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Birthing of New Earth



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Birthing of New Earth


By Itzá


Mexico, D.F., Wednesday May 22, 2002. Original in Spanish, translation by Luis Prada, Editor and Publisher of Brother Veritus’ Website.



Peace, Health and Love for you.  Do you know what decree is?  Decree is a principle of the word mentally proffered or verbalized.  Know the implicit power that there is in your command and then it will make sacred your word.  Your thought is an order for the universe, a command: if you say «I am beautiful and strong» then you are beautiful and strong.


You become what you think and say, that is why it is so important all that you think and say, if you would understand that your words are decrees.  First, I wrote: Peace, Health and Love for you, then I commanded these virtues for you and me through the dimensional threshold of the physical life.  That threshold is within you and within me; it is our own force of life and consciousness.  Through that path decree for you and all the best there is to be bestowed in this dimension.  You have lot of power, remembering is the essential nature of the test we are living.


Do you know about the approaching of our galaxy to the Heart of the Milky Way?  Of the stepping from 3D to 5D?  All the solar system, the planet and living beings that exist here are changing in acceleration; we are ten years away from the birthing, the coming of the galactic day, because we will enter in full to the light.  Now it is the darkest hour and the light will be here soon.  Before dawn it will be darker, we are starting the final times of this dark era of ten years and the darkest is to come.


Now it is time to close the ranks of the ones working for the light and to be there for those who do not know yet.  The vibratory frequency change is very strong, we live in a Magnetic Chaos that is deranging the reason of the most vulnerable, the violent are destroying themselves.


The crumbling of the Twin Towers of New York is an omen of the end of the world we knew and will never come back anymore.  Now it is the moment for us to close ranks: Nourishment, Introspection, Study, Exercise, Normalcy, Discipline, Emotional Control and Service to Humanity.


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