upliftment will be forthcoming. Do not lose faith or hope that these depths of despair many of you have visited, will bring about a much greater and higher level of reality than you have been in for a long time. I share with you the eternal vision for peace, and recognize this is also an inner truth. It is not a one-hundred percent level of reality on your plane, but more have come to this position as a result of past difficulties over these last several years. When you are trusting your inner being, and knowing the reality that I choose and you choose, what, then, would keep us apart?

I speak with a higher voice, perhaps, than those you may hear every day, yet there is no one here who does not hear what I have to say. And many more join me on other levels and planes who seek to offer hope, health, joy and that Light known as love as well. Your time of transition and levels of awareness are peaked in this direction. Suppression will only serve to create further determination to be known and to find these higher levels once again.

I speak with great consternation for what has transpired, and hope for what is occurring. You are all known and loved by me. There are no exceptions regardless of what you believe. It is to be these times ahead will fulfill that part of your heart which feels lost, empty, alone, unsure and in doubt. These are days of the past, and not magically resurrected, but slowly, moving into a place where love can be known, joy can be heard, and peace can exist. It is the course, it is the direction, and it is the crossing of the crossroad.

This is Sananda.
I am at peace and share my heart with each of you. Adonai.


Addendum August l9, 2003

Dear Beloveds: This is Sananda and I am speaking to Lois late a night without much forewarning that she will have to undertake another task. Although late at night, I wish to confirm many of the things you are feeling of late with the difficult situations brewing and erupting around the globe. It is not an easy time for many of you I know.

Forthcoming in the months ahead, I will be sending more clearly messages to all of you in which you will need to pay strict attention. For if there is a missing link here, let’s say, it will prove difficult for some of you. I do not say such things to evoke fear on any level at any time, but rather, a cautious nature so you will understand clearly that messages are to be heard. When so embraced, many difficulties can be averted.

You have long been able to make changes in your reality, from a small child to an adult. Now you will need to take into consideration that some of you will be required to act more consciously than before; to create a reality you wish to embrace and not one handed to you that is intolerable. Make no mention of times past, but look straight ahead at what is being developed and where you wish to place your heart. It will guide you to proper solutions for your world. Hiding behind fear is no answer and betters no one. Surely it also serves those who would choose to lessen your Light.

Upcoming will be more confrontations difficult to watch or even understand. Yet I say to you that what is created underneath is a ground swell that will awaken with great veracity, with compassion, with a realization that something has gone horribly wrong and must now be corrected. Too much has arisen quickly; too many have misunderstood the arguments placed toward them. But now, things will be seen for what they are and you will have time to place your hearts on the table, sharing and caring once more.

I do not say it will be easy. For some of you find you will need to harbor no ill and move forward with greater plans. Yet I see new beginnings here, just as endings are planned. Be ready with what’s ahead. Do not languish in whats behind.

Your Constitution was broken by those who stood steady and strong, creating the opposite view. Lessons here come forth soon. Do not trust all that you hear. Make your hearts listen well first and you will know the truth of the divide. Passions are aroused. Let them be for you see that what has come to the forefront is the care and concern of those trying to save old ways belonging solely to them and those caring about what world power remains. I speak not to those of you who are unable to create new worlds; rather to those who wish for a lifetime of tolerance and acceptance, for the peace so promised eons ago and the rights and freedoms to coexist with temperance and love.

There are those who would seek to create more confusion where there is none. And those who add to that which is already here. But I can assure you, that no one can erase the truth of your heart unless you let them. Herein lies the messages of this time. Herein lies where you seek to know, to remember and to love. Herein is the place of connection for us all.

War is upon you again. A different sort of war, but one that will take much action and courage to face. Be clear and be ready, to hear in the face of all things, your heart, telling you what to do. The groundswell will be enormous. You will not be alone, but be prepared to see the truth.

For this and this alone I come tonight: An offering of peace is at hand. A way out will come forth. Take it my Friends, and begin again in the Light, knowing that what is created will honor those fallen, those lost, and those souls uncaring to the end, for they, too, need utmost care to regain what they have lost. It is a time of change; a time of love to create the world again. I rise with you to the occasion.

I speak to the multitudes; I know the many. But you, indeed, know where you are longing to be, and herein is the truth of your nature. No man, woman or child can say he wishes to be maimed or lying ill on some desert floor; no one has chosen such hardship to be seen or known in this way. It is a dimension of reality you must now create for yourselves that says better is deserved for all here. No service can be completed without compassion, I assure you. Dedication is one thing, but without compassion, no battles are won.

Love supersedes all else. Sananda.

Part Eight
(No date of the message was published)

Dear Friends: This is Sananda.

Over the course of the past several months you have had time to embrace my previous seven messages. Now I have another one through Lois which has not been channeled first to her group, nor will it be publicized in any manner except by being directed to each of you on the specified mailing list today.

I will be brief and to the point. You are going to experience disruption in your world forthcoming, and it will be on the West Coast (America) this time, through another means. The description of this will not take place here, but it has been given to Lois to guide information to those of you attending the workshop and channelings described several weeks ago in the flyer sent to each one. Many of you may not have received this information due to the virus prevailing at the time. In that case, you will need to contact her for further information.

For the moment, let me say this. There is a tendency in your world to see things from a myopic viewpoint, for much that is disseminated has a specific slant to it. The internet has helped, as well as your meditations and inner work, yet too, I speak of those of us with different perspectives who come forth during these days to offer an expanded awareness. To that end we speak in the public and on the internet through channels offering other perspectives.

Certain things are not said for a variety of reasons, whether it be timing, advantage, or specific distortions deemed to take place. Oftentimes, information is put forth first through groups and then stated on the internet or some publication to reach a greater audience. In Lois’s case, there has been a mandate to reach people in person first.

She has been given the task to reach you in two specific ways. The first is the Anchoring Light Workshop planned for Oct. ll-l2 in Lake Tahoe and on the following Sat. in Mt. Shasta. Her efforts to reach many of you fell in the midst of a computer boondoggle.

The second reason for her efforts have been to fulfill my request: Information about impending difficulties of major proportion on the West Coast needed airing, but in a venue of listeners in person — those who could ask questions and those who could learn some satisfactory suggestions to alleviate stressful situations. Her efforts to accomplish this have failed to date, yet her willingness is intact. I am encouraging you to join us for the weekend in Tahoe where much specific information will be forthcoming. Time in Shasta, and an evening in Ashland, Oregon, will be forthcoming as well.

Time is short for this to be decided. The Hotel in Tahoe must be properly notified by Wednesday as to a commitment to attend. Failing this, a second plan will be put in place instead for a location in Folsom, California, at the home of one generous friend assisting this effort. Space there will be limited to those who reply first.

I cannot stress the importance of what you will be hearing and receive as a result of this workshop. For those of you able to make it, do. Again, time is short. If you have not received this information and wish to, please notify Lois immediately. The Folsom workshop will take place if not enough of you respond immediately, as the dates and costs do not require this immediate 2-day booking.

I look forward to meeting with you. I am, Sananda in loving Light.

Part Nine
(No date of the message was published)

(These channelings are presented to a group which meets weekly in western Massachusetts, U.S.A., so certain references made in this text will relate to that. LH)

Greetings to Each and All.

Your presence here is significant today. I am hopeful you will have an opportunity to spend some time thinking about that which I have to say.

You have entered a time where understanding the world is taking a different appearance than five or ten years ago. Reflections from this appearance affect many of you on this planet. The time is coming when you will need to validate aspects of yourselves differently than you have done, for always these reflections, so significant on the Earth plane, have told or shown you aspects of yourself.

And yet, as more and more difficulties or terror situations come forth, you also recognize many are choosing to reflect different messages back. A message of peace, a message of courage, a message of understanding and one of compassion. Within these confines and constructs are two separate worlds. For a long time you have heard about two different worlds you would be moving into. One is a world by choice and another is a world by action. So when we have choice, we recognize you move into a level of reality in which you are accepting responsibility, for not only yourself but for that vision you wish to put forward into the world. You may, indeed, be living in a world where turmoil and problems ahead exit, but you may keep choosing to live in the reality you would like to create.

I do not suggest this is always easy, and for some of you more difficult than for others. In the same token, there is that opportunity to make a choice and to hold onto that vision lying within your very hearts. Enough of you maintaining and keeping this intact will begin to create and see a separation whereby the difficult aspects begin to slip away and the higher ones come into being.

For a long time I have been present on this plane accentuating certain portions of world dramas, creating visions or aspects of energy to come forth onto your plane to be held by many of you, so the vision or the connection is intact. It is now two years since I asked all of you in this room and well beyond to hold Light. It has certainly been an exercise many of you have realized has not been the easiest of challenges to maintain — this higher level within your being. And yet, readily, you have done so, and in that respect, I am honoring and thanking you all.

At the same time I am wishing to express gratitude because it is a gratitude that is necessary to involve each and every one no matter where scattered around the Earth. Those of us who are watching understand these times are not necessarily the easiest for you. Some of you have chosen active participation in the events unfolding, while others have chosen to remain silent with your prayers or sending of specific energetic interactions in a very subtle manner and way.

There will be new energy coming into your world very shortly. A new energy that makes manifestation easier than it has been. An energy allowing for creating opportunity, but one which also can be misused to create in a way to disenfranchise others.

Be clear with your thoughts on what you wish to create. Allow this new world vision to come forth and to arise from that which was. Almost as if you are seeing the Light body of the Earth arise, awaken and lift off the planet such as you have presently known. And your energies will be part of the Light body; your energies will be a part of this vision. You might look at the symbology of Easter and recognize the rising and living again.

It is important to understand this type of change is occurring on your planet. Part of what you have known or been connected to will be changed or altered in some regard, and very often when you look at something which is no longer the same, if you have been attached to it, a great deal of sadness or grieving for what was unfolds — not yet seeing the newness that comes out of that change where one can be and fit into it.

I would like you, with the advent of spring, to recognize the new breath and the new life coming forth. Many of you will say goodbye to old things a part of your life, allowing for the new to come forth. Put your energy in this regard, allowing for the prosperity of your inner being to be nurtured and allowed to grow. Do not regret that which has not been completed, that which was undone, that dream not unfolded, or the opportunity half completed. Instead see that which you heart longs to create: The desire you wish to move into and allow for this opportunity to be present in your being. Perhaps with all of the discussion taking place about the significance of Easter, of the crucifixion, of the many other stories told and believed and lived by to some degree, the most important feature becomes the opportunity that exists within them, because within that opportunity is hope. And within the hope is generated in your hearts a potential for greater love to come forth.

I wish to discuss several situations that will be forthcoming. Your planet, as I said, is undergoing a number of changes. There are clashes of ideas, in some cases, promoted by one group or another, but in other cases, generated by certain beliefs long held onto, some of which are obsolete, and many of which are, simply, not true. Upon occasion these are often used for mitigating circumstances to control one outcome over another. In the next several years, there will be upheavals and difficulties upon your plane, and particularly in your area of the world at this time, because there are those who are choosing to believe certain aspects about your country and what has occurred in the world.

Understand from a higher perspective, there is not the same judgment that is leveled on your plane. Being present on the Earth does not necessarily mean one must embrace one person’s version as opposed to another, but rather, to find his or her own way and to understand the calling of the human heart with complete regard for all others.

This simple determination has been so distorted and so lost very few are able to move ahead because of the existing mire and confusion. Yet within your beings, there is a vision you have long carried from eons ago, to alter that which is coming forth. Some of you will begin to feel conflicted because in the level of reality you carry, the vision outside of your life, such as what you may see on TV or perhaps next door, will not match what you carry. It is to this particular situation that I wish to speak tonight.

In the long run you have been engaged with an aspect of Light I carry. That beacon lies within all of you. Not because it is a vision you hold of a specific religion, but because you are an aspect of that which I Am. In holding this Light, you recognize there is sacredness to the connection between all of us. When this is violated again and again, because there are those who believe that it is all right to destroy another civilization or another group of people or to overcome with some level of might the abilities others generate into this world, there is an enormous distortion of this Light. For wherefore can you be to kill or destroy others when you have the same qualities within yourself?

It is, of course, a very long lesson and a very difficult one present on the Earth plane for a long time. It is a lesson not yet learned. It is an understanding that peers not into the hearts of another to truly understand the expression of self. Because this is so, jarring and difficulty persists for those of you who have remembered. Who are able to see the connections with those of yourself posed in another part of the world. If and when you see aspects of retaliation or difficulties coming forth resulting from some who have instigated domination or dominion over another, you then may be receptive to those energies in return.

It is important to see and witness no one here need be polarized any further on any occasion by that which has taken place or will in the future. I would suggest you remain intact with the Light you carry and use it as a beacon and avenue to see where all else resides. Choosing words and limiting behavior, creating wars and intentionally disrupting the chemistry and the atmosphere of planet earth is not a higher course by any means. Those of you who came here as Light bearers or came in to instruct others to look again and hear a higher reality, are beginning to weary and to falter along the way, believing that much has already been lost.

I would share with you my thoughts upon this now. Representatives from the higher planes are present and with all of you monitoring and watching much that has occurred. There will be additional devastation. There will be problems coming forth. Within this entire spectrum of Light, there is also the Golden Moment. There is the Golden Moment of opportunity in which you are able to stand and recognize the strength and the connection you have with myself and those who are working together on this planet.

I would like to explain a Golden Moment, not only as an opportunity, but as a planned resurrection of that which has been torn asunder. This can happen in a number of different ways. For those not paying attention, for those choosing to alter reality to such an extent so you can no longer live or be present, you will begin to see their power and function has finally lessened. The new, let me say, Golden Moment comes to pass. Within it, the resources you have to be present here will be strengthened. The movement into a higher level of reality will be consistent. The pandering to complete agendas others have formed with no connection to your personal spirit, will be altered. There will be generated upon your planet, a new movement toward Golden Light.

These days and times have been dreary, I know. For some of you, a great deal of expansion and Light where you are presently incarnated or living prevails. And for others, it is not so simple. Turning around the realities so near and dear to your own lives, which may have been in utter turmoil, has not been possible at this time. As you witness further changes, some may become discouraged and say «I do not know how to move ahead or what is possible.» Please recognize, each one of you, no one has been abandoned or left alone and that anything is possible, even in the most dire of moments. Anything is possible. This truly is a Golden Moment.

Witnessing and understanding this level of reality takes faith. Being present in your own dear hearts with the higher Truth when all around you seems to be difficult, is sometimes a task which seems not possible at that moment. I’m asking each one of you to hold in your hearts the Golden Light of potential. Pray to receive this and to hold this each day and each night. Within it comes the upliftment many of you have sought for so long.

The potential and the discussion of ascension has taken so many different forms and so much effort through alternative means, through changing of belief systems or through energetic bodily interactions to release, regenerate and open your beings to higher potentials. I am speaking to you about the potential of ascension within your lives in the Golden Moment. The opportunity exists to completely rise above and move into another level of reality at the moment you are witnessing some of the situations which may seem most difficult.

A paradox, you say. Perhaps it is so from your perspective. But from mine, it might be more akin to having a great deal of tension on a rubber band you are holding between two fingers. Stretching it as far as it would go, and then let go, and you will see it flies very far from where you are. We could call that, for this discussion, a more ascended state.

Well, my dears, that tension may be there for many of you, but within it –whatever your particular situation– is that potential to take a giant leap. And it is the energy presently here of which I am speaking that this leap and this potential exists.

I hear those of you who speak with me and to choose to alter reality — your own, perhaps, or for someone who is ill or someone near and dear needing help or areas of the planet in which more focus and Light seems so necessary. Prayer is a significant part of your reality now. It becomes an opportunity for you to connect to that which is in your heart and to expand that part of your heart into the Universe where all things are possible and one. It is within this spectrum of being your prayers are heard; they are known, and you, with your Higher Self, create potentials for all whom you pray about. Remember this as a significant aspect of your being.

Those cloud covers existing on your plane where little seems to be heard, where days would appear to have a grey overcast and a ceiling seems to exist around your dimensional reality, you are beginning to find ways to break through. Prayer has been with people on earth for many hundreds and thousands of years, but it is increasing of late. Because of this potential and increasing level of vibration, it is breaking through some of what has been holding your world in place for a long time.

These holdings are in part generated by thoughts created by belief systems so rigid that movement cannot occur, by anger and fear and a number of other frequencies clinging together and almost alter levels of reality you have been in. Your prayer and higher connections of Light are able to move through this dimensional limitation to a higher frequency, and to connect and relate to the world in a much different manner. I encourage you to focus in this regard in the times ahead, for you will be supporting many, not just on earth but other planes as well. You cannot know the magnitude of all that is occurring unless you have witnessed within your being the majesty of the Universe and Universes and All That Is.

Therefore, most of you have perceptual value as to how you are seeing your world. A perceptual value allows you to have belief system — what you would choose to do and not choose to do. And some of these perceptual values are handed down from generation to generation and some of them are new. All of it together creates a reality you embrace in terms of understanding and knowing your world. Imagine, however, from an ascended state, whether or not your belief systems would be the same. Would your cultural heritage have the same relevance? Your commitment to the world would be altered or different in some regard.

From my perspective love prevails within all things and beyond all life that is presently known on your plane. To embrace such a concept, it must be known, it must be seen — that within your hearts is the kindness and embracement of this higher vision from which you once came and manufactured on the earth plane at this time. In so understanding, you transcend those limitations, those cultural beliefs, and those single-faceted perceptions that become a greater part of the whole. From this point, then, let me suggest when you witness a difficult or open-ended situation, you tend to make a choice as to what you believe. You would choose, in many cases, to say this is wrong or this is right or this is some force that is being created on the planet now to be encountered, understood or developed in some manner or other. You may see a war; you may see a terrorist activity; you may see some difficulty before you. The choice, ultimately, is whether to fear that which you are witnessing or to hold steady love that you are in your being.

You will be tested in the days ahead. You will be wanting to know and to understand further much occurring. I will be reappearing among you at these times, coming far more frequently than I have in the previous months and the previous two years. We will have a number of discussions and ways of interpreting what’s happening. You will need to have in your hearts those beacons of Light still shining, open and willing to accept that which is possible. The potentials and the Golden Moment lie within.

This Easter will be a time in which you have this opportunity. Let us rise together to a higher moment and deeper meaning and focus on that which becomes possible and not that which was. We are working together to formulate this newer world and not that which has not yet been fulfilled.

There are always times I wish to speak through Lois to many of you, if even just a few moments here and there. Not all situations are conducive to that; however, I will break through on specific channelings coming forth from others, Thoth in particular, with certain thoughts to share with you then. I am wanting you to understand each of you has an opportunity far greater than what you have expected. See the opportunity, be present in the Light and know I am one with all of you.  I Am, Sananda.


Part Ten
May 2, 2004

I Greet You All in the Harmony of Light.

It is, today, an opening toward the advances and awarenesses and potentials of the future. Within each moment comes forth the opportunity to expand with Light. This intention will allow you to grow further, particularly during the next several days.

I wish to speak to you today because there is a great deal of energy put forth during the Wesak Celebration, and much of that information will be known to you on higher levels, but not always clearly brought through in your consciousness. It is helpful to state certain things at this time.

Long ago, when you came forth into this plane, where there was confusion and lack of clarity and in cases, differences of purpose, it became important to understand that which you were attempting to do. The uniting with the higher aspects of self and the I Am Presence became a focus which, for many, was forgotten over time. It is time to remember again that that is what you are here to do, and in so doing, you serve a grander purpose and you allow Light to come forth through each and every one of you.

As you sit here in this room today, you have understood a great deal about Light. You have practiced with this application for years. It is a transformative juncture you are now in. Some of you will be finding new services and means of going forth into the world.

But I come with a greater message, still. For you have not harbored in your hearts the greater or grander dreams that once were impacted or brought before you. Now they will start to come into your consciousness for potential fruition and application in the days ahead.

There is a period of time in which an unfolding of Light will keynote or trigger for you within your being a more heightened and elaborate direction than you have previously had. This keynote is not unlike the note at the beginning or end of your meditations. (refers to our weekly group meditations) It rings true to your heart. It is the experience and the standard of Truth that you know. Within it, you are expanding yourselves to the realities that embrace no longer that which you call, confusion or perhaps, aspects of darkness, countering the realities you have had within.

Wesak is a celebration on your plane relating to the birthday of Buddha. I would like for you to understand that this celebration is a combining of energies in which there is a union of Compassion, Love and Light for the times ahead. Yes, of course these strains of energy are here and have been for a long time and integrated within many of you, but the expansion as a result will be enormous now. Combined with myself, Mary and Buddha is a Trilogy of the One. Incorporated in the Trilogy is the unification of Light that embraces the greater and higher Truth of all reality everywhere. It is a divine invitation that you will experience along the way.

This year opening portals will become predominant and new infusions of energy of the Trilogy of One become tantamount and experienced on the Earth plane. For some of you this will be a very unique experience.

It will explode old belief systems; It will release old pressures; It will unite partners long forgotten; It will enjoin those experiences beyond your comprehension for they are within the Oneness, not verbalized by words.

The potential is here for everyone. Understanding within your own hearts, not through the words I am saying, but the meaningful embracement of this energy which ignites that which is within you connected to the One. By being in such a corridor of energy you will explore the depths of your soul and beyond.

I offer this as a thought of contemplation for the potential of the year and that which we are doing in the realm beyond. Not everyone will avail themselves of this potential, nor will they even feel or experience it. There are going to be, certainly, in the year ahead, those divisions seen plainly before you. But you have a choice in your own heart to create an intention of where you would align and choose to be. Most of you who have heard and listened to the Light and chosen to serve in such a manner are given the opportunity to move further within it. It is up to you.

Combined energy in a Trilogy is a unified force against that which would seem impenetrable or impossible to the human mind. It goes way beyond that, in fact, and allows for purpose to unfold. Not only a purpose within yourself, but a grander purpose within the alignment of the Earth, and the entreatment that comes forth toward her, and in the grand design of the Earth within the Universe becomes again, another purpose, another intention, another macrocosm, for you to consider, and beyond that, other Universes, equally affected and moving in new alignments.

You are, as you may feel, a piece of sand, a drop in the ocean, and yet your consciousness pervades everything and is One with it. Allow that which is happening to you this year to be that pregnant pause and that Golden Moment.

It has taken a long time to reach this point in which the combination of energies of Love, Light and Compassion can be so stirred together and imprinted indelibly upon this planet that you have no idea of the enormity of what you will be witnessing. Equally imprinted upon your hearts will be that opportunity that lies within this, and your belief systems will show clearly now whether you take this in or not.

Wesak has always been a celebration. A celebration of what is possible. A celebration of a birthday, of a new time, of an instruction and of a purpose and intent, all brought forth in a single moment on your plane. Now, herein, you are embracing and incorporating that again. Remember that you are receiving that which is being sent to each one who is open to that alignment. Accept this as your birthday gift. Your right of humanity and your right as that which you are in All That Is.

This year will be opening a Divine Doorway. That Divine Doorway you may find in your heart, but it is through these portals that energy will pour, igniting this. Find it within you and allow it to pervade your life. Believe in your hearts and do not give up or into that which pervades any stoppage whatsoever.

The Hierarchy and Masters, angels and beings from realms everywhere are aligned in this cause and purpose. The effort is to generate, not only within you, but within the entire framework and structure, either as a system of griding or as an alignment of your planet that which will alter reality such as you have known it. These are not dire words that I speak, but words of hope. These are words of intention and creation combined with you who have upheld your hands and heart for years on end.

We are coming together. That expansion is possible, and it will be heard and known within you who are listening. It is a time ahead of celebration, too. Many will not hear this call and will have blown out that birthday candle before it ever was lighted, but many have heard the call and are holding their candles up, choosing to keep the Light forthcoming.

For those who have done so, the uniting becomes apparent. Take forth the energy of this time, witness within your hearts the presence of being within the very creation that is in you and is connected and linked up in the next several days. Focus on your intention to create this Light and to manifest within it your higher understanding and being and presence on this earth.

I have spoken with you many times before and will again in the future. But no time has been as important or significant as this. Utilize well that which you are doing, thinking and being in the next days ahead, for receptivity will be your sole focus and intention of the Light.

Gathering in the Himalayas and specific areas of intention, are those presences and energies self-directed toward each of you. We are, as a combined unit, using this year ahead as a principal focus and turning point for planet earth. It is expected and known you will integrate much of what is being said and turned forth in terms of energy. We see transitions already in place. Our hearts are aligned with each one of you who now comes to the greater design and purpose to the Creator and to that Creator of your being combined as One.

I greet you now in the Silence. Take a moment please, to listen to that heart and that rhythm of yourself. (we stop for 5 minutes or so).

It is here that you shall know me. I am One with you. Sananda.


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