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 Saint Germain

September 25, 2010



Saint Germain channeled by Hazel, .  Published in this website on Tuesday October 5th, 2010. Message taken from:



Fear is not a property of spirit but of the human ego. Fear is damaging to the freedom of the spirit’s ability to manifest its power. It is debilitating to the harmonious flow of conscious awareness of man’s prized possession, his spirit.


Fear cuts the chord which joins man to God and creates a purposeful separation which engenders continuous confusion and lack of understanding as to the origin of that fear. Man has for eons feared God due to his spiritual malnutrition. He is not fed with the wisdom of truth and therefore withers in the lack of knowing. What he does not know or recognize is that fear is subversive and a product of his mortal ego which he unconsciously pays homage to as it directs his feelings which validates what he experiences.


This mortal fear generated by the ego cultivates a culture of programming which man responds to automatically as, and when, his ego directs him. So ingrained is fear within man’s subconscious that its response to various circumstances or situations further feeds that wretched emotion and multiplies the negative effect it has on man’s perceptions.  Fear creates havoc in man’s mind and clouds his ability to see that the actual situation which confronts him is not in itself fearful but that it is his perception which casts the situation in fear. Fear is therefore not extraneous to man but is created by him. It gnaws at his psyche until he believes in it. When he does this, he relinquishes control of his conscious mind which through divine attunement can remind him of who he is, a powerful spiritual being of the Light of God which in itself can free him of his fear.


Man fears because he does not know. When man knows, he will not fear. Man can only be in the knowing if he knows God. When he knows the God incarnate, he will know that he is always in the company of God and he will come to know his sovereignty and that the Mighty Presence is his and this shall confer assurance and security. Fear will not then factor into the equation. The more one remains connected to his Divine Source the less will he be affected by mortal fear. As a sense of Oneness is experienced you will begin to feel as if you are walking in the footsteps of God and no mortal emotion counterproductive to your evolution can distress or impede you.


God is the antithesis of Fear for God is Love and Light and represents the highest frequencies whilst fear is on the lower vibratory scale. God elevates whilst fear depresses and represses. God knows no limits and creates no boundaries whilst fear imposes limits and boundaries. So if fear is the antithesis of God surely fear is the Antichrist within man, which brings down the One true living God within man. Do you not see, dear ones, that man chooses to be God’s enemy when he allows his fear to dominate him? Man cannot house God and ‘Fear’ at the same time. When you entertain fear, you reject God.  Beloved, it is only God who can help you conquer your innate fears through the knowing of Him. He is the panacea, the elixir that will wipe out that which seeks to debase you and render you slaves to your outer senses.


Fear cripples the joy within you and that joy is the Father’s Presence. It outs everything that is sacred. When you are motivated by fear your life loses its edge as you cower behind the fear which provides you with an excuse not to grow.


Fear sours the palette and deprives you from tasting of the sweet nectar of life. It is simple, dear ones, do you wish to choose life and growth or powerlessness and stagnation? The choice is always yours. When will you realize that the powers in your world have weaved their black magic to create situations meant to dominate your senses that you become creatures of human emotions rather than declarants of spiritual prowess?  They then feed your fears through oppressive laws and impositions.  They have you ones exactly where they want you, beneath them cowering in the filth of your outer sensory perceptions.  How you have given them your power in some way or the other!  They capitalize on your weakness to render you even more obsequious by their darkened agendas.


You ones need to see this grand orchestration of the evil mongers who are aggrandized through your fear. When will you cast the Antichrist out and say No? Fear is a dark structure so embedded that it must be weeded out before its thorn and briars create further lesions to contaminate the remnants of your God self and power.


You ones will say that this is easy for Germain to say for he sits above and cannot fathom what life is in this 3rd dimension. Well, beloveds, as you say, I have been there and done that! I am therefore in a position to show you the way out of the kingdom of fear that reigns heartily within so many, that you may come into the experiencing of the wealth of your heritage.


I say again that it is only your knowledge of God, the knowing of Him from within that will bring you to a point when you will be able to say that you know Him as yourself, that you will be free of fear. This is not achievable overnight and requires a desire on your side to reclaim and live in your sovereignty. When you can find that resolve, you shall then proceed to develop a worthwhile relationship with Him and through your commitment to stay connected with Him, He shall live through you.


Man’s fear is birthed from ignorance and the remedy for ignorance is knowledge and knowledge can only be accessed from within the mind of God, which hosts your mind.  We have given you the keys time and time again to God’s mind. When you can access His mind, you will find that knowledge which becomes your power and truth.  Knowledge, Power and Truth which cometh from God, speaks in Light which neither harbors nor emanates fear. Know that when you feel fear it is your perception born from your outer senses and NOT the word or Truth of God which instills that fear.


You ones need cast away the unattractive habit of blaming God and giving yourselves an excuse to fear Him. Learn to see through your inner vision and truth will never be perceived in fear. You, little ones, parade with what you call knowledge and truth which in fact is no more than information. You draw conclusions, opinions and judgments based on a material given to you by others and call it truth.


You cannot expand your mind that you may welcome KNOWLEDGE from God, which will give you truth.  Why?  Because you are governed by the EGO and form perceptions which you hold on to and say that you cannot find proof for God’s word. You therefore deny His words and Him or deny that He can bring forth such words. My lesson to you, dear ones, is that God’s words need no proof. It is not He who must prove Himself. He lays the truth on a plate before you and you still deny it. Is it that you fear that His truth may destroy beliefs that you have held dear for ages?  If your fear holds you hostage to denial of truth, do not blame God.


I say categorically and unequivocally that Fear is of Man and not of God and when you can learn to connect with God and keep his company moment by moment you shall know this wholeheartedly. Beloved ones, you of the soul cometh from God and must return to Him or by choice face extinction. Many of you seek Him and He presents Himself yet you reject him for fear that he does not align with your conception.


Do yourselves a favor, dear ones, and relinquish the catastrophic hold which this insidious, infectious fear has on you. Choose Him that gave you life, love, freedom and joy. He desires that move forward in growth and you can only do so without the harness of fear around the neck of your spirit.


Ferret the folds of fear which fetters the Light
And polarizes you from your divine companion.
Bewitch yourself in the knowing of God
That freedom may carve its mark upon your soul.
Renounce the darkened etiquette of fear
Which belabours a mind deserving of celestial manna.
Steer its cultured seeds away from you
That it may find its life on other soil.
Sow instead the seeds of Light which bringeth Love
And know the priceless gift you hold within,
For only then will grandeur bloom at heightened pace
And walk you will the walk of freedom’s trail.


I AM Germain, come again to give a lesson. Let your fears die within the Light of awakened sovereignty and to this end I give the Violet Flame that it may transmute fears’ heinous hold and transform to love as you move into greater knowing of the One.




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