See the Promised Land Before Your Eyes

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See the Promised Land Before Your Eyes

Part I

Beloved Ascended Master Saint Germain

Channeled by Mike Quinsey, .

Published initially in this website on August 26, 2004.  Nine updates were added later.

May17, 2004

Taken from:

In many ages past you have faced the challenge that is now staring you in the face. It is one that makes you question the type of society you have built upon Earth. It is appropriate at the end of a cycle, because you can carry on as before or take stock of your situation, and decide that you want a better life ahead of you. Many times, you have not found sufficient Will to bring into being that which is more enlightened than what you have created around you. Many times, you have in fact gone deeper into the mire, and have reaped the full karmic debts that you have built up. This is how you evolve, as most certainly the lessons of life gradually sink in and although it is a slow change, you gradually begin to see beyond your creation. Today you are no different inasmuch that you are having to re-access all that you thought was in line with your ideals, and the challenge is of greater importance, because there is a parting of the ways, all by your choice. But no one can move into the next cycle until they have determined what they want from life.

You have of course followed your path over a multitude of lifetimes, and as a collective unit of Humanity, you have given power to your dreams; created a reality that has reflected the desires of the greater portion of the people. You have used your Freewill to draw to you that which you have felt comfortable with, and so it goes on as life after life is experienced. There comes a time, as now where you can no longer go along with the ‘crowd’ because it is not ‘staying together’ any more, it is time for choices to be made, whether you do this consciously or subconsciously matters not. You will by your actions and thoughts make your decision as to your future. It is not that you would not like to go into the higher dimensions, given the opportunity to experience the wonderful peace, harmony and Love. Firstly, some of you would not feel comfortable in those higher vibrations, in other words you would not be ready, and indeed you could not enter those  vibrations as the Law of Attraction would place you elsewhere. You would, and now will find yourself gravitating to that level of being that is best suited to you. All works out exactly right, but you should note that the time of choosing is almost over.  It is true that some experience sudden revelations and these can have a tremendous impact to the extent that a Conversion takes place.  But by and large you have already created a path to YOUR reality. No one is ‘lost’ when these decisions are made, your life is Infinite and no matter where your travels take you, you will always be You, and like every other soul that is seeking the Path back to God, that link to God can never be broken. Ultimately you will find yourself coming together again with All That Is.

The future for all of Humanity is assured, and a wonderful adventure is ahead; you write the story and play the parts, life is not just a game, it can be fun, full of joy, happiness and experiences of your choosing. It is time now to decide what it is that you want for your future. You can drift along with the crowd but would it not be better to be aware of the great opportunity that is offered to you, make a decision as to where you are going, and what it is you want to do.

You have been given glimpses of what your future can be through many contacts with the Masters and other Teachers, and in recent time your friends from Space. For a moment forget the outer body that you see, or the way Beings come to you or where they come from, the essence of every Soul is the same, you all have the God spark, you are and always will be a part of God. Very soon your Space family will be coming more openly into your life, they have an immense amount of help to offer. Send out your loving acceptance of their presence in and around the Earth. It is your destiny to be re-united with your larger family, and for many of you this will be an emotional time as you recognize and remember those who are your kin. They need to feel your loving greeting upon their arrival; in fact they need to know they are welcome into your life right now!

Do not fear that which is now manifesting that is new to your thinking. Be open to a multitude of new ideas, and new ways of living, because I tell you, the old ways will no longer serve you. Open your mind to all types of possibilities as you hear of what is planned over the next few years. Many of you are carrying an awareness already, but it does require people to become more outgoing. Be expansive in your thinking; be ready to leap into the future, it will happen so quickly you will wonder if you are dreaming. What is to happen is very real, and has been part of a plan that has existed for aeons of time, a plan for the end-times that would see you safely into the Light. You have had some close brushes with other realities that would have seen you fall to the old pattern of reality; but you have come through and it is now a matter of building for the glorious future that awaits.

Put your seat belts on, this is going to be a fantastic ride; the roller coaster will not let you down. There are thrills and surprises galore, hold on tight, you will never have had a ride like this one.

I am your Brother St. Germain and I lift your hearts at a time when you need encouragement to space yourselves from the outer happenings. Be in the Earth, but not of it, enfold it and all upon it in your most wonderful Love and Compassion.

Thank you, Dear St. Germain,

Mike Quinsey,

June11, 2004

Taken from:

You cannot imagine in your wildest dreams exactly what the future holds for you. When you came down through the higher realms to experience in these dense physical vibrations, you experienced many different levels. But the lower you were drawn into these vibrations, the more your memory faded until you finally forgot who you were.

It is now time to ‘wake up’ and slowly but surely your consciousness is expanding and you are touching the truth of your being. You are developing a sense of your power; a sense of your greatness and it is easier for teachers such as myself to impress you with more truth.

You have been told many times that you are Gods, and this in its simplest terms means you are co-creators with God. As you return once again to the higher dimensions, so your power returns to you and you will use it in many different ways. Of course you have limitations that enables creation to keep in balance, yet in the ultimate you could create your own Universe. You can see from this that you cannot just be let loose in an uncontrolled way, but once you are doing God’s Will, all will continue as it always has done, in perfect order.

At present you are creating the energies that are drawing your new reality to you, it is a meeting of energies that must eventually express themselves. There are of course a multitude of energies coming together, and you are helped in a way that ensures your creations manifest for you. It is like choosing your colours for a painting; you have sketched in your outlines and have a paintbox of colours that have already been brought together for your use. You are the artist and use other people’s materials to achieve your result.

Your future is one where you enjoy ecstatic beauty, and colours in ranges beyond your present comprehension. You can enjoy a peace unparalled to anything you have ever experienced, and the soothing music of the spheres. More than anything, you feel the energies that are around you in such a way that you recognise their qualities. Words are inadequate and cannot convey the wonders that are beyond your present senses.

To be in such a Oneness is your natural home, and this too you will create. By your power of thought you will create around you all that gives you pleasure and delight. As you look around you on Earth, you see many beauties, and even in what to us is a limited range of colours, you see wonderful combinations. What you see is a pale reflection of what you are about to enter, as you make your way into the vibrations of the new Earth. Some people have seen the crystal cities in the sky, they have already had visions of what is hardening out, what is being created at this very time.

I have only touched upon the continual process of creation, it is always fluid and can change from second to second. Everything that has ever been created still exists in thought, in the same way that everything that has ever happened is still recorded in the ethers. Life is like a storybook without an end, but you are both the writer and all of the characters. You will experience all facets of your own creations. To a lesser degree this is what you experience through successive lives upon Earth. This is why you are told that ‘what you do unto others you do unto yourself’. The Laws of Life are quite simple in reality, and it truly is ‘as above, so below’.

The Earth has been your wonderful playground, where like children you have learnt how to get on with one and another. And like school, you have had your teachers and guides to help you grow up, and accept responsibility for your actions. You are now at that stage where you are about to graduate, and this will really be a most marvellous and unforgettable occasion. The celebrations are already starting, and there will be singing and dancing in the streets.

You have come so far to reach this time of going forward, and we will make sure it is a most memorable time for you. You will soon forget the trauma and pain you have experienced; these memories will be replaced by ones that are the creation of the energies of Love. There will come a time when you will look back, and see your experience in the cycle of duality was but a blink of your eye.

Start now and leave your negative experiences behind you. You have no need or purpose to dwell upon them. You have taken out of them that which will serve you well in the future. Let the future embrace you now, accept the gifts of the Creator, that you have surely earnt through your determination to succeed and achieve your goal. You are about to take a big step upwards; you planned it that way when you boldly took up the challenge of physicality.

If you can feel the elation that we do, you will be able to view what is happening upon Earth now with detachment from the negativity. Its energy is nearly spent, let it go and also follow its path that will lead nowhere, except to a dead end. The glorious Light that is growing day by day is slowly transmuting it; simply leave it to its own fate.

I hope to have lifted your spirits and helped you to envisage a most fantastic future that awaits you now, and is so near. Live your Love fully, as I live mine. Give your Love to everyone you see, brighten someone’s day with a smile or kind word, it does work wonders.

Thank you so much St. Germain

Mike Quinsey
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August 26, 2004

You, who are the Lightworkers, are creating a great network of Light that reaches out and brings others into it, so that it grows faster and faster. The truth is touching the hearts and minds of many people and so the ripples go out even further, and even those that doubted are opening up to the possibilities of Ascension. Light is an expression that feels good and is easy to accept, as deep down this is your natural way of being.

You are throwing off the mold that has been created through centuries of indoctrination. Instead of being led, you are now leading and you do so with a confidence that comes of being able to be at ease and at one with yourself. Your natural state is to be in harmony with all around you, but with the discordant energies that you encounter you are continually tried and tested. By being able to rise above the negativity, you are effectively taking away its ability to touch you, and helping to transmute it. You do this subconsciously once you have found that inner focus, and it is as though you are in the world but not of it. Slowly you are creating your own reality, and others who are of a similar vibration are also helping make it a powerful force. You are bringing changes to Earth, and this hastens the manifestation of the new Earth. In fact it is happening all around you, and it is just that you cannot yet see it in the chaos that is taking place. But hold fast to your vision, as the old one that has seen its time out and is now disappearing.

People of the old ways find it hard to release that which they are comfortable with as it is their accepted way of living. It is not that they would also wish for a better life, but change brings fear and as yet they do not have the resolve or strength to deal with it. This is where you can help, and when you get the opportunity to explain what is presently happening, can measure your comments so as to gently ease them into a new way of thinking. Lightworkers will know instinctively how to handle such challenges, and it is really a matter of not being too overbearing with your point of view. People do not respond to being pushed into a corner, and require time to consider a new way of looking at things. Also remember, that the facts surrounding an idea such as Ascension are very hard to accept for people that have had little interest in what is behind life. Indeed, some will turn you away out of hand, and you should allow them their choice. Spreading the Light is not a crusade in the sense of having to force people to accept the Truth. This was the ways of the old, and has no place in the future.

If you are working for the Light you do it mainly by example, and people notice your serenity and oneness with life. You hardly need say a word, and you have a saying that “actions speak louder than words” and this is so true. You create peace wherever you go, and respect the rights of everyone to have opinions that may differ from your own. You will find that people will be attracted to you because of this, as they feel good in your company, and you do in fact lift them up. Quite unexpectedly you will be asked questions about your beliefs, because you instill confidence in people. On a higher level you are directed to those ones who seek answers to their problems. You may operate as an individual, or present yourself as part of a group doing Lightwork and it doesn’t matter where you are, you will be used to help others when they need it.  Think of it this way: that at all levels of growth you are helped to expand your understanding even further.

You have your dear Guides with you who impress you with their wisdom, and ensure that you do not pass by opportunities to become more enlightened. You ask them in your minds for guidance, and they will always be there for you. You can have many Guides depending on what path you have chosen, and they delight in being of assistance to you.

Service to others is a wonderfully fulfilling function, and is the basis of all spiritual work. Even those you perceive as the lowest of the low are still your Brothers and Sisters, and their Light is still shining beneath their dark exterior. This is why you are taught not to judge people, and accept them as they are. For whatever reason they have chosen a particular experience, honor it and allow them to work through it so that they may learn its lessons. A King or a pauper, it does not matter, the outer dressing is simply appropriate for the time.

Help when it is requested, but do not force yourself or your opinions onto some one else. Learning your lessons in the school of life can be hard, but that will have been each individual’s choice. Accept what comes your way, and look for the reason and learn wisely from it, and you will not have to tread that path again.

Look around you now, and see the dramas being worked out, it is a busy time on Earth right now. A lot of Karma is being dispensed, it is the end time and you cannot take that baggage with you. The rewards for your perseverance and determination to succeed are well worthwhile, and you can leave the old behind knowing that you have, so to say, balanced the books.

Many events are beginning to manifest in your dimension, and once they start there will be no stopping them. You will soon realize that all you have been promised is not some pipe dream. You will witness dramatic changes of the likes never seen before, and you will know that the countdown has begun. You have been patient, and you have been kept informed of what the Heavens have decreed for you, and your expectations will be satisfied.

You are entering a wonderful period in your evolution, and it will be a joyous and happy occasion as you see the “promised land” manifesting before your very eyes. Put the negativity aside, it has nearly run its course and cannot have power over you unless you allow it to be so. Live in your Light as it now grows tremendously fast as you draw so much more to yourself.

I leave you now with my Love surrounding you and bringing you into the Light of Heaven. For those who have chosen to ascend, their work has nearly finished, and the final lap is here. Many accompany you on this great leap forward into the beauty and grandeur of the Golden Age, and I AM one of those, I AM your Brother and Mentor, St. Germain.

Thank you, St. Germain

Mike Quinsey,

December 7, 2004

There are many, many things happening in your world right now, and all are the promptings of the Light. It is not just in the West that there is an awakening, as the new energies impinge on people everywhere. There is a pervading sense of claiming back one’s freedom and identity. In some countries the Dictators in charge suppress such ideas with heavy force, as opposition is seen as a threat to their position. These people are often only supported by the results of bribery and corruption which is endemic in some countries. But as unlikely as the odds are against the ordinary people succeeding, they are creating those first cracks that will eventually lead to a break up. Their task is hard because there are not laws that they can call upon to support them, but as I often tell you, people power is real and can move mountains.

In the West, the same scenario is happening but it is not so open, as both the dark and Light are used in more subtle ways. For so long the dark have been clever enough to hide their real agenda.  Although some people have read between the lines, it has been difficult to prove that deceit has been taking place to the degree that it has. But, as more people have started to investigate the government activities, much evidence has come to light and gradually the picture takes form. The fact, that so many people have been coerced in their work to keep silent about what they know, has maintained a certain degree of secrecy. But at times you will find individuals whose conscience is sorely tested, who feel a duty to the general public to tell them what is going on in their name. They do so under the threat of incarceration or even death. But they feel so strongly about their knowledge and that it should become public, they find a determination to still go ahead and reveal it. Consider that once it starts to happen, other people find the courage to do the same and this is how the veil of secrecy is broken down.

There has been so much held back in the name of national security, which is a convenient method of keeping you in the dark. There is a need to protect certain types of projects that are genuinely related to defense, but much information is kept from you unnecessarily. No government has its own money as it all comes from you, and NASA for example was meant to gain information that could be used for the good of the people, and the advancement of your understanding of Space and your own Solar System.  Many projects have been centered on your Moon, yet of the thousands of photographs that have been taken many have been doctored or retained. This is so that you do not learn too much, or start thinking for yourselves about the ET bases, artifacts and disused buildings that have been photographed. So that you do not see evidence of ET’s working in or around craters. They hope you missed the experiment that proved that the Moon is a hollow satellite.

More recently you have had a number of probes to Mars, and in the Cydonia region much evidence has been found that proves intelligent life existed on the surface. But if NASA had their way, you would not have had sight of the photographs that show the proof. You just do not realize how much detail is air-brushed out of the photographs, and this has been proven where two different sets have been released. It is common knowledge that every Apollo moon shot has been accompanied by space craft of an unknown origin. Yet again you are not meant to know of it, and even in the face of firm evidence you will be greeted by silence or denials. Who has decided that you should not know about your own Solar System or for that matter your own Earth. It is all about keeping the power over you, as you are not meant to ask questions, so that the Elite can keep knowledge to themselves and any gains from it.

There are cover–ups over the Inner Earth people, the agreement with the Greys, and the development of anti-gravity craft, exotic weapons of mass destruction and so on. The Cold War was contrived to enable the war machine to carry on working. So now that it is over, who is the enemy that now threatens the biggest super power in the world? Who is meant to benefit from genetic engineering on humans, and why is it all kept so secret. I could go on but the list is endless, and I have not even mentioned the cover up of UFO’s, and ET contact.

Dear Ones, you are going to claim back your freedom, and this will demand that people working on your behalf are open and share their findings with you. Once peace is declared there will be no need for secrecy in projects that should be carried out for the benefit of mankind. And the truth of what has been taking place will come out. You will be both amazed and horrified at what has been done in your name.

Remove the blinkers from your eyes, and at least consider the idea that your representatives have not served your interests. It is now time for things to change, and for people who hide secrets to come out into the open. Once it starts others will also find the courage to do so, and it will be too late for the dark to prevent the truth coming out. You are entitled to know what has been, and is being done in your name.

I am St. Germain and wish you to use your new found power to bring the hidden into the open. It will be the start of a period of self examination and growth in understanding of your real world. The Truth WILL Set You Free.

Thank you St. Germain
Mike Quinsey

December 9, 2004

How many times have you wondered about the truth of your being, who you are, what you are and whether everything you are aware of is some freak of nature? It would be too simple to believe that all that you see is some product of a single cell development. Indeed, but somewhere at some time there has to have been a creative energy which brought forward a pattern that materialized complicated structures such as the Human Being. In general even ancient texts allude to “instant creation” and that Man arrived as a finished article. If you refer to your Seer Edgar Cayce you will find that one of his readings stated quite clearly, that all of the original five races appeared on Earth instantaneously. That clearly tells you that Man was brought here, and did not originate from Earth.

It may surprise you to know, that over eons of time there have been a number of occasions when Man’s physical body has been altered. You are now beginning to accept the concept of genetic engineering, and here you have your answers as to what has been taking place. As even now you are told that your future is to be co-creators with God, so in the past others who have gone before you have been charged with this responsibility. Some of your friends from Space have a vested interest in you for this reason and have very strong connections to you.  Others who would not be deemed friendly at all have manipulated your genetic program and reduced you to a mere fragment of what you previously were. Your immediate question is why was this allowed to occur, and that is somewhat complicated to explain. In a freewill Universe events are allowed to play themselves out in any way whatsoever. But in the long run all is brought back on track in accordance with the Creator’s Plan, such as is happening now in your end-times. So as you travel through a cycle, it is rich with experiences that make you a greater Being than you were when you started. As you will know by now the essence that you are, your God spark, is indestructible and it does not matter what happens that part of you will always survive.

In the latter stages of the Atlantean times they also reached a point of understanding that enabled them to carry out experiments with the genetic engineering of humans and animals. The result of this has left you with what you consider to be ancient myths about half human and half animal abominations.

I know that not all of you really believe in Atlantis and this is mainly due to the lack of physical evidence, and written evidence which was finally destroyed in the great destruction of the libraries of Alexandria. But the Atlanteans were in some ways not just as advanced as what you are now, but even more so. Genetic engineering in Atlantis reached a point where Soul-less Beings were created, that became as slaves.

And you have now reached that same level of understanding and development.  Of course you are not meant to know about, and the evidence is carefully concealed in underground laboratories safe from your prying eyes. Officially genetic engineering on Humans is not legally authorized, and the fact it takes place will be vehemently denied. Who were the Atlanteans, my dear friends, they were you and you have come into another cycle faced with the same challenges to see if you can handle them correctly. The same scientists that believe they have the right to meddle in creation have returned and continue their experiments. And like those of old, their creations will not be allowed to continue and will be destroyed. You cannot play God without accepting responsibility for it, and those that have erred will be removed and learn their lessons elsewhere. Of course there is no criticism on my part of any experimentation that is carried out without harm to others, and that has the greater good for people as its goal.

In the future you will have no need of today’s medicines and treatments; you will have become Beings of Light and have the power of self healing should it be required. In the higher vibrations you are in a state of near perfection, and you will not be troubled by the past ills of Earth. You will be entrusted with powers that will make you as Gods. But there is a little further to travel before you make that transition and meantime you are charged with putting your house in order. There will be no hiding place and all will gradually come out into the open. All must be seen for what it truly is and lessons learnt so that you can put this era behind you.  Remember that over many life-times you have all had some input into creating what you have around you today, and that you are all responsible to some degree.

I am St. Germain and I am fully with you in my gentleness and Love, I do not admonish you but simply bring the truth to your attention.  Soon we shall all go forward in great glory and jubilation, as the victory is ours.

Thank you, St. Germain
Mike Quinsey,

January 3, 2005

Let me touch upon your future, one where you have gone beyond the present cycle of Earth. All of you will have made the choice to determine your next reality, as the old Earth as you know it will no longer exist. Your choice will be tempered by the fact that you cannot go above the level for which you are suited. But for those who are still comfortable in an earth-like environment, they will have moved to a slightly higher version of it in another part of the Universe. There they will be in a new energy conducive to a quicker rising of the vibrations, but much else will be the same as before. Naturally they will not have a recall of the previous cycle, but through their subconscious they will still be able to draw on the experiences of it. It will not be a retrograde step in any way, and given that you in effect start where you left off, there will be every opportunity to reach a higher level of spiritual understanding more quickly. There is not necessarily a need to stay in that cycle to its completion, and at any time you can achieve Ascension. And so the process of evolution travels on in its never ending quest to return you to the Godhead. The fact is that The Creator is dreaming up new realities all of the time and the goal that you are heading for is actually moving away from you. But when The Creator calls time, and is ready for all to be brought back into itself, each and every soul fragment will return. In some future time The Creator will then breathe out and the whole cycle will commence once again. The Creator is forever experiencing him/herself.

For those dear Souls who have worked through this cycle with Ascension as their goal, the reward will undoubtedly be their achievement of it. Eons of time ago, when you declared your intention to take Ascension, much help would have been given to ensure that as far as possible you kept on the path. You would have come under the guidance of one of the Masters, and also be able to call on the services of many other helpers. You could at times be forgiven for thinking that you were traveling your path alone, but this is far from the truth. Yes, at times you are allowed to experience loneliness and detachment, but even then your Guides are faithfully watching you and ready to help if it becomes a necessity. You achieve your greatest experiences in adversity, and you go forward in leaps and bounds. You learn about Will and Intent, Perseverance and Determination and herein lies your strength, as make no mistake the dark are forever attempting to lead you off your path. Sometimes they succeed and you momentarily forget who you are, and your purpose for being on Earth. But you always hold the seed of Light and it cannot be diminished completely, and you always come back that much greater for your experiences.

Traveling through duality is a whole series of tests that temper the steel you are made of, and finally you can face the challenges with a knowing that comes through your resolve, and self power to wield the Light. There is nothing more wonderful to see than a Soul who has achieved a Light quotient that blazes out, announcing a great conversion to the Light. The dark can no longer get near enough to carry out their mischief, and the only danger is that in having acknowledged your achievement to yourself, that the ego is allowed to surface. Remember that no matter how evolved you become, you are no better than anyone else as all are on the same path, and simply at different points along it. Lightworkers are humble and not given to boasting, but quietly get on with their work. When the ego gets in the way, there can be a need to be recognized for whom you are, and what you have done. Always be careful when you are making comparisons, least these should turn out to be judgments. Judge no one, simply because it is not given to you to know their life plan, and you cannot possibly know what that soul has chosen for its experience.

As you look around you, you see so many people appearing to become engulfed in the activities of the dark. See them as playing a part that is necessary to reflect back to you the negative energies. They provide you with the challenge without which you could not progress in the manner you have. Bless them and send Love, as they will turn back to the Light at some time and they will need much help to lift themselves up again. Remember You Are All One, and in your time you have played reverse roles.

Ascension is the signal that you are leaving duality behind, and you will have learnt all that cycle can offer you. Your next step is your choice, as you will have achieved your Masterhood. But you will almost certainly move into higher dimensions that are known to you as the Realms of Gold, where only Truth exists and there is a totality of Light. You will help create your own world, in complete Peace, Harmony and Balance. These are the realms of Light where you can enjoy all of the wonders of Heaven. Words cannot describe what it will be like, as it is an experience in itself, the energies, the colour and the music are so idyllic. Your consciousness will encompass all that is, and you have that grand feeling of Oneness. You will feel that you have achieved everything possible, but of course you will eventually take up new challenges doing The Creator’s work.

Some of you will take other options, and you will return to your original groups, who will have their collective consciousness enhanced through your experiences. Some will actually forgo Ascension as such to stay with the Souls going to the new Earth, so that they can help them in their future evolution. The Creator’s Kingdom is never ending, and you can experience to your hearts desire, as it is truly mystifying and of great wonder.

Dear Ones, time passes so quickly now, and all that is spoken of will manifest soon, and then you can start to become that which you are, Cosmic Beings. I wait for events to occur that will soon see me and many other Masters return to Earth, to see you safely through the last period of preparation. There will be much to do, but it will speed ahead as no longer will the dark be able to influence or delay what is taking place. I have worked with Earth for eons of time, and I look forward to openly doing my work, and many of you will assist me.

I am St. Germain and I ask you to draw my strength to carry you through this period, and call on my Love to sustain you, I am always with you.

Thank you, St. Germain
Mike Quinsey 

January 6, 2005

Let me touch upon your future, one where you have gone beyond the present cycle of Earth. All of you will have made the choice to determine your next reality, as the old Earth as you know it will no longer exist.

For the foreseeable future the Asian crisis will rightly dominate the world wide news. Slowly the extent of the injuries, the loss of life, and the enormous damage to vast tracts of land are becoming apparent. But what is still extraordinary, is the Human re-action which continues to respond to needs as they become apparent. There is seemingly no end to the compassion and concern that is being shown, and this is happening all over the world. I see the energy of Love growing day by day and it has become such a powerful force. There is now a magnificent thought-form that you have created, that will energize even more people into action. It is producing changes in people at a rapid rate, and people power is now a formidable force. As I see it, there will be no ending to the new found expression of Love and Compassion. It is still growing, and it will begin to bring changes into being outside of the immediate problems. It is as though every dark corner is being searched, and the dust and cobwebs of wrong thinking through millennia of time are being swept away.

The new impetus is carrying you forward on the crest of a great wave of change. You are beginning to see that there are enough normal tragedies upon Earth, without them being deliberately brought about through war. You know that such contrived events are avoidable and unnecessary. Even the members of the professional armed forces that are involved, are beginning to question why they are killing civilians and destroying their country. Once doubts creep in, there will be a groundswell of opinion that will yet see them ready lay down their arms. There is no longer the will to fight a one-sided war, and now the futility of it is seen for what it is. The mold is set, and it will require very little now to bring the Iraq war to a halt. After centuries of perpetual wars, Humanity is saying enough is enough, and that there must be another way to settle our differences and live in Peace.

Dear Ones, you are at the door of Peace now, and your prayers are being answered. Very soon, you will witness events that will enable a new leadership to take over and then all will change quickly and you will get your wishes. There are many events about to take place, and you will see that they are linked together. The ills of the people and the Earth will be addressed very quickly, and a new era in the history of Man will be written. The speed at which things will happen will astonish you, but remember there has been a plan in place to cover this period of change for many years. It is vast in its concept and organization, and in spite of last ditch attempts of the dark to prevent it, it will come into fruition. As always the timing is still of uttermost importance, but it is very near to coming out.

Look at the size of the tasks that confront you as a result of the tsunami damage. Is it no wonder that time scales of many years are envisaged before there can be any semblance of normality being brought back. Oh yes, you can do it, and you have the will now to see it through. But how much easier it would be if you already had the help of ET technology. Could it be that First Contact will be announced shortly, and a grand cleaning up will take place? I will say it certainly will, particularly as now you have the infrastructure being set up again in those areas of destruction. It will be quite simple to give you the appropriate aid that will enable you to quickly complete the tasks. Over many years you have gradually warmed to the idea of meeting your Space Friends, and they likewise are keen to meet you. They are your loving Brothers and Sisters, and will come in service you in an open and honest way. There are no ulterior motives involved, although some of you will be wary and suspicious. But you will soon accept their presence, and the help that they willingly and freely give. Helping to clean up the Earth will be just one of many tasks that they will undertake. All of the technology that will help Man to take a great leap forward will be freely made available. Technology that in some instances has been known about on Earth for a long time, but has been deliberately suppressed. You will be released from the hold of the dark and their minions, and you will quickly see rapid improvements in your life style. This will cover all areas such as housing, transport, communications and health, and indeed there will be little that will not be ultimately affected.

A great Phoenix has arisen from the rubble and destruction that confronts you. It is the return of the Man of God in all his splendid colors and magnificent Light. There is only one way forward now, and the past will soon be forgotten as you take your place with the Masters and the Angelic Kingdom. You are great Beings in the making and you are already beginning to manifest that greatness now. You will continue to do so until you have been fully restored to full consciousness.

I am St. Germain, and I leave you to ponder the significance of what has developed upon Earth. Keep hold of the reins, and you will lead the way to even greater things. I Love you all, and spread my Light around you for your added protection and strength. You have it, Dear Beings, with you all of the time that will support your efforts, and there is much Love directed your way that will speed you on in your work.

Thank you, St. Germain
Mike Quinsey

January 10, 2005

What next, now that the focus is strongly on the areas that have been devastated by the tsunami. There are still other volatile areas such as Palestine, and the genocide in Sudan still continues. The Love and Compassion generated by you beautiful souls knows no boundaries, and is attracted to those dear ones who work for peace in all parts of the world. This is as you would say, power to their elbows and if ever there was an opportunity to change things, this is the time. The dark will of course try to hold on to their positions, and thwart any attempt to settle the issues that feed the conflicts. But all people are affected by the positive energies that are being sent out, and in the end it will be Love that transmutes the final vestiges of the dark.

It is a fact, that when peace is declared some of the dark will still resist that call for change. Peace is called for as part of a divine decree, and in that context it can be enforced, and any weapons lifted in anger will be made in-operative. The dark no longer have the freewill to continue their disruptive plans, and instead the forces of good will be allowed to do their work un-impeded. This means that although peace has not yet been declared, the uplifting energies are ensuring that great will and intent carries the Lightworkers onwards with little resistance.

People can feel the shackles and chains of the dark falling away. Now they are more conscious of the energies of freedom creating a pathway for their work. This wonderful break-through has shown the Spiritual Hierarchy that you are truly ready for the gifts of the Creator, and so you are assured of their manifestation very shortly.

There is a plan supported by our earthly allies that has been immaculately conceived. When the first action takes place, it will occur with what you would call “military precision” and although it may seem audacious, its achievements will be sensational.  We have permission from the highest authority to go ahead as soon as the right time is here, but be assured that the groundwork has already been put in place. Those who follow the information that is channeled to you from many sources will know that before peace can be declared we have to remove your present leaders who are part of the dark cabal. It will be a clinical operation and achieved with diplomacy and without a shot being fired. The dark will not relinquish their power willingly, but will have no alternative when the cast iron evidence of their involvement in treasonable acts is placed before them.

Dear Ones, can you sense the massive changes that are about to take place?  The dark and the Light are parting company very rapidly, and this is isolating the dark even further.  The Light is gradually overpowering the dark, to the extent that it is being exposed wherever and however it tries to hide. Even within their own ranks, they can no longer trust their colleagues, as they are waking up to the Light and beginning to question their actions and motives. The fabric of their set-up is beginning to fall apart, and they are unable to stop it occurring. We are waiting to give the final push that will see the end to this last cabal. Even those people who have a political allegiance to Bush and his cohorts suspect there is truth in the suggestion that he was illegally elected. But they are not prepared for the evidence of treason, and this will shock them to their roots. There will be much confusion and anger, but not for long as we will quickly set the records straight so that all can understand the truth.

Many skeletons will come out of the cupboard, as the truth will become universal in every country. You have to understand how you have been manipulated and kept in the dark for eons of time. It is time to learn about your real self, and claim back your sovereignty and freedom. It will be like an injection of self confidence, and you will open up your consciousness even further. You will realize how special you are, and you will proudly re-claim your heritage and knowingly become co-creators with God. You will do wonderful work as you head towards the time of Ascension.

Bide your time, and keep up your aspirations to change the world to one of unity and peace. It is happening now, and you can claim total credit for a great leap forward. There is no going back and your victory is assured. At last you will wash away the cobwebs of ages past, and focus on a glorious future. Think it into being now, and you will draw it ever closer.

I am St. Germain and soon I shall be with at the forefront of the activities that are about to commence. But remember, I am part of a fantastic team of spiritual Beings and they all take credit for their commitment to bringing you the truth. All of this work is carried out with a great love for you all that is never ending. I thank the Lightworkers for their dedication to the cause, and assure them that they are protected and loved beyond measure. However, the energy of Love does not choose or select, it is there for everyone to draw it close to themselves. I shower you with my Love and Blessings.

Thank you, St. Germain
Mike Quinsey

January 11, 2005

For quite some time now you have been given information of the end-times. Gradually you have been told more and more detail, as the event has drawn closer. There is something of a paradox here as there is a Great Plan that has been outworking itself for eons of time. Yet within its framework you have been able to exercise absolute free choice. The main feature is the end of the current cycle, and the Creator has decreed that it would also be the end of duality. This was known when the cycle started some 26,000 years ago.

As you have drawn near to the end-time, so it has been possible for earlier civilizations to predict the exact date. The Mayans are the ones who were very advanced in mathematics and astronomy, and fully understood the movements in the Heavens. So much so, that they were able to predict the 21st December 2012 as the end of the cycle. Some people have taken that literally and believe it means the absolute end, because there was no prediction beyond that date. In recent times you have of course been informed otherwise, and you know now that the end-time moves into Ascension. There are others such as the Hopi Indians who were also aware of the exact date for the conclusion of the cycle. And even the de-coding of the entrance tunnel to the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid gives the same information.

  Given that the end-times were known long ago, you will understand that you have been nurtured and guided along your pathways in preparation for them. You will also see that the Great Plan has also been in place for eons of time, and cosmic events have come into play to ensure success. It is not that the Creator could fail in any way, as he/she is infallible.

You are carried along in a sea of energies that are controlled and bring about a gradual rising up of your vibration [Note of Editor: The Photon Belt and the energies from the Great Central Sun].  In some ways, you cannot fail if you have the determination to evolve to the point where you no longer need the lessons that Earth can provide. But within it all your freewill operates, and it is accepted that some dear souls will need much longer to reach that point. Think of the planning that has gone into forming another Earth-like planet for these souls, so that they may continue their evolution. It has taken eons of time to prepare it, and it will ensure that there is a sub-conscious familiarity with it that will make them feel at home.

Equally think of the masses of Beings that have accompanied you on your travels. You have always been guided and protected by the Angelic Kingdom, and they also ensure that karmic events that are due to you take place. At all times have many other Guides helped you to expand your mind according to your particular interests. You will also have a permanent Guide who will help you in your spiritual evolution. Some Guides are extremely close to you, and know you better than you know yourself. Can you grasp how special you are and that a whole family of helpers is with you at all times? This is why we encourage you to ask for their help if you need it, as they are there for that purpose.

Eventually you will meet your Guides, and possibly find that some have worked with you on Earth in previous incarnations. There is much love and a great sense of purpose extended to you, as your Guides dearly wish for you to achieve your goals.

Look forwards, and imagine the preparation that is in hand to ensure you have a successful Ascension, and how your place in the Cosmos is reserved for you. Everything is orderly and runs in harmony and balance, and Cosmic Laws maintain the different levels of vibration so that they gently run one into another. The vastness of Space is staggering, and yet it is filled with life-forms. All interacts in such a way that there is no confusion or disruption. The Creator’s Light Realms are beyond description, and energies of colors that are not yet known to you, swirl and move in and out of each other. They have an intelligence and power that is akin to the Creator.

Dear Ones, at times everything seems to you to be chaotic, but this is because you are still in the cycle of duality. Even so, there is much activity and work carried out to keep a balance between the Light and the dark. There are so many souls outside of Earth that control events to ensure your safe passage forward. I try to convey to you details of the great entourage of Beings that are with you all, so that you will proceed with full confidence and never doubt the outcome of the Creator’s Plan.

I am St. Germain and I am just one of many who work for your fulfillment. Our tasks are carried out with great Love, and we see the wonderful Light you are sending out which is your assurance of your success. Great happiness and joy beckons and all are working to ensure the result the Creator has decreed. You are all greatly loved and held in high esteem.

Thank you, St. Germain

Mike Quinsey

January 13, 2005

Whatever is happening on your world, always rest easy about the activities of the dark, as we know exactly what they are up to and what they are planning. This is why, with some confidence, we can make our announcements regarding events that are ready to go ahead very soon. The dark collect information on our plans, which are now generally known and on this information they decide their response. But what they do not know is how we can manipulate them, and lead them into situations that are beneficial to us. They look over their shoulders, as they are longer certain as to who is working for them or the Light. They are unsure of their future, although in their arrogance and obstinate denial of what they see occurring around them, they press ahead with their plan. Be sure they are aware that our allies head off any attempt by them to repeat the 9/11 scenario, and they have tried many heinous plans that we have blocked. They have no shame, and or care little about anyone else except themselves and their continual goal for world domination. Their greed knows no bounds, and at every turn they are busy transferring monies to their personal black accounts. But we know where their safe havens are, and at an appropriate moment we shall take back the billions of dollars acquired illegally, and largely through theft.

Clever people believe they can buck the system and get away with their crimes. I tell you they do not, and they may take their secrets to their grave but like everyone else, they have to face themselves and their life-time actions. I talk of Karma, and the consequence of which is the retribution that people take upon themselves. The big game of life has rules, although few people are aware of them which is why we say, do not concern yourself with other people’s deeds. Oh yes, be aware of what is going on around you, there is no point in sticking your head in the sand, but in response do not send out negative energy. Some people get very angry when they see and hear of actions that are carried out by the dark. If you do this, you are directing more negative energy to those beings, and actually give them more power to feed off. You may feel that this is a strange concept, but to transform negative energies you need to send out Love, Love and more Love. It is simply really, but you have been in duality so long that your first response to something is to get very emotional and upset.

So many people have had a re-action to the death and destruction caused by the recent tsunami. They ask if there is a God, why was it allowed to happen, and some have even gone further and as a result have denied God. This misconception arises from as lack of understanding, that as you are in a freewill situation so YOU create your own future. The negativity of ages has penetrated deeply into the Earth, and so to say as these energies are thrown off there are physical ramifications. Through eons of time, the Earth has continually responded to the energies in and around it. You must understand that it is a conscious Being, that has allowed itself to be used for the grand experiment involving Humanity. Now that Ascension beckons the Earth like you, is also making preparations to ascend. Hence in clearing the negative energies, physical changes are caused that will express themselves as earthquakes or volcanic activity. There is also a great flow of energies from your Sun, and all living forms cannot help but respond to it. It is all part of the raising of the energies that are taking you into the higher dimensions.

When events have moved on, and the Masters and their helpers openly return to Earth, you will be given more information on the process of Ascension. You will be helped to prepare yourselves for it, and by the time it comes you will be fully aware. You will have no apprehensions about it, indeed it will be an enjoyable and exciting experience.

You have waited a long time for this immediate period to come along. We could say it is in some ways a reward for your dedication to see the cycle of duality out. But more important, it has been your commitment to finish your time in physical experience, having learnt all it has to offer you. This is no mean achievement, and you are applauded for your success that has seen you go through all of the highs and lows that can be experienced. You are Masters in your own rights, and I shake your hand as an equal. Do not falter as the last acts of physicality are played out, sit outside of the activity and enjoy your coming success.

I am St. Germain and I give you a timely boost as we approach the finishing tape, and so many of you will cross that line to victory. There are multitudes of Beings close to Earth at this time, all sending you positive energies to help you on your way with much Love. It is an intense time, so enjoy yourselves as the last bits of the puzzle fall into place. I Love you all immensely, and I am full of admiration for your tenacity to see this period out.

Thank you,  St. Germain
Mike Quinsey

January 14, 2005

There will be a day, not too far into the future, when you will look back at this particular period of change. You will marvel at the way the changes were manifested, and be profoundly astonished at the speed at which they took place. You will realize the depth of planning that made the various events possible, and how you were carefully prepared to take your part in the proceedings. In fact, you will understand that extensive help was given to you for many years beforehand, and but for this you may not have made it. Yet, you will also see how, in response, you put in a magnificent effort to carry yourselves past the Millennium. Your consciousness was raised sufficiently to ensure that you would be able to complete the cycle by going through to Ascension.

I can tell you that you will quickly forget this period once you take that quantum leap forward and leave duality behind. You will be so involved in re-creating the Earth and bringing total peace and harmony to it, that your memories will seem but as a bad dream. You will take so easily to the tasks ahead, and there will be a new energy everywhere that will be truly uplifting. The feeling of great happiness and the relief of having left the chaos and negativity behind, will spur you on to greater things. There will also be a wonderful coming together of all people who will have recognized the Oneness of everything. You will be claiming back your freedom and sovereignty and proudly carry out your work. A great trust will develop between everyone, and fear and lack of trust will become a thing of the past. You will take on a new radiance and your outlook will be one of absolute positive assurance. I would say that restoring trust will have the biggest effect on you and your ability to whole heartedly go about your work. Meeting your family from Space will also bring about monumental changes, and you will feel elated and know your waiting was worthwhile.

Many of you are already distancing yourselves from the dark and their negative actions. You have placed yourselves on the outside and simply look in without connecting with those energies. This is desirable so that the dark have less of the energies of fear to feed upon. As they become more isolated and withdrawn, so their demise will be completed by being removed from their positions of power. The Truth will become the dominant force and enable history to be re-written. It will be presented to you as it really was, rather than how the Illuminati would have you see it. It is important that you know your true past, and it will add yet another facet to your understanding of the cycle of duality. This will enable you to put this period behind you, and concentrate on your fantastic future. You are truly at that point of change when all shall suddenly come into the open, and your new reality will take off.

I know many of you are already living in the future and the changes will seem perfectly normal to you. But remember that the vast majority has little idea of what is ahead, and they will need the help of people like you. Over a long period you have had plenty of indications of what was coming up. But some people choose to remain in the comfort zone of their beliefs and will not contemplate something different. These will be in a state of shock and fear when the truth surrounds them, and they will need careful nurturing to come out of it. There is no pressure applied to accept the changes, but the enormity of them will touch everyone and it will be impossible for them not to have some effect. But this is the time when the Truth is laid bare so that everyone has that option of accepting it, or not. And many will still prefer to keep their old ways, and this choice will be honored. You create your own reality and so you shall follow that which is your choice. This is why no pressure is exerted on anyone to accept any particular point of view.

Dear Ones, be aware of the immense challenge that the Truth will present many people, and if you have such ones around you, gently bring them into awareness and let them make up their own minds as to how they will respond to it. For those of you who are already conversant with what will take place, the changes will give you the opportunity to quickly get into your stride. I assure you that you are known to us and your services will be called upon immediately. I say many thanks to those of you that have already done so much in spreading the Light. Your knowledge and experience will be well used as everything opens up. You have been preparing for this time for many lives and you will be essential to the next moves. The door is opening, and soon the Light shall come flooding in.

I am St. Germain come to remind you that you are All One and none should be forgotten when the changes start to take place. You are all equally loved in the eyes of the Creator. I continue to send my Love to you all, knowing that we shall soon have a wondrous time together.

Thank you, St. Germain
Mike Quinsey

January 19, 2005

Make no mistake, as you are well on the way to the momentous events that have been promised. Nothing can now stop the great changes from occurring. A few weeks or a few months, it will make no difference as the Light shall have its day. What is happening is that you are bringing these events into being with our help, and not the other way around.

There was a time, when it looked as though you could not cross that line and bring sufficient Light to bear upon the problems. So much so, that you could not transmute them by yourselves. But in great bursts of energy you have sailed ahead, and can take a most of the credit for creating a wonderful force of Light. As it expands we also give our energies to it, and it gathers pace at a phenomenal speed. Your achievements have been incredible in a relatively short time. The result is that you have lessened the impact of the cleansing of the Earth, which is still going ahead. There are many souls who have chosen to leave during this period, and they have had to have a way out. These opportunities can be provided in many ways, and although it may seem strange to you, the natural calamities often give them the best chance. You see the occurrences as shocking and that is to be expected, as you only see the cause and aftermath of the means by which these events take place. Any trauma that is taken over by the departing souls is soon alleviated, and there is little suffering if at all. The point must be made that the souls concerned have been in agreement with their removal. Once in the higher levels, they quickly find a true happiness having been released from their earthly responsibilities. Let me emphasize, that when you are released from your body, the transition is easy and there is no pain.

With Ascension, you have a totally different experience, and you will do it in full consciousness. When we tell you that you ascend in your physical body that may give the wrong impression. By the time it is ready for you to go through, your body will in fact have changed considerably. Even now it is changing, and eventually your vibrations will have been heightened so much that you will almost have become a Being of Light. But outwardly, you may see no apparent changes, and you can equate that with seeing me or other ascended Beings who look perfectly physical. Many people have been experiencing a cleansing of their bodies, and in this respect you are no different to Mother Earth. Your body clocks will malfunction, and you will find that your sleep patterns will be strongly affected. Food that you enjoyed previously will no longer appeal to you, and generally speaking your intake will become less. The dross that you have been carrying around must be expelled from your body, and it may prove to be an uncomfortable period. But once you have gone through it, you will find a new sense of well-being.

There is so much going on, and as we see it everything is in a state of flux. But, we can also see the outcome and you will find that everything will come together in an acceptable way. Each one of you has numerous Guides and helpers, and their service to you is to ensure that you achieve your goal. Nothing is left to chance, and even the dark are nevertheless guided along a path of their choosing. Their life plans were known exactly as yours were, and they too were placed into families which offered the opportunities that they sought. Can you see now how much planning goes into providing the “playground” that gives everyone the maximum chance to fully experience their desires? Nothing that has any impact upon you happens by chance. Even although you are unaware of it, you are carefully guided into situations to test your re-actions. Remember, that you made a prior agreement to confront certain issues during your life-time, and you can be sure that you will be lead into them.

Many of you are very understanding of what Karmic responsibilities mean to you. They must be cleared, even if it means presenting them to you on a number of occasions. If you look at your life, I am sure you will see the milestones there clearly indicating periods of much activity. They may not always be to your liking, but it is not always hard work as you also benefit from good Karma. Because you are in the end-times, life may well be demanding as you are clearing out all of those things which have been undone.

If you have the intent to succeed, then it shall be so and every conceivable help will be given to you. There are legions of helpers just waiting for the opportunity to guide yet another soul to the completion of its life-plan. So many of you are doing just that, and it gladdens my heart to see you returning to full Masterhhood.

I am St. Germain, your Brother and Mentor, and I embrace you with my Love and Light to carry you forward on to your final period upon Earth.

Thank you, St. Germain

Mike Quinsey

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