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Joie de Vivre



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Joie de Vivre


by Brother Veritus
Luis Prada, Editor and Publisher of Brother Veritus’ Website


There is an inner joy that comes from the heart. It is permeating, fulfilling, indescribable. Masters dwell in it. Students of the mystical art have felt it for brief fleeting moments. It is the result of right and balanced living.


The art of right living goes beyond the simple health formulas or recipes of the mainstream: it is the result of inner peace. It is individualized,personal. Anybody can achieve it and yet, paradoxically, is above ordinary man. To stay centered, focused and clear while living a normal life will bring this feeling, this inner joy beyond description.


Why, being our natural birthright, don’t we dwell permanently or for long periods of time in this joy? In exile we seem to be so entangled in the turmoil of daily life that we ignore this blessing, our birthright. Our lessons teach us that we were higher than angels in the archetypal heavens. And yet today we seem to have minimum to none spiritual powers and abide in a state of disillusion and confusion. Any hope?


Of course there is hope for humankind. This panorama can be completely transformed:


1. By meditation, prayer and commitment while seeking inner guidance, 2. By active meditation on sacred teachings, 3. By devotional study of the books of nature and of man, 4. Through intercession by asking the masters of our astral chain and angelic hosts for assistance on how to live in harmony with nature and our fellow man,5. By living an exemplary life of service to our family, our brethren and the community,6. By right and responsible thinking, and, 7. By proper visualization of the right environment: peoples, material comforts and the means to achieve them.


The techniques for inner transformation are amply studied in our teachings. You seem to know them. It is a common language in our Order. And yet, in practice, for most students, they look as distant as a chimera. Unattainable, speculative,unreal. Is it not the consistent application of them what is meant in the lessons by the balancing of the columns, or the reconciling of the pair of opposites? Indeed, right living or living in a state of harmonium, is an art. We all intellectually know the basic techniques but few the know-how. It is wisely said that knowledge without the know-how of practical application is useless.


The Christian contemplative, Thomas Merton, left a wonderful description of how other people appeared to him when he awoke from his vision.  “Then it was as if suddenly I saw a sacred beauty of their hearts, the depths where neither sin nor desire can reach; the person that each one is in God’s eyes.  If only they could see each other that way, there would be no reason for war, for hatred, for cruelty, we would fall down and worship each other.”

Jack Kornfield, “A Path with Heart:  A Guide Through the Perils and Promises of Spiritual Life” (Bantam, 1993), p. 311.


The unknown philosopher should pursue the balance of his/her life as the first priority. The rewards go beyond description. I am not going to describe them here lest may sound speculative: you should find them for yourself. But there is something I like to elaborate here and is a sub product of a balanced living: the joy of living. This inner delight … this rapture … this exultation of the soul!


Allegorically speaking that joy was felt in all its grandeur in the Garden of Eden. It permeated all the place, the lower kingdoms rejoiced in it: it was in the rocks, the waters, the plants and animals. It kindled the primordial fire! The landscape itself was a hymn to joy! It was in Adam and Eve. You breathed it. It was primeval, pristine, pure in heart. Indeed the way of the heart in its most grandiose expression. And then, where did it go? Is it still around us today, in the mist of our troubles and unpaid bills?


Yes! It is still with us and in us as pure as then. But concealed, disguised. It is our challenge to find it and to drink ourselves drunk of its radiance! O la joie de vivre!


Don’t search for it in arcane formulae of forgotten books. Live the right living following the above seven points and you will find it. It slowly starts abiding within you. Permeating all your body, every cell. Energy will flow freely through you. Spiritual perception will be your common place expressed as mental clarity, keen perception and physical lightness. Your manners and style will become cultivated such as the “inborn refinement” that characterized our Beloved venerable master Saint Martin and the other European master, Count Saint Germain. Great sensitivity for the lofty things of life and a desire to pursue higher ideals will fill your heart. Indeed the way of the heart in its highest expression.


There are other characteristics of this inner joy: a subtle and elegant sense of humor. You seem to see humor in things others do not. You express it when you talk and when responding in conversation. You create this humor. Play with it.Innocently, graciously. You start seeing it in nature: Omneity is the ultimate joker. He made all manifestation for his own amusement and pleasure.  And he expects us to follow suit.  Besides, we were created in his own image anyway… weren’t we?


The dweller in this joyful place of bliss can also dominate the art of teaching philosophical and mystically profound subjects using humor and amusement without degrading the message: instead, transforming it into something interesting and stimulating. Humor, indeed, is one of the trademarks of a master!


Joy of living also manifests as your reality becomes so plastic that you mold it with ease: you think clearly the right thing and after a given time and under proper circumstances, voilà, it manifests! As simple as that! It’s fun. Part of your joie de vivre. No wonder why the masters have so much fun. And charming humor! The expected manifestation happens because the adept now has become an aware co-creator of his/her own reality for his/her own benefit and others. A reintegrated being in the scheme of life: regeneration, reintegration, my beloved brethren, in its fullness of expression.


Of course life has imbalances, too. That is part of living.Challenges and opportunities to grow that, when looked back in the past, seem like teachers that have left on us wise lessons. And we know it. Opportunities to grow, to achieve a more permanent balance. They also have made of us what we are today. Whatever peace we have mastered, whatever wisdom we have, surely have come from those past experiences. They have spiced our lives making them more interesting and have made us aware that we have feelings, that we have heart.


The joy of living comes too with a sense of freedom, tremendous freedom. Master Jesus said: “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” [John 8:32]. It is this truth that sets you free the path you are unfolding with your creative imagining. Let’s go forward to that freedom.


My brothers: When trying to express this inner happiness,suitable words elude me, fleeing away like capricious beings. I struggle to be clear but instead gather piles of exalted words that to some might seem lost, fickle or falling in vagueness. Better than prose, let me express what I have said in a poem that you may take with you to help unlock from within this Joie de Vivre. (Note: Not being a poet myself, I will step into Virgil’s realm and draw inspiration from him and from the muses of this idyllic language while sipping the sweetness of their honey.)



La Joie de Vivre


Inner joy. Delight. Master’s abode.
How can I feel it and dwell in this mode?
My natur’l birthright, my blessing, my joy,
That inner Light I do want to enjoy.


Higher than the angels was I. Supreme!
O fall! from heav’n to exile, so extreme!
Now in confusion I grieve! Any hope?
Any mystic formulae… I can cope?


Yes! Veritus has said: First, meditate
And pray. Turn to this lofty blissful state.
Seek inner guidance. Then, at Nature’s Book
You should take a very close look!


Study with fruition Man’s Book through
And seek assistance from good Masters, too.
Live in accordance with Nature and Man
That’ll give you grace. Follow it. Yeah!… you can!


Serve your kin, our Brethren and the commune.
Think truthfully, just, high and attune
To right environs: peoples and comforts.
It’s the finest formula of all sorts!


For transformation the inner process
Is simple… yet far. Why?, of hard access?
A distant chimera? No! for good’s sake:
Just follow these points, that’s all it will take.


(Ah!, few the know-how can really apply!)
Balance your life, reconcile it and fly!
Soar high to sweet realms of mystic’s delight,
That rapture… that exultation… that Light!


This utterly joy filled Eden Supreme:
In rocks, plants, beasts, fire and watery stream.
Adam and Eve in this Nature’s scene
Were filled with love so pure… divine… pristine.


Is it still with us, this all glorious scene?
Yes! In our heart as pure as then I mean,
Yet concealed, disguised, for us to be found
And drink of its radiance in joy surround’d.


O la Joie de Vivre, fill me!, this is meant
With Saint Martin’s “inborn refinement”
Or classic style of that noble and main,
“Wonder man”, alchemist, Count Saint Germain.


Humor of gods and fair muses divine
Should be the mark of inner joy so fine!
God at his throne in amuse so real
Beholds worlds as good jokes ideal!


Teach with good humor as wise masters do.
Be creative. Manifest good. Be you!
Follow the path of the noble and wise,
Or stay in error and sin otherwise!


Sorrow and grief may be in your past far,
They’re the teachers that have made what you are,
Challenges from which you have grown,
Thus reap those fruits of the deeds you have sown.


“Truth shall make you free”, Master Jesus taught,
For freedom is the Light your soul has sought.
Be truthful and clear. Be content, at ease,
‘Cause in turmoil’s midst Truth can give you peace.


Beloved: I leave. This inner Light you keep:
Serve, love unconditionally and deep,
Soar high to sweet realms of mystic’s delight,
To that rapture … exultation so high!



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