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The Energies of One



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 The Energies of One

Transcription of the Channeling on November 12, 2002


Performed in Palma de Mallorca by Paloma Hernández-Rubio

Original in Spanish, translation by Luis Prada, Editor and Publisher of Brother Veritus’ Website





Hello, Dear Hearts:
Today is a very special day… and not because Paloma was tardy (laughter).  Humor is very important, with humor all flows marvelously, Brethren.
We will start with our hearts.  Let’s center in your heart.  May Light expand out and enfold you completely.  Then from one to another unite in a wheel.  Then project a ray from your heart to the center of the circle, there you all join together.  See yourselves rotating first to the right and then to the left.  You are in the center of the Earth.
Let’s start these channelings always from the center of the Earth, for a reason, well, for many reasons, but in this case for this reason: The work performed from here inside is much more powerful and potent.  The LIGHT you are channeling and expanding from here, from the center of the Earth, is much more powerful and expansive because here you are assisted by all the Spiritual Hierarchy.
Now I am going to tell you a story:  Many millennia ago a League or a Union of beings of Light coming from many planets was formed to help Earth.
We have been working at the Inner Planes.  Few humans have had knowledge of this work but now it is the moment it comes out to shine on the conscious plane of all humanity:

We are the Spiritual Hierarchy, Extraterrestrials, Native Americans, these, on one hand, and many more who join us, but it is better you to center in the Sacred Triangle for now.


The moment has arrived, well, this was being programmed long ago, but the other day, the 11/11, has been, as you would call it, the exit or the entrance,  or… the focus towards all humanity.  In many parts of the Planet channels will start to come out that were already working with this same message.
The message of all the Spiritual Hierarchy, of all the Galaxy, in connection with Man.  A door was opened, a very important corridor, a corridor that has let come in, and it is letting coming in, Energies not known so far on Earth.  There is no march back anymore, now it is always forward, but at a speed never seen before.
The changes going to effect you and your surrounding are going to be very rapid.  Sometimes you may feel a little misplaced or out of place, do not be afraid, it won’t be too exaggerated, depending on your inner stability it will affect you so.
We always speak of the same and you think: When are the CALM, PERFECTION, HARMONY going to arrive?  We are on that and if you look back you would notice that a month or two ago you were not as you are now.  The evolution goes forward even though on occasions it looks stagnant or receding.
These Energies which have started to enter the Planet with an impressing impetus are the ENERGIES OF THE ONE, the ONE IN ALL.  In them is UNITY, LOVE, HAPPINESS, in them it is all what’s necessary for Ascension.  For a moment it is still starting to enter «drop by drop», but the volume of entrance goes rising each moment that passes.  It is an Energy of the Gods and you are Gods.
You are going to notice a splendor from inside out; although unpleasant things occur in your surroundings, I refer, for instance, in politics… even though… you are going to feel full with this Energy, euphoric and pleased.
The Pillar of Restoration, which, as you know, makes a circle and crosses the Earth and the Great Central Sun, has created a proper ambiance for this Energy to manifest.  The Great Central Sun and the Earth join in the center of the circle created by the Pillar of Restoration and in this same center has surged this small Pillar, or this Energy in movement and expansion, which is the ENERGY OF ONE.  It will go growing step by step as the Pillar of Restoration creating a force field which embraces all of your Universe.
Visualization with the Pillar of Restoration
You, Lightworkers, to follow with the exercise we gave you in the last channeling and we repeat now, can also do it in this position:
You see yourselves first inside the Earth, in the center, and then locate yourselves at any point of the perimeter of the circle of the Pillar of Restoration.  The same energy is in all the circle as it passes inside Earth and inside the Great Central Sun.  See yourselves at the point you like it best: in the center of the Earth, or in the Great Central Sun or at any point in the perimeter of the circle, there as Valeria said: «as run through on a Shish Kebab» (laughter).  I’d like you laugh.  Where you like it better, there you locate yourselves.
Good, then, from this position in which you have located yourselves you direct your ray from the Heart towards the center of this circle and there you see all in union, in brotherhood, with the Great Central Sun, with the Spirit of Earth, Gaia.  In this central point is where it is surging this ENERGY OF ONE, an Energy, as I tell you, TOTAL and COMPLETEfor when you want to do your works in the Light, or simply to seek Peace and Harmony for you, it is a place created by you all, for all who want to use it.  And do not be afraid that anybody that does not work in the LIGHT will be able to use it.  The energies are so strong that nobody who does not work with this Energy can enter there.  So do not be afraid of its spreading.
Now we are going to do it together:
Place yourselves where you like the most in this circle of the Pillar of Restoration that embraces the Earth and the Great Central Sun.  Place yourselves where you like the most.  If you prefer to be inside the Earth, do it.  You carry the essence in your Heart.  Perhaps at the beginning you feel safer working from the center of the Earth, or inside the Great Central Sun, it does not matter.  The circle is created, so take it easy, do it as you please the most.
See you all united by the rays of your hearts towards the center.  See this column of GOLDEN LIGHT in movement.  See how it is resplendent.  It is as if it had all the stars of the Universe inside it.  It reflects Unconditional Love, Gentleness, Peace, Harmony, Faith, Protection.  You all are a part of it.  Keep yourselves now in this union in silence for a moment.
With your energies you have helped this Column of Light grow, above all it has grown and has compacted.  Nourish it each day, Brethren, as you did with the Pillar of Restoration.
Another new thing!!!!, do not worry: You just started!!! (laughter).  You just started but not as before when cost you so much, so much sweat, so many tears, so much struggle.  This path now is sown with flowers, believe me!, of Light and Joy.  I see an endless path because nothing in Nature or in the Cosmos is stop.  All is in continuous evolution.  Continuously!!!!
You will notice it, same as you felt the previous Energy you will feel this also, and likewise the following, and the other one, and the other one, but each one will reinforce your Being and will help you to complete your path, will give each time what you lack, especially happiness, the desire to continue, the love for others that follow you.  Because there are many who follow you and at times bother you or they get impatient: Be patient, please.  The Lightworkers are privileged, you have the great honor, or the privilege, of being ahead and to start working with these energies now.  The Brethren who follow you have not had this great gift yet.  So have this into consideration, please.
It does not matter who I am, I am one of you, one who enjoys laughter and likes to Love, who loves Life.  I want to make you participate in this joy of living.  Little by little from each of you will fall these layers of sadness and melancholy because HAPPINESS is very important.  Even in the worst of cases, in the worst of moments in your life, the smile, the happiness, is the base for LOVE to be able to circulate and expand everywhere.  Because there are lovers too that on occasions are melancholic.  LOVE WITH HAPPINESS, do not forget that, please! I am a representative of this HAPPINESS because once I was very, very serious!, you know?, and I have understood that this way… cannot be.  And now and in the future I want to help you feel this HAPPINESS.  Later you will know who I am, but as you already know, and I want you to remember it, the important is the ENERGY that is channeled, names will be disappearing more and more.  Why?, because WE ALL ARE ONE, we all are GOD-FATHER-MOTHER IN ACTION.  You have to get accustomed to lose this layer of duality you have, of putting names and labels.  We are ONE, Brethren, ONE!!!!, now and ever.
See you always.
(Oh!!! and may then each one start coming out of meditation slowly.  Do not worry that I have not let you, let’s say, «in the center of the Earth, …of the Circle!!! (laughter).)
The 5th Dimension is here, Brethren, among yourselves, when you are in meditation, there is no need to look for anything tremendous outside, calm down!  Have confidence in yourselves.


Come on, see you later.
(Here you have a schematic that can help you clarify the text referring to the ENERGY OF ONE, see the graphic insert.)

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